When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

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Change of Subject



And don’t forget to sweep the land clean with a bayonet before resuming control.

IMO, the natural borders of Israel should be the Suez Canal in the south, the eastern foot of the mountains east of the Dead Sea from Aqaba to Amman and Damascus, and in the north to the suburbs of Beirut.


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Where to begin today?
How about this.

Israel. One BOO and one Hoo-ray!

First the well done part.
Seems a group of bedwetting, left wing Israel hating, Pal loving libtards were stopped from entering Israel to demonstrate and protest on behalf of the Pals.
State security or whatever dept. was in charge, had dozens of “activists” barred from boarding flights to Tel Aviv, thus suppressing a mass fly in of pro Palestinian protesters. Dozens more were denied entry after landing.

It’s bad enough when a country has its own internal handwringers pleading the case for the other side.  And who knows.  There might be some sort of case with regard to the settlements but I honestly don’t know.  But that’s all beside the point.
Israel does NOT need nor does it want foreign ass-wipes coming onto its territory or into their country, to disrupt life for its citizens who already put up with same on an almost daily basis.
So three cheers Israel for keeping the filthy scum, the useless vermin who are your enemy, out of your country. Well done.

NOT so well done however, and BOO dear Israel for the persecution of one of your own brave soldiers who more then likely just got tired of the in your face confrontational approach as practised by the vermin left.

The Israeli military suspended a senior officer who was caught on film assaulting (it was said) an unarmed activist.  What’s the problem?

Here’s the scene.  A foreign activist, and schmuck from Denmark, a part of the world that gave us political correctness and multi-culturism thank you for nothing you block heads, got in the face of Lt. Col. Eisner.  This ridiculous Danish dunce I am certain asked for it and so Lt. Col. Eisner gave it to him.
He smashed the ‘activist’ in the face with his rifle.
Kudos to Lt. Col. Eisner. Well done sir and I wish you well.
That silly assed foreigner had no right entering your country and causing aggro on your turf. 
BOO to the Israel military for suspending this good and loyal officer serving his country.

OK, I’ve had my say on the subject and been a bit wordy.
Now read what Col. Eisner has to say.



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Is it okay to be critical of Israel ?  And how far should it go?

Open for debate?

Is it okay to be critical of Israel ?  And how far should it go?

Any conditions?  Like, what if you’re a politician?  Now keep in mind I’m not asking if it’s okay to be a stupid politician.
Interesting thing happened here. 
A certain Baroness Tonge was told by her party leader to apologize for her anti Israel comments or leave the party. She chose to leave.


Her party is the Liberal Democrats, or Lib/Dems as they are referred to. Lib/Dems are as you might guess, on the left side of things but are part of this govt. because the Conservatives could not pull enough votes to gain a majority. And btw, I read in the papers that the Labour (very left)Party is gaining some ground. That’s a very scary thought.
But back to the Baroness.

She said, among other things, that American support for Israel wouldn’t last forever. She also said a lot more and it got me to thinking about something.

For me personally, support for Israel is in my dna. Can’t avoid it even when I get upset by some of the things I read, where I think they may be wrong.  Thing is however, over time I have seen folks who aren’t saying nasty things but who are honestly in disagreement or who question Israeli policy.  The settlements for one example, that Israel itself said would be halted but somewhere along the line that got held up. Then when they gave the all clear to dismantle some, a number of it’s citizens moved in and planted themselves anyway.
I’m too far removed from the trouble and strife there, don’t read as much as I should maybe. Although time for me is quite limited on how much I can read and do and post etc. On top of everything else going on here.  So I take it on faith that overall Israel usually has it right, and that they aren’t the bad guys.  But sometimes they slip I suppose, and critics are quick to point it out.  And when they do, they get flamed and abused and threatened etc. It’s almost as though being critical is thought of as some kind of anti-Semitic crime.  Of course some people are very much that.  But surely not all of them. Anyway, even for those who are out and out holocaust denying rabid Israel haters, I’d rather they be right where we can see them. Out in the open.  That’s one reason I think some of the European countries with anti deny laws with jail and fines are wrong. 

So here’s the story on the Baroness. Was she wrong in all particulars and even so, why should she have been told to apologize for honestly held beliefs?  And in trying to silence her no matter how unwelcome her thoughts and words to some, isn’t trying to silence her exactly what we are all so angry about when the left and the muslims do the same to our side?

I do understand that perhaps her words did not reflect the policy of her party and the party leader had to do something. Asking her to say sorry was I believe the wrong something because it would not have been a very sincere sorry. Just politically expedient. 

Lib Dem Baroness Tonge quits party over Israel remarks

Baroness Tonge said she was disappointed with Nick Clegg’s response

“One day, the American people are going to say to the Israel lobby in the USA: enough is enough.
“It will not go on for ever. Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown.”

Her resignation from the party follows a speech at an event held at Middlesex University, in which she said: “One day, the United States of America will get sick of giving £70bn a year to Israel to support what I call America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East - that is Israel.

Labour leader Ed Miliband condemned the remarks, writing on Twitter: “No place in politics for those who question existence of the state of Israel.”

Right. Leave it to Red Ed to get into the act. She was critical yes. Maybe even over the top. But I didn’t read anything she said that suggested she questioned the existence of Israel.  It’s like the racist word.  Use a certain line and shut down the argument. Miliband was bought and paid for by the Marxist unions and I wouldn’t believe anything he said. He’s where he is because he managed to stab his own brother in the back politically, for leadership of the Labour Party. Not that I’m crazy about his brother either. A pox on em all. Especially the unions.

Mr Clegg said: “These remarks were wrong and offensive and do not reflect the values of the Liberal Democrats.
“I asked Baroness Tonge to withdraw her remarks and apologise for the offence she has caused. She has refused to do so and will now be leaving the party.
“The Liberal Democrats have a proud record of campaigning for the rights of Palestinians, and that will continue.
“But we are crystal clear in our support for a two-state solution.”

‘Mouthed obscenities’

Afterwards Baroness Tonge said: “The comments I made have been taken completely out of context. They followed a very ill-tempered meeting in which Zionist campaigners attempted continually to disrupt proceedings.
“They mouthed obscenities at the panellists, to the extent that university security attempted to remove them from the premises.
“The comments I made were in protest at the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and the treatment of Israeli Arabs.”
She added: “I am disappointed the leadership of my party did not consult me before issuing a press release and seems always to abet the request of the pro-Israel lobby.
“Israel is acting against international law, the Geneva Conventions, and human rights. They do this with impunity and if our political parties will not take action then individuals must.
“I have been asked to apologise but refuse to do so and resign the whip of my party.”
The Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine group offered Baroness Tonge its “full support”.


Before I go for the night I must make it clear.
I think the woman is a freekin loon. A moonbat of the first degree. Politically she’s probably her own worst enemy.


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calendar   Monday - February 06, 2012

Damascus? Don’t Ask Us!

Will the last one out please turn off the lights and lock the door?

US Evacuates Embassy In Syria

Not a good sign boys and girls.

The United States has whisked its remaining diplomats out of Syria and suspended operations at its embassy in Damascus as violence there continues to increase, U.S. officials told ABC News. The skeletal staff, including Ambassador Robert Ford, departed quietly despite in some cases being denied exit visas by Syrian authorities, the officials said.

“The recent surge in violence, including bombings in Damascus on Dec. 23 and Jan. 6, has raised serious concerns that our Embassy is not sufficiently protected from armed attack,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said today. “We, along with several other diplomatic missions, conveyed our security concerns to the Syrian government but the regime failed to respond adequately.”

Today’s move comes after the Obama administration says its requests to Syrian authorities for increased security around the American embassy and its diplomats fell on deaf ears. The embassy is situated on a busy intersection in Damascus and officials say they feared al Qaeda elements, which are believed to be behind a string of car bombs in the Syrian capital, could target the Americans next. They had requested that the street the embassy is on be closed, but nothing was done.

The embassy had already been targeted by a pro-Assad mob last July after Ambassador Ford defied restrictions on his travel outside the capital and visited the restive city of Hama. Some in the crowd scaled the outer walls of the embassy and defaced the exterior, including the American flag, before being chased away by embassy guards.

The U.S. embassy, like other diplomatic facilities there, is guarded by Syrian security forces. U.S. officials say they were slow to respond and accused the government of sponsoring the protest.

The Syrian government’s crackdown on the movement to oust President Assad has become increasingly bloody in recent months. The United Nations stopped counting the dead late last month, saying it was too hard to keep up with and verify the body counts. At the time it placed the death toll at more than 5,400. Since then there have been reports of hundreds more killed.

Opposition elements have also stepped up efforts to fight back, raising fears that the once peaceful movement could evolve into a civil war.


“could evolve into a civil war”?? If you make a bit of effort to look just a little beneath the headlines it is pretty obvious that it already is a civil war. Or at least a religious one.

Against Syrian anger, Assad’s Alawite Muslim sect feels fear
Opposition leaders, some of whom have taken up arms in an increasingly violent confrontation that has killed more than 5,000 people in 11 months, mostly dismiss suggestions the revolt is destined to divide Syrians along ethnic and religious lines.

But millions are incensed by the killing, arrests and torture unleashed last year by the Alawite-led authorities against demonstrators, including women and children, who confronted them in mainly Sunni cities like Deraa.

In a country which has seen refugees stream in from the sectarian blood-letting in Iraq in recent years, and where Assad and his late father are widely perceived by much of the 75-percent Sunni majority to have heavily favoured the once scorned Alawites, the language of religious hatred is growing louder. Stories of reciprocal atrocity are gaining currency.

For the Alawites, who identify their faith as a variant of the Shi’ite Islam practised in Iran, long a close ally of Assad, the rise in the ranks of the opposition of the Sunni Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood and other conservative Sunnis who accuse Alawites of heresy is a particular cause of anxiety.

And we all know just how tolerant and forgiving Islam can be, right? As in, Not One Jot. Not Ever.

If you’re having trouble keeping the players straight without a scorecard, just know that the mad mullahs in Iran are supporting Assad and his sect, while Al Qaeda is supporting the Sunni sect. Isn’t that great? Two terrorist groups at odds with other in somebody else’s country. I’m certain that will have a peaceful resolution, right? Once again it looks like the seeds planted in the Arab Spring are only growing a crop of thistles.

Communal support for Assad invokes not only the fear of reprisal, but the historic marginalisation of Alawites from the centuries of Sunni Ottoman rule down to the emergence of Assad’s father, Hafez al-Assad. He took power in 1970 and died in 2000.

Before the Assads, Alawites say, they were treated routinely as second-class citizens, discriminated against and deprived of holding senior posts in the government.

Looks to me like they hate each other just as much as they hate us. Jizzlam comes in several distasteful varieties, and it seems that each of those has a few variations within it. And nobody gets along, and they all hate each other, and will all jump at the chance to kill each other off.

“So before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life.” says Ishmael, “It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world. And all of us against the infidel. “

Leon Uris, The Haj

PS - at first I thought it was a bit odd to name a religious sect after a fish. Just a little mental dyslexia there. “Alawhite” not ”Alewife”. Guess that one was a red herring.

PPS - Oh, and should [when] the long knives come out and Assad topple and the ethnic cleansing begin, guess who will be taking in the wretched refuse refugees, even though they are their mortal enemies with whom a state of war still exists? Israel of course!

Israel is making preparations to house refugees from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s minority Alawite sect should his government fall, Israel’s military chief told a parliamentary committee today.

“On the day that the regime falls, it is expected to result in a blow to the Alawite sect. We are preparing to take in Alawite refugees on the Golan Heights,” a committee spokesman quoted Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz as saying.

Assad has faced 10 months of popular revolt in which more than 5,000 people have been killed, according to United Nations figures. Israeli officials have said they do not expect his government to last more than a few months.

How do you say “brain fart” in Hebrew??


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calendar   Tuesday - January 03, 2012

someone wants to ban Muslim call to prayer on the basis of noise pollution. fatwah to follow?

H/T The Jerusalem Post

It isn’t so much that I’m making fun of someone’s religion.  ok. Maybe just a little. But for some time now I have found it rather odd, that more hasn’t been heard of about this problem.  Here and there a few times over the last year or so but nothing really outstanding that I’ve been aware of.

I’d think it might be very hard to live in an environment where these calls are made by ppl who sound as if they have a belly ache.  And then amplify it.
If people are really serious about their faith, wouldn’t an alarm clock work as well?  Or perhaps not.  Whatever, I’d sure hate to have to listen to this stuff at four in the morning. 

I guess a fatwah will be in the offering soon against Mrs Michaeli and any who agree with her. Cos muzzie rights always trump the rights of others.

Silencing the Muezzin


Michaeli wants to ban Muslim call to prayer on the basis of noise pollution.

Before the dawn rolls in from the east, Muslim worshipers have already been summoned to prayer by the muezzin’s call. Echoing off the stone walls of houses and apartments in Jerusalem, the summons is heard in Muslim, Christian and Jewish neighborhoods alike.

Not everyone likes it, particularly not at four in the morning. A move by Israel Beiteinu MK Anastasia Michaeli to have speakers removed from mosques aims to tone down this age-old, sacred call to prayer.

Michaeli, who drafted the bill, says it’s not singling out Muslims but rather going after noise pollution.

“We respect the freedom of religion, the freedom of thinking, the freedom of staying in the place they want to stay, but at the same time we need to respect the people who want to sleep at four o’clock in the morning,” Michaeli told The Media Line.

A mother of eight, Michaeli, 36, says she’s particularly concerned for the children who are wakened by the call. “This noise pollution disturbs them.”
Embraced by some as a long overdue measure and dismissed by others as everything from racist to superfluous, Michaeli’s bill has highlighted the complexities involved in coexisting in the Jewish state with a large Muslim minority in towns and cities that are becoming increasingly mixed.

Cities like Jaffa, Acre, Nazareth, Ramle, Lod and Jerusalem with their sizeable Arab neighborhoods are particularly affected by the call, known as the adhan, which is recited five times a day. Michaeli toured these cities recently, garnering support from some of the mayors and a large chunk of the Jewish population who she says are losing tolerance for the wail.

“I hear the call to prayer at night and it bothers me and the kids. They have raised the idea about lowering the volume of the speakers but nothing has ever been done. It continues,” says Motti Gabai, a resident of Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood whose house borders the Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa. 

Michaeli says attempts in the past to get the muezzin to lower the volume have failed. She bemoans the failure by officials to enforce existing noise pollution codes, saying police have complained they don’t have adequate meters for determining noise level. Michaeli proposes using new, less intrusive, electronic forms of summoning the devout to prayer such as internet alarms and personalized radio broadcasts.

Reactions to Michaeli’s bill have been vocal and thousands of Israeli Arabs have protested in the streets against it.

The bill is not against their religion. I know that they have to pray five times a day and I respect that. Let them pray but not at a [noise] level that disturbs others,” Michaeli says.

“In Israel there is no limit on the number of speakers that can be placed on a mosque and the speakers are directed in all directions,” Michaeli says.



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calendar   Wednesday - December 28, 2011

Say What???

Segregation Battle Looms In Jerusalem


is this the Occupy Jerusalem movement?

Thousands gathered in Beit Shemesh Tuesday for a demonstration protesting the growing demand by radical religious elements to exclude women from public life in Israel. The rally will feature several female speakers who were victims of haredi violence. Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni, Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yacimovich, Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat and Rabbi Haim Amsalem also addressed the crowd. Protesters were hoisting banners reading “Free Israel from religious coercion,” “Stop Israel from becoming Iran,” Segregation is a red line,” and “The majority is silent no more.”


Not without a fight! Protesters against the haredi and segregation

Public outcry against the radical demand to shun women from public events and for segregation between the sexes on busses, sidewalks and even in lines in the supermarket, became especially strident over the weakened when seven-year-old Na’ama Margolis was spat on in a Beit Shemesh street by haredi man who claimed she was not dressed “modestly enough.”


Minister Livnat added that “the atrocity of women’s exclusion is a heinous crime. We will fight against it with everything we have.”

“Beit Shemes has become a symbol for a secular city that has become haredi. Seculars must be allowed to live here… the current situation is intolerable ,” MK Miri Regev (Likud) said. “This is a Jewish country but there is no room for imposing (religious edicts). We cannot allow religious coercion or segregation in mixed cities. Everyone should be allowed to make their own choice,” she said.

Ok, I think I might have a slight grasp on this. There is an area, a neighborhood, a county-sized chunk of land, to the west of Jerusalem, that may also include part of that city. This is Beit Shemesh. In that zone - oh, I really really don’t want to use the word enclave, but that is what it is, a ghetto in the real old-school sense - there lives a group of super conservative, real old-school Jewish folks collectively known as the Haredim. Plural, Haredi. There are very few of these folks in the USA; the ones we are vaguely familiar with are the Hasidim, which are only one half of the Haredi group in Israel. The other half is Lita’im. I think. They are super-super-Orthodox. Among other beliefs, they do not want to live out in the world with everyone else. Those who do are known as Haskalah, or secular. Meaning “out in the world, no longer isolated, assimilated”. From the secular movement in the 19th century came the more modern Jewish sects we think of as Conservative and Reformed, although there are a couple more divisions most of us gentiles aren’t aware of.

I’m probably getting some of this wrong because it’s all new to me. For me the story here is my amazement that in Israel Jews are fighting other Jews, and some Jews are being abusive and violent towards Jewish children. I am agog, and I say that without the slightest bit of sarcasm.

So there are tensions in Israel. Just like everyone else, Jewish people take their faith in different degrees, from super strict to laissez-faire.  But this group seems to be embarrassingly primitive, calling for complete public segregation between men and women, and has been caught on video being abusive and violent towards small children. And the counter-protesters aren’t going to put up with that shit for a heartbeat.  What makes it worse is that these same attitudes are held by their worst blood enemies ...


... and using some of the same tactics ...

On Monday, violent incidents continued in Beit Shemesh, Haredim clashed with police officers and attacked two television news crews. At least six people were arrested or detained for questioning.

The violent scenes in Beit Shemesh on Sunday, when a Channel 2 news team was attacked by 200 Haredi men, were repeated on Monday.

On Monday morning, dozens of ultra-Orthodox men surrounded police officers and municipal inspectors who came to remove, for at least the third time this week, a sign on Hazon Ish Street, in the Haredi neighborhood Nahala Vemenuha, ordering men and women to use separate sidewalks. The men tried to prevent the sign’s removal, calling the police officers “Nazis” and dancing around them in circles.

A few hours later a crew from Channel 10 was attacked as it tried to film a piece on education in the city. Police officers dispatched to the scene after the news team called for help clashed with dozens of Haredim.

And when the cops show up to restore the peace you broke, you play the Nazi Cardrolleyes :eyeroll:  rolleyes For shame. Shame! Does nothing have real meaning any more?

Naturally, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Solomon-like idea to cut the area in half was rejected by both sides:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was criticized by both opposition and coalition members Wednesday morning following a Yedioth Ahronoth report that he is considering ending the tensions between ultra-Orthodox and religious residents in Beit Shemesh by dividing the city in half.

According to the report, Netanyahu said in closed forums that he was in favor of any solution which would prevent violence, including the possibility of dividing the city into one city for haredim and another city for secular and religious Jews. The newspaper said Netanyahu had already discussed the issue with Likud and Shas ministers.

Knesset Member Yohanan Plesner (Kadima) slammed the prime minister, saying that “instead of dealing with the problem, Netanyahu is – as usual – only dealing with the symptom.

So we’ve got another fine mess in the Middle East. Honestly, Israelis, why can’t you all just get along?.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 14, 2011

a law to ban mosque loudspeakers is tabled by pc weaklings

For all their past wars and glories if that term even applies, Israel also has its cowardly pygmy politicians.

Netanyahu is absolutely correct.  Who the hell wants to listen to that caterwauling five times a day? Why should the rest of the population have to endure that crap? But even he has had to back down as he didn’t get enough support.  Yeah, it’s being tabled. For now.  Which translated probably means, fergitaboutit.  But he was right and he did try.

H/T India Times

Netanyahu backs law to ban loudspeakers at mosques

JERUSALEM: In a controversial move, Israel’s hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his support for a proposed law that would ban mosques from using loudspeakers to call people to pray, stressing that “there is no need to be more liberal than Europe”.

The law popularly known as the Muezzin Law, proposed by lawmaker Anastassia Michaeli of ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party applies to all houses of worship, but the practice is mainly prevalent in mosques.

“There’s no need to be more liberal than Europe,” Netanyahu was quoted by Ha’aretz as telling ministers of the ruling Likud party during a discussion on the proposed law.

However, after intense pressure from Likud ministers Limor Livnat, Dan Meridor and Michael Eitan, who harshly criticised the bill, Netanyahu announced that he was postponing the scheduled debate in the Ministerial Committee for Legislation.

Michaeli has said that hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens routinely suffer from the noise caused by the muezzin’s calls to prayer.

“The bill comes from a worldview whereby freedom of religion should not be a factor in undermining quality of life,” she emphasised.

“I do not want to turn the bill into a national, religious and cultural issue,” the lawmaker asserted.

“This is a green problem, not a black problem,” she added in reference to the opposition the bill has garnered from politicians and civil rights groups who say it would restrict freedom of religion.

Netanyahu echoed similar sentiments discussing the measure with Likud ministers.

“I have received numerous requests from people who are bothered by the noise from the mosques,” the Israeli Premier said.

“The same problem exists in all European countries, and they know how to deal with it. It’s legitimate in Belgium, it’s legitimate in France. Why isn’t it legitimate here? We don’t need to be more liberal than Europe,” the hawkish leader added.

Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor, however, opposed the move saying there was no need for such a law and that it would only escalate tensions.

“None of the ministers came to Netanyahu’s defence or supported his position,” a minister, who reportedly participated in the meeting, told the Israeli daily.

Realising that he would not be able to muster a majority in support of the law among his ministers, the Prime Minister announced that the bill would be removed from the agenda of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation, which convened a few hours after the Likud meeting.



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calendar   Monday - December 12, 2011

Israel. Military spokesman accused of mocking dead Palestinian. The left is outraged. Yawn.

I have to say I just love this Israeli response to criticism.


Conceding that non-violent protests presented a particular challenge to Israeli control of the West Bank, the cable quoted Gen Amos Gilad, a senior defence ministry official, as saying: “We don’t do Gandhi very well.”

OK so, the usual anti-Israeli dead heads have their knickers in a terrible twist, and all because a military spokesman implied that a rock throwing idiot was, a loser and stupid.  Not in those exact words but the rock throwing hero got hit in the head by a tear gas canister, and croaked. Yeah so?

Funny how we never seem to hear from the bed wetters and bleeding hearts when the other side lobs missiles or launches suicide attacks. Of course not. Those are all justified in the name freedom.  Not to say many of us don’t have questions about policy and the religious muddle among Jews themselves in a Jewish state.
Which is really none of my business anyway. After all, I don’t vote in their elections or pay taxes there either.  Well , not directly.
Anyway ... here’s the story.  You may have already seen it.

And please note, just like the USA and the UK, Israel too has their 5th column and peace in our time dupes.

Israeli military spokesman accused of mocking dead Palestinian protester

The Israeli army was at the centre of controversy on Sunday after a senior military spokesman was accused of mocking a dead Palestinian protester on the social networking website Twitter.

By Adrian Blomfield, Jerusalem

Mustafa Tamimi died on Saturday, a day after he was struck in the face by a tear-gas canister fired at close range from an armoured military jeep in Nabi Saleh, a village in the West Bank that has seen weekly protests against the Israeli occupation.
Israeli military officials have been largely unapologetic for the death, releasing pictures of a sling they said was found on Mr Tamimi’s body as evidence that the dead man had thrown stones.

A number of military officials took to Twitter to defend the army and attack Mr Tamimi, but none caused as much outrage as a post by Maj Peter Lerner, spokesman for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Central Command, who appeared to suggest that the Palestinian deserved his fate.

“What was Mustafa thinking running after a moving jeep while throwing stones #fail,” he wrote as the Palestinian fought for his life in hospital.
“Fail”, and its stronger variant “epic fail”, are American slang terms, popular on the internet, used in a derogatory fashion to denote extreme stupidity.

Activists said that Maj. Lerner’s choice of language was symptomatic of a culture of indifference to Palestinian rights within the Israeli army.
“I think it is important to remember that this is the official spokesman of the IDF Central Command and it shows what the army thinks of a Palestinian life,” said Jonathan Pollack, an Israeli pro-Palestinian activist.
“Mustafa was killed in cold blood, shot from inside an army vehicle at close range.”

Pictures of Mr Tamimi lying in a pool of blood, his face badly mangled, have raised tensions in the West Bank. Clashes erupted at his funeral yesterday as Israeli soldiers fired tear gas at mourners attempting to march on a spring near Nabi Saleh which has been taken over by Jewish settlers.

At least five people were injured, including Mr Pollack who was admitted to hospital after he was held in a chokehold by Israeli soldiers, causing him to lose consciousness.

Maj Lerner denied mocking Mr Tamimi, saying his use of the word “fail” was directed at activists who, he said, had given a one-sided version of the incident.
“I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings by writing ‘fail’,” he said. “I felt the need to point out that none of the pictures of Tamimi prior to the incident were published despite the fact that he was throwing stones.”

The IDF has launched an investigation into the incident. Under army rules, soldiers are forbidden from firing tear gas canisters directly at protesters. A spokesman insisted that the army normally responded to demonstrations with “extreme restraint”.

The eruption of weekly protests in the West Bank over the past two years has unnerved the Israeli military establishment.
A leaked US diplomatic cable, written last year, quoted a senior Israeli officer as saying that “even demonstrations that appear peaceful” would not be tolerated and would be broken up.

Conceding that non-violent protests presented a particular challenge to Israeli control of the West Bank, the cable quoted Gen Amos Gilad, a senior defence ministry official, as saying: “We don’t do Gandhi very well.”


Mr Pollack who was admitted to hospital after he was held in a chokehold by Israeli soldiers, causing him to lose consciousness.

(A bit of bad luck the traitorous bastard woke up. Better luck next time IDF)


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calendar   Tuesday - October 11, 2011

No Benji No

Netanyahu Announces Deal to Free Shalit

Will trade 1000+ terrorist murderers for 1 IDF soldier

Israel and Hamas, two of the Middle East’s most implacable foes, announced Tuesday they had reached a tentative agreement brokered by Egypt to exchange more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for an Israeli soldier held captive for more than five years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, who summoned all 29 Cabinet ministers to vote on the agreement concerning the fate of the captive soldier, Staff. Sgt. Gilad Shalit, went on Israeli television beforehand to announce it, a sign that he was confident of Cabinet approval.

“If all goes according to plan, Gilad will be returning to Israel in the coming days,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

Khaled Meshal, the Hamas leader based in Syria, confirmed in a broadcast from Damascus that an agreement had been reached, setting off wild celebrations and cheering in Gaza and Palestinian communities elsewhere as word spread that hundreds of Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli jails would soon be coming home. Mr. Meshal said the Israelis had agreed to turn over 1,027 Palestinians, among them 315 sentenced to life in prison and 27 women. He called the agreement “a national accomplishment.”

Only if those prisoners have been injected with a fatal poison or disease, and fed the antidote up until now. That way they’ll all drop dead in 3 weeks after the exchange. If that isn’t the plan, or if they don’t have tracking devices on them and a massive air strike planned, then this is a terrible thing. But they will get their guy back, hopefully alive and not a vegetable.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/11/2011 at 04:06 PM   
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calendar   Sunday - September 25, 2011

Oh Hella Yeah I’m Stealing This

big_us_flag  big_israel_flag

via Moonbattery via Wild Bill for America.

I hope none of you wasted a minute listening to Abbas at the UN the other day blathering on about statehood for the paleo-swine-ians ... or the spew from that miniature ranting lunatic from Iran ...


Conversely, I hope every one of you stopped what you were doing to listen to “Uncle Benjy” Netanyahu’s address that same august [cough cough] body. If history remembers that talk, they should call it the Place of Darkness speech, for that is what the UN is, and he called them out for it. In detail. Full transcript at the link, video at YouTube but with comments full of hate.

Compare Wild Bill’s bit of history with Netanyahu’s words

You know why we’re called “Jews”? Because we come from Judea.  In my office in Jerusalem, there’s an ancient seal. It’s a signet ring of a Jewish official from the time of the Bible. The seal was found right next to the Western Wall, and it dates back 2,700 years, to the time of King Hezekiah. Now, there’s a name of the Jewish official inscribed on the ring in Hebrew. His name was Netanyahu. That’s my last name. My first name, Benjamin, dates back a thousand years earlier to Benjamin — Binyamin — the son of Jacob, who was also known as Israel. Jacob and his 12 sons roamed these same hills of Judea and Samaria 4,000 years ago, and there’s been a continuous Jewish presence in the land ever since.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 09/25/2011 at 10:25 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - July 06, 2011

kindergarten to reject migrant kids in israeli school

When I found this story, which btw is a week old by now, I hadn’t seen Drew’s post on schools that follows.  Different stories and unrelated, but funny how this fell out.

I guess now Israel haters are gonna point the ‘R’ finger at them and complain.  Let em.  I can darn well understand the concerns here. 

Odd though that until recently, I hadn’t thought about migrant workers in that place as I assumed (wrongly I know) that Israelis could fill the void where needed.  I guess they have too many chiefs and not near enough Indians.


kindergarten to reject migrant kids

A new kindergarten in Hatikva neighborhood in Tel Aviv has declared that it will have at least one classroom that will not accept foreign workers’ children, municipality sources said. The move is unprecedented in Israel.

Residents were pleased, as was Gal Sharabi, chairman of the neighborhood committee. “The kindergarten will be intended for the veteran residents of the neighborhood,” he said.

Hatikva neighborhood, in southern Tel Aviv, has become famous for its ire against migrants who have taken up residence in the city.

Over the past few years, residents have been pressing the city council to keep foreign children out of kindergartens, claiming they lower the level of teaching. They also claim the kids carry a risk of disease.

“We are extremely pleased with this decision. The foreign workers have a language problem and this makes studying difficult and keeps our kids from progressing,” said a neighborhood mother. “This makes the gaps between children of the north and south (of Tel Aviv) even greater.”

The mother added that the request has nothing to do with racism. “We love them and learn with them in elementary school, and we’ve been living in peace for years ... All we ask is that our children not be harmed and for the gaps (between north and south) not to be perpetuated,” she explained.

A neighborhood father also rejected allegations of racism: “Only the children of southern Tel Aviv are forced to study with migrant kids. Everyone knows it’s problematic, that there is a risk of disease because they were not inoculated in Israel, but when we protest they call it racism,” he said.

“I feel that the municipality’s decision is a victory in the battle we’ve been waging in the past few years. Even they understand that this is a problem.” ...

The municipality responded officially to the report by stating that placement of children in kindergartens has not yet been completed for next year, but senior officials say at least two local kindergartens will be set aside to accept only kids of Israeli descent.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/06/2011 at 09:36 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - June 28, 2011

Blame Those Tricksy Joooos

Propeller Cut Off Gaza Flotilla Ship


The Juliano, a boat planning on joining the Gaza flotilla challenging Israel’s blockade, was sabotaged in a Greek harbor…
A ship jointly owned by Swedish, Greek, and Norwegian activists hoping to join a flotilla of activist vessels challenging Israel’s economic blockade of Gaza, had its propeller cut while in Athen’s harbor today. A spokesman contacted by the Monitor said that the damage was a deliberate act of sabotage.

Israel and its allies have been working hard to head off the planned flotilla, which is hoping to enter the waters off Gaza in the next week. Col. (ret) Ann Wright, who’s organizing a US vessel named the Audacity of Hope for the flotilla, says her ship has been detained in Athens on spurious charges that it’s not seaworthy. She says that charge was made by an Israeli legal group.

Now the Juliano is held up. Mikael Löfgren, a spokesman for Ship to Gaza Sweden, says the damage was discovered at 6:30 in the evening Athens time today, and that divers probably cut the propeller in the past 24 hours.

“The reports I’m receiving is that it’s certain that it was sabotage,” says Mr. Löfgren, reached by phone in Sweden. “The propeller and [propeller shaft] has been cut and we have divers that have filmed the damages. Experts have said there’s no doubt” that the damage was deliberate.

He says that repairing the damage will take a few days. As to who is responsible, he declined to speculate. “We simply don’t know who did it, but it’s obviously a hostile act,” says Löfgren.

The Swedish activists say the propeller shaft of the Juliano was cut off in Piraeus and that it would take a couple of days to repair the damage. Swedish activists said the propeller damage was discovered late yesterday.

Norwegian delegation leader Torstein Dahle said today that “someone is willing to go to great lengths to stop the flotilla from sailing”.

Read more:

How much do you want to bet that this was completely self-inflicted? That’s an old old trick the far left never tires of. Hell, I remember when I was in college, and whenever the Jewish Student Union, the Black Student Union, the Haitian Student Union, the Wymyn’s Student Union, the Islamic Student Union (of course there never was a White, Male, or Christian Student Union - that would be racist!) wanted some attention, they’d wake up to find their little offices covered in hate speech graffiti or with broken windows. And every single time it would turn out that the actual perpetrators were the members of that Union themselves. Of course, since they were symbolically “acting out” fears of the “repression” they were certain they received in the real world, these thuggish acts never got them arrested or expelled or even sent to years worth of counseling.

Besides the Juliano - named after Juliano Mer-Khamis, the Arab-Israeli actor, director and political activist who was shot dead in the West Bank town of Jenin in April - boats from Greece, France, Italy and Spain are also among those joining Freedom Flotilla II. Two cargo vessels will carry medicines, a fully equipped ambulance car, and cement.

But of course. This is par for the course. Like the M/V Saint Pancake, all flotilla ships must be named after martyrs to the cause.

According to Mikael Löfgren, press coordinator of the organisation, it is not known who was behind the attack in which hostile divers destroyed the propeller housing and severed the two propeller axles beneath the boat.

“We didn’t catch anyone in the act, so we can’t be 100 percent sure, but we have our suspicions,” said Löfgren to The Local.
“All we know is that Israel is doing everything in its power to slow us down,” said Norwegian spokesperson Torstein Dahle to Norwegian daily Dagbladet.
The ship Juliano is jointly owned by the Swedish, Norwegian and Greek Ship to Gaza organisations. It is one of the smallest boats in the Freedom Flotilla and has room for 25 passengers.

( no wonder I couldn’t find it on the international ship registry sites. It’s a frickin motor boat, not an actual commercial ship )

In a first comment Ship to Gaza spokesperson Mattias Gardell said:

“It’s one thing for a foreign power to press the Greek government to delay our voyage with red tape. It is quite another thing for enemy agents to operate on Greek territory. It is high time for the international community to put their foot down and say: Enough!”

So I have some serious doubts about the authenticity of this story. Sure, maybe the Israelis are sending you a little message. Maybe. Maybe you should listen. As far as I can tell, there is no truth at all to the rumor that the IDF has been spotted buying up horse’s heads from around the Middle East. Capice?

See More Below The Fold


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 06/28/2011 at 08:39 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - June 23, 2011

Ship Of Fools, Again

Still Stuck On Stupid

Yet another flotilla to “free Gaza” is about to set sail

Boatloads of hippies, leftists, commies, and noted anarchists aboard

International cruise to support terrorism and anti-Semitism

rolleyes The stupid never stops. I can’t say for certain which aspect of these twits is more annoying: their utter blindness to reality, or their blatant racism. Either way: “Losing!” rolleyes

Victoria resident Kevin Neish knows the risks of breaking Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip. Last year as a human-rights observer on a Turkish-owned vessel, the Mavi Marmara, he witnessed a bloodbath after Israeli commandos boarded the ship. Nine passengers were killed and 54 were wounded.

“It was a free-fire zone,” Neish said during a recent interview at the Georgia Straight office. “There was blood dripping down the stairs—and I’ve got the photographs to prove it. So it was just a nightmare, a horrendous nightmare. People that I broke bread with and had tea with just the day before, I watched die in front of my eyes. It was unbelievable.”

Yeah, well, you commit an act of war, you pay the price. Be glad you weren’t shot or sent to prison forever, idiot.

Organizers of the ‘European campaign to lift the Gaza siege” announced that the second Gaza-bound flotilla will set sail as scheduled, next week. According to an organization activist, the sail will include “hundreds of activists form 40 countries.” The group did not specify when exactly the flotilla will set sail.

15 ships full, from what I hear. Every super-lefty who can save up some welfare checks and sell enough dope to afford the ticket price. Bill Ayers, Alice Walker, and a host of others.

The boat from the United States has been dubbed “The Audacity of Hope.” (Now where have we heard that title before?) On it are 36 passengers and four crew members, including some members of the Soros-funded Code Pink. Journalists from The Nation, CNN, NPR, CBS, The New York Times, Democracy Now, and the Palestinian News Agency Ma’an are “embedded” within the flotilla. “Embedded”? Isn’t that the word used to describe journalists who accompany troops in active battle?

For a partial list of this group of audacious activists and their bios, go here.  It reads like of Wannabe Who’s Who of Leftyville, from aging hippies to “social justice activists” to anti-war progressives to “a freelance cultural explorer” (translation: hippie free love slut). I would not want to be downwind when this ship passes by.

Around the world, only a little common sense has bubbled up: Germany has refused to allow it’s government members to take part. Right? Because having a bunch of Germans involved in a blatant act against the Jews ... might cause Mercedes Benz sales to drop amongst the doctors and lawyers on the Upper East Side. It’s a little too blatant.

BERLIN – The German Left Party earlier this month issued a resolution prohibiting its Bundestag deputies from participating in the Gaza Flotilla slated for late June and intended to break Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Billed as a resolution that would end the criticism that the Left Party is fundamentally anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, the resolution failed to impress the head of Germany’s Jewish community, Dr. Dieter Graumann, and media commentators who see an anti-Semitic agenda driving the Left Party’s domestic and foreign policy platforms.

But that’s about it. The crazy is in full swing everywhere else. And I mean crazy:

American Jews comprise more than 25 percent of the pro-Hamas flotilla that aims to challenge the IDF on the high seas and reach Hamas-backed Gaza, throwing cold water on the allegation of a unified pro-Israel “Jewish lobby” in the United States.

“It’s important that Jews are in this boat… The Jewish lobby in this country is so powerful,” New York Jewish labor attorney Richard Levy told media agencies.
Jewish activist Leslie Cogan told the French news agency AFP, the flotilla is “a cargo of friendship, a cargo of peace.”

Last week, Jewish anti-Zionists in London rallied in memory of the nine IHH members who were killed by Israeli Navy commandos last year after brutally attacking the soldiers, who reached the deck of the Mavi Mamara ship virtually unarmed except for paint guns and small revolvers.

After last year’s clash on the high seas, the leader of the German-Jewish organization Jewish Voice for Peace in the Middle East said the group actually wants to “preserve” Israel.

“Some see what we are doing as a betrayal. But the question is what do they really know about the whole thing. Some people don’t want to be educated,” Kate Katzenstein-Leiterer told the German news agency DPA.

In contrast to the American Jews’ efforts for the flotilla, pressure from French Jews prevented the departure of a ship to Gaza, according to the Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman.

Meanwhile, over in Turkey ... our NATO ally Turkey ... that secular, peaceful nation ... flotilla supporters and peace activists have found a new banner to rally around:

image“The protesters are not concerned about peace,” Gunaysu explained. “They are calling for more violence and more bloodshed. Because they—particularly Islamic protesters, at times backed by leftists groups as well—are not against a particular Israeli government and its particular policies, but against the existence of Israel itself.”

The best piece I’ve found written about the whole affair is Phyllis Chesler’s post, “Flotilla of Fools” at Front Page Magazine.

Spurred on by the anti-Potemkin Village images of Palestinian Arabs living in wretched refugee hovels, fenced in by an allegedly “apartheid” Israeli wall, oppressed by “Nazi” Israeli soldiers for “racist” reasons (and not because the Palestinian leadership practices both Islamic gender and religious apartheid as well as terrorism)–the Good People are sailing to the rescue.

She spends two delicious pages slicing, dicing, and pureeing this latest crop of floating idiots and their benighted quest. Read it and be wonderful.

So, what’s my opinion? Need you ask? Let me tell you ...

Do you know what a swashplate engine is? I didn’t either, but I learned today. A swashplate engine, also called a barrel engine, is an axial internal combustion engine that has no crankshaft. The pistons and cylinders are all parallel to the axle, just like the cylinders in a revolver are parallel to the central crane axle. As the pistons push away from the combustion chamber, rods and rollers on their nether end push against a wobbly plate called a swashplate in circumferential succession, which turns the axle. Think of a crowd in a stadium doing the wave, but in a circle. Give everyone in that circle an edge of a big blanket to hold, and put a ball on the blanket. Time things right and the ball will roll around and around as each step of the wave erupts behind it. Or think of a Gatling Gun in reverse: instead of the sinusoidal cam spinning the barrels and loading and firing the chambers, when reversed the recoil of the rounds going off cause the cam to rotate. Same principle. Another way to understand a swashplate is to envision a CD on an dowel axle. Position the CD at an angle and glue it in place. You now have a camshaft equivalent, that will make one sine curve motion (2Π radians) per revolution if you’re looking at a fixed spot edge on. [ shut up Drew, nobody finds this stuff interesting but you. I know, but I bet the engine is a two stroke, and I bet the first cylinder to fire on starting is the one halfway down the sine curve. That way it would not need to be cranked, and it would never start in reverse. ]

So, who cares? Well, a 500hp swashplate engine powers the Navy’s Mk-48 torpedo. The internal combustion engine runs on an evil liquid called Otto fuel 2, which is a mix of a combustable (gasoline, alcohol) with a very strong oxidizer (pure hydrogen peroxide). It’s almost like liquid gunpowder, and lets the engine run deep underwater with no bottled air. The Mk-48 carries a 650lb explosive warhead, can reach speeds of at least 63mph, and has a probable range of over 21 miles. It’s jet propulsion system, a ducted muffler, and various other silencing technologies allow to run very stealthily for very long distances.


It sure would suck if a few of those accidentally fell into the Med, wouldn’t it? Seriously: think of the environmental impact of several hundred sunken hippies dirtying up the water. I’m all for peaceful solutions, but sometimes accidents do happen.



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calendar   Tuesday - May 24, 2011

A Home Run For Uncle Beni

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in front of Congress today. If you didn’t hear his speech, here is the link. 46 minutes and some seconds, and worth every moment.

Of the 300 million Arabs in the middle east and North Africa only Israel’s Arab citizens enjoy real democratic rights. Now, I want you to stop for a second and think about that. Of those 300 million Arabs, less than one half of one percent are truly free. And they’re all citizens of Israel.

Israel is not what is wrong about the Middle East; Israel is what is right about the Middle East.

I like his style. He gave a relaxed talk, like a visit from your favorite uncle. But he made all sorts of great points, didn’t stumble over a word, and gave the media about 200 really good quotes.

And he goes on to politely send Obama to the woodshed. And points out his own military service and his own personal losses to terrorism, and highlights the peace agreements that Israel has made in the past that have brought stability to the region. And he calls for a Palestinian State, but he calls for it from a position of strength, and points out that it’s been duplicity and failure at the other end of the table that has kept such a peace from sticking. For generations.

He sounds like a leader, not a liar.


Posted by
Drew458   United States  on 05/24/2011 at 09:08 PM   
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