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calendar   Thursday - September 12, 2013

Better Be Good For Goodness’ Sake

Dutch Evict Naughty Gypos To “Containerville”

Is this the real face of “beneficent Socialism”?

Or yet another whiney crock of piss from the Roma scumdogs?

These neighbors suck. Send them to the concentration camps!

A Roma family has become the first to be forcibly evicted by Dutch authorities and moved to a “scum village” constructed out of shipping containers on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

The Dimitrovs are the first nuisance neighbours to be moved forcibly to police-supervised accommodation as crowded Amsterdam steps up measures against anti-social behaviour.

Eberhard van der Laan, Amsterdam’s mayor, admitted that the removal of the family was a draconian measure but insisted that bullying and violent behaviour had left him with no choice.

“The family has been causing problems for years and has a history of vandalism, noise nuisance and threatening behaviour,” he said.

The eight members of the gypsy family have compared their container homes, numbers 48a and 48b, to a concentration camp and accused Amsterdam council of “pure racism”.

Francois Lonis, an ex-boyfriend of one of the Dimitrov daughters who still lives with the family, criticised Mr van der Laan for commemorating the Holocaust while “discriminating” against Roma. “The mayor talks about Auschwitz but sends us to this place,” he said.

“Where is my mother-in-law supposed to do the shopping. Our television does not fit inside.”

Must be one hell of a big TV. I’m not really sure what kind of shipping container these units are based on, but my guess would be they would use the reefer models, because those come with significant insulation. A standard 40’ length model has 7.5’ of interior width, giving 285 sq ft of livable space. These things are all the rage in Amsterdam, and get the Happy Face seal of Green Living Approval all over the world. They make great student dorms for one or two, and they’re essentially fireproof. Well, my guess is any fire in them won’t spread to the units next to them, what with the heavy steel walls and all.


So a pair of these, connected on the inside or not, might be tight living for 8 violent thieves. But I’m sure it’s a lot roomier than a couple of jail cells.

I think I rather like the idea of modified shipping containers for cheap durable housing. Sure, you can stack them up like Legos™. But I’d want to make 53’ reefer models, join two units (or 3) on the long axis, then carve them open on the inside. Removable walls replaced with a couple H beam lolly columns? that way you’d have an interior width of more than 15’, by 51’ long. That’s at least 790 sq ft, and while that’s a good bit less than a modern trailer park home, they’re more portable and strongly tornado resistant if bolted down. Heck, make your own stack, 2 high by 3 wide, and you’ve got a 2400 sq ft 2 story home that can be hauled to site and put together in a day. Lay it down over a nice foundation so you get a basement, then put a railing around the top with a “green roof” made of a foot and a half of topsoil with some runoff piping. Have your own lawn up top, or a big enough veggie garden to feed 6 all year.


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calendar   Saturday - August 31, 2013

her husband was so upset that she had to make hima cup of tea.

Not sure what to make of it.  On the one hand, what the judge says appears to make sense. If the old lady was “intimidated” as she claimed, would it not make more sense to get the heck out of there?  And our regulars at this site know my attitude and feelings with regard to this group which has been declared a ‘race’ not long ago.  Which means if you’re angry and lose your cool, and it really seems the old woman may have done so, and if you refer to them in the way she is accused, in today’s world that now falls under racial abuse.

I suppose if she had just told them she thought they were scum, and lets be clear on that, they are scum and worse, she would not be charged with a race crime.  If you read the article in full you will see just upset and abused one of the travellers was.  He was so shook up that his wife is quoted thus.

‘My husband was so upset I had to make him a cup of tea.’

Wow.  That must have frightened the hell out of the poor guy. He needed tea after a racial attack by a 78 year old granny.  Doesn’t end there either as, the fellow claims he and his father in law were caused distress.  Well, what can I say.  The old lady is obviously a crinamol. 

Former Sunday school teacher, 78, who racially abused a gipsy family in row over an illegal caravan site is fined more than £1,300 ($2,000)

Grandmother José Hampson called family ‘f****** dirty gypos’ in row over land in Chorley, Lancs
Convicted and finds herself with a criminal record for first time in her life
Abused family says her language was ‘disgusting’ and ‘upsetting’

By James Tozer


A grandmother aged 78 was yesterday convicted of racially abusing a family of gipsies as a long-running dispute over an illegal caravan site boiled over.

Former Sunday school teacher and community stalwart José Hampson claimed she was sworn at and intimidated when she backed her Jaguar through the gates of their camp to turn it around.

But the respected toyshop owner was fingerprinted and ordered to provide a DNA sample after the gipsies told police she had shouted racist abuse at them.

Yesterday she found herself with a criminal record for the first time in her life after a district judge rejected her account and found her guilty of racially-aggravated harassment.

Dstrict judge James Hatton said he found it ‘improbable’ that Hampson wouldn’t have simply driven off had she felt as intimidated as she claimed, describing the evidence given by Mr Linfoot and his family as ‘cogent and believable’.

He told her he was convinced that ‘in the heat of the moment you have lost your temper and used the language described in court today’.

Finding her guilty of using racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour, he fined her £690 and ordered to pay her £620 prosecution costs plus a £69 victims’ surcharge.

Chorley council has set aside £145,000 in a vain battle to evict the Linfoots since they moved onto the plot in 2009, provoking anger towards the family from some local residents.

They refused to move despite being denied planning permission and being served with an enforcement order, but were recently given a two-year reprieve after successfully arguing there wasn’t enough provision for travellers in the area.

So then.  Apparently the gypo vermin aren’t even on the site, (which is green belt designated) legally.
But hey ... laws don’t apply to them cos that might be raaaaaacist.

I have edited the article a lot so read it all and see the other photos. Especially one of the poor fellow who was so distressed his wifey dear had to make him a cup of tea.


Meanwhile, in a different part of the country, the virus that are known as travellers, romas, gypsies are busy with another illegal site. This time a parkland.

Catch this story of stupid on the next post.

Council locked park gates to keep out travellers… then let them in anyway because of elf ‘n’ safety


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Well, here’s a newish twist to a maddening problem suffered by Brits, along with much else.

Yeah, we are still on the gypo/traveller thing but this screw-up deserves an award of some kind.

You know, there are things it’s hard to avoid here and usually, in fact always, the folks affected are the ones who pay the bills.
Town councils are at wit’s end we read. And cash strapped.  I don’t know where I’m going with this bit of insanity so before I dig the verbal hole any deeper,
check out this bit of stupid.

This is what happens when things like Health and Safety become a religion.  And keep in mind, what the vermin have done is not new. As is their usual habit, once again they set up camp illegally, this time in a public park, which means the folks who live here can’t use it.  Question comes to mind.  How long will it take to remove this group because, it was the council that let them in thus setting up the problem that is sure to follow.  Because now, even the cops can not remove them.  Even tho they are not legal.

Great system in place here. Innit?

Council locked park gates to keep out travellers… then let them in anyway because of elf ‘n’ safety

Brighton and Hove Council put gate across the entrance to Wild Park at start of the summer
But travellers kept driving round it and causing obstructions
Council has now opened the gate because it causes ‘risk to road users’
Critics brand decision to open the gate ‘madness’


After problems with travellers trying to set themselves up in a public park over the summer, a council took the step of locking the main gates to keep them out.

But, as a fresh convoy of 30 caravans arrived, such common sense was clearly no match for the warped logic of health and safety.

Astonishingly, officials decided to unlock the vehicle access gate – because they were worried the intruders might hurt themselves during their efforts to get in.


The travellers duly made themselves at home – and because the council voluntarily let them in, police have lost all powers to evict them.

Taxpayers will instead now have to fund a lengthy civil court battle to throw out the intruders from Wild Park, on the outskirts of Brighton.

The farce emerged in a leaked confidential email by Brighton and Hove Council to councillors. It said: ‘After the initial trespass was reported, Sussex Police highlighted the dangerous nature with which the group were accessing the field.

‘As such a decision was taken to open the access gate to reduce the risk to road users and to stop the occupants from crossing the pavement to access the road.’

Local residents say they are now unable to use the park, Brighton and Hove’s largest local nature reserve, and fear it could become ‘a new Dale Farm’, the illegal Essex camp of 1,000 travellers which cost millions of pounds to break up.

Taxpayers will instead now have to fund a lengthy civil court battle to throw out the intruders from Wild Park, on the outskirts of Brighton.

The farce emerged in a leaked confidential email by Brighton and Hove Council to councillors. It said: ‘After the initial trespass was reported, Sussex Police highlighted the dangerous nature with which the group were accessing the field.

‘As such a decision was taken to open the access gate to reduce the risk to road users and to stop the occupants from crossing the pavement to access the road.’

Local residents say they are now unable to use the park, Brighton and Hove’s largest local nature reserve, and fear it could become ‘a new Dale Farm’, the illegal Essex camp of 1,000 travellers which cost millions of pounds to break up.



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calendar   Saturday - August 10, 2013

chopin, copernicus and madame curie? not quite.

Just how pig ignorant does one have to be, to mistake a wheelchair for rubbish?

Remember all those Polish jokes from years past?

Well perhaps it’s time to substitute Romanians for Poles.  Who at least gave the world Chopin, Copernicus , Marie Curie, and memory not much for more, and I suppose if I looked it up which I will not, I might find a Romanian who isn’t a gypsy and did something of note.

I really should not say things like that, not because of political correctness but because it may not be at all fair.  Cept I am not feeling very fair minded today, having finished my daily read of two newspapers.
Maybe I should stick to comic books.  But then, they’re “coming out” in ever larger numbers these days and so no comfort there.

People who visit this site on a regular basis are well aware of the problem that this country has with people, (the term ‘people’ is used very loosely as they are really a plague in human form) .  The property they damage, the illegal use of land which in many cases they do not even own, their lifestyle of squatting in other people’s property, the theft and pickpockets trained at an early age; the list has almost no end.  They invade communities in mass and beware of what language you use against them, as they have been officially declared “A Race” and so charges of race hate can be used against you.

Well, with their record over some great amount of time, a stereotype has evolved that is very real and quite truthful.  A stereotype they have earned over time by nothing more than, being themselves and what they are. 

So along comes a government official with the unlikely name of Eric Pickles.  Good grief. His childhood in school must have been a chore.  So anyway, Mr. Pickles happens to be the government Communities Secretary.  Here’s the story of the latest charge of RAAAACE by the usual crowd of treasonous bastards of the left.

Here is his crime.

H/T Mail,Telegraph, and The Express from which this section comes.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said too many local authorities were claiming “nothing can be done” when residents complained about the nuisance caused by travellers.
The Tory Cabinet minister yesterday sent new guidance to councils outlining their powers to deal with makeshift sites set up by gypsies, protesters and squatters.

Mr Pickles said: “I want all councils to be ready to take action straightaway to stop illegal camps starting in the first place.

“Decisive action early on saves money and unnecessary upset for local residents. We’ve strengthened councils’ powers so they have the confidence to take decisive action.

“Too often, council officers wash their hands and say nothing can be done. This is not the case.”

He has revoked Labour’s Diversity and Equality in Planning guidance, which he said told councils not to take enforcement action against unauthorised travellers, and suggested planning rules should be applied differently to individuals depending on their background.

Powers that can be used include temporary stop notices to stop and remove unauthorised caravans, pre-emptive injunctions that protect vulnerable land in advance from unauthorised encampments and possession orders to remove trespassers from land. The guidelines also stress that council officers should work closely with police and other agencies to stop camps being set up when council offices are closed.

In other words as understood by the public and voiced as such; one law for them and another law for us.

A left wing paper ran a headline saying that;

“New rules on traveller sites ‘reinforce stereotypes”, forgetting quite conveniently of course that those stereotypes don’t just drop from the sky along with chicken little.

But Joseph Jones, chairman of the Gypsy Council, accused the Government of reinforcing “negative stereotypes” about travellers. He said: “It’s creating tension, it’s a negative thing to do.
“At the moment it seems like a theme. Recently we have had the Go Home campaign, then we have the ‘bongo bongo’ thing going on.
“It seems like open season on ethnic minorities.”

You can of course see the problem.  Pity the left and Mr. Jones don’t see it, or more likely refuse to acknowledge what they and the public can see and experience for themselves.  Daily.

Oh yes.  About that wheelchair.

Romanians who took disabled teenager’s wheelchair for scrap are cleared of theft because they ‘thought it was rubbish’

· Gheorghita Stan, 28, and Florin Axima, 36, dragged chair into van
· Wheelchair’s owner Jack Benton, 17, suffers from rare Moebius Syndrome
· Pair, both from Essex, spotted it outside teenager’s aunt’s home
· Court heard the men made ‘reasonable assumption’ it had been abandoned

A pair of Romanian ‘rag and bone’ men who took a disabled teenager’s wheelchair to sell for scrap have been cleared of theft.

A court heard Gheorghita Stan and Florin Axima, who dragged 17-year-old Jack Benton’s wheelchair into their van after spotting it outside his aunt’s home in Watford, thought the chair was being thrown away.

In fact, Jack’s father had deliberately left it outside the house along with his son’s schoolbag ready for him to board a bus to college.

Jacqueline Lyon, prosecuting, had told the court that the pair were ‘dishonest’ and should be found guilty of theft.

The incident was dishonest according to the ordinary standards of reasonable and honest people,’ she said.

Maria Moody, defending Mr Stan, told the court that he ‘mistakenly believed’ the wheelchair had been abandoned, adding: ‘The Crown has failed to establish the element of dishonesty.’

Mr Axima’s defence lawyer, Rebecca Filletti, said: ‘This was a mistaken but honest belief that this item had been left out to be thrown away.’


Hmmm. Will this ruling henceforth mean Brits will have to leave notes in their cars when parked?  Not rubbish. Do not remove.


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calendar   Tuesday - August 06, 2013

L’extrémisme dans la défense de votre pays est une vertu.

I’m a few days late but the problem is fresh as ever.
Brits aren’t the only ones, as you must know, with this infection.
The French appear slightly less tolerant of this filth, but they still remain a serious disease for that country, but some are fighting back.  I’m sure there are many actual “racists” among the far right, but I also would guess there are as many who aren’t natural haters, but see how things are falling and view the far right as the only answer. 
And soon there will be even more of this blight that will descend upon other European countries. 
Somehow I don’t think that when they formed the European Union, the powers that were at that time, expected this.

Those of you who live in places outside Europe, reasonably safe (for now), can have no idea of just how bad it is.  Even those of you who read the many stories I share and have been sharing over years here at bmews. 

A week or two ago I posted a story in which it was reported that a dawn raid was made by Brit police on the lice that were camping out in London, turning a park into an open sewer and creating havoc which is what those ppl do wherever they settle.
Anyway, I told you at the time that many took the offer of a paid ticket home, but not all of them.  You see, they had a “right” to refuse the offer.
Well, I just want to let you guys know and no surprise ….  Many who left, have returned. 

Last week I also posted an article about a stolen camper that a couple had £30,000 ($46,000) invested in. Here’s a link that appeared today which includes a very brief video but the comment by the writer of this piece tells you in plain language what ppl feel.  Yet nothing is done.  Take a look at this after you read the post for today.

A BETRAYAL of common sense, logic and most importantly, the victims.

The headline calls them extremists.  There is no such thing as extreme when you are trying to save your country.  I see them as patriots.

How a Roma invasion sparked the rise of France’s racist Right as gangs running riot and an explosion of crime prompted revenge attacks by extremists

· Tourists are frequently targeted by Roma gangs who rob them in public

· Thousands have immigrated to France in search of a better life

· Begging is illegal in the country but police are powerless to stop it

· Backlash against crimes has seen far-Right thugs targeting Roma groups


Two young tourists stroll lazily across Place Sainte-Opportune in Central Paris, using a map to navigate the quiet backstreets linking the Louvre with Notre Dame Cathedral. Halfway across the picturesque cobbles they are approached by a group of teenage boys, who appear to be the children of Roma gipsies.

There are eight of them, smiling manically and blowing kisses.

The tourists, both American men in their 20s, attempt to wave the beggars politely away. But the youths refuse to leave: instead, they crowd closer. Within seconds, the two men are surrounded. Hands grab at their pockets, or reach for their rucksacks. Voices are raised and a scuffle ensues.

It takes perhaps 20 seconds for the confusion to clear. By that time, the shocked Americans have been relieved of their bags, which lie torn open on the pavement, surrounded by personal belongings. At least one camera has been stolen, along with a wallet. Mobile phones are missing. A pair of designer sunglasses lie twisted in the gutter.

Police are called, but the criminal gang is long gone. A detective shrugs apologetically as the victims dust themselves down and gather what remains of their belongings. We can safely assume that their summer holiday has been ruined.

The incident occurs at breakfast-time, at the start of another busy day in France’s capital, where the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and other famous attractions draw 16 million overseas visitors each year.

read more

When a body is cursed with a deadly cancer, often surgeons will operate and cut out the cancer in hopes of saving the patient.

Europe has the double curse of islamic terrorists AND the traveller to contend with.  The authorities are doing what they can re. the terror threat, but not enough from the threat of that other curse.

To those far right wing French patriots I say bless you and good luck.  Strike hard and often while you can. 

L’extrémisme dans la défense de votre pays est une vertu. (Extremism in defense of your country is a virtue.)



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calendar   Wednesday - July 31, 2013

in a world where down is up and up is down, travellers are thought of as human beings with rights

I thought the law had been rewritten on issues like this one.  Apparently I thought wrong.  Still, I didn’t think I’d be posting on this type of issue because it just had not cropped up in the last 8 months or maybe a year.  Not so it seems.

A clear case of theft, the theft reported, police powerless to act because they say, it is not a criminal matter but one for the civil courts.

A couple had their camper stolen two years ago.  It’s been found surprise, surprise, at a traveller (gypsy) campground. You don’t say. 

I don’t think I should say too much more or I’ll have us arrested.  Use your imagination and then think the worst. It won’t even come close.

Police won’t hand stolen caravan back to couple to protect human rights of the travellers living in it

· Kathleen McLelland and Michael Curry had their caravan stolen in 2011
· They were delighted when it was found by police 18 months later
· But officers are unable to move a traveller family now living there
· A letter sent to the couple says the police have ‘no lawful powers’

A couple whose £30,000 ( $ 45,629.70 ) caravan was stolen have been told a traveller family now living in it cannot be removed because it would breach their human rights.

Kathleen McClelland and her partner Michael Curry spent their life savings on the top-of-the-range camper and were devastated when it vanished from the secure site where they kept it.

When police eventually found the 26ft-long Bailey Louisiana caravan 18 months later, its owners were told a traveller couple and their two young children were living in it only ten miles from their home in Surrey.

Their initial relief turned to outrage, however, when the police said they had ‘no lawful powers’ to get it back.
They were told their only option was to begin costly civil proceedings against the family, which they say they cannot afford.

Mrs McClelland and Mr Curry had spent £10,000 improving the £20,000 caravan, including putting in a widescreen TV. They bought the vehicle on hire purchase – and still have to make monthly payments of £250 for the next two years.

Hospital ward clerk Mrs McClelland, 68, said: ‘Why should we have to pay for someone else to live in our brand new caravan? That was for our pleasure in our older years.

‘The police said that removing the family would breach their human rights and that they would have to be rehoused before it could be seized. We spent all our retirement money on that caravan because we thought it would last us a lifetime. We’re absolutely devastated. It seems as though no one cares about our human rights.

‘I have lost all faith in the police. It seems that they have completely let us down and turned their backs on us.’

A Hampshire Police spokesman said:  ‘We have no police powers to seize the caravan and have advised the owners to seek civil action in order to recover it.’


Unfortunately for the victims here, the cops can not enforce laws or rules that aren’t on the books or are not within their jurisdiction.  Sure, to a logical brain we’d think theft surely is in their jurisdiction.  But the way things are here, the way laws have been written, sometimes up is down and down is up and it’s all very legal.  In other words, police hands are tied and I am sure they don’t like it either.


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calendar   Saturday - July 27, 2013

they don’t belong anywhere except 6 feet under. the good ones are already dead.

I have many times suggested, no I had wished, that the Germans had been able to finish the good work of riding the world of the vermin we know today as Gypsies.  I don’t think back then the words Travellers or Roma was in use. Or if it was not much. Roma probably. But the bottom line is a rose by any other name fits the bill.

If there’s any group that brings on the hate so easily by what they do on a daily basis, it’s these lice in human form.  Of course, they aren’t alone in problem causing or working hard to make folks despise them. I don’t need to name them now, you all know who they are.  But for the moment, the issue is this one group of sub humans.  That they even have those who would defend them is an outrage and I’d be happy to see them deleted as well.
What’s this all about?

Well here’s the latest.

Killed because he didn’t have enough valuables: Gipsy burglars jailed for life after bludgeoning farmer to death with a crowbar

Pensioner Llywelyn Thomas was beaten to death in Cambridgeshire

He was home watching TV when burglars broke in

Floors and doorways were covered in the retired farmer’s blood

By John Stevens

Frankie Parker, 26, and his uncle, Gary Smith, 21, struck pensioner Llywelyn Thomas over the head and stamped on him during a raid at his £500,000 home in Chittering, Cambridgeshire.

The pair, who were staying at a nearby travellers’ site, fled with ornamental eggs, a wallet, watches and a Rover 75, part of Mr Thomas’s classic car collection.

Yesterday Smith laughed and smirked throughout proceedings as he and Parker were jailed for life at Cambridge Crown Court.


During the 17-day trial the court heard that the men – described by police as career criminals – could not resist boasting to other members of the travelling community about what they had done.

Witnesses said Parker bragged about ‘smashing an old man’s face right in’ and leaving it ‘twisted’.

The pair had forced their way in to the converted chapel as widower Mr Thomas watched Strictly Come Dancing on December 17, 2011.

They restrained him and searched his home for valuables.

Afterwards they ‘set about a savage beating’, said Karim Khalil, prosecuting.

‘He did not stand a chance.’ The attack was so ferocious he would have died within minutes.  The court heard that Parker had been annoyed at getting ‘a pretty poor return’ on the burglary and launched the horrific attack.

Bernard Tetlow QC, defending Smith, said Parker was trying to feed a £70-a-day amphetamines habit that made him aggressive.

Parker will serve at least 24 years after being found guilty of murder.  Smith was given a minimum of 22 years for the same offence.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Singh said Parker and Smith had ‘shared an intention to kill’ and had shown Mr Thomas no mercy.

During the trial it emerged that Smith had been jailed for five years for a similar attack on a 73-year-old woman during a burglary at her home in Kilham, East Yorkshire, in February last year.

He had battered the pensioner with her own walking stick before stealing her car.

gypsie scum source

One of the rotten low life bastards had already committed a similar crime, he had already shown what he was capable of, serves only five years and kills this old helpless old man. Yeah. Jail really put the frighteners on him.  And as always, the bastard is out and free to do it all again.

There is no DP here because membership in the EU forbids death as punishment.  It is seen as cruel.  Well fuck me we don’t wanna be cruel. We want to kiss the bad folks and hug them and tell them we understand why they are so rotten and miserable and disgustingly loathsome. Truth to tell, even minus the EU,
I really doubt the Brits would bring back the death penalty, even tho many here want it.  That’s how strong the left lobby is. Now if it were possible to delete the left entirely ..... and lets not play word games.  Delete to me has one meaning and one alone.  And since I wholeheartedly approve and applaud the Nazi solution to the gypo problem, I guess you know what that word is.  By whatever name they go by and wherever they are from, they and their libtard enablers should all be eliminated to make Europe and the world a better place.  They do not belong.  Anywhere.


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calendar   Wednesday - July 24, 2013

french mayor is quoted, hitler didn’t kill enough gypsies. but is that exactly what he said? Or …

Is it what the left and other bedwetting fellow travellers wanted to hear?

Our regulars here at bmews know I have said as much, and more than once.
With me, it is not a figure of speech or a statement to make a point.
I mean it sincerely. 

The Germans spent too much time and resources going after the wrong group.

Had they only eliminated Europe’s cancer, and even with a lost war, there might be statues erected to them today.  I am of course referring once again to Gypsies.  A miserable, low life species who are no more than rats in human form.  First cousins to another sub species who bring hate down on their own heads but of course, those of us who despise them are all racists and wrong.  Well, I am a racist. They have that right.

This story is about the soon to be former mayor of a French town, who has said almost as much and damn well had reason to.  And for the record, there is a reason so many people do not feel kindly to this group of grasping, thieving SOBs.  It isn’t like they don’t bring it upon themselves on a daily basis.  They do.  But in a world where up is down, what else can we expect? 

The headline in the Mail this morning read as follows.


Well now, the headline sure looks provocative but there’s a bit behind it as there always is.  The unfortunate part is, the MP now faces criminal charges because he is quoted as saying that, to a group of these lice.  Another newspaper reports he may be kicked out of his party.

Here’s what happened.

H/T Erica Ritz, The Blaze

Gilles Bourdouleix, a member of parliament and the mayor of the town of Cholet near Nantes, apparently had a confrontation with the Gypsies on Sunday when he visited a field where the group was illegally living in caravans.  He asked them to leave.


The Courrier de l’Ouest newspaper, which had a journalist at the scene, reported that some of the Gypsies made Nazi salutes at Bourdouleix and that he responded by saying: “Maybe Hitler didn’t kill enough of them.”

He also accused the gypsies of incest, according to the Telegraph, saying: “The other day, they called me a pedophile, even though half of their children are from fathers and grandfathers.”

The paper released a recording on its website in which lawmaker can be heard making the remarks.

But Bourdouleix told the French television station iTELE that he was merely repeating a statement the journalist who recorded the scene had made with regard to the Hitler comment. The lawmaker, who threatened to sue the paper, also said that if he meets the reporter, “I’d want to give him a couple of punches.”

France’s Interior Ministry said Tuesday that it has already asked prosecutors to investigate whether Bourdouleix could be sued for excusing crimes against humanity. “Nothing can justify, or excuse, that an elected representative of the republic dares such a reference to the worst barbarism of the 20th century,” the ministry said in a statement.

“I’m appalled,” said Socialist Party spokesman David Assouline. “That’s far beyond all limits, once again. … There are ideologies with which no compromise, no concession can be made, no indulgence from any politician can be possible. I hope – if it is confirmed that these words were said – that there will be legal proceedings,” Assouline said at a news conference.

source for unedited version

I find it appropriate that David ASSouline’s name begins with those three letters.
How fitting.

So now all those who are outraged and all those who fake it because they think they should feel that emotion, are not at all interested in just what it is that that those insects who infest so many countries in Europe do, that brings on so much hate.

And from our morning edition of the Dail Mail there is this excerpt.

Mr Bourdouleix, who represents a constituency in the Maine and Loire region of west France, was visiting an illegal Roma camp in the town of Cholet, where he is deputy mayor, when he made the incendiary comments.

Surrounded by armed police, Mr Bourdouleix was trying to persuade the new arrivals to move on.
But as he began to speak to community leaders, some of the Roma gypsies standing by began to make Nazi salutes in his direction.
Mr Bourdouleix was recorded by a local journalist saying: ‘Like what, Hitler didn’t kill enough’.

Challenged about his comment by some of the Roma men, Mr Bourdouleix said: ‘You compared me to Hitler, do you think that’s nice?’

Mr Bourdouleix denied any accusations of racism, saying his words were ‘totally skewed’ and that he intended to take legal action against Mr Leduc ‘and all the media outlets who repeat this false quote’.

Mr Bourdouleix said what he really said was: ‘If it was Hitler, he would have killed them all’.

French politicians from both Right and Left have launched an onslaught on Roma gypsies in recent years, destroying their camps and deporting them back to countries including Romania and Bulgaria.

Despite this, shanty towns regularly spring up around major cities such as Paris and Lyon.

full version here

Now just to hammer home the point of origin for so much hate filled oratory regarding these filthy, scummy, unwanted intruders who refuse to obey any law but their own , who invade and infest and occupy land illegally and abuse villagers who’ve lived peacefully until their unwanted arrival, creating havoc and filth in their wake, take a good look at this.  Speaks volumes.

Children given police escort to school after village goes into ‘lockdown’ when gypsies threatened parents and ‘attacked teachers’

· Around 15 caravans moved onto land in Pilning village, Gloucestershire

· Parents joined teachers and police to flank entrance and protect pupils

· Children kept home by parents ‘too frightened’ to drop them at school

By Tara Brady
Police had to stand guard outside a primary school after a group of travellers terrorised parents waiting to pick up their children.
Pupils leaving the school had to be shielded from stick-wielding itinerant youngsters waiting outside.
Problems started when around 15 caravans moved on to land near to St Peter’s Primary School in Pilning, Gloucestershire on Friday.


see all photos and read the rest of it at the source

And of course, all the folks who are impacted by what these slime do and resent it and hate the group(s) who cause so much trouble, are all racists. Bigots. Haters.
Well gosh. If they are, I wonder what made em that way.  Must be the water.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/24/2013 at 11:29 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - July 20, 2013

out out damn spot … see ya later alligator

Gone at last?  Don’t count on that and not all accepted the offer of a free flight home.  And those that have, will be back.

Isn’t that great readers?  People can invade your country and you can pay for some to leave while others give the stiff finger salute and get to stay.
So just who the heck owns this country anyway?
Hmmm.  Have to think some on that.  Lets see now.  It sure as hell ain’t the Brits. They just get to pay taxes. Erm, those who work that is.

If you go to the site which I hope you will, and see the photos, please do not let your normal feelings of misplaced humanity stir you toward warm and sympathetic feelings for these insects. They are a pestilence that crawl from hiding places in the dark of night to disrupt, disturb and destroy the normal pattern of a mostly civilized city.


Gone at last! Romanian travellers in Park Lane finally leave after being given free flights home

· A total of 63 were held in 4am raid but only 20 accepted free flights home
· Immigration official says groups like these are ‘taking the mickey’
· The issue is costing the local authority £500,000 a year and is set to increase
By Martin Robinson

A camp of Romanian travellers on Park Lane has been broken up and its members offered a free flight home after a dawn raid by police and immigration officials.

The group of 63 rough sleepers, half of them women, were held as a senior Home Office figure said groups like this one were ‘taking the mickey’.
At 4am, when the camp was asleep, 50 officers swept in to evict the group, who have been accused of anti-social behaviour, begging and various crimes.
They were all offered a one-way flight to Romania worth £50 as long as they pledged not to return, but only 20 accepted, who were swept off to Heathrow airport. The rest were arrested.
Their camp, which spread into Hyde Park and was opposite the exclusive Dorchester Hotel, was strewn with their possessions and rubbish, with locals saying the area began to smell like an ‘open sewer’.
Westminster Council says the problem is costing the taxpayer £500,000 a year.
Councillor Nickie Allen has written to the Romanian ambassador about the issue and said: ‘We, and the local police, are diverting resources every day into dealing with this. My concern is the situation is going to get worse with the hot weather.
‘Until we stop these people coming into the country this is not going to go away. It’s like mole holes, you can clear them from one place and they pop up in another.’
A recent poll found that almost one in ten Romanians planned to head to the UK and from January Britain will open its labour market to its citizens under EU laws.


Take note America.

Britain will open its labour market to its citizens under EU laws.

Scuse me but, being the paranoid and negative cynic that I am.  My thoughts drift back a few weeks and I am reminded that Obama has signed some kind of trade deal with the EU.  Or he was about to sign. I never found out if its become a done deal.  So anyway, I wonder what he may have signed away. Or will sign away.  Hopefully not our sovereignty as the Brits have done.  But they were tricked.

We Americans can have no reasonable excuse. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/20/2013 at 09:09 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - July 18, 2013

elderly woman, 77, caught and exposed. accused of racial abuse of gypos.cops take her dna

I’m curious about something.  Why are ppl worried about or defensive over the term, racist?  It’s so overused anyway, and besides.  I don’t think it’s really all that a horrible thing.  I guess if I prefer my own kind because I have more in common, or dislike a certain group because they fit the stereotype, I am one. Big deal.  People are in such a hurry to make sure that nobody thinks they are one.  Anyway ... Here’s a case of same old same old.
A woman is accused of calling a gypo, a “dirty gypo.” Now she’s in court charged with race abuse.
Read the story here.  The filthy gyps have been on green belt land now for years. Another case of legal entanglement and breaks given to the dirty sods.
She denies saying that, but even if she did.  So freeking what?  And I couldn’t blame her considering the circumstances.

Oh btw.  Those travellers do know the law.  They may be shit as people but they do know the law. And they know damn well you do not just move onto green belt land as they have.  But they do this all the time.  This past week, they tried to move on to a Cricket patch.  For Americans think a sports field, like maybe a baseball field.  Imagine a large group of unwanted visitors moving into Dodger Stadium and digging it up and setting up house, and then telling you they have a right to that property.  Well that is pretty much what these vermin do.  Anyway, the Cricket team and supporters blocked access and set up a 24/7 watch and the dirty gypos finally had to leave.  So you see the problem with this sub species. 

Former Sunday school teacher, 77, charged with racially abusing travellers camped on greenbelt land near her home

Josie Hampson says she will fight to clear her name after ‘humiliating’ ordeal in which she was fingerprinted and had her DNA taken by police
Case comes after a long-running feud between the community and a family of travellers who want to live near her home

By Daily Mail Reporter

A pensioner known for her community work will appear in court today charged with racially abusing travellers camping on green belt land.
Former Sunday school teacher Josie Hampson, 77, says she will fight to clear her name after a ‘humiliating’ ordeal in which she was fingerprinted and had her DNA taken by police.

The case comes after a long-running feud between the community and a family of travellers who want to live near Mrs Hampson’s home in Heath Charnock, near Chorley, Lancs.

The former school governor, a grandmother, is a local legend in her Lancashire hometown, where she has run a toy shop for six decades and has been recognised for her services to the area.

But she says she is ‘shocked’ and ‘sickened’ by the accusations and has vowed to fight charges at Preston magistrates’ court of racially aggravated harassment and using threatening words or behaviour.

She said: ‘I am not a racist, I never have been a racist, and certainly never will be.

‘I am a Christian and the words I have been accused of saying would never have even entered my head.’

She added: ‘I am struggling to cope and I am feeling unwell with the worry. I just can’t imagine how it has come to this.’

The pensioner was interviewed by police in April. She said: ‘I’ve had to give a statement, had my fingerprints taken and my DNA.

‘I refused to have a solicitor because I told them that I had done nothing wrong, but now I’ve had to employ a criminal solicitor which is going to cost more than £1,000.

The Linfoot family have been locked in a four-year battle to remain on green belt land near Mrs Hampson’s home.

Despite attempts to evict them, costing the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds, they were this week given a two-year stay of execution while Chorley Council starts a full report into the needs of travellers in the area.

They are expected to be allowed to use the site temporarily in the meantime.

The row comes after players at nearby Hoghton Cricket Club formed a 24-hour barricade to force travellers off their pitch.


They have already been there four years. But now they can remain, “temporarily.” Is that a joke or what?  I think the Brits really stretch temporarily beyond what the word should mean. Or anyway, the way most folks might understand the term.  But time after time the vermin get breaks and usually cos everyone is soooooo afraid of getting caught in the racist net.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/18/2013 at 10:16 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - July 16, 2013

the result of being tolerant

Oh, isn’t it RAAAAcist to say that?  Immigration is the cause of what? Crimes?  Nah. Crimes are only committed by right wing unemployed white guys.

And I promise you, it will get much worse.  And it’s heading our way here in the UK come next year.  But you don’t want to read that all over again and I don’t blame you. So I won’t.  But.

Let us visit Germany.  The Fatherland.  Where shock of all shocks, some folks have discovered something.  Of course, they have had warnings over and over again.  So have the Brits and the Swedes and in fact every country that makes up Europe, have had warnings for years.  But the people who bring this on aren’t listening.  The top dogs live in a rarefied world and often behind gates and guards.  This whole mess can be blamed fairly on the left who almost exclusively are responsible. 

‘Romanian gypsy ghettos. Schools filled with children who do not speak our language. A surge in crime. Social benefits abused’: Now GERMANY admits mass immigration threatens ‘social peace’

Report warns of possible civil disturbance unless immigration is checked

Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants threatening ‘social peace’

437,000 Romanians and Bulgarians flooded into Germany in three years

Overall crime in Germany falling but crimes relating to Bulgarian and Romanians on the rise

By Allan Hall In Berlin

A new report leaked in Germany chronicles the disintegration of communities under the massive influx of Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants while warning of possible civil disturbances unless the tide is checked. 

Germany is experiencing what the UK can expect next year when restrictions come off the two EU lands and waves of job and benefit seekers are expected to pour across the channel.

Germany warns of the threat to the ‘social peace’ of its cities and towns.

Germany’s Federal Statistics Offices says 437,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have flooded into the country in the past three years.

In some towns, like Duisburg, the mayor has complained of gypsy families living in ghetto-style blocks sending out gangs of children to commit crimes.

gypsy families sending out gangs of children to commit crimes.
Which has been noted more than once here and even reported on by 60 Minutes in the USA at least 30 years ago.  It is nothing new for that group, they have been doing it for more than 100 years. Nothing new there.  The Germans during WW2 tried to delete them and were making some progress but, well, they were interrupted by an inconvenient surrender before they could finish the vermin off. 
While folks are preoccupied with the very real notion of an islamic Europe which most certainly is not beyond reality, these other scum will continue to flood the borders of what once were the more civilized and advanced countries, and with the muslims who are enthralled with the 7th century, will continue to over breed until they own the place.  I suppose at some point they’ll start killing each other in a kind of Mad Max world.  Which is fine except that we won’t be here to see that as it isn’t going to happen tomorrow.  But it will, unless more (mostly white?) people band together and make their purpose in life a way to stop those sub groups in their tracks. 

Some 176,000 arrived last year alone, 40,000 up on 2011, and an internal paper of the interior ministry leaked to the media said Duisburg, Dortmund, Berlin, Hannover, Munich, Mannheim, Offenbach and Frankfurt are among the most severely affected cities.

‘The paper explicitly warns of the consequences for the social peace,’ said Bild, the country’s biggest selling paper today. 

The document warns of ‘extreme occupancy of dilapidated, uninhabitable properties with illegal dormitories’ where people often sleep 20 to a room, ‘dirty patios, overfilled garbage bins’ and ‘noisy crowds into the small hours.’

The report also chronicles the chaos caused in schools where ‘children who speak no German from Bulgaria and Romania’ are holding back the native speakers.


· Romanian police called-in to help with the travellers turning London streets into ‘open sewers’ and those running pick-pocketing and fraud scams

‘We’re overwhelmed by North African migrants and desperately need help,’ says Malta’s prime minister


Crime is on the way up in the areas where the newcomers have settled - particularly prostitution.

Germany’s overall crime rate has been falling in recent years - but crimes relating to Bulgarian and Romanian criminals is on the rise.

One fast-growing category is pickpocketing. In Berlin last year robbery involving tricks - such as children asking for help while an accomplice robs the target - rose by 39 per cent. And break-ins of single-family houses, rising since 2006, increased by 32 per cent, with every 76th house affected.

Christian Pfeiffer, director of the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony in Hanover, says the eastward expansion of the European Union, with full rights of free movement, is largely to blame.

‘Romania and Bulgaria, in particular, have sophisticated crime syndicates, with training and scouting networks reaching deep into the nearest rich EU countries, Germany and Austria,’ said a recent article in the Economist.  ‘Of the suspects in Berlin’s trick-robbery cases last year, 75 per cent were non-German; 31 per cent came from Romania. 

see and read more at the source

We are told that us Brits are very ‘tolerant’ towards immigrants. Have you thought what that means? Tolerant means putting up with something you don’t want and you don’t like. That you would be happier if it (the thing you are ‘tolerant’ of) didn’t exist. Why are the politicians doing this to us?

Do they hate us so much?

- Charlie Farley , Paderborn


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/16/2013 at 08:41 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - June 26, 2013

Hit The Road Gypos

I can’t believe I’m stealing a march on Peiper, and getting in a UK Gypsies story before he does.

Romanian squatters finally evicted in dawn raid


Dozens of Romanian immigrants were evicted from a former football club in London in a dawn raid today by police, Border Agency and local council officials.

A total of 68 people who had been living on the former Hendon Football Club site in north west London were roused while they slept in what resembled a ‘shanty town’ at the site and told to leave.

The squatters, said to be Romanian, were offered free flights home if they agreed to leave their camp, where they have been living for several months, immediately after the 5am raid.

and then offered a free flight home

A spokeswoman for Barnet Council said around 20 people were believed to have agreed to fly home, while the rest refused the offer.

The old football club in Claremont Road, Cricklewood, has been occupied by the Romanians, most of them men, for several months in what is the third occupation of the site since the football club moved out in 2009.

The freehold of the former football club site is owned by Barnet Council, which has been involved in a legal wrangle in its attempt to sell it to the current leaseholder, a property developer.

The sale of the freehold to the leaseholder, Montclare Developments Ltd, was finally cleared on Monday, and the site will now be cleared for development.

A Home Office spokesman told MailOnline: ‘Immigration Enforcement officers today assisted with a Metropolitan Police operation targeting a number of rough sleepers living at a site in Hendon, north London.

‘Immigration papers were served on a number of individuals of Eastern European origin, some of whom have indicated they are willing to return to their home country voluntarily. We will now be dealing with those accordingly.

‘We are involved in scores of operations like this every day, tackling illegal immigration, sham marriages and illegal working.

‘Where foreign nationals with no permission to be in the UK refuse to return home voluntarily we will take action to remove them.  This includes those from within the European Economic Area who have been in the country for longer than three months and are not working, studying or self-sufficient, as required by EU law.’

My goodness. Could John Bull be growing a set of fangs at last?? Maybe not, seeing as they’re been so nice and giving out free air tickets.

Personally I would have just handed out the used swim trunks and pointed the take away truck towards the Channel.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 06/26/2013 at 08:49 AM   
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calendar   Friday - June 21, 2013

they spread like the plague and those other folks and are just as unwanted and disliked

Ok first of all,

H/T to N.J.Yankee here at bmews.

I don’t know when he sent this to me but I found it only a short while ago. That’s because it’s the first time in too many weeks since checking that email account.  Very often I just can’t check it as often as I should or would like to.

The problems with this protected group as a newly discovered “race” aren’t new.  I’ve been sharing the horror stories almost as long as I have been with this blog. Usually (and not lately) the stories are centered here in the UK or more likely in England.  Because they crop up so often, I started to ignore all but the more outrageous.  Of which there have not, thankfully, been any recorded lately.  Understand however that will change dramatically after Jan. 2014, with the expected new influx of that odious disease that passes for human beings, and can no more be offended than muslims without a charge of racism brought against one.

Ignored but not intentionally is the activity of this group outside these borders.  I hadn’t given any thought to them in relation to countries like Sweden, until New Jersey Yankee sent the following.
Like the plague they are, they spread.

NJ Yank has been living in Ireland for some years and exchanging mail as well as reading his comments here at bmews, his association with that place has not been an altogether happy one.  Another misplaced American who misses home, soon the lucky dog will will return leaving some of us behind. There, that should make him feel guilty.  Or not. Prolly not.


Legally housed students forced out while illegal camped Irish Gypsies can’t be moved, arrested or otherwise made to obey the law. WHY? Because it’s against their “human rights”!

A few years ago about 50 Gypos invaded Wexford, Ireland on a holiday (3-day) weekend. The Garda (police) did nothing and the knackers only moved from the illegal camp site after a Group of Wexford merchants collected enough money to pay them to leave because no decent citizens would enter the town for fear of being assaulted and/or robbed.

Students forced out over traveller violence fears

Stockholm University
exchange students have been told to leave their accommodation immediately after a community travellers set up an illegal camp nearby, raising concerns for the students’ safety.

Doug Revolta, an Erasmus student from the UK, had been living since mid-January in Stockholm University accommodation in the capital city’s northern suburbs.

“I was having a great time here, and when they offered us the chance to extend our lease back in April I said yes, absolutely. I wanted to stay here for Swedish midsummer,” he told The Local.

However, the plan took an unexpected turn this week when the university housing office sent an email to Revolta and his fellow students warning them that a nearby travelling community (Gypsies) had caused enough concern that the students should move out.

“Because of the people who illegally moved into the parking area close to your apartments, we have decided that all students will be moved on June 17th,” the university wrote in an email to the students.

“The Housing Office at Stockholm University have done everything we can to resolve the situation, but our possibilities are very limited,” the university added, also warning that if “something happens” the students should call the police.

In a follow-up email sent on Friday, the message was more urgent:

“We would like everyone to move out today. We cannot guarantee the security for students over the weekend anymore.”

The move was sparked by a community of what Revolta estimates to be 50 families living in caravans in a nearby car park. The families have got out of hand in recent weeks, according to Revolta, who said that some of his classmates had nearly been run over by the community’s vehicles. Some students, including himself, have even been threatened by the families.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that the families are on the police radar.

“It is hard for us to control, they are uninvited and living on land that the university claims does not belong to them,”.

“Patrols have been sent out several times, but nothing has happened there, I can’t confirm that we have made any arrests. We don’t usually arrest people just for camping illegally,” she added.

“But this is a recurring problem that we have every year, it’s people from all kinds of places making things very problematic around these areas for a lot of people.”

Appelgren pointed to excessive noise and garbage pile-ups as some of the complaints the police receive.

Bo Sundin, Moderate Party chairman of the Stockholm city district of Rinkeby-Kista, had yet to hear about the university students, but was familiar with the caravan families in the area.

“We are not interested in having them in around here, not even in Stockholm. But it’s hard, when we force them away, they move to another place,”

“The caravan people are coming here in summer each year trying to find work, and it causes a lot of problems that often involve police. It’s mostly bad conditions for the people living there, and a lot of them have children. And they often leave a lot of mess behind them when they go.”

“Another problem is that many of them are on the black market, but made their way here because they’re from other European countries and it’s easy for them to move.”

Sundin added that the problem would be best solved if police acted faster.

“The police should force them away as soon as they learn about them, I’d actually hoped it would be done by now.”

With the students having to head to the newly arranged accommodation by Friday night, there have been mixed reactions among the Erasmus students.
“Everyone was just annoyed at first, actually, but now a lot of people are worried. The girls are really scared, they don’t feel safe,” student Doug Revolta said.

Meanwhile, the local police are working hard to keep the peace.

“We get a lot of calls about it and we are conscious that there’s a problem,” spokeswoman Helena Appelgren told The Local.

“But we’re working there all the time and trying to solve the problem, but these things can take a lot of time.”

An update to this ...  amid anger by some students who said they paid to be where they were and had every right , the police finally moved in and moved the gypos out to someplace else where they could set their plague down amidst another group of innocents.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/21/2013 at 10:04 AM   
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calendar   Monday - April 29, 2013

dance gypsy, drink gypsy, STEAL GYPSY.  It’s in their dna

And just so you folks back home (USA) don’t get too comfortable, this particular gypo outfit also operate in the USA.

£420,000.  In US dollars that’s 650,615.63.  at the current rate of exchange.

‘Gypsy gang’ raided Ireland’s National Museum, tied up security guard and stole eight rhino horns worth £420,000

· Security guard managed to free himself after the heist and raise the alarm
· Four heads had been removed from display at Swords, north of Dublin
· Staff said they had put them in storeroom because they feared theft

Masked men stole stuffed rhinoceros heads bearing eight valuable horns from the warehouse of Ireland’s National Museum.

Officials have linked the raid on a storeroom in Swords, north of Dublin, to an Irish Gypsy gang that specialises in such heists across Europe.

The theft was carried out by three men who tied up the lone security guard. He later freed himself and raised the alarm.

Europol said the thieves - officially called the Rathkeale Rovers but also dubbed the Dead Zoo Gang by Dublin tabloids - had already targeted museums, galleries, zoos, auction houses, antique dealers and private collections in Britain, continental Europe, the United States and South America.

In 2010, U.S. undercover agents arrested two members of the Rathkeale gang trying to buy four black rhino horns in Colorado. They both received six-month prison sentences.

Rathkeale is considered the epicentre for Ireland’s Gypsy minority, known locally as travellers. They own most of the properties in the town, which regularly experiences huge influxes of Irish travellers from throughout Ireland and Britain arriving in luxury vehicles for clan events.

Irish police and Europol say the Rathkeale criminal network also is involved in road-tarmac fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods, particularly tools and engine parts.



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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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