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Do a good deed? That’s a ticketing!

I honestly don’t believe the stupidity, of both the police officer AND the law cited. Here’s the story:

Last Monday, May 14th John Davis was exiting I-90 at the West 117th ramp when he saw a man in a wheelchair. The man was pale, thin and holding a sign that had a religious sentiment and also a request for help.

Maybe I should add the possible stupidity of Mr. Davis for falling for what I already suspect was a scam. If the guy really was disabled enough to be in a wheelchair (how did he get to the exit ramp?) there’s an almost infinite number of Federal, state, and local programs to help him. Add in friends, family, private charities and this guy shouldn’t be panhandling anyway. But I digress. Let’s continue:

John reached into his wallet and grabbed a couple of bucks to give to the man. As he approached the light at the exit, he rolled the money up vertically and stretched his arm out of his window. He says, the man touched the cash and one of the dollars fell to the ground.
The man then bent over and picked it up.
Moments later as John travelled North on West 117th he says a Cleveland police officer pulled him over.
“He proceeds to tell me he’s pulling me over for littering,” said John.

Obviously Cleveland police have solved all other crimes. Since when is money trash? Doesn’t it have to be trash to be considered litter. In any case, the ‘litter’ was immediately picked up! Am I going to be ticketed for littering every time I drop something and immediately pick it up? That’s the stupidity of the police officer. Now let’s get to the law cited:

The ticket cited Section No: 613.06 of Cleveland’s Municipal Codes, which is littering from a motor vehicle.
His offense was listed as, “Throw paper out window,” and in parenthesis, “money to panhandler.”
John said he was confused because money is paper but it’s not trash.

I made that point earlier. Plus the money wasn’t ‘thrown’. It was handed to someone. But now it gets even better:

Cleveland police can’t comment on the ticket at this time but according to a spokesperson there is another code that may have been violated.
There is a code which states that it is illegal to panhandle or give money to panhandlers near a highway or street including a berm, shoulder, treelawn or sidewalk.

Have you ever encountered a panhandler anywhere else? Ticket the panhandlers then. But last time I checked, If I own something, including the money in my wallet, I can give it to who I wish to.

Section No: 471.06 states in part that “No person shall stand on a highway for the purpose of soliciting…contributions…”
It also reads that “No driver” is to “transfer currency….to any person standing on a street or highway.”
But John says that’s not what he was ticketed for. He was cited for littering from a motor vehicle, and the officer advised him to “take it up with the courts.”

The person in question was not ‘standing’ on a street or highway. He was sitting in a wheelchair. A technicality? Yes, but if you’re stupid enough to write a law, you better cover every possible variation. Anyway, Mr. Davis is going to fight it.

John does plan to challenge the ticket in court, mainly because it carries a hefty fine. It could cost him $500 once you add the fine plus court costs.
John says he has always had a deep admiration for Cleveland police, and he isn’t trying to start trouble, but that’s a lot of money for helping out someone less fortunate.

No word on if the panhandler was ticketed also. Probably not, since he wasn’t ‘standing’. I’d certainly bring that up in court.

Maybe Cleveland should adopt how Dayton handles panhandlers. They are legal if they’re licensed. Their licenses must be prominently displayed, usually hung on a cord around their neck. In other words, the City gets their cut.


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terrorists and gypsies and prisoners must have more “rights” says left.

Good gosh.  If you read the comments section after the article, you get the strong impression that many of the people really believed their PM when he said he’d do away with this sort of thing.
He said he would yeah.  But he only meant it at the time said and it was forgotten by the next promise If not well before. .  That’s what politicians do. Even the ones we think we like and trust. 
Anyway, this is one of those truly stupid ideas that only the left can dream up. And will enforce whenever given the opportunity. Now that you can trust.
Take a look at this mind bender.



Prisoners, gipsies, terrorists and union activists routinely have their human rights abused, a highly controversial report will claim today.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has spent at least £150,000 ( $ 236,487.17 ) of taxpayers’ money publishing a review into how public bodies safeguard people’s rights.

The left-wing quango, led by former Labour politician Trevor Phillips, has concluded that ‘more could be done to improve human rights protections of some,’ which also included vulnerable people in care homes and victims of crime.

But it contentiously calls for more rights for groups that include criminals, travellers and gipsies on illegal camps, and suspected extremists.

Some of the EHRC’s conclusions will spark anger because they are in defiance of the rulings of law made in Britain’s courts and decisions made in Parliament.

In one of its most controversial findings, the report, due to be published this morning, states that prisoners should be given the right to vote. In February last year, MPs voted to continue to deny inmates a chance to vote in elections despite a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.

But the report, called How Fair Is Britain?, states: ‘Human rights… apply to everyone, even unpopular minorities.

‘Offenders may be punished with a prison sentence, which means a denial of their right to liberty. Treating the right to vote as a privilege to be removed for bad behaviour is a disproportionate interference with a fundamental right.’

The report also states that travellers and gipsies had no choice but to occupy sites illegally because local authorities had undermined their rights by failing to provide land for caravans. Evicting them therefore contravened Article 8 of the Human Rights Act – the right to a private and family life.

Right. That damned article 8, an invention of the Euro-peeon left, their court and union. And imposed on the UK. Go ahead, call me chicken little but I tell ya folks, if the left gets their way and I know I keep saying it, the USA won’t be far behind that one world one law ONE ARTICLE nightmare, but in our case it will be another association writ in stone that joins us to Europe.  Not so far fetched I don’t think.  Look what the left has already brought us to in just two generations.

‘Gipsy and traveller communities face a shortage of caravan sites,’ the report claims. ‘This means it is difficult for them to practise their traditional way of life.’

It echoed a claim by the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe last week that October’s eviction of 80 families illegally camped at Dale Farm, near Basildon, Essex, was an outrage against human rights.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: ‘I don’t really think the commission needed to spend tens of thousands of pounds telling us we need more human rights – that’s the reason for its existence. It seems a complete waste of money.

‘In many cases the people who the commission says are not getting human rights have forfeited them.

‘Do prisoners think of the human rights of the victims of their crime? Do travellers think of the human rights of those whose land they illegally camp on? Not for a second.

to see more


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calendar   Monday - February 20, 2012

this is where freedom dies with a boot stamping on its face

Left-wingers shifted their focus from economics to issues of group identity.
Instead of attacking the capitalist West for oppressing the workers, they attack mainstream society for oppressing marginalised or minority groups that were held to be victims of the majority.

Hugely aided by human rights law, such groups then became immune from criticism

The rest of it is below and comes from a Melanie Phillips editorial. As does the title headline for this post. Why bother?  Because I really fear the sky could fall on the USA one day, as it’s already done here. And based on some comments by some of you, it seems it started there a while ago.

Very often we come across stories so bizarre, or sometimes just so silly and sometimes funny, that an old and much used expression comes into play.  That being, ‘you couldn’t make this up.’
It once had a bit of punch to it but it’s now used so often that my reaction in these utterly dumbed down and pol. correct times is, oh yes I can.

We are faced today with true stories of human folly (nothing new there) and a so totally illogical way of thinking and accepting behavior that perhaps a hundred years ago or even fifty, that expression would apply.  That’s because today, the norm is really so bizarrely surreal, that it is no longer correct to say, you couldn’t make it up because clearly, you darn well can.  Just think it and give it a week or so and someone somewhere will be promoting it. Promoting what?  Doesn’t matter. Whatever. Just make it up. It’ll fit.

It’s in that spirit that I now share a small part of an article that as usual has to do with race but actually less race then total stupidity.
Could any of us have made this story up?  Sure we could. 

Mother of boy asked ‘Are you brown because you’re from Africa?’ slams school for branding episode a ‘racist incident’

The mother of a schoolboy who was asked whether he was ‘brown because he’s from Africa’ today blasted the school for turning the innocent question into a ‘racist incident’.
Nicola Allen, whose son was four at the time of the incident, said the matter had been blown out of proportion after Griffin Primary School in east Hull launched an investigation into playground comments made by Elliott Dearlove.
She insists she never accused seven-year-old Elliott of being racist following the comment. She also says she believes the child is being unfairly treated.


Here’s where and how it started.  One kid age 7 asking a 4 year old a question.

Boy, 7, branded a racist for asking schoolmate: ‘Are you brown because you come from Africa?’

The mother of a seven-year-old boy was told to sign a school form admitting he was racist after he asked another pupil about the colour of his skin.
Elliott Dearlove had asked a five-year-old boy in the playground whether he was ‘brown because he was from Africa’.
His mother, Hayley White, 29, said she received a phone call last month to say her son had been at the centre of a ‘racist incident’.
She was then summoned to a meeting with Elliott, his teacher and the deputy head of Griffin Primary School in Hull.
Ms White claimed she was asked at the meeting to read a copy of the school rules and in particular its zero-tolerance policy on racism.
‘I was told I would have to sign a form acknowledging my son had made a racist remark which would be submitted to the local education authority for further investigation,’ she said.
‘I refused to sign it and I told the teacher in no way did I agree the comment was racist.
‘It seems the matter has been taken out of all proportion and common sense seems to have gone completely out of the window.’


Well, there’s the background and the links but this column in today’s Mail by the ever brilliant Melanie Phillips is very much worth your time.

A seven-year-old branded a bigot. How on earth have we come to this?


The word ‘Orwellian’ has become over-used to the point of cliche. Yet there is really no other way to describe the deeply sinister, upside-down onslaught upon common sense that has extended even into the school playgrounds of politically correct Britain.

The aim was originally to create a kinder, gentler world — with a commitment to eradicating racial or any other type of prejudice.
Supporters of these beliefs profess to loathe and detest bullying, with teachers instigating school playground patrols and ‘anti-bullying weeks’ to stamp out this hateful practice.

And yet, in pursuance of these aims, we have witnessed the rise of the widespread State-sponsored bullying of children.
The latest example was the experience of a seven-year-old boy from Hull, whose mother was astounded to be told by his primary school to sign a form admitting he was racist.

So what was the heinous act this child had committed to cause him to be branded in this way? Why, merely to have asked a five-year-old boy in the playground whether he was ‘brown because he was from Africa’.

What on earth is racist about that question? It does not express a hateful dislike of, or racial superiority over, another person on account of the colour of their skin. It merely wonders, in a child-like way, about the reason for that colour.

It is thus a perfectly inoffensive question from a curious child. The reason for the five-year-old’s brown skin is, indeed, that his ancestry lies in another continent.

So how can a correct assumption constitute a prejudice? The school’s gross over-reaction suggests that racism is being redefined to include not only hateful references to someone’s colour, but any reference to it at all.

Real racial prejudice is, indeed, a horrible thing. But such wildly inappropriate labelling is to trivialise and thus effectively deny the harm done by truly vile attitudes.

Witch-hunts are bad enough in themselves; but to make a child their target is really quite obscene.

Because of their immaturity, children cannot be held to account for their behaviour in the same way as adults. When the young killers of toddler James Bulger were tried for his murder, there was uproar among progressive folk over the fact they were being made to stand trial because they were just children themselves.

Yet it would seem that those whose collective heart bleeds for child killers are nevertheless intent upon branding seven-year-olds as enemies of the people — just for displaying an attitude that some bureaucratic Big Brother wannabe deems to be beyond the pale. The seven-year-old from Hull was by no means an isolated example. The extent of such state-sponsored bullying amounts to a kind of playground Inquisition.

Last year, it was revealed that teachers were branding thousands of children as racist or ‘homophobic’ following what were merely playground squabbles.
In total, 34,000 nursery, primary and secondary pupils — including more than 20,000 pupils aged 11 or younger — were effectively classed as bigots for so-called ‘hate speech’.

One child was called a racist for calling a boy ‘broccoli head’ (on the basis the vegetable looks a bit like Afro hair); another was said to be homophobic for telling a teacher: ‘This work is gay.’

A six-year-old was said to have been reported by his school to the local authority after telling an ethnic minority friend: ‘Your skin is the colour of poo.’
A ten-year-old child was arrested and brought before a judge for having allegedly called an 11-year-old boy a ‘Paki’ and ‘Bin Laden’ during a playground argument in which the other boy had called him ‘a skunk’ and a ‘Teletubby’.

Back in 2006, after a 14-year-old schoolgirl asked a teacher if she could sit with a different group to do a science project as all the girls with her spoke only Urdu, her teacher actually called the police.

The girl was arrested and taken to a police station, where she was fingerprinted, photographed and placed in a bare cell for more than three hours. She was questioned on suspicion of committing a racial public order offence, and then released without charge.

Ludicrous, or what? Yet this over-reaction is actually mandated by law.

Under the 2000 Race Relations Act, teachers are obliged to report any incident that is perceived to be racist by the victim or anyone else as ‘hate speech’ — even if it is committed by a child.
Of course, it is not just children who are being subjected to such vilification on the grounds of offending some interest group or other. Last week, Channel 4’s advertising campaign for the sequel to its hit show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was attacked as racist for saying it was ‘Bigger. Fatter. Gypsier.’ What on earth is offensive about ‘gypsier’? If a sequel to the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding was advertised as ‘Bigger. Fatter. More Greek’, would that be said to be racist? Of course not.

This witch-hunt is going on all the time.

Who can forget the experience ten years ago of farmer and writer Robin Page, who was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred after making a speech at a pro-hunting rally that began: ‘If there is a black, vegetarian, Muslim, asylum-seeking, one-legged, lesbian lorry driver present, I want the same rights as you.’

Such reaction by the police and other officials in responding to trumped-up claims of ‘hate speech’ is the kind of behaviour we associate with Eastern Europe under communism.

So how on earth has Britain, the historic cradle of liberty, got itself to the point where it conducts witch-hunts against children for expressing ‘forbidden’ views?

It all stems from the collapse of socialism, after which Left-wingers shifted their focus from economics to issues of group identity.

Instead of attacking the capitalist West for oppressing the workers, they attack mainstream society for oppressing marginalised or minority groups that were held to be victims of the majority.

Hugely aided by human rights law, such groups then became immune from criticism and were encouraged to complain about their treatment.
Moreover, how people felt became much more important than anything they actually did.  So if such a victim group claimed to have been insulted, that was regarded as proof that an insult had actually occurred.

This replacement of objective reality by subjective feelings was a recipe for turning truth and justice inside out.

When George Orwell created his fictional ‘thought police’ and ‘Ministry of Truth’, he was attacking Stalinism and its attempt to re-configure human psychology itself.

Incredible as it may seem, that’s what we have in Britain with ‘political correctness’, which should more properly be called cultural Stalinism — a regime of oppression and intimidation in which even innocent children are being branded as bigots.

A kinder, gentler world? No, this is where freedom dies with a boot stamping on its face.


And speaking of yes, I could make it up.
And you’d all say, it’s gross beyond words but probably true. It could happen.
And it did. I’m almost sure you read about it in the states.

A male gave birth to a baby. He (I guess she?) had been undergoing hormone treatments etc., born a female, changed gender but … kept her (his? It?) womb. So anyway, mommy has a beard and the whole thing is disgusting and I am not I realize being very charitable or kind.  For which I am sorry. Sort of.  Cos it’s something I don’t know how to deal with. Then of course, it is not my business to deal with anyway.


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few sequins short of a tutu ….. read it all

I thought I’d heard the last (for awhile) on this topic.  But this morning’s column by one of my favorite people really woke me up.  I had not heard much about what she’s writing here.  Which btw I’ve edited. See full column at the link.
Anyway, I had not realized the extent of the thinking here and didn’t even know we had it in the USA as Miss Phillips describes.
I don’t understand how people come to believe these things. How do they come to these things?  Do they go out looking for it? Make things up as they go along? What?  How come they can not see how stupid it all is.
But ... I heard something on the radio late last night, after my computer crashed and I spent an hour with tech in India. Happily I got someone I understood, but it still took an hour.  By the time we were through I wanted nothing more to do with puters.  Too tired even to read, I turned on the radio.  The topic was not this story about the loon and her little boy/girl.  But while reading Phillips here, I immediately recalled the radio program. Let me share a bit of that and you’ll see a weird connection.

The program was about a newly emerging industry that deals with stag nights. Yeah, stag nights. Ah but with a difference.  Apparently, Krakow (Poland) is host to groups of Brit guys enjoying their last freedoms. Kind of.  There are actually companies that arrange tours, depending on what is paid determines how long your stag vacation is. Usually it’s a whole weekend. Yes, the guys do get pie eyed however, there isn’t the usual (we are told) stag films of old or sex for sale kind of thing. It’s supposed to simply be a group of friends enjoying the company of a guy about to become married. The groups are controlled quite expertly by a lady guide.  They are taken from one bar to another and visit various city attractions etc.  All very civilized we were informed. And here’s the part that you might say really woke me up.  It was to be quite honest, a bit embarrassing to listen to.

One of the guys on the program is a reporter who spent many months following this newest thing. The guided stag tour of Krakow. He interviewed the guys and drank with them, nothing sneaky because he wasn’t trying to uncover anything illegal. And then he came to this.

It was noticed how these guys have not acted in the expected macho traditional male on a bender (tho they were on quite a bender) way.  Here were guys he said, who were straight but not afraid to touch each other.  Not in a sexual way, but more or less we are informed, in the manner that women bond with their friends. They aren’t embarrassed or afraid to touch and show a softer side.  They were more touchy feely I suppose.  They were less the masculine stereotype.

I guess times have changed and apparently some men have too.  But I think it’s manufactured.  I just can not imagine guys having a girls night out.
Well, not if they’re straight anyway.  It just doesn’t seem natural. 

You’ve got to be a few sequins short of a tutu to raise your son as ‘gender neutral’


For more than three decades, Left-wing ideologues have been determinedly unravelling sexual and gender differences — on the grounds that the very idea that people are different amounts to a kind of prejudice.

Bizarre as it may seem, what started as a campaign for equal rights progressed into a movement to abolish altogether the differences between men and women.

This movement consisted of an alliance between, on the one hand, radical feminists who were consumed by hatred of men and, on the other, gay activists intent upon blurring the distinction between hetero-sexual and same-sex unions.

What arose from both was a push towards androgyny, based on the false belief that biology had little to do with gender differences — which were instead said to be artificially constructed by society.


Denying the biological facts of life in this way might be considered a form of lunacy. Indeed, scientists have shown there are many differences between male and female brains. And in general, men and women clearly have different approaches to their environment, relationships, children and so on.
Nevertheless, promotion of androgyny has become a kind of default position among progressive thinkers, writers and politicians.

It all started with the idea that men and women should have interchangeable roles both at home and in the work-place, and that fathers were no longer essential to the family unit at all.
Right from the beginning, however, there was a deeper agenda to redefine relations between men and women by nothing less than redefining men and women themselves.

Accordingly, radical feminists such as academics Judith Lorber and Susan Farrell wrote with a straight face that ‘being a woman and being a man change from one generation to the next’.

And the immensely influential psychologist Sandra Bem wrote that to free people from ‘culturally imposed’ definitions of masculinity and femininity people should become androgynous, adapting male or female behaviour according to their situation.

This would mean, she gleefully predicted, that distinctions between male and female would ‘blur into invisibility’.
Goodbye testosterone!

Astonishing as this may seem, this madness has now become mainstream. For example, the Council of Europe, no less, has drafted a definition of gender as an artificial social construct which has little to do with biology.

In the U.S., some therapists have demanded ‘genderless models of marriage and parenting’.

Recently, the California Teachers’ Association held a conference advocating ‘gender liberation’. It issued instructions on ‘gender etiquette’, which said it was polite to ask people with which sex they identified — and, accordingly, by which pronouns they preferred to be described. The instructions added helpfully: ‘Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong.’
And a few months ago on U.S. TV, a ‘gender coach’ was filmed indoctrinating children that they could choose whether to be a boy or a girl.


It all sounds too ludicrous to be true. In fact, it is deeply sinister. Our society is being brainwashed into pretending that the differences between male and female don’t exist — in order to reconstruct society into some unattainable utopia of sexual and gender identicality.

The dual goal is to marginalise men and to upend society’s fundamental moral codes. Having first been told they can behave sexually in whatever way they want, people are now being told they can be sexually whatever they want. And anyone who objects to this will be told they are a bigot.

The result will be an increasing tide of misery. Human identity is formed by the union of male and female. Sexual and gender differences lie at the very heart of what it is to be a human being.

Denying those differences to a child not only threatens that child’s own sense of identity and well-being, but also starts to unravel what it is to be a person.
Dressing a boy as a girl and pretending he can choose his gender is not merely bizarre and cruel. It is part of a wider agenda to re-order our society.
Far from ushering in a better world, this threatens to stamp out the individual right to know what we are, and to rob us of humanity itself.



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calendar   Friday - January 20, 2012

when somalis aren’t out - a - pirating

When Somalis aren’t out – a - pirating
They’re here in the former GB collecting. Could this be land piracy?
Of course, they aren’t the only ones, and membership in the EU doesn’t help this problem either.

That’s THREE BILLION ONE HUNDRED MILLION in US dollars. And trust me, bad as things are, this won’t be the end of it. 

The foreigners being paid £2billion in benefits a year including 371,000 on the dole (and 5,000 claiming £42m in illegal handouts)
· DWP fraud probe after 5,000 illegal immigrants claim £42m in handouts to which they are not entitled
· 371,000 foreign nationals on out-of-work benefits
· 6% of all benefit claimants are foreigners, study finds

More than £2billion is being claimed in benefits by foreigners every year, including thousands of illegal immigrants, figures reveal.
The Department for Work and Pensions announced a fraud investigation last night after it emerged 5,000 illegals claimed handouts worth £42million to which they are not entitled.
Ministers acted after the first-ever study of claimants’ nationality, which found 371,000 foreign nationals are on out-of-work benefits.

Taxpayers will rightly worry the rules designed to prevent benefit tourists are steadily being eroded by a meddlesome EU, leaving Britain to pick up a bigger welfare bill than it needs to.’

Somali asylum seeker Saeed Khaliif was given a £2million home in one of the country’s most exclusive neighbourhoods at the taxpayer’s expense.

The 49-year-old was granted housing benefits of almost £8,000 a month to live in the six- bedroom property with his wife Sayida and children.

The unemployed couple demanded to be moved to West Hampstead, north-west London, after deciding their home in the Midlands was inadequate.

The payments, revealed last year, are among the largest ever given in housing benefit.

Their new home has a 90ft garden and has been recently refurbished, with an en suite master bedroom and modern kitchen.

It is minutes from West Hampstead Underground station and the neighbourhood is home to comedian Stephen Fry.

It is understood Mr Khaliif has up to eight children and lives on benefits. He has not worked since arriving here three years ago.

Sought-after: The Khaliffs’ new home in West Hampstead


It is understood the family left £600 worth of damage to their old home in Coventry and did not pay the final month’s rent.
Housing benefit was recently capped at £400 a week, but the Khaliifs were able to claim more because they moved before the change came into force.
According to property sources, the house was being advertised to rent at £7,800 per month.


We’re in the money,
We’re in the money;
We’ve got a lot of what it takes to get along!
We’re in the money,
The sky is sunny;
Old Man Depression, you are through,
You done us wrong!

We never see a headline
‘Bout breadline, today,
And when we see the landlord,
We can look that guy right in the eye .

We’re in the money
Come on, my honey
Let’s spend it, lend it,
Send it rolling around!

(From 42nd Street)

bmews readers are encouraged to see the source link, scroll down to the comments. I can imagine how those Brits feel. Not too good. Not good at all.


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calendar   Saturday - December 10, 2011

transgender education for five yr olds, and laws that prove the law is an ass

This is an update to an earlier post along the same line.  Sex ed for toddlers. Or so I view 5 year olds.  OK, maybe not strictly speaking toddlers but kind of young I would think for this.  Transgender classes for five year olds?  What next? 
Glad I’m not a parent.  I’d really be stressed. Above and beyond my present state.

Something else in the article here that proves how stupid things can get.  Apparently if you kill a transgender person due to hate of that state of being, you will get 30 years in the slammer.  I guess as opposed to just killing someone cos you felt like it or were angry at them. Or killing in a robbery or home invasion. BUT,
if the crime were done out of hate, that’s much worse.  WTF?  Dead is dead period where the victim is concerned.  Talk to the families of victims and it’s doubtful they’d feel any better knowing their kin was murdered but hey, the killer didn’t hate the victim. Oh, well that’s alright then. 10 years off in five for good behavior.

A 19-month-old toddler called Fletcher was punched to death by his father, because he would not stop crying in his cot. Daddy was sentenced to nine years. Presumably, if he’d killed a transgender person his sentence would have been much higher.

Fraken idiots.

Transgender lessons for pupils aged five: Classes will ‘overload children with adult issues’, say critics


Children as young as five could be given lessons on ‘transgender equality’ under Government plans.

Information about transgender people is set to be included in the curriculum for personal, social and health education lessons, which are taught in thousands of primary and secondary schools.
The proposal is part of a Coalition policy programme entitled ‘Advancing transgender equality – a plan for action’, which was published yesterday.

In it, ministers warn a wide range of steps are needed to combat ‘transphobic bullying’, which is defined as the taunting of children who express ‘gender variant behaviours’.

‘Tackling transphobic bullying helps to address unacceptable behaviour and ensures that our society becomes more tolerant.’
As part of its review of PSHE, the Department for Education will consider adding ‘the teaching of equality and diversity, including transgender equality’ to the curriculum.

But critics said there was a danger that children were being overloaded with ‘adult issues’ as a result of such lessons.
Margaret Morrissey, founder of campaign group Parents Outloud, said: ‘These are adult issues and we should leave it until children are older or until they ask.

‘The problem is we are overloading our children with issues that they should not have to consider at a young age. PSHE is already overloaded with other issues.
‘We have given them sex education and teenage pregnancies have risen year on year.

‘We have told children about drugs education and we have a serious problem with drugs. We have told them about drinking and cigarettes and we have more children with alcohol problems and smoking.’

Also announced yesterday were longer jail terms for murderers who are motivated by hatred of transgender people.
The basic sentence for anyone convicted of such killings will be 30 years, Kenneth Clarke said. 

Similar attacks on disabled people will also face the same tough minimum term.
The Justice Secretary said that offenders ‘should be in no doubt that they face a more severe sentence for these unacceptable crimes’

see read more, source

Here’s a comment from a Daily Mail reader.

The basic sentence for anyone convicted of such killings will be 30 years, Kenneth Clarke said. The public want the basic sentence FOR ANY KILLING TO BE THIRTY YEARS not just those motivated by some sort of hatred towards a particular group. By making these comments he is effectively saying that a transgenders death is more worthy than an heterosexual persons death. I could not care less what a persons sexual orientation is but equality does not mean treating these groups more favourably or punishing those who commit crimes against them more severely no matter what the motive.If I was mugged the police would simply give me a crime number and that would be it but under Clarkes new rules If I was transgender and stated the crime was a hate crime more effort would be put in to catch the mugger .
- Rolf Kitchingr, Gosport Hampshire,


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calendar   Tuesday - October 18, 2011

Hang Them. Hang Them Now.

I don’t even know where to begin with this story. It’s a horrible tale of depravity, and it gets worse by the hour as more facts come to light. There are creatures that walk among us, passing as fellow humans, that embody pure evil. A quick death is too gentle a punishment for them, but that’s all we can do.

4 Kept In Dungeon For Years For Their Social Security Checks


the ringleader and her assistants, arrested

One of four mentally handicapped people found chained in a Philadelphia basement over the weekend was reported missing in 2005, but the case was closed by police, reported Monday.

The woman found in the basement was identified by as 29-year-old Tamara Breeden. Her family reported her missing in 2005. A Philadelphia detective closed her case last year even though she had not been found. The other three victims were between the ages of 29 and 41. All four victims were said to have the mental capacity of 10-year-olds, making it difficult for authorities to identify them and notify their families.

Three of four of the victims say they were abused and kept captive by the woman charged with kidnapping and falsely imprisoning them.

Knowles was shackled to a boiler and says he was hit by one of the two men arrested with Weston, who’s jailed and can’t be reached for comment.

Dozens of pieces of identification and power of attorney documents were also discovered, indicating a possible wide-ranging fraud scheme, police said Monday.

Investigators are still processing the documents and reaching out to authorities in multiple jurisdictions while they try to find the family of one of the victims rescued Saturday from what police called deplorable conditions, Lt. Ray Evers told The Associated Press.

Evers said Weston is suspected of running a long-standing fraud operation. Authorities say Weston and two other suspects may have been holding the four people found in the basement hostage and collecting their disability checks.

“Without a doubt, this is just the beginning of this investigation,” Evers said.

The victims were rescued from the basement of the northeast Philadelphia apartment building on Saturday after the landlord shined a flashlight behind a steel door that had been chained shut.

The space was too small for an adult to stand up straight and reeked of waste from the buckets the victims used to relieve themselves, according to police.

Four mentally disabled people and three dogs in a shit filled 15x15 cell in a basement. Filth encrusted, on the edge of starvation, and beaten severely repeatedly. And they’d been that way for years. YEARS. Kept so long that the cases were closed on some of them. So that these sick bastards could collect their disability checks. What, is there NO COOPERATION in government? Was all that Patriot Act stuff just smoke and mirrors? HOW HARD CAN IT BE to find these people if their checks are still being issued and cashed each month???

And the story gets worse by the hour.

PHILADELPHIA - Fox 29 has learned Philadelphia horror house suspect Linda Weston might have abused as many as four mentally challenged people for 11 years.

Weston and two others face numerous charges after the four people were found in a sub-basement in a Northeast Philadelphia house on Saturday. Some were reportedly in chains.

Fox 29’s Dave Kinchen says his source believes suspect Linda Ann Weston abused the four mentally challenged people for the 11-year period, holding them as hostages and allegedly stealing their social security checks.

And who is this Weston woman? Why, my goodness, she’s a jailbird, who served 8 years in the can for starving some other man to death!

The ringleader of a gang charged with chaining four malnourished mentally disabled adults in a basement previously served eight years for starving someone to death, it has been revealed.

It’s coming to light that this crew of psychopaths may be part of a larger ring. Let’s hope that this case cracks that egg wide open. From what I can glean, this bunch had moved their prisoners from Texas to Florida, and then north to Philly only 2 weeks ago.

Linda Ann Weston, 51, the alleged ringleader behind the Philiadelphia ‘house of horror chain dungeon,’ was convicted of starving Bernardo Ramos 25, to death after he refused to support her sister’s unborn child, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
Police believe the trio may have been part of an interstate conspiracy to obtain the government support checks of mentally disabled people.

The alleged ringleader, Linda Ann Weston, 51, previously served eight years in prison for starving Bernardo Ramos, 25, to death after he refused to support her sister’s unborn child, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Weston’s boyfriend, Thomas Gregory, 47, and homeless man Eddie Wright, 49, were also arrested Sunday. Each suspect was charged with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and other related charges.

Late Sunday night, Gregory and Wright were arraigned and held on $2.5 million bail each, while Weston was still being processed, WPVI-TV reported.

Police say they expect more charges to be filed as they continue investigating the trio’s scheme that they believe stretches back at least a year and reaches as far as Florida and Texas.

There is some good news though. ANOTHER missing person has been located, a 15 year old girl kidnapped in Florida. And whaddya know, the suspect is THE SON of one of the three arrested. In other words, kidnapping people and imprisoning them to collect their disability checks IS A FAMILY BUSINESS, with the added thrill of torture and probably sexual abuse thrown in for shits and giggles.

Missing Florida Girl Connected To Horror Case
A 15-year-old girl reported missing in Florida has been found in Northeast Philadelphia. According to, Benita Rodriguez was located Monday by police. The girl was last seen at her Palm Beach, Fla., home on July 4th. A Florida television station is reporting that Rodriguez was last seen with the son of one of the suspects in the ongoing house of horrors case here in Philadelphia, Gregory Thomas Jr. Three people have been arrested in that case, including Gregory Thomas Sr.

Thomas and two others are facing a host of charges, including holding four mentally challenged people hostage in the basement of a Philadelphia apartment building. Before moving here on Oct. 3, the suspects had lived in Florida.
Near the West Palm Beach home they had lived in before coming here, neighbors say they would see the alleged victims with bruises or other injuries. But they didn’t think the people they lived with had caused them.

The homeowner says Weston had several disabled children living with her in the home. The homeowner also says the suspects left $50,000 worth of damage when they were evicted in June.

This story gets more complex by the days. Police are still finding out new facts, new evidence and new twists in this alleged Social Security scam and creepy kidnapping of mentally-challenged people.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says the case likely goes well beyond the four victims found. It could include as many as 50 more, for whom documents have been found in Weston’s possession. Some may be missing. Some may have died and been dumped somewhere.

The four victims were found Saturday by the landlord. They were locked in the sub-basement of the Tacony apartment building. On Monday, police gave the media its first inside that building’s “dungeon” basement, where the four were kept for 10 days. One of them was chained to a rusty old boiler.

Reporters noted the lack of light, the lack of fresh air, and that the bucket that had been used by the four as a bathroom had not been emptied or moved.

“It’s inhumane. It’s terrible. And for someone to do that to another human being is very, very disturbing,” Ramsey said outside the building. “… There is some indication that, as law enforcement or human services or some … government agency got close, they would move and change location. So that, literally, could keep this going on for – well, it did, for years. We just don’t know how long some of these individuals have been with her: one individual, sometime earlier this year; another, maybe as long as five or six years.”

50 others? Going on for years? Neighbors who saw the abused and never said a word? This is just the tip of the iceberg. There have to be more people involved than just these 3. How many thousands of other missing are being held as slaves, or worse, so that some sick creeps can steal their pitiful checks? Is there some kind of national network of psychopaths? An Idiot’s Guide To Dungeons For Fun & Profit? A slaver’s union? How is it that our super duty all-knowing government continues to send out checks for these missing people, but no red lights go off when those checks get cashed?

And how is it that you can starve a man to death for revenge and only get 8 years in jail? That’s murder by torture, and should carry the death penalty or at least life imprisonment.

More links in the comments section, and those links have plenty of pictures and videos. This is beyond appalling. I don’t know how to respond, but it involves pitchforks, torches, and bayonets.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/18/2011 at 09:03 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - September 22, 2011

Fined for hiring too many people!?

His name is Peter Schiff. It sounded familiar. Didn’t take long to find out why. I read his 2007 book Crash Proof. He’s pretty much a doomsayer on the economy. He admits that in his testimony before the US House. He is a CEO and the most egregious part of his testimony is the following clip: He was fined for hiring too many people.

I’m stunned. For two reasons. The first, and most important, reason is that I cannot find anything in the Constitution that gives the Federal government the right and authority to tell a businessman how many people he can hire. The only limit is how many people a businessman can afford to hire. (Even then, I wouldn’t hire anyone unless I had a need to do so.) Secondly, of course, is that in this current economic slump, don’t we want businesses to be hiring? They shouldn’t be fined more than they already are under existing employer mandates. (healthcare, SocSec, other payroll taxes…)

“In my own business, securities regulations have prohibited me from hiring brokers for more than three years. I was even fined fifteen thousand dollar expressly for hiring too many brokers in 2008. In the process I incurred more than $500,000 in legal bills to mitigate a more severe regulatory outcome as a result of hiring too many workers. I have also been prohibited from opening up additional offices. I had a major expansion plan that would have resulted in my creating hundreds of additional jobs. Regulations have forced me to put those jobs on hold.”

Source here.

See More Below The Fold


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 09/22/2011 at 10:55 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - May 22, 2011

sometimes democracy does suck. like when it attacks itself.

Not a lot of sleep last night, asleep here at the keyboard this morning. 
Why the heck am I posting this story?
I don’t know. Maybe as a warning to Americans?  This could not happen in the USA. Could it?
Always seems as though the democratic process is the worst enemy a democracy faces. Most discouraging the way folks here allow this to go on.
There’s a loophole we read. Yeah?  Why hasn’t some smart lawyer found it before this? Oh but they have. Journalists have been writing about it for awhile.
WTF are they waiting for?  Another tube tragedy or maybe 911 in London?  And why can’t judges work around a loophole that’s so obviously contrary to the interests of their home country?  The more I read stuff like this, which is almost daily, the further pushed to the extreme right I find myself.  Not exactly a comfortable position.
Maybe when I wake up after breakfast and a third strong coffee ........

Take a look at this insanity from one of our Sunday morning papers. It’s from The Sunday Telegraph.

Judges block Home Secretary from deporting convicted terrorist

A convicted terrorist banned from Britain for being a risk to national security has been stopped by the courts from being deported.

By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent

The Muslim man, who cannot be named, was found guilty of terrorism in Tunisia and has already been extradited once to Italy, where he was accused of being involved in helping to send Islamists to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Theresa May, the Home Secretary, ordered that he be kept out of Britain because his presence would not be “conducive to the public good for reasons of national security”, adding that there was evidence he had been involved in “extremist radicalisation”.

However, after he was acquitted in Italy, he returned to Britain and has been allowed to stay by the Court of Appeal while he fights Mrs May’s ruling. The court’s decision has exposed what experts said was a “loophole” in immigration law which would allow “dangerous” people to stay here.

Experts said the case would have serious implications for the Home Office’s ability to exclude terrorists and those suspected of terrorist offences, effectively creating an open border for terrorists while they pursue legal challenges.
Although only a small number of people would be affected, they could pose serious risks to national security.

The Tunisian terrorist is likely to use human rights legislation to argue that it is unsafe for him to be returned to his home country, so he can stay permanently in Britain.

Lord Justice Pill, Lord Justice Rix and Lord Justice Lloyd backed the terrorist’s right to be in Britain while he mounts an appeal. Lord Justice Pill commented that denying him access to Britain could lead to “potential injustice”. The case puts the judiciary and the Government at loggerheads once again, and comes after the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, warned MPs against using parliamentary privilege to reveal the identities of those who have obtained injunctions to protect their privacy.

Anthony Glees, a professor of security and intelligence at the University of Buckingham, said: “The judiciary are putting the rights of terrorists and terrorist suspects above the rights of ordinary people in this country to go about their daily lives in peace.

“This is a very dangerous precedent if it is allowed to stand. It used to be the case that if the home secretary said someone could not enter this country then that was the end of the story.”
The man, known only in legal documents as MK, was convicted of terrorist offences in his absence by a Tunisian military court. He arrived in this country in 2001 and successfully claimed asylum.

The Sunday Telegraph knows the identity of MK but has been prevented from disclosing it by the courts because he is an asylum seeker. The exact details of his criminal conviction in Tunisia are not known.
He lived in Manchester with his wife and daughters. It has been claimed he is a veteran of the Bosnian war, where he fought with the Muslim Mujahideen Brigade.

MK was arrested in a dawn raid by Greater Manchester Police in November, 2007, on a European arrest warrant at the request of an Italian investigating magistrate.

The 53-year-old was held as part of a series of coordinated raids across Europe against an alleged north Italy-based network recruiting fighters for Iraq and Afghanistan. Seventeen were detained in total and a senior Italian politician said at the time that the raids had “decapitated” a “Salafist jihadi” network of terror cells.

Poisons and ignition devices for explosives were seized in a number of northern Italian cities. The suspects were also accused of falsifying identity documents allowing them to travel clandestinely from one European country to another.

Court documents show that MK was accused of “membership of a criminal organisation for the purposes of terrorism”. British police also claimed that the network was involved in forging documents between 2003 and 2005.

He then fought a lengthy legal action, using human rights laws, against extradition, arguing that he could ultimately be sent to Tunisia, where he would be tortured. His action failed and he was sent to Italy in 2008, where he was charged with offences including providing forged documents to jihadis.
In July, he was acquitted of terror-related charges in Italy but convicted of falsely procuring a document. Because of time spent on remand he did not have to serve a further sentence.

Once again his lawyers launched a human rights case to prevent him being deported to Tunisia.
In April last year the Home Office warned MK that his refugee status could be revoked because there was reason to believe he had been involved in “extremist radicalisation and facilitation”, adding that there were “reasonable grounds for regarding him as a danger to the security of the United Kingdom”.

On Aug 7 last year Italian authorities ordered MK to leave the country within five days. He took a train to Switzerland and was arrested at Zurich airport on Aug 25 trying to board a plane to Dublin.

The Swiss decided to send him to Britain — possibly because he had a travel document issued by the Home Office — and he was arrested on the morning of Aug 27 at London City Airport.

When British immigration officers tried to send MK back to Zurich, they were prevented by an injunction. The Home Office tried to overturn the injunction but its case was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

The challenge hinged on interpretation of the Immigration Act 1971 and other immigration legislation. The court hearing included a debate about the meaning of the word “while” in the phrase “while he is in the United Kingdom” from the 2002 Nationality, Asylum and Immigration Act.

Patrick Mercer, a Conservative MP and security expert, said: “This is particularly worrying in view of the Home Secretary’s efforts to exclude this man. The immigration Acts have been exploited and this loophole needs to be closed.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “We are disappointed by this judgment, but its ramifications are limited. The UK’s exclusions regime will continue to bar people from this country when they seek to subvert our shared values.”



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calendar   Wednesday - April 13, 2011

Moonbat of the Week

Welcome to the Iron Dojo Blog.

Two posts enter. One post leaves.

They post.  I link. You choose.





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calendar   Sunday - April 03, 2011

Union vs Taxpayers moving to Congress

I’m sure we’re all aware of what the government unions have done in Madison, WI. They are currently doing the same here in Ohio. But it gets’s moving to the Federal level.

I’ll have to let you find the news articles yourself. I’ve not got time. I’ll give you the ‘Reader’s Digest’ version:

The APWU (American Postal Workers Union) recently concluded a contract. House Republicans are scrutinizing it. This is being called a ‘first’ by my union. I suppose it is a ‘first’...first time Congress has done its job in several decades.

I’m not a member of the APWU. I’m a member of the NALC. We haven’t even started contract negotiations. Yet I received the following email from the NALC:

On April 5, Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee—which has jurisdiction over the Postal Service—will hold a full committee hearing on our pay and benefits. While the hearing’s emphasis will be on the Service’s tentative agreement with the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), there is no doubt that the hearing will have repercussions on the collective-bargaining agreements of all postal employees, including letter carriers.

Your member of Congress sits on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. I need you to pick up your phone on Monday, April 4—while off the clock—and call Congressman Mike Turner at (202) 225-6465 to deliver an important message.

The script below should be used to guide you through your conversation with your member of Congress.

“Hi, my name is ______________________. I am a letter carrier from __________________ and I have worked delivering mail and packages for ______ years.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday), the Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding a hearing on postal employee pay and benefits.

“The Postal Service provides high-quality service at the most affordable postage rates in the world without receiving a dime of taxpayer money.

“The USPS and its employees have worked together to overcome the economic crisis of the past few years, maintaining high-quality service and becoming more efficient by eliminating more than 100,000 jobs since December 2007.

“As your constituent, I hope you stand up for the middle-class pay and benefits I have earned.”

Wow! Despite April 4 being my day-off for the week, I responded with an email to Congressman Turner. It went like this:

Dear Congressman Turner,

Congressman Turner, as a 22-yr member of the USPS, and a six-year Naval veteran, I hope you stand on your oath of office, the same oath I’ve taken twice (Navy, USPS) to uphold the Constitution. A very important part of which is to oversee tax receipts and tax expenditures. CUT THE SPENDING! If I, as an employee of the USPS, take a financial hit, sobeit. Me and the wife will survive. That’s my/our problem. The country, however, will not survive. CUT THE SPENDING!

Mark Steyn read an email sent to him while guest-hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday. The emailer made the point that current government taxing and spending is the ultimate form of ‘taxation without representation.’ Generations yet unborn will be taxed for today’s spending.

I’ll close with a quote:

“The most sensible request we make of government is not ‘Do something!’ but ‘Quit it!’ “ – P. J. O’Rourke

We’ve met before, back when you ran for Mayor the first time. You and your wife visited the Upper Riverdale Neighborhood Association.

Just stand your ground. Tell the Democrats to ‘quit it’.


Fellow BMEWS and BMEWSETTES, please email your congresscritters and tell them to STOP THE SPENDING!


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 04/03/2011 at 03:05 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - February 17, 2011

can a judge have actually said this?  read on.

Well now, this is a theory I’ve never run across before. But leave it to a lawyer’s brain to split the hairs.

So then .. if you sexuality assault a child but still like older women as well, you are not strictly speaking a pedophile. Huh?  Do you read it this way as well?
I wonder if somehow something got lost in translation because even in this upside down ludicrous world, that does not make any sense.
See G of V for more on the subject.
Oh, and here’s a thought someone else raised in conversation a while ago.

In the days of Mohamed, and not just him, would child sex have been the norm? And not just with islamics. Since life ended fairly early, would it not have begun early as well?  I never thought about that before someone asked it. 

H/T Gates of Vienna

Press Release on the Scandalous Judgment Against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Gemmingen, February 15, 2011

On February 15, 2011, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was sentenced to a fine of €480 for “denigration of religious doctrines” by Judge Bettina Neubauer in the Vienna Regional Court. She was acquitted of the original charge of ethnic incitement.

The court based “denigration of religious doctrines” on the fact that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff had characterized Mohammed as “pedophiliac” because — according to Islamic legend — he had sex with nine year-old Aisha. In the court’s view, this was “denigrating” because Mohammed did not have sex exclusively with children but also with grown women, and stayed with Aisha until his death when she was eighteen years old. So he was not inclined to pedophilia.

It might be interesting to see whether this scandalous judicial interpretation could persist in regard to convicted child molesters in Austria. It is known that many of these child molesters were fathers of families at the time. This could therefore no longer legally be called “pedophilia.”

Elisabeth’s statement after the trial is clear: “Today is a sad day for my young daughter and for all other young girls.”

See Scandalous Judgment at G O V


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/17/2011 at 11:42 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - January 22, 2011

why wasn’t he laughing when he got up?  some ppls idea of fun … have your sound on



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calendar   Thursday - December 23, 2010

One Line Posts, Part I

North Korea Threatens “Sacred War” With NUKES As South Korea Stages War Games Near Border

These people are certifiably rabid batshit insane. As if that’s news. Nerve gas the entire country then start over. The NorKs are King of the Axis of Evil


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 12/23/2010 at 02:24 PM   
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