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Running Scared

And So It Begins

First Dem Joins the Kill the Bill Obamalanche

Where was this idiot a year ago????

First Democrat Joins House GOP Effort to Repeal Health Care Law

Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor has become the first Democratic co-sponsor of a Republican effort to repeal the health care law, joining 172 GOPers to call for a vote to end the legislation.

Taylor, an 11-term lawmaker known as a Blue Dog for his fiscal moderation, issued a statement Thursday saying that he is joining the “discharge petition” proposed by Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law on March 23.

“I didn’t vote for it, people don’t want it, and the taxpayers cannot afford it,” Taylor said in a statement issued on his website.

He told Fox News that he’d rather see Congress deny health insurance firms their antitrust law exemption—something lawmakers have tried to do.

“I want to see competition in insurance,” Taylor said.

If 218 lawmakers sign a discharge petition, it forces a bill to be brought to the House floor for a vote, although the majority leadership has maneuvers to avoid a vote.

No House Republicans supported the bill and 31 Democrats opposed it at the time of the vote. Several Democrats are campaigning for re-election on their disapproval of the bill.

However, even if the legislation gets 218 people to sign on, and it is approved in the House, and a like-minded bill passed the Senate, it’s not likely President Obama would sign off on abolishing his hallmark legislation.

But opponents of the law say it’s important to get on the record in support of a repeal.

Too little, too late. You’re history Mr. Dem, even if you didn’t cast a vote in favor of it. Your party pushed it, so you are guilty by association. The tarbrush paints with broad strokes.

Find out the names of every single odious bureaucrat who voted for this bullshit and vote them out. Actively campaign against them, that they’d sign this Death To America legislation without even reading it or understanding it. Anybody that STUPID doesn’t deserve the job.

They sold out the nation against the wishes of the people and for that they must die burn in hell suffer greatly from scabies and genital warts get ousted in NOvember.
And if not this NOvember then the next one, and the next one ...

Un-write the law. Overturn it. When Obuttfuck refuses to sign the undo bill, override him. And if you can’t do that, pass some kind of rider that moves the effective dates back about 100 years and cuts every last cent of funding. Then vote in a real president in 2012 and undo this fiasco on Day 1.


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sarkizy strikes again … vive la france … vive le sarkozy …


A hundred cheers for President Sarkozy of France for hitting back and telling his EU critic to take the gypsies to her country if she doesn’t approve of France deporting the scum.
You have to like this guy, the fact aside he likes Americans.  Even if that weren’t true, I’d have to be in his corner.
How many of us have said the same with regard to the libs always moaning about the homeless being uncared for by conservative politics. And the same for race every time a conservative moans about some dead beat criminal getting off lightly.  Don’t we say, ok. Take em all to your house if you feel so warm and fuzzy about the subject.

Well how often has a major politician in office as a head of state told a foreigner to stuff it.  Not in those words. He told European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, who has threatened fines against France, to take the gypsies to her country.  Good for him. 
She is another asswipe bleeding heart libtard who makes the claim that France today is acting Nazi-like.  Forgetting of course that the Nazis didn’t pay their victims cash to leave and return to home countries.  They invaded those countries too.

Oh ... now the damn pope is into the Nazi act too but on a very different subject.  He’s likening Britain to the Nazis because there are so many atheists here.
Guy has his head in the clouds I swear he does.  But that’s the thing.  Every time things happen or people speak where liberals are made unhappy, it’s always the Nazi thing.  Hitler would be very pleased to know that after all this time, the world is Nazi.  Hey, if you listen to the left, it is. And naturally, popey dear is upset with France too, making essentially the same charge.  If he’s so damned concerned, why doesn’t he offer asylum to all the gypos of Europe. Come to Vatican my children.  Be my guest. Pillage and plunder. 

Kudos again to President Sarkozy.  Man of the hour for saying out loud what many think and believe.  And the ONLY head of state to do that.

France hits back at EU after accusations Sarkozy government acted ‘like Nazis’ in treatment of Gypsies

By Colin Randall

France has responded furiously to European Union criticism which linked its treatment of gypsies to the Nazi era.

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office chose strong diplomatic language to denounce European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding’s claim that France had broken EU law and should face legal action.

Up to 1,000 Roma gypsies have been deported from France in recent weeks, mostly to Romania and Bulgaria. Critics say the expulsions are racially motivated.

Mrs Reding said she was concerned about ethnic targeting and the possible return of the ‘darkness’ of Europe’s past. ‘This is a situation I had thought Europe would not have to witness again after the Second World War,’ she added.

On the eve of today’s EU summit in Brussels, Mr Sarkozy’s spokesman Luc Chatel said: ‘It is unacceptable to compare the situation today with a tragic period in our history. I fear that such positions will only widen the gap between the French people and the European institutions.’

France’s European affairs minister Pierre Lellouche angrily rejected the comparison, saying: ‘A plane ticket back to the European Union country of origin is not the same thing as death trains and the gas chambers.

‘I cannot let Mrs Reding say that France in 2010, in its handling of the Roma issue, is the same as Vichy France.’

Mr Sarkozy caused further offence to Mrs Reding by saying her native Luxembourg should welcome the Roma travellers.

A Luxembourg diplomat said the suggestion, made by the president during an Elysee lunch for French senators, was ‘malevolent’.

France has been rounding up Roma migrants in up to 100 illegal, makeshift camps and offering them £250 per person to return to their country of origin – and an extra £2,500 for anyone able to produce a viable business plan.

Worried by poor ratings in the opinion polls, Mr Sarkozy has deliberately linked his campaign on the Roma migrants to a general drive on security.

But he has run into fierce opposition from human rights lobbyists and the Catholic Church.


See More Below The Fold


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fine dining?  don’t think so. near death experience for young girl and death cap mushrooms.

How old does this girl look to you?

In the paper, she looked a bit older then on line pix.  Anyway ...  I wonder if people are now gonna say that it’s a bit of a miracle because the Pope is visiting the UK.  One of these things can kill and she downs two.  And lives to tell. 

Sometimes friendly folks, like to bring things from their veggie patch. Like one of our neighbors.  Brought over this huge cabbage last week.  He probably grows too much and doesn’t want to waste.  Yeah. I’m that cynical. Anyway, I politely refused the offer.  First, I don’t want to encourage any further acts of garden generosity.  Second, it has to come from a proper super market like Tesco, wrapped in plastic.  That’s how food comes. It doesn’t grow on trees and especially doesn’t come from the ground.  Can’t fool me.  Places like Tesco and Sainsbury and Iceland have this magic place where all this nice stuff comes from, already safely wrapped.  And they kindly hold the stuff for all the ppl that require the sustenance thus wrapped, untill we come by to pick it all up.  Ain’t that nice of em?  Would your MIL do that for you? And for a small but worth it fee, they will even deliver it right to your door.  Heck, they didn’t even have that service in Palm Desert, CA.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.

The young lady is damn lucky to be alive.  Really she is. 

Honey, next time you want a snack, go to Tesco. Waitrose isn’t bad either.


Girl wolfs down TWO death cap mushrooms and survives to tell the tale

By Andrew Levy

A 12-year-old girl has survived after accidentally eating two mushrooms which were poisonous enough to kill an adult twice over.

Lucy Adcock fought for her life in hospital after she ate two death caps while on a bike ride, having mistaken them for ordinary field mushrooms.

The schoolgirl, who suffered liver failure, yesterday told how she felt ‘lucky’ to be alive. Doctors were astonished that she not only pulled through but may have escaped without any lasting problems.

One death cap mushroom is normally enough to kill an adult. Those who survive often need liver or kidney transplants.

Of her ordeal Lucy said: ‘I realise I am lucky because they are so poisonous. I was really ill. It was horrible.’

Her mother, Tania Smith, 42, said: ‘It is hideous to be told by doctors that your daughter may not make it. When I realised what she had eaten, my heart sank.

read more


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Tea Party’ rebels score a stunning poll breakthrough ….

As the grassroots ‘Tea Party’ rebels score a stunning poll breakthrough, is this the start of the 2nd American Revolution?

By Tom Leonard
Last updated at 12:05 PM on 16th September 2010

They want to purify their party and their country, returning America to the honest, founding traditions of thrift, small government and self-reliance from which, they say, it has strayed.

And, like the protesters from whom they take their name (the Bostonians who demonstrated against British taxation by dumping tea into the city’s harbour in 1773), the Tea Party rebels are - by their own account - as ‘mad as hell’.

But whether they are a bunch of dotty extremists or not, the Tea Party phenomenon suddenly poses a serious threat.

On Tuesday night, the upsurge in anger among grassroots American conservatives, with both Barack Obama and the Republican Party, made itself spectacularly felt in the tiny, affluent state of Delaware.
Enlarge Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

In a move that has proved electorally successful across the U.S., Sarah Palin described Christine O’Donnell as one of her ‘mama grizzlies’ - a term she has coined to describe her uncompromising conservative allies

In one of the least expected results of the primary season - in which candidates are chosen for November’s mid-term elections - Christine O’Donnell, a Tea Party-backed dissident Republican, beat a moderate and establishment favourite to win the party’s nomination for vice-president Joe Biden’s old seat in the U.S. Senate.

O’Donnell is a perennial candidate and former abstinence counsellor, who promotes complete celibacy before marriage and has a fierce stance on guns (pro), government spending (anti), abortion (anti) and masturbation (anti - it’s a sin, she says).

Her strong beliefs had prompted many - especially local Republican leaders - to write her off as unelectable.


Been reading just a little about this O’Donnell lady.  New to me of course and probably to many of you too.  Based on the little I read, I am wondering if she’s electable. 

Here’s an excellent report from Toby Harnden in the Telegraph.  These people do keep up with happenings in the USA. How they report what they see, well now ....  that might make for an interesting study.  I haven’t seen the Times of London today, and there’s no on line version for them anymore.  Times tends toward the liberal pov, although they have been featuring a number of conservative opinions over the last year.  I’m afraid to look at the Guardian. So far left I wonder why they don’t simply change their name to the Daily Worker or Pravda. Once in a while I do check and usually come away so damn angry I wanna shout at them. But hell. Who’d listen?

Tea Party trouble is brewing in Washington

It isn’t only Republicans who are threatened by Sarah Palin’s angry brigade, says Toby Harnden.

By Toby Harnden

Just what does the stunning victory of Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party darling and Sarah Palin protégée, mean for the Republican Party? That was the question being asked across official Washington yesterday, where many livelihoods depend on the answer. It was also entirely the wrong thing to focus on.

O’Donnell’s selection in a primary as the party’s candidate for Delaware – and the victories of six other Tea Partiers against the leadership’s candidates – is about much more than the battle for the Senate, or even who will be in the White House after 2012.

O’Donnell is a party apparatchik’s nightmare. Although attractive and personable – there is a physical as well as a political resemblance to Palin – she is a flawed candidate who will struggle against her Democratic opponent in November’s midterm elections.

A strong social conservative, she has campaigned not only for sexual abstinence but against masturbation. Although she promotes fiscal conservatism, she appears to have chaotic personal finances and once filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit claiming gender discrimination against a conservative group she had worked for. It was later dropped.

O’Donnell could grow as a candidate but thus far she has shown she is not ready for prime time. Her television appearances have been as painful as Palin’s interviews with Katie Couric in 2008, showing her to be ill-prepared and only vaguely familiar with key policy areas.

Yet the point to take from Delaware is that none of this really matters. To say that voters are angry is an understatement. They are furious, disgusted and resentful. They are fed up of being told by besuited party honchos and professional politicians whom they should vote for, and what they should think.


And finally .... see what ya make of this.  Clever.  And no friend to us on the right. But still clever. And almost always amusing.



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China’s UN diplomat in drunken rant against Americans and the UN Secretary General.  funny

I think the following might be well served to file under humor, knowing that some BMEWS readers won’t find anything funny about a Chinese diplomat being critical of the USA.  He also rounded on his UN boss.  He was also quite tipsy at the time.

Actually, drunk or sober I enjoy any diplomat saying out loud what he really thinks as opposed to all the nonsense they usually spout.  Like in congress or the senate or the Brit parliament.  Politicians refer to “my honorable friend” or “colleague” when in fact they aren’t referring to either of those states of being.
They’re more likely thinking ... that miserable rat fink on my left or something like that.  I’m not certain I wouldn’t enjoy dueling in fact.  Once that stage is reached well, there’s no question of how anyone “really feels.” Is there? 

China’s top-ranking UN diplomat embarked on a drunken rant against the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, telling his boss he’d “never liked” him, and adding for good measure that he didn’t like Americans either.

Peter Foster in Beijing

The outburst by Sha Zukang at a retreat for top UN officials in the Austrian ski resort of Alpbach left senior UN officials cringing in embarrassment as others tried to convince him to put down the microphone, according to Washington-based Foreign Policy magazine.


“I know you never liked me Mr. Secretary-General – well, I never liked you, either,” said Mr Sha as Mr Ban looked on, smiling and nodding awkwardly during the 15-minute toast attended by the UN’s top brass.

Mr Sha, who was appointed the UN undersecretary general for Economic and Social Affairs in 2007, also made no secret of his fractious relationship with Mr Ban, although did say he’d grown to respect the South Korean.

“You’ve been trying to get rid of me,” said 62-year-old Mr Sha according to the senior UN official present, “You can fire me anytime, you can fire me today.”
Later in his impromptu speech Mr Sha turned to an American colleague, singling out Bob Orr, from the executive office of the secretary-general.
“I really don’t like him: he’s an American and I really don’t like Americans,” he said.

A second senior UN official who was at the dinner said: “It went on for about ten or fifteen minutes but it felt like an hour.”
Officials present at the dinner suggested that Mr Sha might have been the victim of a misguided attempt at humour.

. In a BBC interview in 2006 he was goaded into a furious, shrieking attack on American criticisms of China’s rapidly growing defence budget.

“It is much better for [America] to shut up, keep quiet. Are you the number one? Is it true that the US has almost 50 per cent of the world’s military budget?”
The Chinese population is five or six times bigger.
“Why blame China? Forget it. It’s high time to shut up. It’s America’s sovereign right to do whatever is good for them. But don’t tell us what is good for China.”


And then there was this from the editorial page of the Telegraph.  Gotta love it.

By historic standards this was mild stuff.  These days, former British Prime Ministers regard half a bottle of wine at dinner as shocking.  Churchill managed to conceal his thirst from the public; not so poor George Brown, who as Harold Wilson’s foreign secretary made it a point of honor never to draw a sober breath.  At a reception for a South American republic, Brown is said to have staggered up to a glamorous figure in red silk and asked for a dance.  “I must refuse for three reasons” came the reply.

“First, this is not a dance but the national anthem.”
“Second, you are clearly drunk.”
“And third, I am the Cardinal Archbishop of Lima.”


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calendar   Wednesday - September 15, 2010

A TOAST TO THOSE BATTLING BRITS OF THE BLITZ, bricks and bats to the spongers who don’t know

I read some obits today, the generation of WW2 is passing and the obits today had to do with three former members of the RAF. For the last week, Britain has been remembering the Blitz and the “Few” to whom so much is owed.  So today the Telegraph ran the obits of three of these brave warriors.  You just gotta read these.  These guys were truly giants in their day.  There equally brave men on all sides of course, but I’m concentrating on our side quite naturally.  I might do something on the other guys one of these days just to be different.  Well anyway ... so I read about these once young and dashing chaps and just had to admire them.  I’m not going to post the entire obit on all three. I’ll give you the link with the hope that you’ll follow it and read their stories.

I wasn’t going to post any obits at first to be honest.  I was afraid of overkill, but then something else caught my attention.  I read something that makes their stories as sad as their passing, and it’s set in modern Britain. 
I happened upon a headline which read as follows.

A Life Without Work ...
1.5 million Britons haven’t had a job since they left school. 

The article says that almost 1.5 million people never did a days work in their lives. Now, that does include a lot of those who might be genuinely disabled.  There might be thousands who for one reason or another are not shirkers but desperately ill folks in need.  But then ... then there are kids like young Jamie Cole. Jamie is a NEET. That stands for, Not in Education, Employment, or Training.
Jamie started drawing about $145 a week after dropping out of school and he says, “I deserve every penny of the dole money because I have to have food, don’t I?  It’s not my fault there’s a recession.” Jamie says he’s tried to find a job but nobody cares.  He trained as a plumber and passed vocational qualifications. He said he “didn’t fancy it” and added, “what’s the point?  I get up around 1pm and we hang out, play football and just enjoy life.”
Gee, isn’t that wonderful?  To be honest BMEWS, I think I feel sorry for this young fellow.  Yeah I know that seems weird but really.  He isn’t even remotely aware he might be tossing away his youth and a better future then the one he may end up with.

Then meet The Cromptons

Tracey Crompton, 42, has never had a job, despite having no medical
complaints that prevent her from working.

She and her husband Harry, 52, who has not worked for 15 years, and their ten children live in a seven-bedroom house in Hull and get £32,656 in benefits a year.

Mr Crompton says he is unable to work due to angina and irritable bowel syndrome.

‘I’m not satisfied with the benefits we get – I want more. I haven’t been able to work because I’ve had to bring up the kids,’ Mrs Crompton said.

Poor guy. Has IBS. How freekin awful.  I’ve known people on crutches who held at least a part time job and couldn’t tolerate the idea of being out of work.
I knew a fellow who held a full time job before everyone had rights to time off, and he was on a dialysis machine every week.  I can’t remember how often but it was the first time I’d ever heard of that sort of thing.  I thought he was very brave once I understood what that was all about and what he had to endure. And that was long ago.  More then 40 years now.  Thing is, he was not unemployed. So I’m not too sympathetic with IBS, which I’ve had a brush with in the past. 

And finally since we’re working (and it’s taken a fair bit of time) in threes ... the third and last recipient of easy money, compliments of a welfare state.
Meet Claire Davey.  Poor cow, all those kiddies to care for.  Kiddies who one day will, since mommy is setting the fine example, turn out just like her.
A baby machine .  CaChung.

Claire Davey is nearly 30 and has never had a job as she claims she has to raise her eight children.


She receives £815 (about $1200) a week in state handouts. Her husband Peter, 35, gave up his administrative job as he found he could make more living on benefits.

Yet they say they still need a bigger home. ‘It’s really hard,’ said Mrs Davey earlier this year. ‘We can’t afford holidays. The price of living is going up but benefits are going down.’

Of their income of more than £42,000 a year Mrs Davey said: ‘I don’t think I’m selfish. It doesn’t bother me that taxpayers are paying for me to have a large family.’ Uh huh. We hear ya you fat bitch.  The problem is, the taxpayers haven’t any say in the matter.  They are a captive audience at a theater with locked doors and no escape.  Even after death they will support this pile of unsightly blubber.  He .... needs to be made sterile and so does she.  I can’t even post here what I wish on them both.  And even less of the state that could condone and encourage this.  The present govt. says it doesn’t. We’ll see about that.
Stay Tuned.

Full photos if your tummy can take it and story source. The Mail


Please see the link for their entire stories.  They really were awesome. And daring. And brave.

Which now brings me to just a few (3) of the many who fought to save their country but had no idea who they were saving it for.  They’d have fought even if they knew. What else was there?  Here’s to those brave boys, and to an England lost in time.

Wing Commander John Freeborn

Battle of Britain Spitfire ace who flew more operational hours than any other pilot and shot down at least a dozen enemy aircraft


Lieutenant-Commander ‘Steady’ Tuke

Lieutenant-Commander ‘Steady’ Tuke, who has died aged 89, was one of the youngest recipients of the DSC during the Battle of Britain after a desperate aerial battle over the English Channel, after taking on Messerschmitts in his sluggish biplane.


Wing Commander Norman Hayes

Wing Commander Norman Hayes, who has died aged 98, flew night fighters fitted with top-secret radar equipment during the Battle of Britain; he also piloted the only aircraft to survive an attack on Rotterdam on the opening day of the German invasion of the Low Countries.


And because I can and I think he belongs here, our late Uncle Ray. (RAF) The wife’s uncle but always Uncle Ray to me. I never just called him Ray.

He is seated far right.  A bit of a scraper I was told and one of great humor as well. I can attest to that. He was a joy to be around.  This photo was taken in 1940.

The color photo was Uncle Ray age 85, at the garden party for his older sister who was 89 on the day. It was July and hot, hardly any shade but he came sporting a tie and heavy jacket, with his RAF patch easily seen in the photo. You can also tell, I think, he was a man of some humor. 




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Yeah it’s her again. Heidi Montag in a bikini mishap.

How do the photographers always manage to be in the right place?

No sooner booted today then had to leave to see to a minor thing.  Think I breathed in too much strong bleach .... gag ... nausea.  Windy and cold out so keep going outside to take deep breaths.  Had some anti nausea pills in the house but now can’t find them. Great. When you don’t need something it’s always there.
When you want it ....  wheres it gone?

That’s one very important reason for having wives.  They always manage to find things wherever we misplace them.




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calendar   Tuesday - September 14, 2010

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Project Update

So I’m doing the touch ups on the last of the tile grout, and things look pretty decent. Ok, not perfect, but good enough that I can live with it for awhile. I’ve got a whole extra box of tile, so if the 3 or 4 tiles that aren’t quite level get on my nerves I can chisel them out and replace them. I’ve got loads of extra grout and thin set.

The wife comes into the room with a screwdriver and starts unscrewing the switch plate.

“Honey, what are you doing?”

“Taking off this switch plate.”

“Yes, I can see that. How come?”

“Because we’re going to paint the room. And maybe tile up over the tub surround. I can’t stand this wallpaper anymore.”

And with that, one project smoothly flows into another. Not that I can blame her. The wallpaper is original issue, or close to it. We’ve been here 12 years, the landlord lived there 5, and the wallpaper was there when they moved in. So it’s pretty much done. And 70’s ugly too: a pink toned beige with itty bitty light blue squares on it as the pattern. And it was really starting to peel anyway. So we spent an hour and tore almost all of it off. A few spots will need some steam, or hot water and vinegar, but a fresh coat of paint will make things look so much better. Several mollys turned up in the walls, looks like there was a pedestal sink and a wall shelf in here at some point.

I found a little mold in a few places. I don’t think the builders used green board on these walls. Plain old 3/8” shitrock builderboard.

“Maybe we should replace a couple of these walls.”

“NO. NO. No, I am not doing drywall, thank you very much.”

Guess I’d better start checking sheetrock prices.

Maybe she’ll do it all while I’m out on a window job for the next 2-3 days. That would be cool.


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Sonny Bono

In the comments about Cher and her lack of decorum, I postulated the fact the Cher only had talent when she was with Sonny.

OCM wanted to know what talent Sonny had.

I’ll answer that. Without Sonny, Cher would have been an unknown Gypsie (Traveller for you Brits). Sonny wrote the songs that made them famous.

This is just my personal opinion, but in their early days, it was difficult to tell which one was singing. Their voices blended perfectly.

But the biggest difference is that Sonny had the gift of self-promotion. Think about it. Have you heard anything from Cher since Sonny’s demise?

Here’s Sonny at his promotional best:


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slavery is alive and well with some minorities. just ask doctor saeeda khan. yeah, doctor.

Can you imagine this?  And that creepy looking old bag is or was a doctor? Jeesh.  Of what?
I wonder if the dogs of the hellish left will now be demanding her head on tower gate.

No. Not hardly.  That’s reserved for white folks and conservatives.

Doctor kept ‘£10-a-month slave woman from Africa’ at her million dollar home

By Tom Kelly

A retired doctor held a slave in her suburban home for four years, a court was told yesterday.
Saeeda Khan, 68, is accused of making Mwanahanisi Mruke work up to 24 hours a day cleaning, cooking and gardening.


She fed her scraps of bread and made her sleep on a thin mattress on the kitchen floor with only a sheet for warmth, it was alleged.

Khan and her late husband, who was also a doctor, allegedly paid Miss Mruke just £10 a month – a low salary even in Tanzania, the African country they brought her to Britain from in 2006.
Miss Mruke, 46, had all her calls monitored and was not allowed to leave the £500,000 home in Harrow, North West London, without Khan, Westminster magistrates heard.
‘She lived in extremely poor conditions for a number of years,’ prosecutor Malachy Pakenham told the hearing.

Additional payments of £40 a month were meant to go to a bank in Tanzania to pay for Miss Mruke’s daughter’s education, but much of this was never received, the court heard.
Khan, a British citizen who has lived in the UK for 30 years, is believed to be the first person charged with modern slavery.
Scotland Yard detectives started investigating the case in February following a tip-off.
Officers from the Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command, known as SCD9, were involved.

Khan did not have to sit in the dock during the ten-minute hearing because she suffers from arthritis and has recently had an operation on her knees.
She pleaded not guilty to a charge of arranging and facilitating the arrival of a foreign national with the intention of exploitation in the UK and elsewhere.
The charge carries a maximum sentence of ten years in jail.

Khan was bailed to appear before the court next month. Before she came to the UK, Miss Mruke worked in a hospital run by Khan’s late husband in Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania.

Khan is alleged to have kept her slave in her three-bedroom bungalow in Harrow which she shared with her 40-year-old son, who has mental health problems.
Khan’s daughter, who also has learning difficulties, lived in the property too but has since moved out.
Neighbours said Khan spent tens of thousands of pounds renovating the property when she moved in about a decade ago. Two cars, including a new Volvo estate, are usually seen parked in the driveway.

James Carpenter, who lives next door, said he often saw Miss Mruke going for walks with Khan’s son.  He said: ‘She would follow him up and down the street, normally about ten yards behind him.

‘She only spoke the East African language of Swahili, so we couldn’t communicate with her and she couldn’t really speak to anyone.  ‘Sometimes, we would wave and nod at her just to be polite. She would normally wave back.
‘She wore normal, western clothing. I had no reason to suspect anything untoward was going on.
‘But it’s a very quiet area and nobody round here really knows their neighbours very well.’
Slave trading has been outlawed in Britain since the 19th century.



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NOT GA GA OVER GA GA or what passes for talent these days ….

I admit it again.  I am a card carrying fully fledged dinosaur.  I belong more to the era of the Jazz and Swing age then I do to the current one.  I am referring now specifically to the idea of glamour in show biz.  “Show” in biz seems to have flown the coop, to be replaced by exhibition and generally by small if any talents, supported by the know nothing tasteless minions that support them.  Glamour seems to be forgotten by all but a few.  Glamour for the most part is out, Sleaze is in.

A person called Lady GaGa has won I have read, more MTV awards then anyone in 23 years.  But then, awards these days aren’t very hard to come by anymore.  They’ve been much devalued in true meaning much in the way Hitler devalued the Iron Cross, by passing them out willy nilly in the final days of the war. 

There was once upon a time a generation who knew something about glamorous presentation, in black and white yet, and understood it’s meaning in relation to “show-biz.” These days however, anyone of small, no, or middling talent can parade themselves before an audience bumping and grinding and grabbing their crotch to sounds that are supposed to convey music but in actuality are sound effects and the louder the better.  It covers for the lack of any real talent.

Some will point to high sales figures and numbers on music charts.  As someone who comes from that environment, I well know how misleading that can be. Keep in mind too that in years gone by, the kiddies did not have the spending power they have acquired over the last couple of generations.  And almost anything outrageous will appeal to a rebellious 12 year old who has money to spend. And there a lot of them. And even younger. So today in the rock or pop market, it isn’t really too noteworthy that an album has sold a million or three million.  It really isn’t done too much on merit as opposed to slick sometimes sick presentation and outrageous cover photos.  Please note in passing that Country Music star Loretta Lynn, sold millions without taking off her cloths or showing her bare backside or like this GaGa person, wearing a dress supposedly made of MEAT, to an awards show.  Just the thing needed to hide a lack of talent.  Dazzle em with BS.  It isn’t any wonder that the people who control the Country Music industry (it is not country and western) have for years sought and succeeded to a high degree, in crossing over into pop.  I digress and didn’t mean to.  Here’s what I’m trying to convey.

An example of NO class tho she does have genuine talent.  She really doesn’t need to appear like this. She has dressed in former times very prettily. Why does she think looking like a hooker is appealing? 


On the other hand ....  Dame Helen Mirrin here is 65 and I think she looks way better and exhibits glamour that Cher lacks.  Cher should know better.


I understand that Sophia Loren has had plastic surgery.  I don’t know if it’s true or not. Doesn’t matter. She is 75 and at least knows how to dress for a show.
What’s wrong with appearing at your very best in front of an audience? 



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Eileen Nearne. Ever heard of her? Me neither. And that’s sad cos she was a brave Battling Brit. RIP

RIP, Eileen Nearne
A fighting veteran of WW2 nobody knew about as she never spoke about her experiences in the war, and was quite reclusive in old age.  And alone. Sad.

Caught this only a bit over an hour ago.  Quite a story. Read it all at the link below.

A fitting farewell at last for forgotten WWII heroine Eileen: Undertakers agree to foot bill for a proper church funeral after public outcry

By Graham Smith and Luke Salkeld
Last updated at 1:55 PM on 14th September 2010

The daring British Second World War spy who died alone in her flat earlier this month will receive an all-expenses-paid funeral following public outcry that she was to be cremated unmourned.

Eileen Nearne had hardly any visitors to her Torquay home over the past two decades before she was found dead after suffering a heart attack at the age of 89.

It is understood she has no surviving family and no-one was found to pay for her funeral.

Hundreds of well-wishers have today volunteered to donate money so that Miss Nearne could be given a send-off befitting her wartime service.

The members of the public, moved by her heroic tale, inundated the local council asking for details of where her funeral would be taking place and offering money to help pay for it.

But these donations are no longer needed as both the funeral home and crematorium have waived their fees.

Such was the national interest in Miss Nearne’s fate that the funeral director has offered to not only pay for the service, but to move it to a larger church to accommodate the members of the public who wish to attend.

The British Royal Legion has confirmed it will place a flag on her coffin.

Dozens of MailOnline readers joined an impromtu campaign by leaving messages expressing their admiration for Miss Nearne - and demanding she receive a ‘military funeral with full honours’.

Lawrence Rainform, from Ormskirk in Lancashire, said: ‘The bravery of those people working in occupied France helped to secure our freedom from Nazi domination.

Jane Roberts, from Oxford, added: ‘How sad, and how dreadful that a woman who served her country with such courage should have died alone.

‘I think some lasting plaque should be erected in Torbay to her heroic memory. God bless her.’

Details of her glorious past emerged after out-of-date French currency, correspondence written in French, and a selection of medals were discovered by officials trying to trace relatives or friends among her private possessions at her flat in Torquay.

As part of the UK’s Special Operations Executive Miss Nearne served in occupied France as a radio operator under the code name ‘Rose’.



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Summer of Expensive Home Improvements

One of the few bright spots in the current economic conditions is the low interest rates. I took advantage of those low rates and loaned myself some money from my retirement account. Not only did I get a low interest rate, I’m paying myself the interest. Seemed like a good idea, ‘cause the house needed work.

Here’s a few pictures. I’ve spent slightly less than half of the loan at this time. That got me a new roof, and paint job. Roof is Art-Loc shingles by Sherriff-Goslin. We replaced ‘French’ shingles. The company that did ‘French’ shingles went out-of-business some years ago. Sherriff-Goslin was the closest match.

Front view:


I could have done regular rectangular shingles for about 2/3rds of the cost. But I was sitting on the back patio last summer when THE WINDSTORM came through Dayton. I watched my neighbors’ roofs (yes, multiple neighbors lost their roofs as I watched) literally ‘roll up’. Our house, with the French shingles, and the garage, which had the Art-Loc on, didn’t budge.

Rear view:


We’d considered installing vinyl siding. I’m glad we didn’t. I think that would have reduced the ‘charm’ the house has. It would also have cost a lot of money. After the new roof and painting, I still have slightly over half of the loan for other improvements. I’m currently ‘discussing’ (arguing) with my wife to replace all the windows. She wants to replace a few windows.

She’ll probably win this ‘discussion’. But I’m not spending anymore money on the house until next Spring anyway.

The painters did a fine job. One of the benefits of being a mailman who’s route includes an ‘Historic District’ is that I get to see, and meet, the contractors that work there. These painters had just finished a three-story ‘Victorian’ house on my route. I gave them the opportunity to bid for my poor little house. Now, they weren’t the cheapest bid, nor were they the most expensive. They got my bid because I’d seen them at work. (The cheapest bidder had too many issues with the local BBB. I wouldn’t have hired them just for that.) My wife was very impressed with the painters. That’s important when you’re married to a woman who’s first husband was in construction, and who’s mother owns numerous rental properties that need painting. She knows painting. She liked them and their work.

(pats self on back)


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I wasn’t aware of this the other day. Didn’t see it in my regular papers.  Not saying it wasn’t there. Just that if it was, I didn’t spot it.

Thankfully the idiot muslim crowd wasn’t a large one, so perhaps support for that POV is more limited then I first thought.  Be nice to think so.

English Defense League came, laid wreaths etc and carried flags (photos at link) supporting America, UK, Israel etc.

A small group of ‘Muslims commemorated the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York by burning a flag in front of the US Embassy with a heavy police presence monitoring.

The group were boisterous and demonstrating in front of the embassy encompassed by a large police presence in case the English Defence League (EDL) should decide to counter demonstrate.

Members of the public observed some of which felt extremely uncomfortable and offended by the commemoration display.
After numerous speeches an American flag was doused with lighter fluid and set alight on the pavement with an uproar of cheering.

The EDL were in the area following their demonstration to pay tribute to those that were killed earlier in the day. One EDL member managed to throw a can of liquid at the MAC demonstration and was promptly arrested, whilst another member tried to breach police lines to get at the Muslims, but was kept back by police.


About 200 members of the English Defence League gathered at a pub by Bond Street tube before demonstrating against fundamental Islam on the anniversary of 9/11, marching to the American and Saudi Arabian Embassies.

After moving on from the Hog in the Pound Pub, the EDL laid wreaths in the gardens of the American Embassy to remember those that were killed on this day 9 years ago. They then demonstrated briefly outside the American Embassy before heading south to the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

No doubt the EDL wanted to disrupt this and were kept separate from them by a heavy police presence.



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