When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

calendar   Monday - December 10, 2012

we were supposed to be their ally! I dread to think who they send to countries they don’t like

While on the subject of America. Briefly.
Obama wins friends and influences people?
Have to think about that.

This little aside made in the Amanda Platell column, refers to rumours that Wintour would come to London as an ambassador. For those who do not know who she is, well, it seems to be common knowledge that the Movie The Devil Wears Prada, was based on her. She is the editor and absolute ruler of Vogue.

As a reward for raising millions for his election campaign, President Obama is said to be considering making Vogue’s reviled editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, U.S. ambassador to Britain.

And I thought we were supposed to be their ally!

I dread to think who they send to countries they don’t like.

From Platell’s People, Daily Mail

Now however, it’s said she’s being considered for Paris.
Have to wonder how this can be the truth. Firstly, it is Mail gossip so far. I think. But more importantly, what experience does she have AND even more important.
If any of you know anything about the French, you already know the following.

I’d go so far as to say the French can not abide anyone, anywhere, who can not speak French. LOL

Here’s a taste. Bon appétit

‘She presides over the fashion business with the imperial hauteur of a Prussian general and expects instant, unquestioning obedience.
‘It’s hard to imagine a personality less suited to the world of international diplomacy. She left school at 16 and has been working in fashion ever since. Obama’s chauffeur probably knows more about international relations than her. It’s like Caligula making his horse a senator.’
One fashion editor in London said: ‘It’s incredible the most powerful nation on Earth should even consider appointing the least diplomatic woman on Earth as an envoy. She is joyless and intimidating.’

How Michelle Obama is backing fashion queen ‘Ambassador’ Anna Wintour all the way - to Paris, NOT London (despite the fact she speaks little French)

By Daily Mail Reporter

Anyone doubting the veracity of Washington rumours that Anna Wintour, the famously icy fashion queen of New York City, will soon become a high-profile American ambassador in Europe should look no further for substantiation than the archives of Vogue magazine.


In March 2009, the magazine – ruled by Wintour as her personal fiefdom – devoted its cover and eight glossy pages inside to an interview with the new First Lady Michelle Obama alongside a fabulously glamorous set of photographs shot by legendary portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The ‘Michelle Obama Edition’ hit the newsstands with the glowing headline The First Lady The World’s Been Waiting For – and transformed her public image at a stroke.

When she first appeared on the political stage, Michelle was dismissed as a slightly awkward, intellectual lawyer: an angrier, African-American version of the young Hillary Clinton. But when Vogue was finished with her, Michelle was recreated as a softly elegant global fashion icon and role model: a perfect Jackie to her husband’s JFK for a multi-racial age.

The Vogue cover was the culmination of a year of hard work by the ambitious and hard-working Ms Wintour, a committed Democratic Party fundraiser who spotted the White House potential of the Obamas when Barack was still regarded as a rank outsider.

Now highly placed diplomatic sources in Washington have revealed Michelle is driving the campaign to reward Ms Wintour by making her an ambassador to Paris. The move has been greeted by astonishment on this side of the Atlantic, particularly because of Ms Wintour’s reputation as a capricious ice maiden.

Indeed her legendary frostiness, which earned her the soubriquet Nuclear Wintour, seems at odds with the art of international diplomacy.
She is known for frequent angry outbursts. Her chilly demeanour is made all the more intimidating by her love of dark glasses – even indoors.

British journalist Toby Young – who satirised his five-year stint in New York with Conde Nast, the magazine company that publishes Vogue, in the book and film How To Lose Friends And Alienate People – said: ‘She presides over the fashion business with the imperial hauteur of a Prussian general and expects instant, unquestioning obedience.

‘It’s hard to imagine a personality less suited to the world of international diplomacy. She left school at 16 and has been working in fashion ever since. Obama’s chauffeur probably knows more about international relations than her. It’s like Caligula making his horse a senator.’

One fashion editor in London said: ‘It’s incredible the most powerful nation on Earth should even consider appointing the least diplomatic woman on Earth as an envoy. She is joyless and intimidating.’

Tales of Wintour’s capriciousness are legion. When she hosted the Evening Standard theatre awards in London last month, she demanded gold chairs, gold cutlery and a 22ft yew hedge be installed inside the venue. She asked for the temperature to be turned down, that a guest who arrived with her baby be removed and summarily cancelled dessert.

At a New York fashion ball at the Metropolitan Museum she asked to be informed about the size of the knots on the ties of the waiters.

She put noses out of joint two years ago by giving a speech at a London Fashion Week soiree at No 10, rather than leaving it to a British fashion leader. Samantha Cameron was said to be so terrified of her that she acquiesced immediately. (Samantha Cameron is the wife of the Prime Minister)



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calendar   Wednesday - October 17, 2012

actors and age and a goddess

I don’t usually post before and after of famous actors that relate to age.

It can be interesting I know, but I prefer to keep my head buried in the sand and try to ignore age. The great enemy and especially of once beautiful women.  I have NO interest in seeing for example, what Monroe might have looked like at say 80.

I know they can often be weird, well some can, but I admire the craft.  In the past, I found and quite by accident, a photo of Angela Lansbury at 25.

What a shock that was as I recalled her firstly from the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. She played the evil mother if you recall.  Hollywood never really knew how to use her, she was the most extraordinarily beautiful woman the world has ever known. And one hell of a fine actress, who spent many yrs working on stage after her brief (too brief) Hollywood years.

And may I say again, an English Rose and only one. She didn’t gain wide acclaim til the TV series Murder She Wrote, which I never watched. I thought it was pretty awful. Well, IMHO it was.  You may not agree.

So anyway, seeing that early photo of her, and remembering what she looked like in the one early color movie in a very small part whose title I can’t even recall, made in the 40s I believe, well I was just blown away.  If you Google her, you will find some stunning pix, and I only just found more today than I did a yr or two ago. I wonder how many more there are of her I haven’t yet seen.

I did not mean for this to be an Angela Lansbury post, but I guess it’s turned out that way so far.

Actually, it was originally intended to be nothing more the a three photo example of one of the world’s greatest actresses, Dame Maggie Smith.  But I guess I got carried away.
She was never the beauty in her youth that Lansbury was.  But once again and without even looking for it, I ran across a photo of Smith in younger days.
I never knew her as anything else but middle aged or old.  She is 77 now, and is still working steadily. She brings a presence of strength to every role I’ve ever seen her in. Can’t explain it.  She can do things, and she does, with a mere look or a lift of the eyebrow. So anyway, I ran across a sexy (for the time period) photo of her and could hardly accept what I was looking at as the real Dame Maggie. Of course, she wasn’t a Dame way back then.
I’ve often wondered what it might be like if Dame Maggie were instead, the Queen.  Queen Maggie?  Why not?

Phtot on the right is Maggie Smith in character in Downton Abbey, and left off screen


Here’s the photo I stumbled on without even looking. A much younger lady and the photo that started this project that got a tad outta hand.
Note the hose. Pre- panty hose era.


And since I started by talking about the Goddess Angela, what the heck.  Here’s a couple more of her that prove a woman can still be damn sexy even with all her cloths on.





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calendar   Tuesday - September 04, 2012

That Sucks

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan has died. The 6 foot 4 inch tall, 300 pound actor was 54. He had a heart attack in July and had been in the hospital undergoing treatment since. I guess they couldn’t save him.


Michael Clarke Duncan in a scene from The Green Mile

Michael Clarke Duncan, the hulking, prolific character actor whose dozens of films included an Oscar-nominated performance as a death row inmate in “The Green Mile” and such other box office hits as “Armageddon,” “Planet of the Apes” and “Kung Fu Panda,” is dead at age 54.

Clarke died Monday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he was being treated for a heart attack, said his fiancee, Reverend Omarosa Manigault, in a statement released by publicist Joy Fehily.

The muscular, 6-foot-4 Duncan, a former bodyguard who turned to acting in his 30s, “suffered a myocardial infarction on July 13 and never fully recovered,” the statement said. “Manigault is grateful for all of your prayers and asks for privacy at this time. Celebrations of his life, both private and public, will be announced at a later date.”

Duncan had a handful of minor roles before “The Green Mile” brought him an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor. The 1999 film, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, starred Tom Hanks as a corrections officer at a penitentiary in the 1930s. Duncan played John Coffey, a convicted murderer with a surprisingly gentle demeanor and extraordinary healing powers.

Duncan’s performance caught on with critics and moviegoers and he quickly became a favorite in Hollywood, appearing in several films a year. He owed some of his good fortune to Bruce Willis, who recommended Duncan for “The Green Mile” after the two appeared together in “Armageddon.” Clarke would work with Willis again in “Breakfast of Champions,” “The Whole Nine Yards” and “Sin City.”

His industrial-sized build was suited for everything from superhero films ("Daredevil") to comedy ("Talledega Nights,” “School for Scoundrels"). His gravelly baritone alone was good enough for several animated movies, including, “Kung Fu Panda,” “Delgo” and “Brother Bear.” Among Clarke’s television credits: “The Apprentice,” “The Finder,” “Two and a Half Men” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”


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calendar   Saturday - July 07, 2012

eye candy at sweet 16 and she isn’t famous. yet.

Not quite mommy yet but sure is on the way.

Her name I am told is Ireland. Seems a stupid name for a kid but then, Hollywood types do tend toward that. Don’t they?
No matter.

She is Kim Basinger’s 16 year old daughter.




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calendar   Sunday - July 01, 2012

her instrument needed tuning

Except for movie star eye candy, BMEWS doesn’t pay much if any attention to Hollywood happenings. Dates and divorces and affairs are better left to the blogs and TV programs that cater to stardom and star-watching.

Having said all that, I read part of a longish article this morning on the coming divorce of Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes.
There was one part, just a couple of lines, that caught my interest.  It was bound to cos it was bound up in sex and who can resist that topic?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: marriage impossible?

Did a long-running conflict over which religious upbringing was best for their daughter lead to the breakdown of Hollywood’s most curious relationship?

By Philip Sherwell

Even by the standards of celebrity effusiveness, it was a cringingly embarrassing on-air declaration of love.
In an impressive imitation of a hyperactive child, Tom Cruise jumped up and down on the famous sofa of talk show queen Oprah Winfrey and professed his devotion for his new girlfriend, Katie Holmes.

That was seven years and countless red carpets and glossy magazine covers ago – a lifetime in showbusiness circles, and also, it turns out, for the marriage of Hollywood’s most curious couple sometimes known as “TomKat” for short.

For on Friday came the news that Holmes had filed for divorce – the final act for a union that had been as widely mocked as it was obsessively monitored.
At the time, Holmes’s husband was 2,600 miles away, working in Iceland on a new film called Oblivion. And he was apparently oblivious to her plans until shortly before her lawyers lodged the paperwork in New York.

( I might be a bit unfair here but, now perhaps he has some idea how Nicole Kidman felt learning second hand that he was divorcing her.  That’s what we all read anyway, and nobody seemed to be denying it. )

It was an unwanted early birthday present for Cruise, who turns 50 on Tuesday. The couple have not been seen together for months, prompting speculation about the marriage. His refusal to leave the remote film set to celebrate his milestone birthday with his family was said to have been the final straw for his 33-year-old wife, with whom he has a six-year-old daughter, Suri.

An underlying cause of the split seems to have been a crisis of faith for Holmes, over her husband’s devotion to Scientology.

But she is said to have clashed with him over whether their daughter would be raised a Scientologist. Indeed, Holmes has reportedly applied for “primary residential custody” of the six year-old.

Prior to the couple’s lavish 2006 wedding, in an Italian castle with a star-studded guestlist that included David and Victoria Beckham, critics of Scientology ran a “Free Katie” campaign, with slogans including “Run, Katie, Run!”

Their domestic arrangements are further complicated by Tom’s sister, Cass Mapother, living in the couple’s Beverly Hills home, along with her three sons, and Tom’s adopted children Conor, 17, and 19-year-old Isabella, from his second marriage, to actress Nicole Kidman. Holmes was said to feel excluded and lonely. Her close friendship with Victoria Beckham, which emerged soon after David signed to LA Galaxy, ended when it became apparent that the Beckhams would not sign up to Scientology.

Okay .... this was the fun part.  Tom’s first wife sure has a way with words. Woo-Hoo. Take a look.

His first marriage, to actress and fellow Scientologist Mimi Rogers, had ended after two years, in 1990.


Rogers later bemoaned that Cruise acted like a monk in the bedroom.

“He thought that he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument,

but my instrument needed tuning and we had to split,” she said.



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calendar   Thursday - May 17, 2012

Last Dance

It’s the Last Dance for Donna Summer, 1948-2012

Yes, one of the few bright spots of disco is gone.  crying 1

Donna Summer—the Queen of Disco—died this morning after a battle with cancer ... TMZ has learned.

We’re told Summer was in Florida at the time of her death. She was 63 years old.

Sources close to Summer tell us ... the singer was trying to keep the extent of her illness under wraps.

Live at Nobel Peace Prize Concert - December 11, 2009

My favorites were:

Love to Love You Baby
Hot Stuff
She Works Hard For The Money
I Feel Love
Plus, her version of MacArthur Park is my favorite version.

She had a lot more that were pretty good. I have her Greatest Hits on vinyl LP. It’s a two-record set.



I just read her Wikipedia entry. I had no idea she started out singing background for Three Dog Night. That’s one of my favorite bands from my early teens. She is survived by her second husband and their two daughters, as well as a daughter from her first marriage.


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calendar   Saturday - October 01, 2011

Terry Prachett tribute!

This guy sent me an email. He likes my Big Bang Theory that I posted on YouTube about a year ago. I like his post, so let me show you it.


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calendar   Wednesday - February 16, 2011

the girly men of hollywood?

If you could see our desk slash dining room table and the puter desk, you’d understand me saying I am literally buried under so damn much paperwork both old and new, that I should NOT be on a computer at the moment. I have been trying to work out the mess (papers and old puter magazines) that I alone created. There’s stuff here going back more then a year. That’s not as dumb as it may look cos often I find the answer to a problem in some old mag. issue. But enough is enuff. Can’t stand the disorder. So I need not to be here right now.


I came across a quote by this Goddess, yeah, one of my many. They all seem to be that to me.  So anyway, I saw this and naturally I had to stop everything to share it.

Now I’m another hour behind.

Under a headline that read “Girly Men” the living Goddess otherwise named Rosamund Pike said:

“I auditioned for a job recently, and didn’t get it,” says the actress, speaking at the launch of the Birds Eye View Film Festival. “Word came back that they were looking for ‘a flirty piece of ass’.


“Now, I do not want, and have never wanted, to be a flirty piece of ass, but when told I was not one, I found myself quite offended.

I was thrust right back on the most primeval battlefield, the loser at the mating game.
“The point that sex appeal is not the level at which I want to compete was lost on me, momentarily.”

Pike, 32, appeared in the film Made in Dagenham, about women workers’ fight for equal pay. She adds of Hollywood power brokers: “The irony is that a good director needs to be really feminine.

“I mean, look at those fellas out there, with their long hair, – they’re real posers, some of them – natty dress sense and sensitive sides.
“They’re all so busy cleverly accessing their feminine sides that we don’t realise that they’re taking up all the space and pushing into the wings those people who really are feminine.”


So now I get to post her quotes as well as her pix. But I did think that was interesting.


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calendar   Friday - February 11, 2011

‘That’s as good as you’re gonna feel’

I’ve been watching the old Matt Helm movies. I’ve developed a new appreciation of Deano…


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calendar   Sunday - December 05, 2010

A notorious gangster has won the right to force prison officers to call him ‘Mr’.

This is the sort of thing that tries men’s souls. And the ladies too. And their tempers.

How does a man who led a criminal gang and ordered the killing of a couple for no other reason then they were related to someone who’d crossed him, how does he now seriously demand he be treated with respect by prison authorities?  He insists they call me mister. And he won.
Well why not?  Hell. For years now every time I’ve seen a police chief or spokesman for the police giving a statement, no matter the crime, they always refer to the mad dog rapist,killer,mugger as ... mister. Have you noticed that? It started years ago and I’m speaking of the USA although they do that here as well.
How’d that come about?

Alright, where proof hasn’t been established and police are at one point speaking to someone but no arrest made, fine.  But in cases where there’s absolute proof, where someone committed a crime in front of a lot of people, or where in some cases a killer actually waited to be arrested and gave up rather then be shot by the cops, doesn’t mister seem a bit too much?

Back to this story though.  The killer/gang leader here insists on respect and I asked how he could expect that. The answer of course is, he’s smart enough to understand how screwed up and pc the system is and so can demand almost anything and be assured authorities will cave in. It’s his human right don’t ya see.
He knows all about his rights you betcha.

There is a move underway, I have read, that would halve prison sentences if criminals admit guilt immediately and avoid long trials.
That’s the world today and my problem is I’ve grown naive in the extreme, cos I want a Norman Rockwell world. Or at least an America that reflects that. Sad though that it never really did.  Or did it?

Before I forget.
I think next week marks the anniversary of the death of John Lennon.
I liked the Beatles well enough. Not everything but I did like some. I was never a fan of Lennon (either one, Lennon or Lenin) and was usually bothered by the fact that the idiot was in my country with another foreigner, his ugly untalented Jap wife, demonstrating against our foreign policy as though they had a say in matters concerning my country.  Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion and I wouldn’t want to be the one with authority to silence anybody.
Except a foreigner in my country.  Wanna be critical? Do it from your country and stay out of mine.

The reason I brought up Lennon to begin with is, news,news.
Someone has written a book on the killing and says that Lennon wasn’t killed by Mark Chapman. Nope.
The CIA did it with cover up help from the FBI.  He’s serious.  So why would the CIA put a contract on poor stupid, drugged to the gills John Lennon?

His conclusion is that Lennon opposed the Viet Nam war and was a peace activist.

In a new book, author Phil Strongman claims that Chapman was a stooge. Lennon’s real assassin was the CIA — at the behest of Right-wing fanatics in the American political establishment.

Makes no sense.  If that was a reason kill him, then why not Jane Fonda? She committed treason. She gave aid and comfort to our enemy while our boys were were dying. Why not her?  Don’t know. The reviews of the book didn’t say and I am not gonna buy his book.  I guess I’ll just have to live with the idea that it was the right wing in America that did it. It’s always us. Innit?

btw ... Chapman will be asking for parole again in 2012.


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calendar   Friday - December 03, 2010

hey daddy, I want a brand new car, champaign, caviar … DADDY, you oughta get the best for me

Just a kind of human interest story. 

Hey, Daddy, I want a diamond ring, bracelets, everything
Daddy, you oughta get the best for me

Hey, Daddy, gee, don’t I look swell in sables?
Clothes with Paris labels?
Daddy, you oughta get the best for me

Here’s *’n’amazing* revelation
With a bit of stimulation
I’d be a great sensation
I’d be your inspiration

Daddy, I want a brand new car, champagne, caviar
Daddy, you oughta get the best for me

Hey, Daddy, I want a diamond ring, bracelets, everything
Daddy, you oughta get the best for me

Hey, Daddy, gee, don’t I look swell in sables?
Clothes with Paris labels?
Daddy, you oughta get the best for me

(words and music, Bobby Troup, 1941)

Original recording by Sammy Kaye

Not bad for a 22-year-old: F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Petra to buy £66m house

By Richard Kay


The estate agent’s blurb called it a ‘trophy property’ that should appeal to a ‘Russian oligarch, a Hollywood star or a sheik’.

And if that was not enough, the £79million price tag should cut out the average first-time buyer.

Now, nearly 18 months after JCB digger tycoon Sir Anthony Bamford put his Grade II-listed pile in Chelsea, west London, on the market - at a £34million mark up on what he paid for it four years earlier - he has at last found a suitable purchaser… though you couldn’t find anyone less like an oil sheik.

The buyer is also rather prettier and younger than your average oligarch. Step forward Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone’s stunning younger daughter, Petra.

At 22, the model-turned-fashion-designer has been living with her long-term businessman boyfriend, James Stunt, in a seven-storey house in Eaton Square, Belgravia.

The fact that her new abode boasts up to 14 bedrooms is undaunting for her — a visitor to Eaton Square noticed her dressing room took up an entire floor.

The house she is buying, which includes a lodge next door, is set back from the road and boasts six reception rooms and ten bathrooms. Plenty of room, then, for James, 28, and his cellar of fine wines — he has a collection of Petrus spanning the great vintages of 1945 to 2005, worth £150,000.

Petra’s four dogs — two bulldogs, a boxer and a cavalier King Charles spaniel — will also have plenty of room to share.

The house, close to the London home of royal fiancee Kate Middleton, is being marketed by Beauchamp Estates in Mayfair.

With its own drive, a huge frontage and with planning permission for an underground swimming pool and gym already granted, it is said to be the most valuable property in Chelsea.

Sir Anthony and his wife Carole bought the mansion from Lebanese businessman Ely Calil in 2006 for £45million.



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calendar   Tuesday - September 28, 2010

another drunk driver, another set of victims.  la angles pitcher NICK_ADENHART, dies result of crash

Caught this article in Brit paper .... 

Stories about drunk drivers are a dime a dozen and the only thing that sets this one apart is the fact that one of the victims was a baseball player for the LA Angles.  Since it’s American based I would imagine that folks at home in the USA already know about it.
My reason for posting it is to ask a question.  Since the only photos I can find are the ones in the Daily Mail article (see link below), I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how people would have died in this wreck.  We see the front of the van but not much else. The article doesn’t say how fast the drunk bastard was going, the windshield doesn’t look broken or shattered.  It also doesn’t say if they were wearing seat belts or not.  Apparently the drunk was able to drive away so how much damage did his car have?  It just seems like such a freak like accident.  And as almost always the way, the drunks usually walk away unscathed leaving victims behind.  And this SOB had a record of DUI.  Life in jail is too good for this creep.

Drunk driver found guilty of murder of new star pitcher for LA Angels after horror crash

By David Gardner


A drunk driver faces life behind bars after being convicted today of murdering promising Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two of his friends.

Andrew Gallo, 23, showed little emotion as a jury read out the guilty verdicts at Santa Ana courthouse in Orange County.

Adenhart, 22, was killed just hours after pitching six scoreless innings in his season debut in April, 2009.

Gallo had spent hours drinking beers and shots at three different bars with his stepbrother before running a red light and slamming into a car driven by Adenhart’s friend, 20-year-old Courtney Stewart.

The young driver, a student and former cheerleader at Cal State Fullerton, and passenger Henry Pearson, a 25-year-old law school student who was building a sports management business, were both killed instantly.

Adenhart died later in surgery.

A third passenger, Jon Wilhite, survived, but was severely injured when the impact of the collision separated his skull from his spine.

Gallo’s blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit at the time of the crash. He fled after the crash, but was later caught and charged.



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calendar   Tuesday - September 14, 2010

Sonny Bono

In the comments about Cher and her lack of decorum, I postulated the fact the Cher only had talent when she was with Sonny.

OCM wanted to know what talent Sonny had.

I’ll answer that. Without Sonny, Cher would have been an unknown Gypsie (Traveller for you Brits). Sonny wrote the songs that made them famous.

This is just my personal opinion, but in their early days, it was difficult to tell which one was singing. Their voices blended perfectly.

But the biggest difference is that Sonny had the gift of self-promotion. Think about it. Have you heard anything from Cher since Sonny’s demise?

Here’s Sonny at his promotional best:


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calendar   Sunday - June 06, 2010

Obama’s Question?

Honestly, some people have far too much time on their hands.

Some have time to create this crap.

I’ve time to find it.

Very sad…

It occurs to me that if B. Hussein Obama wants to keep his past shrouded in secrecy that creates a void. A vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum. So we are free to fill in the blanks!



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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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