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calendar   Saturday - August 15, 2009

Well they’re back again but ooops. They never really left. Travelers in the news and it’s all bad.

Very late starting today.  Here we go again. This time with two articles and photos on the same tired but RCOB subject.
Yeah. It’s them again and theeeeeey rrrrr baaaak!  Uh huh. Who else?

Reminder to Peiper ... don’t use the ‘G’ word. 

So then, what we have here are ants in human form.  Neat story isn’t it?  One nest knocked down but almost immediately another started.

RAID anyone?

Gypsy convoy invades site… just hours after council evicts travellers following six-year battle costing £400,000

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:50 PM on 14th August 2009

A convoy of gypsies pitched up at a controversial traveller’s site - just hours after a group had been evicted following a lengthy legal battle costing £400,000.

South Cambridgeshire District Council officials had just finished bulldozing three illegal pitches when eight more caravans rolled on to an adjoining field.

The demolition action was the result of a six-year legal battle to remove illegally camped travellers at the notorious Smithy Fen site in Cottenham, Cambridgeshire.
At last: Bulldozers tear down the illegal camp at Smithy Fen following a six-year battle, costing £400,000. But just hours later a new group of travellers moved straight in

At last: Bulldozers tear down the illegal camp at Smithy Fen in Cambridgeshire after a six-year battle, costing £400,000…

Hours later, a new group of travellers moved in.

An SCDC spokesman said officers could have done nothing to stop the travellers moving in on Wednesday as they could have been visiting relatives.

She said: ‘Our enforcement officers have been at the site to monitor the situation and will keep it under close observation. 

‘As we understand, there are eight caravans on two authorised pitches. 

‘We will work with the community and take a balanced approach. It is possible that they are just passing through and will move on.’

She claimed there were only eight caravans in total and they had moved on to two separate pitches - therefore only exceeding capacity by two caravans per pitch.

Campaigners have accused the Government of jeopardising councils by failing to give them the power to deal with people who illegally occupy land.

Aerial view of the Smithy Fen Travellers site in 2005, with red section showing the area that has been cleared and white where the latest convoy has occupied

Robin Page, former presenter of One Man And His Dog and independent councillor for SCDC, said the Government was too ‘politically correct’ to act.

He said: ‘It’s quite simple. The law should be the same as it is in Ireland. Illegal occupation should be a criminal offence, not a civil offence. Then there would be no problem.

‘As soon as anybody goes on to land where they are not entitled to be, police would have the power to arrest them and confiscate their caravans.

It is should be a universal law applied to everybody. But New Labour is so politically correct it is spineless.



Like insects these scum pop up everywhere simply because .... they can.  and the taxpayer get to pay for it all. Hey. Great system.
It works for some.

Note to Peiper. Don’t mention the ‘G’ word. 

Meet the gipsy family terrorising an entire street

There are neatly trimmed privet hedges, rose beds and top-of-the-range family cars parked outside all but one of the houses on this broad and leafy avenue in the outskirts of the North London commuter belt.

In the peace and quiet of a summer’s evening, family life in Totteridge — where professional couples pay up to £1million for a substantial home a stone’s throw from good schools, shops, restaurants and trains direct to the city — appears to be a picture of idyllic suburbia.

That is, until the Connors arrive.

You hear them before you see them.


To a cacophony of effing and blinding, a family of nine, packed like sardines into a dusty seven-seater people-carrier, pull up between the piles of rubbish and broken paving slabs on the driveway.

Little hands poke out of the windows with their middle fingers raised defiantly aloft.

John and Serena Connors and their seven children — an Irish traveller family — have been in residence at this five-bedroom £1million home since February, when they were moved by Barnet Council into privately-owned accommodation under the Local Housing Allowance scheme.

The scheme was introduced by the Government a year ago to encourage private landlords to take on council tenants in a bid to alleviate a housing shortage.

Since then, there have been several cases highlighted by the Daily Mail where families, living off benefits, have been rehomed in some of the most exclusive and expensive neighbourhoods in Britain — all at the taxpayers’ expense.

The Connors don’t pay any rent, of course. The £2,400 a month it costs to lease the house is covered by their housing benefit.

And while that fact is galling enough for those neighbours who work hard to pay their hefty mortgages in this desirable postcode, they could have lived with it had the Connors themselves been a little easier to live with.
‘They screamed: “You don’t who you’re messing with”’

Instead, since the day they arrived, they have terrorised this formerly peaceful neighbourhood and made life so nightmarish for their neighbours most are now too scared to speak out for fear of reprisals from the traveller community.

However, their next-door neighbours the Kaye family, who have arguably borne the brunt of the Connors’ campaign of intimidation and anti-social behaviour, are so sick of them — and so outraged by the situation — that they feel it’s time to take a stand.

‘They’ve screamed at us: “You don’t know who you’re messing with. You upset one traveller family, we’ll all come after you.” But what option do we have?’ says Hannah Kaye, an office administrator and mother of three boys.

‘I have never done anything to provoke these people. I don’t want any trouble. We have lived in this house for 18 years. It’s been a happy home for us. But since they arrived, I have been literally sick with worry.’

This is not snobbery. As Hannah’s solicitor husband Jeremy puts it: ‘We don’t have a problem living next door to anyone. We don’t care who pays their rent or what they do for a living as long as they’re decent neighbours. But these people aren’t even decent human beings.’

This is not just the matter of the piles of rubbish accumulating all over the property, including on the flat roof. It has nothing to do with the beaten-up van that sits on the driveway or even the filthy language that can be heard spilling from the Connors’ permanently open windows at all hours of the day and night.

It’s about a family with a staggering disregard for other people and their property, and even less concern for the burden they place on hard-working, taxpaying families like the Kayes.



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calendar   Tuesday - August 11, 2009

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from Richard Littlejohn. A worthy read.

Littlejohn is one of the very best at what he does, and I have yet to find him mistaken, unfair or wrong. Granted, I’m partial so I might miss something here and there. I might, but I kinda doubt that.
My previous post on this subject will with this editorial, make things even more clear for American readers. You folks at home in the USA have no idea how serious this problem is.  Sure, we have our leaky borders and problems with immigration both legal and otherwise.  But nothing like this. 
I seriously doubt America would have this exact same problem. First, Americans wouldn’t put up with it from the get-go.  I don’t think we’d allow it to become so well entrenched.  But then again, ya never do know for certain. Do we?

Some translations for those who may not be familiar with terms.
A boot sale would be about the same as a flea market.

Tarmac gang:  Often guys will arrive in a truck loaded with asphalt and claim that they have left over from a previous job and will relay driveway cheap.
It’s that alright.

Wigan Council’s consumer watchdogs are warning residents to be on their guard against a gang of unscrupulous workers who are charging elderly and vulnerable people top dollar for rock bottom work.

In the past week alone an 83 year-old Lowton woman has already shelled out more than £300 for sub-standard repair work to her drive.

While neighbours in Whelley have also been stung by the same firm to the tune of hundreds of pounds for pretty shoddy block paving work.

Residents of an Oxfordshire town are being warned about a group of men who are visiting homes and offering to tarmac driveways.

Are you sitting comfortably? Let’s go tarmacking with Teabag, Tess and Toby

By Richard Littlejohn
Last updated at 10:26 AM on 11th August 2009

Are you sitting comfortably, children? Then I’ll begin. Once upon a time there was Janet and John, who lived with their mummy and daddy in a neat suburban house. Their harmless adventures helped millions of children to read.

Now meet Tess the Traveller, her son Toby and their dog Teabag, the new stars of a reading book for three to seven-year-olds being distributed in primary schools across the country.

It’s part of a government initiative aimed at promoting tolerance and understanding towards gipsies and travellers.

Needless to say, Tess, Toby and Teabag lead an airbrushed, romanticised existence. This well-scrubbed trio roam the land, attending traditional gipsy dances, horse fairs and even an eco-camp.

Nowhere is there any mention of Toby’s father. Tess is a strong, capable single mum who can turn her hand to anything, including mending a flat tyre on their caravan.

The ‘diversity’ brigade can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that fathers have any part to play in bringing up children. I’m surprised that they didn’t make Tess a lesbian, who became pregnant by artificial insemination using sperm donated by a transgendered friend.

If they were really striving for authenticity, Tess would be married, probably from the age of 14. Travellers are one of the last bastions of both the nuclear and extended family.

In a nod to accuracy, Tess makes her money at car boot sales, although the stories don’t elaborate on where she gets her merchandise. Car boot sales are notorious for the disposal of stolen property.

Here in the real world, Tess would be claiming welfare benefits while pocketing the cash without declaring it to the taxman.

She would be driving a £50,000 Toyota Landcruiser (running on red agricultural diesel) with a stolen lawn-mower in the boot; living on either an illegal camp site or in a subsidised council house; and running a Tarmacking gang.

Toby wouldn’t look like one of the gang from Scooby Doo. He’d be a snot-nosed scruff begging outside the local pound shop, accompanied by Teabag, a snarling, mangy mutt on a piece of string, rather than a playful contender for Crufts.

Over the past few years, travellers have been transformed into a protected species, their lifestyle subsidised and proselytised.

They are treated as an oppressed ethnic minority, even though the term ‘travelling community’ encompasses everyone from genuine gipsies and Irish tinkers to Roma criminal gangs and assorted hippie throwback layabouts.

One thing they all seem to have in common is a reluctance to travel anywhere - or, at least, in the case of the Irish and Eastern European contingents, to stay put once they’ve arrived in England, where a buffet of benefits is laid before them.

Many live blameless lives of self-sufficiency, in particular law-abiding circus folk, who move from town to town providing innocent pleasure at rip-off prices. Others, though, are a menace to society, earning a living from dubious practice and outright criminality.

I bet the horse fair attended by Tess, Toby and Teabag didn’t have to be stormed by a police armed response unit, as happened recently at a similar gathering in Kenilworth, following reports that revellers were firing guns and shoplifting.

There’s a whole industry dedicated to pandering to the needs of travellers, even though most contribute absolutely nothing to society.

Yesterday, as Irish tinkers demonstrated in Basildon, Essex, against a long-overdue order to evict them from Europe’s largest illegal settlement, it was revealed that £4.7million of Lottery money has been spent helping travellers to subvert the planning laws.

Wherever these camps are established, there is invariably an increase in crime. Even when they do move on, they leave behind scorched earth and piles of rubbish.

Yet the travellers are indulged by the authorities, while law-abiding, taxpaying local householders who voice their complaints are routinely threatened with prosecution for ‘racism’.

As I reported recently, Warwickshire Constabulary even threw a pikeys’ picnic on the lawn of police headquarters in an effort to improve relations with the ‘community’ following the shootout at the Kenilworth horse fair.

Elsewhere, police have been offering free driving lessons to travellers to try to persuade them to take a test, tax and insure their cars, all of which are apparently alien to their ‘culture’.

Mobile benefit offices have been set up at illegal camps to spare them the inconvenience of having to travel in to town to sign on. And the NHS has ordered that gipsies be fast-tracked at GPs’ surgeries.

But our children won’t be reading about any of this in the fantasy world of Tess, Toby and Teabag.

Are you still sitting comfortably?



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Taxpayer pays gypsies to lean how to beat planning rules,and fund course on assertiveness training.

Here comes that old curtain of red mist dropping over the eyes yet again.

This place really does have to be totally outta their collective minds. Or what passes for it.

I got the following paragraph in an email newsletter which isn’t worth an entire post. But coupled with the traveler/gypo thing, they’re a match.
Gee whiz. A budget black hole.  Wonder why.

Councils hit by £4 billion budget black hole
A new survey by the Local Government Association has revealed that local authorities face a £4billion hole in their budgets due to falls in income from sources such as property sales and interest on cash reserves as a result of the recession. Sir Jeremy Beecham, vice-chairman of the LGA, is quoted: “Town halls are feeling the effect of the recession in exactly the same way as hard pressed home owners and families.

This is only one of two two blood boiling stories that appeared today. Can you people believe how stupid these folks have become?  Is it the air? The water? Were they simply born idiots and so aren’t responsible?  See for yourselves.

How gipsies got £5m of Lottery cash to beat planning rules… and fund course on assertiveness training

By Tim Shipman
Last updated at 1:22 PM on 11th August 2009
Daily Mail

Travellers have claimed almost £5million in government funding to help them get around planning laws.

Money from the Big Lottery Fund, which is supposed to be used to help good causes, has gone on advising gipsy and Roma groups how to set up illegal camps and get services there.

The projects funded from the public purse include a programme to help traveller groups in the East Midlands ‘to better understand and have a meaningful input into planning policies’.

Planning help: Gipsies are getting advice on building sites such as this one in Warwickshire

The money paid for a project worker to ‘organise seminars and forum meetings’ at which travellers were able to ‘engage with the planners and policy makers’.

Gipsies elsewhere in the country received advice on how to claim accommodation and benefits, and were given media training to win over residents in rural areas.

And those who find travelling groups intimidating will be astonished to learn those in one London borough were even given assertiveness training. In total, £4.7million has been handed out by the Big Lottery Fund to 26 pro-traveller causes since 2004.

The Tories seized on details of the funding as new evidence that Labour has been covertly pursuing a policy of expanding the number of traveller sites throughout the UK - often against the wishes of the local population.

The Mail revealed earlier this year that the rate at which new traveller and gipsy sites are being set up has doubled over the past two years.

Tory local government spokesman Bob Neill said: ‘This is just another sign of how the Labour Government snubs hard-working families who play by the rules and pay their taxes.’

‘By contrast, many travellers are being given special treatment. Town halls are being bullied into using compulsory purchase powers to seize land. Vital planning rules, like Green Belt protection, are being ripped up.

‘The British people have an inherent sense of fair play, and this different treatment isn’t right or fair.’

Parliamentary answers provided by culture minister Barbara Follett show that even apparently legitimate projects to help traveller children, such as a Hertfordshire play bus, meant public money was spent on ‘unauthorised sites’.

It was also revealed a Gipsy and Traveller Support Project in East Sussex received taxpayers’ money to help ensure ‘they are fully represented in community action planning processes’.

The Ormiston Children and Families Trust Advocacy service got funding to help gipsy communities ‘understand, access and benefit from the services to which they are entitled’, including advocacy on planning applications and appeals.

The growing pace of approvals of sites follows instructions sent out by John Prescott in 2006 that force councils into using compulsory purchase powers to meet new regional targets for traveller camps.

In March it emerged that thousands of protesters against one new site in Bedfordshire were ignored by council officials on the grounds that they were ‘racist’.

A spokesman said: ‘The Big Lottery Fund does not exclude any minority groups from applying for funding.

‘From June 2004 to February 2009, Big has made awards totalling £4.76million to initiatives that have benefited gipsies and travellers. This is equivalent to 0.2 per cent of the fund’s good cause funding.

‘Recent research has shown that only an estimated 20 per cent of 11 to 16-year-olds from the gipsy and traveller population attend secondary school and 68 per cent had experienced racism or prejudice because they were a traveller.’



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calendar   Tuesday - August 04, 2009

Nine councils under fire today for spending £250,000 of taxpayers’ money hiring consultants.

Something else the Brit taxpayer is not too pleased about. 

A “pitch” is a plot of land. Got it. But what the heck is this talk of a “ holistic approach.” As I see it and I am not alone in this, it’s simply another way to sock it to and screw the Brit public.  Most especially those paying the freight.

Much of this is the doing of a former Deputy PM named John Prescott.  A far left died in the wool bully boy who, tho now wealthy himself, openly wanted to stick it to those he considered to be the wealthy or well to do middle classes.  He became Deputy Prime Minister, as LyndonB has made clear in the past, to placate and appease the far left wing of the Labour Party under Blair.  It is my understanding that without Prescott on side, Blair might not have been able to get the support he needed to become PM. 

I don’t believe based on what I have seen here that the left has been good for England.  It has become without any doubt a dictatorship of the Politically Correct.  And this is only one of many results.

Councils ‘hiring consultants’ to find suitable gypsy and traveller sites

Published by Jon Land for in Housing , Local Government
Tuesday 4th August 2009 - 9:19am

Nine councils came under fire today for spending around £250,000 of taxpayers’ money hiring consultants to find gypsy and traveller sites.

Bournemouth and Poole Councils have now joined seven councils across Dorset by contributing £14,000 and £10,000 respectively to the task.

Town hall bosses have struggled to find suitable permanent residential and transit pitches in time for the 2011 deadline as set out in the Government’s Regional Spatial Strategy.

But critics say hiring £250,000 consultants to do the job is “passing the buck”.

Mark Wallace, of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “Of course it is right that the councils don’t duplicate any work but they should be asking whether they really need such costly consultants for this task at all.

“We are all aware how controversial these sites are and taxpayers will be worried councillors will be using experts as a way of passing the buck when they chose an unpopular site.

“Unfortunately this is yet another example of central Government policy imposing large amounts of trouble and massive costs on local government unfairly.”

The £250,000 comes as one of the nine councils - Weymouth and Portland - is closing a women’s refuge because it does not cater for men.

Critics argued that the move is to save the refuge’s annual £83,000 running costs.

An advert on the Dorset County Council website has called for consultants to take on the role and prepare a detailed report on the potential sites.

Dave Ayre, head of gypsy and traveller services at Dorset County Council, said: “Rather than each district, unitary or borough council making their own arrangements, appointing their own consultants, we have decided to share the costs, share the pain if you like, and get a more holistic approach.”

Poole needs to find 35 residential pitches and eight transit pitches by 2011 but the council disputes these figures.

It is already refurbishing a site at Mannings Heath for 15 residential pitches.

Councillor Ron Parker said: “We have tried to identify a suitable transit site but this has proved very difficult given the limited amount of available and appropriate land in Poole.

“The logical approach for the council now is to join our neighbours across Dorset in carrying out a wider search to identify the most appropriate areas for sites.

“By working together, I am confident we can all achieve a consistent and cost-effective approach to tackling this issue.”

The joint plan recommended by consultants would need to be adopted by each authority with the project due for completion in 2012.

Shadow local government and planning minister Bob Neill said: “This all stems from John Prescott’s controversial planning rules that are forcing councils to following binding regional targets for traveller encampments, irrespective of local wishes.

“Whatever their original intentions, the Labour Government’s policies on travellers threaten to undermine cohesion and increase tensions in the community.”



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calendar   Friday - July 17, 2009

m’kay so. here’s the deal. store robbed and robbed and owner says no more service to certain ppl.

The “certain people” of course being in this case, Romanian Gypsies or at least eastern European Gypsies.

So after being robbed over an 18 month period and being pretty sure he now recognizes the types, he decides to put a sign up saying he will not allow Gypsies in his store.

Along came a spider (the Keystone Kops) and sat down beside him and told him he must remove that offensive hate sign or face charges himself.
Apparently he has committed a ‘race’ crime.

The way it works here see is .... they (gypos) have ‘rights!’ Yup.  The taxpaying store owner?  Bah. Screw him.

Dance Gypsie, Drink Gypsie, Steal Gypsie .......  Oh yeah. Forgot. That last one wasn’t in the original song. Was it? Should have been.

Jeweller given police warning for banning gipsies after string of raids on his shop

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:49 PM on 17th July 2009

A respected jeweller has been given a police warning for ‘racially offensive’ conduct after banning gipsies from his shop in the wake of a series of raids by an Eastern European crime gang.

Michael Plant, 62, repeatedly called in officers after the foreign thieves - believed to be Romanian travellers - stole pieces from his jewellery shop in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Mr Plant reacted to the string of thefts with a sign in his shop window reading: ‘Sorry, we do not serve Eastern Europeans or Gypsies.’

Shortly after posting the sign, he was served with a warning from a senior police officer demanding he take it down, or face prosecution for possible race hate charges.

Despite inquiries police have been unable to trace the thieves.

Mr Plant has run the M&M Plant shop with his Austrian wife Monika, 62, for the past 22 years.

Today, he said: ‘I’m not racist, but the fact is I have been targeted repeatedly by Eastern European criminals and I should have a right to say which people come into my shop and not face allegations of racial discrimination.

‘I should be able to choose who I serve. That’s not just Eastern Europeans - if someone comes in drunk they will not be served either.

‘All I want is some common sense approach to what we have. The police are reactive rather than proactive to crime, they wait for it to happen before they solve it rather than the other way round.

‘I think these Romanians and Eastern European criminals are letting their fellow countrymen down. Obviously I don’t think all of them are bad, but how can I distinguish who is good and who is bad?

‘I’ve got a foreign wife and we have foreign friends. But some people coming in to this country illegally seem to have more rights than me.’

The series of thefts at Mr Plant’s store started 18 months ago, with the most recent last Saturday when a man’s gold wedding ring was stolen.

‘They always say they’re Spanish, but they aren’t. I speak more Spanish than them,’ he added.

‘They use distraction techniques like a child running around, and they get away with your stock. One morning I lost nine bracelets, worth well into four figures.

‘I think they must pass our name around because about every five to six weeks I get another group of people, two or three to four, sometimes with or without children. Their English is very poor. They always have gold teeth.

‘The men always dress very flamboyant with suits, they look as if they are trying to fit in with pointy shoes on, but unfortunately they go over the top and fail.

‘They come in and ask for something and we usually haven’t got it. Last Saturday we got a visit from another ‘disadvantaged’ pair from a ‘disadvantaged’ group and the result was that we lost some jewellery to them.

‘They’re quicker than Paul Daniels. It’s a couple of hundred pounds and that’s under my insurance excess.’

Officers were alerted to Mr Plant’s sign, posted on Monday morning, after a tip-off. He then got a warning from senior officers shortly afterwards offering him ‘words of advice’ about the message.

He said: ‘This sign was written in anger after the robbery. I feared we would get more in that afternoon. I just put it straight up on the door. One Saturday we got some in in the morning and some in the afternoon.

‘I emailed the local Inspector to say what I had put up on the sign and I was told to take it down immediately.

‘I put up another sign which actually said Romanian and East European Gypsies. It’s actually saying nothing, but the police are now taking offence to the word “gypsies”.

‘I’ve reported incidents to the police in the past. I’ve had several robberies over the years and the capture of criminals is very low.

‘I’m sick and tired of a country where if I put a sign on the door, I’m told I’m in flagrant disregard of the discrimination act, which would result in me going to high court being given a fine and a slap on the wrist and end up with a criminal record.

‘I bet if these people are caught for stealing, they probably wouldn’t even go into a magistrates court. They would just get a fixed penalty fine and that would be paid by one of the human rights organisations. The tax-payer pays for it all.

‘I’ve spoken to various people, including foreign friends of mine, and they seem to agree that the whole country is belly-up.’

Police said the Mr Plant had fallen foul of the Race Relations Act which recognises gypsies and travellers as ethnic groups.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: ‘Police received a report that a shop was displaying a sign which contained writing that was deemed to be offensive.

‘Officers have spoken with the owner of the shop. He has been advised that the notice is offensive and he has since removed it. We take all complaints of this nature extremely seriously.’


‘We take all complaints of this nature extremely seriously.’
Nice. How about taking freeken robbery seriously too. Oh, that’s going a bit far.


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calendar   Thursday - July 16, 2009

So now it’s really gonna be in my back yard is it?  I promise, no rant from me, No need,

Well, the plague gets closer all the time I guess and it shouldn’t surprise anyone considering how accommodating the PC socialist left is.

I promised no rant, not even bad language and that’s how I’m leaving it.

No link to the article which I had to copy cause as usual some papers are just plain STUPID! When I Googled the headline trying to find it though, I found even better in a way.  The Goog gave me this page which while much is dated, has some interesting links on the subject.  If you’re me of course the stories are maddening but I am not on a rant. Really.  I’m not.


This is just a short blurb from a local rag here.


Twenty one extra areas for travellers need to be found in the Winchester district, the city heard last week.

A further 16 areas for travelling showpeople are also likely to be needed, although no sites have yet been earmarked., and the exact figures are still being drawn up.

In areas where possible sites have been named, the proposals have often met with fierce opposition.

“met with fierce opposition” Gosh. I can’t imagine why.
Hey .. that isn’t a rant.  It’s an observation.


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calendar   Monday - July 13, 2009

An update in lousey news and oh hell. Here we go again. Yeah. Travelers.

OK, let me say it again ... without saying it out loud.

Everyone here knows my solution to this sort of totally unreasonable problem.  No. I just can’t resist.  Kill ALL the bastards! Make no exceptions. The good ones are the dead ones.  Otherwise this will only continue to get worse and worse as more and more find how easy it is to get away with this.

What makes this case (reported on some months ago) even more urgent, is that a group of hapless Navy vets are the ones being booted out after 30 years.
THIRTY FREEKIN YEARS PPL.  And the biggest fault is with the council or whoever approved this outrage. So they need to be greased also, to set a proper example for the rest of the country. 

You folks outside the UK can’t begin to imagine how big this problem is, made all the worse by the politically correct, socialist/ commie scumbags who have forced this on the country.  And those responsible including the legal eagles who pave the way are no less then traitors.

Think of these life forms as land pirates, and maybe my suggestion with regard to their elimination won’t seem quite as harsh or outlandish.

War veterans’ clubhouse faces demolition - to make way for travellers’ caravans

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 4:44 PM on 13th July 2009

A group of war veterans face being evicted from their clubhouse after travellers demanded it be torn down to make way for more caravans.

The 40-strong group of travellers moved on to a plot of land next to the veterans’ clubhouse last week following a council decision to relocate them.

Members of the Royal Naval ex-servicemen’s club are now in talks with Gravesham Council who will decide if the veterans are to be relocated permanently.

The veterans, who have been on the site for more than 30 years, were shocked when the travellers set up home on a disused patch of grass 20 yards away.


But it came as more of a surprise when they discovered the travellers were evicted from a previous site for breaching government greenbelt land planning laws.

Their eight static mobile homes were bulldozed after a four-year wrangle costing £40,000 for numerous court orders and legal fees.

As a result, a concession was made to the small group which allowed them to move to the former allotment land off Springhead Road in Northfleet.

But that brought them into direct contact with the Naval Association club who are fighting to stay.

The move comes just six months after the local council pledged they would ‘not abandon’ the 160 members of the Naval Association of Gravesend.

Association chairman and Korean war veteran John Down said the group would fight to remain where they are.

‘A lot of our members are elderly people who live nearby and don’t want to have to go elsewhere,’ he said.

A council spokesman confirmed it was ‘in talks’ with the veterans to decide whether they will be relocated.

The spokesman said: ‘There is a meeting scheduled with the Naval Association - we are in talks with regards to the gypsy site.

‘The gypsies have a spokesman allocated by them who is liaising with our officers.’

On its website, the council noted it had to be sensitive to the needs of the women and children on the site who were ‘all considered vulnerable’.

It emerged the council even offered to tarmac the new site at taxpayers’ expense - until travellers told them they could do it themselves for free.

Gypsy traveller Anne Scarrott said: ‘The council are going to knock the navy club down so we can have more space.

‘There is not enough space while the navy club is here. We are all too close to each other and can see into each others’ windows.’

The ex-servicemen said the decision could mean the end of the road for their association which was formed 76 years ago.

They admit their scout hall-style building is old but would prefer it to be updated rather than move out of the council-owned property.

Veteran Terry Moore, 56, said: ‘It’s a quaint old place - I don’t see why we should be the ones moving.

‘The hall has memorabilia, old medals and pictures. We definitely don’t want to move - especially to make way for people who don’t pay their taxes.

‘The club is in a great location for many of our members. If we have to go somewhere else they simply won’t be able to make the journey.’


So it cost it taxpayer £40,000.00 to remove illegals from land after four years, and now they move in and DEMAND this. They DEMAND!

Alright. I can understand perhaps the Brits being a bit civilized might also be a tad squeamish about doing the job themselves.
No Problem.  Hire Russians. No. Even better.  Rent a Chinese regiment. Maybe only a squad and see how fast this problem can go away.


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calendar   Monday - June 29, 2009

Builders ‘forced to work on £100 million gipsy camps’. All aboard for the freekin merry-go-roun

I was too tired and too disgusted and too PO’d to post this yesterday. I’m not too tired today and disgust has taken a break. For now.

This may be maddening to me personally and perhaps those folks lurking or passing through who are located here. But it is no less interesting.
My views and solutions on the subject are by now well known.  No need to repeat em here again.  That said however, while I say things I really mean at the time I say em, they are said also in extreme anger and frustration.  Perhaps even more frustration when I see the authorities caving in and appeasing ppl I think of as criminals and vandals.  Make no mistake though please.  I haven’t entirely backed off my opinion on the subject.  But some cooler heads (like LyndonB and Drew) have written things in such a way that I got to wondering just where my solutions might end.  See, the problem is that I can’t claim to have it all completely right.
I just want to hit out and be done with it and let the chips fall wherever.  Well, some of those chips could just as easily fall on me as well as on those whose breathing I think is a waste.  I think it’s called, the law of unintended consequences.  Anger will do that to people.  Is it all the fault of the people called Travelers?
Nope. Mostly it’s the fault of the sluggish and overly accommodating politically correct system in place and run by total idiots.  Politically Correct should be replaced by a new term.
May I suggest ... Politically Stupid, in its place.

Ministers have been accused of using underhand tactics to force through the construction of new gipsy camps at a cost to taxpayers of £100 million.

By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent

Councils have been told by the Government to develop the permanent traveller sites, but officials fear that construction firms will avoid bidding for the work for fear of becoming the target of protests.

Now a guidance note sent to town halls by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) recommends that in cases where no bids are received, the gipsy projects should be made part of a larger package of less controversial building work.

Firms which wanted to take on the bigger contracts would have no choice but to work on the gipsy sites.

The Conservatives last night accused ministers of “bullying” construction firms, while campaigners opposing plans for gipsy camps in their neighbourhoods said it was another example of the authorities using unfair methods to force the plans through.

Latest government figures show that the number of gipsy and traveller caravans in England has increased by more than 1,200 in the last two years to 17,900, a rise of eight per cent.

The DCLG guidance note to councils, headed “Risk register for delivery of work on gypsy and traveller site”, lists a series of problems which may arise in building the camps, and suggests a solution to each problem.

One of the problems is state as: “Difficulties in securing tenders for works from contractors”. The proposed solution is: “Package works with other projects”.

Kurt Calder of the National Federation of Builders criticised the plans to “bundle” contracts.

He said: “I think it is an attempt to force the hand of construction firms. It would be unfortunate if a contractor – at a very difficult time for the industry – has to take on a contract that they wouldn’t usually have wanted to take on, because that is not a good basis for an efficient and fair relationship. It needs openness and clarity.”

The gipsy site plans had “potential for conflict”, he said, and raised the prospect that contractors would find themselves the subject of protests and intimidation from angry locals protesting against the development of the camps.

He added that many builders would think twice before bidding to develop a gipsy site, because of strained relations between construction firms and some groups of travellers.

One builder from north-west England, who did not wish to be named, said that he would not consider bidding for work on gipsy camps because his firm had last year lost up to £30,000 in supplies and equipment in a theft attributed to travellers.

The Government has allocated £100 million over three years to house 25,000 gipsies and travellers on new and upgraded sites, with ministers saying the programme will reduce the disturbance caused by illegal camps.

The first 43 locations which have already been handed nearly £30 million in grants were revealed by The Sunday Telegraph in January.

New sites developed under the DCLG plans will be supervised by wardens.

Each gipsy family will be given a “pitch” including space for three caravans, a brick-built bungalow with a day room, kitchen and bathroom, and parking for additional vehicles.

Bob Neill, the shadow local government minister, said: “Irrespective of local opinion, the Government is imposing new traveller camps on local communities, exploiting compulsory purchase powers and disregarding Green Belt protection.


Please,Please read the rest of this at the link above.

Drew and LyndonB had the following to add in emails and it is an example of cooler heads then the only one I own.
I have edited only slightly.  For American readers, High Street here is the main street in cities and towns.  Hope I have that right.

Drew’s take on my original posts on the Traveler subject.

What was once a minor annoyance has become a national plague, and the government there goes out of their way to encourage it. They won’t deport them, they won’t support the rights of the actual property owners, it’s rare when they even prosecute the criminals within that group - and there are many! - and those convicted are soon out on the street again. Soapbox has failed. The ballot box has failed. The jury box is rarely used, but it’s power is severely diminished by the “reform” rules in effect. That leaves the cartridge box.

England needs a revolution. They need to purge themselves of bad ideas, bad laws, bad practices. And bad people. It would be best if such could be done in a proper British way, but I have my doubts. And that means people will be hurt.

Ethnic cleansing - genocide - is the last step. It’s an aspect of civil war. It’s an idea of last desperate resort. I don’t know that England is at that utter last step yet; let them try razing first. Villagers with torches. Of course, if the people had the right and ability to defend themselves and their property, you might get the same effect as genocide if a large part of the rural crime is caused by the gypsies. Think of them as a street gang with RVs, like Bloods on Wheels. You want that in your neighborhood?

LyndonB wrote the following:

The UK finances are shocking and there are going to have to be some painful actions taken to get public spending under control. If nothing happens I think you will see a resurgence of the far right. Already in Italy they have started finger printing gypsies from Romania. Technically I suspect this contravenes EU law but the Italians have had enough and the people support them. I can see people in the UK being not that far behind. Already the gypsies in Northern Ireland have been moved on after the people took it into their own hands despite all the BBC hand wringing. Hopefully this will be a wake up call. If not then we could be back into a situation in Germany in the 1930’s which does not bode well.

And Lyndon wrote this also. My thanks to both. 

As for the genocide as much as I despise the criminals I would not countenance having them put in gas chambers. The answer in my view is to cut them off from the welfare teat and start actually doing something about the criminality. There is a difference here though. The majority of “travellers” in the past were relatively settled. They were low level criminals but didn’t push their luck. A lot of them worked on local farms doing seasonal work which they supplement with benefit fraud. Where you are seeing problems now is more likely due to Irish Travellers The Irish government has clamped down on welfare so the shed dragging bastards took off to somewhere easier (England) more recently there have been tens of thousands of “Roma” from Eastern Europe. The UK Travellers/Gypsies are descended from the same stock but have intermingled with the natives over the centuries. The East Europeans are much more inbred and generally have a swarthy dark appearance. They originally came from India centuries ago. Of course now we have open borders these people are coming into Britain by the coach load every day. As you will have seen from the situation in Northern Ireland they are not very popular. This is primarily because they are well known to be involved in pick pocketing, begging and “distraction burglary” Romanians and Bulgarians can’t work in Britain without a work permit but UK immigration is not allowed to stop them coming in as they are EU citizens. If you spot someone of swarthy appearance in your local High Street selling the Big Issue or begging then chances are they are gypsies.

As I say the real answer is to make welfare a lot harder to get and put time limits on it and make it unavailable for EU nationals but I don’t think anyone has the balls to do this. So what I predict will happen is more violence against Travellers and a drift to parties like the BNP who will do something about it. By that time though they will probably have even more problems with our friends from “the religion of peace” Happy days!


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calendar   Friday - June 26, 2009

I don’t mind offending those I have no respect for, BUT .. Fury as police hold party for travellers!

This has been one hell of a 24 hours for us, wife and I, as we have suddenly discovered we will be libel for the expanse of moving water mains due to the building next door.  Which is not the point of this post.

We were away all day yesterday and I’ll post separately on that as well as the very convoluted and very pricey water problem.  Nothing in this country it seems, can be done easily and straightforward.
Anyway, it’s been quite busy and I am only now catching up on mail etc.

I saw this story the other day and I did think about posting it and decided against as I wanted to highlight another article with relation to these folks and crime.

As it turns out, I was made aware of the discomfort and in fact total disapproval of my suggestion that perhaps it was time to rid the country of these vermin through the application of Genocide.  Even Drew thought I was over the top with that suggestion.  And he isn’t alone.
Perhaps I need to use different words.  Maybe PEST CONTROL would have been a better term.

I don’t care at all if I bother with words the ppl I have no use for. But I sure as heck do NOT want to upset those I like and in fact have huge respect for.
I also don’t want people to suddenly get the idea that BMEWS has turned itself into some kind of extreme right wing wanker site full of would be Nazis.

I suppose someone with my background should be careful or better yet avoid the suggestion that the answer to problems with society is Genocide.
But please understand it is born out of impotent frustration and a fair amount of rage. I wish I could lie about it and claim the words simply pop out like the blast from a gun when one pulls a trigger.  Instead though, I gave it some thought and after seeing this mess for so long, I really came to the honestly held belief that the problem would not only never go away but rather it would become worse.  Unless that is, people came to the same pov and recognized this problem for exactly what it is, and acted in an extreme way to rid themselves of the cancer.
An invasion from the inside (mostly), by people who who care not a tinkers damn for the laws or customs or the people whose neighborhoods they invade and pave over.  An enemy that uses and abuses the very country and people they take residence in.  I’ve seen these folks in action, and I do not feel very kindly toward them. 

When Lyndon quite rightly asks, who’s next? The Jews?  I can only say of course not and besides.  Outside of poisoning a few Christian water wells and inventing the common cold and oh yes, spreading the plague, we haven’t done the things I been seeing here, perpetrated by the objects of my damnation.


Fury as police hold party for travellers at force’s grand HQ to ‘improve relations’
By Andy Dolan

A police force is spending thousands of pounds on a party for travellers, Roma people and gipsies at its headquarters. Warwickshire Police has lined up a traditional Roma band, dancing, storytelling, children’s art workshops and even a ‘graffiti project’. The fete will take place on Saturday on the landscaped lawns of Woodcote House, the force’s grand HQ on the outskirts of the village of Leek Wotton.

Yesterday critics condemned the event - to be held by the country’s second smallest force - as a waste of taxpayers’ money. It will take place only two miles from Kenilworth, where residents and councillors have accused officers of failing to police properly a horse fair which regularly attracts thousands of travellers. Police chiefs said yesterday they hoped the event would help defuse tensions between different traveller groups, the force and the public.

But Mark Wallace, campaign director for the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: ‘These are recession times and police budgets are severely stretched as it is, and the taxpayer would not want them spending on things like this. ‘Police money should be spent on catching criminals and fighting crime, not PR exercises.’ George Illingworth, a councillor, said he sometimes ‘wondered what side the police were on’. Mr Illingworth’s Kenilworth Abbey ward was ‘invaded’ by travellers parking illegally during a chaotic horse fair on the outforskirts of the town last July.

He said: ‘There were gangs in the streets, people felt intimidated and there were reports of shoplifting.’ He admitted that the police had ‘upped their game’ at the two subsequent horse fairs. At the most recent, in April, armed police were deployed after gunshots were reported, although no weapon was found.

The Assistant Chief Constable Warwickshire Police, Bill Holland, defended the decision to stage the party.
Mr Holland, who also speaks for the Association of Chief Police Officers on gipsy and traveller issues, said: ‘ Unauthorised encampments have become a source of friction between police and gipsies and travellers.

‘We know education is at the heart of some of these contentious issues. ‘This is set to be a really new and engaging event which we would welcome all members of our communities to attend. ‘As well as having something on offer for everyone to enjoy, the event is a step in the right direction to improving relations between police and the travelling community.’

Last year, an unauthorised travellers’ site was built near the country retreat of Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell, on the outskirts of Shipston- on-Stour in Warwickshire.
It was built over the Easter bank holiday weekend when officials could not intervene.

Grand setting: The party will be held in the grounds of Warwickshire Police’s country house head quarters in Leek Wootton



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calendar   Wednesday - June 24, 2009

Conviction of traveller family reduces crime rate in a county to 20-year low.

I’d be willing to bet that even those BMEWSers who see and do understand the problem of these vermin, even you must have thought I might have been a tad over the top in my reaction and comments regarding “Travellers” and the threats they pose.

Nope. If anything I haven’t been strong enough or rude enough or mean and hateful enough in my language.

So here.  Take a look.  And you know damn well and good when the scum are released they will be back at it again.  It’s what these folks do. It’s their profession.  They are trained from an early age.

The answer is not blowin’ in the wind.
The answer is Genocide! Period!

Conviction of traveller family reduces crime rate in a county to 20-year low

Last updated at 4:22 PM on 24th June 2009

The jailing of a notorious criminal family has reduced crime rates in a county to a 20-year low.

Members of the Johnson traveller family were an ‘organised and ruthless’ gang which committed more than 100 offences, from cash machine raids to stealing metal.

They were finally caught after carrying out an audacious string of burglaries on country homes which netted them an estimated £80million.

Five members of the family were jailed for nearly 50 years at Reading Crown Court following a month-long trial last year.

Since their arrest, Gloucestershire Police said the county’s crime rates have plummeted to levels last seen in the 1980s.

Figures show there were 44,136 recorded crimes in Gloucestershire in 2008/09 compared to 45,685 in 2007/08 - representing a three per cent drop.

This followed a significant drop from 2006/07, when 52,388 crimes were recorded.

Chief Constable Dr Timothy Brain said the conviction of the Johnsons had disrupted a major crime network in the county.

‘What that operation showed is that no-one is untouchable.’

Richard ‘Chad’ Johnson, 33, and Daniel O’Loughlin, 32, were both jailed for 11 years; Michael Nicholls, 29, was given 10 years; Albi Johnson, 25, was jailed for nine years; and 54-year-old Ricky Johnson was given eight years at Reading Crown Court.

The Johnsons would stake out country mansions and stately homes, sometimes for weeks, pinpointing the best means of entry and escape.

Wearing balaclavas to cover their faces, the men would then strike - scouring rooms and escaping in stolen cars leaving little or no trace.

Their targets included the 17th-Century Wiltshire mansion of property tycoon Harry Hyams, where they stole property worth millions in a raid described later as the UK’s biggest ever private house burglary.

Antiques, furniture, porcelain and clocks were stolen worth at least £23m and possibly three times that figure. A third of the valuables were later discovered in a hidden underground bunker.

Mr Hyams, who is 155th on the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated fortune of £320 million, was not at home when the raid took place.

Other victims included Formula One motor racing advertising tycoon Paddy McNally, an old flame of the Duchess of York, and Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire Sir Philip Wroughton.

The five burglars broke in through the swimming pool entrance at the rear of Mr McNally’s Swindon home.

The kitchen window was smashed and silverware, high-class furniture including a satin wood inlaid cutlery box, were taken.

They then used a bronze urn to smash down the drawing room door and stole highvalue antiques including furniture, silverware and clocks. In all they took £1m worth of property.

Those behind the raids were part of the Johnson family - an organised criminal gang who detectives say have plagued the country for 20 years.

They were all found guilty of conspiracy to commit burglary between April 8, 2005 and October 13, 2006 after a month-long trial at Reading Crown Court.

They were sentenced in January but the case can now be reported following the conclusion of other cases against the family.

Ricky Johnson is the father of Chad and Albi, while O’Loughlin is his nephew. Nicholls was the partner of his daughter, Faye. They were based at a static caravan park in Evesham, Worcestershire.

Ricky has also been jailed for defrauding old people through a bogus building company.

Six years ago, Chad married Tania Campbell, a 71-year-old heiress who suffers from schizophrenia. After the wedding, he sold her flat, emptied her bank accounts, stole her £250,000 inheritance and left her with debts of more than £60,000.

Last year he was given a threeand-a-half-year sentence for fraud. The family’s notoriety was cemented when a BBC film crew shot a documentary called Summer With The Johnsons, broadcast in 2005.

During the programme, Chad said: ‘I have committed a few burglaries and pinched a few handbags, but you grow out of it.’ Ricky admitted he had done ‘an awful lot of robbing’ but claimed he had never burgled country homes and denied any part in a raid carried out by the Johnsons on Waddesdon Manor, home of the Rothschild family.

But the 54-year-old, who has 22 previous convictions for 57 offences dating back to 1965, added: ‘If I feel I have got to rob a stately home, I will do so. I feel I have got the f***ing right to rob the lords out there. I feel I have got the right to rob the lords, sirs and the ladies.’

In one of the raids on Stanton Harcourt Manor, in Witney, Oxfordshire, Ricky’s other son Albi leapt from a first-floor window to escape when challenged, breaking both legs in the process but still managing to escape capture.

In October 2005, the police forces of Gloucestershire, Thames Valley, Warwickshire and West Mercia joined forces to crack down on the Johnsons.

Wiltshire police joined the task force after the gang raided Mr Hyams’ home Ramsbury Manor in February 2006 and stole property worth more than £23million in their biggest and most brazen operation.

The following month, an anonymous tip-off led police to an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ - a bunker in the Warwickshire countryside where the Johnsons stored some of their loot.

In all, detectives investigated 116 offences of country house burglaries, cash dispenser and metal thefts which happened between January 2005 and August 2006.

Yeah ... 50 years. Not each individually. 10 years for ea. of the five.

See other photos HERE.


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calendar   Friday - June 19, 2009

Gipsy families ask for £2 million to leave ILLEGAL camp.

A network of Gipsy families who are facing eviction from Britain’s biggest traveller site tried to persuade their local council to pay them £2 million to move.


Richard Sheridan, leader of the Crays Hill camp, also known as Dale Farm, tried to broker the deal with Basildon District Council in Essex, saying they would use the cash to buy a new plot.

During a phone call to the local authority, Mr Sheridan said the £2 million earmarked for the eviction of the 86 families at the site in Billericay, Essex, should be given to them for an alternative site.

Mr Sheridan rang the secretary of Bala Mahendran, chief executive of the Council, who recorded the exchange and emailed it to the council’s legal department.

The email read: “Just to confirm I have spoke with Richard Sheridan – a tricky call!

“[He] suggested the council give him the £2 million it will cost to remove the travellers and they will all leave and buy another site.”

The council did not respond to the request.

The row over the illegal camp has been rumbling on for almost eight years, during which Basildon Council have paid more than £700,000 in legal fees.

Council leader Tony Ball said the deal was a ‘non-starter’ but said they would continue to negotiate with the travellers.

He said: “The approximate value of £2 million to which Richard Sheridan refers represents not only the expected cost of the eviction, but also the cost of returning the land to green belt status.”

Talking about the offer, he said: “It is a non-starter. Where would he go? Another unauthorised site?

“We do not want to spend taxpayers’ money like this.

“If he has the influence he says he has to get people to move, without the payment, he is worth talking to. No one wants an eviction.

“He is the only man we know of to represent travellers so we will engage with him in the absence of anyone else.”

Mr Sheridan, 40, has not been an appellant in the long legal battle to fight eviction, but his wife Martina McCarthy claimed legal aid to carry out her fight through the courts.

Grattan Puxon, a gipsy campaigner, said the cash demand was one of the options considered by the travellers.

He said: “Basildon is still under obligation to identify about 60 pitches.

“One option we want to put to them is to identify land with guaranteed planning permission which we could bid for or they could use the money set aside for the eviction to fund it.”

Len Gridley, 50, a local resident who has fought against the camp for five years, said: “Mr Sheridan is holding the council to ransom. This is not about homes but money.

“He has shown he is ready willing and able to find another site.”

Nothing for me to add to what I said in previous post except this.
If the system enjoys the screwing it’s getting from these folks, then the system will damn well get more of the same. Again and again.

The problem seems to me to be less with the travellers then with the authorities who have allowed this mess to get where it is.  This is where appeasement leads. 


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calendar   Tuesday - June 16, 2009


It’s never gonna end.  NEVER!  The fuckin stupidity and the lunacy and political correctness and all this god damn diversity shit is only gonna get worse and not by the month but more likely by the day.
Damn fuckin lefty libtards. I really want em to all just stop breathing right this very minute.

Take a look.  Of course, the only ppl that might be as angry are Brits with brains.  The few remaining anyway.

Lyndon, ur gonna love this. NOT!  I didn’t see it coming so how smart am I? Not very I guess.

Schoolchildren to be taught about why gipsies are misunderstood
Children could be forced to spend a month at school learning about gipsies and travellers at a cost of thousands of pounds to the taxpayer.

By Daily Telegraph Reporter
Published: 5:45PM BST 16 Jun 2009

A “diversity” panel at Sandwell Council in the West Midlands want to introduce a gipsy awareness month, which would be combined with a leaflet drop of “myth busting” facts about traveller communities.

From September 2010 all youngsters will have a month of classes to teach them about how gipsy’s and travellers are misunderstood.

Oh sure. The effin bastards are “misunderstood.” Right. The pickpockets are a myth and the land grabs are a total misunderstanding. Right. And the crime and the trash and the misery and the ruining of green belt land, where they sneak in and pave over land on weekends and holidays, that’s all just a fuckin misunderstanding!  The illegal camp sites are a misunderstanding too I suppose. 

England .... you are fucking DOOMED!  Too many of your ppl haven’t got the brains god gave a tennis ball.  You’ve been giving away your country at a rate not seen since we took land from the Indians in America.  You’ve been apologizing for being English and bending over so far backwards to accommodate every turd word, inbred immigrant you have a permanent national backache!  You can’t deport known terrorists and even airplane hijackers because your courts are ruled by ppl more concerned over the “uman rights” of foreigners then the well being of the law abiding here who have never broken any laws.  You aren’t safe on your streets or even in your homes.  Health and Safety has gone so far out of bounds it’ll soon be against the law to walk about without amour like the knights of old. You have barbers who can NOT use razors due to Health and Safety.  Your sovereignty is disappearing as Brussels gets fatter and passes more laws only the English seem to abide by.  OK, enough. Here the rest of this lunacy.  Stupid asses who thought this up .....  okok.

Officials have compiled a 40-page report on why gipsies feel stigmatised and how they could combat that problem in a 23-point programme.

It also suggests the introduction of a specialist liaison officer to stay in touch with the nomadic community and for all school children to celebrate the history of the communities.

“Such celebrations can help ‘myth bust’, make individual communities feel part of the wider community and over all have a very real impact on community cohesion,” it said.

“Therefore the panel believes that in 2010 and subsequent years the council through its Communities Unit should run events in each of the six towns on Gipsy and Traveller History Month.

“Furthermore, these should be organised through consultation with members of the gipsy and traveller communities and if a Gipsy and Traveller liaison officer has been appointed, with their assistance.”

The report, written by the Equality and Diversity Scrutiny Panel, analyses why gipsies are commonly linked to crime and disorder and says that such opinions are untrue.

All the reports recommendations will be discussed by the council later in the summer.

Fiona McEvoy, from the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said that gipsy awareness should not be taught to schoolchildren.

“It’s not for local councils to manipulate the school curriculum based on their latest politically correct whims, especially when educational standards are flagging,” she said.

“It is more vital than ever that our children receive a solid grounding in key subjects like maths, English, history and science.

“Schools should be using their taxpayer-funded resources to the optimum affect and that means prioritising some topics over others rather than stretching themselves trying to cater to each demographic within the class.

“It is a costly struggle to try to meet the perceived educational needs of every pupil of every race, religion and heritage and it’s in this way that the likes of the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians are marginalised and ultimately our children lose out.”

Chairman of the panel, councillor Bawa Singh Dhallu, said: “Celebrating the event would help pupils and the community as a whole to better understand the gipsies and travellers they are often unknowingly living alongside.

“It would help those gipsy and traveller pupils feel proud of who they are.”

He added that if the proposals were accepted by the council it would still be up to schools to decide if they would mark the history month, which is celebrated nationally.

Hey, how’s this for an idea.
Why not the fuckin travellers’s offspring be made to learn about English history and customs and traditions and learn just why it’s a nono to steal.
Oh woo-hoo. That’d be like .... discrimination I guess.  Proud of who they are?  What’s to be proud of?  That most of a country can’t stand the sight of you?


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calendar   Saturday - June 13, 2009

PART TWO OF …. Exploiting the Human Rights Act to defy the law.  THE OTHER SIDE, THE LAW ABIDING.

Right. The folks who count for s!#t!  The law abiding home owner. The everyday person.
You know the one. The people with rights, but less then other people. 

I don’t generally look at the wkend Telegraph property section.  That cos the wife never misses it and when she finds something she thinks I’d be interested in, she brings it to my attention.

Well, I just posted an article from The Mail on the land stealing, unlawful vermin who have somehow achieved “racial” status called, travellers.  These folks are above the law and above criticism.
So ... this is what appeared in another paper, the property section called Ask The Expert, in the Telegraph.
Another eye opener.

Our property experts answer your questions on all aspects of buying, selling and owning a home.

Published: 12:00PM BST 09 Jun 2009


I live in a house on 18 acres and have two holiday cottages. I’d like to build a third, because of demand, but this is a rural area so planning was refused, as was our appeal.

Adjoining my land is a long-standing, unauthorised but tolerated, travellers’ camp. Recently the council’s gipsy liaison officer was granted planning permission for 12 log cabins. Could I argue my human rights are being infringed on the basis that I am not a traveller?

David Fleming writes:

Your question takes us to the dangerous area where law meets politics so I must tread carefully.

Local authorities are under a duty to provide for travellers so special rules apply to such sites.

But even if planning permission should not have been granted for the cabins, that would not help you – for the same reason that you can’t complain when the police stop you for speeding, even though other motorists, who could equally have been stopped, pass by.

The courts have held that the Human Rights Act has little application in planning law. All the rights granted, including free use of one’s property, are subject to “public interest” exceptions; it is the role of the planning system to strike a balance between an individual’s right to do what he likes with his property and the public interest in the control of development.

Note: David Fleming has practised law for 27 years and is head of property litigation.


Now I ask you BMEWS. Is this placed screwed up totally er what? 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/13/2009 at 11:32 AM   
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Exploitng the Human Rights Act to defy the law, and winning because nobody does a damn thing.

Booted late today with another story to start and found this from Drew, who got it from Theo.
Don’t know how I missed it unless it was one of those days I never booted up.  So must thank Drew. Even if the damn article does cause agro plus.

Nobody seems willing to simply put a stop to these outrages.  The Mail here explains in plain English how it’s done.  Nothin’ complicated about it. And still, no action taken by authorities.  And all in the name of that new and growing religion, Human Rights!

Ah, but as someone points out in the comments section, try getting planning permission for a house extension or a garage. Lots-a-Luck.

Here, see for yourself. Notice the cement slabs on what once was part of the Green Belt.  Maddening!

As for race, everyone critical of this is branded a racist. ??  I don’t get the race issue here. Do you? 

There really and truly does need to be a final solution to this particular problem.

Traveller sites are booming as they exploit the Human Rights Act to defy the law

By Matthew Hickley
Last updated at 12:01 AM on 11th June 2009

The number of illegal traveller sites has soared since Labour introduced the Human Rights Act, figures showed yesterday.

A new site is appearing every three days as travellers use the controversial legislation to sidestep planning laws.

They buy cheap green-belt farmland and construct sites without planning permission, then contest any efforts to evict them as a breach of their human rights.

The figures show a particularly sharp increase in illegal sites ‘ tolerated’ by councils which feel helpless to challenge them.

When Labour introduced the Human Rights Act in 1999, fewer than 300 illegal sites were tolerated on land in England owned by travellers.

By January this year that had risen more than fourfold to 1,279.

The total number of illegal sites - including those built on other people’s land - soared by 1,166 to 3,680.

This is equivalent to more than one new site every three days for almost a decade.

Conservative critics warned last night that planning rules are straining community relations.  They called for a return to ‘fair play’ where the same rules apply to everyone.

(fair play my butt. guns, bullets and swift, brutal death will do far more to curb this sort of thing then kind words or reason. which is beyond these ppl.)

The Human Rights Act made it possible to fight cases in British courts using the European Convention on Human Rights instead of having to travel to the European Court in Strasbourg.

Travellers have used their right to respect for their homes and family lives under the Act to stop councils evicting them from illegal sites.

Critics also blamed planning guidelines introduced in 2005.

These ordered local authorities to consider ‘diversity and equality’ in planning matters and to take ‘positive action’ to avoid discriminating against any groups.

By contrast, homeowners face masses of red tape in order to build an extension, and often have to demolish buildings put up without planning permission.

Some of those who have written protest letters about camps have had their complaints dismissed because they are deemed racist.

The figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government show the number of illegal sites in England on land owned by travellers rose from 729 in January 2000 to 2,365 this year.

With a further 1,315 illegal sites established on other people’s land, the total number in England has risen from 2,514 to 3,680.

That does not include the 4,820 authorised sites provided by local councils at taxpayers’ expense.

With more travellers buying land and then abusing the planning laws, there is evidence councils are losing their appetite for enforcing the rules.

Since 2006, the number of sites where officials are trying to evict the travellers has fallen from 1,440 to 1,086. But the number of ‘tolerated’ illegal sites rose from 964 to 1,279.

Bob Neill, Tory local government spokesman, said it was wrong that law-abiding homeowners face huge bureaucracy to build an extension while travellers flout the rules.

‘The perception of unfairness this breeds causes tension in local communities,’ he added.

‘We need fair play, with the same planning rules for everyone, rather than special treatment for certain groups.’

Last month, the Mail reported how 50 travellers descended on the Gloucestershire village of Newent at 5pm one Friday, just as council offices closed for the Bank Holiday weekend.

They spent three days and nights concreting over a beauty spot and installing sewerage, toilets and electricity, all without permission.

It followed a series of similar incidents in which travellers have exploited holidays to move in.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/13/2009 at 10:22 AM   
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