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calendar   Wednesday - October 27, 2004

CBS Contradicts Itself

Oh, this is just too precious to hold back. It appears that CBS had a reporter with the 101st when then entered Al-Qaqaa in April of 2003 and the high explosives were already gone, according to CBS at the time. This is so good that I have even provided a link to Instapundit for the first time. My, oh my. What is the world coming to?


What a hoot! I wonder what Senator Fucktard will have to say now ......



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Not Bright But Great Grunt Material

Oh well, we must be fair, I guess so here is a story about a Marine enlistee who went ballistic on his girlfriend when she told him to go pack sand and that she was going to vote for Kerry.

I say the boy’s got “potential!” Turn him loose on a bunch of terrorist sheetheads.  The Marines need to bail him out of this.  hehehehe


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The Violence Ticks Up A Notch

It’s not enough that asshole Democrats have to go around ripping up, pulling up and otherwise defacing Bush/Cheney signs.

It’s not enough that they ransack Republican Hqs.

It’s not enough they burn swastikas on people’s lawns.

It’s not enough they give volunteers concussions and break their wrists.

It’s not enough to register voters fraudulently.

It’s not enough to already have lawyers filing lawsuits claiming disenfranchisement.


Not enough.

Now they try to run down Katherine Harris, Republican Congresswoman from Florida and former Secretary of State.

The reason?

He was simply exercising his “political expression”.

I’d like to do some “political expression” on his ass with my friends Ruger, Ruger, and Mossberg.


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Another Whining Kennedy

Last week I read about how a Kennedy relative (Maria Shriver, wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger) got upset with his support of President Bush and kicked him out of bed for 2 weeks.

Now we have another Kennedy whiner.  This one is Caroline Kennedy. She’s pissed off that President Bush keeps invoking her father’s name.  AWWWWW, too bad.

I’ve got five words for her:  “S.T.F.U. bitch!”

Who the hell does she think she is? She does not own her father’s name!!!

Damned liberals, the world would be a better place without them.  Especially the limousine liberals who inherit the name and the fortune and have never had to work a day in their lives.


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A Marriage Made In Hell

Thanks to LGF, we have news of an upcoming marriage.

LONDON - BBC World, the BBC’s global commercial service, has unveiled details of its US election coverage.

The 24-hour news and information channel will provide analysis over the next two weeks, with live election night coverage fronted by David Dimbleby.

BBC World will also broadcast a special edition of ‘Question Time’ featuring film-maker and author Michael Moore, columnist Richard Littlejohn and former Bill Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal.

image + image = image

In a related story, the Atlantic Ocean, fearing for its sanity during transmissions between Moore and the Beeb, sank into a hole in the sea floor. Atlantis found. Film at 11:00 ....


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What Say You?

I am posting this in an effort to get commentary from you, the readers, about where our election process is heading.  Please feel free to fire away!

But let me set the stage first. by going back and addressing the voting issue first.  As I do so I will eventually lead you to where I’d like your input.

It’s apparent that due to efforts of politically correct in-DUH-viduals we are now dumbing down the voting process such that we allow the lowest common denominator of stupidity (not to mention complete and utter morons) into the voting booths.

It all started with absentee ballots allowing (rightfully) our military members and government workers overseas the right to vote.  Next were the seniors incapacitated by disease or illness.  I have no problem with that.  But then we started the downward slide.  We began stretching and stretching the bounds of “absentee” ballots to include those who knew they’d be out of the area.  Then we allowed ANYONE who wanted an absentee ballot to get one for any reason whatsoever.

Why was this taking place? In addition to becoming more and more blatantly politically correct, officials were concerned that voter turnout, never really high in the last 30 or 40 years, was getting lower and lower.  They needed something to attract the morons who made a personal decision to abdicate their civic duty.  Officials began appealing to non-English speaking Americans (please, do not even get me started on THIS issue!), the youth, and the senior citizen vote.

I guess that’s all well and good but it was not long before political correctness took complete control and disenfranchisement became the buzzword.

In Florida we can now vote up to 2 weeks prior to the election in addition to absentee ballots.  Sample ballots are sent to the homes to help the voter familiarize themselves.  Voter registration drives are a perennial event.  Newspapers crowd their editorial pages with their “picks” for all the seats. (Nevermind that those fuckers are already liberal and mostly portray one side of the argument.)

Results, not just in Florida but all over?  Voter apathy remains as high as before.  Except that now voters demand even more and more ease in voting.  Recall that I mentioned in a previous posts (here) and (here) how only 28% of the voters came out for our last primary here in Florida?  That means that 14% (plus 1) was sufficient to get someone on the General Ballot.  Which, in turn, means that basically 14% of the population made decisions for the other 86%.  Scary, huh?

It’s as if people do not care.  Even when I give them that statistic above it does not seem to phase them in the least.  THESE people are the slackers.  They stay at home, do not vote and then cry when they have to pay higher taxes.  So why the hell do we want these lazy pieces of shit out to vote anyway?

Back to the early voting concept.  If people want to vote early why not just get an absentee ballot and send it in?  Well, I asked that question of local officials and was told folks do not trust the mail service.  Or they think their mail carrier has a different political persuasion than they do so they don’t trust that person.  Others just want the “feel” of going to a voting booth on election day without having to go on election day.

Given all these opportunities to make the process easier we still barely get 50% of the electorate to the booths except during presidentail elections when we get a few more.

Now the big “issue du jour” is provisional voting.  As originally intended it was for people who for one reason or another were not on their precinct’s voting lists and the individual states he or she is, in fact, registered there.  It was also intended for people who moved from one precinct to another yet the paperwork has not caught up with the changes so that when they go to their new precinct, there is no record of them.  To resolve this phone calls are made to the Supervisor of Elections Office (SOE) to confirm the person WAS listed and the individual is them allowed a ballot.  All of these “exceptions” are recorded and evaluated once they reach the SOE’s office at the end of the day.  If anyone is caught voting twice (the names are bumped against a database to see which pop up more than once) they are turned over to the feds for prosecution.  (yeah, right!!!  As if the feds would pursue it really stringently!!!)

So far so good in Florida.  But let’s not get too giddy.

Political correctness is now rearing its ugly head in this scenario with activist judges stating that individuals in some states are allowed to vote at ANY precinct within their county regardless of address.  Think for a moment how catastrophic that would be and the strain it would put on the system.

See here and here for my earlier discussion of these consequences.

It’s easy to see how some activists would use this as a means of SWAMPING one or two precincts automatically allowing those people to invoke the cry of “disenfranchisement!” when that precinct runs out of ballots.

Yet political correctness being what it is and activist judges being what they are, any state allowing this would set a “precedent” upon which other activist judges or groups sue their local officials for the same “rights.” How long before that moves up to state level?  Or national level?  Fortunately two efforts to expand provisional voting were shot down on appeal.  But the concept of precedent guarantees it will come up again----and soon.

I formly believe the process of voting in the US is not one of ensuring an intelligent and informed citizenry arriving at the polls.  It is a process hell bent on becoming IDIOT FRIENDLY instead.  The motto seems to be, “Do everything possible to lower the bar so as to allow the morons, the idiots, the stupid dumb-asses to come out and vote on issues they have absolutely no clue about but are doing so because some condo captain or party hack is telling them to vote a certain way.”

How very third world.  That’s the sort of stuff that happens in banana republics.  That’s what’s happened in Brazil and other Latin American countries where the promise of a food basket guarantees a vote for a certain individual.

Just how easy do we have to make it for these people?  It’s gotten so bad I’ve read of several instances where activists go harvesting voters at mental institutions!! Not only that, I’ve seen mentally handicapped people AT THE BOOTHS getting help from relatives on how to vote.  Now, what do you want to bet their opinions are heavily influenced by those who purport to take care of them as opposed to them having the ability to make decisions on their own?

Oh, and let’s not forget the inordinate amounts of Democrats who have homes in two states.  They register in both. At election time they vote absentee in one state and then travel to the other and vote in person there.  They even take pride in admitting having done this!!!  However, at this point there is NO WAY to stop them from doing so and no systems in place to cross check between states to verify if the same person is registered.

Allow me to go a step further:  the voting process is getting so IDIOT FRIENDLY in Florida that a buyer’s club ID with photo is accepted as proof of ID!!!!!!!!!!

But it gets worse!!!  In Florida (and I am certain elsewheres) restrictions on ID were seen as too intrusive so they were basically made “not mandatory” and advertised, as such, with some sort of pride. In Florida there is no need to bring an ID to the precinct!!!!  Sure, they say you should.  But PC has infected this state to the point that SOE office officials tell people on the phone that if they “forget” their ID they can sign an affidavit attesting to who they are after which they are given a ballot and it is inserted into the machine.  No questions asked.  Of course, if later on they find out that person fraudulently signed that paper how in the world will they find that person’s ballot? 

They can’t. 

The gradual decline of our collective morality and ethical behavior is leading to more and more instances of fraud taking place in states where photo ID is not required.  We’re going backward.  Not forwards.

So where am I going with this? 

Are you ready?

Here goes:  National ID for everyone in order to vote (or possibly the mandatory presentation of some sort of “national document” like a passport.)

As much as I abhor the idea, think about all I’ve mentioned above: lack of moral behavior where “anything goes” to get a candidate in office; idiot friendly voting rules; no ID requirement; provisional voting soon to be demanded across the US, and double voting.  Lest you forget, also take into consideration the slippery slope we’re on and how it would not be possible to scale back any of the current “idiot friendly” voter programs we have in place. 

Portability seems to be king.  People move often and far. They travel a lot on business or pleasure.  The age of electronics touches everything we do and we demand even MORE portability and ease in everything we do.  How else to stop those who have bad intentions?

Rules of life have changed in America.  If we continue along this path of “idiot friendliness” how soon before we either go to a system that resembles that of Afghanistan where people vote and their fingers are dipped in indelible ink to keep them from voting elsewhere.  No absentee ballots. No early voting.  Again, farfetched given our “portable” and “electronic” society.  So the next logical step is National ID cards because at this time we have no way to stop fraud, deceit, corruption, intentional mayhem.  None of the state election computers are tied to one another to catch perpetrators hell bent on falsifying their addresses or the fact they’ve already voted.

A national ID is the only alternative, given the propensity for certain individuals of Democratic party affiliations.  Killing the PC movement wouldn’t be such a bad idea either!!

Oh, one more thing: as for those low voter turnouts?  I have the best solution. Change the voting process to one similar to what I mentioned in the above links. Basically it would boil down to this:  for those not disqualified for receiving government largesse it is simple:  if you do not vote, you lose all your tax exemptions, itemizations, vouchers, EICs, etc. at the end of the year.

Now THERE’S an incentive!!

So, the floor is yours.  What do you think?  How can we fix (realistically) today’s system knowing what we know about precedent?  Is national ID the solution?


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Lest Ye Forget

We all know about Teresa and her Poodle and how they paid only 12.4% on their income in taxes, right?  Before I go much further, does anyone want to explain to me how someone who only makes a declared $6 million in income can afford a yacht (and port/marina fees); a $35 million Gulfstream V with pilot and crew on call plus hangar fees; 4 or 5 mansions and their maintenance fees plus property taxes?  HMMMMM?!?!  Anyone??????

Anyway, since we know what these shitbirds pay, look at what the rest of us pay. Then consider what Kerry wants to do to those who make more than $200,000 per year.

Recall, also, that his asshole wife had the gall to say she does not like Bush’s tax cut but yet refuses to reimburse the treasury the difference.  I’d think someone with the courage of their convictions would do so regardless.

Then again, we ARE talking about lying, scheming, thieving, embezzling, perjuring, conniving, fraud-loving, Christian hating, capitalist despising, government loving, socialism adoring DUMMYCRAPS!  (did I miss any?)


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Election Shenanigans

Let’s start with this one where a woman is caught on video stealing Bush signs and says it is not political.  The media yawns.

Suspect steals Republican signs and bashes one of her confronters over the head.  The media yawns.

Four Ohio counties have more registered voters than eligible voters. The media yawns.

However, if you read this you will not be surprised to find out why the media is doing so much yawning.


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Don’t Miss This!!

Tonight we should be witness to a beautiful harvest moon!  What’s that?

Read about it here.

Clicking here will tell you what to expect at which stage and at what time.


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FOUL!!! FOUL!!!  (hmmmm, not so foul now!)

I’ve been in a really foul mood lately with little cause to be cheery.  You need only witness the perversions of truth spit out by papers like the NY Times regarding the ammo story, the attempts at CBS to blatantly sway the election by running the story of missing ammo on Sunday, 2 days prior to the election, the lies of Kerry and Edwards promoting this nonsensical hysteria by the media to tar and feather President Bush, and the blatant attempts by Democrats to steal the election through fraud, intimidation, criminal activity and outright violence.

Hell, it even effects my ability to sleep well.  It’s a good thing I am mentally well-balanced or I’d be tempted to go postal on the next son of a bitch that gleefully supports Fuckface.

But this morning I read something that cheered me up.

I’ve always enjoyed Dr. Mike Adams’ writing style and he has a flair for debunking liberal bullshit that I rarely see.

This one involves the politically correct endeavors of the homosexual and transgender crowd to get “gender neutral” bathrooms. So I am thinking to myself, “Self, what the FUCK is the big deal about a guy who thinks he’s a woman using the men’s bathroom.  His plumbing is the same as everyone else’s.  If he’s so concerned, use a stall. It’s not like another guy is going to put a move on him.  Hell, he might even enjoy it.  Same thing for women”

But no, they want their own place to cop a squat and hang out with their own kind, I guess.  Just thinking about it causes me to get annoyed at these fucktards.

But anyway, Dr. Adams recommends straight people attend any meetings held to discuss this.  Men should go dressed as women and women as men.  Since doing so automatically puts them into a “protected class” when they begin to ask questions at variance with their appearance and the organizers try to kick them out he says:

“that’s the beauty of it. As long as you are a man wearing a dress and feeling uncomfortable, you have a right to be in the GLUT Resource Center. That’s why it was built. It is supposed to be a “safe zone.” Just remember to claim that whatever they say to you makes you feel uncomfortable.  Since it is their job to make you feel comfortable while you are “at variance” with your gender, they might even get fired for trying to evict you! You can’t lose, can you?”

As Stewie, in the hilarious program, “Family Guy” would say, “How delicious. 

And it’s exactly the kind of thing I’d do if I knew it was going on here.  Talk about fun!!!!!!!


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Lifting The Curse?

The Boston Red Sox are now only one game away from lifting “the curse of the Bambino”. They lead the Cardinals 3 games to 0.

I have only one word for BoSox fans .... 1986.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 26, 2004

If It’s October, It Must Be …. SURPRISE!

Dear BMEWS Members,

It’s October, but it’s no surprise. Remember last week, when I highlighted a quote by Newsweek editor Evan Thomas that the media’s desire to see John Kerry elected may be worth five-to-twenty million votes, and urged you to be on the look-out for evidence of that desire in articles and news programs?

Well, yesterday the front page of New York Times featured a flawed article asserting, “The Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives—used to demolish buildings, make missile warheads and detonate nuclear weapons—are missing from one of Iraq’s most sensitive former military installations. The huge facility, called Al Qaqaa, was supposed to be under American military control but is now a no man’s land, still picked over by looters as recently as Sunday.”

CBS News’ “60 Minutes” admitted today they were saving the same story to air the Sunday before the election.

John Kerry seized on the New York Times headline to launch a political attack on President Bush, saying U.S. troops “failed to guard those stockpiles” and that is “one of the great blunders” of the war.

Senator Kerry and the New York Times leave the impression that these weapons went missing recently and U.S. troops were derilict in their duty to guard the stockpile--neither of which is true.

Network and cable news programs repeated the incomplete report and Sen. Kerry’s attacks more than 100 times on Monday.

But last night NBC “Nightly News” reported that on April 10, 2003, one day after Baghdad fell, U.S. troops entered Al Qaqaa, accompanied by an embedded reporter from NBC, and found no such weapons.

It also turns out that our troops have found and destroyed or are destroying 400,000 tons of weapons and explosives.

There was no mention of either one of these facts in today’s New York Times front page story, which regurgitated yesterday’s charges and Senator Kerry’s attacks based on them.

Liberal groups like have already blasted out e-mails repeating the discredited report and urging people to vote against President Bush based on the flawed coverage.

We can not count on the media to set the story straight. We have to get the truth out to our friends and neighbors ourselves.

We are counting on YOU to set the record straight. Please forward this e-mail and the attached fact sheet to family and friends, call your local network, call talk radio, write letters to the editor, and post facts on blogs.

I suspect you’ll be hearing from me again in the course of the next seven days as Mr. Thomas’s prediction proves true again.


Ed Gillespie
Chairman, Republican National Committee

Instead Of Waiting For Full Story, Kerry Gins Up His Attack Machine Based On Flawed New York Times Reporting
Click Here To Read The Article

Update: Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that this cache was located in a town called “Al Qaqaa” (pronounced “al-kaka"). Now, I remember when I was a child that “kaka” was a word we used to refer to “shit”. Is somebody in deep shit here? Is it Kerry and the NY Times? Inquiring minds want to know .... and laugh!


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Why Her?

I just got home for lunch, settled down with a ham sandwich, glass of tea and chips and turned on Fox News. I spewed iced tea all over myself.

There she sat. Being interviewed as a model of the blogosphere. Spouting drivel and acting like some teenage bimbo.

Wonkette, of all people. Being chosen to represent me.

There simply is no God. Can’t be.

I’m much better looking and much smarter than that trollop.

What a revolting development!



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