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calendar   Monday - April 11, 2016

too cool

Meh. Not quite a gentle Spring morning. More like dank, chill, and clammy. Which means I’ll have to wear the big wool socks and the 10 ton Polartec lined jeans to work. But I refuse to wear that friggin’ parka any longer. No no no, Winter is over. OVER, do you hear me???

Thank goodness I have a pair of mittens sent from the UK. No, no word on Peiper yet. I’m just going to have to sit down and write him. At least I’ve finally figured out a one liner for his condition, which ought to get some reaction.

Ack. Crap. And it’s time to finish off doing the taxes. I hates doing taxes. But I refuse to pay some schlub to do them for me, at least not until my assets are worth more than a million. Which will be about ... 400 years I think.


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calendar   Thursday - April 07, 2016

rabbit’s busy day

Crivens, I’ve been going at it since 5:30 this morning.

I put in plenty of extra hours at work. I baked. Kitchen is all nice and clean. Laundry is done. Cats fed. Bruiser - the Beast In The Backyard - yelled at and chased away. Evil rapist murdering bastard. One of these days cat, your face and my baseball bat. Home run!

I even called the vet at home because poor Dizzy suddenly has anisocoria. Ann-eye-so-core-ree-ah. Which means the pupil of one eye is much more constricted than the pupil in her other eye. Which is probably a symptom of her neurological condition, brain tumor or whatever. Poor kitteh. Looks like she’s going to have to go to RedBank Veterinary Hospital for an MRI after all. We’re giving her the best life we can, but somehow I don’t think she’s going to be one of those “lived to a ripe old age of 27” cats. Sadly, I wonder if she’ll make it to 2. Or even 1. I can’t let a kitten suffer through a growing brain tumor, and there’s no way we’re going to pay for that kind of surgery.

Recycling out. Check. Garbage out? Rats. There’s always one thing, right? Tomorrow.

E. Nuff. Good night.

OH FUDGE --- Merle Haggard died. Aww. And on his own 79th birthday too. We’ll miss ya Merle!


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calendar   Saturday - April 02, 2016

your daily woodpile

Log One:

Claims she was kicked off plane for being black

Imani Cezanne boarded a flight in Charlotte, North Carolina, hoping to get to Atlanta, Georgia. She didn’t quite make it to her destination as planned, when she started running her mouth on the tarmac. A flight attendant asked the stranger sitting next to her to change seats, when Imani felt the need to insert herself, and things unraveled rather quickly.

The passenger next to Imani didn’t speak English, and since they happened to be in an emergency exit spot, the stewardess asked for the person to switch seats, since it’s the airline’s safety policy. Although this had nothing to do with Imani, she made it about herself, demanding to know what was so problematic about the foreign passenger sitting there.

According to Imani’s account of the events on social media, the attendant said that “if she is unable to explain procedure, she must seat someone else in the exit row.” Seems reasonable enough to most rational people, but to this black activist, it was the flight attendant being racist, even though she wasn’t the one told to move.

Imani began talking to the foreign woman next to her, probably to tell her that rules are racist, when she said she was “rudely” interrupted by the flight attendant. “While speaking with the woman next to me about my concerns I was *interrupted* by FA and asked, ‘Are you going to be a problem?’” Cezanne claimed the attendant warned her. Then she wanted to know why she would ask that. “Is that an appropriate way to speak to a customer who is calmly having a conversation with someone?” Imani said.

The flight attendant got her manager to have the angry woman escorted off of the flight.

Sheboon goes out looking for a fight wearing her #BlackLivesMatter shirt, creates one, then screams Rayciss!!! when things go against her. Which is exactly what she wanted. Penalty box! Crossing the red line while being uppity, 10 hours and all airline privileges for a year.

Log Two:

Mother and Buck murder her child over a slice of birthday cake

A man accused of fatally beating his girlfriend’s 9-year-old son over what police say was a missing piece of birthday cake is bound for court in Maryland.

Thirty-one-year-old Robert Leroy Wilson is scheduled for a hearing Thursday afternoon in Hagerstown. Deputy State’s Attorney Joseph Michael wouldn’t disclose the nature of the hearing and Wilson’s public defender didn’t return telephone calls.

Wilson is one of three people charged with second-degree murder in the July 5 death of Jack Garcia. Neither Wilson nor the boy’s uncle, Jacob Barajas, have entered pleas in the case. Jack’s mother Oriana Garcia has pleaded not guilty.

Barajas told police he handcuffed Jack, and Wilson beat him unconscious as punishment for stealing. Police say Jack’s mother allowed the abuse and delayed treatment by sending away an ambulance.

Funny how the new male alpha lion in the pack always seems to be involved in wiping out the cubs of the previous male lion. And she’s probably already pregnant with this baby-daddy’s sprog. Triple penalty box! Excessive cruelty in genetic cleansing. 5 yard penalty, straight down, 3 lengths of 5/8” hemp.


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calendar   Tuesday - March 29, 2016

A job well done

It isn’t often when a product on the market gets a new and improved version that is actually new and improved. Usually “n & i” is code for “we took shortcuts, downsized the product, and now use cheap ingredients”, because the only thing really improved is the profit margin. And, of course, the ad men have to blat it about everywhere. New!! Newer than new!!! More improved than the previous improvements!!

Cynic. Jaded. Who, me?

Right. So I own one of these “tactical” flashlights. Not really sure what that means, but my Fenix TK40 powers one of theses CREE LEDs from a fat handful of 8 AA batteries, and gives me an amazing bright white light in a package the size of a bastard sword grip (hand and a half). And it worked great ... until the cheap soft plastic internal battery cage fell apart. It just wasn’t up to the bonks and dinks a tough life flashlight is exposed to.

Right. So about half a year ago I started trying to figure out how to get the thing fixed. It was a damned expensive flashlight; no way I’m just going to toss it away and buy another. So around Thanksgiving I was finally able to find a warranty service center (to be fair I really hadn’t been looking that hard) and the guy said he’d order me a part. And I never heard from him again. The other day I found my expensive flashlight gathering dust in a corner. Eff this, I’m calling. So I pick up the phone and make the call, and I got my guy on the second ring, and (wouldn’t you know??) hey, my part just came in, let me get your address and I’ll ship it right out. Well ... fine, great, let’s do that.

And today it came, and it works perfectly, and everything is wonderful ... and it’s a completely different part. The old “french plastic” battery cage has been replaced with something I’d have to call mil-spec. Steel rods, stainless steel nuts and bolts, hefty acrylic end caps, gold plated springs and contact points all over the place ... wow. This is what the battery carrier cage on a $150 flashlight is supposed to be like. Bulletproof. And beautiful. And it didn’t cost me a dime either.

And Fenix never even mentioned it. No “new and improved”. No fanfare. Heck, they don’t even make the TK40 model any more. It’s been superseded by their TK41 and TK41C, and those are the only models they have that use the 8 AA battery cage. Who cares? This is a first class part. And you almost never see that kind of silent upgrade.

image   image

old vs new, cheap vs deluxe, weak vs robust: 8 AA battery cages for Fenix flashlights


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calendar   Sunday - March 27, 2016

Surely Emory is the Laughingstock of the World

‘nuff said


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calendar   Monday - March 21, 2016

Yes, he’s going to win

So the political establishment and the donor and media classes don’t like Trump.  Big surprise.  After all, they have absolutely no vested interest in maintaining the status quo.  You know, things like livelihood, revenue streams, and the like.

Sit back and tell me that any of the other candidates won’t perpetuate this?  Hillary?  The lying felon?  “Chicken-in-every-pot” Sanders?  “God’s on my side” Cruz?  “I can win this (even at 12%)” Kasich? “Can I still come to play in Cleveland anyway?” Rubio?


“He’s going to start a war!”

Quick - name one of the past five presidents who didn’t initiate military action.

“He’s going to ruin the economy!”

Right now - 50,000,000 people on food stamps, an almost $20 trillion debt, corporations fleeing the country, a real unemployment rate of 40% (Fortune magazine), ...

“He’s a racist who has it out for Muslims!”

1.  Islam isn’t a “race”.
2.  Trump called for “...a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” (PEW Poll: Upwards of 287 million ISIS supporters in just 11 countries including 1/3 of Syria Refugees)

“He’s not politically correct!”

Thank God - finally.

“His supporters incite violence!”

Most accounts confirm the hired thugs from Soros’ are responsible for the violence.

“He wants to build a wall at the Mexican border”

Yes, seeing as the controlled immigration policies of the last 50 years have worked so well.

* * *

Yes, he’s going to win.


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calendar   Wednesday - March 16, 2016

Slow News Day?

I know I’ve made some dull posts in the past, but this one takes the cake.

The 8 types of shovel everyone should know.

What makes it even worse is that they really only have 4 types of actual shovels, 5 if you allow trowels to count. The rest are various things with handles that you stick in the dirt. Not shovels or spades.

Personally, my favorite is a thing called (in ages before PC) a rabbiting spade. A rabbiting spade isn’t for removing mass quantities of soil in a hurry. It’s for digging a thin deep hole as fast as possible. And that’s exactly what you want for planting deep bulbs, young plants, or small shrubberies.


I bought one of these for my mother once, and was lucky enough to get her one built to double the official English Standard strength specification and it’s a real warhorse. In the same way that a good screwdriver should never be used as a chisel or a prybar, but often is, a spade is not designed to be used as a crowbar but usually is. So the smart move is to get one that can hold up to that kind of work, and I do believe the Bulldog/Clarington Forge tools can do it. It will cost you - the rabbit spade is about $80 - but you will never regret the expenditure. Quality is worth it.


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calendar   Saturday - March 12, 2016

The Brownshirts

The tactics used across North America whenever someone with an “unpopular” opinion is scheduled to speak at a University or College is for hoodlums come in and shout down the speaker until the event is cancelled.

A group of “protesters”, whose sole purpose in attending was to shut down the rally in Chicago, have their actions justified by the broad statement “a lot of people are upset at Trump”.

And then the Democratic Party functionaries come on the TV and call the Trump supporters “Brownshirts”.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”


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calendar   Monday - March 07, 2016

Godwin This

I saw a truly disgusting picture on Facebook yesterday.  It was Donald Trump peeling his face back (a la Mission Impossible) to reveal Hitler.

It prompted me to write:

Wanting to secure your borders to properly process third-world workers does not make you a Nazi. Wanting to put a moratorium on a group of people (some of which want to kill you) until you figure out how discern between them doesn’t make you a Nazi. Wanting to make the populace proud (once more) of their country doesn’t make you a Nazi. Wanting to reduce your trade deficit doesn’t make you a Nazi. Coming back at someone with both barrels when they’ve fired the first shot doesn’t make you a Nazi. Not allowing someone to shout you down at your own political rally doesn’t make you a Nazi. Wanting to better your countryman’s lot by shaking up the status quo in the political, media, and donor classes doesn’t make you a Nazi. Calling someone a Nazi because you’re too intellectually lazy to form a real opinion makes you, well, intellectually lazy.


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calendar   Friday - March 04, 2016

Media does Colorblind Reporting (by claiming KKK supporters back Trump because of two Blacks)

Alright then, sorry for the delay. This has been on the market for a while, so I figure I’ll get right to it. It’s been a while since the Nevada Caucus and the Super, so many of you have probably heard about the two people who showed up to the RNC rally in Klan dresses with placards endorsing Trump and tying back to an obscure New England Police Association that had endorsed him but that nobody else on the planet had heard of. Of course, the Usual Suspects immediately dropped in on the matter.

Only for a couple inconvenient facts to become incredibly obvious to...well, basically anybody who looked.

Coupled with a few itsy bitsy facts, like the fact that they never spoke even though they were at a *political rally* (I can understand why, I hope people can understand when I say that while it isn’t a hard and fast rule, people of different ethnicity and ancestries tend to sound distinct from each other, hence why you could tell the difference between- say- James Earl Jones and Pierce Brosnan saying the exact same line). And a few itsy bitsy facts about the Klan itself.

Now, I am not one to carry water for the KKK, or to applaud their intelligence. There is little intelligence and even less water to carry. But let’s be blunt when I say that the leadership tends to not be THIS incredibly stupid. They may be dumb enough to believe the mythologies of Aryan Supremacy*, but they tend not to be dumb enough to understand just what their uniform and symbols are. Half the reason why they adopted the sheets was for shock and terror, but the other half was *ANONYMITY.* Once you donned the toilet paper you were part of the mob, a force of nature that was hard to stop and even harder to hold accountable (after all, anybody care to issue indictments against an individual wave in a tsunami?). Once you got OUT of the Toilet Paper, you were a relatively anonymous person in the white community who was hard to find and harder to connect to the white sheet crowd.

So the moral of the story for the Klan is simple: Strength in numbers. If you’re going to come to the party dressed, bring Lots And Lots of Friends. Because being caught isolated is just going to let people finger you.

The other thing is that the Klan typically understands that its’ imagery is electoral poison today and has been cause for suspicion ALWAYS. Someone carrying the banner of America’s oldest semi-continuous terrorist organization DESERVES to bring suspicion on their movements (like someone flying the flag of IS should if the police or news media could understand Arabic worth a damn and weren’t oh so concerned about being sensitive). So the Klan appearing on behalf of someone would be counterproductive to that someone. Which is why when they DO attend political events they tend NOT to go in teepee mode, but in street clothes. Take a look at the images of Robert Byrd or David Duke in public office during their years while active in the Klan and you’ll notice that.

THESE reasons are why the Klan has endured for as long as it has, why it is still the longest lived and most deadly terrorist group in American history even with the Jihadis doing their best to close the gap as fast as possible. And since they are fairly common terrorist tactics that people should dang well have LEARNED by observing the Klan’s history and that of other terror groups (Jihadis also like the Burqa for tactical reasons as well as ideological ones after all).

And then again, there’s the whole “Black Skin” think.
So we’re almost certainly dealing with a bunch of thugs from $BlackLivesMatter trying to protest Trump and New England police. And then being given what they wanted because not only did Twitteristas and Tumblrinas not bother to check, but a significant chunk of the news media was so incredibly lazy and so prejudiced that they saw a story that massaged their biases and ran with it. Without looking for basic problems with it. So why am I mentioning this now?

Well, two reasons. One is that because for days afterwards, the local police insisted that the two in question were actually white and that they were simply wearing black gloves. I have a friend on Skype who put this the best.

I wasn’t aware Black gloves came in African skintones.

The second is that while I have my doubts about Trump and who he will willingly get into bed with or say, I have NO Doubts about what the average media outlet and even government officials would. And in an election year where the most likely opposing candidates have willingly appeased tyrants, allowed dutiful servicepeople to die, and blatantly stole vast amounts of classified data (Clinton) and pandered around as a guest of mass murdering totalitarians (Sanders), it’s worth remembering what the bottom of the barrel looks like. And you can see it on most of the major news channels.

* Technically speaking, “Aryan” things are actually a National Socialist thing, not old school Klan. While there’s been a lot of contamination by Neo-Nazis, the “purists” of the two groups hate each other direly, in large part because the Klan refused to fall in and support Hitler or Mussolini during the war (because while they were murderous terrorists, they were also American nutcases, not Quislings).

So while you still see a bunch of Klan members with Nazi regalia, the old school, Wannabe New SS whackjobs have never forgiven them. Hence why if you ever read The Turner Diaries- basically a Neo-Nazi genocidal power fantasy- one of the many, many, many groups slated for extermination are actually Klan members. Because like other good totalitarians, racist terrorists cannot stand each other either.

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calendar   Thursday - March 03, 2016

So Romney Doesn’t Like Trump?

Hmm. So what happens from here? Me? I think this will just further galvanize the base and add a more Trump supporters on top of it. These guys just don’t get it. The people are fed up with the political and media elite “tut-tutting” them into silence. They’ve had enough and they see Trump as their way to be heard again. And no onslaught of hastily-prepared anti-Trump memes, jokes about his skin color (could you imagine...) or name-calling will change that. What the GOP establishment fails to realize is that Trump supporters view every attack on on “their man” as an attack on themselves, and they’re not going to take it any more. The schoolyard bully has a bloody nose. Time to move in for the kill. November will be a bad time to be Hillary, assuming, of course, she hasn’t been locked up by then.


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auto da fe for these three witches

Another False Campus Racial Hate Crime Allegation

Three University at Albany students who claimed they were victims of a racial attack on a bus last month have been charged with assault as prosecutors said they were actually the aggressors.

Alexis Briggs, Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell, all 20 years old, appeared at Albany City Criminal Court today for their arraignment.

All three have pleaded non-guilty to charges of assault in the third degree, CNN reported. Burwell and Agudio have also pleaded not guilty to falsely reporting the incident.

They claimed they were attacked on a Capital District Transportation Authority bus on January 30, but prosecutors say they actually assaulted a 19-year-old woman early that Saturday.

‘The evidence indicates they were actually the aggressors in the physical altercation, and that they continued to assault the victim despite the efforts of several passengers to stop them,’ police said in a statement.

In addition to the charges of assault and false reporting, Agudio faces counts of attempted assault, harassment and criminal mischief, CNN reported.

Burwell has also been charged with harassment. The false reporting charges are a result of the 911 phone calls she and Agudio made after the incident.


Police said during a three-week investigation, they reviewed video from 12 security cameras and four cell phones, and also interviewed 35 people, according to WNYT.

University of Albany police released two surveillance videos of the incident.

The police statement issued last week states a 19-year-old woman was the victim, but footage appears to a show a man being assaulted at one point.


Hillary Clinton also tweeted about the incident writing, ‘There’s no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus.’

However, police said an investigation into the incident showed there was only one victim, the unnamed 19-year-old, who is reportedly white and was allegedly assaulted by the three students.

Police said the three women were never ‘targeted in any manner due to their race,’ according to the statement, adding ‘the only person we heard uttering racial epithets was one of the defendants.’

Finally, people are pushing back against these things - false campus hate crimes (most of them are false) - and demanding punishment, not accepting the acts any longer as “awareness raising”. It wasn’t awareness raising for the Duke lacross team, that’s for sure.

Not a word of it was true, according to authorities — who arraigned the trio on charges including misdemeanor assault and the filing of false police reports.

Not the crime of the century, to be sure — but definitely a cautionary event that left people in high places looking sadly foolish.

These would include Clinton: “There’s no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus,” declared a campaign tweet, which linked to a national newspaper report on the allegations.

Closer to campus, and much more worrisome, was the reflexive response of UAlbany President Robert J. Jones — an estimable fellow who initially swallowed the tale whole.


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calendar   Monday - February 29, 2016

WHAT CONSTITUTES FREE SPEECH THESE DAYS? speech that doesn’t offend anyone?

There’s nothing quite so comic and also disingenuous as a liberal ..... (I have censored myself on the rest of my opening comment)

Either this poorly dressed billionaire who can afford better really believes his own PC,BS, or else he’s making a political statement for reasons of bidness.  He really seems to have his knickers in a twist over this non event. But he’s the boss and the boss can decide what the limits of free speech and thought should be.  Or perhaps no free speech at all?

Some of you folks have already said pretty much all that can be said, and I know Drew has too, with regard to crime and detention. 

Zuckerberg’s Anger At ‘Malicious’ Employees

Staff members who crossed out Black Lives Matter slogans acted in a malicious way which is “deeply hurtful”, Facebook’s boss said.

h/t sky news

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has apparently reprimanded employees after “Black Lives Matter” slogans on the company’s campus were crossed out and replaced with “all lives matter”.

In an internal post to employees obtained by tech site Gizmodo, he reportedly said the actions have been a “deeply hurtful and tiresome experience for the black community”.

Employees are allowed to write on the walls at the company’s Menlo Park campus, and Mr Zuckerberg said: “We’ve never had rules around what people can write on our walls.
“We expect everybody to treat each other with respect.”
But he said there had been several instances of the slogan - coined after the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed black teenager Trayvon Martin - being defaced.

He wrote: “There have been several recent instances of people crossing out ‘Black Lives Matter’ and writing ‘all lives matter’ on the walls.
“Despite my clear communication at Q&A last week that this was unacceptable, and messages from several other leaders from across the company, this has happened again.
“I was already very disappointed by this disrespectful behaviour before, but after my communication I now consider this malicious as well.”

He said a town hall-style meeting would be held next week to explain what the Black Lives Matter movement was about.
After being used as a hashtag after the Trayvon case, it became an internet-wide protest slogan.
Now it is a civil rights movement that wants to put an end to police brutality and mass incarceration.



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calendar   Thursday - February 25, 2016

Scott Adams nails it


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