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calendar   Tuesday - May 08, 2007

Sex Scandal In DC? I’m Shocked!

There’s nothing like a good politician/prostitute sex scandal in Washington to get the summer started off right ... especially when the “businesswoman” involved runs a high-priced call-girl operation and is cute as a button with little pouty, lipstick-tinted lips, a great figure and good clean looks. Oh ... and if 10,000 politicians in DC are involved that’s just going to give rise to all sorts of foreplay before a criminal trial gets underway ... so to speak.

So lets all settle back and enjoy the ride over the next few weeks as this story plays out. It promises to be a real hoot. Besides, Democrats in Congress need something to distract everyone from the fact that even though they’re now in power in Congress they haven’t managed to accomplish a damn thing due to infighting among themselves and a combative attitude toward the White House.

Politicians and prostitutes. Some things never change. Either way we’re screwed ...

Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant (CN)

Alleged DC Madame Threatens To Name Names
(INSIDE EDITION) - April 30, 2007

imageimageDeborah Jeane Palfrey is behind the biggest sex scandal to hit Washington D.C. in years. Palfrey, now more commonly known as the DC Madame, says she is naming names in order to clear her own. “I do not have sufficient monies to undertake this extraordinarily expensive task on my own,” Palfrey said outside a federal court Monday.

Palfrey says she plans to reach into her little black book and call on prominent clients to testify in her defense. Palfrey says she can’t afford the investigation on her own and is turning over her extensive phone records to the media to help identify clients.

Palfrey also apologized to Randall Tobias, former Deputy Secretary of State, who abruptly resigned on Friday after admitting that he called the service. “Allow me to say how genuinely sorry I am for Mr. Tobias, his family and friends. I unfortunately know first hand the impact such a revelation can have on ones life.”

65-year-old Tobias, who is married, denied having sex with any of girls working for Palfrey.  Tobias says he called the service to have the girls come to his swanky condo in the heart of DC and give him massages. Ironically Tobias once worked in a government job promoting abstinence and opposing prostitution to stop the spread of HIV in third world countries.

“Friday’s admission by Mr. Tobias that he engaged in a legal activity while a customer of my firm supports my position all along.  I operated a sexual, albeit legal, business for thirteen years,” Palfrey said.

Palfrey claims her former operation known as Pamela Martin and Associates legally provided sexual fantasy acts but not the illegal prostitution she is charged with.  Palfrey has now turned over 13 years of phone records to ABC News so the media organization can find powerful names to support her claims.

With more than 10,000 names buried within 46 pounds of palfrey’s phone records - all of Washington DC is now waiting to hear the next high profile name to be identified. 


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calendar   Friday - May 04, 2007

Master Debaters

Larry Wright - The Detroit News

Last week, the Democrats had their first Presidential candidate debate in South Carolina, perhaps hoping to convince Southerners that they’re not all Yankee carpetbaggers out to lie for votes and never come back ...

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WASHINGTON POST) - Even before the first Democratic presidential debate ended last night, the spin had begun. Advisers and allies to each of the candidates touted their guy’s (or gal’s) best moment while downplaying any perceived slip. Less publicly, they cast subtle aspersions on their opponents’ alleged gaffes.

The reality is that the presidential race is still largely an insider’s game at this point and for a casual observer last night there wasn’t a heck of a lot of difference between the candidates—with the notable exceptions of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) and former Sen. Mike Gravel (Alaska). Most of the candidates lambasted President Bush over the war in Iraq while largely avoiding any direct confrontations with one another.

Then last night Republicans had their debate at the Reagan Library, hoping The Gipper’s Ghost would appear and make those naughty Democrats go away ...

SIMI VALLEY, California (Reuters) - Republican White House contenders offered strong support for the military effort in
Iraq but voiced qualms about the Bush administration’s management of the war during a quiet first debate on Thursday. The Republican debate at the California presidential library of conservative Republican hero Ronald Reagan produced few confrontations or memorable moments but exposed some differences among the 10 candidates on social issues like abortion.

Most of the candidates called for victory in Iraq, one week after Democratic presidential candidates in their first debate endorsed the war’s quick end. “We must win in Iraq. If we withdraw, there will be chaos, there will be genocide, and they will follow us home,” said Arizona Sen. John McCain, who has led the charge in support of the war and backs President George W. Bush’s plan to increase troop levels in Iraq.

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the leader of the Republican pack in national polls, said: “We should never retreat in the face of terrorism. Terrible mistake.” But some candidates raised doubts about the management of the war by Bush and his administration. McCain said the war was “badly managed for four years.”

Now, I’ll let Mike Reagan break it down and figure out where this bunch are headed as the 18-month long campaign for President begins in deadly earnest ... and believe me, Earnest is pretty deadly at this point. Just ask him.

Profiles in Cowardice
-- by Michael Reagan

image imageIf ever there was a revealing contrast between courage and wimpishness it is the behavior of the competing political parties in connection with the pre-primary debates now going on.

Most revealing was the way the Democrat presidential hopefuls arranged to hold their debates and the way the 2008 Republican candidates chose where to hold their debates.

As revealed in their willingness to see the United States defeated in Iraq, the Democrats also showed the white flag of surrender when faced with a terrifying debate hosted by the evil Fox News. They ran for cover.

The Democrats refused to participate if Fox is to be in charge of the debate and the coverage of the session, with Fox reporters questioning the candidates and moderating the session. After all, the last thing the Democrats want is a fair and balanced presentation, which is what Fox offers. They demand a rigged game.

According to MSNBC, “The first debate, which was to be co-sponsored by Fox and the Nevada Democratic party, had been set for this August but was canceled. Fox then teamed with the Congressional Black Caucus Political Education and Leadership Institute for a Sept. 23 debate that is still scheduled, even though John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all said they won’t attend.”

That more or less leaves Dennis Kucinich and a couple of other hopeless hopefuls to face the lions in the Fox’s den next September. As my pal Ann Coulter put it, “The not-visibly-insane Democrats all claim they’ll get rough with the terrorists, but they can’t even face Brit Hume.

“In case you missed this profile in Democrat machismo, the Democratic presidential candidates are refusing to participate in a debate hosted by Fox News Channel because the hosts are ‘biased.’ But they’ll face down Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!”

And over at the Hot Air blog, it was noted that that this is a win-win situation for everyone, [except for both remaining Centrist Democrats]: “the Dems get to show how tough they are against an enemy who’s more their speed and Fox gets to tout itself as the network that frightens the left.”

The idea of facing Fox on live TV scares them silly and the Democrats, as is their usual practice, ran for cover. If they can’t dictate the rules of the game they won’t play. And Fox made it clear that they would make the rules, which is their right.

On the other hand, you have the Republicans who will be debating tonight at my father’s library in a contest run by MSNBC and moderated by none other than Chris Matthews.

Think about it – the Democrats run away from a fair and balanced Fox-sponsored debate while the Republicans have no problem agreeing to a debate moderated by the Bush-hating, anti-GOP Matthews, whose idea of balance is to tilt everything towards the Democrat side, and run by NBC, the most liberal network. The GOP attitude: “Bring ‘em on,” contrasted with the Democrats’ cut-and-run strategy.

In this case, as in the case of the war in Iraq, the Republicans are standing up while the Democrats continue to display that large yellow streak that runs down their spines, even retreating in the face of what they regard as a deadly threat: an unbiased Fox network.

They always insist on having the umpires in their back pockets. If they are fair and unbiased the Democrats won’t play in their ballpark. As Dracula is said to cringe before a crucifix, the Democrats tremble in the face of facts.

The Republicans, however, are not only willing to fight an unpopular war in Iraq against the insurgents , but are also willing to face the hostility of the home-grown insurgency that has captured the Democrat party, the mainstream media, and liberal Chris Matthews and NBC.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network. Look for Mike’s newest book, “Twice Adopted.” E-mail comments to ©2007 Mike Reagan.


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calendar   Wednesday - May 02, 2007

Quote Of The Day

This is priceless. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you that our Quote Of The Day came from Tom Tancredo, who is obviously the only Presidential candidate with a functioning brain ....

What Would You Take To A Deserted Island?
(10NEWS) - May 2, 2007

imageimageJohn McCain’s answer was both practical and deeply personal when he was asked in the 2000 presidential campaign what item he’d most like to have if he were stranded on a deserted island: “SPF 45 sunblock.”

He wears sunblock religiously, having coped with several bouts of skin cancer since 1993. Now, more than five years after his last melanoma surgery, his answer to the same question was routine. He said he’d like to have books with him.

Books were the main bring-along for those who took the question to be about objects. Others named spouses. AP is asking the candidates a series of questions about their personal tastes, habits and backgrounds. Tuesday’s question and their answers:

What is your deserted island necessity?


Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: “Jill, my wife.”

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: “A good book.”

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd: “Coffee with cream and sugar.”

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: “A book.”

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: His wife, Elizabeth.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: “Other than my wife and my kids, an inanimate object I would have to have would probably be a good book.”

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: “Blackberry and a Davidoff cigar.”


Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback: “Tarp.”

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani: “Books and music.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee: “Laptop with satellite reception.”

California Rep. Duncan Hunter: “Mrs. Hunter.”

Arizona Sen. John McCain: “Books.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: “My wife, Ann.”

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo: “Boat.”


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calendar   Tuesday - April 24, 2007

Election 2008 - Republican Poll

In our last Republican 2008 Poll, you chose Rudy Giuliani by a comfortable margin. That was a few months back and now we’re going to do it again to see if anything has changed. The candidates have been out there wandering around collecting money for their campaigns and stumping from Iowa to New Hampshire trying to drum up support for an election that is eighteen months away.

The Democrats are also chasing the money and the votes with Barak Hussein Obama-Rama-Shama-Lama-Ding-Dong, Hitlery Rodham Clinton, John “Pretty Hair” Edwards leading the pack with kooks like Dennis Kucinich straggling behind.

Cast your vote in our poll and let’s see what the preliminary count looks like. We’ll do this again in a few months and every few months up until the Republican convention next year. The polls will be open (to everyone, not just members) for the next 24 hours. Then we’ll tally the votes and see what’s what.

Well, the votes are all in and the poll is now closed. It looks like FRED gets our nomination in a landslide. Rudy is second and Tom & Newt are tied for third. Somebody call Fred and tell him to go ahead and declare himself and start raising money.



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calendar   Wednesday - February 28, 2007

Newt’s Solution For Iraq

Newt Gingrich gave testimony today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and he described his perception of the current world situation and offered up an 18-point plan to solve the Iraq problem (full text of his testimony here). I agree with most of the suggestions and I think he is taking the right approach to solving the problems in dealing with the insurgency in Iraq.

It’s only when he gets to points 17 and 18 that he loses me. Those two points require one thing: a cooperative Congress. President Bush never had a really cooperative Congress. When his own party was in power they indulged in pork barrel games with the budget, among other things. Bush could have over-ridden them but didn’t. I realize that but he never was in control of that crowd.

However, with Democrats in power now the chances of any bipartisan approach to just about anything is a complete impossibility. You might as well ask Osama Bin Laden to convert to Christianity as ask Nancy Pelosi to cooperate with George Bush. Ain’t gonna happen. The Democrats have been stubbornly fighting the administration for six full years. To ask them to play nice now will only get you a hearty laugh from the Donks. Fuggedaboutit.

Then again, perhaps Newt’s plan is being drawn up for implementation by the next President, one who could possibly get along better with Democrats in Congress - but that would require someone very familiar with the members of Congress and who perhaps knows from experience how to deal with them. I wonder if Newt has a certain former Speaker Of The House in mind for that job ...

It was very disappointing to have the President focus so much on 21, 500 more military personnel and so little on the reforms needed in all the other elements of the executive branch. The proposals for winning in Iraq outlined below follow from this analysis.

Key Steps to Victory in Iraq

imageimage1. Place General Petraeus in charge of the Iraq campaign and establish that the Ambassador is operating in support of the military commander.

2. Since General Petraeus will now have responsibility for victory in Iraq all elements of achieving victory are within his purview and he should report daily to the White House on anything significant which is not working or is needed

3. Create a deputy chief of staff to the President and appoint a retired four star general or admiral to manage Iraq implementation for the Commander in Chief on a daily basis.

4. Establish that the second briefing (after the daily intelligence brief) the President will get every day is from his deputy chief of staff for Iraq implementation.

5. Establish a War Cabinet which will meet once a week to review metrics of implementation and resolve failures and enforce decisions. The President should chair the War Cabinet personally and his deputy chief of staff for Iraq implementation should prepare the agenda for the weekly review and meeting.

6. Establish three plans: one for achieving victory with the help of the Iraqi government, one for achieving victory with the passive acquiescence of the Iraqi government, one for achieving victory even if the current Iraqi government is unhappy.  The third plan may involve very significant shifts in troops and resources away from Baghdad and a process of allowing the Iraqi central government to fend for itself if it refuses to cooperate.

7. Communicate clearly to Syria and Iran that the United States is determined to win in Iraq and that any further interference (such as the recent reports of sophisticated Iranian explosives being sent to Iraq to target Americans) will lead to direct and aggressive countermeasures.

8. Pour as many intelligence assets into the fight as needed to develop an overwhelming advantage in intelligence preparation of the battlefield.

9. Develop a commander’s capacity to spend money on local activities sufficient to enable every local American commander to have substantial leverage in dealing with local communities.

10. Establish a jobs corps or civil conservation corps of sufficient scale to bring unemployment for males under 30 below 10% (see the attached op-ed by Mayor Giuliani and myself on this topic).

11. Expand dramatically the integration of American purchasing power in buying from Iraqi firms pioneered by Assistant Secretary Paul Brinkley to maximize the rate of recovery of the Iraqi economy.

12. Expand the American Army and Marine Corps as much as needed to sustain the fights in Iraq and Afghanistan while also being prepared for other contingencies and maintaining a sustainable rhythm for the families and the force.

13. Demand a war budget for recapitalization of the military to continue modernization while defeating our enemies. The current national security budget is lower as a percentage of the economy than at any time from Pearl Harbor through the end of the Cold War.  It is less than half the level Truman sustained before the Korean War.

14. The State Department is too small, too undercapitalized and too untrained for the demands of the 21st century. There should be a 50% increase in the State Department budget and a profound rethinking of the culture and systems of the State Department so it can be an operationally effective system.

15. The Agency for International Development is hopelessly unsuited to the new requirements of economic assistance and development and should be rethought from the ground up. The Marshall Plan and Point Four were as important as NATO in containing the Soviet Empire. We do not have that capability today.

16. The President should issue executive orders where possible to reform the implementation system so it works with the speed and effectiveness required by the 21st century.

17. Where legislation is needed the President should collaborate with Congress in honestly reviewing the systems that are failing and developing new metrics, new structures and new strategies.

18. Under our Constitution it is impossible to have this scale of rethinking and reform without deep support from the legislative branch. Without Republican Senator Arthur Vandenburg, Democratic President Harry Truman could never have developed the containment policies that saved freedom and ultimately defeated the Soviet Empire.  The President should ask the bipartisan leaders of Congress to cooperate in establishing a joint Legislative-Executive working group on winning the war and should openly brief the legislative branch on the problems which are weakening the American system abroad. Only by educating and informing the Congress can we achieve the level of mutual understanding and mutual commitment that this long hard task will require.


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calendar   Thursday - December 28, 2006

A Man For All Seasons

AP and AOL (the worst of both worlds) just conducted their own little year-end poll to see who people thought was the bad guy of the year and who was the good guy. It turns out the bad guy winner and the good guy winner had something in common. Here is how they conducted the poll and the results ...

The Associated Press-AOL News poll on who people think were the villains and heroes of the last year was conducted Dec. 19-21 and is based on telephone interviews with 1,004 adults from all states except Alaska and Hawaii. The poll was conducted by Ipsos, an international polling firm.

1. If you were asked to name a famous person to be the biggest villain of the year, whom would you choose?

* George W. Bush, 25 percent
* Osama bin Laden, 8 percent
* Saddam Hussein, 6 percent
* President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, 5 percent
* Kim Jong Il, North Korean leader, 2 percent
* Donald Rumsfeld, 2 percent
* John Kerry, 1 percent
* Rosie O’Donnell, 1 percent
* Dick Cheney, 1 percent
* Hillary Clinton, 1 percent

2. If you were asked to name a famous person to be the biggest hero of the year, whom would you choose?

* George W. Bush, 13 percent
* Soldiers/troops in Iraq, 6 percent
* Oprah Winfrey, 3 percent
* Barack Obama, 3 percent
* Jesus Christ, 3 percent
* Bono, 2 percent
* Angelina Jolie, 1 percent
* Al Gore, 1 percent
* Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1 percent
* Colin Powell, 1 percent

Or Saint?


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