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calendar   Thursday - November 06, 2014

Scary memories

Can’t believe how scary that was. I lost internet AND landline phone for over two hours! Wasn’t a local problem—an area problem at one of ATT’s hubs. Told me over my cellphone “24 hours”. Last time they told me ‘24 hours’ it was three days. They did give me a credit on my bill that time.

I said ‘scary’ because I can’t believe how much I depend on internet now. Not just for news, entertainment, refilling my prescriptions, etc. I do my banking and bill paying online. To think 20 years ago I bought my first decent computer and joined both AOL and CompuServe. Didn’t do any of that online. Didn’t know the difference between a ‘browser’ and a ‘web crawler’. AOL had both then.

Memories, of 14.4K modems…
5 and a quarter inch floppy discs…
That hold 800k…

Hey! think I’m on to a hit song!

Thankfully I’d paid the monthly bills this morning before my VA appointment so they won’t be late.

What are your memories?


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calendar   Friday - October 03, 2014

on a personal note

You’ve all heard of computer hell week I suppose. Or maybe not since I just made the term up. Actually, I’ve had it all in one or two days.


Worst part was trying to get thru to tech ppl I pay for and hardly ever have to use, but can’t get beyond their damn recording giving me options my call has nothing to do with. Then when I do get someone, it’s a call center in India and whatever language they are speaking, it ain’t ringlesh.  Rats.

Hey ... has anyone else been reading about Windows 10 yet?  Interesting stuff. I guess MSFT is going to undo a few of the things they thought ppl would love in Windows 8 but few did.  Anyway .... for awhile I thought I might be getting a new puter but .... you know the old expression about the best laid plans of etc, etc.
In two weeks time we are having new windows fitted for the front of the house.  The rest will be done next year, probably in the spring. Anyway ... it’s been a long time in coming.  The windows, all installed in 1923 or 24, are only being held together by paint and rust.  Old rusted iron, single glazed and a few have developed cracks that started last winter and continue even now.  So anyway, we can only do things in stages and the work isn’t being done for cosmetics I can assure you. Altho of course things will look better.  Then the house is in desperate need of painting and I figure it could take another year at least before I can find a pro to do the work.  Oh, it isn’t that I can’t find one. I can do that okay.
The problem is that nobody wants to work. No really they don’t. 

We had one fellow last year for example, who worked on a neighbor’s house, and we hired him for some work here which he did quite well.
Later on, just a few months in fact, he had to come back to the neighbor for some repair or I whatever, and I asked him for an estimate to paint the entire house. I don’t think it’s been done since 1970 or thereabouts. 

So he said he’d come on over as soon as he was through next door.  But he never did.
I happened to see him at our local market two weeks ago.  Said hello, exchanged a comment or two about the weather, and I asked him if he had time to stop by and take a look at the house as it needs painting.  Oh sure he says.  I can stop by Monday or Tues. evening when I finish up another job. Great.

Haven’t heard a word.  And he’s at least the third house painter, (they are called decorators here, I suppose that’s what they do after all) anyway, the 3rd I’ve spoken to and it’s like pullin’ teeth to get folks to take your money.  When you find someone who shows up on time and who arrives when they say they will, it is cause for celebrating.
And heck ... when one even shows up earlier than expected why ..... you want to marry them provided they’re the right gender.

No kidding.  You have no idea how difficult it is.  They take the time to advertise their services but when you call and leave your number after listening to a recording .... you’re never certain of a call back and with good reason.  It’s because they hardly ever do.

So now back to the really important things in life.  Computers and tech support and my reason for calling tech support.
About 10 days ago when they were fixing something for me, I mentioned in passing that I was thinking of upgrading to Windows 7.
So, the guy I was talking to volunteered the information that I could call on them and they would walk me thru an installation.  Hey, pretty good I guess. I could call Drew but something tells me he wouldn’t be available at a time convenient to me. Oh yeah.  And he wouldn’t like getting a tech help call at 2 in the morning.
Sheesh ... some folks.

My call to my paid for tech service was to ask a question which it didn’t occur to me to ask at the time I spoke to them a week ago.
I’m curious to know if their help was a clean install.  I have read that OS can be installed over the old one, but that a clean install is better
So I’m still trying to fight the answering loop system to get thru.
It’s hopeless.
And I won’t get started on what I think of my ISPs customer service, or I’d be here all night and the air would turn very blue.


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calendar   Thursday - September 18, 2014


The blockquote is me on Facebook. I’m am seriously writing this. Drew and peiper kicked me in the metaphysical web @ss. The Skipper is probably going ‘I asked him?’ My fault. I got lazy. Won’t post often, but will post thoughtful. (I hope)

I’m working on a what would have been called a ‘paper’ except I doubt it will see cellulose until I’m finished. Then I’ll be lucky if anyone wants to touch it with an old type press.

You can see some of it jelling in my posts. Even had to tell Todd that red foxes ARE a sign. While we argue what red foxes are a sign of, we will be converted to Islam. By the sword. The sword will force you to be a dhimmi, or the sword will cut your head off. Or the sword can just nudge you into installing foot wash facilities. No other religion is so sick and demented and foul that they feel the need to wash their feet at college!

Islam knows it is evil and wrong (but I repeat myself) They need to wash constantly like Pontius Pilate or Lady MacBeth.


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calendar   Tuesday - September 09, 2014

Put a sock in it!

Dale just wouldn’t shut up. I’d already reread the Mosier Theory of Socks and Dryers. But he just had to keep picking…

Chris Mosier I should repeat the Mosier Theory: Dryers have a black hole in them. There is a corresponding ‘white’ hole. Your lost socks show up as belly-button lint.
9 hrs · Like
Dale Sandleben Myth:

“Tiny gnomes live in caverns underneath your laundry appliances and collect socks to use for trade/currency.” ...See More
6 hrs · Like
Dale Sandleben Myth:

“There is a black hole inside of the dryer hose that sucks them in and shoots them to the Island of Lost Socks.” ...See More
6 hrs · Like
Dale Sandleben Myth:

“There is a sock monster that lives in the dryer.” ...See More
6 hrs · Like
Chris Mosier Would you just put a sock in it!!!
6 hrs · Like
Dale Sandleben Myth:

“Socks become cannibalistic when exposed to heat.” ...See More
6 hrs · Like
Dale Sandleben I got tons of em..
6 hrs · Like
Chris Mosier Sock it to me!!
6 hrs · Like
Dale Sandleben I figured you might like the black hole theory...I leaning more to the time and space, cause and effect.
6 hrs · Like
Chris Mosier I believe I referenced the black hole theory in my original comment.
6 hrs · Like
Dale Sandleben Yeah, but you can never be safe...get the info out to people...they need to be aware…
6 hrs · Like
Dale Sandleben I think Hanes and Fruit of the Loom are in cahoots, they sneak in to your laundry room and steal them, just so you have to go purchase more....Im telling ya man, its the end of civilization as we know it! LMAO
6 hrs · Like
Chris Mosier (stuffs Dale’s mouth with dirty socks)
6 hrs · Like
Chris Mosier That shut him up!!
1 hr · Like
Cathy Conner lol
9 mins · Like
Chris Mosier
Write a comment…


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calendar   Monday - September 08, 2014

Drew’s Fault

Two things:

A) Drew took me to task after the infamous ‘cucumber’ post.
B) Seems Drew was right. I’ve noticed more interest (as measured by comments) since I adhered to Drew’s advice.

Sad to say, but Drew did force me back to the kind of posts that our late Skipper promoted me for. Thanks Drew.

Now: Does Facebook censor?


This isn’t the first time that I got the ‘unable to post comment’ line. From now on, I will take a screen shot of that. Care to wager on getting that message if I comment against conservatives?


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 09/08/2014 at 02:28 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - August 21, 2014

it time for another espisode of ASK BMEWS

I know you recognize the page and here’s the problem.

Was a time some yrs back, when you could end annoying and distracting animations that skipped, jumped, spun and hopped under your eyes by simple clicking the ESC key.
Well I guess those days are gone cause nothing stops this on my home page.

Till today it was the annoying spinning doggy seen below. Today it’s something else.

Firefox has gone all Google on us and even managed to out Google in frequency.

So I thought I’d ask you guys before changing browsers. Don’t wanna dump FFox cos generally for my uses, it works fine.
Need a really simple solution without having to go digging through dangerous places under the hood.


Cheers and thanks to anyone with an answer. It would be much appreciated.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/21/2014 at 03:12 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - August 13, 2014


Just watched Hook again. Robin Williams as the adult Peter Pan, and Dustin Hoffman as Captain James Hook. This was the last movie my entire family went to see together. Even the movie theatre we saw it in is closed. I thought it sucked back then, but it grows on you. I especially enjoy the sequence when Maggie (his daughter) realizes that ‘Peter Pan is my Dad?’ I don’t think anyone else besides Robin Williams could have played an adult Peter Pan. Maybe the guy that played Wesley in The Princess Bride. Maybe. Can’t help thinking that Mr. Williams forgot how to play. Life’s no fun if you forget that.


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calendar   Friday - August 01, 2014

Chess with an IDF Arab

Played a couple of games with ‘Ahmed’ something or other. I barely beat him both times. But I noticed he was playing under the Israeli flag. During the time between games he informed me that ‘yes’ he was an Arab, and a veteran of the IDF! He’s quite happy being an Arab-Israeli citizen and let’s his daughters run amok! AKA: act like all teen girls do.

Games upon request.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 15, 2014

two views on suicide

Earlier today, I posted about a suicide with the comment, “ At the age of 89, with her health failing and knowing with age would come more failure, and while still in control of all her faculties, she decided to end it there before such decisions could be denied her.”

The elderly lady didn’t much care for the world of 2014 and in passing (no pun intended there) said she wanted no part of it.  With her health failing due to heart and lung problems, she saw no future she could cope with.  Or maybe she just didn’t want to cope. 

Well, Wardmom had some strong feelings on the subject and expressed them clearly as she always does.
And, caused me to think quite a bit more and so I started to reply. Before long I realized I was writing another post as opposed to a simple comment.
By the time I finished what I had to say, and then deciding to post here instead, I also realized that what I had to say would not work unless I also posted Wardmom’s comment. And so I do so now, because taking one’s own life is a very serious subject.

I know I’m going to upset some here - as one’s life is and always should be one’s life - and business, but to me, this line explains it all:

never married or had children.

Self-centered from the start to the end.
How one can say ‘my life has been so full, with so many adventures and tremendous independence’ and go on to snuff out that life while blaming ‘modern’ society? Sounds more like she was scared to death of being dependent on anyone - most especially strangers - at the end.
It’s why most people have children - it used to be to take care of you at the end. Now, you might get lucky and have one descendent who gives a damn enough to visit once in while.
Fight it or embrace it - but never give up, never give in. Giving in, giving up are the ways the haters, takers and amoral scum - win. They have succeeded in beating you down. Posted by wardmama4

My answer as follows

Wardmom, there are some of us who just are not child oriented and who never had the desire to be parents. Doesn’t make us self centered, I don’t believe. Are people obligated to have children?

I had a career instead of a family, which never mattered to me. And having children with the thought that someday I might need care, seems not to be a good reason to have them. And if it is, is that not just as self centered?  And selfish?  Why should anyone have children if it isn’t in their nature? Not all people are natural parents. I never had the desire to father kids.

You seem to be asking how anyone could have had a full life if they ended up topping themselves. I don’t see the discrepancy.  Why isn’t it possible?  One has nothing to do with the other. There have been lots of very successful and happy ppl who, as the lady here has said, with her health failing (heart and lungs) the future was not going to get better and so ended it.

I had several years here of watching someone die by degrees. Several years of watching my wife run herself ragged caring for her mom, her back problems (my wife’s) made worse over time. The diaper changes by care workers coming in 2wice a day to turn and wash the old lady and wipe her ass. That sure as heck is not the way I want my exit to be when it comes.

I have no intention of putting my wife thru the hell of care giving after what I have seen. And to be very honest, even if I were not married and alone, I don’t want to be wearing diapers and having strangers come into my home to clean me up and wipe my backside cos I can no longer do it for myself.  That isn’t living.  That’s just existing.  For some folks I suppose that’s enough.  To simply breathe, and if lucky breathe all on their own.  If that’s what they want and they’re satisfied with what little there is, then more power to em.  But it surely is not my idea or my choice of being alive. 

Never give up? Never?
I don’t think so.
There comes a time for all of us where a decision is going to be made. I never want to be in that sad position I read about, where someone’s life is a misery, they want out of it, but can’t because that decision has been taken away from them. By strangers who can not possibly be inside their head or any other part of their body, to experience the same agony.

You said; “Sounds more like she was scared to death of being dependent on anyone - most especially strangers - at the end.”

Well, based on what I have seen and what I have heard and read, seems to me to be an honest and legitimate concern. Seems like legit fright too.

In the end, with failing health anyway, and modernity not to her liking, I think she was less blaming the modern world for her decision; rather, she was saying I believe, there’s nothing in this world I will miss, nothing here I think enough of to want to remain in it.  So goodbye world, I leave you to it and happy to do so.

What’s so wrong about that?


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calendar   Wednesday - January 15, 2014

driven out of my computer room … needed the break anyway

This has not been an altogether easy week and it’s only Wednesday.  And ... puter just crashed on me. Hate it when things freeze and have to do a restart. Anyway.

Couldn’t use this room for two days as the remaining trees in back where taken down.

They have this machine that grinds up all the branches and much else, and that was directly to my right, where there’s a window and not much else. Except that infernal grinder.  By the time they finish, around 4 or 4:30, I’ve just been too tired to do much of anything. But the break was welcome from this computer I must admit.

Bad news for friend Drew as his post office again denies he or his address exist, as my card was returned to me yesterday.  Poor Drew.  How soon they forget.
I wrote him (email) not to worry. I’d resend the card next year and save the expense of one less card.  lol.  But there’s a problem. 

I forgot what it was I may have written inside that card. I haven’t a clue.  So I’m faced with a problem of ethics and legality.

Should I open the envelope and remove the card to read, which means in effect I’d be reading Drew’s mail.  After all, it’s addressed to him. So that might not even be legal.

On the other hand, since the post office says the address does not exist … But no. So at great expense to myself I will invest in another stamp, put the returned envelope in another one so that Drew can show the jerks at his PO what they did. 

Can I file a claim against the PO for a buck fifty?

OK so, you may recall this from a week ago.  We had a storm and one of the trees fell. There are three still standing. Or were when this snap was taken.




So the downed tree was finally lifted off the hedge, the neighbor’s back garden was cleaned up and their wire fence easily repaired.
The neighbor was very concerned about their dogs getting loose but we put up a temp fence for them.  Damn shame that tree couldn’t have fallen on their dogs. Two yappy damn Schnauzers.  Gotta be among the world’s dumbest k-9s. Maybe I can find some cat piss somewhere, dump it on both and watch em eat each other.

The remaining three trees, or really two but with growth and age one of them looks like two separate trees. 




So I pretty much stayed out of this room for the duration.


I had no idea how big our back yard was.  I think I miss the trees.  But I am told that even as it is, the value of this place has been increased.
Much good it does us at the moment.  Oh well. It’ll take a bit of time to fill it all in properly.  The tree ball could not be reversed and buried, they cut it as low as they could. The ground is almost solid chalk below.  The cost of grinding the monster down to nothing is prohibitive.  To give you some idea, and we’re taking the size of this thing into account, in American dollars the cost could run as high as $1,000.00.

There once was an apple tree back there, but the fallen tree put paid to the poor thing. Had flowered and bore fruit every year.


And finally .... And cos I took a huge shine to this fellow.

This is Buddy.  He belongs to one of the crew that was working here. Still a fun loving puppy.


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Sunday - December 29, 2013

trees and the roof too

A note of minor (if that) interest.

Yesterday I had three tree guys come by to give us estimates for getting rid of that tree that fell in last week’s storm.
I posted the photos on Dec. 24.

Also getting estimate to knock down the last trees that are just as large, I mean really big. Well, when I posted the original pix just looking at the thing, I thought and it sure does look, like the tree fell across the hedge and you could see the tip of it . Not so.

Yesterday when the landscapers were here I went around the fallen tree to see just how far over that tree had fallen. You can not see over that hedge from the place where I shot the photos.  What a surprise. The thing was bigger than shown in photo, and the rest of it was out of sight of the camera lens, and is laying completely across the back lawn of the neighbor. I mean from one end to the other.  It can’t be seen from the vantage point where I snapped the photo.
If you now go back to those photos and see the last pix, you see the volume involved in cutting.  I’m referring to the trees that are still standing.
So ... one of the three who came here says the cheapest and best way is ...

To toss all the cuttings on a bonfire and burn everything over a few days.  ??  No way!  I mean yeah it could be done but. That’s all very wet timber to begin with. And even if it weren’t .... in theory we can only burn (or should only burn) when the breezes are not blowing back into the neighbor’s homes and ours as well.  I pointed this out and the answer was of course, well we’d have to wait til the wind was going in another direction.

OK so now we’re talking about how long?  Yeah right. Forget that.  These are massive trees the cost is .... hmmmm. Never mind but forget the new pc this year. Because ..... we also have some roof work supposed to take place in Jan.  And the plaster work inside will be about as pricy as the guy doing the outside work. We aren’t replacing the whole thing btw. 

So ,,,,, one of the guys said he would work up two or three estimates for me with different options if I wanted to cut corners and save money.
For example.  Instead of reducing everything to chips and sawdust by machine, the wood could be cut for firewood and stacked in the far corner of back garden, and only the smaller branches and twigs and stuff that isn’t cut for the purpose of fireplaces etc. would be reduced to dust.

The New Year is gonna be off to a great start.  Well ... it will be for the workmen we’re going to have to pay.

Typical btw.  The fellow who said he would write up an estimate and email to me late on Saturday .... never did.
Which of course raises the question, if he can’t do that on time and as promised, can he be trusted to do the job if hired?


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calendar   Wednesday - November 20, 2013

anchors away

Found at the Daily Mail a few minutes ago.

Takes me back more than 40 years, altho the tin cans I served on were WW2 vintage and no match for these modern brutes.
Damn ... no kidding. I know it’s old age talking and memories seem so much better years on but .... seeing this makes me wish I could serve again.

And okay ... it isn’t the Stars and Bars but ....

Seeing that flag of ours flying so proudly makes me ever more homesick.  NJYank knows the feeling.

Ignore the audio, it adds nothing but watch FULL Screen


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/20/2013 at 05:10 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - October 17, 2013

the mail urges not to follow american example of political advertising

I don’t know about most of you folks, how could I on this topic, but I have to ask.

Do political ads especially in the national elections turn you off?  Even with our own side.

I had not given it much thought over time to be honest.  Some ads I saw some yrs ago I thought toe curling.  And seeing politicians with babies always seemed so false. 

What brought this on was an editorial I saw recently in a fairly conservative paper here, knocking the American political ads at election time.
So I thought I’d run this by our group here to see if you folks feel similar and what your views on the subject are.

From the Mail

ONE American example we should not follow is their tolerance of paid-for political advertising on TV and radio.  Most of this is savagely negative.  It gives power to the rich, takes from the poor and makes it impossible to set workable limits on campaign finance.

While it may seem entertaining to visitors, it has done nothing to raise the US’s dispiriting low voting levels.

I don’t know how they know all of that but ..... I haven’t seen their system being ‘all that’ either.  And I read that the voters here have stayed away in droves. Now if that is true I’d have no way of knowing personally. I don’t go out and survey or count voters. But their conservative party at the last election could not get enough votes to rule alone and so the cons. have been tied to a coalition govt. with the Liberal Democrats (Lib/Dems so called) and things have not gone exactly as cons would like. Lib/Dems are very liberal, mostly left wing, supporters of things gween so you get the picture.

But the question remains .... can we do better?  And with a country the size of the USA, how else should ppl running for office get the word out? Whistle stop train tours?  Well, it worked ok in 1912.
With the very real problem they have here tied to the EU and all, I’m surprised the Daily Mail has the time to study us and pass judgments. Question.  Do they have a valid point?  I’m not sure I agree with them. I don’t see how we could do things any other way. Although we surely don’t need mud slinging but when it’s done, I think the public is mostly smart enough to recognize it.

Oh ... they do not approve of Guantanamo and want us to close the place.
I say sure thing.  When they make reparation payments to the descendents of the brave Boers of so long ago.  Well why the heck not?  Aren’t they stupidly making payouts to the Mau .... oh wait. Yeah. I was forgetting.  The Boers were all white.  Never mind.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/17/2013 at 09:32 AM   
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calendar   Monday - October 14, 2013

Can you see any reason to let these scum live?  I don’t but I know they will. Damn it!

It’s been in the news all week, and I’d be curious to know if the impact is the same in the USA.
I am referring to that maggot Edward Snowden who ran off with thousands of top secret documents and has taken refuge in Russia.

Before Russia of course, he was in China.
Except for total idiots …. can there be any American alive anywhere, that doesn’t think the intelligence agencies of those two countries now also have the material?

Britain too is exposed of course, and it was announced last week, that the filthy traitor has released thousands more in his possession, to the very left wing Guardian newspaper here in the UK.  AND … they are publishing said material. Not all of it they say.  In other words, they have now become the arbiters of what is safe and not safe to divulge, of material stolen from the USA and handed to them.
Which isn’t a surprise because they are totally far left and most assuredly Do Not Like the USA.

I wish it were possible to kill the filthy commie editor and the miserable creep reporter who first got his rotten hands on the file. That reporter by the way, although living and working here, happens to be an American faggot, who it is known, shared the files with his boyfriend who was trying to take some of them out of the UK. 

What ever happened to the guys I read about in novels, who take out bastards like these?  Or did they never exist?  Oh for a weapon and close proximity to either of these rats.  I’d even go after family members, to give future editors of this type something to think about before acting in a similar manner.  While some won’t agree and say that’s barbarism, I can only remind them of the world we now inhabit. And I’d also ask if you feel safer on a plane now than before 911 or a London bus on 7/7/05.

The times are barbarous and we must accept that.  No one will thank us for being foolish enough to try and fight this one using the Marquis of Queensbury Rules.  Well wait a minute.  There will be some thanks, won’t there?  From the scum that are determined to blow up more planes, attack more shopping malls, fly more planes into buildings if they can. Those folks will thank us, and laugh as well. 

The most serious damage done so far it’s reported, is that Snowden and by extension the newspapers, have now informed the terrorists of our methods and what our people look for and how they track and upset terror attacks.  Snowden deserves to die and the more painful the better. I’d say the same for the Guardian reporter, his boyfriend, the commie editor and include the publisher as well for good measure.

The previous posts tell only a part of the story.  And damn it, to think that holes in our own security has led to all this.  Although, how was anyone to know there was a traitor in their midst?  That’s how they operate.  Innit?


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/14/2013 at 10:55 AM   
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The Real Stuff
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when rape isn't rape but only sexual assault
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[...] took another century of Inquisition and repression to completely eradicate the [...]
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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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