Vilmar’s New Voting Proposal


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   on 10/11/2004 at 05:12 AM   
  1. Something needs to be done…

    My and my wife have TWICE been Republican ‘judges’ (aka: poll workers)

    Both times we ‘judged’ the same voting precinct.

    Two things still stand out:

    1) my ‘Democrat’ counterparts were either very elderly, or, were a grandmother whose children and grandchildren were receiving welfare payments.

    2) I was threatened not once, but twice, when I threatened to shut down the polling place due to fraud. (’you see that school bus out there.. you really want to go against them?’ ... so said the ‘grandmother’.)

    To be fair, this was the 1996 election. Our precinct ended up having the highest number of ‘disenfranchised’ voters who did actually vote by going to the Board of Elections office.

    Yes, means that me and the wife stood up to the implied threats… It also means that you CAN vote at your county election board.

    The ‘threat’ was told to me by my fellow ‘grandmotherly’ Democrat poll worker.

    See, I was the mailman for the precinct… so I knew who lived in the precinct…

    I started doing something unheard of…

    I just asked for photo ID…

    ‘Grandma’ pulled me to the school window and asked me if ‘I would like to face all the ‘voters’ piling off the Democrat buses…

    I informed her that I would shut the polling place down unless she withdrew her threat…

    Now, I understand that the Kerry campaign has filed suite because Ohio requires you to vote at your proper precinct…

    Been there… Done that…

    Posted by Christopher    United States   10/11/2004  at  03:08 PM  

  2. Villmar, you left out 2 years mandatory
    national service for EVERYBODY under 21 to
    be able to vote. I also think a voter ought
    to be able to recite the alphabet. Maybe
    answer a history question ... like who’s
    buried in Grant’s tomb?

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   10/11/2004  at  03:28 PM  

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