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calendar   Tuesday - January 26, 2010

A snapshot to help take your minds off my problems.  What? Me Worry?

I am only posting this photo of Lady Kitty Spencer, niece of the late Lady Di, to help take your evil minds off my post and it’s problems.  Also because I saw her photo today and walked into a door while looking at the paper I had in my hand at the time.  Also cos I miss my yoot. Bah.
I liked her photo better in blk & wht and so changed it.  FOR THOSE WHO PREFER A LARGER COLOR PIX GO HERE



On Dec.24 I had an Endoscopy where they found nothing in the tummy which is good, but they spotted something they referred to as a “node” in another area.  So they said I needed to see another specialist, an ENT surgeon.  They would make the appointment for me and I will be notified.  STILL WAITING to hear something and so that’s frustrating. Which brings me to this.

Had to see the doc last week as I think the aspirin even tho coated is upsetting stomach. I never had an aspirin problem before but the problem could be the damn cough which is on and off again.  Now that cough has been with me for two years at least.  It isn’t continous as in all day, but it’s pretty bad enough when it happens. And it’s painful with regard to chest and stomach. But the doctors have been stumped all this this time trying to figure it all out. X-Ray after X-Ray and nothing.  Gee, I may take up smoking again. After all, if it took 38 years to catch up to me the first time and I got well, at my age since I don’t have another 38 years I’m damn sorry to say, what’s ta worry about?.  Oh what the hell, at almost $10.00 a pack I doubt I’d start again anyway. Are you smokers back home paying almost 10 bucks a pack now?  I saw some Lucky Strikes at £5.67 a pack the other day, and that’s close to ten American I think. Well nine anyway.

Meanwhile, my doctor ( remember him?) had finally given in and allowed me the Codeine based medication that stops but doesn’t cure said cough.  After all this time one doc reading the report re. the “node” thinks that could be the cause of the cough because of where it’s located .  So nobody thought to suggest an ENT surgeon even a year ago.  The first person to suggest to me that I should mention ENT to my doctor, was a nurse.  Do nurses know more then the docs?  I’m beginning to believe that they do. 

So back to aspirin.  Doc takes me off that and give me something called Persantin which I’m supposed to take 2wice a day.  One side effect of that is headache.  IN SPADES!  It’s supposed to go away after awhile, but nobody has told me how long “awhile” is, and added to that, the construction next door has now moved on to the stone cutters.  Like serious stuff guys.
Listening to hour after hour of brick and tile and cinder block being sawed, and hammers on pipes in between and even WORSE if you can imagine it. Worse? What could be worse?

Well, one of the guys and not a youngster either, tries to sing along with the radio they have outside. Actually, he shouts it more then sings it.  As a person (me) who has worked in recording studios and worked with talented ppl, I can tell you this fellow can not sing. He couldn’t hold a tune if you gave him a bag to put it in. So between that and the damn buzz saw, (is that a buzz saw?) and this damn headache that wants me to remove my head, I am a very frustrated person today.
But having read the papers, I am also a very lucky one. Very lucky indeed.

It is sunny but freezing outside.  I think I’ll go for a short walk.

Stay Tuned.



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Wannabe Jihadi Captured In My Neighborhood

Oh Joy. Now all the local cops will be going haywire.

Virgina Man Arrested in NJ with weapons stash and military base maps


Arrested: Lloyd Woodson

h/t to Vilmar and Rusty

BRANCHBURG—A Virginia man who once spent eight years on the run from naval investigators was arrested in Somerset County early today with a trove of high-powered weapons, including a grenade-launcher and two assault rifles, along with maps of a U.S. military base and a civilian neighborhood, authorities said.

The federal government’s Joint Terrorism Task Force quickly joined the investigation into Lloyd R. Woodson, 43, who had been staying at a Branchburg motel since last week. Woodson, whose last known address was in Reston, Va., was wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying one of the assault rifles — customized to shoot .50-caliber rounds — when police arrested him after a chase and a scuffle in a local trailer park.

Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne Forrest declined to speculate about Woodson’s intentions but remarked on the suspect’s arsenal, which included hundreds of rounds of ammunition, some of them hollow-point bullets, and a night-vision scope.

“In our experience, for private citizens to have this type of armament is quite unusual in Somerset County,” Forrest said. “If you’re over in Afghanistan, it wouldn’t be rare.”

Mixed in among Woodson’s belongings, the prosecutor said, was a Middle Eastern, red-and-white traditional headdress.

Forrest, citing security risks, declined to identify the military base or the civilian community depicted on Woodson’s maps. He said the civilian neighborhood was not in New Jersey.

A U.S. Navy spokesman, Lt. Justin Cole, said Woodson joined the service in February 1988 and served aboard the USS Orion, a submarine tender, before deserting in April 1989. It would be eight years before he was returned to Navy custody, Cole said. A month later, in August 1997, Woodson was discharged.

It remained unclear last night whether he was passing through New Jersey or settling in for a longer period. He took a room last week at the Red Mill Inn, on Route 22. Shortly before 4 a.m. today, he was in a Quick Chek convenience store on Route 28 when someone in the store called police, saying Woodson had been acting suspiciously.

Branchburg Patrolman Steven Cronce, the first officer to arrive, began to question Woodson and noted he was “extremely nervous,” the prosecutor said. Cronce also noticed a bulge in the front of Woodson’s green, military-style jacket, Forrest said.

When the officer continued to question Woodson, the suspect ran from the store and into the nearby Regency Trailer Park on Route 22, where officers found him. Forrest said Woodson fought with the officers, who subdued him with pepper spray. Under his coat was a ballistic vest with a reinforced steel plate and the customized assault rifle, whose ammunition is typically used in heavy weapons mounted on military vehicles.

They found a second assault rifle, a second vest, the grenade-launcher, ammunition, night scope, maps and a police scanner in Woodson’s room at the Red Mill Inn, where manager Hemant Desai said he’d seen no hint of trouble during the suspect’s stay.

Police found a loaded assault rifle with a defaced serial number as well as magazines with ball-type and hollow-point ammunition on 43-year-old Lloyd R. Woodson after tackling to him to the ground at the Regency Trailer Park on Route 22, according to Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne J. Forrest.
Police noticed a Bushmaster semi-automatic .223-caliber assault rifle inside Woodson’s coat during the struggle and found the ammunition and vest once he was subdued. The assault rifle had been modified to fire .50-caliber ammunition. A room key in Woodson’s possession led police to the Red Mill Inn on Route 22, Forrest said.

In a search of Woodson’s room, police seized a Bushmaster .308-caliber semi-automatic assault rifle with a defaced serial number, a 37-mm Cobray grenade launcher, a second ballistic vest, a rifle mountable night vision scope, a police scanner, a military-style backpack, a map of a U.S. military installation and a map of an out-of-state civilian community, a Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress, and hundreds of additional .50-caliber and .308-caliber ammunition along with military pouches and garrison equipment, according to Forrest.

Woodson was being held at the Somerset County Jail on numerous charges, including unlawful possession of weapons, possession of prohibited weapons, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

Bail has not yet been set. Woodson is tentatively scheduled for an initial court appearance at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

So what do we have here? Is this a potential terrorist captured a little bit early? A gang banger wannabe nipped in the bud? A crazed Rambo just about ready to explode? Or just some regular guy who happens to be black arrested for accidentally carrying concealed in New Jersey, which is entirely legal in Virginia?

Well, let’s try and do some mustard cutting. For starters, this guy deserted the Navy. They caught up with him, processed him, and kicked him out. That means he’s got a Dishonorable Discharge. Which means he has NO 2nd Amendment rights. He should not be in possession of any firearms at all. And it is a federal offense to deface serial numbers on firearms, albeit a minor one. Aside from that, all the stuff in his possession was entirely legal.

The “grenade launcher” is actually just a flare gun. Sure, you can mount it under the barrel of your “assault weapon” and make your gun look all super-Rambo. But the only kind of ammo it can shoot is smoke bombs and distress flares. The Cobray will not chamber 40mm grenade ammo. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if this guy had had actual grenade ammo, even homemade stuff, it would be the very first bit of info in all these news articles.

You can buy the bullet proof vests and police radio scanners in lots of places. Same goes for the night vision stuff and all the military surplus clothing and stuff. Aside from the serial number thing, all the rifles, all the ammo, and all the magazines are entirely legal everywhere in America except New Jersey. And if he was just passing through, they can’t charge him with a thing. Ok, they can, but it won’t stick.

The .50 caliber assault rifle thingy is an AR-15 replacement upper chambered for the .50 Beowulf cartridge. Think of it as a semi-automatic .45-70; a 300 grain bullet at 1850 feet per second. Nice for deer out to 125 yards, but not at all close to the “preferred weapon of terrorists, able to shoot down airliners” .50 BMG cartridge. Hell, it ain’t even in the same universe as that one. The Beowulf isn’t really that much more powerful than a .44 magnum.

Very interesting that he was carrying the .50 under his clothes, while wearing the flack vest, and that the cops only found it when they wrestled him to the ground. Even with a minimum barrel and a folding stock, an AR is not exactly a concealed carry piece. You’d need a very large and bulky coat to hide that under. And yesterday it was so warm around here we had the windows open and I was out and about in short sleeves with no coat. Even late last night it was still warm enough to be outside without even a light jacket. Somebody wearing an underarm carry rig an a great big parka would have looked rather out of place. He must have looked like the Michelin Man in olive drab. So, hell yeah, at 4 in the morning the guy in the convenience store would be on the phone to the cops in a heartbeat seeing that in his store. Even in the anomalous run down area where this happened. The rest of Hunterdon and Somerset counties are pretty well to do. That one little 5 mile strip along Route 22 is an economic hole, with collapsing old houses, empty office buildings, boarded up stores, and a really low rent small and scruffy trailer park.  But I don’t think it’s a crime, even in NJ to wear a bullet proof vest under a jacket.

One of the problems with anti-terrorism: if the cops catch the guy too soon they have nothing but a bag full of rinky-dink charges like these. If they catch him too late, then dozens or hundreds of people are already dead. He might not even be a muslim. The red and white kaffiya mentioned above could just be a do-rag of some kind. After all, those things are just a square of fabric and a bit of rope. It’s not like they’re Louis Vitton originals.

UPDATE 1: It is not impossible that the .50 caliber conversion was for the .50 BMG cartridge. Such conversions do exist. They also cost at least $2145, and you wind up with a 1 shot, bolt action rifle. And while they do make a version with an 18” barrel, shooting such a thing freehand would probably break your shoulder and deafen you. These things are not sold in stores. You have to order them custom made. I’m sticking with my contention that it was a .50 Beowulf.

UPDATE 2: The FBI has announced that this guy and his guns and armor is “not a terrorism thing”. Nothing to see here, move along. So you know what that means. It means the fucker is a terrorist, and they caught him dead to rights but before he could go all SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome). Because it’s the FBI’s job to lie about such things, always.

“Woodson does not appear to have a link to any known terrorist groups, nor a specific terrorist plot,” the FBI said in a statement. “However, the matter is still under investigation and these should only be considered preliminary findings.”

UPDATE 3: How much do you want to bet that that “map of an out of state civilian community” was to that “entirely peaceful” jihadi training camp up in Hancock NY? That’s only an hour or two up the road from here. We will never know.


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calendar   Monday - January 25, 2010

can’t deport killer to homeland as he would be a threat to folks there. well how about here?

I have to be gone in about a half hour but can’t leave without sharing this lunatic decision.  Seems some idiot Brits in positions of some authority are bound and determined to screw this country up even more then it is. You’d think they couldn’t do more damage, but apparently not as there’s always room for more mayhem and more ways to, “sock it to fellow Brits.” And hey, when it’s done in the name of Allah ... well ....

Iraqi who killed two doctors must stay in Britain to safeguard HIS human rights

By Chris Brooke

A crazed immigrant who stabbed to death two doctors has won the right to stay in Britain - because he would be a threat to the public if deported to his homeland.

A judge has ruled that sending Laith Alani back to Iraq would also be a breach of his human rights.

Alani, 41, is likely to be released in the near future.


Oh good. After all, we wouldn’t want to breach his rights or the rights of anyone in his homeland.  Naturally not.  Now then.  About the rights of the citizens of this country. 

Been a hard day , yesterday too.  Can’t find passport.  Not lost. It’s here.  In fact, in a very small room.  But I moved it some months ago and now can’t find the damn thing.  Why didn’t I simply return it to where it had been stored for five years where I always knew where I could lay hands on it?
Answer. Because apparently I haven’t the brains god gave a tennis ball. Aaaaggghhhhhh!


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I wonder

State of the Union address Wednesday eveining at 9pm eastern. Golly, I wonder what our Fearless Reader will have to say?







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Declared dead and about to be buried …. problem …. deceased isn’t ready yet.

This here being a blog site and all, I thought I’d share my last 48 incredible hours with ya so you could all go OoH-Ahh.

Then I read about this fellow and his very close call with everyone’s fear .... and my Ooh,ah became a YAWN!

Patient declared dead by a doctor is found to be alive by undertaker as he was about to seal the coffin

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 3:12 PM on 25th January 2010

A Polish beekeeper pronounced dead after he suffered a suspected heart attack was about to be sealed up in a coffin when a funeral director miraculously discovered a faint pulse.

Jozef Guzy collapsed as he started work among his beloved hives near the southern city of Katowice.

An ambulance was called and an experienced doctor declared that the 76-year-old had died.

So then I thought about it and wondered. Hey ,, wait a minute.  Is Poland that much different from anywhere else these days?  If someone dies, don’t they do stuff and run tests I have read about?  Maybe not in Poland. ???  So I do have to wonder about this story.  Although I can’ t see the Mail not checking it out. It’s a major paper after all.
So here.  Read the rest and let me know if I should become less skeptical.

Dear Departed?


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calendar   Sunday - January 24, 2010

funny bits



The countdown begins: 10 days until the final season of Lost begins

The Onion gives them a skewering


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calendar   Saturday - January 23, 2010

nuttin honey

Dammit, the 2010 SHOT show is running, and I wanted to put up a post about all the new cool guns. Alas, from what I’ve seen, there really aren’t any. Sorry. went to the show, so did Massoud Ayoob, and a bunch of other posters. Plenty of pictures in lots of places online.

So what’s new?

Winchester has a 125th Anniversary model of their 1885 high wall falling block, in .45-70. Priced at nearly $1300, it’s a fancied up version of their standard high wall, but it’s still nowhere near as fancy as the 1885 Browning I bought over a decade ago for way less than half that price. Wow, the Winchester has a bit of “125th Anniversary” scroll engraving. Pass. There are too many “collector” guns on the market.

Marlin is going to expand their “fancy” versions of their lever action rifles. They had great success with their “fancy” model 336 and 1894 models. But honestly, they aren’t that fancy. They get a decent bluing job for a change, and some Ok “fancy” walnut - 30% figure. Which makes them decent looking rifles, instead of the boring ass plain vanilla of the plastic stocked or dead clear walnut models. Nice, but yawn. They ain’t fancy, they’re just how they should have been made in the first place.

Marlin is pushing their .338 Marlin Express lever gun cartridge. Tipped by a soft rubber point, the .338 MX pushes a 200 grain bullet at 2565fps. This makes a nice bear or elk rifle for medium range hunting. It also generates 24.6 ft/lbs of recoil at 14.5fps, which is just over the pain threshold for most shooters. That’s what happens when you put a potent cartridge in a light rifle with a thin tiny stock. The .338 MX cartridge is pretty much a .338 Federal with a .30-30 rim on the case. Medium bullet at medium velocity, which gets the big jobs done out to medium range. Think of it as a practical almost-magnum. Just like the .358 Winchester that came out ... 50 years ago??

Lots of stupid stuff is “all new”; Ruger is making their little LCP in soft recycled plastic Rubbermaid colors. Taurus is doing the same thing, in pink. Appeals to the ladies maybe? Or is it just supposed to look like a toy gun? Magnum Research is making a Buntline Special version of their BFR revolver in .30-30, with a 12” barrel. Oh, just give it up already, and go buy a rifle! Hey, now you can get a special “door breaching” muzzle break for your Tactical shotgun. I’m about ready to overdose on this “tactical” shit. You ain’t GI Joe, so get over your bad self. And 2/3 of all this “tactical” crap is simply roughly made crap with a spray painted black finish. Big whup. You know the trend is being worked to death when Savage comes out with a “tactical” bolt rifle in .17 HMR. Hey, it’s black! Special Ops gun, for shooting tactical squirrels. Somebody, anybody, please give me a break already.

CZ is going to sell left handed versions of their 550 rifles. This is actually news. The CZ rifle is a gem. It’s a modern Mauser. And it’s probably the best deal going for a bolt action rifle when you compare the construction quality, fit, finish, and wood figure to any other bolt action rifle out there.

It looks like the “year of the .380” will continue for a while longer. Everybody and his uncle has a micro .380 for sale now, which will keep .380 ammo both rare and expensive. Drat. The other big push is for these combination .45 Colt/.410 shotgun revolvers. Huge cylinders on small frames, short barrels and tiny grips. It appeals to some folks, but it sure makes for a pug ugly pistol. Taurus is pushing the limits by making a really big version that can also shoot the .454 Casull cartridge. Which means it’s a nice strong pistol, really big and heavy.

Oooh, pretty shiny things! Cimarron has a new flavor of their venerable Peacemaker clone out, called the Holy Smoker. Nice bluing, nice color case hardening on the frame, nice wood on the grips with an embedded cross medallion. It’s a “tribute gun” to the one Russell Crowe used in the film “3:10 to Yuma”.

The giant gun distributor Lipsey’s continues to have enough pull in the market to get their own fancied up versions custom made at the factories. Look for highly polished and tuned pistols from Ruger, S&W, etc.

Uberti continues to reap profits from the Cowboy Action market. Now they have another lever gun, a clone of the 1883 Colt Burgess. $1500 gets you one. Nice wood, nice bluing, and it only comes in .45 Colt.

Here’s an idea that might work. Hornady has an ultrasonic case cleaner. Maybe it’s faster than the old vibrating buckets filled with ground corn cobs, but I doubt if it’s faster than the IOSSO liquid case cleaner. Bet it costs a whole poopload more though.

Mossberg has a new pump shotgun out. This one is called the Model 510 Mini Super Bantam. It comes in either 20 gauge or in .410. What it is, is a scaled down receiver with a barely legal 18.5” barrel (with choke tubes) and a plastic stock that has several removable sections so you can adjust the length. It’s a shotgun designed for smaller people like women and children. And in the lesser recoiling 20 gauge, with a short stubby stock, you can bet it’s going to make a superb home defense gun. MSRP is about $365. Thank God they aren’t pushing it as a tactical gun, so you should be able to find one for $275 in another couple of months. It’s about time the gun makers responded to the needs of the other half of the population. Kewl.

Ok, that’s about all I saw out on the net. I didn’t go to the show, hella no, but I spent an hour or so surfing around. I’m sure there is lots more, some of it actually new, some of it actually improved, and some of it actually exciting. But from what I’ve seen, it’s just another same ole same ole. And I guess that’s Ok too.


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Beck Special is online

h/t to Moonbattery, who is also hosting it.

That very special episode of Glen Beck can be viewed online at the Common Cents Blog. It’s broken down into 5 short sections.

And you can find it out on YouTube as well.

There ya go.


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The world is full of beautiful women and I wish I had time to see em all. Can’t of course so I’ll be very happy with the ones my gaze does fall on.

Until last weekend, I had never heard of Amy Adams.  There happened to be a feature on her in one of the weekend magazine supplements and I was drawn to her looks of course.  We were meant to after all.  But what impressed me a lot was the true and honest nature of the lady, as opposed to all bad stuff we often read about.  She just seems a genuine person and a very likable one too.
BTW, I have hardly seen so darn many photos of one actress since I started doing this WW thing.  She’s everywhere on the net. Google her name and there are so many photos it really is hard work trying to pick only a few.  I had thought of using a couple of her pix along with several others but found it next to impossible.  I think another attraction I have for her if I may be honest, is that she reminds me in some ways of two of my favorite women on screen.  Two of my three personal goddesses embodied in this one actress.  RITA HAYWORTH and ANN MARGARET.  (3rd goddess is Awesome Angela Lansbury, when she was in her 20’s for those who don’t know)
In her photos Amy Adams looks taller to me but she’s only 5’4”.  I guess that’s all we need.

Amy Adams




image image



That’s all folks .....


Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


See More Below The Fold


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In Cold Blood

Eles mataram pessoas a sangue-frio.

h/t to

Maybe you caught the Glen Beck show, maybe you didn’t. But if you did, and it seemed a bit rushed, quite overly parsed, you were right. His 1 hour show ought to have run 4 hours. Or if you visited Glen’s web page entry about Friday’s show, and you wondered a bit about this guy Edvins Snore, then this is for you.

This is the link to Snore’s film, The Soviet Story: Click Here. It’s a 90 minute film, and it will require you to install the Veoh video viewer, available at that link. It takes a few minutes, it’s free, and it’s clean. You may also have to install the proper codec, located over here.

Then you can watch the film. If you don’t understand spoken German and Russian, and if you can’t read Portuguese, you’ll have a bit of trouble; the film is about 80% dubbed in English. So you’ll miss significant parts, though the pictures tell the story. Besides, if you have even a passing familiarity with Spanish or Italian you can get the gist of the sub-titles.

Marxism, Leninism, Socialism, Eugenics are all slices from the same progressivist pie. Rebuild society through class warfare to make a better world for the elites. And at the very core, class warfare doesn’t mean “striving” or “converting” or “changing people’s minds through reason and debate”. It means killing them. In their millions. This film makes that point, and then things get really ugly.
(hey did you see the news? Now Obama wants to turn people against those rotten banks! Tax them! Hate them! Elitist moneybags, ruining our economy! Fire Bernanke! Probably all joooooos!!)

This is a horrific film. It is uncovered history, in the raw. It’s the story, or a story, about how things really were under both flavors of european socialism in the 20th century: International Socialism (Soviet communism) and National Socialism (Nazi Germany). The differences are very, very slight. Both were blood drenched nightmare worlds, criminal enterprises from their very beginnings. Both ideologies were highly congruent, very closely related. Snores has made a film that shows that the relationship was deeper than any of us ever realized; that the death camps began in the USSR, that the NKVD trained the Gestapo, that the Soviets supplied the Nazi war machine with massive quantities of material and food while their own people starved. And when the war was over, it was the Nazis who were the hated war criminals, while the Soviets were the heroes. Even though both had committed the same atrocities. Even though the camps were simply moved to Siberia and continued to function for decades after the war. Even though Stalin ... well, I don’t want to give too much away. All we were ever taught in school was that the two nations had a “non-aggression pact” that lasted until Operation Barbarosa, when they became enemies. All the rest was just swept under the rug, and forgotten. But the truth has been found.

In Russia today, there is a resurgence of nazism. According to Snore, in Europe, all of Europe, today there is still the socialist idea that the lesser people need to be eliminated so that the progressives can progress. There will be no call for justice against the dark horrors of Soviet brutality. Not only are such things not even war crimes in Britain, by law!, but Europe is held hostage to Russian oil and gas. And as Snore says, they really aren’t against the basic idea very much anyway.

When inferior nations are being killed, it cannot be seen as a crime, because it makes way for the more advanced nations to build a better life.

This is nothing new. It goes from Margaret Sanger, to George Bernard Shaw wishing for a “humane poison gas” to nicely murder the undesirables, to the Turkish starvation pogrom in Armenia, to the millions killed by Lenin in the Ukraine, and then to the millions of internal “enemies” killed in the CCCP by him and then millions more by Stalin, to the millions killed by Hitler, to the further millions killed by the Soviet after 1945, through Bill Ayers and his matter of fact awareness of a need for “re-education” camps that would eliminate 25 million Americans, right up to the islamofascists today with their genocide in Darfur and their desire to eliminate first Israel, then the rest of the Western world. All groups who have decided that it is their right to decide what the better form of humanity is, (the answer is ALWAYS “people just like us") and all of them utterly willing to kill millions (of lesser beings “just like you") to achieve that goal. a sangue-frio. In cold blood. And it never works, but they keep right on trying, generation after generation.

This is a European film. The Western hemisphere plays only a very small part in it. So it’s up to you to see any similarities, and then draw your own conclusions.

Watching this might just give you nightmares. Do it anyway.

Oh, and I found it really ironic that several of the ads that pester you at the top of the screen during the first part of the film ( just keep clicking the X when they show up; eventually the thing gives up ) were for russian merchandise and clothing. I followed the link to one, the russianlegacy website. And found pro-soviet and Che shirts for sale. Cuz, like, it’s just fashion man. Chill out. It never meant anything, and like, Stalin and Che are totally cool. 

I think I need to punch a hippie. Or a progressive democrat. And then I might have to watch this film again.


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calendar   Friday - January 22, 2010

Today, A Very Special Episode

5pm ET: Glen Beck on Mao, Stalin, Hitler and the roots of socialism

Revolutionary Holocaust airs Friday, January 22 at 5p ET on the Fox News Channel…

A groundbreaking hour long special where Glenn Beck takes us back in time to examine the roots of socialism and communism and the evil that followed. We all know about the horrors of the holocaust where the pure evil Hitler inspired claimed the lives of millions of innocent people. But most do not know about the millions upon millions of lives lost in a different genocide of the Ukrainian people under the Stalin regime. This special also takes a look behind the iconic fashion symbol of Che Guevara showing that the myth doesn’t tell the story of the man who was a blood thirsty killer.

This isn’t your typical Glen Beck show. He’s worked with 9 experts on genocide and totalitarianism to put this show together. Details on those folks at his web page.

If I can figure out how to program the DVR now that we no longer have analog cable, I’ll tape it for my wife to watch later.


Millena wants you to watch Glen Beck today


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Dogging the Dawg

cheatin’ Obama Advisor ... gets his


Billboards put up in 3 cities proclaim their affair

Looks like time to squeeze another one under that old bus. YaVaughnie Wilkins was mistress to Oracle president and White House Economic Recovery Adviser Charles Phillips, and got DUMPED after their 8 1/2 year affair. He went back to his wife and son, and left this missy at the curb with the rest of the trash. So she got even. She spent a quarter million dollars putting up billboards that proclaimed her eternal devotion ... and just also happened to let everyone in the world know they’d had a thing going on. Trying to get her man back from the grasping clutches of his own wife? Woman scorned and all that? Or just out to embarrass the living #&^% out of the guy? Who can tell, but when this woman drops the dime, she goes all the way.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned—and then there’s this lady.

A fuming mistress catapulted retribution into a new orbit by plastering the country with billboards that show her nuzzling a married New York business honcho and adviser to President Obama, sources said.

The spurned squeeze, YaVaughnie Wilkins, went nuclear after she learned that Charles E. Phillips—president of tech conglomerate Oracle and a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board reconciled with his wife despite his lengthy affair with Wilkins.

The very public humiliation campaign may have cost Wilkins upward of $250,000, at an estimated $50,000 a pop.

Court records show that Phillips’ wife, Karen, filed for divorce in February 2008, but no action has been taken on the filing since that year. The couple recently made up, a source said.

After the billboards surfaced, Phillips fessed up to his longtime affair through a spokesman on Thursday.

“I had an 8-and-a-half-year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended, and we both wish each other well,” he said.

The billboards also feature a URL of the Web site, which features photos of Phillips’ and Wilkins’ lengthy relationship.

In an Oracle newsletter from 2006, Phillips was described as an ex-marine and “family man” who has a wife and 10-year-old son, Chas, the New York Times reported.

Another top Obama guy caught with his pants down. What a dawg. Wilkins had earlier paid to have a professional “love shrine” website made. It was supposed to be a gift to him, but after she got dumped it’s little more than an ammunition depot filled with pictures and mementos of their long term affair ... which started barely a year after his wife gave birth to their son. That site has been crashing it’s server with hits.

Most ethical government evah, indeed.

Phillips who lives with his wife and their son, Chas, in an Upper West Side brownstone, said, “Oh, man,” after The Post knocked on his door yesterday.

“I’m sorry,” he said before closing the door.

Karen Phillips’ divorce lawyer didn’t return calls. Wilkins did not return calls or respond to an e-mail. Oracle also didn’t return calls.

Gee, I wonder why?


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good luck with that



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calendar   Thursday - January 21, 2010

Muslim police in ‘hatred’ warning: Anti-terror tactics ‘promote Islamophobia’, say officers.

Couldn’t let this one pass and just have to comment on it as well.  Can’t wait to hear what the White Christian Police Officers Association has to say on the subject.  Oh wait a minute. Never mind.  Those folks don’t have one of those as it might appear to be, well you know. Anti something and racist. 

Muslim Police Say Anti-Terror Strategy Has It Wrong

By Claire Ellicott
Daily Mail

Muslim police officers have warned that the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy is an ‘affront to British values’ and encourages Islamophobia.

No Sirs.  What causes that big word is the attitude and the actions of the many followers of that highly political faith.

The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) told MPs that far-Right organisations were a greater threat to national security than Islam.

Well, since there’s only one nationally well known “far right” party here I must assume they are talking about the BNP.  The British National Party.  So far though, I haven’t noticed anyone from the BNP flying planes into buildings in the name of Jesus.  And I haven’t noticed any Christians calling for a return to the inquisition for non believers.  That seems to be the forte of a goodly number of your own co-religionists.
Sure, I could be mistaken but it does seem to me that almost every time someone coverts to islam, they seem all fired up to blow something up.  And all in the name of ?  I’d say the word but don’t want to be taken for someone who is islamphobic.

The hatred towards Muslims has grown to a level that defies all logic and is an affront to British values.  ‘The climate is such that Muslims are subject to daily abuse in a manner that would be ridiculed by Britain, were this to occur anywhere else.

Oh come on. As practised by muslim hate preachers I’d say the public at large was being very logical and maybe too tolerant.  Try and sell that to the victims of the tube bombings a few yrs ago.

But Muslim officers believe the Government is wrong to blame Islam as the main ‘driver’ of terrorist activity. Muslim officers may be reluctant to take part in ‘hearts and minds’ anti-terrorist campaigns in the future.

Ah. Got it at last.  The main driver of TERRORISM just has to be .... drum roll ....  The Damn Jews. Who else? It’s a Jewish/Western plot to discredit, you know. I can’t say it though.
I don’t see the non-Christain public, muslims excepted, planting bombs in the subways or on buses or trying to blow planes out of the sky.  Once again, your people have the market cornered on that commodity.

Most of Europe and the UK were doing well enough before the great influx of radical muslims were forced on them.  Things do not look as though things will improve much.



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