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calendar   Monday - October 25, 2004

The Law Firm Of Dickum, Drownum & Taxum



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More on Vote Fraud and Intimidation

Devvy discusses vote fraud but from the perspective of manipulating voting machines. She makes great points.

Florida is now investigating possible voter fraud caused by ACORN for:

“illegally hiring workers to obtain fraudulent voter registrations or absentee ballots as well as those workers who are suspected of falsifying thousands of voter applications.”

The article also discusses possible fraud in Ohio, California and Missouri.

Bush/Cheney Hq in Cincinnati was robbed.

A Flagstaff, Arizona GOP HQ was vandalized.

In an unusual twist, here’s a claim of REPUBLICAN fraud. This one sticks in my craw a bit because I find it hard to believe it is ILLEGAL to want to only register people with a certain political affiliation.

So, will somebody please tell me when open hunting season begins and we can start shooting the sons of bitches doing this?


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How The World Would Vote

Here’s a dandy little list of who supports Fuckface and who supports President Bush. Most of The Poodle’s supporters are either communist, Muslim, and the usual suspects (you know who THEY are!)

Only 5 countries support the President.

Oh, yeah, the Communist Party supports Kerry, too!  Who’s surprised?


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Prepare yourselves.  This is depressing stuff.

This crap is beginning to scare me.  We now have educators hell bent on cramming Islam down the throats of our children in a misguided effort at having these poor kids believe that Islam needs to be understood rather than criticized.  I guess that will make the kids feel better when they are, later on, forced to raise their asses in the air 5 times a day and beat their women.

It makes me wonder if this is nothing more than an effort at appeasement.  Speaking of which, you know, this whole appeasement thing really pisses me off, too.  Why is it that yellow bellied liberals are so intent on kissing the ass of those who try to harm them?  Just WHAT IS THE POINT?  Do they hate our culture so much? Do they hate America so much that they can’t see the forest for the trees?  They can’t see what is going on in France, in England, in some Scandinavian countries where Muslim populations are increasing in HUGE numbers and those societies have seen their fabric begun to be torn because of it?  Have these people lost sight of what extremists have done in Israel?  In Iran?  In Iraq?  In Afghanistan?  In many African countries?  Is that what they want for the US, too?

So, here’s what’s happening at our schools.

We start with what is going on in Herndon, Virginia. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will be getting lesson not only in reading and writing but also in Ramadan. The kids will play act being Muslims!!!!! I wonder if that will include lessons in camel fornication, homosexuality, sending the girls home as they are not allowed to be educated, teaching the boys they can have multiple wives and that they can beat the crap out of them if they misbehave.  Hell, I sure hope they teach the girls that they should enjoy this abuse, too!  After all, it’s all part of the faith, right?

I wonder how many parents will demand classes in Christianity and find themselves turned down because it violates the liberal ideology of separation of church and state?  YOU BETCHA!!!

These assholes are even trying to re-write history:

One...curriculum claims the Muslims discovered America before Columbus and intermarried with Algonquin Indians, even rising to the level of chiefs.

You think it is limited to education? Try this:

The camel is making progress in its effort to get inside the tent and take over. It got its nose under the edge when, a few months ago, the close-knit Polish Catholic town of Hamtramck, in Michigan, was forced by their dhimmi town council to endure Muslim calls to prayer in Arabic broadcast over loudspeakers six times a day. The Muslims said their calls to worship their god in an alien language were roughly equivalent to Christian church bells. A few months later, a hospital in Maine kowtowed to demands of Somali refugees that hospital gowns be modified to bring them in line with standards of modesty decreed by Islam. New johnnies were designed on the double, not only with an extra flap but also an interior sarong.

You really want to be troubled?  Check out this article that discusses the complicity of government officials allowing this to take place and subsequently authorizing edu-crats to indoctrinate your children.

In 1997 the Council on Islamic Education printed a manual that showed teachers how to circumvent the prohibition of teaching religion in classrooms and had all manner of info about Islam.

Since that time, over 4,000 U.S. teachers have used it in their classrooms with the blessing of their respective school officials. Prayer rugs are distributed, Muslim prayers are recited, and basically a ‘happy face’ is put on the most dangerous and violent religion the world has ever known.

And if all that is not bad enough, we now have a film to be released and it’s a full-length animated feature called “Muhammad: The Last Prophet.” You can bet that it will portray Islam is northing but a religion of peace.  No beheadings for being apostates.  No women being raped.  No women being killed because they were raped.  No clerics advocating the beating of women to keep them in their place, either.

I guess the success of “Passion of the Christ” left a sour taste in many sheethead’s mouths.

Staying on the subject of movies, there will be a movie out in 2006 (June 6th to be exact----6-6-6, get it?) dedicated to debunking Jesus because “scholars” believe Jesus was made up out of thin air!!!


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calendar   Sunday - October 24, 2004

I Have Seen the Enemy---and They are Morons!

I am in a somewhat foul mood now tempered a bit by ingestion of adult libations.  Having just returned from protesting near the Dummycrap HQ here in Hernando County I can not believe the number of DUMB MOTHERFUCKING PEOPLE that populate this great country.  These stupid pieces of shit (devoid of all intelligence and ability to make decisions based on the security and greatness of this nation) were out there chanting, “VOTE JOHN KERRY.  HE TELLS THE TRUTH!!!” and other vomitous nonsense like that.  I wanted to beat them senseless.  Of course, they also dragged out their lame and crippled vets from WW2 and Vietnam as some sort of trophies, I guess, to support The Poodle.  These people have no shame.

And for all that I am in a foul mood.

Almost as soon as we got there this old coot comes over and tries to take down our sign.  He was pissed off we were there.  I got my camera out and dared him to try and pull that stunt again.  He was almost foaming at the mouth with anger so I shot a few more verbal broadsides his way in an effort to spur a heart attack.  Alas, I did not succeed.

Here he is.  Seems like a harmless type.  The pity is this nutbag is probably a grandfather influencing the lives of small children.


Then a couple of others came over and tried to show their signs in front of ours.  We’d walk in front of them and they’d hold up their signs.  We’d hold ours higher and they’d lower theirs and so on and so forth. 

Now, mind you, this is on US 19.  Traffic is blasting by at 40-60 MPH. There’s an lane for pulling off into the medical center we were located near and a 2 foot wide bicycle-type lane, too. 

So what happens in this “my sign, your sign” contest?  Well, I am reminded of what happened to me back in 1997 when I was bicycling across the US.  I got set upon by three vicious dogs.  A rottweiler, a pit bull and some Doberman type dog.  It’s a two lane road and I’ve got 2 dogs on the left and one on the right.  They are snarling and nipping at my heels while I am peddling for all I am worth.  I get my pepper spray out and knock two of them out of commission.  One stays with me on the left side, though, apparently impervious to the effects of the spray.  My head is down and I am going for the gusto.  I peek up and see a car coming the other way doing 40 or so (as that was the speed limit).  The dog is still on me about 1 to 2 feet off to my left depending on how far I deviated from the straight and narrow.  He is so intent on biting my foot that he’s not paying attention to the “personal armageddon” headed his way.  As I gradually swing right into the center of the road, he keeps up slightly more, of course, into the other lane.  At the last second I swerve to the left, he tracks me (now about 3 feet into the other lane) and I SHARPLY swerve to the right so as not to hit the car but before he can react the car runs his ass over.  All I hear is a yelp.  I look in my mirror and the car kept right on going.  The dog, meanwhile, is now buzzard bait.

Well, basically the same thing took place here.  We’d get as close to the fast lane as we could and stick our 2x4 foot signs out there almost into the lane of traffic.  The Dummycraps, true to their blind stupidity and apparently unaware that their signs are smaller necessitating even further incursions towards the roadway, were so intent on getting theirs out even further that they were not paying attention to the traffic or where they were stepping.  I was hoping some car would clip one of these morons (not kill them, mind you, but HURT them.) We were not successful but...........give us credit for trying.

The “enemy” can be seen here:



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There is a mute who wants to buy a toothbrush. By imitating the action of brushing one’s teeth, he successfully expresses himself to the shopkeeper and the purchase is done. Now, if there is a blind man who wishes to buy a pair of sunglasses, how should he express himself?

Go to the comments to see the answer.

We won’t ask whether you got the answer right or not but.......................if you got it’re probably a Kerry supporter.


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Pin The Icon On Vilmar?

As you may have noticed, yesterday I applied icons to the authors of our posts. Naturally, I got first dibs on BUGS. Nyaaahhhh, what’s up doc? I thought long and hard and decided on TAZ for Vilmar. I thought it kinda fit the good ol’ boy, bless his little heart. When I informed him of the choice I sensed a little embaressment on his part. I inqured as to whether he liked it or not. He kinda hemmed and hawed a little bit and in a shy voice told me that he was worried that people might get the wrong impression of our Benevolent Dictator and would think that he was a raving lunatic. “Ce n’est pas possible!!!”, I shouted .... to which Vilmar whacked me on the head for speaking French, the most hated language in the BMEWS War Room. After which El Supremo sank into an introspective, gloomy mood.

I wandered off to the dungeons and tortured a few captured Al Qaeda operatives, hoping their screams would cheer Vilmar up. No go. Still gloom.

So I decided to leave it up to our loyal readers. I have chosen ten fine examples of iconic art and have placed them before you to decide here. Help me pick an icon that truly represents our Benevolent Dictator. Cast your vote today (the poll ends tonight at midnight). Help us choose an icon that represents Vilmar’s “kinder, gentler side” and portrays him as a “compassionate conservative” .... or pick one that really represents El Supremo.

I leave it in your hands, gentle readers. May God have mercy on all of us ....

Important Message: Since this poll is being run by the Democratic National Committee, you may vote as many times as you wish, in as many states as you wish and encourage your dead relatives to vote. I’m John Kerry and I approve this message.

Update: Who the f**k let John Kerry in here?

Update II: Vilmar is off behind enema lines, taunting the Democraps. They’re having a screening of “Fahrenheit 9/11” (and a circle-jerk afterward). Vilmar and the gang are staking out the Democrap’s building with signs and video recorders. In other words, our Benevolent Dictator is UNAWARE OF THIS POLL, so cast your vote now before he gets back (around 5:00pm EDT) or else we’re all dead-meat. Maybe, he’ll be in a good mood after standing in front of DemHQ yelling “BRING OUT YER DEAD!” .. or if he’s really in a Pythonesque mood just staring at the Democraps as they walk by and snarling “NI .. NI .. NI .. NI .. NI .. BRING ME A SHRUBBERY!”


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Viewpoint: Guest Post


Defective Brains Department:
BMEWS Member - Jaguar

The Democrats and the Left have lost their Collective Minds.

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

They are still pissed off about the 2000 election, they are still convinced that the Supreme Court gave the office of president to President Bush, yet they ignore ALL the facts of the entire fiasco.

Gore tried to steal the election, with the HELP of the Florida supreme court, he almost got away with it. They were going to allow him to change the rules of the election, they basically legislated from the bench that what the legislature did was unfair and that he could do whatever it took to count those ballots until he won. The Supreme Court basically just slapped them into next year, and Bush finally got what he had already won, namely Florida’s Electoral votes. Gore attempted to STEAL the election in the courts, and if Bush had NOT been willing to fight him, then we might have had President Gore trying to deal with 911. That thought ought to give every right thinking Americans the cold chills.

Even worse, foreigners are joining in. Have you read the Guardian lately? What the devil is up with these people?

On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod’s law dictates he’ll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?

(Editor’s Note: this article in The Guardian is why they received the Barking Moonbat Of The Week Award yesterday.)

WTF is going on? I mean really, what has gotten into these people?

Or perhaps this interview on MSNBC with the Swift Boat Vets?

O’Donnell completely lost it, the man was a total LUNATIC, shouting over John O’Niel of the Swiftvets whenever he tried to respond to a question. Calling him a LIAR, and how he has been discredited etc. What discreditation is he talking about? I have yet to see ANY kind of firm response or criticism of his book “Unfit For Command” by anyone on the left. Just because they say it, it must be true? Come on ..

Then we have the myriad of Bush/Cheney signs being stolen around the country. Did you know there are people putting barbed wire around their Bush Cheney signs to protect them? What kind of nonsense is this? Since when does the left have the right to shut up the right? No, we don’t agree, but I have yet to have an overwhelming urge to destroy a Kerry/Edwards sign, I look at the sign, shake my head for the persons sanity and intelligence level and move on, But EVERYONE has the right to their political opinion, but on the Left, it is .. “If you don’t agree with me, then you can’t have an opinion”.

That is just a symptom of an endemic problem within the Democratic party.

Kerry claims that it was the wrong war, at the wrong time etc, etc, but NEVER quotes himself from 2 years ago, when he was claiming that Saddam was indeed a threat and that the president needed the authority to take him out.

There are SO many of these, that I am NOT going to go over all them, It would take this entire page.

Now we move onto Voter intimidation, the Dems have put out a booklet, stating that if there is NO intimidation, that they need to do a PREEMPTIVE strike, so in other words create a problem where none exists.

Now we find out that Early voters in Florida have been intimidated at the polls by Democrats. People asking others who they are going to vote for, and if they say “none of your business” then they are automatically put into the Bush column and harassed clear to the voting booth.

This is INSANITY, this is just plain crazy.

I say the Democrats have lost their minds, collectively and individually.

Now, we move on to the other things that the Democrats are doing to win no matter what it takes.  10,000 lawyers, some hired, some pro bono, have been unleashed upon the voting offices to look for voting irregularities, what irregularities you ask? Well, they are going to look for “voter intimidation”. Translation, they are going to intimidate voters. They are going to look for double voters, people that have voted in one precinct and then come and vote again. Translation: They are going to make sure that those double voters go unnoticed, or will cry “Voter Intimidation”. Fun Huh?

Then we have the Republican headquarters break-ins all over the country, the union thugs are really going for this one with gusto, they actually took over a headquarters for a couple of hours. Talk about intimidation! Then the broken windows, the stealing of election literature, laptops, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

They have lost their collective minds, completely and have absolutely gone insane.

I have come to the conclusion that the Democrats are panicked completely and absolutely freaked out.

They have been in power for 50 years, and when they were kicked out, they were completely awestruck! How could the American people kick such intelligent people, who were taking such good care of the country, out of office? HOW DARE THEY DO THAT? The American people have no idea what they are doing, so we must get back in power, for THEIR OWN GOOD.

So, they have gone to the politics of desperation, silencing ALL those who disagree with them, intimidating voters so that they will vote how the Democrats WANT them to vote, and attempting to destroy any and all that would speak out against them.

The 527’s are a disaster, but it was the loophole that the Democrats wanted, JUST FOR THIS ELECTION. George Soros has dumped quite a bit of his personal fortune into defeating George Bush, so that his man, Kerry, can be in the White House, a man that Soros feels that he can control.

This is getting very dangerous, as we get closer to the election, the crazier the Democrats get. It is getting a lot like what Germany was like in the early thirties, as the NAZI party succeeded in shutting up any and all opposition.

The Democrats CAN NOT be allowed to succeed. They must lose, and by HUGE margins. Kerry and the Democrats cannot be allowed to get away with their voter fraud, where there are more registered voters then there are residents, such as in a few counties in the upper Midwest. They must be overwhelmed. The right must come out in GREAT HUGE numbers, and put this to bed once and for all.

The Democrats must not be just defeated, they must be OVERWHELMED!! They must be destroyed at the ballot boxes, because if they are not, they will just become bolder and crazier.

If the Democrats lose by 2%, even 3%, they will claim that the election was stolen from them, and we will be in court for months trying to straighten the mess out. Not only that, but the Democrats will lose whatever sanity that they have left.

The Democrat masses are at the beck and call of their leadership, and that leadership is not at all ethical or sane. That will spread to their sheeple as well. Those masses can and will resort to violence to get their way.

We must NOT allow that to happen. They must be overwhelmed in a LANDSLIDE, so that it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to claim that the election was stolen. I guarantee you that there will still be some violence, because again, they are not altogether sane, but a landslide will blunt it, and hopefully destroy any hopes that they have of ever regaining power again.

They must be ABSOLUTELY convinced that their lies, their demagogery and deceit will not be allowed, nor believed. They must be thoroughly convinced that they have gone too far to the left and must come back to the center or lose any and all hopes of ever having ANY power again.

The Socialist party of the United States(The Democrat Party) must be thoroughly defeated, and I believe that it can and will happen, but we MUST, we HAVE to get our base to the polls. We cannot allow single-issue voters to kill it for us. You single-issue voters MUST put your issue with President Bush aside, whether it is the war in Iraq, Abortion, whatever.

We are talking about the survival of the country here, and I am NOT overstating this .. we are talking about the SURVIVAL of the United States as we know it.

The Democrats have lost it, and will resort to violence if that is what it takes to make things right to them.

It is a very stark choice.

You either believe that terrorism is evil and the United States has the right to take preemptive action to protect ourselves, or you believe that the UN should have control of our national security. You either believe that the individual knows best how and what to spend their money on, or the government can make that decision for you better. You either believe in personal responsibility and the state answers to the people, or you believe in a collective socialistic dream where everyone answers to the state.

There is a stark contrast here, the Kerry vision of big government: the US answers to the UN, and we go down as the greatest power in the world onto the ashheap of history and the terrorists are just another reality of life and we will have to learn to live with it. Bush’s vision: the US answers to NO ONE, we have a right to defend ourselves and will, we remain the greatest power on the planet, and destroy terrorism and danger to American citizens wherever it hides.

The choice is clear, at least to me, vote for Bush, and the country remains safe, defended, and we are truly free, or vote for Kerry, where the US is an evil nation that must answer to the UN, and we are getting what we deserve when terrorists attack us, and big government will answer to no citizen, government knows what is right for us, and we had just better lie down and take it.

I know who I will vote for, won’t you join me?

WE need to DEFEAT the Democrats, and not allow their cheating, lies and dishonesty to steal the United States from us.


-- Jaguar


Posted by Jaguar   United States  on 10/24/2004 at 10:44 AM   
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Time For Fun

Halloween is right around the corner.  We’ve got school districts in Washington banning kids from Halloween activities because it might offend witches! (true story) and we’ve got Christians with their knickers in a twist because it falls on a Sunday this year.


Here’s a joke for you:

Q. What do hillbillys do on Halloween?


Now, it’s your turn.  Send us your favorite jokes.  Please keep them short and limit yourselves to 2 or 3 at once (to give others a chance!)


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Who Is The Real John Kerry

This one is from StrangeCosomos (the same people that bring you those great cartoons) and answers the question: “Who is the real John Kerry?” Supposedly it was written by an Air Force pilot who took Fuckface on missions to Vietnam to discuss POW/MIA issues with his buttbuddies the Vietcong.  When I last checked the urban legends site I did not see it listed.

Very enlightening and if this son of a bitch wins I pity the poor bastards running his secret service detail.  Plus the poor SOBs stuck with flying him around.

(thanks to Joanny!)


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We Can Only Hope

If There Is A God.....maybe He can do us a teeny-tiny favor and let this scumbag die. NOW!


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Trick or Treat?

I do not do the trick or treat thing.  It’s annoying and often times the “kids” who show up are young adults hell bent on trashing your house if they do not like what you give them.

But if the trick or treaters showed up like this, you can be guaranteed I’d have “really good candy” for them!


(hat tip to AlanS


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My Eyes!

Far be it from me to make a derogatory statement about a political candidate’s children. So in that spirit I will only present to you this picture of Vanessa Kerry and make the following statement:

“I’m sure the Kerrys love their daughter very much. After all, we’re all God’s children .... some more so than others.”



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calendar   Saturday - October 23, 2004

Barking Moonbat Of The Week Award

This week’s winner was an easy choice. There is a newspaper that personifies the very epitome of Barking Moonbat activity. To make matters worse, this is a foreign newspaper. To make it even worse they decided to ask their readers to try and interfere with the American election by sending e-mails to voters in Ohio recently. But did that satisfy these British Moonbats? Of course not.

They say “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun”. Methinks these bastards at the Guardian have stayed out in the sun way too long. Particularly after they published this latest article with this quote:

On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod’s law dictates he’ll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four more years of idiocy, arrogance and unwarranted bloodshed, with no benevolent deity to watch over and save us. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?

Yes, this week’s Barking Moonbat Award goes to:


To the Guardian: You Have Been Fingered.


Update: I have just notified the FBI of this blatant attempt to encourage the assassination of President Bush. You can turn in tips to the FBI at this link.

Update II: I just got a phone call from the FBI. Whew! That was fast. They could not get to the Guardian’s web site for verification and wanted a quote of what the article said (the web site does appear to be temporarily disabled). I was more than glad to oblige. Damn! These guys are good. And fast! Who says the G-Men are falling down on the job? They are wrong. Elliott Ness still lives in DC. Thank God!

Update III: Drudge has just posted a link to the Guardian article. However, the entire site for The Guardian appears to be down. I can only hope Tony Blair told somebody to pull the plug on these madmen. When they start advocating assassination, it’s time for all of us to yell “STOP! HELL NO!”.

Update IV: The entire article from The Guardian is available here (PDF). Thanks to Steve C. for capturing it.

Update V: We managed to shut the bastards down for a few hours but they are back on-line again with their bile. Thanks to Stan D. for tipping us off to their rebirth.


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