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calendar   Monday - May 03, 2010

One For Peiper

While the old P-man is out aimlessly traipsing around the Sonora Desert, his mates back home in his home away from home are acting up. In almost exactly the way he wants them to, minus the massed volleys from the Enfields. I bet he’s jealous that he missed this one ... and it looks like he’ll go right on missing them, as I now hear that Ireland has shut down their airports again due to Icelandic ash. No, I don’t understand either why P and Mrs. P, who live in south east England, have to fly in and out of Ireland. Something about the paperwork, that’s all I know. Anyway, on to the story.

Villagers fight back against invasion of travellers

Farmers used pickup trucks to close roads and residents held a vigil to thwart the invasion and turn back trucks full of building supplies going on to the land near the picture postcard village.

Gipsies in the past have used Bank Holidays to tarmac over fields because they know they have an extra day before council planning officers are back at their desks to halt development.

But residents in Meriden, near Solihull, West Midlands, swung into action after they spotted the travellers swarming onto the 10-acre field in the village just after the council offices closed at 5.30pm on Friday.

They had arrived with huge mechanical diggers, planning to rip up the ground, pour concrete bases for their mobile homes, and set up a permanent site.

But residents from the village, which dates back to medieval times and claims to be in the exact centre of England, fought back.

In a desperate bid to halt building work to supply caravans with water and electricity, residents formed a human barricade to prevent trucks delivering raw materials from getting to the site.

“We don’t want them here, it is as simple as that,“ said 65 year-old local farmer Lawrie Arnold, who organised the village’s resistance.

“As soon as it happened, people rang round and we started to do what we could. We live by the planning laws, why shouldn’t they?

“We are going to be here for as long as it takes.“

Gipsies used the May Bank Holiday last year to pave over green belt land near Newent, Glos, one of the prettiest towns in the Forest of Dean.

The previous year, another group did the same Shipston-on-Stour in Warwickshire, near the home of Tessa Jowell, the Minister for the Olympics.

They lodge a planning application last thing on Friday, tarmac the fields and install utilities before the planners deem their actions illegal.

By then they have installed amenities and it can make months, if not years to remove them.

Silly Brits. It only takes seconds to remove them. You just have to shut down the cell phone towers ahead of time, and make sure the council members are all over at the duck pond counting the hatchlings. Everyone else just needs a bit of selective deafness for a short time, and a bit of a memory lapse after that.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 13, 2010

more immigrants, more gypsies, more crime.

Yeah it’s some of them again. It’s them so often these days, most go unreported. Least that’s what we’re told.
Whatever.  The European canker, all still alive and all still doing well by making others not so well. 

Fury after CPS drops prosecution of immigrant boy gang accused of molesting girl, 14, ‘because it is not in public interest’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:32 PM on 13th April 2010

A gang of immigrant boys who molested a 14-year-old girl have escaped prosecution - because it is ‘not in the public interest.’

The terrified teenager was walking to a friend’s house when she was set upon by eight Slovakians, aged between eight and 12, who ‘mauled’ her in the middle of the street.

The boys groped her before she escaped and called the police, who identified the attackers and recommended criminal charges against five boys.

But officers are furious after the Crown Prosecution Service refused to press charges, saying it was ‘not in the public interest’.

The girl blasted the authorities for their decision, saying she had been ‘treated like a liar’.

‘I did nothing wrong but still feel like I’m being treated like a liar,’ she said.

The teenager was walking along in Hillfields, Coventry, West Midlands, at midday on January 6 when she was confronted by the gang, allegedly from Slovakian gypsy migrant families living nearby.

all the rest is here


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calendar   Thursday - April 08, 2010

Oh how PC.  The newspaper is simply calling them Romanian mobsters, but we know what they are.

Don’t we?  I mean besides being mobsters. Yeah. Them again.  A rose by any other name.

The unique European/British plague.

Of course, there was a time for a few years between 1939 and 45 ......... oh well.  One can hope but that’s about all one can do.  But the tide won’t be stemmed.

Police swoop on gang of modern-day Fagins who ‘sent kidnapped Romanian children to steal on streets of Britain’

By Mail Foreign Service
08th April 2010

British police have arrested more than 30 Romanian mobsters accused of sending an army of snatched children to beg and steal on the streets of Britain.

Police estimate that more then 170 youngsters as young as seven have been trafficked to the UK by the gang.

Scotland Yard officers working with local anti-Mafia cops in Romania this morning took part in a series of raids in Tandarei, a gangland heartland in the south of the country.

More than 300 officers searched 34 homes and properties in the co-ordinated dawn searches.

Police confirmed the operation had taken place this morning.

Police say the modern-day Fagins forced their young victims - snatched from poor gypsy communities - to beg in Britain and go on pick-pocketing and shoplifting sprees.

Mob bosses set them up with bogus documents and homes in London and other big cities and then put them to work on the streets threatening their families at home if they tried to flee.


Travellers offered £50,000 interest-free council loans to buy sites

By Luke Salkeld
Last updated at 12:30 AM on 08th April 2010

Travellers are being offered interest-free loans funded by the taxpayer to buy their own land.

The new project will give groups of travellers ‘mortgages’ of up to £50,000 to buy acres of fields on which to settle.

They will then repay the loans over a timespan of their choosing, without paying a penny in interest.

‘Singling out this one community for loans is grossly unfair, particularly if some do not pay their share in council tax and violate planning regulations



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calendar   Tuesday - March 23, 2010

Guy leaves house, forgets wallet, goes back to get it and finds immigrant family has moved in.

I would not be posting this lunacy today had it not been for another story I let pass more then a month ago on the same subject.  Seems this sort of thing happens so often, and if not this exact example then ones mighty close, that I ignored the article.  I guess I got a bit tired of posting of the happenings of Travelers and Romanian Gips. 

What happened in the other story was the same but a larger family.  A couple went off on a two week holiday and returned to find their home being lived in and the locks changed.  Imagine that.  Yeah.  The Romas who were in occupation, with some not even speaking English, made the claim that they bought the property from some big black guy they met at McDonalds, and who told them it was for sale. Funny how nobody seems to think of blaming Jewish accountants but I guess blacks will do as well. Anyway, whatever paper they had wasn’t worth, well, the paper it was badly wrote on.
(ok, written on.)

There was trash collecting in the front yard including the possessions of the couple.  So I skipped that story. And yes, they got their home back which also was damaged. It’s there so take it. Why not? There aren’t any real consequences. There isn’t any retribution as there might be in say one of America’s gun carrying states. Hmmm. Ya know, guns could be one reason why this sort of thing just doesn’t happen back home.  Outside of home invasion robberies of the unarmed.

I do believe some short time ago LyndonB did say that with the eu and the right of member state citizens to go wherever they wanted to go, that there would be an increase in this sort of thing. Sure seems like it.

So here we are .... and after seeing this one I could not help but wonder if maybe by chance the Germans weren’t right at least about this one group if nothing else. Short of making them null and void, they will merely increase their number, just like the muzzies, and continue causing problems for folks who then have to deal with their behavior. Just like that other group. Hmmm. Null and void.  Yeah. Has a certain ring to it. 

Man returns home for wallet and finds squatters.

A man who returned to his house in Northampton because he forgot his wallet found a homeless Romanian couple and their child attempting to move in.

The victim, who lives in a two bedroom house in Southfields, discovered Mihai and Laura Dediu moving his belongings.

He called the police and the Romanians were arrested.

They said they had been told they could squat in the house but at Northampton Crown Court admitted criminal damage and were given community orders.

Sentencing them to 12-month orders and 100 hours unpaid work, Judge Richard Bray said it appeared the country was going back to Dickensian times.

The Romanian couple, who do not speak English, told police through an interpreter they thought the house had been empty for some time and they could squat there.

The court heard the man left his home on the afternoon of 7 December 2009, but returned shortly afterwards because he forgot his wallet.

On his return he discovered the couple had forced their way in.

‘Bizarre case’

Judge Richard Bray said: “The owner comes back and there’s an unknown car parked in his drive and the lights to the house are on.

“He goes in and finds these two defendants and a young child. We are going back to Dickensian times it appears.

“This is a bizarre case. In 26 years I cannot remember burglars taking a young child with them to carry out a burglary.”

Mihai Dediu, 30, and his wife Laura, 24, now of Great Gull Crescent, Southfields, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the locks and windows.

A burglary charge was dropped.

Ben Gow, defending, said the couple had been told by a man they met in a shop that they could live at the address.

Another man met in a shop?  Boy.  These guys do get around.  Or this group of ppl have been trained before coming here. Ya think?



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calendar   Monday - March 08, 2010

good example of an old gripe. another lying, thieving,cheating gypo scam. take a look at this one.

Anyone interested in yet another long rant from me on this subject? Or have I already said and more then once all I need to say? Yeah. Guess I have.
This gets soooo old after a time. But the thing is, it keeps on coming. Has a life all its own.  For sheer hypocrisy and deviousness , this wins it’s own prize.
And the scummy slag doesn’t even have the courtesy to keep her phony sign in English with proper spelling.  Not that it would make any difference.  These ppl are and have always been about cheating,stealing and running scams.  Europe would have been so much better off had this group been eliminated.

Campaigner for gipsy rights ‘ran £2.6m benefit scam’

By Dan Newling and Stephen Wright

(a scam artist hard at work and it’s always race, isn’t it?)

A campaigner for Roma gipsies’ rights has been charged with helping scores of Romanians illegally claim millions in benefits.

Lavinia Olmazu, 30, and her boyfriend Alin Enachi, 29, are said to have masterminded a scam by which 172 Romanians claimed £2.6million.

Olmazu, who was arrested last week, was working as an ‘inclusivity outreach worker’ to Roma gipsies for both Haringey and Waltham Forest councils in North London.

The academic, who has campaigned for greater understanding of gipsy culture, is accused with Enachi of using a supposedly charitable organisation called Roma Concern to help coordinate the fraud.

The couple appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday alongside six gipsies, each of whom is alleged to have pocketed thousands of pounds from the scam.

Under rules introduced when Romania joined the EU in 2006, Romanian migrants cannot get a National Insurance number - which is the key to getting benefits - unless they can prove they have paid employment lined up.

Olmazu and her boyfriend are accused of giving unemployed Romanians false documentation which purported to offer them work. They are also said to have provided false invoices and references purportedly showing they were working.

Scores then used fraudulently obtained NI numbers to claim child benefit, working tax credit and child tax credit, the court heard.

The fraud was allegedly facilitated by Enachi, who attended Benefits Agency interviews with Romanians as a translator.

While the couple, who moved to Britain in 2007 and live in Woodford Green, Essex, were said to be living here legally, they appeared in court with six jobless Roma gipsies whom District Judge Nicholas Evans said had ‘no right to be here’.

Stelian Dumitru, 23, and his brothers Ardelean, 24, Daniel, 20, and Cristian, 29, appeared alongside Stelian’s girlfriend Leventica Vasile, 24, and Cristian’s girlfriend Paula Mihai, 29. They all live in council properties in Tottenham, North London.

Stelian and Vasile - who is a beggar - were said to have obtained £27,000 from the scam. Cristian, a Big Issue vendor, and his girlfriend - who have six children between the ages of nine months and 11 - allegedly obtained £36,000. Daniel, a father of two, is said to have obtained £12,515. Mr McCabe said:



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calendar   Thursday - February 25, 2010


There is no link to the story that I could find, and so I am only copying the relevent things from the article.

It highlights, you might say, the problems posed by a people called Travelers.  I posted something on the subject yesterday, but this appeared in a local weekly paper today and concerns itself with news from our county, which is Hampshire. In terms of ID for those of you reading this in America, Hampshire could be thought of as a state. In actual fact though, in England it’s a shire. A large one and not a cheap one either.
The photo here is taken from the web and was taken in the eastern part of Hampshire called The Meon Valley.  A place of great beauty and many villages I could be happy in for a short time.  It really is a choice spot so I guess bad as they are, travelers have some amount of taste. Or at least appreciation for pretty countrysides.  (re the spelling. Travelers apparently is spelled two ways and both accepted. )

The headline read as follows:

Hampshire Chronicle
Feb. 25, 2010

SHORTFALLS in the law are hampering the city council’s ability to move on travellers, members have been told.
Winchester City Council viewed a list of all known camps in the district - legal or not - at a meeting last Thursday.

There were seven illegal plots that were all in The Meon Valley.
The city council is frustrated because it doesn’t have the appropreiate powers to deal with illegal sites. “It’s not because of inadequacies among the officers, but inadequacies in the law.


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calendar   Wednesday - February 24, 2010

Vehicle stolen but kops can not retrieve it. Why? The curse of the Travelers.  Gypsies. RCOB!

Whatever name they go by they are a curse that the world would be well rid of.  Wherever they settle, bad times follow. Since the west decided that genocide is a no-no their numbers of course have increased.  Their numbers should be eliminated but nobody will do that, so I predict the problem will worsen with nothing constructive being done about this virus.

Time and time again these folks have caused major problems everywhere they go.  They are now declared a race and bad things said against them is, yeah. racism.  Woo-Fuckin-Hoo. I don’t much care what label the bleeding hearts attach to thoughts like mine. I merely react to the facts alone and the facts are, those ppl are a menace.  They are professional thieves, they overrun property that often isn’t theirs, and when it is, they very often do not have permission to build on or tear up areas of green belt.  But they do because firstly, they don’t give a damn, and secondly they are often allowed to get away with things the rest of the population wouldn’t dare.  But just saying that makes it a ‘racist’ statement.  Cool huh?  It’s win, win for them every time.

You might note that although they are active in some parts of the USA and we hear about em from time to time, in the USA they do not (as far as I know) pull the same stunts they do over here.  Gotta be a reason for that. Ya think?

Police tell car theft victim: ‘We’ve found your van… but it’s too dangerous to get it back from traveller camp’


When a market trader was told by police his stolen Mercedes van had been found, he was overjoyed.

But Christopher Sims was amazed when an officer said it had been located in a ‘no-go’ on a notorious travellers caravan site.

A police officer explained they were unable to retrieve his £1,000 vehicle - which had £1,000 worth of goods inside - because it would mean a major operation which would put officers’ lives at risk.

One officer accidentally let slip that the van is on a travellers site, The Willows, at Sandhurst, near Gloucester.

The father-of-three said: ‘She told me it is a very dangerous and volatile place for the police to go.

‘She said they would have to mount a huge operation with armed officers, dogs and helicopters and it would never be authorised by senior officers for the sake of a van worth £1,000 with another £1,000 worth of contents inside it.

‘I think it’s disgusting. It’s one law for them and one for us. I feel so frustrated and angry.’



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calendar   Monday - November 23, 2009

Police rescue 15 gypsy children trafficked from a Romanian village to commit crime in Britain.

Yeah. What they said. Rescue. OK, Maybe so but authorities damn well know these ppl are known to raise and train children to do these things. They have been doing so for a few hundred years. Especially pick pockets.  This is not new.  It’s doubtful force is involved since they are raised in that culture.

Maybe that headline should read Police STOP 15 Gypo children.

Police rescue 15 gypsy children trafficked from a Romanian village to commit crime on Britain’s streets

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:06 PM on 23rd November 2009

Fifteen children were found at three homes today by police investigating an alleged child trafficking ring.
Police raided the addresses in Manchester following intelligence that youngsters were being moved out of a Romanian village into the UK.

Four women and two men, aged between 23 and 32, were being questioned by detectives after officers executed warrants in Gorton and Longsight.
The children, who were said to have been forced into committing low-level crimes, were now in the care of Manchester City Council’s children services, police said.

There is a large Roma community in the Gorton and Longsight areas of the city, estimated to be around 1,000 people.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: ‘Working with Manchester City Council, the aim of the operation was to identify and safeguard any children who may have been trafficked into Greater Manchester by Roma organised crime groups for exploitation and financial gain.

‘Operation Epee was also targeted at disrupting any organised crime groups at the heart of this exploitation.

‘Intelligence gathered from a number of sources, including the Metropolitan Police, the UK Borders Agency and the Romanian National Police, suggested that children were being trafficked out of the small Romanian village of Tandarei into the Greater Manchester area.

‘The intelligence indicated the trafficked children are at risk of being subject to cruelty by neglect and being forced to commit low-level crimes such as cashpoint distraction burglaries, pick- pocketing and begging.

I only posted part of the article.  THE REST IS HERE


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The European cancer marches on, as the “local authority seeks legal action.” Uh huh. Right. And we know where that leads. Don’t we? Sure we do.
And so do the Gypos/Travellers/Hobos or whatever other name you care to use. This is old and tiresome stuff to them.
There is ONE way to stop it all but I guess genocide is out of favor these days.


Travellers are trying to drive us off our land:
Horse lover tells of threats after her field is surrounded

By Liz Hull
Last updated at 8:15 AM on 23rd November 2009

Mrs Bowling has faced threats from the travellers since they moved in next to her plot. To Louise Bowling, it was the fulfilment of a life-long dream.

Photo: Jeff Morris

Having bought some land, surrounded by beautiful countryside, she now had space to rear her beloved horses.

But. just a few months after purchasing the 1.1 acre plot, Mrs Bowling’s dream is in tatters.

Earlier this month, the land surrounding her stables was sold to travellers who arrived under cover of darkness, poured 200 tons of concrete over the hillside and brought in their caravans and trucks.

They have since laid siege to Mrs Bowling’s plot, threatening to rape her, burn down her home and kill the animals unless she sells them her land at a knockdown price.

Last night, Mrs Bowling, 31, a part-time receptionist, said: ‘It’s been terrible. When the caravans and trucks rolled on with the concrete, it was the end of our world.

‘We saved up to buy the land - my husband went to war to pay for it - and it was going to be our nest egg for the future. It was an idyllic place for me to come and see the horses and enjoy the countryside.

‘The travellers want us to sell them our share, but when we said it was not for sale they started threatening us. They said they would burn our house and the stables down and kill the horses.

‘One of the men even threatened to rape me, it was disgusting. I’ve been so upset, I’ve not been eating or sleeping since they arrived.’

Mrs Bowling bought the land in Hardhorn, near Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, from owner Vincent Peake for £17,500, 14 months ago.

It was the middle plot of six lots, totalling eight acres, all designated as being for keeping horses on.
Mrs Bowling and her husband, Martin, 35, a former supplier with the RAF who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, spent a further £8,500 building stables and fertilising and fencing off the plot.

The couple, who have no children, moved their two horses into the stables and for more than a year enjoyed tending the plot and their animals. But, on November 3, Mrs Bowling was told the remaining five plots had been sold to a group of Irish travellers for £85,000.

On the evening of Friday, November 6, around 20 caravans and trucks rolled on to the site and, over 72 hours, tipped 200 tons of hardcore on to the land.

Officers from the local council arrived the day after and tried to issue a ‘stop notice’ to force the travellers to stop working on the site, but, they ignored it. The local authority are now seeking legal action against the travellers.

Police were also called but said they were powerless to help because no crime had been committed. Fearful her two horses would be harmed, Mrs Bowling, of Blackpool, moved them to other stables nearby.

She said they later offered to sell the travellers the land but were only offered £18,000, including the stables.

One of the travellers, Pat Collins, denied breaking the law and said they had applied for planning permission for their caravans. ‘We have put in for planning permission retrospectively and are waiting for it to come back,’ he said.

‘We have to have homes for our kids. We’ve saved our life savings for this land, we own it and have a right to be here.’

Mr Peake, a retired electrical engineer, claimed he did not mean to sell the land to travellers. An individual in Yorkshire acted on the travellers’ behalf and sold the land to them behind his back, he added.


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calendar   Saturday - September 05, 2009

Just amazing how far this culture will go to screw itself … don’t believe it?  Take a look.

I went to the Saturday Mail looking for a specific story I found in the hard copy edition, when I saw this latest bit of lunacy.

While I may not like what they do, that is travelers/gypsies, lets face it.  They are empowered by pandering, appeasing, frightened politically correct town councils.  Who , let us not forget, draw their pay from taxpayers which generally does not mean gypsies.  But somehow, it’s gypsies who seem to be served.

Perhaps I should not say this as I have no experience with European countries on this subject.  But I’ll say it anyway.
It’s only a guess but .... I think England is the ONLY country that will actually put up with this sort of thing without a fight.  They have become that intimidated
by the civil rights lobby.  That plus their own innate feelings of overboard fair play and willingness to bend over backwards.

Anger as council closes road so travellers can hold wake for ‘two weeks’
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:02 AM on 05th September 2009

A council has come under fire after it closed a road to allow a group of travellers to hold a wake.

A brazier fire is burning in the middle of a country lane so the dead person’s belongings can be destroyed in what is a traditional traveller ceremony that can last up to two weeks.
But local residents are angry that West Sussex County Council has shut Blackboy Lane in Fishbourne instead of asking the travellers to move their ceremony elsewhere.


Villager Bob Kerby, 63, told The Sun: ‘There’s one law for us and one for them. We pay our taxes and are entitled to have access to the road. It’s also an inconvenience for emergency services.’
The ceremony started - without the council’s permission - on Tuesday. The road had originally been kept open forcing drivers to swerve around the fire and piles of logs.

But West Sussex County Council then closed a 30ft stretch citing ‘safety reasons’.

A spokesman said: ‘Concern was expressed that a metal drum containing a fire had been placed on the highway verge outside a house where we understand the personal property of a recently deceased member of a travelling family was being burnt according to a tradition.

‘The fire was declared safe but because of a truck parked while members of a travellers’ family watched over the drum, we have put a temporary road closure in place for road safety reasons.
‘This has cost less than £100 and only involves a stretch of road less than 100metres in length and with a very short diversion, so there has been full access at all times.’

More than 200 travellers are expected at the shrine to mother-of-seven Lena Lay, 55, before her funeral takes place next Thursday.
Residents fear the mourners will park on grass verges causing more traffic problems.
Mrs Lay’s unemployed son John Chapman, 34, said: ‘We never let the fire go out because if we do we believe the devil will come and take away our souls.’
Police said the travellers have not been moved on as no crime has been committed.

Travellers are given lengthy funerals to allow relatives and friends to travel from all over the world to take turns to surround the deceased’s bed so their spirit is not angered at being abandoned.
The deceased’s possessions are destroyed, normally by being thrown into a fire.



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Just a very short read but says an awful lot.
I keep telling myself that I don’t need to post traveler stories after the many already done. But little bits like this just can’t be ignored.
Pity the day when and if this crap comes to American shores. And never say never guys.  Age taught me that.  And left wing, hand wringing libtards.


By Richard Littlejohn

Following the admission by the Government that so-called ‘travellers’ are free to ignore the planning laws and must be allowed to jump the queue at NHS surgeries comes further evidence of preferential treatment.
Once a group of people is classified as a vulnerable minority, there’s no limit to the largesse available - or to the jobs created for Guardian readers.
St Austell council, in Cornwall, is advertising for someone to cater to the special needs of female gipsies.

‘Housing Services are seeking to appoint an experienced female support worker to join the Gipsy & Traveller Liaison Service… to provide housing-related support to gipsies and travellers living on residential sites and on unauthorised encampments.

‘The post-holder will require a knowledge, understanding and empathy of cultural heritage and diversity issues experienced by this client group.

‘They will be able to demonstrate a practical approach to supporting individuals in accessing services and enabling them to maintain their lifestyle choice within local communities.

‘The post-holder will be required to have access to a car for the delivery of the service to clients living across the entire county.

‘Please note that this advert is for female applicants only, as there is a genuine occupational requirement for a female post-holder in order to accommodate the cultural heritage of gipsies when providing access to services for female gipsy clients.’

Salary is up to £21,306 a year. I hope the people of St Austell remember that next time the council bleats about ‘lack of resources’.


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calendar   Saturday - August 29, 2009

Madonna is booed on stage in Bucharest after gypsy comments anger local fan.

Good. She’s a skank anyway.  But she most likely won’t care what they think.  It’s great to know that at least once, some self important entertainer exhibitionist found that people didn’t pay to listen to political statements from the stage. Of course, I can’t understand why anybody would pay good money to see her anyway.  But that’s me.

Off line all day yesterday and thought this a pretty good article to start with today.  What makes so many of these ppl believe an audience wants to be lectured to or listen to these so called ‘stars’ who bump and grind their way to fame?

Well, Drew’s moving, it’s beginning to feel like winter (to me) as this has not been a hot summer cept for a few days, and the postal people are threatening yet another strike. That’ll make three. I think.  Any other important news?  Uh, well maybe.

I hope this either a bad joke or just something I read and misunderstood.

Just a brief line in the paper yesterday with regard to one of BMEWs favorite subjects.

HEALTHCARE ...According to something I read, it says that Obama is thinking of naming whatever program he ends up with after the late Sen.Kennedy.
I could not make this one up.
He may call it KennedyCare.

So help me Hannah that is exactly what I read. And yes I did check to make sure the date wasn’t April 1.

I can’t believe that true even for him. But as Will Rogers once famously said. “ All I know is what I read in the papers.”
No not literally. Just a figure of speech. I hafta say that coz in case Macker is here and knowing his sense of humor, I thought I better cover myself.

Madonna is booed on stage in Bucharest after gypsy comments anger local fans

By Daily Mail Reporter

She’s never shied away from courting controversy, but Madonna may be wishing she’d never said a word this week.
The Queen of Pop was on stage in Bucharest, when she was booed by thousands of fans after making comments supporting gypsies.
Madonna, 51, spoke out in support of Roma gypsies, but was met with jeers and boos by the 60,000-strong audience.

‘It has been brought to my attention...that there is a lot of discrimination against Romanies and Gypsies in general in eastern Europe,’ she said.
‘It made me feel very sad.’
The singer started her show on stage with Roma musicians and a dancer, who were initially greeted with enthusiastic applause.

But the huge crowd turned when Madonna took a break during her performance to speak out against the prejudice suffered by gypsies across eastern Europe.
There was a small amount of applause when she added, ‘We don’t believe in discrimination … we believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone.’

But yet more boos followed when she also condemned injustice against gay people.  Madonna seemed unfazed by the experience and carried on with the concert.

The singer was performing in Bucharest, just yards away from the giant palace of ex-communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
Human rights campaigners say gypsies probably suffer more humiliation and endure more discrimination than any other people group on the continent.
Nearly 50% of Europe’s estimated 12million Roma claimed to have suffered an act of discrimination over the past 12 months, according to a recent EU report.
In May 2007, Romanian President Traian Basescu was forced to apologise for calling a Romanian journalist a ‘stinky gypsy’, while in neighbouring Hungary, six Roma have been killed in recent attacks.

Of course she’s “unfazed.” That’s because she only listens to her egoself. And as for the persecution of all those poo gypsies, gee whiz.
Like, what is it they do and what kind of trouble do they cause wherever they go, that would make other ppl turn against em?
Now lets see ... this is a deep one huh?
Apparently Madonna is way too busy buying African children she can adopt, to read the papers and see the problems caused by these folk.
Anyway ... she was more then likely pontificating thinking her comments might endear her to the tone deaf fans who buy tickets.
Well, surprise Maddy.  Looks like this group of young people know something you don’t. Not that you’d be interested.



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calendar   Wednesday - August 19, 2009


All George Frost, the owner of three not very productive fields in Norfolk wanted, was a place where he could shelter from the rain and make a cup of tea.

So he asked his local council for permission to put a caravan on HIS land on the outskirts of the village of Carleton Rode.
Not one of the 727 villagers objected.


Unfortunately for him, however, his fields were in a ‘protected area’ under the local development plan, and his application was rejected.

Last year Mr Frost, now retired, sold the fields to John Leveridge, who applied to put six mobile homes and two tourinf caravans on the site.  At last weeks packed planning meeting of South Norfolk Council, 175 local people objected.

But Mr. Leveridge is a Romany gypsy. Even though he has lived for 11 years in a bungalow nearby, he told the meeting that he wanted to return to his traditional traveling ways.

South Norfolk planning officer Chris Trett said that according to govt. targets, there is an “inadequate supply of land for gypsies in the area, and the councillors were warned that discrimination against gypsies and Irish travelers is unlawful.

So although the fields remain protected, Mr. Leverdige’s application was passed by the council.


Look at this poor guy.  Apologies for the photo reproduction. Best I could get from a scan of paper as the pix was not on line with the story.
Tis enuff to make a grown man cry. What the eF was the dumbassed council thinking?  Did anyone actually come out and look?
But anyway it’s all his fault because he is a member of the wrong ethnic group.

Home owner ordered to remove hot tub, pergola from garden
A home owner has been ordered to tear up £30,000 worth of renovations to his garden after his local council said the land was a protected meadow.


By Nick Allen
Published: 3:59PM BST 18 Aug 2009

Martin Crosswait, 30, bought a five-bedroom, £450,000 house in 2006 which came with an acre of land. He then installed facilities including a hot tub, rockery, decking, pergola and stone walling.

But Bradford Council said that, before the improvements, the land had become overgrown and “returned to seed”. It should therefore be protected as part of the green belt, the council said.

Mr Crosswait, of Keighley, West Yorks, was then served with an enforcement notice requiring him to restore the land to its wild state.

He has since lost two court appeals, including a latest ruling at the High Court, which have left him with an additional legal bill of £20,000.

Mr Crosswait, a professional stunt rider, said: “All I did was landscape my garden. I can’t afford to take all of the stuff out of my garden and pay the legal fees as well. I’m scared that my house is going to be repossessed.”

The one acre field behind the house was first converted into a garden by the previous owner in 1993 and was used as a barbecue area and even a mini golf course.

But when Mr Crosswait moved in he spent eight months renovating the house and allowed the garden area to become overgrown before making the improvements to it.

A Bradford Council spokesman said: “The owner of this large field decided to change its use from grazing land to an extensive private garden without first obtaining planning permission. Part of the council’s role is to protect the environment.”

There is a very large and VERY eco-friendly house being built next door to us. The old house was demolished in April and in April the new build began. It is expected to be finished by Dec. and the new owners (a Winchester dentist) and his family will move in.
Meanwhile, as the construction moves along, nothing in their large back lot has seen any landscaping. The hedges on that side are going to seed and overgrown. But ... there are plans afoot to build a small summer house (not a live in house, sort of a fancy garden shed with electric and I suppose it could be slept in as I understand things), at the far end of his property.  I guess my long winded point is that while a house is being constructed, who thinks about the rest of the property. Your concern is seeing the home finished. And since the previous owner used it even for golf, just coz in the interim it went to seed is hardly a reason to screw this guy.
What a contrast tho to the story at the top.  Now if this fellow were to suddenly discover that really,really he’s a traveler. Well .....


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So now it can be told. Treating everyone equally is not good.  Bad is good and good is bad. Got it.

I was NOT going to do yet another story on Traverlers and Gypsies, but this one begs to be seen by the readers of this site.  For the story sure, but also because for perhaps the first time an official has come out and said that “equality” doesn’t exactly mean equality when dealing with a group of ppl who have been deemed to be a ‘race.’

Or in his words exactly:

“Planning laws are deliberately biased in favour of gipsies and travellers, a Government minister has finally admitted.”

So now the truth everyone has known for awhile is out in the open. All those damned awful white English natives who are all Fascists and Racists, have ALL been right all along.  Well thanks for that, for all the good it’s gonna do because, since this article appeared yesterday there has not been one peep from anyone in power. Nothing from 10 Downing St. and sure as hell nothing from all the human and civil rights groups. Zero. And so it goes.

Ah ... another reason this article and post should hold some interest.
See my following post.

It gets worse if that’s possible.

Planning laws DO favour gipsies and travellers, says minister

By Dan Newling

Planning laws are deliberately biased in favour of gipsies and travellers, a Government minister has finally admitted.


After years of official denials on the issue, Communities Secretary Shahid Malik confessed that travelling families are treated differently from ‘the settled community’.

Justifying the policy, the minister said: ‘Fairness does not mean treating people equally; it means addressing the different needs of different people.’

After years of official denials, Communities Secretary Shahid Malik confessed that travelling families are treated differently from ‘the settled community’

Mr Malik’s confession has been hailed by campaigners as a ‘long-awaited admission of the truth’ which they say reveals the way planning laws are weighted in favour of gipsies and travellers.

And it explains why many, if not most, local campaigns against unauthorised or proposed encampments are doomed to failure, no matter how justified the objections may be.

Mr Malik made his comment during a little-noticed parliamentary debate last month.

Liberal Democrat MP Steve Webb told the minister that his Gloucestershire constituents were furious that gipsies had been allowed to camp on protected Green Belt land that had previously been turned down for residential housing.

Mr Webb claimed that ‘planning anarchy’ had set in whereby travelling people deliberately flout planning law in the knowledge that local councils - which are under Government pressure to find more caravan sites - would eventually rule in their favour.

The MP said: ‘There is a feeling among those who have contacted me that people do not have equal rights and responsibilities, but that there are separate rules and outcomes for different groups.’

The system, claimed Mr Webb, is making his constituents resentful.

Mr Malik replied: ‘Fairness is what the Department for Communities and Local Government - my department - and the Government are all about; but fairness does not mean treating people equally; it means addressing the different needs of different people.

‘The need to provide adequate sites for gipsies and travellers is a challenging one for local authorities, but that is just one of the many challenges that authorities regularly deal with.’

The Chambers English Dictionary defines fairness as ‘honesty, impartiality, justice’.

Mr Malik’s apparent redefinition of the word stems from the Government’s decision in 2000 to classify gipsies and Irish travellers as distinct racial groups under the Race Relations Act.

This decision - coupled with changes to planning law and a desire to build many more gipsy and traveller sites - conferred extra rights upon these groups under both race relations and human rights legislation.

In 2005, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister issued council planners with a so-called ‘good practice guide’ telling them how to deal with gipsy and traveller camps.

The guide says: ‘Some planners...think that “treating everyone the same” helps to ensure equality. But this is not the case.

‘Explicit recognition of difference is needed to ensure that the right action can be taken to deliver a planning service responsive to different needs within the communities it serves.’

Critics say this means that in any planning battle, an argument between a ‘settled’ family and their traveller neighbours is a dispute not between equals, but two groups with different legal rights and privileges.

In June, the Daily Mail revealed that the number of legal gipsy and traveller sites has quadrupled to 1,279 over the past ten years.

Over the same period, illegal sites more than doubled to 3,680. Some illegal sites are thrown up over a Bank Holiday weekend, when council planning enforcement officers are away from their desks. By the time they return, it is too late to do anything about the encampments.

Conservative local government spokesman Bob Neill said: ‘It’s not fair that planning applications are treated differently purely because of the type of person who is applying the same, consistent rules should apply whatever your background.

‘Under Labour, law-abiding families who work hard and pay their taxes face reams of red tape to extend their houses, whilst travellers are given special treatment to concrete over the Green Belt and defy planning rules.’




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