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Top Weatherman: Global Warming Was All BS

This story brought to you by
the online paper with the coolest damn logo in all of Christendom.

Weather Channel Founder: Climate Change Is A Lie

John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, shocked academics by insisting the theory of man-made climate change was no longer scientifically credible.

Instead, what ‘little evidence’ there is for rising global temperatures points to a ‘natural phenomenon’ within a developing eco-system.

In an open letter attacking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he wrote: “The ocean is not rising significantly.

“The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number.

“Heat waves have actually diminished, not increased. There is not an uptick in the number or strength of storms (in fact storms are diminishing).

“I have studied this topic seriously for years. It has become a political and environment agenda item, but the science is not valid.

How’s that for a slap right on the donkey’s dingus?

He added: “There is no significant man-made global warming at this time, there has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future.

“Efforts to prove the theory that carbon dioxide is a significant greenhouse gas and pollutant causing significant warming or weather effects have failed.

“There has been no warming over 18 years.”

The IPCC argue their research shows that man-made global warming will lead to extreme weather events becoming more frequent and unpredictable.

US News and World Report noted that many of the world’s largest businesses, including Coke, Pepsi, Walmart, Nestle, Mars, Monsanto, Kellogg, General Mills, Microsoft, and IBM, “are now engaged and actively responding to climate science and data.”

Mr Coleman’s comments come as President Barack Obama came under fire from climatologists as federal data revealed The United State’s energy-related carbon pollution rose 2.5 per cent despite the President’s pledges to decrease it.

So, does this mean that all the little minions on the Weather Channel will now shut up? OMG I hope so. Just wear the tight outfits, smile a lot, and give me the 5 day forecast. And then go away.

While I think that a good bit more CO2 in the lower atmosphere is actually a good thing, since I remember the Carbon Cycle from school, I am prepared to accept a huge worldwide green initiative to lower it: grow more shellfish.

I’d like to see clam and oyster beds everywhere, and I’d especially like to see every island in the Caribbean making huge efforts to raise millions and billions of Queen Conchs. Anywhere tropical actually. As long as sea grass will grow, conchs ought to do well too. High quality protein, all of it.

And you get back cleaner, less acidic seawater besides. because they’re filter feeders and algae eaters.

And all those millions, billions, trillions of shells, all made from calcium carbonate ... locked up CO2 removed from the atmosphere. Harvested, and then laid down to become limestone once again. ( which is the slower, larger, secondary Carbon Cycle IIRC ).

And all those poor islands would have a nice fat legal cash source, easy work in paradise, and we could all eat conch salad and lambie curry for cheap all the time mon!!


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A Wake Up Call For The West


Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who opened fire on Canadian Parliament

A Muslim convert shot dead a Canadian soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa today before exchanging dozens of shots with guards inside Parliament in a terrifying attack that left the nation’s capital on lockdown.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a 24-year-old father, as he stood guard at the War Memorial on Wednesday morning.

Zehaf-Bibeau then ran inside the Parliament, where he opened fire before he was shot dead by the House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms.

Zehaf-Bibeau, who had a criminal history for drug trafficking in Montreal and robbery in Vancouver, was born in Quebec as Michael Joseph Hall but recently converted to Islam, CBS reported.

Sources told the Globe and Mail that he had been designated ‘high-risk traveler’ and government had seized his passport.

His attack comes just two days after another Canadian soldier was killed in Quebec by a man with jihadist sympathies.

The attack on Parliament Hill’s Centre Block and the National War Memorial has left one Canadian soldier and one male suspect dead.

During an address to the nation, Prime Minster Stephen Harper said the incident in Ottawa was a ‘terrorist’ act. Mr. Harper also indicated that it remains unclear whether the man shot dead on Parliament Hill Wednesday acted alone.

Canada will not be intimidated by a pair of attacks that killed two soldiers this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in an address to the nation. Rough Cut (no reporter narration)

“Together we will remain vigilant against those at home or abroad who wish to harm us.”

The Prime Minister concluded by stating that there will be no safe haven for terrorists and expressed confidence that Canadians will pull together in the wake of this week’s events. 

Now watch everyone hit the Snooze Button and go back to sleep.

Except for the gun control advocates, who now have a new weapon to rail against*. You’ve seen the video, you’ve heard the shots ring out. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s picture above, said to be taken during the shooting, was somehow supplied to the media by ISIS’ #Islamic Media account

Just after Bibeau’s name was reported, an ISIS Twitter account posted the above picture claiming it was the Ottawa shooter. An hour later, the account was suspended.

Military Studies told that the same Twitter account was followed by Martin Couture-Rouleau. On October 20, Rouleau killed a Canadian soldier by hitting him with his car. Rouleau was a recent convert to Islam and told a 911 operator that he performed the act in the name of “Allah.”

CBS News quoted U.S. officials when reported Bibeau’s name. CNN and other outlets reported earlier that Canadian officials had shared the name with the FBI. According to the New York Times, the U.S. government has no record of Bibeau’s behavior.

Yet the picture does look a bit staged. He’s looking at the camera, not at what he’s shooting. And how would ISIS get hold of it, unless there was an accomplice?


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Shooting At Canada’s Parliament

A soldier has been shot and killed at a war memorial in Ottawa as police hunt two gunmen after another was shot dead inside the parliament building.

Police at one stage told the AFP news agency that possibly up to three shooters were feared to be on the roof of the building, which remains in lockdown.

The soldier was guarding the nearby National War Memorial when he was shot and wounded.

He was treated at the scene but later died of his wounds.

The War Memorial is a couple blocks from the Parliament building.

Peter Henderson, from Ottawa news service The Wire Report, was one of the first people on the scene.

Speaking to Sky News before it was confirmed the soldier had died, he said: “It was deserted because people had run away.

“I ran up, looked around to make sure there was no one with a gun coming at me; ran into the middle and saw a young man, clearly a soldier.

“He had been shot multiple times and there were other members of the Canadian forces and bystanders who had rushed to his aid and had begun CPR.

“He was not moving. [The injuries] were as severe as they could possibly have been.”

Mr Henderson spoke to one witness who saw the gunman carefully take aim.

“He said the man came around the corner, walked up, put a rifle on his shoulder, took aim and clearly made a targeted shooting of one of the two members of the honour guard,” he said.

A construction worker at the parliament told the Reuters news agency he heard a gunshot, and then saw a man dressed in black with a scarf over his face running towards the building with a gun.

Another witness said more than 30 shots were fired inside.


The shooting comes two days after an Islamic convert ran down two Canadian soldiers near Montreal, killing one of them.

The shots rang out just before 10 a.m., when a guard at the National War Monument was fatally shot. The gunman next ran into the Parliament Hill building, where one MP reported hearing as many as 30 shots fired and a sergeant at arms was later credited with shooting the suspect dead. In the following moments and hours, Royal Canadian Mounted Police converged on the scene, more shots were fired less than a mile away near a mall and officials told Ottawa residents to barricade themselves in their homes as they searched for more possible gunmen.

At a news conference hours later, authorities described a “fluid situation,” and could not confirm whether more potential gunmen were at large, although they said no arrests had been made.

Pretty much all of Ottowa is on lock down.

UPDATE: Just a coincidence, eh?

A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Harper was safe after being evacuated from Parliament Hill. He is expected to make a statement about the attacks later today.

He had been scheduled to give Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, co-winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, her Canadian citizenship today.

The government said there is not yet any evidence that the gunman he shot has any ties to violent Islamic extremism but noted that it is still early in the investigation.


An Ottawa Citizen reporter inside the Parliament building, Jordan Press, wrote on Twitter that a suspect was ‘5’9-5’10, overweight & wearing a dark jacket’.

Witnesses also told the Citizen that they saw a man wearing an ‘Arabic scarf’ and carrying a long rifle, while others said the suspect looked South American.


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scary story

“I Almost Got You!”

HILLSBOROUGH NJ — A woman in a car attempted to lure a 9-year-old girl into her car by reaching out toward her and saying “I almost got you,” according to Hillsborough Township Police.

At about 1:45 p.m. Saturday, a woman in an older model grey SUV may have attempted to lure a 9-year-old girl into the vehicle as she was walking down Brookside Lane, police said.

The woman’s vehicle stopped near the girl, the woman opened the front passenger door, reached out toward the girl and said “I almost got you,” police said.

The woman was described as middle-aged, with blonde hair and wearing a red and black checked cap, police said.

There was no description of the driver of the vehicle, police said.

I bet a whole lot of sleep was lost in Hillsborough this weekend!

Hillsborough NJ (40.502349, -74.644902) isn’t too far from here. It’s in the next county over, and is quite a bit more built up than our rural corner. It’s the edge of middle suburbia, but the good kind. All sorts of shopping, good schools, a small bit of diversity, and nearly no crime. 


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A wee bit late

Finally, Ferguson Facts ?

It’s only October 22nd. The Michael Brown shooting was back on August 9th. Granted, investigations take time. But when you’re dealing with an explosive situation you learn how to expedite. And how to present information. For the public good, of course.

Most of this information should have been made public within 72 hours of the event. Not nearly 72 days. There was no reason for Ferguson to burn.

Michael Brown’s official autopsy report does not seem to support the narrative that he had his hands up and was running away when he was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, according to experts who spoke to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Brown’s wounds seem to support that — according to the autopsy, he was shot in the hand at a very close range. A forensic pathologist told the Post-Dispatch that “if he has his hand near the gun when it goes off, he’s going for the officer’s gun.”

The report also seems to suggest that Brown was facing Wilson when Wilson fired the fatal shots, not running away as some witnesses have said.

From the Post-Dispatch:

The wound to the top of Brown’s head would indicate he was falling forward or in a lunging position toward the shooter; the shot was instantly fatal.

A sixth shot that hit the forearm traveled from the back of the arm to the inner arm, which means Brown’s palms could not have been facing Wilson, as some witnesses have said, [forensic pathologist Judy] Melinek said. That trajectory shows Brown probably was not taking a standard surrender position with arms above the shoulders and palms out when he was hit, she said.

The experts who spoke to the Post-Dispatch were not involved in conducting the autopsy.

Brown’s family commissioned a private autopsy in August. The official autopsy report mostly matches the findings of the private autopsy, according to the Post-Dispatch. They list the same number and location of wounds. The forensic pathologist who conducted the private autopsy, however, said that none of

Brown’s wounds seemed to be from shots fired at close range.

Yeah, IIRC, there was some remark about “medium range”, unless I’m confusing that with Trayvon Martin’s autopsy report. I’m honestly not sure, but I do remember reacting to that “medium range” remark with incredulity.

Source: Darren Wilson says Michael Brown kept charging at him

Brown’s blood reportedly found inside police car

Police Officer Darren Wilson told investigators that in a struggle for his pistol inside a police SUV, Michael Brown pressed the barrel of Wilson’s gun against the officer’s hip, according to a source with knowledge of his statements.

Wilson tried to prevent Brown from reaching the trigger, the source said, and when he thought he had control he fired. But Brown’s hand was blocking the mechanism.

When Wilson got two shots off, Brown was hit in the hand and ran. Wilson fired again when Brown turned back and charged at him, Wilson told investigators.

The white officer’s shooting of the unarmed black 18-year-old triggered protests, riots and a national debate over race and policing.

In the most detailed account of Wilson’s version of the Aug. 9 event to be made public, the source described how the encounter started, Brown’s refusal to stop charging at Wilson and the injuries suffered by both men.

The St. Louis medical examiner, Dr. Michael Graham, who is not part of the official investigation, reviewed the autopsy report for the newspaper. He said Tuesday that it “does support that there was a significant altercation at the car.”

Graham said the examination indicated a shot traveled from the tip of Brown’s right thumb toward his wrist. The official report notes an absence of stippling, powder burns around a wound that indicate a shot fired at relatively short range.

But Graham said, “Sometimes when it’s really close, such as within an inch or so, there is no stipple, just smoke.”

The report on a supplemental microscopic exam of tissue from the thumb wound showed foreign matter “consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm.”

Dr. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist in San Francisco, said the autopsy “supports the fact that this guy is reaching for the gun, if he has gunpowder particulate material in the wound.” She added, “If he has his hand near the gun when it goes off, he’s going for the officer’s gun.”

There you are. We just got a reminder of how the world works, because physics doesn’t lie. When you fire a gun, nearly all the gunpowder inside gets burned up, but it all comes out the barrel behind the bullet in a white hot ball of plasma. And along come little bits of the explosive used in the primer, along with microscopic bits of metal where the bullet rubbed against the barrel, and even micro-droplets of lubricant from the firearm itself. And they go flying forward in an expanding cone, at first actually faster than the bullet itself (although it slows down extremely fast). And everyone who watches one of those CSI shows knows that this stuff is what they call GSR. Gun shot residue. Right. Know it, love it.

But the thing about an expanding cone is that it’s expanding; it doesn’t start out any larger than the bore of the gun. So you get a big thin circle of the stuff on the target at a certain distance, none at all on the target at a longer distance, and a smaller, denser circle of the stuff at a shorter distance. Just like the pattern made by a shotgun. But when there’s no GSR around the wound, it’s always a good idea to look in the wound. And if the wound channel is internally crusted with residue, and the wound channel is partially cauterized, it means the firing distance wasn’t yards. It wasn’t feet. It might not have been inches; it was nearly muzzle pressed to flesh. Or flesh pressed to muzzle. And that’s what we’ve got here. ( good thing this PD doesn’t issue 1911s, isn’t it? * )

And the city officials ought to have had the picture of the blood soaked police car, and the information about the GSR crusted wound channel, out to the public in a matter of hours. Not days later, and certainly not months. They had the story from officer Wilson within minutes, and you know it. So they knew to look in the car for blood, and they knew to look on the body for really short distance gun shots. Get your ducks in a row, fools.

Maybe cities with areas of ... unrest ... ought to put together an UTT for situations like this. Yeah, my sarcasm: an Uncle Tom Team. The We’re Watching You Crew. You get a teacher, a preacher, a business owner, an alert senior citizen, and two younger people in their late 20s. All of them college educated, and all of them black. And they serve as community liaisons, not working for the po-po or Da Man, but watching him, while at the same time being up on the podium telling people to keep a lid on it, to bring in any videos, to not touch but to call in any evidence they might see, etc. And you give them a bit of basic training, so that they understand GSR and stippling, so that they understand blood typing and identification, etc. A weekend of training would be enough. And then they observe. And videotape. So when the results do come out, they can say “I saw this, I watched the test, I saw the results. It’s real.”

And the WWUC ( the dub-double you see ) would do their community a great service: not only would they be respected watchdogs on the officials, they’d also help keep the rumors from working overtime and generating mayhem.

Of course, one problem here might be being able to find such a group who actually don’t want things to go up in flames. 


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making rash decisions in a pc world

Picked this up in the news and thought it might be a bit of satire or something close. But no.

Writing in the journal, Cognitive Sciences, US researchers claim that people often make sweeping judgments of others based on facial features, which can lead to rash decisions.

It even has a name.


You couldn’t make it up. 


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a night at the opera, but it isn’t the marx bros. veiled woman told to remove or leave

There are some things the French do get right, in the face of lefty opposition every step of the way.

Brit authorities might never be able to follow, due to the strangle hold the left has on these matters.
They make everything a race issue with their habit of attaching “phobic” to words thus shutting down all argument. It’s phobic or else an ism.

Meanwhile, on the negative side of French thinking, their courts have fined former actress and goddess Bridget Bardot more than once and not for small sums either, for her criticism of the homosexual lobby and the lifestyle itself, and also for her criticism of that oh so peaceful religion and its followers.
She was even fined for her criticism in a book she wrote warning about uncontrolled immigration especially by muslims.  So the French don’t always have things right.
In this case .... they do.  But it may be too late for the French and for Europe as well.

I have been to Heathrow Airport, London dear reader.  And mostly, the people I saw were more than likely legals. It’s their numbers that are staggering. But wait. I mustn’t say that cos it’s .... you know.  And what I see there is only the very tip of the berg. And anyway, I’m also guilty of scare mongering for telling ppl what I have seen for myself and what I continue to see.

Woman is thrown out of Paris opera after cast refused to perform unless she removed Muslim veil

· Cast ‘objected strongly’ to woman in the audience wearing a niqab-type veil
· Security guard asked her to either uncover her face or leave
· Ban on covering the face in public in France was introduction in 2011
· The incident has divided opinion in the city’s liberal arts community
By Peter Allen

France’s Socialist government today pledged to toughen up its anti face-covering law after a veiled Muslim woman was ejected from a major Paris opera house.

In an incident which has divided opinion in the city’s liberal arts community, cast members performing La Traviata ‘objected strongly’ to the presence of a woman in the audience wearing a niqab-type veil.

‘A singer spotted her in the front row during the second act,’ said Jean-Philippe Thiellay, director of the Bastille Opera, which was opened by Socialist president Francois Mitterand in 1989.

‘Some performers said they didn’t want to sing,’ said Mr Thiellay, who confirmed that she was kicked out.

There has been a ban on Muslims covering their face in public in France since the introduction of a law in 2011.

Women living on housing estates on the outskirts of major cities like Paris are regularly criminalised with a fine, but this is the first incident of someone being ejected from an artistic venue.

So far unnamed, she is believed to be a well-off woman from a Gulf State, and was attending the performance with a friend.

Referring to a security guard, Mr Thiellay said: ‘He told her that in France there is a ban of this nature, asked her to either uncover her face or leave the auditorium.

‘The man asked the woman to get up, they left. It was unpleasant getting her to leave.

‘But there was a misunderstanding of the law and the lady either had to respect it or leave,’



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just what the brits do not need over here. but then, it may not be their country anymore, anyway

Back for short while with apology to Drew who already has lots on his shoulders.

Some notes of interest and the usual flooding of immigrants who are mostly illegal.  You can’t say that of course, because to say so makes one a raaaaacist.
Which in my case is true but truth to tell, I am aware as too many on the left are not, that white or otherwise, this is still an island.  No matter how many migrants are allowed in or sneak in, the island will not get bigger.
At the moment, the problem across the channel in Calais is quite serious and the French for some reasoning I can not make sense of, seem to think the problem is England’s problem. The French say the Brits, should be paying more and seeing to the invasion of French soil.
What I don’t understand is why it should be the responsibility of the folks here in the UK.  Those immigrants are in France illegally to begin with.  So why can’t the French simply shoot a few hundred and deport the rest? 

At least there is a tiny bit of good news to come out of this latest mess.
One girl tried chasing a truck to get to the UK, got greased by a car and went to wherever it is those sub species go when they stop breathing.
One less breeder.  Hey, that’s a good thing.

Running battles between African mobs, riot police with tear gas, a teenage girl killed chasing a truck to get to Britain… Just another day on the Calais front line

Police use tear gas on 400 Calais migrants as they attempt to storm lorries heading for Britain as tensions flare at French port

· An estimated 400 male migrants attempted to storm lorries in French town
· Police were forced to use tear gas and batons to control the crowds
· Thousands of migrants are camping out in Calais to try to gain entry to UK
· Most are thought to have travelled to France from North Africa

By Peter Allen In Paris

‘There were between 300 and 400 of them and they all rushed the lorries at once,’ said a local police spokesman.


Officers are stretched to breaking point by constant violence
The gangs fight over the best routes to the ferry port to the UK

‘It was such a serious situation that CRS riot squad officers had to use tear gas and batons – it was a highly charged incident.
‘It happened during the late afternoon.’

The officer admitted that ‘some may have got aboard lorries’ in the chaos, which follows police complaints that they cannot cope with the rising tide of migrants.

By nightfall reinforcements had been drafted into the port from nearby towns in northern France, including Boulogne and Lille.

Police had no figures for arrests, although it is common practice for anyone involved in such incidents to be allowed to go free.
Few of those involved have any papers, and there is very little the authorities can do with them.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart said she was sick of the numbers queuing up in northern France to try and sneak across the Channel.

‘I could take the decision to block the port,’ she said, following a meeting with Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve in Paris in August.
‘I could bring pressure to bear. It would be illegal, but today I want to make a strong gesture towards the British.’

Just hours after the clash a 16-year-old Ethiopian girl was knocked over and killed on a busy Calais road yesterday as she tried to board a lorry to Britain.
Her death is the third in as many weeks and highlights the increasingly desperate plight of migrants who are willing risk their lives to cross the Channel. 



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calendar   Tuesday - October 21, 2014

natural camouflage

Gosh Drew, not too many redhead pics lately. What’s up?

Well, nothing really. It’s a seasonal thing ...

See More Below The Fold


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Why is the world not marching to war against ISIS?

Isil carried out massacres and mass sexual enslavement of Yazidis, UN confirms

Thousands of men from the colourful but besieged Yazidi minority in Iraq were murdered in cold blood in scenes reminiscent of the Bosnian Srebrenica massacre when Islamic State jihadists swept through in August, according to new assessments by relatives and researchers.

Across the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, refugee camps, building sites and a sprinkling of Yazidi villages hold tens of thousands of Yazidi refugees who fled the advance of Isil in scenes of biblical exodus across Mount Sinjar in August.

But tens of thousands more were trapped behind the Isil lines.

Researchers adding together accounts of massacres in Yazidi villages as the jihadists attacked have counted a series of killings of more than 100 men each, with the total gunned down now thought to be up to 5,000.

An estimated 5-7,000 women are also being held in makeshift detention centres, where they are being taken away and either sold into servitude or handed to jihadists as concubines. The town of Tal Afar alone is thought to hold around 3,500 women and children in five detention centres.

At first, reports of the massacres and the mass sexual enslavement of women were so extreme and apparently incredible that they went little reported compared to the very visible plight of those who escaped to the mountain.

However, United Nations researchers have managed to verify many of the accounts beyond reasonable doubt: virtually every refugee family has male relatives who have been killed and women who have been kidnapped.


The UN researchers, from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, have been collecting accounts of the Isil incursions. It says that 250-300 men were separated and killed in Mr Khalaf’s village, Hardan, including ten by beheading; another 400 gunned down in the village of Khocho; another 200 civilians were killed by Isil shelling them as they left the village of Adnaniya; as another group of refugees reached the village of Qiniyeh, the men were separated from the women and children, and 70-90 of them lined up by a ditch and shot.

On another road, out of al-Shimal village, near to Sinjar town, witnesses reported dozens of bodies left behind, including those of four elderly men with disabilities, who had been shot dead.

Hundreds more men had been killed for refusing to convert to Islam, the researchers said.

In some of the massacres, people were simply lined up at checkpoints, shot on the side of the road en masse and then bulldozed into mass graves, survivors told The Telegraph. Others were herded into Yazidi temples which were then blown up.

Matthew Barber, a scholar of Yazidi history at the University of Chicago who was in Kurdistan as the assaults happened, said it was thought 3-5,000 men had been killed.

He said he had also compiled a list of 4,800 names of women and children being held captive.

“In every place where Yazidi women or families are held, jihadists come and randomly select women that they take away,” he added. “A final total above 7,000 is perfectly feasible.”

‘I’ve been raped 30 times and it’s not even lunchtime’

A young Yazidi woman forced into sex slavery by the Islamic State begged the West to bomb the brothel where she was being held after militants raped her 30 times in just a few hours, it is claimed.

The unidentified woman is understood to have been kept as a prisoner of the jihadists somewhere in western Iraq having been captured by ISIS during the Sinjar massacre in early August.

A group raising awareness of ISIS’ persecution of women in the vast swathes of the Middle East under its control said the woman had contacted Kurdish peshmerga fighters by telephone to plead for the brothel to be bombed to put the women held as sex slaves out of their misery.

She allegedly told the fighters she had been raped so frequently that she could no longer use the toilet, adding that the ordeal has been so harrowing that she plans to commit suicide even if freed.


Describing the woman as crying on the phone, Karam quoted her as saying: ‘If you know where we are please bomb us… There is no life after this. I’m going to kill myself anyway - others have killed themselves this morning.’

‘I’ve been raped 30 times and it’s not even lunchtime. I can’t go to the toilet. Please bomb us,’ he claimed the woman added.

Straight out of the Koran. Kill your enemies, kill your prisoners, kill those who will not convert to your flavor of the “faith”, keep or sell prisoners as slaves, abuse women and treat them with vile and violent contempt. Religion of Peace, My Ass.

The entire world should put on the Blue Helmets and annihilate this plague. No quarter, no exceptions, no rules, no prisoners. Kill. Them. All.


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new pat

A Tidy Spanking


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First Ever Spinal Cord Repair!

For the first time ever, doctors have been able to repair a man’s severed spinal cord.  Up until now, if your spinal cord was severed, it was a life sentence.  Now, using both cloning and transplant techniques, doctors in Poland working with scientists at University College London have been able to repair a man’s severed spinal cord.

Darek Fidyka, who was paralysed from the chest down in a knife attack in 2010, can now walk using a frame.

The treatment, a world first, was carried out by surgeons in Poland in collaboration with scientists in London.

He said walking again - with the support of a frame - was “an incredible feeling”, adding: “When you can’t feel almost half your body, you are helpless, but when it starts coming back it’s like you were born again.”

Here’s the popular version form BBC:  Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

...and the scientific version from University College London:  Spinal Repair Unit Professor Geoffrey Raisman, FRS


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calendar   Monday - October 20, 2014

wonder hond!

My samizdat post for the week.

This is the greatest idea ... until some whingy arse “i’m allergic” fagasaurus comes along and effs it up. Give it half a year. But for now ... awesome on paws.

snagged from Theo’s, of course.


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Robert A. Heinlein

“I happen to be of an almost extinct breed, an old-fashioned gentleman—which means I can be a real revolving son of a bitch when it suits me.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/20/2014 at 04:31 PM   
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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