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calendar   Thursday - May 14, 2020

still not dead yet

I thought this was pretty good.

Other than that, I’m not getting much bloggy done lately. I can’t say if I’m burned out again, or if I’m sick and utterly lacking in energy, or if I’m just sick of the crap that passes for news. Politics is BS, covid is BS, there’s no sports, and Hollywood sucks hole. So what’s left, other than bread and turtle racing?

Nobody wants to hear about stupid COVID, that’s clear.  I’ve tracked it locally every day I’ve had a functional computer, and at this point I’m even writing emails to my county health office. As far as I can tell ( vs EVERY SINGLE CASE OF THE VIRUS IN MY TOWNSHIP IS AT THE COUNTY DEVELOPMENT CENTER around the corner. It’s where they house the mentally deficient. They do not go off the property, ever. 159 cases, 600 residents. A 25% infection rate, but nearly no deaths so far. My county reports 152 cases in our township, albeit that data is a day old. So AFAIK, there is not a single case of the shit out in public. And yet several businesses are closed, and no one can sit down at one of dozen restaurants. And all we get from our progressive governor is hemming an hawing, and a set of impossible re-opening conditions that can’t be met unless he can squeeze a few more billion out of Trump.

Oh, and the latest doc from Massachussetts is pretty illuminating too. I’m sure you’re all experts at reading between the lines with these kinds of reports by now.

I’m feeling very rebellious.

Oh joy, the tests are crap. Of course!!

And now we’ve got bunny virus? [ no, readers of Watership Down, this is not the White Blindness, myxomatosis. Is it from China too? Nobody knows yet. But it’s in California and the West Coast.


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calendar   Tuesday - May 12, 2020

Tuesday’s Garbage


•   New Jersey “kindly” opens public parks again, but not the bathrooms. Gets (ahem) really pissed about all the poop left around. Because people are disgusting animals. Hey duh, open the bathrooms.

‘Inordinate’ Amount Of Urine, Feces At Reopened NJ Parks: Police

NEW JERSEY — There was an “inordinate” amount of urine and feces left in bottles at recently reopened parks in New Jersey over the weekend, officials said on Monday.

“There is a zero tolerance policy for that,” Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, said during the governor’s daily coronavirus news conference. “The whole idea behind the parks is to give our citizens the ability to go out and enjoy the fresh air and have time outside. That report from Park Police was certainly disheartening to say the least.”

Police at the state and county levels will be on the lookout for that from now on.

“You are not going to get a warning if we catch you leaving something like that behind, so please don’t do it,” Gov. Phil Murphy said.

New Jersey Coronavirus Updates: Don’t miss local and statewide announcements about novel coronavirus precautions. Sign up for Patch alerts and daily newsletters.

“We understand that the public restrooms are closed, but people should be planning accordingly and shouldn’t be urinating in bottles and leaving them behind,” Callahan said. “That might lead us to take a different approach in the future. We really ask that that type of behavior not go on.”

Let me guess: the bathrooms are closed because the government workers at the parks - still on the payroll - can’t manage the restrooms because COVID is spread by public toilet seats? Oh give it up. “Poo at your own risk” sign ought to cover it, in a sane world. When you locate a sane world, let me know.

•   Essential Jobs Available Soon!! NJ Gov. Murphy said he plans to release a “robust” coronavirus test and tracing plan for reopening, as soon as Trump pays for it.

NEW JERSEY – Gov. Phil Murphy said he plans to release a “robust” coronavirus test and tracing plan during a 1 p.m. news conference on Tuesday that will be necessary for New Jersey’s reopening.
Murphy said implementing this plan “will be very costly” but he’s been in contact with the Trump administration and he hopes “our relationship we have fostered will deliver a significant sum for the state” that will pay for testing and contact tracing.

The program could be similar to one being set up by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who estimated that his state will hire up to 17,000 contact tracers, depending on case projections. The tracers will help identify the contacts of those who test positive and then facilitate their quarantine to lessen the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Being a tracer sounds rather Gestapo to me.

•   Obama was behind Flynn-flan and RussiaGate. Wow, it only took 3 1/2 years to find out what we all knew instantly back then. But the cats are finally getting out of the bags, and bringing documentation with them. Will heads roll? Will any of the power elite suffer the slightest consequences for their despicable, treasonous acts? Are you high??

•   Tests show COVID in Ohio since January. Well no kidding. Here’s a link.

Maybe when they develop even better tests they’ll find it was in every state well before Christmas. I’m really coming to believe that COVID-19.1.0 was the special ultra-long gestation version with minimal early symptoms. Infect the whole damn world and nobody notices, then a few mutations later it suddenly becomes nasty. I don’t put anything past these dirty yellow bastards at this point.

•   Let’s Start The Revolution; Get That Freedom Train Moving Lockdowns only work because the people go along. NO government has the real right or power to do such things. And it’s probably time to remind them of that, one way or another, in most places. (keep NYC locked down for another year, most of us don’t care).

On April 22, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf outlined a three-step process for reopening regions of his state, with counties progressing from “red” to “yellow” to “green.” Counties can be fully reopened when there are fewer than 50 cases per 100,000 residents over two weeks. The state has cleared 37 counties (out of 67) to move to the “yellow” stage on May 15.

Less than three weeks later, officials in six Pennsylvania counties that have yet to meet that threshold have declared their intention to reopen anyway, and sheriffs in two other counties say they will not issue citations to businesses that open in defiance of the state’s shutdown order. Although the county commissioners acted independently from one another, all make more or less the same argument: The state-mandated economic shutdown has been ruinous, the vast majority of coronavirus deaths in Pennsylvania have been in nursing homes, and the 50-in-100,000 threshold will take too long to reach.

The response to the coronavirus pandemic may appear to have been directed by government edict. State governments ordered people to stay home and forced businesses to close, and the White House had daily press briefings to prescribe courses of action. Frustrated residents of various states have directed their outrage towards governors by staging protests at state capitols.

But the weekslong shutdowns that some parts of the country continue to endure were never enforceable from the White House or from any state capitol. They always depended on voluntary compliance from residents.


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chugging away at the new PC

OMG. Working on the old HD in the new PC. Have to transfer thousands of files. Tens of thousands? Old pics, docs, text files. Most everything else on that drive is old junk. Don’t know how I’m supposed to get rid of the old copy of Windows on there. Maybe I have to reformat the drive? Can you even do that with a SATA drive? It would clear things up totally, and I’d never have to deal with permissions again.

But I think I have everything at this point. Better check another 4 times to be sure. What a pain. On the whole drive there was just one program worth keeping. And it came down to the no-brainer choice of either buying a new copy for $39 or spending $179 for one of those data/application migration programs. Duh, I bought the new one. Most everything else I had on there was freeware. I did manage to save my old school version of FreeCell, which runs slow as a dog on this new cheap system with it’s lousy onboard video driver. Power supply is too weak to add a graphics card. Old machine has better everything, but the power connectors aren’t the same, so transferring over the new motherboard may not be a good idea. I’ll think about it, because the old case has a hefty power supply, the new motherboard has the right open slots for a good graphics card, and the price of those things has really come down. But then I’d be tempted to become one of those Gamer Boys, get a 4K monitor, and my life would be over. Probably better to have crappy graphics and minimize my PC addiction. At least I’ve got the internet and WiFi situation mostly squared away.


Seems I’ve collected a huge number of cute animal pics. I’ve got 20 years worth of graphics to sort through. 


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calendar   Saturday - May 09, 2020

still breathing

Sorry, not much blogging. Plenty busy at home, doing this and that.

Sun of a gun, it’s cold and windy today. There was actually a bit of snow in New York City last night. None here, and now the sun is out ... after days of rain. Awful lot of rain this year. Maybe Spring will get here at some point in June.

Right. Have to try and motor-vate myself to the store, or else it’s frozen hot dogs for dinner again. Tired of QC ... quarantine chow.


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calendar   Thursday - May 07, 2020

Trying To Be Color Blind, Failing

“Unnamed woman” shoots OK McD’s employees because drive thru only

Hey stupid: COVID, lockdown??

At least two McDonald’s workers in Oklahoma were shot Wednesday evening after informing two female customers the dining area was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, authorities said.

The incident occurred at about 6 p.m. at an Oklahoma City location. One of the women grew angry over the lack of seating and opened fire striking one employee in the leg and the other in the shoulder, police said. They are expected to recover, according to Oklahoma City’s KOCO-TV.

Prior to the shooting, 32-year-old suspect reportedly got into a physical altercation with a third employee who was knocked down and suffered a head laceration, police said. The suspect then left the restaurant before coming back with a gun and firing off two or three rounds, Capt. Larry Withrow, of the Oklahoma City Police Department, told Business Insider.

The suspects were taken into custody following the incident, police said. It’s not clear yet what charges they will be facing.

The article doesn’t give their names or show their photos, so you know they’re black. And I can guarantee you they were both fat enough to date Trayvon Martin and not be able to read cursive.

What is it about McDonald’s that causes fat black women to go violently crazy? How many of these beatdown videos are out there, how many employees assaulted because the store ran out of McNuggets, how many crack hoes in the parking lot willing to trade oral sex for a cheeseburger?

So you know who did this. Had a screaming fit because the dining area was closed. WTF have you been for the past 6 weeks?? Got told NO by an employee, reacted with violence. Went out and got her gun, came back and shot people. Because she couldn’t get her way. Batshit sheeboon ghettopotamus.

And the po-po don’t know what to charge her with. Seriously? Are you that fucking stupid too? Assuming only the one of them did the hitting and shooting, then a) assault, b) disturbing the peace, c) at least two counts of attempted murder, d) any and all charges related to her possession and use of a firearm.

Lock the cow up for 20 years, as it’s also a guarantee that the entire incident was on at least one CCTV camera. Maybe they can run a test, and throw in drunk and disorderly, or search her vehicle and find some drugs, etc. Throw the book at her, and cover every page with glue so that everything sticks.

And book her girlfriend as an accesory for all the charges.


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calendar   Monday - May 04, 2020

How CDC Makes Their Numbers



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More new home reno plans

Gosh, us smart types here at our condo finally figured out that we could really simplify our renovation plans, and save a ton of money, if we just put in a stacked washer / dryer in downstairs, instead of rebuilding half the upstairs to move our side by side appliances up there. Problem with the stacked idea is that she isn’t 7 feet tall. If you stack a dryer on top of a front load washer, the dryer controls are 6 feet off the floor. Several companies (LG, Kenmore, Dexter) had dryers with the controls mounted on the bottom front panel for just this reason, but those seem to have been discontinued for the home market. The LG models I can get this way ( they call it AdaptAble™ ) are the commercial ones, with coin boxes and remote soap dispensers. Don’t need that for my house, and I don’t know if those models are even sold to the home user. Maybe stacked appliances is so 2017, eww.

It doesn’t matter if the washer / dryer costs several thousand; remodeling the upstairs would cost easily 3 times that much.

Yes, Fisher Paykel has their Euro-sized Series 7 model with this kind of base panel control, but the darn thing is puny, only 24” wide. All European appliances are undersized, even ovens and dishwashers. 


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calendar   Sunday - May 03, 2020

Back online, but not much to say

Ok, the PC is set up pretty well. I had to order a special cable to power the old HD, so I’ll get to that when it shows up. I did figure out how to mount the thing in the new machine, which has a smaller, very simple case. And a minimal power supply. And no extra RAM slots. And fewer motherboard slots. Which is what you get when you buy a budget machine. But at least they stuck in a Barracuda drive, which is a really fast one for it’s size.

A couple of COVID stories in the news, one about a newylwed couple from California who went to Hawaii for their honeymoon, wouldn’t sign the acceptance form for the 14 quarantine Hawaii has going, went outside and got arrested. How stupid do you have to be to not know this is going on? How dumb is their travel service and the airline for not mentioning this as well? Sure, you want to take a honeymoon right now. Gee, tough cookies. The whole damn world is in lock down, so put that idea on pause for now. Just like these fools on cruise ships. Giant DUH. Of course there will be infected people on your boat. Of course you’re going to get stuck there for weeks. Of course no port in the world is going to let your ship dock and let you ashore. Are you brain dead, or what?

Oklahoma had a Wear A Mask rule in place for one day. Shop owners were threatened with guns and violence. Governor backed down. Guess you Oklahomians are a selfish bunch of fucktards too. Whether or not a mask does any good, if that’s the only kind of lock down they’ve got out there, then suck it the hell up. All you’re doing is showing willing, being publicly consciencous. That’s all. Is it unconstitutional? Of course. State of Emergency, duh. I don’t like it either but you go along this little bit. So get your head out of your stuck up ass already.  No, let’s watch the numbers spike like mad in OK. And my response will be ... tough shit cowboy.

And that’s about it. 


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calendar   Saturday - May 02, 2020

woo hoo!!

It seems to be a PC !!

Took a bit of set up, and I did whatever seemed obvious to retain my privacy from Microsoft etc. Installed Firefox right away. Got my contact list intact for yahoo, will work on figuring out how to get my bookmarks etc once I get the old HD set up.

But for now, it’s a functional PC, so I’m happy.


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last tablet post I hope

Woo hoo, the new PC arrived last night.  I’m getting it set up now, figuring which cable goes where, and cleaning things up in the machine’s dusty corner. It’s a lot easier to do this than back in the day, but some things never change: I have to go buy a special cable. The video output doesn’t accept the old style cable that my monitor uses. Lucky me the monitor can uses several kinds of cable, so it’s off to the store to get an HDMI. Then I can start it up, get all the bits recognized and get the Wifi going. It was a trial finding that password on our Android phones, her old mini Mac tablet, or my Android tablet. Lucky us, we’re “wired”, so it was easy to find it on the TV when we remembered it was wifi enabled too.

Right. A quick coffee, a quicker shower, then off to Walmart to get a cable.


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calendar   Thursday - April 30, 2020

still no PC

I guess 8 days for overnight shipping is the new normal. Gak. I can mount the old drive as a secondary but I have no idea how to save all my programs. Getting the data wont be hard, but I’ve got a bunch of purchased, registered programs. Some are old too; I don’t want to buy the new versions.

I cant take much more. Suffering from acute mouse withdrawl.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 29, 2020

life in the stick

NJ is too small to have more than one stick, so I can’t say I live in the sticks. Just the one.

But it has a lot of nature nearby. Clinton is a little town where 2 or 3 watercourses come together. The Spruce Run river merges with the South Branch of the Raritan River, just south of the Spruce Run reservoir, and picks up the Beaver Brook on the south end of downtown, just past the 2nd bridge below the little dam by our famous Red Mill. There is a wetland area south of town; instant wilderness 100 feet off the main road, unknown and ignored by the state highway thundering above it. Makes for great trout fishing; there’s always a few guys out there in waders with their fly rods.

I picked up a basic pizza down at lenny’s tonight. Coming out with the pie I saw a huge low flying bird. Around NJ that usually means a Turkey Vulture or a wild turkey, but this one was a Great Blue Heron. Massive thing, looked like a mini pterodactyl from Jurrasic Park. They fly with their necks pulled back in an S curve. It flapped over town a few times, then hovered down over the lower bridge to land in the South Branch and get his own take out. Most people are unaware of nature around them, and the only birds they know are the genus Perdue and Tyson. Beats me why. I celebrate it.

So a perfect Spring evening here. We added our own pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, and extra mozzarella to the pie, crisped it up in the oven, and gobbled that down.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 28, 2020

just another day

Not too much to say. I didn’t follow the news much today other than that NYT Daily Briefing that shows up on my phone.

There was a neat story there about some lab in UK that’s going to start human trials for a COVID vaccine next month. Because, hey, they’ve got lots of financial backing right now, and it worked on a couple dozen monkeys. So let’s find 6000 uninfected people to dose and see what happens. Course, this place has not had success with their style of vaccines with malaria or MERS, but maybe the third time’s the charm. The Times worried that it might be hard for them to test if the pandemic has petered out by then. Gee thanks NYT.

The other interesting story there was the “great mystery” of why so few people have died from this disease in India. Let’s see ... lower life expectancy means there are fewer old folks around to start, almost nobody in India is well fed enough to be overweight, the place is a tropical Petri dish with almost as many endemic horrible diseases as Africa, at least half the country lives on chloroquine because of the malaria, few people go to hospitals and stay there long enough to die (they die at home), doctors and medical examiners keep lousy records, and immediate public cremation means there aren’t any bodies in morgues to study. Plus they don’t have money for all the test kits. So yeah, it’s a huge mystery.

I worked all day long, finishing up one office and getting mostly done with the second office. Patching and painting takes a long time. But today was my 5th trip in 9 days, and I’m getting tired of it. I’ll go back tomorrow or the day after to screw a chair rail to the wall and paint the other side of the lab door. Then it’s all done. Takes me longer to drive there and back than I have work to do, but you can’t rush spackle or paint.

And that’s another day in lockdown.

Oh yeah; we’re bing watching True Blood, a deep south vampire series. 70 episodes to go through. It was pretty good when we watched it when it was new. Here’s the video of the minor them music from the show. It’s kind of church music. A simple sad tune asking God for help and solace. Which the characters in the show really need as they go from one dark, gory, supernatural adventure to the next.

Nope, haven’t figured out how to do embedded videos yet either. Sorry.


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calendar   Monday - April 27, 2020

Two good links, more painting

NJ has a really well done COVID dashboard site, updated constantly. As more data becomes available, the site adds more aspects. Hope your state has something like it.

The other link would be a real eye opener if the deceit and misinformation and fearmongering it outlines were new. But we’ve heard most of it many times before. It’s a long read but a good one. .

I heard from the doc I work for. He’s so happy with the painting and stuff I did for him he wants me to do similar for his other office.  So I’ve got a bit more work. Yay money!!


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