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calendar   Wednesday - September 22, 2010

Most Excellent Weather

We’re having a major thunderstorm, the likes of which I haven’t seen around here ever. More lightning in an hour than we’ve had all summer. Awesome. I was out front watching the bolts jump from cloud to cloud to cloud and then to earth. Brilliant. Spectacular. And mostly silent! We had a brief spell of very heavy rain which then faded to drizzle, but by the time the real fireworks began the storm was well past us. None of that 60mph wind the TV was going on about, even though we’re having a severe thunderstorm warning and the TV is making that smoke alarm chirping sound every half minute or so.

It’s moments like this that I wish I had a lab-ora-tory and an Igor. You don’t get opportunities like this very often, so it would be great to be able to take advantage of them.
image image image image


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man loses dog, dog has chip implant, info where doggy now is can’t be given to him.  huh? read it.

What do ya make of this? 

He could have reported the missing dog to police and that might have established proof of who he is. 

Anyway ... really seems weird as I thought that was what chips were for.  Lost pets easily returned to owners.  Isn’t the name of the owner on that chip?

Animals not doing well here lately.  Also in this weeks news, another cat in a bin but this time id did end up at a dump. Fortunately it was okay and returned to owner as it was tagged. 
Worse however is the case of some scum bag or maybe more then one, who has spiked apples with nails and pins and tossed them into a horse pasture.
Bastards like that if caught should be made to eat it themselves.  That would be fitting.

Microchip firm won’t tell dog owner who has stolen his pet

By Daily Mail Reporter

A man who had his dog microchipped before it was stolen cannot be told where the animal now lives because of data protection laws.

Dave Moorhouse’s Jack Russell terrier Rocky was stolen from his home in 2007.

He had given up hope of ever seeing the dog again until he discovered in April this year that the microchip company had found details of its new address.

But when Mr Moorhouse asked for the address, Anibase, the microchip database, refused to pass on the details, claiming it would breach the Data Protection Act.

Last week Mr Moorhouse took his case to Huddersfield County Court, asking for a court order forcing Anibase to release the name and address of the people who have Rocky.

But the judge ruled that the matter was outside his jurisdiction and that Mr Moorhouse should pursue the matter with then police.



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man leaves house for walk with dogs, comes back to find house occupied. now who whould do that?

Well ain’t this the pits?

Not the first time this sort of thing has happened here.  Another case some six months ago.  Some scam artist (? still not sure) rents or sells a property.
The buyers are almost always from Europe (some from Ireland) but generally Eastern Europe.  They hardly speak English, or claim to speak none.  Then how could they have bought or rented a house or apt.? Oh well, the estate agent miraculously spoke their mother tongue. Uh huh.  And of course locks changed. It never occurs to these folks that they are moving into a house fully furnished and having evidence that someone is living there. Cloths might be a dead giveaway.
I think they know quite well what’s up and what they are doing.  Declared a civil matter means it will take awhile to get the property back.

Thankfully in the USA, guns are a bit easier to come by then they are here.  Perhaps that explains why this doesn’t happen in the US. If it does, it’s been unreported far as I’m aware.

The article did not say if this involved Gypsies or not.  Yes I might very well be wrong in saying, I bet it did.  Cos it’s exactly the sort of thing they get up to.

Man takes dogs for walk… and returns to find locks changed and a family living in his home

By Daily Mail Reporter

George Pope, 72, was unable to get into his council house because the locks were changed.  Mr Pope left his home to take his dogs out to nearby Parsloes Park last Thursday, September 16.  The arthritis sufferer, who needs a stick to walk, started feeling ill and decided to stay at a friend’s house until he was well enough to go home.  But when he returned to his house on Saturday morning, he was stunned to discover his locks had been changed.

He claims a man then walked up the path to his house and accosted him.  ‘I said, “This is my place”. But he said, “This is our property and we intend to stay here unless you go to court”. It made me feel ill.’

Mr Pope immediately called the council and police.  But he claims they told him the new occupants could not be evicted because they were themselves victims of a scam.

Mr Pope said police claimed the residents, who he believes are from Lithuania, had paid £3,000 to a bogus estate agent to rent the property themselves for six months. 

The retired Dagenham Ford worker, who was forced to stay with friends, said: ‘Police told me it looked like a civil matter.

‘But the squatters were using my home, my gas and my electricity - it’s absolutely disgraceful.’

Mr Pope went back to his house on Monday morning to find all his belongings had been thrown out.

Neighbours then helped the him gather up his documents, photographs and clothes.

Mr Pope suspects illegal estate agents of occupying buildings and letting them for money.

‘I had been out for just two-and-a-half days. Someone must have been watching me,’ he said.

‘The rear door had been levered out with screwdrivers - that’s how they got in.

Mr Pope, who has lived in the house for four years, was able to move back into his home last night after the family fled but said he is now scared to be there because next door is also being occupied by squatters.

He also claims some of his possessions, including a washing machine and an electric cooker have been taken and that the electricity system has been tampered with.

‘The wiring has been ripped out and there are burn marks,’ he said.

‘The whole experience has been really traumatic.’



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Turning Fire Green

SoS Clinton Pledges $50 Million to Turd World

To Buy Them “Green” Stoves

because in 5,000 years they’ve never developed past rocks

Clinton to unveil US funds for clean cookstove push

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce on Tuesday a U.S. contribution of more than $50 million toward providing clean cooking stoves in developing countries to reduce deaths from smoke inhalation and fight climate change.

The U.S. funding, which will be spread over five years, is part of a Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves being started to combat a problem officials equate with malaria and unclean water in terms of their health impact worldwide.

Some 1.9 million premature deaths, mostly among women and young children, occur every year due to smoke inhalation from rudimentary stoves, which in many cases consist of a few stones and an open fire inside or outside a shelter, officials said.

Smoke from such cooking methods can lead to childhood pneumonia, lung cancer, bronchitis and cardiovascular disease while contributing to climate change through emissions of carbon dioxide and methane—two major greenhouse gases—and black carbon.

“This is something that touches on climate, on health, on women’s empowerment, on deforestation and on poverty,” Reid Detchon, vice president for energy and climate at the United Nations Foundation, said in an interview.

He said the group would seek to create a market for cleaner, less-polluting stoves and fuels to supply some 500 million households worldwide now using inefficient and dangerous cooking methods.

India, south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa were areas in which the problem was most acute.

“You’re not going to solve this problem with aid alone,” he said. “You’re going to have to create a thriving cookstove industry that can supply both stoves and fuels that people want and need.”

Talk about your White Man’s Burden. Those poor benighted natives, cooking their food over a, um, a ... a campfire. A fire! One that burns wood. Or peat. Or dried dung. Or anything they can scavenge that will hold a flame. It’s so primitive. So ethnic. ( And so portable, especially for nomadic populations! All you need is 3 decent sized rocks to balance your pot on, and you build a fire around them. Presto, hot food! And you can find rocks everywhere, so you don’t have to bring any with you. )

Now class, since this is a Democratic Initiative, let’s completely ignore that bit of history wherein John D. Rockefeller created Standard Oil in the 19th century and made zillions by practically giving away kerosene lamps all around the world, that ran on the kerosene his company produced. No, that was an example of evil capitalism, enslaving the natives, and taking advantage of the Lesser Races. It had nothing to do with improving the lives of billions of people, giving them cleaner, safer light and better air quality than the smoky old tallow lamps or burning torches that they’d used before.

This initiative is completely different. Because it will replace their primitive fire and cooking apparatus with more modern Fire™ and give them something bulky and dirty to carry with them everywhere they go. And just think, by enhancing Fire™ with Air™ the things they burn will burn cleaner and hotter, resulting in less smoke and wasted fuel and therefore less Environmental Impact. It’s a win-win situation all around, especially for the pet companies who will eventually have a Clean Stove to sell to the government for distribution, and the other pet companies who will develop and then market Burny Stuff™ for those Clean Stoves to run on! Look how much better the lives of those poor and starvin’ women and children will be, having been subject to the enlightened beneficence of this Democratic Initiative that changed their way of life from cooking over raw campfires to cooking over raw campfires with a thingy on top!!

Clean cooking solutions in the developing world

4/1/2010 // The Norwegian ambassador Wegger Chr. Strømmen participated in the conference Reducing Emissions, Saving Lives: A global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves on Monday March 29, 2010. One of the things he mentioned in his opening remarks was the importance of thinking about diversity when forging the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. – One size won’t fit all. The diversity of this project needs different types of models.


Primitive cookstoves are the primary tool for heating and cooking for nearly three million people in the developing world. Poor households use the classic three-stone cooker to prepare their food, while using wood as the basic fuel. These cookstoves creates a smoke that is highly damaging. The smoke causes health problems like cancer, asthma and tuberculoses and the smoke is also the cause of two million premature deaths annually. Women and young children suffer the most.

The use of wood as fuel creates black carbon that in addition to damaging people’s health also is an important driver of climate change, at both regional and global level. The use of wood as fuel also causes deforestation in many regions.

Wait a second ... if 3 million people use this primitive method, and 2 million a year die because of it ... isn’t this one helluva way to keep those abo populations in check? This is better than abortion!

The participants discussed the health and environmental benefits of improved stoves and fuels during the conference. They also mapped out the technical, financial, and commercial opportunities to reach global scale and how to seek agreement on collaboration around an action plan to support large-scale deployment through the creation of a Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Back when I worked in an office we had a game we called Buzzword Bingo. I think we have a winner here!

The Norwegian ambassador Wegger Chr. Strømmen was one of the speakers at the conference. - It is important to think about the diversity this problem. The gender issue, climate, development and finance issues. The cookstoves are used by three million people from different countries. It is important to have in mind the need of different designs for different populations. It is not only the cookstoves that needs diversity. This project also has a lot of different donors. One size won’t fit all so it is important that we use different types of models.

So the universal solution for Clean Stoves is that a universe of solutions will be necessary. Because you have to respect the fact that different cultures cook in different ways, so we will needs dozens, if not hundreds, possibly thousands, of different models ( and infinite R&D funding ) to solve this problem. Because 3 rocks and some fire are so unadaptable.

This post is getting a bit long, so for those interested, the details of the new wonder stove and it’s new and improved Fire™ are below the fold. With pictures!

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Tuesday - September 21, 2010

Just Missed, Again

I may have mentioned once or twice that I bowl? Yeah. Well, I was in a downward slump for quite a while, half of last winter season and most of this summer. So I finally bit the bullet and got a lesson, and stopped using one of my balls that was drilled too long.

The lesson stopped me from making me “bowl small”. For years everyone has told me “Slow down Drew, slow down!”. And I did. But it cramped me. My swing was really short and my approach was perhaps 6 feet long, and I wound up muscling the ball up and out to get any kind of hand on it. Moving to a natural approach was like waking from a nightmare. I’m very adaptable, so changing my timing wasn’t a real issue. To keep myself walking slow, I now do almost the entire pushaway before starting my first step. And by taking small steps the timing works out just right, so that I can take my last step and go into a low and slow lunge with a foot of slide just as the ball comes forward past my heel. Thumb out, hand turned, snap those fingers and swing the arm up - elbow locked!! - and drive through the ball. I’m not ready for the “answer the phone” elbow snap yet. Whenever I try to do it I pull the shot, because I’m snapping it too early. It’ll come with time. Patience Drew.

So I’m still not Mr. Rev, but I’m getting a lot more on the ball without any apparent effort. And along with a change in my swing and approach I’ve taken a deeper out and back line. And it seems to be working. At least until my arm gets tired deep in the second game. Then I start to throw inside, managing to spin the ball almost right down the middle. Hey, that gets strikes too. So I move a couple boards to the left and really focus on my target, and that gets me back in the groove for another 6 or 7 frames.

I’m bowling two nights a week now. Monday is my regular league, but I was invited to bowl in the Tuesday group. Sponsored actually. There’s money in an envelope for me at the desk, so it doesn’t cost me a thing. Plus I get a slice of the prize money, though I intend to give all of that back except for gas expenses. It’s free practice for me, and that’s prize enough.

I threw a 576 Monday night, starting with a 213 and then holding in the 180s. We won 5 out of 7. I threw a 588 tonight, but we got slaughtered. So that’s two 600 series I just missed by a single mark. Upset? Bothered? Disappointed? Heck no. I’m throwing a 190 or better average. I’m more than happy with that. It’s a long, loong way up from a 170 average, when half the time I was throwing 140s.

The Tuesday league has some really superb bowlers on it. Really superb. Everyone on the team we played tonight had a 200+ average, and 3 of them threw in the 240s the first game. 2 of those 3 threw in the 240s the second game, and one guy kept it going by tossing a 268 in the third for a 759 series. Horry clap. We fought them pretty well, turning in scores well over average, but they were just on fire; even with a 132 pin net handicap we just couldn’t hold them off across 10 frames. And we lost all 3, 0-7. Actually, my Tuesday team is in dead last place. In 3 weeks of this season so far we’ve managed to win 2 games. Ouch. But we have a rather impressive pin total nonetheless, which shows that we never made it easy for any of our opponents. Not that that really matters. Hey, maybe we’ll win a game next week.


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Be Afraid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s Tale of Terror from the LameStream Media


We’re all gonna die!!!


A Massachusetts company wants to market a genetically engineered version of Atlantic salmon, and regulators are weighing the request. If approval is given, it would be the first time the government allowed such modified animals to join the foods that go onto the nation’s dinner tables.

Ron Stotish, chief executive of AquaBounty, said at Monday’s first of two days of hearings that his company’s fish product is safe and environmentally sustainable.

Food and Drug Administration officials have largely agreed with him, saying that the salmon, which grows twice as fast as its conventional “sisters,” is as safe to eat as the traditional variety. But they have not yet decided whether to approve the request.

Critics call the modified salmon a “frankenfish” that could cause allergies in humans and the eventual decimation of the wild salmon population. An FDA advisory committee is reviewing the science of the genetically engineered fish this week and hearing such criticisms as the agency ponders approval.


Alive without breath, As cold as death,

Never thirsty, Ever drinking,

Clad in mail, Never clinking

Whether the public will have an appetite for it is another matter. Genetic engineering is already widely used for crops, but the government until now has not considered allowing the consumption of modified animals. Although the potential benefits — and profits — are huge, many people have qualms about manipulating the genetic code of other living creatures.

Genetically engineered — or GE — animals are not clones, which the FDA has already said are safe to eat. Clones are copies of an animal. With GE animals, the DNA has been altered to produce a desirable characteristic.

In the case of the salmon, AquaBounty has added a growth hormone from a Chinook salmon that allows the fish to produce their growth hormone all year long. The engineers were able to keep the hormone active by using another gene from an eel-like fish called an ocean pout that acts like an on switch for the hormone, according to the company. Conventional salmon produce the growth hormone only some of the time.

Hey, what the heck. Grow them on farms in the middle of the prairie. No live ungutted fish can leave the premises; no eggs would be released into the wild. But the MSM wants you to be afraid of everything all the time, so this is the big fear story for today. So take note, and immediately look at what Obama is up to! These fear stories are often used as smoke screens.

OTOH, should they meet by accident and a few cocktails, it’s likely that an Atlantic salmon could breed with a Chinook salmon. The Chinook is a fish that likes really cold water, as is the Ocean Pout. Both those fish grow all the time. Chinook salmon, which can reach 100lb, are just as conventional as any other salmon, they’re just a bit rarer. Chinook have been introduced into the Great Lakes, the waters of Patagonia, and lakes in New Zealand. And no tales of evil blood-sucking vampire salmon have come from any of those places. Probably because there were no survivors!!!


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those darned americans and their border fence. hang on a minute. no. it’s the mexicans?

H/T RichK

Huh?  The Mexicans are building their own fence somewhere else?

I may have to keep my eye on this site ( My thanks to RichK for the email heads up.

Interesting article.  Is it for real?  There’s not much in msm back home? Seems odd.  You’d think they would be all over this like a blanket.
Take a look.

Hypocritical Mexico is now building their own wall on border with ignores

Where is MSNBC?

The Inter-Press Sevice (IPS) is reporting that the head administrator of the Mexican Superintendency of Tax Administration, Raul Diaz, has confirmed that his government is building a wall in the state of Chiapas, along the Mexican/Guatemalan border.

The official reason is to stop contraband from coming into Mexico, but as Diaz admitted: “It could also prevent the free passage of illegal immigrants.”

According to Mexico’s National Commission on Human Rights, 500,000 people from Central America cross into Mexico illegally every year.

Just as Mexican authorities have opposed the construction of a fence by the U.S., along our border with their country, Mexico is now receiving a great deal of criticism from the Guatemalan government.

The executive coordinator of the National Bureau for Migration in Guatemala, Marila de Prince, told a local newspaper: “It is not a correct measure being taken by the Mexican government.”

Erick Maldonado, executive secretary of Guatemala’s National Council on Migrants said: “We are watching the Mexican government’s initiative with concern because the migrants are in a situation of highest vulnerability, as demonstrated by the massacre in Tamaulipas, where five Guatemalans died.”

Maldonado said the wall “is going to make the migrants’ situation worse, because to meet their needs they are always going to find blind points where there are no migration or security controls, which implies greater risks.”

Vice-President of Guatemala, Rafael Espada, said: “The walls are not the solution to the problems.”

The Catholic Church has been highly critical of U.S. treatment of illegal aliens, and one priest in Central America used the news of the Mexican wall to take another shot at the American people.

Father Francisco Pellizari, of the Casa del Migrante told IPS: “The dramatic increase in the cost of ‘polleros’ (human traffickers) and the corruption of the authorities is the result of the walls the United States plans to build and has built along the border. We can transpose the Guatemala case to this situation and the results will be the same.”

Peliizari said border walls “are supposedly intended to halt migration, but that hasn’t happened. Instead they have triggered an economic hemorrhage and a shift in the migratory flow to inhospitable routes that lead to thousands of deaths.”

Of course, the U.S. press has completely ignored the story…They excoriate Americans for their desire to simply defend their own borders, but give Mexico a pass for building a wall to keep out illegal aliens.


Hey there Mr. Pellizari .... up yours.  Our country, our borders, our freekin business.  We’ll keep an eye on our borders and you can keep an eye on ..... you know. I have an idea, why don’t you and your church personally take ALL those poor and tired and needy and include please the druggies, and you house em all at your expense in your house.  Permanently.  HEY ... you gotta take the girls too. Wait ... where ya goin? Come back and talk.
Fruit loop.


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tuesday morning eye candy … just cos …

Just one-a-those days. I thought she (whoever she is) has nice dress sense and thought the guys might like to see her necklace. 



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darn those cheap skate americans … they aren’t giving enough says an american. euros love it

European I think just love it when an American confesses and admits what failures we are and how but for us poverty would be ended, gorebal warming would cool, there’s be no wars and the common cold might be a thing of the past.

Yeah,yeah I’m exasperated/exaggerated.  Hey say there a combination of those two words? Anyway, saw the headline in morning paper and so booted to post earlier then usual.  We had some washing to do and the weather forecast said the next couple of days would be sunny and even into the 70s.  Mind you, 70 does not always translate into mild or warm.  So we went to the creek and brought back everything to hang on our line and the sun immediately went in.

Right. A maddening headline in the paper as follows.


Right.  It’s our fault again.  Jeesh. Tell ya what.  I just discovered that the reason the problem is always in front of us is, new generations get fed the pap and sob story and it just goes on.  Nothin’ new here.  Where’s the money been going all these years?  Maybe between em Vilmar and Drew took it and lost it all in Vegas.
Do any of you folks recall the collections made in schools when we were all young? 
I’m afraid Americans are just gonna have to do more .....  !%$£%^&*(*(&^%%$£$&^*(!!^

American lack of interest in achieving the Millennium Development Goals
amounts to a failure of leadership that dooms efforts to revitalise the campaign to failure, one of its leading architects has said.

By Mike Pflanz in Nairobi

Prof Jeffrey Sachs, a New York-based economist, told The Daily Telegraph, that the world would fail to meet the eight targets to reduce deprivation adopted in 2000 because the US had effectively turned away from the process.

World leaders gathered on Monday in New York to discuss progress towards the goals, which aimed at halving poverty, ensuring every child completes primary school, tackling killer diseases including Aids and addressing the impacts of environment change.

“In the US, it’s not as if people are debating whether we are going to meet the promises or not, there is simply no debate happening at all,” said Prof Sachs in an interview. “If the Obama administration began committing what it promised it would, right now, all the MDGs could be met in Africa by 2015.”

Developed nations have already delivered less than half the £32 billion of increased aid promised at the 2005 Gleneagles G8 summit. By contrast Britain was one of the few nations showing sustained commitment to meet its promises on the MDGs.

While Britain is on target to meet a pledge to give 0.7 per cent of national income in aid by 2013, the US has fallen behind, giving just 0.2 per cent in 2009.


Just so nobody mistakes me for a compassionate and caring conservative.  Screw Africa! Screw the entire 3rd world.  I for one do not care.  Let em eat cake.
Zillions and zillions over the last 60 or so years and nothing changes except the bloated egos of rock stars who do aid concerts, and the pockets of the fixers.
The west throws money at peoples who feed rats milk.  Can not make that one up. It’s true in one place. Heaven knows what other examples are out there.
Britain pledges what?  While at the very same time making cuts here at home.  Oh that makes sense. Freekin ijits.

I want an air conditioned cave somewhere that also has broadband, maybe Utah. Or Montana. Someplace nice and remote and TV with only one channel that broadcasts Dodger games.  Bad enough when foreigners bitch about us and who likes that.  But when an American jumps on the bandwagon ... Nuts!


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calendar   Monday - September 20, 2010

Close Enough To Offend?

Gosh I hope so.

I saw this post at Moonbattery about Mosque-in-a-box, which they referred to as a porta-mosque. It’s for the muzzie on the go, who wants to do better than just a rug on the sand when those five pillars come around each day. It’s kind of like a well decorated washing machine box. A couple of large bits of painted cardboard to set the proper mood.

Then I wondered about how the good little observant muzzies would orient the darn thing. Turns out they have this already worked out, with the aid of a compass and a good idea of where you are and what the local magnetic declivity is. And for the modern fellah, they even have these things online. The device, or the act, that locates Mecca is called a Qibla.

Well, two can play that game. For my place, it turns out that my line is 57.86° from true North; call it North East by East (for you former scouts and sailors). This gives me the proper great circle arc. It also turns out to be just about at right angles to the breezeway outside here, so looking straight out my front door is nearly looking to Mecca. And my front door is parallel to my toilet, come to think of it.  Fancy that. Ok, it’s not exactly perfectly in line with Mecca. I’d have to twist a couple inches to the right. And that gave me an idea and also made me wonder ... how close is close enough?

Because you shouldn’t use the prefix ”porta-” to an American. Because we’ll always think of those wonderful plastic outhouses we see in campgrounds, at concerts, and at building sites. And when the suffix is “-mosque” we’ll make this connection in a heartbeat:


And now they can all be properly aligned. Think of it as a kind of offensive feng-shui. Between the qibla link above and Google Maps online, it should only take you a minute or two to figure out the proper direction to face sit.

I found there is a qibla app for your iPhone, so you have no excuses not to.

So, have I earned my fatwa yet?


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Monday Again

I know it’s Monday.

But it was Friday yesterday. 

Where did the weekend go?



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her heart in the right place, but where was her thinking cap?

It’s a few days old and I really feel sorry for the well meaning lady BUT ....  Damn it she should have known she might need planning permission. I suppose being her own land she didn’t think she’d need to since there aren’t any buildings involved.  No major construction.  Still .... you can not go off willy-nilly and put something on land without seeing the planning people.

Unless of course you are a member of a protected group with lawyers and activists and such.  In other words, a gypsy?
Everyone else must have planning permission or ZAP ... urrrrrr out!

video here, no embed.

An Essex woman who has planted more than 700 trees in memory of fallen British troops has been told to cut them down.

Each fallen soldier’s name is on a plaque at the farm at Rettendon, near Chelmsford.

Chelmsford Borough Council says the memorial did not have planning permission and the land should be returned to agricultural use.


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Judge launches attack on eastern european gangs.  read gypsies. oh, what a surprise.

Another member of europe’s cancer caught and convicted and given a short term.  Happy the judge spoke out but wonder how long before some nut case cries race.
Jeesh. And the slag doesn’t even speak the language here.  Well, that’s open borders for ya. But she’ll be back and if not her, her kids or a sister.

Maybe cutting off a limb would get a message through. The west is far too soft and so will continue to be a juicy target for the thieving scum.


A judge has launched an astonishing attack on criminal Eastern European gangs
who come to Britain to target elderly and vulnerable people.

District judge Bruce Morgan said he was ‘deeply concerned’ about the impact of criminals who arrive in the country to steal from innocent people.

His comments came as he sentenced teenager Ceca Dadic, who is believed to be a Roma gypsy from Bosnia, to six months for her ‘despicable’ role in trying to steal a 78-year-old woman’s purse.

The 19-year-old mother-of-two admitted attempted theft as she appeared at Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.
She distracted her elderly victim by asking her advice on a cream cake while her underage accomplice tried to unzip the woman’s purse.
Mr Morgan said Dadic was part of a criminal gang and added that he had dealt with six similar cases in the previous five days.
Dadic wept as the judge told her – through an interpreter – that he hoped her six-month sentence in youth custody would act as a deterrent to others.
He added that she and an accomplice, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had acted in a ‘despicable’ way.

He said: ‘There is no doubt in my mind that you are part of a criminal gang who come to this country from Eastern Europe for the purpose of committing crime.
‘I’m deeply concerned about the number of young people like you who I deal with who come from Eastern Europe, find addresses in Birmingham and then go to the neighbouring counties to commit crime.’

The court heard that Dadic had been convicted four times in the past year of theft or attempted theft.
The court heard that Dadic, from Birmingham, was in a Somerfield supermarket in Worcester on August 12 when she asked the elderly shopper whether a particular cake contained strawberry jam.
Liam Finch, prosecuting, said: ‘She asked her: “would my grandmother like it?“‘
Security guards then saw Dadic’s accomplice try to unzip the woman’s purse and called police.

Paul Stanley, defending, said Dadic was in Worcester for a cinema trip but had no money.
He said a report which claimed she had shown no remorse and had a gambling problem was not true – and blamed the mistakes on translation problems.
He said she was very sorry and was a mother of a two-year-old and a three-year-old, and was at college.

However, Mr Morgan said: ‘You say you are sorry – I don’t accept that at all.
‘I accept you may be a small part of a large organisation but you are an essential part of it.
‘To pick on and try to distract elderly ladies for the sole purpose of financial gain is quite frankly despicable’.



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Dust In The Wind

Project Update

Nothing special to report. The tiles are down, the grout has cured, the toilet is installed. The ancient wallpaper got torn down, and it took some of the drywall facing paper with it. Probably because the simpletons who installed the paper put it up on raw drywall.  The walls never even had a coat of paint on them, just a little spackle and tape, and then up went the paper. So the adhesive attached itself permanently. Several applications of hot water and white vinegar have been done to soften the adhesive that didn’t tear off parts of the wall. You let that soak in for a few minutes then scrape it off with a plastic spatula. Sometimes you get a great big piece, sometimes you get little bitty worms of it. Always the stuff comes off extra sticky and immediately glues itself to your fingers.

Luckily, a product exists that can fix the torn drywall paper. You have to seal the stuff, or it will just suck in moisture, primer, paint, whatever, and probably start growing black mold. I’d make a recommendation, but I’ve been reminded that I shouldn’t push products that aren’t paying me for advertising. So I won’t. And the damn stuff is $20 per quart. Lucky for us that a quart should cover all our boo-boo spots twice over, and have enough left over to seal half the walls in this little room. So if I can find another dealer who carries it - the local place stopped carrying that brand of paint products years ago, and had one dusty can left on a corner of a dark shelf; the clerk said the stuff came in by accident - then 2 quarts should do the job. Once all the sanding and spackling is done the whole room will get a coat of this, then 2 coats of that wonderful Killz primer, then paint.

But now it’s time to sand. And sand. And sand. And sand. And then sand some more. And then apply some spackle and wait for it to dry. Then sand and sand and sand again. Pretty soon I’ll have more white powder in my bathroom than Lindsay Lohan has in hers.

When we pulled off the wallpaper we found that the builders must have had great fun drawing on the walls when they built the place. Very sophisticated sense of visual humor, builders have. Erudite. Nuanced. Elegant. And even reasonably anatomically correct, for a change.

See More Below The Fold


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