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calendar   Tuesday - June 30, 2020

Naptime Interruption

When all else fails, there’s always cat blogging.


Our half feral outdoor kitteh Ginger, “G cat”, settles down in the shade to take a late morning nap. He’s lost all his thick winter fur so he’s smooth and sleek. I want to pet him so much, but he’s not a people cat.

His nap got interrupted by a couple of engineers who came by. We’ve got a chunk of PVC barely under the grass near there that the downspout on the back roof drains into. The pipe takes the rain water over to the edge of the cliff. So they’re going to hack back some of the bushes where it comes out at the top of the gully, and put some rip rap gravel down so it doesn’t erode the hillside. Of course, putting that gravel down will kill the pricker bushes that grow there that hold the edge of the lawn in place. What can you do? I told them that the area was crawling with poison ivy, and that they should have the landscape guys come and spray first.

Right, indoor kittehs got their kibs. Ooh, they got the new salmon flavor of the Rachel Ray brand. It costs more, but it’s comparatively good kibble, compared to the other brands which seem to made from sawdust and soy powder. 


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calendar   Tuesday - June 23, 2020

yay rain

We’re getting Wardmama’s monsoon weather a day or so later. It went from hot and steamy to dark, windy, cool, and raining like mad in a matter of minutes. Plenty of thunder too. Good. We need rain very badly. Hasn’t rained more than a short sprinkle once in the past 3 or 4 weeks. Way too dry. And I’m tired of lugging around a bucket and a watering can to keep my flowers alive. Sure, all that mulch helped a lot, but still.

Sorry, this isn’t much of a post. But I get to stab myself in the face with a giant Qtip tomorrow morning! Woo hoo!!  Yup, I’m going to have a COVID test, the PCR kind. I have no symptoms at all, but I’d like to know for sure. And we did actually hang around with 4 other people this past weekend. Biggest in person socialization I’ve done since March 20. Same people as a matter of fact.


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calendar   Thursday - June 18, 2020


Having internet issues again today. Can’t get any bandwidth.

Hey, I got a 70% raise today. I’ve been doing the sanitizing stuff for several weeks now as part of my rinky-dink cleaning job, and I’d mentioned a while back how we’d have to figure out some kind of surcharge when I got things figured out. So I sent doc a text today, said “let’s negotiate” and quoted him a number. A few minutes later he responded “Ok”. Such a negotiator!! OTOH, maybe I’ve been undercharging him all these years. Whatevs. I don’t make much from that job to being with, but it’s only 3 hours a week total. This extra part won’t last forever; I figure this whole sanitization paranoia will blow over in less than 3 months, but I’ll take the extra cash as long as it lasts. It’s not like it’s hard work, it’s just time consuming pushing the steam wand slowly back and forth across a couple thousand square feet of flooring and carpet.


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calendar   Monday - June 15, 2020

Yu Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Massive WuFlu Outbreak In China !!!

Beijing On Lockdown

All Infections Linked To Food Market

How do you even start a post with a face palm and a double eye roll?  rolleyes  rolleyes

Beijing is battling an Ƣexplosive outbreak” of the coronavirus, with health authorities reporting 36 new local infections in the city in one day – all linked to a food market.

As scientists try to track how the latest outbreak in Beijing emerged, the capital and neighbouring regions have stepped up emergency measures, including renewing lockdowns.

The capital has had 79 new local cases since last Thursday, all of which are linked to the Xinfadi wholesale market in the city’s southwestern district of Fengtai.

Covering 112 hectares, the centre is the biggest of its kind in Asia and supplies food to northern provinces.

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist with the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, told Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily on Monday afternoon that the situation was very serious.

“Beijing is facing explosive and concentrated outbreaks even though the national epidemic has basically been blocked,” Wu said.

Naturally they blame those damn foreigners.


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calendar   Wednesday - June 10, 2020

bread or flowers?

Tempted to make another loaf, but I have weeding to do. And it’s getting hot out!

Hmm, maybe make something slow rising, and then get out the garden gloves. Has to be done.

This seems to be the year of the calibrachoa (ka libra co ah). It spreads well, with lots of little flowers all season long. So far the deer haven’t nibbled them. So far. 


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calendar   Tuesday - June 09, 2020

Memories and other junk

I started this post about 12 hours ago but the day got in the way. Mr. Busy, that’s me. Riiight.

So I forget completely what I was going to post about. Maybe it was something in these links?

WHO: pandemic getting worse (as it hits the malaria zones down around the equator)

Urges Nazi level surveillance. Yeah, that’ll work.

A clearly frustrated World Health Organization (W.H.O.) warned Monday the global Chinese coronavirus pandemic was “worsening” not receding, telling countries loosening lockdowns to observe active surveillance and tracing of infected populations.

The W.H.O. issued its warning as Moscow emerged from its strict coronavirus lockdown. With more than 485,000 cases, Russia has the third-highest number of confirmed infections after the United States and Brazil.

As other large parts of Europe, along with Asia and the United States reopen, the W.H.O. reported a record number of new coronavirus cases globally, using that as evidence for its warning calls for countries to keep their lockdown gains secure.

Director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said some 136,000 cases had been reported in the previous 24 hours, “the most in a single day so far,” with the majority of them in the Americas and South Asia.

I wonder if everyone else on the planet is as fed up with the WHO as I am? I won’t be fooled again, thanks anyway.


No more cops in LA schools, because White Supremacy. Riiight

The United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), representing teachers and support staff in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), called Monday for the elimination of the 400-member police force protecting schools in the district.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the teachers’ union made the announcement at an event with Black Lives Matter leaders, and called the move a step toward dismantling “white supremacy”:

Leaders of United Teachers Los Angeles said Monday they support a movement to eliminate the Los Angeles School Police Department, a force of about 400 that serves the L.A. Unified School District and accounts for about $70 million of the district’s $7.9 billion budget.

“We have to dismantle white supremacy. We must … defund the police and bring in the mental health services that our students need,” said Cecily Myart-Cruz, the incoming president of UTLA, which represents about 30,000 teachers, nurses, counselors and other staff in the school district.

The union leadership endorsement and public announcement during a labor news conference with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles bring an influential voice to what is certain to be an intense debate over school safety.

Leaders of the police union voiced dismay. School police officers are often called upon to break up fights, keep the peace in gang-ridden school districts, and deter school shootings, which have been a worry in recent years.


No, I think this is the one. Oh yeah, this is AYFKM level BS

George Floyd’s Family Petitions United Nations to Help Disarm Police in the United States

The family of George Floyd, the black man killed while in police custody in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, has sent a letter to the globalist United Nations to ask for its help in disarming police officers in the United States of America.

The family’s legal team facilitated the letter, which was sent on Wednesday, according to NBC News:

The group sent a letter on June 3 to one of the international body’s working groups asking for support for the end of the provision of military equipment and military-type training for police, the teaching of deescalation techniques, independent prosecutions and autopsies for “extrajudicial” police killings, and more.

“When a group of people of any nation have been systemically deprived of their universal human right to life by its government for decades, it must appeal to the international community for its support and to the United Nations for its intervention,” Floyd’s family attorney Ben Crump said in a press release.

The U.N. issued a statement on May 28, three days after Floyd’s death, and included the names of other black people in the U.S. who died in police custody.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this situation has become a political ploy, striking while the iron is hot and letting no crisis go to waste. I’m not in favor of militarized police departments or federalization of those departments in this country either. That’s way too Turd Word Socialist for me. But this isn’t about that. This is yet another lever to pull to get one certain group a free ride. I mean a freer ride. This is not going to end well.

Oh, and the “defund the cops” stuff is really about getting them to stop doing all the domestic disturbance stuff, the suicide prevention, the cops in schools bit, and all the other lower level tasks. Maybe even traffic enforcement. Replace those jobs with social workers. Which will be just fine until those fools start getting their asses beat or shot when they try and go all squishy gooey on people in those situations. It ain’t gonna work, period.


So why am I posting at all at this hour of the night? Well, we’ve had a bunch of ants in here the past couple of days. The nearly microscopic little black ones. As small as the feet on a regular small black ant. We cleaned the heck of the unit, I even steam sanitized the floors. And we’re only feeding the kittehs what they’ll eat on the spot then taking their bowls away. But still, a highway of those itsy bitsy little ants across the floor in the morning. Sugar ants I think they’re called. So I went out and got some of the liquid borax ant traps, and a can of Raid ant spray in the floral scent. Actually ... as is usually the case ... the Latin brand of spray has nearly double the amount of poisons in it, but the store didn’t have any of the new softer scented ones, and I know that the original stuff smells pretty bad. And strong. So I got the Raid, and sprayed it under several places where the ants seemed to be coming from or going to. Then blocked those places off from inquisitive cats with cardboard boxes. Just in case. So the post? Oh yeah. Scent memory. Raid Ant & Roach Floral is the scent of cheap hotel rooms. I always figured it was some kind of air freshener. Nope. But one good whiff and I placed it instantly. It’s been an awful lot of years since I spent any time in cheap hotels. Aah, youth. But the nose knows, and never forgets. I sprayed outside too, around the door and the kitchen slider. 


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calendar   Monday - June 08, 2020

Duck Season! Wabbit Season!!


• COVID: 11 New PA Coronavirus Cases Traced To Jersey Shore Gathering

• RIOTS: UK leader says anti-racism protests now ‘subverted by thuggery’

• COVID: High altitude living can protect you against COVID?

• RIOTS: Man shot by driver who rammed SUV into Seattle protester crowd. Also, rioting.

• COVID: New Zealand: No More Coronavirus Here At All

• RIOTS: NYC shifting money from cops to social services

You remember what they told us. People on the beach? Fools. Three people riding together on a boat in Michigan? Lethal. Tepidly reopening the economy? An experiment in human sacrifice. The virus doesn’t go away because you’re bored. It doesn’t care that you’re grieving, your livelihood is ruined, your business has collapsed, or your spouse is abusive. You can’t pray it away at your church. So stay home, stay safe, and flatten the curve.

And that’s an order.

Unless, of course, you’re protesting racial injustice. Those protesting George Floyd’s death in crowds large enough to fill a small stadium have evaded scrutiny from the same people who told us that Floridians lying distanced on a beach were Literally Killing People. Some elected officials say that these protests are different — that the demonstrators have a good reason to be congregating on the streets. As Bill de Blasio said, the protests are much different from the matter of the “aggrieved store owner or the devout religious person.” They don’t have good reasons to break quarantine. The looters do.


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calendar   Friday - June 05, 2020

I forgot I was linked in Wiki

Fire in the hole!!

I did a post on this interim cannon ages ago. After the Civil War, where the best field cannon was the Model 1860 designed by John Griffen and built by the awesome Phoenix Iron Company, the ideas for breech loading and some form of recoil control resulted in the “grasshopper action” Model 1885, which was the first steel cannon in the Army. The barrel was built up from banded tubing, similar to the old iron Parrot gun of the Civil War. As metallurgy progressed, the early 3 banded barrel was replaced by the 2 banded barrel. The final version of the gun was actually designed to use smokeless powder, although this was often hard to get, and black powder used instead. These guns had nearly twice the range of the rifled muzzle loader field cannons used in the Civil War. The only real difference between the M1890 and the M1897 is that the newer one was made with a smaller powder chamber for the newfangled smokeless powder, while the larger black powder chamber on the M1890 gun was fitted with an internal sleeve the make a smaller chamber.

There’s one of these things in a little war memorial at the end of Main Street in Flemington NJ. I drive past it every week, for 12 years now. Eventually, I took a camera and paid a visit, and did a bunch of online research to figure out this oddball weapon. Made a blog post out of it, and wound up as Reference 8 on the Wiki page. Another reference there is to a much better research work than mine.

By 1902 these guns were obsolete. Technology was advancing that quickly.

It is a bit odd though that the Navy had a similar, older, smaller cannon called the Driggs-Schroeder, which did use fixed ammunition. Even more interesting because it was Driggs and Schroeder who designed the grasshopper action for this field piece. But the Army cannon went with bagged powder, not the faster and more weather resistant cartridge ammunition. Poor communication, or classic NIMBY-ism? [ I’ve been to visit the gun in the last pic at the above link. It’s in a little park on the edge of the Delaware River, just a few miles from here in Easton PA. I actually went there to take pics of the “free bridge” across the river there, and ... hey, check it out, a cannon! ]

I have no idea how I came to be looking at old cannons online again today. And I have no idea how I forgot about one of my most enjoyable blog research projects either.


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calendar   Thursday - June 04, 2020

Vile Action On TV

I found this to be infuriating and disgusting. How dare they! The Left is the lowest of the low, total shit-dipped scum suckers.

Nickelodeon Goes “I Can’t Breath”
8 3/4 minutes of black screen with tortured breathing sounds

Nickelodeon aired eight minutes and 46 seconds with the message “I CAN’T BREATHE” in white letters emblazoned across a black screen. The message’s length matches the purported amount of time former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

The ViacomCBS-owned channel that caters mostly to children and teenagers went off-air with the video message’s text pulsated rhythmically in tandem with sound a person breathing. The video included a countdown timer as a header, counting down seconds and beginning at 8:46.

The video’s footer reads, “Join @colorofchange and countless others to call on public officials across the country to take real action. Text DEMANDS to 55156.”

Color of Change describes itself as “an online racial justice organization” advancing “a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America.” One of its founders is CNN’s Van Jones.

Chris McCarthy, the president of entertainment and youth brands at ViacomCBS’s, shared the following message with the company’s employees:

The last few weeks have brought to the surface long standing racism, videos of unspeakable behavior and the harsh reality of inequality many in our community deal with on a regular and daily basis. In Minneapolis, the horrifying murder of George Floyd, in Georgia the senseless killing of Ahmaud Arbery, and in Kentucky, the deplorable shooting of Breonna Taylor, to name just a few recent examples. This is on top of a pandemic which has emphasized the tragic inequalities that disproportionately impact communities of color, especially African American and Latinx communities, in addition to the unjust targeting of Asian Americans.

ViacomCBS aligned itself with Black Lives Matter, with its other channels and networks, including NTV, VH1, and Comedy Central, airing the same message.

This is disgusting. Pulling little kids into this is the lowest of the low. Instead of being used as human shields, they’re being used as weapons. And that’s over-the-far-horizon past the line of decency.

Meanwhile, it looks like Floyd had COVID, two kinds of heart disease, was high as a kite on dangerous drugs, and suffered a heart attack while on the street. A knee to his neck didn’t do him any good, but that isn’t what killed him. His own wretched condition killed him, along with police callousness and inattention

It turns out, for example, Floyd didn’t die of asphyxiation according to the medical examiner. According to the Hennepin County medical examiner’s report cited in the criminal complaint charging Officer Derek Chauvin with murder, he died of a heart attack. The autopsy also found Floyd had fentanyl in his system, had recently used methamphetamine, had coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease.


Yeah, I’m linking an Ann Coulter article. I don’t like her much anymore, but she does write well and thinks things out. Usually. She makes the point that we’re in another Rodney King situation perhaps ... the media isn’t showing us the whole video, and they sure aren’t telling us the whole story or any background. Such as that Chauvin and Floyd worked together for years at the same nightclub. That Chauvin’s wife, a former beauty queen, is divorcing him ... and that her brother was one of the other cops involved, who is now also charged. Or that Floyd did time inside, and had a significant record.

Facts? Who needs them? React to a video clip that may be out of context. Exactly like Rodney King. We may never know ... but this wouldn’t be even the third time the MSM has fired up riots via their biased and selective reporting. They can not be trusted.


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calendar   Wednesday - June 03, 2020

That’ll leave a mark

Some pity and outrage generator on social media today. Some young woman was attending a protest - these are spectator events, right? - and got shot in the face with a rubber bullet. In Lexington. Supposedly. She’s all busted up, got a chunk taken out of her forehead. Yikes.

Thing is, Lexington cops say they don’t have rubber bullets and thus didn’t use any.

But there’s her video. Sure looks like some LEOs were shooting something. Pepperballs?

Whatever. I’d say the best place to be during a protest that just might turn into a riot is ... at home.

10 minutes on FB showed me again who the super Libs are among the people I’ve friended.

So anyway, you know me, Mr. Engineer. So I looked up rubber bullets. And while pictures of these things on DisgraceBook might show something the size of a cannon shell, the real ones are quite a bit smaller.

We’re talking about a 40mm diameter projectile that weighs 41-51 grams (632 -787 grains) launched at 200mph (~~ 290fps). It’s about as aerodynamic as a wall (BC ~= 0.1) so it loses speed really quickly, and the things are fairly squishy. But don’t confuse “less lethal” with “non lethal” or assume it means “annoyingly painful but not that bad”. Getting shot with anything, anywhere, can mess you up big time.

So I got to thinking ... maybe a tennis ball gun would be better? Or would that be too pathetic to garner any respect? A tennis ball weighs about the same, 58 grams, is half again larger in diameter, 66mm, and with the fuzzy surface has even worse aerodynamics. So even at the same initial velocity, air drag slows them down faster. If you fired them at 300mph, they’d sting like heck at 100 yards, and probably hurt like a mutha at 20 yards. But a tennis ball has a sectional density (mass/square of diameter) less than half of one of these rubber bullet things, and about 1/9 that of a varmint bullet.

I don’t have the answers here.

The less lethal you can make a projectile, perhaps the higher likelihood it will be used, and with less provocation? And perhaps the less respect and fear/aversion it will get? “Hey, let’s go riot; the cops are only allowed to throw My Pillows™ at us, underhanded” vs “Um, count me out. They’ve got heavy machine guns and flamethrowers.”

A truth is, that if you use violent methods to disperse a crowd, well duh, people are going to get hurt. That’s not right. But if your crowd is rioting, already being violent? Then maybe all (or most) bets are off.
What if the crowd is merely being disobedient, having decided that their right to assemble defeats the local gov’s power to demand permits, impose curfews, impose social distancing and so forth?  Respect for duly appointed authority is one thing, kneeling down before tyranny is another. And somewhere in between is your willingness to “do the right thing” for this pandemic emergency that we’ve all suddenly forgotten about. ( hey, if it’s ok for crowds of thousands to protest and riot for days, why do I have to stay 6 feet apart wearing a mask in the half-empty-by-decree grocery store for 10 minutes?)

In a better world, people would have the sense not to riot in the first place. It doesn’t prove your point or address your grievances. It merely makes you the enemy.


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calendar   Friday - May 29, 2020

Trump Dumps Who? WHO !!

President Trump: US ‘terminating’ relationship with WHO

President Trump announced Friday that the U.S. is “terminating” its relationship with the embattled World Health Organization (WHO) over its failure to enact reforms in the face of concerns over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and its pro-China bias.

“Because they have failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms, we will be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization and redirecting those funds to other worldwide and deserving urgent global public health needs,” Trump told reporters at a Rose Garden event.

In the course of the same statement, Trump announced a number of measures aimed primarily at China in response to its conduct on a number of fronts including trade, the coronavirus and its recent crackdown on Hong Kong.

“The world is now suffering as a result of the misfeasance of the Chinese government,” Trump said.

Trump announced last month that the U.S. would freeze froze funding to the WHO, and threatened to make the freeze permanent if the organization did not enact “major substantive reforms.” The U.S. had been the top contributor to the agency to the tune of approximately $450 million a year. China meanwhile pays approximately $50 million a year—although Beijing had recently announced a $2 billion injection of funds.

Good. Now dump the UN too. I seriously doubt if the USA benefits a dime from either organization. All we do is pay into them, and they’re all corrupt tyrants and Marxists. Let the rest of the world pay for this BS.


[ damn. I was trying so hard to find something to post about that wasn’t COVID related. Hey, Minneapolis and now Atlanta are burning, as the schwoogies use any excuse to riot, destroy, and steal. White House locked down. DC and NYC seething. CNN Atlanta office destroyed. The cops up there in Minnesota killed a guy as they were arresting him. George Floyd. That’s bad. Really bad. Huge amount of excessive force? And now the officer has been arrested, charged with murder, and the others fired. So, case closed, right?

Oh hella no.

Let’s get this party started! Burn, steal, loot, assault! Woo hoo, this is more fun than a flash mob at the mall! Let’s make it nation wide!
Now we’ve even got race hustler Al “Tawana” Sharpton complaining that the rioters had the audacity to torch and rob black owned stores!! How dare they!! Crivens, what a total racist ... and nobody will say a word against him, ever.

How many blacks have been shot or killed by other blacks since this happened Monday? A couple hundred? 40+ just in Chicago last weekend. How many since. So I don’t buy that BLM mantra. It’s BS too. Blacks don’t give a flying fart about other black lives, unless they can use it as an excuse. We seen it a million times before. And I’m sick of posting it. And just because they behave like rabid feral animals doesn’t excuse any of it. The laws apply to all of us. ]


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calendar   Sunday - May 24, 2020

COVID Equality

Color blindness?

via Justin Hart. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this data, but county by county numbers are available in all the states if you make the effort.


The total number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 is the same in all three color areas: red, yellow, green.

Somebody took all the county death numbers, put them in a spreadsheet, and sorted them. Then cut that sorted data into 3 roughly equal chunks, and then found that one chunk was just a few counties, the next chunk was a couple dozen counties, and the final chunk was the entire rest of the county. So they mapped it, and every county in the lower 48 got an associated color. Red for the first chunk, yellow for the next chunk, and green for the last chunk.

All the deaths in all the green areas added together are equal to the total number of deaths in all the yellow areas added together, and both green and yellow are equal to the total number of deaths in all the red areas added together.

And what a non-surprise: the yellow areas are right around the red areas. They are NOT the population centers of the country. Not all of them anyway.

Makes you wonder why national policy is being set based on the red zones. Which are all super blue, actually.


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Ok, Back To Normal

4 Dead, 11 Shot In Chicago In 36 Hours

Four people were shot dead and at least 11 were injured as shootings occurred across gun-controlled Chicago during the first 36 hours of Memorial Weekend.

NBC Chicago reports the first shooting of the holiday weekend were recorded around 2 p.m. Friday and the last one reported during the 36-hour window took place about 7 p.m. Saturday.

The first fatal shooting was discovered just before 8 p.m. Friday, when police found “a 32-year-old male victim was found shot to death inside a residence.” A 35-year-old was shot to death in an unrelated attack at roughly the same time.

Around 11:30 p.m. Friday “a 41-year-old man was discovered lying on a sidewalk after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his upper and lower body.”

The last reported fatality of the first 36 hours occurred at 6 a.m. Saturday, when police found “a 27-year-old man lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to his stomach.”

The shootings come even as Fox 32 reports “a coalition of organizations is sending 370 community-based mediators to 72 locations across 12 neighborhoods in hopes of tamping down Memorial Day weekend gun violence.”

Bullets don’t do social distancing.

And there’s no point mentioning who these people are, or the people that shoot them. SSDD.


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calendar   Monday - May 18, 2020

still here, still at sea metaphorically

Funny thing ... when she was working every day, I always found time to surf the net, follow the news, react to things and then blog about it.

Now that we’ve been shut in here for - is it 70 days at this point for the two of us? We did volutarily isolate for a week even before March 13 - somehow I’m not finding any time to be glued in front of the PC. Especially now that I actually have a functional PC again.

It’s not that I don’t feel the urge, it’s just that other things seem to fill every minute of my days, even though those things are often of little consequence. Maybe I’m not so alone anymore.

Her office is slowly re-opening, seeing a few patients and turning themselves inside out to create a germ-free minimal exposure environment. She’s getting about 8 hours a week. It’s going to be a very slow restart.

On the other hand, we’ve made a whole range of plans for fixing this place up, from the least to the most. Now all we have to do is choose one, and then wait until the builders are available to do the work. Which isn’t yet.

And we’ve also watched tons of television, more in the past 2+ months than I’ve watched in a year. We binged all of Manifest, then Penny Dreadful, then True Blood, and now we’re halfway through the 4th season of Outlander. She’s a better binger than I am, able to park a couple cats on her lap and zone into 10-12 hours of it per day. I top out after about 4.

So that’s my situation right now. I’ll try to get back in the swing.

Stay healthy.


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  专业从事中文配音和外文配音制作,北京名传天下配音公司   北京名传天下专业配音公司成破于2006年12月,是专业从事中 中文配音 文配音跟外文配音的音频制造公司,幻想飞腾配音网领 配音制作 有海内外优良专业配音职员已达500多位,可供给一流的外语配音,长年服务于国内中心级各大媒体、各省市电台电视台,能满意不同客户的各种需要。电话:010-83265555   北京名传天下专业配音公司…
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We've Been Waiting For
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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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