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calendar   Saturday - October 23, 2004

The Toilet as a Source of Religious Inspiration

This is just too freaky.  Archaeologists think they’ve discovered the shitter Martin Luther sat on when he was:

inspired to argue that salvation is granted because of faith, not deeds.

I guess he spent a bunch of time on the throne since he suffered from constipation.  Too bad Kerry and Edwards weren’t around then.  Their health insurance plan would have guaranteed him tons of Metamucil, ex-lax, castor oil, etc.

Hell, the religious experience from taking all of those would have been something to see---if not smell!


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A Giant Step Is Taken

For those that think the Arab and Muslim threat to the US is to be laughed at, go to France.  Yep, the land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys to see sheetheads taking giant steps in the takeover of French society.

The issue?  Compulsory English classes in French school.  The frogs are fit to be tied.

The giant step?  A deputy from the ruling UMP party, Jacques Myard told Le Monde:

“English is the most-spoken language today, but that won’t last”, he said.  Spanish, Chinese and Arabic were all growing in importance.  “If we must make a language compulsory, it should be Arabic.”


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State Of The Election

The Democrats have already begun to implement their plans to use lawyers and baseless allegations to skew the results in their favor. We believe no legitimate voter should be disenfranchised, either by being denied a vote or by having an honest vote cancelled out by a fraudulent vote.

The Democrats’ systematic registration fraud includes at least 62 cases in 15 states reported in over 150 news articles, with county clerks across the country reporting thousands of suspicious registrations. Deceased individuals, voters with vacant lots for addresses, fictional characters (i.e., Dick Tracy, Mary Poppins), illegal immigrants and young teenagers have been added to voter registration roles in battleground states.

Forty-six thousand voters are registered in both New York and Florida. In Colorado, one woman registered 25 times, which helps explain how 20 counties in that state now have more voters registered than there are eligible voters. One organization supporting Senator John Kerry was rewarding someone for new registrations with crack cocaine.

To divert attention from these widespread efforts, the Kerry campaign has instructed its operatives to allege Republican intimidation where none exists.

Teams of Democrat lawyers have filed 35 lawsuits in 17 states, seeking to change the rules in ways that would make it easier to engage in systematic vote fraud on election day. They are also working to deny voters a choice of a Third Party candidate, and in the process denying the freedom to vote to our men and women in uniform who are defending that right for all of us.

Democrats appear to be setting the stage to use the new provisional balloting rules to convert registration fraud into vote fraud, with the possibility of Kerry supporters voting in multiple jurisdictions or under multiple names.

In one contested election where provisional ballots have been cast, somewhere between 7-to-23 percent of them were valid. Democrats seem intent on making the case that every provisional ballot cast must be counted, and are deploying a horde of 10,000 lawyers to compel the counting of votes that were not legally cast.

The American people should be confident that legitimate voters casting legitimate votes determine the outcome of this election.

This underscores the importance of getting out the Republican vote. Your work is important and your vote will make a difference on election day.


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Weekend Fun And Commercials

I’ve decided to do a little more work on the old blog. We’ve been in business here for nearly a year now and readership is growing at phenomenal rates. I finally decided to sign up for BlogAds (see sidebar) to help defray costs. I hope our readers will understand and will (please) visit our sponsors. BlogAds are now a part of almost every blog in the Blogosphere and are an important part of maintaining this free expression of speech. If you or your company wish to purchase a BlogAd for this site, the link is available on the right sidebar. We’re still relatively cheap. Instapundit can charge $2,000 per ad but we’re much less than that. MUCH less (actually, we are offering weekly ads for only $15 and monthly ads for only $35). If you want your message to reach over 15,000 readers every week then advertise here.

In a playful mood, I decided to add author icons to every post. I’m Bugs Bunny. Vilmar is the Tazmanian Devil. Guest posters are Road Runner. Nyaaah, what’s up, doc?

cool smile 


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Civil War?

Saturday has finally arrived .. and not a second too soon as far as I’m concerned. The workload at the office has been miserable this week with all manner of deadlines coming due this week or next. Plus, I’ve been spending my evenings attending on-line Bush/Cheney Team Leader meetings and mailing out letters to about thirty newspapers I have targeted. I’ve canvassed my neighborhoods and I can safely say that folks around here are 100% behind George Bush. Florida, where Vilmar is, is another matter entirely. I was proud to see Vilmar get a chance to attend a Bush rally earlier this week. He sent me a DVD with ALL the pictures and several MPG movie files of the event. As Vilmar said, the crowd was highly responsive to Bush’s message. The pictures and movies he took are definite proof.

Needless to say, our Benevolent Dictator has been fired up this week and has churned out one editorial, research article or opinion piece after another. I’ve kinda let him run with it and stood aside. Reading his posts has been much fun and entirely interesting, I think you will agree. Let’s encourage him to keep it up. There are only ten days until the election and Kerry and the Liberals are holding on. We have to defeat them. If we don’t it will mean the end of the world as we know it. Asteroids hitting the earth, monstrous floods and volcanoes, plagues of frogs and locusts descending on all the earth .... it will be Armageddon of Biblical proportions.

The only good thing that might come from a Kerry victory would be the end of the perpetual whining from the Left that we have endured for four long, tedious years.

As William F. Buckley noted in a recent editorial ....

It pays to remind ourselves that working democracies depend for their existence on one thing, one thing alone. It is the submission of the minority. When that isn’t forthcoming, as in the U.S. in 1860, confederations break apart.

Think about that for a few minutes. If the party which loses an election is content to accept their loss and bide their time until the next election, democracy survives. If the voters who cast their vote for a particular law are defeated and they accept the verdict of the majority of people, democracy survives. As long as the course of the country is determined by the majority of the people, democracy survives. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Take a careful look back at the last four years. The Democrats never accepted their loss in 2000 and have been on a steady, unrelenting, divisive attack on President Bush since he was sworn into office in January, 2001. The liberal media have carried their share of that hatred and venom to all parts of the country, poisoning the social atmosphere in a steady barrage of attacks on President Bush’s administration. Fringe groups like the ACLU and PETA and many others have tried over and over again to overrule the wishes of the majority of people in this country by using the nation’s court systems. Trial lawyers have almost managed to bankrupt entire industries and in some cases have succeeded. Case in point: did you know that the recent flu vaccine shortage is actually due to trial lawyers? True. Evidence: the flu vaccine is currently made by two companies only .... one in Britain and one in France. Why don’t American companies make our own vaccine? You guessed it. Every one of them has stopped making vaccines because of the trial lawyers and million-dollar lawsuits by trial lawyers like John Edwards.

What has the last four years taught us?

Well, here is my list:

(1) George Bush had the guts and determination to carry the war to the terrorists after they attacked us in a cowardly fashion on Septmeber 11, 2001.

(2) The American people stood solidly behind the President for a brief period after the attack - after all, none of us wants to be dead, do we?.

(3) With their craven, mad attacks on the President, the Democrats have gradually eroded support for the war overseas as a means of regaining power.

(4) Their attacks have nothing constructive about them, but are only based on “promises”, “plans” and personal attacks on the President’s early life.

(5) Hollywood has not lost its chance to divide the country and make millions off of movies like “Fahrenneit 9/11”. The line between politics and entertainment is now blurred in their minds.

(6) Nearly half of the population of this country has been suckered into this mindless hatred of Bush and most of them really can’t tell you why in a rational manner.

(7) The major news media have finally come out of the closet and decided that influencing the elections is more important than reporting the news. They have become propaganda stooges of the Democratic Party.

(8) Minority groups like homosexuals and atheists are changing the social landscape of America in spite of the wishes of the populace in general. Tolerance is one thing. This is something else, something dangerous when the wishes of minorities overrule the wishes of the majority.

(9) From all the signs above, the Democrats and Liberals are making this their “last stand”. They are going all out to win this election. They know they’re outside the mainstream and if they lose they will be relegated to the toilet of history. They are lying to the people, physically breaking into Bush campaign offices around the country, resurrecting every old Democratic politician in the vault, mounting personal attacks on Bush, Cheney and their families, firing off attacks ads, movies & editorials while complaining about every response by the Bush/Cheney campaign. It is a scorched-earth campaign.

(10) A vote for John Kerry is a vote in favor of all of the “wrongs” noted above. There is nothing “right” about the Kerry/Edwards campaign. This election is not about Right and Left. It is about Right and Wrong.

America, you can go to the polls on November 2 and cast your vote as you see fit. Just try to remember that this is the most important election since 1860. In that election, the Democrats were wrong and the Republicans were right. It took a Civil War .. and 620,000 dead Americans .. to sort that one out. Will history repeat itself? It’s your choice. Choose wisely please. We can’t afford another meeting at Appomattox Courthouse.


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Halloween Comes Early

Yep, Halloween came early for Israel yesterday.

Apparently they’ve been successful in killing not just witches or goblins.  They actually bagged themselves a “ghoul” as in, Adnan al-Ghoul, a founder and the No. 2 figure of Hamas’ military wing.

HOORAY for Israel!  Hopefully this will allow them to live in a bit more peace.  Gotta love their intelligence network, too!  They hear about these assclowns coming out, dispatch a couple of missiles and “POW!!!” one less raghead.


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Should You Vote?  Or Stay at Home?

I almost decided not to post about this but yesterday I got a call at the last minute to work as a poll observer here in my county.  Florida allows early voting so we send folks out to make sure the Dummycraps don’t pull any stunts.

I sat there for 4 hours watching some of the STUPIDEST FUCKING PEOPLE on the face of the planet attempt to vote.  They had no clue what the ballot measures were.  They had no clue what judges to vote for.  One didn’t even want to vote for anything but ballot measures.  Some could hardly answer the questions related to personal ID.  A few argued about the ballot they got saying their sample ballot had more stuff to vote on than the real one they were given (never mind that the sample ballot plainly states it is the size it is because our county is gerrymandered and depending on where you live your choices for state senator are different since different ballots must be printed for those precincts.)

So after I got home and re-read this article I fully agree.  Many people should stay at home.  This bullshit about encouraging people to vote is just that---bullshit.  We have way too many people who are so damned stupid that in my world I’d have shot them in order to cleanse the gene pool but in this world.....well, they should stay at home.

Here are some stats to back my opinion (and that of the author’s) up:

Seventy percent of voters apparently were completely unaware of the fact that the federal government adopted a huge prescription drug benefit as part of Medicare during the term of President Bush. Fully 65 percent did not know that the government had passed a ban on partial birth abortions. Some 58 percent acknowledged that they knew little or nothing about the Patriot Act (a figure Somin argues persuasively is probably low-ball). Sixty-one percent thought, incorrectly, that there had been a net job loss in 2004. Only 32 percent were aware that Social Security is one of the two largest expenditure areas in the federal government. Only 25 percent could correctly state that the Bush administration does not believe Saddam Hussein was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks. Only 22 percent knew that the current unemployment rate is lower than the average for the past 30 years.

Go ahead.  Go read it.

I believe you will agree.  If you run into people like this, do your damnest to convince them to stay at home.  Use any argument or logic you have to.  Hell, be like a democrat and LIE to them if that’s what it takes!


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Thanks, Tony!

It may not have made front page news in your papers or the evening news on your TV but Tony Blair recently agreed to move up his soldiers closer to the action in Iraq in order to allow us to free up more of our soldiers to hunt down terrorists.

Mr. Blair has been a staunch ally for us in Iraq.  As individuals, there is little we can do to express our thanks other than to send him a note and we can do so here.

Go ahead.  Send a note.

(hat tip to Jeanette!)


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The Religion Of Peace---At It Again

Those terrorist bastards are now invading campuses in Iraq and threatening women who attend.

When, oh when, will these people rise up and start gunning these bastards down?

And, yeah, according to the media, the left and Islamists in THIS country, it is America that oppresses women.  Go figure!

One more thing.  Can you blame Muslim men for doing what they do when Muslim women say they deserve to be beaten for things like:

“burning the meal, disputing the opinion of their husbands, spending money unnecessarily, neglecting the children or refusing to have sex.”

We should just send all these asshats (men and women) back to the 11th Century where they belong.  But since we do not have time travel, a bullet to the head might be appropriate.


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calendar   Friday - October 22, 2004

Your Weekend Assignment

Take a gander at the following.  If you agree, please use whatever portions of it you want/need and send letters to your local papers’ editor.

I am so damned sick and tired of purposeful bias by the media and am certain that if President Bush loses the re-election it will be the media that caused it.  There is just no other excuse to explain it other than the blatant hypocrisy of the oprganization we USED to rely on to give us the news.

Note:  if you live in my area and your paper is the St Pete TImes or the Tampa Tribune, please do not send this to them.  I’ve already done so.  To get another letter like mine would tip them off and nothing would get published.  Thanks!

Bias?  or Hypocrisy?

-- President Bush serves in the Air Guard and the media demands he make available ALL his military records.
-- Senator Kerry serves in the Navy and the media utters nary a peep about his records.

-- President Bush owned a ball team and an oil company and the media digs into his financial past demanding copies of his tax returns.
-- Senator Kerry never had a job in the civilian sector, owns 4 mansions, a personal jet, a yacht, pays only 12.4% in taxes.  The media?  Silent about demanding full disclosure of his tax returns.

-- President Bush runs for office in 2000 and the media demanded to know what experience he had for holding the job.
-- Senator Kerry runs for Presdent in 2004, has nothing to show for the past 30 years except 11 pieces of insignificant legislation and the media?  Silent again.

-- President Bush supports 2nd amendment right to own guns and the media goes apoplectic on him demanding a ban on assault weapons.
-- Senator Kerry spends 20 years as a Senator attempting to ban guns but when he goes hunting geese in a blatant effort to curry votes by pandering to NRA types, the media finds nothing wrong with that hypocrisy. And PETA??  Eerily silent, too.

-- President Bush talks about his faith and the media ridicules him; liberals go nuts about separation of Church and state.
-- Senator Kerry talks about his Catholic faith will guide him in his decisions as President all the while pandering to religious folk and the media doesn’t seem to find anything wrong with that.

-- President Bush says we’ll never end terrorism and the media spends days dissecting what he said, what he meant, what he said he meant, and 3000 other iterations on the same theme.
-- Senator Kerry says terrorism should be reduced to a nuisance and the media refuses to take him to task.

-- The war in Iraq does not go like liberals would like it to go and the media revels in writing stories about Senators accusing the President of lying about Iraq and terrorism.
-- Madeleine Albright, on a speaking tour attacked President Bush and uttered, “When Clinton lied, nobody died.” Basically her comment glorifies the act of lying as representative of what Democrats stand for AND she conveniently forgot those who died in Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Khobar Towers, World Trade Center’s first attack, the USS Cole.  She lied.  Maybe those deaths don’t matter to her.  The media?  As ever----silent.

-- President Bush has prisoner abuse (NOT WAR CRIMES!) at Abu Ghraib and the media demands the heads of half his cabinet and noises are made about impeachment.
-- Senator Kerry ADMITS to TRUE WAR CRIMES (hacking, slashing, torture, etc.) and the media?  Yep!  Silent.

-- Soldiers die while liberating over 50 million in Afghanistan and Iraq and the media is constantly decrying the “quagmire.”
-- Senator Kerry, when questioned in an interview about the deaths of American soldiers during conflict says this, “If you mean dying in the course of the United Nations effort, yes, it is worth that. If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can affect the outcome, the answer is unequivocally no.” Remember, Senator Kerry keeps insisting the US acted alone in Iraq!  The media?  Haven’t heard a peep!  Have you?

-- Democrat voters in democrat controlled counties run by democrat supervisors of elections are incapable of voting correctly and the media carries the torch of the Democrats who portray it as being Republican led efforts of disenfranchisement and voter intimidation although no proof has EVER been found..
-- Democrats intimidate voters, ransack Bush/Cheney Hqs, falsify registration forms, purposely (and in violation of federal and state laws) hold off submitting those forms until the last minute in a blatant attempt to swamp supervisor of elections offices, burn swastikas onto lawns of Republicans, bash heads and break wrists of Republican volunteers.  The media?  Complicitly silent about TRUE disenfranchisment and voter intimidation.

So which is it?  Bias or hypocrisy?  Or both?

I report.  You decide.

Note 1:  Over 80% of media types vote Democrat.  You want proof?  Dan Rather and the false documents story; Ted Koppell going to a communist country (Vietnam) to verify Senator Kerry’s war stories and NEVER interviewing ONE Swiftboat vet; Peter Jennings saying, “I’m a little concerned about this notion everybody wants us to be objective” when questioned about media bias.


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Baseball Tricks

The mayor of Boston is trying to ban sales of alcohol during the World Series because he knows the people in Boston are lunatics, especially about the Red Sox. Unfortunately, we have found one Bostonian who is actually more looney than John Kerry. No, really.

I wonder .... if Kerry made this offer, would anyone take him up on it? I shudder to think about it ....

Argh!  shut eye 


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The Decline and Fall of China

That’s it!  They are screwed!

The Chinese will never recover from this!

A Hooters Restaurant is opening in China!


And, no, those aren’t the owners!


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It’s The Economy, Stupid!

This just in on the news wires: Senator Fuckface has lost the economy as a campaign tactic. Go Bush!

President Bush Signs Jobs Legislation

Legislation cuts the corporate tax rate and removes tariffs on American companies

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, President George W. Bush signed the JOBS Act which reduces corporate tax rates for domestic manufacturers, allows American companies to repatriate their foreign profits back into America at a lower tax rate, and most importantly, remove tariffs being placed on American companies by the European Union (EU).

The importance of this legislation to American taxpayers, workers, and economy cannot be underestimated. The legislation signed by President Bush today removes tariffs being placed on American companies, which is the equivalent of a $4 billion tax cut per year for American businesses and workers. The previous Foreign Sales Corporations (FSCs) and the extraterritorial income exclusion (ETI) export subsidies were found to be in violation of World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements. As a result, the EU was imposing tariffs on American companies at 12 percent, which were acting like a tax on American businesses and workers. These tariffs were obviously inflicting damage on the U.S. economy.

“Today, President Bush signed legislation removing discriminatory tariffs being placed on American companies and cutting taxes for American manufacturers to make our economy more competitive globally,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “These provisions will boost jobs and growth in America, but today’s signing also leaves Sen. John Kerry with no economic plan.”

With just 11 days to go until the presidential election, Democratic presidential candidate Kerry has no economic plan left. The Kerry plan for 10 million jobs relied on cutting the corporate tax rate for domestic manufacturers by 5 percent and allowing companies to repatriate their foreign profits back into America at a 10 percent tax rate. The legislation signed by President Bush today cuts the corporate tax rate by 9 percent and allows companies to repatriate their foreign profits back into America at a 5.25 percent rate. So not only has this legislation removed the Kerry team from having an economic plan, the legislation signed by Bush is superior in economic growth.

“The only two provisions left in the Kerry economic plan are raising taxes on America’s small businesses and a 1970’s era job tax credit that did not work then and definitely will not work now,” continued Norquist. “I find it quite ironic after all of Kerry’s complaining about jobs and his “plan” for these jobs, he has absolutely no plan 11 days before election other than to damage the American economy.”

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all federal, state and local tax increases.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Chris Butler at (202) 785-0266 or at


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Boycotts and Strikes

You’ve heard how Sinclair Communication is now going to pare down their special against The Poodle, right?  They say it is due to market pressures.  Dems got pissed and started writing.  Hey, for the same reason we’re applying pressure on ABC about that sleazy show on housewives, Kerry’s ass kissers are doing the same at Sinclair.

Which goes to show that capitalism works.

This next one I liked.  Walnut pickers went on strike 13 years ago as a show of refusal of a raise and benefits package.  Their benefits ended two years later.  The company hired other workers, made improvements, added labor and cost saving machinery and stayed in business.  Workers now make $20 an hour with about $10 more value-added as benefits.

They are close to ending that strike but since 76 votes are being contested, it may not pan out.  Of course, the AFL-CIO is out there scaring the masses while their own big shots get hundreds of thousands in annual salaries with never any threat of a layoff.  Nice support of “the people” huh?

Anyway, how can you help?  I say we support Diamond Walnuts and buy nothing but their brand for the holidays.  Let’s use capitalism to counter the assholes in the unions.


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