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ISIS commits another crime afainst humanity

Guess those dysfunctional WMDs that didn’t exist weren’t so non-existant or dysfunctional after all. Guess maybe Bush didn’t lie either. Aww Hell, it probably was “Mission Accomplished”, at least the first mission, after Saddam’s fall from power. As a delusional moonbat liberal, up until now willfully blind, I just don’t know how to react from having my blindfold torn from my head and my face rubbed in my own bullshit. Oh, but it hurts! It burns!!

ISIS Using Chlorine Gas Against Iraqis

File this one under No-shit Sherlock.

The U.S. is investigating claims that Islamic State militants used chemical weapons against Iraqis last month, in what would be a serious escalation of the fighting in the region.

Iraqi officials have told media outlets that the terror group used chlorine gas bombs during clashes in September near Baghdad.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and a spokesman with the Pentagon could not confirm the reports but said they are taking them “seriously” and investigating the claims.

“We continue to take all allegations of chemical weapons use—and in particular these recent allegations regarding the use of chlorine as a chemical weapon—very seriously,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Steven Warren said in a statement. “The use of chlorine as a chemical weapon is an abhorrent act.”

Did you notice that Obola isn’t making any Red Lines in the sand not to be crossed? Guess he either doesn’t care what ISIS does, or supports their cause after all.

And it’s “claims”, not even “reports”. Because rows of gassed bodies are so hard to identify from their green skin and popped eyeballs and so forth.

The allegations come after chemical weapons use in Syria last year prompted a standoff between the Obama administration and the Assad government. Though President Obama had called the use of chemical weapons a “red line,” he ultimately backed down when Bashar Assad agreed to turn over his weapons stockpile. Asked Friday if the latest attack, if confirmed, would change the approach to the Islamic State fight, Earnest did not say.

“We’re going to investigate those reports,” Earnest said.

Three Iraqi officials—a senior security official, a local official from the town of Duluiya and an official from the town of Balad – had told The Associated Press that the Islamic State group used bombs with chlorine-filled cylinders during clashes in late September in the two towns.

Smells like pure CYA to me.

The senior security official said it was most likely that the Islamic State fighters obtained the chlorine from water purification plants in the areas they have overrun. Iraqi intelligence has indicated that the group has shells filled with chlorine that are ready to be used, the security official said.

“The IS fighters seized some quantities of chlorine after seizing control of some water purification plants or sites where chlorine was kept,” said the senior official, adding that the “IS group has some experts who were able to manufacture chlorine shells.”

Yeah, that’s it. In an era when almost nobody on earth has knowledge about chemical weapons, some rag-tag group of “Junior Varsity” upstart sand lice has experts on the subject who can MacGyver your swimming pool into poison gas artillery rounds. Riiiiight.

Gosh, what other BS can they sling at us on this one?

Chlorine gas, when inhaled, swallowed or exposed to through skin, causes difficulty in breathing, coughing, and eye and skin irritation. It is not as toxic or effective at killing as sarin, a nerve agent, and experts say it is difficult to achieve high concentrations of chlorine by dropping it from the air.

Let’s ask the tens of thousands of casualties from the First World War about that ... oh, wait, we can’t. They’re all dead. Since 1915.

On April 22, 1915, the Germans launched their first and only offensive of the year. Known as the Second Battle of Ypres, the offensive began with the usual artillery bombardment of the enemy’s line. When the shelling died down, the Allied defenders waited for the first wave of German attack troops but instead were thrown into panic when chlorine gas wafted across no-man’s land and down into their trenches. The Germans targeted four miles of the front with the wind-blown poison gas and decimated two divisions of French and Algerian colonial troops.

The use of poison gas is such a blatant violation of all the world’s rules of warfare that a wholesale execution of every last person in ISIS would be justified. Not even Hitler allowed his troops to use gas in combat.


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Hope for Change

Fresh Calls For Britain To Quit EU:

£1.7billion bill From Brussels starts big row

After handing out free housing, free food and clothing, free money by the tonne to    bums    sanctuary seekers from all over Europe, the EU uber-state wants a cool $2.75 BILLION in extra support !!!

FURIOUS David Cameron last night conceded that Britain had been pushed closer to a European Union exit after receiving an eye-watering £1.7billion Brussels bill.

Red-faced with anger, the Prime Minister vowed to block payment of the “completely unacceptable” surcharge presented by EU officials in a surprise overhaul of national contributions.

“It is not acceptable, it is an appalling way to behave,” Mr Cameron said.

Calls for the UK to withdraw from the EU intensified yesterday following the cash demand, which will cost every family in the country £65.

And he admitted the latest insult to UK taxpayers - with the bill due to be paid by December 1st - was undermining his drive to keep Britain in the EU.

When pressed on the issue by the Daily Express he said: “It certainly doesn’t help, put it that way.”

As the row deepened, there was fresh pressure for the Prime Minister to accelerate his promised in-or-out referendum on Britain’s EU membership.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage warned that Mr Cameron was in “real political trouble”.

“Yes, it’s outrageous, but that’s how the European Union works,” he said.

“He’s in a very weak position. He can do nothing about this.

“And I think, really, he’s now being pushed into a position where, unless he brings forward his referendum promise, I think he’s in real political trouble.”

The poisonous row over cash contributions to EU coffers engulfed a summit of European leaders in Brussels yesterday.

Several were incandescent after a string of countries including Britain, Italy, Holland, Greece and Malta, were suddenly presented with extra bills to cover “adjustments” in their membership.

They were told they needed to pay more cash because their economies had performed better than forecast between 1995 and 2013.

Britain’s payment would raise the country’s annual EU contribution to £8.6billion.

But other countries including France and Germany were due cash back because their economies had under-performed.

Seriously? Britain has an economy???

All kidding aside, of course they do, but again, seriously, theirs did so much better than Germany’s?? Really??? I don’t know how things work over there, but over here I see German cars, German appliances, German sports equipment, German tools, German everything all around me all the time. Even our fancy German vacuum cleaner. If I want something English, I’ve got to go dig around in the cheese department of the grocery store, hoping to find a bit of Stilton, or the odd package of Carr’s crackers. Yet our town is full of BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes Benzes.

Same goes for Greece - weren’t they totally in the shitter just a year ago, collapsing from too much debt, rioting in the streets over having to cut the socialist handouts and trim the budget? And now they’re supposed to give back a king’s ransom? Sounds like something is rotten in the state of ... Belgium.

Britain First.
Vote UKIP.


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Rolling Into First

When we got to the lanes last night for Fun League, we found ourselves 2 games out of first place, and tied for second with the team we were scheduled to play. So it was on! And while they bowled pretty well, they were held back by a high average “ringer” substitute who threw poorly all night. She came to the lanes with a 219 average, but only threw in the 170s. So that gave us a huge handicap, 110 pins, but we hardly needed it. We bowled great, and utterly stampeded our way through the first game, winning it by 234 pins. Game 2 was pretty similar, with us up 101 at the end. In other words, we held our own and then some, even without any handicap. The beers and the time were starting to take their toll in Game 3, as were the lane conditions. We were on the end pair, and for whatever reason those 2 lanes break down so quickly. So we couldn’t quite find our super groove, but they weren’t doing much better. In the end they squeaked by us by 16 pins for that win, but we had total wood by a mile. So we took 5 points to their 2. And that should both put us back into first, and probably knock them down to third or fourth for a week or two. Pretty cool. I threw a 585 series. Darn. I so want to get up into the 600s. Practice!


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calendar   Friday - October 24, 2014

and now another one

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A health care worker who was quarantined at Newark Liberty International Airport after returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa developed a fever and was being evaluated Friday night.

The woman was the first person quarantined under a new screening system announced earlier Friday by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The woman landed at Newark after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said at the news conference. A legal quarantine was issued for the woman, who was not a New Jersey resident and was set to go on to New York afterward.

“This woman, while her home residence is outside the area, said her next stop was going to be here in New York,” Christie said. “Governor Cuomo and I discussed it before we came out here, and a quarantine order will be issued.”

Look, I’m really glad that this woman was caught. And now she’s sick, and hopefully will get our best treatment from the very outset.

One more aide worker, coming down with the very disease they went to the other side of the world to fight, and did so while fully gowned, gloved, and masked. And it made no difference at all.

And know we have someone with active Ebola in New Jersey. Great.

Still, it would be better if not a single one of these cases made it inside our borders. Or even made it inside our airplanes outside our borders. Close the airports in West Africa. No planes leave, and any food, fuel, and medicine is by air drop.

It’s great that - SO FAR - all the people with this disease have been located in time. But we are taking a huge and unnecessary risk.


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friday night eye candy

Not certain I’m in tomorrow so leave you with this for the weekend as I head to dreamland.

Cheers All





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australia does a u-turn and lifts their ban on facial coverings. games up folks.

From ppl I would have least expected comes this.
From Australia …..
Via the BBC …. once again the ppl who infest a more advanced civilization, seem to get their way.

The west just will not say enough. That is not our culture.

Australian parliament does U-turn on ban of face veils

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s Parliament House on Monday lifted a short-lived ban on facial coverings including burqas and niqabs after the prime minister intervened.

The government department that runs Parliament House announced earlier this month that “persons with facial coverings” would no longer be allowed in the open public galleries of the House of Representatives or the Senate. Instead, they were to be directed to galleries usually reserved for noisy schoolchildren, where they could sit behind sound-proof glass.

The Oct. 2 announcement was made a few hours before the end of the final sitting day of Parliament’s last two-week session and had no practical effect.
Hours before Parliament was to resume on Monday, the Department of Parliamentary Services, or DPS, said in a statement that people wearing face coverings would again be allowed in all public areas of Parliament House.

It said face coverings would have to be removed temporarily at the security check point at the front door so that staff could “identify any person who may have been banned from entering Parliament House or who may be known, or discovered, to be a security risk.”

“Procedures are still in place to ensure that DPS security manage these procedures in a sensitive and appropriate manner,” the statement said without elaborating.
The ban on face veils in the public galleries had been widely condemned as a segregation of Muslim women and a potential breach of federal anti-discrimination laws.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott later revealed that he had not been notified in advance that the ban was planned and had asked House Speaker Bronwyn Bishop to “rethink that decision.”

The restriction had been authorized by Bishop, who has campaigned for a ban on Muslim head scarves in government schools, as well as Senate President Stephen Parry.

The controversy came as the government attempts to assure Australia’s Muslim minority that tough new counterterrorism laws and police raids on terror suspects’ homes in recent months were directed at countering criminal activity, not any particular religion.

The opposition welcomed the overturning of what it described as a “burqa ban,” and demanded an explanation for why it had been introduced in the first place.
“In 2014 for two weeks, the official policy of the Australian Parliament was to practice segregation and we need to ensure this does not happen again,” senior opposition lawmaker Tony Burke said in a statement.

But Senator Jacqui Lambie, from the minor Palmer United Party, said the ban’s reversal made Australia appear weak and indecisive on national security.

“The decision today to allow burqas and other forms of identity-concealing items of dress to be worn in Australia’s Parliament will put a smile on the face of the overseas Islamic extremists and their supporters in Australia who view the burqa or niqab as flags for extremism,” Lambie said in a statement.

source, washington examiner


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useful danish idiots ….

From Denmark.  That wonderfully progressive place where just recently, ( you can look it up) they made bestiality unlawful; because among other things, the country was getting beastie tourists attracted to the disgusting practice.

Bmews readers (and others) may find it of some interest and surprise, that Denmark provides more jihadists fighting in Syria and Libya than any other country in Europe.

So it isn’t any surprise they have introduced this.

Aarhus:  The Danish town where Syria’s jihadist fighters are welcomed home

The rush of morning shoppers parted to make way for Talha, a lanky 21-year-old in desert camouflage and a long, religious beard. He strode through the local mall with a fighter’s gait picked up on the battlefields of Syria. Streams of young Muslim men greeted him like a returning king.

In other countries, Talha – one of hundreds of young jihadists from the West who has fought in Syria and Iraq – might be barred from return or thrown in jail.

But in Denmark, a country that has spawned more foreign fighters per capita than almost anywhere else, the port city of Aarhus is rolling out a welcome mat.
In Denmark, not one returned fighter has been locked up. Instead officials here are providing free psychological counselling while finding returnees jobs and spots in schools and universities. Officials credit a new effort to reach out to a radical mosque with staunching the flow of recruits.

Talha, the son of moderate Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, fought with an Islamist brigade in Syria for nine months before returning home last October. He still dreams of one day living in a Middle Eastern caliphate and though he rejects the beheading of foreign hostages by Isis, which calls itself Islamic State, he defends its summary executions of Iraqi and Syrian soldiers.

“I know how some people think. They are afraid of us, the ones coming back,” says Talha, a name he adopted to protect his identity because he never told his father he went to fight. “Look, we are really not dangerous.”

Yet critics call this city’s approach just that – dangerous. In a country that vividly remembers the violent backlash in the Muslim world after a Danish newspaper published cartoon images of the prophet Muhammad in 2006, many here want Aarhus to crack down on – not cajole – extremists.

“They are being much too soft [in Aarhus], and they fail to see the problem,” said Marie Krarup, an influential member of Parliament from the Danish People’s Party, the country’s third-largest political force. “You cannot integrate a great number of Muslims into a Christian country.” Aarhus is treating its returning religious fighters like wayward youths because that’s the way most of them started out.

The majority were young men like Talha, between 16 and 28, including several former criminals and gang members who had recently found what they began to call “true Islam”.




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Got my own comic.




Chris Muir rocks.

And tonight, of course, is Friday Fun League. After last week’s 7-0 win against Jeff’s high average team, we should be back in first place, or very very close to it. They brought in a new guy last week to fill their vacancy, and he had to roll for average. This can be a great strategic advantage if it’s done after the first 3 weeks, when all the other new folks are bowling to establish their averages. That is, if your new guy doesn’t bowl particularly well. His low average, determined after the games are bowled, can offset most of the higher averages from your better bowlers and result in your team giving away almost nothing in the way of handicap points. The problem for them was, their new guy, whom they thought was a 110 bowler, threw a high 400s series, giving him a 160+ average for the games rolled against us. So that worked entirely to our advantage. Plus we bowled pretty well ourselves. It was close though; one game we took by only a dozen pins.

Tonight we bowl team Los Pollos Hermanos. But this year we’re prepared, and can drop Walter White and Jesse Pinkman quotes on them left and right.

The Sam Elliot quote in the comic panel above is from The Big Lebowski, an oddball film that’s about bowling. Sort of. And nihilism. Sort of. And quotes. Mostly. “Smokey, this is not ‘Nam, it’s bowling. There are rules.”

See More Below The Fold


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outrageously stupid

One of things I like to read is letters to the editor in various newspapers.
I can think of nothing I need to add.  This letter says a lot.

from the Daily Mail


TAYSIDE Police have apologised to the muslim community for using a six-month old trainee police dog named Rebel on their campaign advertising a non-emergency police telephone number.
Muslims in Dundee area are upset by the image as they consider dogs ‘ritually unclean’.

Some Islamic scholars believe dogs are impure.
If you have the misfortune to be touched by one of these impure creatures, you are required to wash the offending area seven times.

Re we to assume that airport security might be at risk as muslim passengers might be spared a good old sniffing? 

Shame on you, Tayside Police, you have offended me with your apology.

Valerie Blondeau, Cheltenham, Glos.  (Gloucestershire )


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Ebola: I’ll Take Manhattan

EBOLA DOCTOR Comes To NYC From Africa, Parties On, Has Ebola Next Morning


Dr. Spencer did everything right, still got Ebola

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that a doctor admitted to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday has tested positive for the Ebola virus, adding “there’s no reason for New Yorkers to be alarmed.”

A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea became the first person in the city to test positive for the virus Thursday, setting off a search for anyone who might have come into contact with him.

The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center and placed in isolation at the same time as investigators sought to retrace every step he had taken over the past several days.

At least three people he had contact with in recent days have been placed in isolation. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which dispatched a team to New York, is conducting its own test to confirm the positive test on Thursday, which was performed by a city lab.

While officials have said they expected isolated cases of the disease to arrive in New York eventually, and had been preparing for this moment for months, the first case highlighted the challenges involved in containing the virus, especially in a crowded metropolis. Dr. Spencer, 33, had traveled on the A and L

subway lines Wednesday night, visited a bowling alley in Williamsburg, and then took a taxi back to Manhattan.

The next morning, he reported having a temperature of 103 degrees, raising questions about his health while he was out in public. The authorities have interviewed Dr. Spencer several times and are also looking at information from his credit cards and MetroCard to determine his movements.

Is everyone out of their cotton pickin’ minds? Hello morons? Knock knock, is anything going on in that empty thing under your hair? Hellooo???

ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE who has been working with Ebola patients ANYWHERE, especially in WEST FRIGGIN AFRICA, gets the 21 day quarantine. At least.

This guy followed the rules to the letter, and still got sick, and still put others at risk. Obviously, the rules are crap. 

Dr. Spencer’s work in Africa and the timing of the onset of his symptoms led health officials to dispatch disease detectives, who “immediately began to actively trace all of the patient’s contacts to identify anyone who may be at potential risk,” according to a statement released by the health department.

Dr. Spencer’s fiancée has also been quarantined at Bellevue. Two other friends, who had contact with him on Tuesday and Wednesday, have been told by the authorities that they too will be quarantined but whether they will isolate themselves in their homes or be relocated was still under discussion, according to a person briefed on the investigation. None of the three were showing signs of illness.

Nope. I do not give a damn. Either we lock the door completely and let no one in at all from Africa, or who has been in Africa in the past month, or we automatically quarantine everyone from the active nations. This is the minimum step. It’s beyond obvious that we automatically quarantine everyone who has been over there as part of any kind of Ebola relief effort. Thankfully, we don’t yet have so many people coming here from that part of Africa that we couldn’t warehouse them all for 3 weeks or longer.

No way in Hell that this guy’s feet should have touched American soil. Whether he was showing symptoms or not. No way. And no exceptions. And his buddies, and that taxi driver? Round them up. Into the bunny suit, off to Camp Q for a 3 week visit. Nothing voluntary about it. It’s just not worth taking a chance.

Spencer, a 33-year-old emergency room doctor, was working with Doctors Without Borders and returned from Guinea more than a week ago. Officials were contacted after he reported a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms, according to a statement from the commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

NY Governor Cuomo said that New York City was “as ready as one can be for this circumstance.” He said the city is much more prepared than a Dallas hospital was when the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. was admitted there last month.


City officials say Spencer acknowledged riding multiple subway lines and taking a cab to a Brooklyn bowling alley called “The Gutter” in the past week before he started showing symptoms. He also visited the High Line park and went on a three-mile jog.

The city’s health commissioner, Mary Bassett, said Spencer’s fiancé and two friends had been quarantined. The city has also been in contact with an Uber driver who drove Spencer, but said the two did not have direct contact.

According to a rough timeline provided by city officials, the doctor’s symptoms developed Wednesday, prompting him to isolate himself in his apartment.

When he felt worse Thursday, he and his fiancé made a joint call to authorities to detail his symptoms and his travels. EMTs in full Ebola gear arrived and took him to Bellevue in an ambulance surrounded by police squad cars.

Ok, so I’m probably a bit over the top, in panic mode. It does sound like he sort of did the right thing. But if he’d come off the plane and into mandated isolation then there would be no threat at all to the rest of us. There is no reason for the public to have to go through this.

Oh, and speaking of worthless, Dr. Spencer passed the new CDC airport screening protocols given to all people coming here from West Africa. Guess they aren’t worth a hill of beans. But we pretty much knew that anyway.

More reading if you feel like it at this link.

Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian organization, said per the guidelines it provides its staff members on their return from Ebola assignments, “the individual engaged in regular health monitoring and reported this development immediately.” As of Oct. 14, the organization said 16 staff members have been infected and nine have died.
Four American aid workers, including three doctors, were infected with Ebola while working in Africa and were transferred to the U.S. for treatment in recent months. All recovered.

Health care workers are vulnerable because of close contact with patients when they are their sickest and most contagious. In West Africa this year, more than 440 health workers have contracted Ebola and about half have died.


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calendar   Thursday - October 23, 2014

Bill Whittle’s Latest:  Make Him Own It

I found this latest from Bill Whittle over at America’s Watchtower

As usual, he discusses basic, simple, important ideas with superb clarity.


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A Proper English Protest

This story brought to you by
the online paper with the coolest damn logo in all of Christendom.

Pub Landlord Makes Video To Protest Traffic Detour

Local road construction sends customers 11 miles out of their way and down a closed road, when all they needed to do was drive around the corner. As a result, pub owner Richard Greenwood was losing business, even though his establishment was newly renovated. Complaints to the local council and the railroad went nowhere. It was ridiculous. So he fought fire with fire, and made his own ridiculous protest video.

Richard Greenwood said the suggested route is “ridiculous” and sends people five-and-a-half miles in the wrong direction to a closed road.

Patrons trying to get to his newly-renovated Chetham Arms, near Bolton, Lancs., then have to find their way back and he said business has slumped by a quarter because of it.


He said: “It is just ridiculous. I’ve got no issue with the road closure. These jobs need to be done.

“But our customers from Bolton think Chapeltown Road is closed and are going up Darwen Road and five-and-a-half miles out of the way.

“We have noticed a drop in trade of about 25 per cent and we’ve only just had a refurbishment.

“Normally, when you have that, you get a boost as people come in to see what the place is now like, but the opposite has been true.”

The problem began when renovation work started on a nearby railway bridge and a sign was erected claiming Chapeltown Road was closed.

Drivers were subsequently sent on an 11 mile diversion.


Mr Greenwood’s clip ends by claiming the issue could be resolved by instead putting a detour through the nearby Edgeworth area.

Network Rail and Blackburn with Darwen Council both claim the other is responsible for the confusing signs.


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No Halloween Kiddie Snax This Year

Whatever Else You Do, Don’t Wear The Seal Costume



Arviat Nunavut, a large town on the west shore of Hudson Bay in northern Canada, just below the Arctic Circle, has canceled outdoor Trick or Treating for this year’s Halloween.  Because the town is crawling with Polar Bears.

Arviat officials posted to the hamlet’s official Facebook page saying the town would host an indoor event for kids at the Mark Kalluak community hall Oct. 31 as an alternative to trick-or-treating, which officials said would be too risky this year due to the polar bear presence around town.

“It was clear that the majority of people liked the idea of providing a safer environment for kids to celebrate Halloween,” officials said in the Oct. 15 post. “The goal of this event will be to make sure our kids remain safe and still have fun.”

“Picture 1,200 kids going door to door in Arviat in the middle of polar bear season,” stated Steve England, Arviat’s SAO. “It’s a pretty obvious conclusion of what tragedies could come out of that. We’re just trying to safeguard the younger population by offering an alternative.”

The proposed indoor “Halloween Community Event” will feature a haunted house and face painting with prizes and candy given to participating children, who would be brought to and from the community hall by shuttle bus.

And that one cranky geezer who didn’t like the idea?

Not everyone is enthused with this more restrictive alternative to outdoor trick-or-treating, however. “If parents want their kids to be safe they should be willing to look out for bears,” posted community member Agaaqtoq Eetak on Arviat’s Facebook page. “If there is a bear, shoot it. I think Halloween would not be the same if kids don’t go trick-or-treating.”

I can just imagine the scene if Agaagtog got his way ...

[sounds of excited small children running around]
ding dong!

Trick or Treat!!


[kids run to next houses on street]
ding dong!

Trick or Treat!!
[and so on, down the whole block]
ding dong!

Trick or Trea ...


... tr?? ...

BLAM. BLAM. Thump.

... treat?

... ahh, childhood. The stuff so many good memories are made from.


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calendar   Wednesday - October 22, 2014

Reed Twice, Print Once

I got a little mailer card from a local doctor today. A nice glossy little fold out, telling all about his experience and the kinds of things he specializes in.

On the back page, along with the office hours, phone numbers, and web page URL, there was even a little map.

And then written below that was

New Patients Seen Immediately
All Major Carriers Excepted

Poor doc. He’s going to have such a hard time getting new patients, seeing as he no longer takes anyone’s health insurance.

I think he meant to write “All major carriers accepted”.  And I try so hard to not be a grammar Nazi.

wring wring, wring wring

Can someone please answer the homophone?

Halo? Hoo? Write! Hay, its four ewe!


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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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