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calendar   Thursday - January 28, 2010

No no no no no no no!

Senate Lifts Federal Debt Ceiling By $1.9 Trillion

The Democratic-controlled Senate has muscled through a plan to allow the government to go a whopping $1.9 trillion deeper in debt.

Senate Democrats needed all the 60 votes at their disposal Thursday to muscle through legislation allowing the government to go $1.9 trillion deeper in debt.

Democratic leaders were able to prevail on the politically volatile 60-39 vote only because Republican Sen.-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts has yet to be seated. Republicans had insisted on a 60-vote, super-majority threshhold to pass the measure. An earlier test vote succeeded on a 60-40 vote.

The measure would would put the government on track for a national debt of $14.3 trillion—about $45,000 for every American—and it served as a vivid reminder of the United States’ dire fiscal straits.

The massive increase in the debt limit would allow majority Democrats to avoid another vote until after the midterm elections this fall. New estimates released by the Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday show that the U.S. this year could run a deficit matching last year’s record $1.4 trillion shortfall.

To win the votes of moderate Democrats, President Barack Obama promised to appoint a special task force to come up with a plan for dealing with the spiraling debt.

The current $12.4 trillion debt ceiling is expected to be reached in mid-February.

Torches? Check.

Pitchforks? Check.

Axe handles? Check.

Oil? Boiling. Check.


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Judge blocks name of player who cheated on wife, MSM knickers in a twist. Boo-Hoo

The headline reads:

Courts mask football star who cheated on his wife.

As usual, no amount of searching on my part and it’s been a long time, finds the damn link to the story. Written by the Telegraph’s “Chief Reporter, it says in print. However, they don’t have the story on line that I can find.  But never mind.  It’s only a line or two by the media and disingenuous lawyers that have me seeing red.

Ok so another guy in sports has cheated.  So?  Outside of nothing more then prurient interest, who really cares? 

When the Woods story was all over the place some weeks ago, there was good reason for BMEWS to mostly ignore the boring tale. Or is that last word spelled another way?  Thing is, how many folks really care about that stuff?

Well, here’s the story with another player, unknown and un-named by court order. And that’s the story. The court order blocking the press from naming him publicly under “human rights” laws.

Newspapers and their lawyers naturally enough have accused the courts of restricting free speech and oh naturally let us never forget the words carved in stone.  The public right to know.  Oh BS!  The lawyers are saying it’s “a privacy law through the back door.” Well good and it’s time has come.  I doubt it’ll last but good for now.
Some may not agree and see this as some sort of first step down a slippery slope. Right?  Well now, here is their argument and I know you will see how bogus it is.
Who are these lawyers and media think they are kidding?  Surely ppl are not really this stupid.  Some yeah, I understand that.  Just those who can’t see thru this hype.

Here’s a tiny bit of what the paper had to say. It’s this line I take so much issue with.

Many sportsmen are able to earn vast sums from image rights and advertising by exploiting their clean-cut public persona.

I say BS to that.  It isn’t true.  What is being exploited is their action on the playing field.  The runs scored or tackles made or passes received or completed or goal posts defended and even bones broken and don’t fans just love to see some of these tough guys get into a scrap.  If someone just happens to have this clean cut image it’s just luck or maybe the real deal but that is not what the fans necessarily pay for.  Dick Butkus once said in an interview that when he hit someone, he wanted them to know they’d been hit by Dick Butkus. And once hit by him they generally stayed down.  I’d seen him play once or 2wice all those years ago.  It’s the rough and tumble of the game and the overpaid guys who perform that get those adverts and endorsements.  Not their image as boy scouts.

Finally, why should the public have any “right” to know who cheats on who and who really cares?  Are we any better off if we do know who this particular player is? 

For once can’t the papers just say out loud, coz we wanna sell papers and sex always sells!  That’s all this is really about.  This argument reminds me of those stores that open on Christmas and Thanksgiving proudly declaring that they are only open for, our convenience. Oh BS again.  That’s crap and everyone knows exactly why they are open. But by saying something else, they really believe the public buys it.  They think we’re all that stupid.
Either that or they think their only customers are liberals. Hmmm. Could be.


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Mother ‘not clever enough to raise child’ has baby snatched. Nanny knows best always.

There are all sorts of things to be thankful for I know.  And I am. But I seem to find all sorts of things to be PO’d about. Some things might be minor to all but myself.


This thing below got to me to be honest. None of my business I know.  But how do social services know for certain this young lady isn’t up to the task of being a mom?  I think she’s too young it’s true.  But hey.  What’s done is done and she’s had a baby.  Kinda cruel to snatch it away from her.  Why couldn’t they keep an eye on her if they were concerned?  I guess SS is closer to the subject and sees and knows things the readers of this don’t. 

Then I’m angry (again) with FireFox.  I must be the only computer user in the entire world that thinks it often sucks.  Ok, IE may be worse but that isn’t saying much.  I like Chrome a lot but even this browser could be better.  Yeah, so could I.

The damn med is causing major headspliting ache.  So I tried to get in touch with the pharmacy to ask a question, couldn’t find the number but hey. I have a computer so I did a www thing and got their site BUT ... no numbers for what I needed and not even a store number.  So I called their (get this) CARELINE. Care. HaHaHa.  I got someone whose jingelritch was so bad it wasn’t even as clear as engrish. And they were NATIVE BORN I want ya to know.  She kept saying “et” “et” and I kept asking her to say again but slower so she did.
“et” pause “et” pause “et”
and it took my wife to figure out she was saying EIGHT. And I have no idea about the other numbers but wifey worked it out.  So I called the number she gave us AND ....  SORRY, WRONG NUMBER.  Hmmmm, sounds like an old radio mystery title.  But in the end I did get the right number, but never got to speak to anyone, even though my call was important to them.  Screw em.  I got a cup of very good Engrish Hot Chocolate, poured in some cream and Irish Whiskey and almost immediately felt better, except for the stomach pain caused by the booze. And most likely the pill taken at 10 this morning, more then six hours ago.

Ok so here we are, I read dumb stuff in the paper like, New Daddys to get 6 month maternity leave.  Six months?  How the hell did civilization make it all these years without that pc crap?

Who the hell are the dumb ass rocket scientists who design packaging?  Do any of them think? They really must get paid a lot to do the crappy job they have been doing for years now. Idiots! All of em.

Lawyers and MSM .... lying shits that think the public is so damn stupid they can’t see through them and their demands for more “freedom of the press.” I’ll get to that in my next post.
All sorts of things to be pissed off about.

Mother ‘not clever enough to raise child’ has baby snatched by social workers after running away to Ireland to give birth

Daily Mail

A couple who fled to Ireland after social workers threatened to remove their baby at birth have had the newborn snatched after all.

Kerry Robertson, 17, who has mild learning difficulties, and Mark McDougall, 25, went on the run after British social services said she was not clever enough to raise a child.

But just four days after Ben was born, Irish social workers marched into the maternity ward and forced them to hand him over.

They were told they were acting at the behest of their British counterparts.

The couple, from Fife, Scotland, have been on the run for three months.

In September, their wedding was halted just 48 hours before the service when social workers claimed Miss Robertson was not bright enough to understand the marriage declaration.

Then in November they were told that her ‘disability’ meant their baby would be taken away at birth.

With Miss Robertson 29 weeks pregnant, they fled their house in the middle of the night and travelled to Ireland.

Ben was born healthy and weighing 7lb 3oz last Friday.

Last night Miss Robertson said: ‘When the Irish social workers said I had to give the baby to them, I felt sick.

‘I didn’t want to hand him over and I started crying because I couldn’t believe what they were saying. I thought I had misunderstood.



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The New DoubleSpeak

The Obama Lexicon

I’m surprised it took this long to publish, but here’s Ben Shapiro from CNS News, writing about the Obama Lexicon.  About how nearly ever pet phrase is cover for yet another lie.

In order to understand what Obama truly tells us when he speaks to us, it is necessary to grab our Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring and decipher precisely what he means when he uses his pet phrases. This, then, is a list of his favorite linguistic flourishes—and just what he means when he uses them:

“Hope and change”: Socialism at home, surrender abroad. Obama uses this talismanic formula when he wants to activate his base, which responds to it like a jukebox when you drop in a nickel.

“Let me be clear”: Let me lie to you.

“Make no mistake”: See “let me be clear.”

Sort of reminds me of those Obama drinking games. I hear that they’ve been outlawed, since too many kids were suffering from alcohol poisoning from having to drink every time he said “I”, “me”, or “my” during his speeches.

Which leads me to Obama Bingo, a slightly dated online bingo card generator. You need 24 terms or numbers to make a bingo card plus the free space in the middle. Shapiro gives us 23, so you’ll have to create one of your own, like “opportunity”. Use “me” as the center square naturally. You’ll still get pretty wasted if you drink every time you get a Bingo!, but you might be able to make it through one of Teh Won’s daily talks without winding up in the emergency room.



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This Time It’s Not A Joke

Stalin Soda Coming To Market



The label reads “Our cause is right - we have won!”

MOSCOW (AFP) – The face of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin will adorn bottles of a soft drink to go on sale next month in Russia, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The Stalin drinks are part of a special batch of beverages being released to mark the 67th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the World War II battle of Stalingrad, the daily said, citing the company producing them.

The Pivovar beverage plant in Volgograd, as Stalingrad is now called, will make a limited quantity of the lemon-flavoured fizzy drink, alongside two other drinks featuring portraits of famed Soviet World War II commanders.

The head of the beverage plant said he saw nothing wrong with the Stalin drinks, although historians describe Stalin as a ruthless tyrant responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people.

No, they are not making this up. It is not a spoof from Teh Onion. It’s not even an old snarky post by the Kommisar from the old Politburo Diktat blog, which went under a couple years ago, and may or may not be living these days as The People’s Cube. The T-shirt designs seem similar, but what do I know? That design could be some old Marxist propaganda illustration co-opted for modern use.

Yessir, Stalin Soda is a real product. Moral Relativism be damned; anything to make a buck. Or a pun ... no word yet on whether flavors will include Leninade, straw-Beria, ras-Beria, or if drinking several of these will give you the Trotskies. No word yet on whether this sludge will be exported to the West Coast or most universities, where it would be a big seller, especially if they made a Che-rry flavor.

Blog The Other Russia reports that Russian veterans are peeved:

Stanislav Gorokhov, chairman of the Volgograd City Council for Military Veterans, spoke out passionately against the product.

“Before such a reckless step was taken, they should have interviewed the veterans,” Gorokhov insisted. “Really, every one of us has known much sorrow from those times. We think that we have the right to vote. Alright, Zhukov and Rokossovsky, but Stalin – that’s excessive.”

Hey, maybe Hitler Hot Dogs will be next product. Mao burgers the next chi-com-modity? Tse, they taste great on your Tung!


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O - pen thread

In case anyone forced themselves to watch the State of the Union address and feels the need to vent their spleen. Have at it!


I didn’t watch it. Instead I caught the premier of the new Caprica series on ScyFy from the other night via the On Demand thingy on my cable TV. It took me most of the first episode to understand what was going on there in future world and it’s virtual reality, but then when daddy zapped his dead daughter’s v-doppleganger to steal her data, I KNEW it was going to go into his company’s RoboCop that is lacking a decent “meta-cerebral processor”. The plot thins ... after 40 minutes. Meta-cerebral processor? “Oh we could while away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers, consultin’ with the rain. And my head I’d be scratchin’ while my thoughts were busy hatchin’, if I only had a brain.” Yeah, I think we’ve seen this motif once or twice before. wink But I like the “twist”: Christians, or moral monotheists at least, are the rebel underground. This could be interesting.

Michelle Malkin is covering the SOTU, so you can get highlights there. Guarantee that the whole speech is already up on YouTube, and that most online news sites have the transcript available. You know, just in case either you need a good derisive laugh, or your blood pressure is too low.


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calendar   Wednesday - January 27, 2010

Hope & Change


mmm mmm mmm ... toasty!

stolen from theo’s


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calendar   Tuesday - January 26, 2010

Africa Sucks

Human sacrifice almost common in Uganda

“Witches" burned throughout Africa

Moving to the 7th century would be a HUGE LEAP FORWARD for these stone agers

A BBC investigation into human sacrifice in Uganda has heard first-hand accounts which suggest ritual killings of children may be more common than authorities have acknowledged.

One witch-doctor led us to his secret shrine and said he had clients who regularly captured children and brought their blood and body parts to be consumed by spirits.

Meanwhile, a former witch-doctor who now campaigns to end child sacrifice confessed for the first time to having murdered about 70 people, including his own son.

The Ugandan government told us that human sacrifice is on the increase, and according to the head of the country’s Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity, and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly.

“They capture other people’s children. They bring the heart and the blood directly here to take to the spirits… They bring them in small tins and they place these objects under the tree from which the voices of the spirits are coming,” he said.

Asked how often clients brought blood and body parts, the witch-doctor said they came “on average three times a week - with all that the spirits demand from them.”

Plenty more at this link, as well as a disturbing 15 minute video. And sidebar links to similar articles about Kenya, Angola, Nigeria, Tanzania, Gambia, Guinea, and the DR Congo.

What was that about “all cultures are equal”? No. No they are not. These are at the very bottom of the barrel. And you can’t blame whitey for any of this crap. Not a jot of it. Now, if this news article was dated 1650 that would be one thing. Or maybe even 1840. But it’s not. It’s only 2 weeks old. And none of these areas have been living in total isolation from the rest of the world for the past few centuries. Every one of them was colonized and run by Europeans for the past several hundred years. It isn’t that they don’t know better. It isn’t that the entire rest of the world hasn’t been there for hundreds of years trying to teach them morality. They all have modern technology to some extent. So I can’t accept the “primitive culture” reasoning. There are no primitive cultures by happenstance any more. They are primitive by choice. Animist and animalistic. Barbarism would be an improvement. This isn’t one small isolated group in one area. It’s a multinational horror story, a way of life practiced by tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people. Thankfully it isn’t the entirety of these cultures. At least some folks there are against it. And while some elements of these societies are doing what they can to fight it, in northern Uganda human sacrifice is on the rise.

Blaming mistakes and misfortune on evil spirits and spells cast by witches is common in Africa. Burn the witch doctors alive when things go bad, but run to them with bloody hands when you need some hlep. And as these nations slowly move towards the modern world, providing a blood sacrifice to a witch doctor to ensure the prosperity of your business is becoming frequent. Even the Ugandan government minister of ethics and integrity believes in evil spirits, though he doesn’t approve of the other leaders in his government consulting witch doctors on a regular basis. It’s a mess.


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On Trial for Telling the Truth: Free Speech vs Political Correctness in Holland.

Oh boy, there’s lots here on the subject of islam, the Wilders trial in freedom loving Holland, and the text for the prosecution persecution against him. (well they used to love freedom till the muslim immigrants taught em “to hell with freedom.”) Which it looks like the Dutch have taken to heart. Or at least the govt. has.

No way to post it all here, there’s so much. But ALL of it is eye opening and all of it is of interest.  Especially the official document/summons to court of Wilders for having the nerve to speak out and tell the truth as he sees it. Lets not forget, Holland is the country (I have read) that gave the world political correctness.  So it isn’t any surprise that they are going after this one man.

H/T Europe News and Chesler Chronicles from which there are links if you have the time.

On Trial for Telling the Truth: Free Speech vs Political Correctness


By Phyllis Chesler

Wilders and Levant Today, You, Me, Tomorrow

As we all know, the bravest man in Europe is on trial for telling the truth. This matter is obscene, and, according to Bruce Bawer, “surreal,” in part because Holland prides itself on its tolerance and commitment to free speech. Ah, but the Dutch do not mean “truth speech” because in the picturesque land of tulips and windmills, not all of Orwell’s pigs are equal. Truth is relative, subjective, ever-changing. Thus, if something is true but that truth offends the most reactionary Muslims — then it is not protected speech; in fact, it is criminalized.

How low can these Dutch dhimmis go?

I have been privileged to meet and hear Dutch Parliamentarian and possible future Prime Minister, Geert Wilders, speak in New York City. Together, with other invited guests of the Hudson Institute, we watched Wilders’ short film, Fitna, which shows terrorist scenes of devastation around the world — we have all seen them on the nightly news. Fitna also has real mullahs reading aloud from the Qu’ran — reading passages that in all truth are contained there. The film, accompanied by a brilliant musical soundtrack, allows us to connect the dots. It does not preach so much as “show.”


Her piece isn’t too long.

Now then .... go here >>, for the rest from the nasty prosecutor persecutor in this case against Geert Wilders.  I’m not able to copy/paste any of the document so check out that link.
Any critical remark about the ROP is race hate, apparently.

Check this out too while you’re out there surfin.


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Britain is the one sinking ship where all the rats have stayed!  -

This is not the first time I have posted that remark by a Brit now living in France and happy to be there.
This will not be the last time I use his (or her?) quote either, as long as there are judgments made like this one.  At the very least, the very least, this animal should have had his eyes removed minus any pain killer. And oh yeah, he should have been fixed so that his victim would be the very last female he would ever enjoy again. Ever!  Read this and if you are one who really thinks three years is any sort of punishment, then you’re no better then his fuckin lawyer. Who btw, I hope the very same happens to.  We’ll then see how quick she is to take on a like case and defend vermin like this.  Vermin like this have NO need of lawyers. 

Boy, 13, who raped woman in front of his friends is jailed for just three years… because he said ‘sorry’

26th January 2010

A boy of 13 who overpowered a woman then raped her in front of his two friends will spend just three years locked away for his crimes.

Balal Khan - thought to be one of the youngest convicted rapists in Britain - targeted the 20-year-old as she walked home.

He subjected her to a severe beating then screamed at her ‘Do what I say or I’ll kill you’, before putting her through the ordeal of a terrifying sex attack.

Then he stole her bag and phone and even took a call from his victim’s boyfriend to whom he bragged about what he had done.

But after pleading guilty to charges of rape and robbery the teenager was sentenced to just three years because of his age - and because he said ‘sorry’.

A judge at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court lifted a restriction preventing the publication of Khan’s identity after hearing details of the horrifying attack.

The judge heard how Khan ran up behind his victim and grabbed her around the neck as she walked through a secluded area near Cobridge, in Stoke-on-Trent one evening in September last year.

He punched and kicked her as she lay on the ground before raping her.

Robert Price, prosecuting, said: ‘She started screaming and attempted to get to her feet.

‘He responded by punching her in the mouth and knocked her back on the ground.

‘He stood over her and kicked her to the side of her face. He started shouting at her and warned that if she struggled he would “kill” her.’



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What is it about Yanks and their trucks?  Scuza but if you have to ask …..

What’s this fellow trying to tell me?  I get the part about not understanding us but “whyaduck?” image

Gee, what’s the problem here?  I don’t own a truck. Never did. Have a friend who had one of those things 8 stories high, needed a helicopter to get into the darn thing, but it was pretty cool to be honest.  I wouldn’t want one but I’ve seen quite a number of them that looked pretty darn good.  Expensive I understand.
I’d rather have a Dusey or a Cord or , oh heck the list is too long.  Basically this fellow’s problem in not understanding is, he isn’t American.  So if his apparent confusion is real, then this is a funny read. But he is no consrv. so be aware of that.  Anyway, what’s with the bow ties he mentions?  I’ve been away too long.  Yeah. And by the looks of things it may be a while longer before I see home sweet home again. 

America leaves me completely baffled. It might just as well be Azerbaijan or Peru

Hugo Rifkind

I don’t understand the first thing about America. I often think I do, but then I read something or, worse, I go there, and I remember that I don’t, at all. Take the Republican victory in Massachusetts. I mean, fine. Whatever. Don’t have free healthcare, then. I still can’t quite grasp why they think it might kill people, or turn the country into Cuba, but never mind that. Instead, let’s talk about the new senator. Lets talk about his victory speech. “I’m Scott Brown. I’m from Wrentham. I drive a truck. And I’m nobody’s senator but yours.”

Here’s a quiz for all you American readers. Can you spot the bit which I find odd? Nope, wrong, we also have people called Scott. Yes, second time lucky. It’s the truck bit.

My general point, I suppose, is . . . wuh? We have trucks, too. We just don’t talk about them much. Is that weird? Are we weird? “When I spoke to the President,” Brown also said in his victory speech, “the first thing I said was ‘Would you like me to drive the truck down to Washington so you can see it?’. ”

Why does he think Obama wants to see his truck? Does Obama want to see his truck? Oh, look, I’m just not going to get it. Don’t even bother. I understand the point of Sarah Palin more than I understand Scott Brown’s truck.

We have a show over here called Newsnight. It’s a news programme, although you guys probably wouldn’t recognise it as one because it sometimes reports on stuff and doesn’t just involve loud men with fake tans competitively stating their hilariously polarised views. They had a feature the other night on the Tea Party movement, anyway, that huge reactive conservative groundswell you’ve got going on over there. The politics of that I could understand just fine. But the people? I didn’t even understand the way they parted their hair.

I didn’t understand their over-sized floral furniture, or their bow-ties. I certainly don’t understand their trucks. I’m not trying to be rude here. I’m just saying. It might as well be Peru to me, or Ghana, or Azerbaijan. Where do you guys get this stuff from? Over here, we base our look on your film stars, your TV stars and your pop stars. Probably our hopes and our dreams, too. On what do you base yours?



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A snapshot to help take your minds off my problems.  What? Me Worry?

I am only posting this photo of Lady Kitty Spencer, niece of the late Lady Di, to help take your evil minds off my post and it’s problems.  Also because I saw her photo today and walked into a door while looking at the paper I had in my hand at the time.  Also cos I miss my yoot. Bah.
I liked her photo better in blk & wht and so changed it.  FOR THOSE WHO PREFER A LARGER COLOR PIX GO HERE



On Dec.24 I had an Endoscopy where they found nothing in the tummy which is good, but they spotted something they referred to as a “node” in another area.  So they said I needed to see another specialist, an ENT surgeon.  They would make the appointment for me and I will be notified.  STILL WAITING to hear something and so that’s frustrating. Which brings me to this.

Had to see the doc last week as I think the aspirin even tho coated is upsetting stomach. I never had an aspirin problem before but the problem could be the damn cough which is on and off again.  Now that cough has been with me for two years at least.  It isn’t continous as in all day, but it’s pretty bad enough when it happens. And it’s painful with regard to chest and stomach. But the doctors have been stumped all this this time trying to figure it all out. X-Ray after X-Ray and nothing.  Gee, I may take up smoking again. After all, if it took 38 years to catch up to me the first time and I got well, at my age since I don’t have another 38 years I’m damn sorry to say, what’s ta worry about?.  Oh what the hell, at almost $10.00 a pack I doubt I’d start again anyway. Are you smokers back home paying almost 10 bucks a pack now?  I saw some Lucky Strikes at £5.67 a pack the other day, and that’s close to ten American I think. Well nine anyway.

Meanwhile, my doctor ( remember him?) had finally given in and allowed me the Codeine based medication that stops but doesn’t cure said cough.  After all this time one doc reading the report re. the “node” thinks that could be the cause of the cough because of where it’s located .  So nobody thought to suggest an ENT surgeon even a year ago.  The first person to suggest to me that I should mention ENT to my doctor, was a nurse.  Do nurses know more then the docs?  I’m beginning to believe that they do. 

So back to aspirin.  Doc takes me off that and give me something called Persantin which I’m supposed to take 2wice a day.  One side effect of that is headache.  IN SPADES!  It’s supposed to go away after awhile, but nobody has told me how long “awhile” is, and added to that, the construction next door has now moved on to the stone cutters.  Like serious stuff guys.
Listening to hour after hour of brick and tile and cinder block being sawed, and hammers on pipes in between and even WORSE if you can imagine it. Worse? What could be worse?

Well, one of the guys and not a youngster either, tries to sing along with the radio they have outside. Actually, he shouts it more then sings it.  As a person (me) who has worked in recording studios and worked with talented ppl, I can tell you this fellow can not sing. He couldn’t hold a tune if you gave him a bag to put it in. So between that and the damn buzz saw, (is that a buzz saw?) and this damn headache that wants me to remove my head, I am a very frustrated person today.
But having read the papers, I am also a very lucky one. Very lucky indeed.

It is sunny but freezing outside.  I think I’ll go for a short walk.

Stay Tuned.



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Wannabe Jihadi Captured In My Neighborhood

Oh Joy. Now all the local cops will be going haywire.

Virgina Man Arrested in NJ with weapons stash and military base maps


Arrested: Lloyd Woodson

h/t to Vilmar and Rusty

BRANCHBURG—A Virginia man who once spent eight years on the run from naval investigators was arrested in Somerset County early today with a trove of high-powered weapons, including a grenade-launcher and two assault rifles, along with maps of a U.S. military base and a civilian neighborhood, authorities said.

The federal government’s Joint Terrorism Task Force quickly joined the investigation into Lloyd R. Woodson, 43, who had been staying at a Branchburg motel since last week. Woodson, whose last known address was in Reston, Va., was wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying one of the assault rifles — customized to shoot .50-caliber rounds — when police arrested him after a chase and a scuffle in a local trailer park.

Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne Forrest declined to speculate about Woodson’s intentions but remarked on the suspect’s arsenal, which included hundreds of rounds of ammunition, some of them hollow-point bullets, and a night-vision scope.

“In our experience, for private citizens to have this type of armament is quite unusual in Somerset County,” Forrest said. “If you’re over in Afghanistan, it wouldn’t be rare.”

Mixed in among Woodson’s belongings, the prosecutor said, was a Middle Eastern, red-and-white traditional headdress.

Forrest, citing security risks, declined to identify the military base or the civilian community depicted on Woodson’s maps. He said the civilian neighborhood was not in New Jersey.

A U.S. Navy spokesman, Lt. Justin Cole, said Woodson joined the service in February 1988 and served aboard the USS Orion, a submarine tender, before deserting in April 1989. It would be eight years before he was returned to Navy custody, Cole said. A month later, in August 1997, Woodson was discharged.

It remained unclear last night whether he was passing through New Jersey or settling in for a longer period. He took a room last week at the Red Mill Inn, on Route 22. Shortly before 4 a.m. today, he was in a Quick Chek convenience store on Route 28 when someone in the store called police, saying Woodson had been acting suspiciously.

Branchburg Patrolman Steven Cronce, the first officer to arrive, began to question Woodson and noted he was “extremely nervous,” the prosecutor said. Cronce also noticed a bulge in the front of Woodson’s green, military-style jacket, Forrest said.

When the officer continued to question Woodson, the suspect ran from the store and into the nearby Regency Trailer Park on Route 22, where officers found him. Forrest said Woodson fought with the officers, who subdued him with pepper spray. Under his coat was a ballistic vest with a reinforced steel plate and the customized assault rifle, whose ammunition is typically used in heavy weapons mounted on military vehicles.

They found a second assault rifle, a second vest, the grenade-launcher, ammunition, night scope, maps and a police scanner in Woodson’s room at the Red Mill Inn, where manager Hemant Desai said he’d seen no hint of trouble during the suspect’s stay.

Police found a loaded assault rifle with a defaced serial number as well as magazines with ball-type and hollow-point ammunition on 43-year-old Lloyd R. Woodson after tackling to him to the ground at the Regency Trailer Park on Route 22, according to Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne J. Forrest.
Police noticed a Bushmaster semi-automatic .223-caliber assault rifle inside Woodson’s coat during the struggle and found the ammunition and vest once he was subdued. The assault rifle had been modified to fire .50-caliber ammunition. A room key in Woodson’s possession led police to the Red Mill Inn on Route 22, Forrest said.

In a search of Woodson’s room, police seized a Bushmaster .308-caliber semi-automatic assault rifle with a defaced serial number, a 37-mm Cobray grenade launcher, a second ballistic vest, a rifle mountable night vision scope, a police scanner, a military-style backpack, a map of a U.S. military installation and a map of an out-of-state civilian community, a Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress, and hundreds of additional .50-caliber and .308-caliber ammunition along with military pouches and garrison equipment, according to Forrest.

Woodson was being held at the Somerset County Jail on numerous charges, including unlawful possession of weapons, possession of prohibited weapons, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

Bail has not yet been set. Woodson is tentatively scheduled for an initial court appearance at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

So what do we have here? Is this a potential terrorist captured a little bit early? A gang banger wannabe nipped in the bud? A crazed Rambo just about ready to explode? Or just some regular guy who happens to be black arrested for accidentally carrying concealed in New Jersey, which is entirely legal in Virginia?

Well, let’s try and do some mustard cutting. For starters, this guy deserted the Navy. They caught up with him, processed him, and kicked him out. That means he’s got a Dishonorable Discharge. Which means he has NO 2nd Amendment rights. He should not be in possession of any firearms at all. And it is a federal offense to deface serial numbers on firearms, albeit a minor one. Aside from that, all the stuff in his possession was entirely legal.

The “grenade launcher” is actually just a flare gun. Sure, you can mount it under the barrel of your “assault weapon” and make your gun look all super-Rambo. But the only kind of ammo it can shoot is smoke bombs and distress flares. The Cobray will not chamber 40mm grenade ammo. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if this guy had had actual grenade ammo, even homemade stuff, it would be the very first bit of info in all these news articles.

You can buy the bullet proof vests and police radio scanners in lots of places. Same goes for the night vision stuff and all the military surplus clothing and stuff. Aside from the serial number thing, all the rifles, all the ammo, and all the magazines are entirely legal everywhere in America except New Jersey. And if he was just passing through, they can’t charge him with a thing. Ok, they can, but it won’t stick.

The .50 caliber assault rifle thingy is an AR-15 replacement upper chambered for the .50 Beowulf cartridge. Think of it as a semi-automatic .45-70; a 300 grain bullet at 1850 feet per second. Nice for deer out to 125 yards, but not at all close to the “preferred weapon of terrorists, able to shoot down airliners” .50 BMG cartridge. Hell, it ain’t even in the same universe as that one. The Beowulf isn’t really that much more powerful than a .44 magnum.

Very interesting that he was carrying the .50 under his clothes, while wearing the flack vest, and that the cops only found it when they wrestled him to the ground. Even with a minimum barrel and a folding stock, an AR is not exactly a concealed carry piece. You’d need a very large and bulky coat to hide that under. And yesterday it was so warm around here we had the windows open and I was out and about in short sleeves with no coat. Even late last night it was still warm enough to be outside without even a light jacket. Somebody wearing an underarm carry rig an a great big parka would have looked rather out of place. He must have looked like the Michelin Man in olive drab. So, hell yeah, at 4 in the morning the guy in the convenience store would be on the phone to the cops in a heartbeat seeing that in his store. Even in the anomalous run down area where this happened. The rest of Hunterdon and Somerset counties are pretty well to do. That one little 5 mile strip along Route 22 is an economic hole, with collapsing old houses, empty office buildings, boarded up stores, and a really low rent small and scruffy trailer park.  But I don’t think it’s a crime, even in NJ to wear a bullet proof vest under a jacket.

One of the problems with anti-terrorism: if the cops catch the guy too soon they have nothing but a bag full of rinky-dink charges like these. If they catch him too late, then dozens or hundreds of people are already dead. He might not even be a muslim. The red and white kaffiya mentioned above could just be a do-rag of some kind. After all, those things are just a square of fabric and a bit of rope. It’s not like they’re Louis Vitton originals.

UPDATE 1: It is not impossible that the .50 caliber conversion was for the .50 BMG cartridge. Such conversions do exist. They also cost at least $2145, and you wind up with a 1 shot, bolt action rifle. And while they do make a version with an 18” barrel, shooting such a thing freehand would probably break your shoulder and deafen you. These things are not sold in stores. You have to order them custom made. I’m sticking with my contention that it was a .50 Beowulf.

UPDATE 2: The FBI has announced that this guy and his guns and armor is “not a terrorism thing”. Nothing to see here, move along. So you know what that means. It means the fucker is a terrorist, and they caught him dead to rights but before he could go all SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome). Because it’s the FBI’s job to lie about such things, always.

“Woodson does not appear to have a link to any known terrorist groups, nor a specific terrorist plot,” the FBI said in a statement. “However, the matter is still under investigation and these should only be considered preliminary findings.”

UPDATE 3: How much do you want to bet that that “map of an out of state civilian community” was to that “entirely peaceful” jihadi training camp up in Hancock NY? That’s only an hour or two up the road from here. We will never know.


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calendar   Monday - January 25, 2010

can’t deport killer to homeland as he would be a threat to folks there. well how about here?

I have to be gone in about a half hour but can’t leave without sharing this lunatic decision.  Seems some idiot Brits in positions of some authority are bound and determined to screw this country up even more then it is. You’d think they couldn’t do more damage, but apparently not as there’s always room for more mayhem and more ways to, “sock it to fellow Brits.” And hey, when it’s done in the name of Allah ... well ....

Iraqi who killed two doctors must stay in Britain to safeguard HIS human rights

By Chris Brooke

A crazed immigrant who stabbed to death two doctors has won the right to stay in Britain - because he would be a threat to the public if deported to his homeland.

A judge has ruled that sending Laith Alani back to Iraq would also be a breach of his human rights.

Alani, 41, is likely to be released in the near future.


Oh good. After all, we wouldn’t want to breach his rights or the rights of anyone in his homeland.  Naturally not.  Now then.  About the rights of the citizens of this country. 

Been a hard day , yesterday too.  Can’t find passport.  Not lost. It’s here.  In fact, in a very small room.  But I moved it some months ago and now can’t find the damn thing.  Why didn’t I simply return it to where it had been stored for five years where I always knew where I could lay hands on it?
Answer. Because apparently I haven’t the brains god gave a tennis ball. Aaaaggghhhhhh!


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 01/25/2010 at 06:02 PM   
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