Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

calendar   Sunday - June 26, 2005

Sunday Tidbits

weed  Somebody hold OldCatMan down. This article is going to really get him wound up. It’s his favorite subject about his favorite recreational herb .... and we ain’t talking paprika here, folks.

pacifier  Read this article to see what an ultra-liberal newspaper thinks about Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s). You might be surprised at their synopsis. Then again, you might not.

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calendar   Friday - June 24, 2005

Large Explosion In Downtown St. Louis

This is really going to screw up rush hour traffic out of the downtown area. I’m about ten miles due west of the explosion that occurred at Praxair a short time ago. I can see the smoke rising from the downtown area. Stay tuned ....

imageimage(KSDK)—Explosions estimated as high as 100 feet have been ripping through the Praxair Company site at 2210 Chouteau and south St. Louis Friday afternoon. Flames continue to burn as fire crews work to contain the explosions. Reporters in the area can hear explosions every 5-10 seconds. The company is located near Jefferson & Chouteau.

Chopper 5’s Bill Houska reports seeing tanks fly through the air as fireballs jump several hundred feet into the air. ALso, the flames and explosions have started fires across the street.

Several businesses and homes in the area are being evacuated. So far, we do not know if there are any injuries in the fire.

Witnesses who have been evacuated say they felt several booms, one saying it was “like an earthquake.” They also report burning shrapnel raining down from the fire and explosions.

The fire is also being complicated by the heat, and traffic on Highway 40 is slowing as people see the smoke.

Praxair’s primary products are atmospheric gases—oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases (produced when air is compressed, cooled, distilled and condensed) and process and speciality gases - carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, semiconductor products and acetylene (produced as by-products of chemical production or recovered from gas.)

For those who live here, I’ve pinpointed the area on the map below ....



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calendar   Tuesday - June 21, 2005

Tuesday News Bytes


NEW YORK - A study of smells shows that the scent of grapefruit on women make them seem about six years younger to men. However, grapefruit fragrance on men does nothing for them.

The study by the Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago was conducted by Institute director Alan Hirsch. Hirsch smeared several middle-aged woman with broccoli, banana, spearmint leaves, and lavender but none of those scents made a difference to the men.

But the scent of grapefruit changed men’s perceptions. Hirsch said that when male volunteers were asked to write down how old the woman with grapefruit odor was, the age was considerably less than reality.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 14, 2005

Tuesday News Bytes


President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announced the number on Saturday and said anyone could call or send text messages if they wanted to complain about government services.

By Monday, Indonesian newspapers were carrying stories of people complaining they couldn’t get through. Local media reported more than 3,000 calls had been made to the number.

“The number is now clogged and cannot be used anymore. The president said there should be five more numbers, but we need to install a new computerised system first,” said presidential spokesman Andi Mallarangeng.

It was not clear if Yudhoyono had answered any of the calls himself.

Now, if Howard Dean really wanted to reach out to conservatives, he would give out his phone number so we could all call him up and engage in a shared screaming session or two. Whaddya think, Howard?


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calendar   Monday - June 13, 2005

Monday News Bytes


Filling in Tuesday for Star Jones on ABC’s daytime show The View, Rosie O’Donnell angrily yelled and screamed at guest Sean Hannity. Amongst O’Donnell’s outlandish allegations, she claimed that “Christopher Reeve died without hope because of the religious—separation—lack of separation of church and state by this administration. 

The man died without hope of a cure because of the lack of stem cell research.” She repeatedly yelled that Hannity was “delusional” in denying widespread “torture” by the U.S. of prisoners and re-affirmed her charge that George Bush is “a war criminal,” arguing that “he should be tried at the Hague.” When Hannity pointed out how “50 million people are free because George W. Bush is President today,” O’Donnell fired back: “And how many American poor children are dead, fighting a war that was never needed?” And when Hannity suggested Condoleezza Rice as a presidential candidate, O’Donnell clenched her teeth with her eyes bulging as she explained: “That’s my head almost exploding. I think she’s going to unzip herself and it’s going to be Dick Cheney’s twin brother.”

Rosie’s head exploding? Now that’s something I’d pay good money to see.

Macker has more on Rosie’s ‘splosion ....


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calendar   Friday - June 10, 2005

World’s Smallest Record Player

The World’s Smallest Record Player is playing the “Sad Concerto” this morning ....

imageimageAccompagnato Ad Libitum: Saddam lawyers ‘left in the dark’ - Saddam Hussein’s lawyers say they have not yet been given any details of the case against him.

imageimageRitardando Ostinato: Federal panel upholds plan for redistricting - Texas districts stay same unless Supreme Court decides to step in.

imageimageStaccato con Grave: Iraq Sunnis reject compromise on constitution - Iraq’s Sunni minority rejected a compromise offer on giving them more say in the drafting of a constitution on Friday.

imageimageScherzo Rubato: Rift widens over EU contributions - Jacques Chirac is whining and moaning to get more money from Tony Blair and Britain, Blair tells Chirac to FOAD.


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calendar   Wednesday - June 08, 2005

News You Can Abuse