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British Tea Party launched by Conservative activists to challenge Coalition.  Wish em much luck …

It’s gonna take a heck of a lot of luck and hard work to make this fly. 
This sort of thing isn’t, I don’t believe, a natural part of the Brit make up.  Maybe Lyndon and Chris will correct me on that, both of em being ex-pats. But Brits get angry and react in different ways.  They don’t seem to organize things like Tea Parties.

I guess we’ll see and as usual ...  Stay Tuned.

PS: Any Brits lurking out there who want to comment, you are more then welcome.  My word alone on this topic is hardly sufficient. But I do find it interesting.

British Tea Party launched by Conservative activists to challenge Coalition

A British Tea Party campaign inspired by the electoral truimphs of the American movement is launching a series of challenges to the Coalition government.

By Jon Swaine

Activists are hold a rally at next month’s Conservative party conference in Birmingham at which criticism of Coalition policies will be aired.

A British division, launched last year by The Freedom Association, has held events including a “Boston tea party” in Boston, Lincs. ( Lincolnshire )

It has joined forces with the Taxpayers’ Alliance pressure group, which is being advised by Freedom Works, a large Washington-based political group that backs Tea Party candidates.

The organisers, who have already attracted thousands of disgruntled British conservatives, are being advised by the US low-tax, libertarian activists.

Raheem Kassam, one of the British tea party organisers, also held talks with US activists at the huge CPAC conference earlier this year.

“We want to counter what we believe is a Left-wing bias in our culture,” Mr Kassam said.



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Let me put this bluntly: virtually no one in America gives a damn what Barack Obama says.

H/T HOT AIR Via RichK with thanks ...

Checking my mail today and found this from RichK. WOW.  Read the whole thing folks. This is really worth the time and isn’t that long either.

Now then, something the fellow wrote .....

If you want to criticize someone for reveling in culture wars, I suggest you take a look at the power-drunk clowns tossing around gigantic bills that “control the people” right down to the menus at fast-food restaurants.  Just wait until they start rolling out the class-war arguments for higher taxes to sustain their frenzied spending.  That will be some serious revelry.

Absolutely tied in with something here in Britain with regard to the class thing.  It may not be on the same level but look at this.

Middle-class families could be forced to undergo lie detector tests as part of a major crackdown on tax avoidance being spearheaded by Nick Clegg. (Deputy Prime Minister)

Tens of thousands will face intrusive new tax investigations under the plans unveiled by the Deputy Prime Minister yesterday.

As part of a two-pronged attack on the better-off, millions more will face cuts in benefits, such as winter fuel payments, child benefit and free bus passes.

The moves, unveiled at the Liberal Democrat conference, were designed to guarantee Mr Clegg’s popularity with mutinous grassroots members, but were described by critics as ‘bully boy tactics’.

I don’t think anyone will argue against people paying their fair share on things. And nobody I know likes paying a lifetime of taxes to support those who just will not work and live off the rest.  But .... in his effort to sooth the more left wing ppl in his party, (my take on that) the deputy PM who heads the other half of this coalition govt. says, “Legal tax avoidance and illegal evasion are ‘just as bad’ as falsely claiming benefits, adding: ‘Both come down to stealing money from your neighbours.”
And just so we are clear on this, he went even further and spelled it out.  People who go to an accountant to have their taxes reduced are just as guilty of cheating on taxes as people who try to hide income and cheat.  I could not make that up.  In a speech to be made today, Mr Clegg will accuse middle class earners who pay accountants to minimize their tax bills are behaving like ‘benefit cheats.’ He will say that legal tax avoidance is as bad as claiming benefits and is the very same as stealing.  How ‘bout them apples?  So then, the rich who nobody feels sorry for anyway because we all know they all have what’s really ours, and the middle class who aspire to riches, will be scrutinized very closely.  It is expected that some 150,000 taxpayers a year will be checked. That’s up from 5,000 now, I have read.  His crackdown will surely affect small business who try and get every legal tax break they can.  Oh, have I mentioned that lie detectors will be used?  The good news is that Mr Clegg says he will be happy to stop getting some £2,400 a year in child tax rebate. He earns something like £134,000 a year as DPM and his wife is described as a “high flying” lawyer.  We are not talking about poor folk here. If legal exemptions are like cheating, then how does he square what he and wife have already received? Or doesn’t that count?  His party is the Lib/Dems which is short for, Liberal Democrats.

So anyway .... I really got off my original topic which is the fine link given us by Rich and all about our Divine Sarah.  I got caught up in that class thing.

The Palin Card

by Doctor Zero

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic thinks it’s time for the Obama Administration to play the “Palin Card,” setting the former governor of Alaska up as the target for some Alinsky-style frozen personal polarizing.  He dismisses fears that such Presidential attention will elevate Palin to greater national prominence:
Elevate Sarah Palin? How much higher can she go? Everyone knows her.  Some of Obama’s advisers have argued in the past that the attention paid to Palin by Americans in the last stages of the 2008 campaign is one reason why Obama was able to win so cleanly.

Palin and the Tea Party movement are not the same thing. The movement, evolving out of movement conservatism, is principally about government and the economy. Palin revels in the culture wars. But when that part of the Tea Party that does care about social issues becomes the story, linking the two in the public’s mind is easier.
Yes, the election is about control of Congress. But at a larger level, it’s about competing visions of the world. John Boehner v. the Democratic agenda is a boring contrast. Many Democrats couldn’t tell a Boehner from a Cantor. But everyone knows who Sarah Palin is.

He’s right that low-key, largely unknown politicians like Boehner and Cantor don’t make very good targets for the politics of personal destruction.  The effort to inflate stuff Boehner into a Darth Vader costume over the past few weeks was comical.  If the Democrats want to run some more plays out of Alinsky’s faded old handbook, they’ll need to focus on someone exciting.

Palin is linked to other high-profile female candidates, like Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell, so she looks like an inviting target.  The subtext of the media narrative Democrats are trying to spin is that outspoken female conservatives are somehow unnatural.  Comfortable, maternal leftism is the natural philosophy of caring women, you see, and the State is their only ally in the quest to shatter those increasingly transparent glass ceilings.  A woman who would enlist in the heavy infantry of the regressive fundamentalist Republicans must be crazy.

I hope the White House takes Ambinder’s advice, because it would be suicidal.  His crack about Palin’s “reveling in the culture wars” betrays his ignorance.  He is confused by the details of her biography, and the sincere affection she earns from her admirers.  His Palin Card is drawn from the wrong suit.  She’s the Queen of Diamonds, not the Queen of Hearts.  Her most impressive statements over the last two years have been on matters of economics, policy, and politics.  She has shredded the Administration over health care, the Gulf oil spill, and unrestrained government spending.  She’s endorsed dozens of primary candidates, with something like a 70% success rate.  Her most notable clashes with “culture” have involved asking it to stop making rape jokes about her daughters.

If you want to criticize someone for reveling in culture wars, I suggest you take a look at the power-drunk clowns tossing around gigantic bills that “control the people” right down to the menus at fast-food restaurants.  Just wait until they start rolling out the class-war arguments for higher taxes to sustain their frenzied spending.  That will be some serious revelry.

Let me put this bluntly: virtually no one in America gives a damn what Barack Obama says about anything at this point.  What could be more predictable, and less interesting, than Obama’s opinion on any given subject?  Who wants to contemplate the economic wisdom of a guy who looted the Treasury for a trillion dollars, with less benefit than we could have achieved by stuffing hundred dollar bills into random cereal boxes?  Who’s excited to hear about the next plan to convert taxpayer dollars into Democrat campaign funds?  Who’s hungry for another hour of tedious excuses about permanently broken markets and the titanic dead hand of George W. Bush?  Who wants a lecture on ethical business practices from the titular head of the party that gave us Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters?  What use is another hollow foreign-policy speech from a man who sees no global adversary to rival the menace of Arizona?  Even Obama’s supporters don’t hear anything he says any more.  There’s nothing left to hear.



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calendar   Sunday - September 19, 2010

Today’s ObamaCare update:


H/T: (well, it’s on the lower right corner of the image. I’m too lethargic to do a proper link. Must be all that Obama piss in me veins…)


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The dramatic moment airshow pilot is killed in mid-air collision


By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 12:00 PM on 19th September 2010

A pilot has been killed in a mid-air collision at a German air show showcasing retro planes.

Two planes collided during the show yesterday afternoon at an airfield in the province of Bavaria.

One of the pilots was able to perform an emergency landing and escaped to safety, but the other died after his plane crashed and caught fire, Die Welt reported.




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carrier pigeon faster then pc’s in one area ….  high tech stuff here …

H/T Hull Daily Mail

Happened across this and originally thought it was early April 1st gag.  Apparently not.

Amusing story but feel sorry for folks out there if it’s this bad.  Hey, is 200mb that big a file?  I haven’t any conception of size on these things. 

Carrier pigeon beats broadband in race to highlight slow speed of rural web service

FOR some residents of rural East Yorkshire it is quicker to send a message by carrier pigeon than rely on broadband internet – and that’s official.
Campaigners for quicker and improved internet connections in the countryside turned to traditional methods to get their message across.

A computer file upload raced the pigeon, carrying the same information on a memory card, between Beverley and Wrangle in Lincolnshire.
When the bird arrived after a 75-minute flight, the upload was just 30 per cent complete.
In total, the video took more than five hours to upload on the YouTube website.

Trefor Davies, chief technology officer for Newark-based communications provider Timico, organised yesterday’s stunt.
He said: “For lots of residents in the UK, broadband connection is no different to problems suffered by people in the Outback of Australia and vast areas in jungle in South Africa.

“This test shows it’s still quicker to use carrier pigeons in the UK than broadband in some areas. We haven’t moved on.
“The Government has said it would cost £29 billion to improve the connection in the UK, £25 billion of which is to just dig up the roads.
“There are some projects where communities are helping themselves by digging trenches for the fibre cables.”
The file carried by the pigeon and uploaded was a 200mb video of Mr Davies having his hair cut.

He said: “I wanted something representative of an everyday event and 200mb is about a similar size to downloading Open Office.
“Michelle Brumfield, from a farm near Beverley, put the video on her PC and uploaded it to YouTube.
“At the same time, the video was put on a memory card and attached to the pigeon and sent to the Boston area.”
Organisers said slow internet connections were holding back rural areas and appealed for government help.

A BT spokeswoman said they have plans to invest up to £2.5 billion in super-fast broadband, which could become available to about two-thirds of UK premises by 2015, assuming an acceptable environment for investment.

She said: “In Yorkshire and the Humber, we have already placed faster speeds of up to 20Mb/s within reach of around half of the region’s homes and businesses using the existing copper network.
“This rollout is continuing.”



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I don’t believe there’s any truth to the headline. But I couldn’t resist the photo. See why ..

Carla Bruni’s rivalry with Michelle Obama has damaged US relations with France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife Carla Bruni’s alleged rivalry with Michelle Obama has strained relations between the French and US presidential couples.

by Our Foreign Staff

The author of “Carla: A Secret Life” - a biography chronicling her transformation from an allegedly tempestuous man-eater into an apparent model spouse - suggests Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has become something of a political liability for her husband.

Besma Lahouri says Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s image of distant, well-heeled perfection has kept her at arm’s length from the French people.

At a time when the conservative president’s popularity has plummeted, and he is being criticised for raising the retirement age and cracking down on Eastern European Gypsy immigrants, having a more accessible first lady might soften his image, she said.

“The French don’t know their first lady, and her worries seem to them very far removed from their own,”

Well heck, I couldn’t run this photo on it’s own. Could I?  Or maybe I could.  ? 
This new book on Carla Bruni has been written by someone who never spoke to her, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to find a bit of truth in most of it.
However .... here’s the one line in the article that induced me to post this, aside from the photo.  Which just had to be done here.

Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s obsessions have shifted away from rock stars to women she perceives as rivals.  Her husband’s second wife, and Mrs Obama, described in the book as “the only one in (Carla’s) eyes able to challenge her for the title of the world’s sexiest and most glamorous first lady.”



Now lets be fair guys .... Mrs O. though many may not like her, would have approved of her had she married and been herself a conservative.  I mean folks, she isn’t ugly just because some don’t approve of her. BUT .... holy cow.  If the person who wrote the book thinks that she is a challenge for a title nobody has to my knowledge been in competition for, what does that say about the book.  If Mrs.O. is All That, what does it say about whoever else may be a first lady in other countries?  Mrs. Obama, world’s sexiest? Most glamorous?  Whoa.  I for one do not think so. But that’s just me.  And a fair number here I know.


Call me silly if you must, that’s okay. But I really seriously doubt that the woman pictured above has much to worry about from Mrs. Obama in the looks dept.
In fact, she doesn’t have anything to worry about and I very much doubt that she gives it any thought.
But it sell newspapers. And books.


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calendar   Saturday - September 18, 2010

the popes visit to Britain and a few thoughts

Interesting happenings in the UK this week.  The pope’s visit.  Yawn for some and I don’t guess I care either. But he did have messages I could agree with and I’m not religious.  On the other hand, there are some things I can’t understand. The church we are told is paying some £2 million, and the other 10 million is on the back of the taxpayer.  Well, that means peoples of all other religions too. It even means non believers have to pay for the visit.  Thing is, not all folks who claim membership in the church, are all that interested either.  I think they’re called lapsed Catholics. But everybody has to pay anyway.  Why?

Get this.  Everywhere people turn they are being told belts must be tightened.  The present govt. says the country has been left in such serious and bad debt, that deep cuts are in order.  They want to cut 40,000 policemen for example.  Even, gasp, some civil servants.  Everything across the board. Cut,cut,cut.
So naturally, some of the unions are warning of strike action. One union head says his union will, “cripple Britain.” And yes, he is far left. They don’t care.
Well, here we are facing some tough times it is predicted, but they happen to have 10 million they can spend to host the pope for a few days. The church owns art worth 100 times that. Not to mention property.  Ah ha I have it.  That’s why they can afford all that stuff.  The poor boxes.  Ya think?

The dilemma for the men in charge of the Pope’s security is how to protect him – and let him get close to his flock.

In 1981, the vulnerability of the pontiff was brought into sharp relief, when the Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca shot and wounded John Paul II as he mingled with the faithful in St Peter’s Square, in Rome.

And although that assassination attempt led to an increase in security, if the Pope is to remain a public figure it can never be watertight.

Critics – especially militant secularists – have criticised the £3.3million cost of security for his UK visit. But yesterday’s alleged plot was a reminder of why it is needed.


This photo is larger at the link and way,way bigger in the hard copy. What caught my interest was the caption for the box at the bottom center.
It says ... Italian police and Swiss Guard normally carry Sig Sauer P75 automatic pistols but banned from carrying them here.

Say what?  How come?  The paper didn’t say.  Surely they can’t be unarmed. Can they? Or was it just that particular weapon that was banned?
Any ideas?


Now I don’t know about you but I always liked Christmas.  Mostly when young of course.  But still, there is something about that period that I have always found enjoyable.  And I like Christmas Carols (but not in Oct.).  So I was happy to read that the pope made some comments about that.

Pope’s battle to save Christmas: Don’t let atheists crush your traditions, Benedict tells Britain

By Steve Doughty

* Easter and Christmas should not be discouraged by fear of offending others
* Christians in public roles should be allowed to act according to conscience
* Lack of ethical foundation resulted in financial crisis, he tells politicians

The Pope issued a clarion call to defend Christianity last night, saying Christmas was at risk of being struck from the calendar.

In a strongly worded speech delivered in Parliament, Benedict XVI bluntly told politicians not to ‘silence’ religion and discourage public celebration of its most important festivals.

And in a thinly veiled attack on controversial equality legislation, he said laws which forced Christians to act against their consciences were wrong.

‘There are those who would advocate that the voice of religion be silenced, or at least relegated to the purely private sphere,’ he told senior politicians and public figures.


I think he’s quite right on the issue offending others.  Western culture has gotten along well (till recent times and left wing liberals and apologists for the rop)
telling us a cross on a public building or a nativity scene might offend a few non believers.  How about the many who are not offended? Nobody has ever been made the worse because they heard a Carol in public.

He is also very,very correct on the issue of conscience.  The church has a philosophy on homosexuality. Many do not agree with their stance. But to force a Catholic adoption agency under force of law to place a child with a same sex couple is I believe, unreasonable.  The agencies will of course close. And just who does that serve?  Merely the easily offended and professional “activists.”

However, he may be mistaken to think it’s only atheists who want to undo things. No.  It’s those silly damn politically correct bureaucrats who spend too much time thinking of all the different ways that different people can possibly become offended.  It’s the very same kind of thinking that makes hurting someone’s feelings a punishable offense under law. And they are not all non believers. Many are screwballs who believe. Like Harriet Harperson. (Harman)


Side issue, police have arrested 6 Algerians in a murder plot against the pope.


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Mark Steyn on Danish TV … A man worth listening to …

H/T Europe News

I check these folks often because there’s lots in one place.  Have been a fan of Steyn for awhile now but haven’t checked his site lately. So it’s good to see him here.

If you watch the video, use the slider and advance to 1:27, because the first 1:27 is all in Danish.

So there’s about 7 minutes left with Steyn on muslims in Europe.

Canadian Free Speech activist, publisher and writer Mark Steyn visited Denmark, to receive the Sappho Prize for Free Speech, and Dkr. 20,000 for his activities as an advocate for free speech.

Towards the end of the seven minute interview, Steyn mentions the obvious but forbidden notion:

Interviewer Kurt Strand:

Why isn’t the European Culture strong enough to defend [itself against] this.

Steyn: I think, since the Second World War, and even since the First World War, European elites have not believed in them selves or their own people.

I think European elites drew the wrong conclusion at the end of the Second World War, when they said, ‘never again’, on the German death camps. They didn’t really mean never again to standing up to intolerance and,..

They drew the wrong conclusion; they thought it meant rejecting nationalism, rejecting national identity, rejecting your own cultural inheritance.

And there’s a huge hole in the heart off where European Identity ought to be.



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braindead left just doesn’t seem to understand the difference between legal and not legal ..

Closer to the truth is, they don’t want to understand.  Those jerks have an agenda all their own and heaven help the countries where they hold the reins of power.  And if not outright power, then undo influence.  And anyone who doesn’t believe the left in the USA has way too much influence, well that person must be asleep and been so for years.  We have the same idiots at home as they do here.  There is no difference between them.

Since here is where I live however, here is what I report on.  Should anyone not like that, my kindest advise would be to go somewhere else. 

There is a program on the radio every week that sometimes annoys me but I listen because from time to time there are some interesting tid-bits to be found.
Because they so often have politicians on and because some of them are lefties, naturally I see red.  The program is called, Any Questions, where various questions are asked of a panel on subjects in the news that week.  The moderator is often the worst part of the program because he keeps interrupting someone he puts a question to, almost as soon as they start an answer.  Well, last night one of the questions asked was if the panel thought that President Sarkozy was right in expelling Gypsies.

There were four ppl on that panel and only one of them got it right.  Hearing the so obviously wrong headed answers from some of them helped me to understand why this country is in so much trouble.  Not one of the three who thought France wrong, not one, mentioned ILLEGALS.  Not one of the stumbling, blithering left wing idiots mentioned illegal camps or crime. Only the fourth member , and surprise, a conservative I do believe, mentioned the legal vs illegal and the camps set up that were clearly illegal.  Only he pointed out the glaring error of the EU commie-sar in comparing Sarkozy’s program with Nazis.  And only he pointed out that the Nazis didn’t pay their deportees.  They killed them. But the brain dead leftists on the panel took no note.  So I was happy to see this brief editorial piece from one of my favorite conservatives here.  Simon Heffer.  Who had this to say in far fewer words then I.

Simon Heffer

Saturday Telegraph

On the subject of tolerance, I start to feel sorry for poor old Sarko, being lambasted by the EU for his popular policy (69 per cent of the French support it) of expelling illegal immigrants who happen to be Roma gipsies.

For years, a visitor to Paris leaving the Eurostar terminal has faced the choice of running the gauntlet of Roma muggers at Gare du Nord in heading for the taxi rank, or braving their gangs of organised pickpockets on the Metro. What is gained by pretending this isn’t happening?

I know Sarko is desperate for ways to improve his standing, but enforcing the law on immigration and dealing with pernicious street crime by paying often criminal illegals to go home seems a remarkably sensible and humane way of governing.

Of course, a more sensible way and a more permanent one would be to shoot the bastards. One final thought on the subject.
France is being accused of singling out Gypsies and focusing on that ethnic group.  Well, as it happens that group is the one that has flooded France and been setting up illegal camps.  The left doesn’t want to recognize that fact. 


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calendar   Friday - September 17, 2010


Front Page has lots of interesting easy read (mostly) items.  I don’t have to add much if anything to this. I think you’re all pretty well familiar with this sort of thing by now.  Maybe it hasn’t occurred in the USA yet, or if it has, not as often as it does here and acrss the channel in Europe.  Oh. Oooops. I’m not supposed to mention anything has to do with Europe according to some dim (very dim) lights. 

Anyway ... check this out. Some of it recaps old news but the things referred to should not be forgotten.  It’s how these folks play the game and above all people ... Know Your Enemy!  And here’s a photo of one of the many of them.  The ugly face of islam. This fellow represents it well.  Is this what most muslims want to represent them?  I hope not. But then .... he has a lot of followers who looks pretty much the same. And they seem to have this knack of always finding things to be angry about. And they are ALWAYS just this ugly.



The Eternal Flame of Muslim Outrage

Shhhhhhh, we’re told. Don’t protest the Ground Zero mosque. Don’t burn a Koran. It’ll imperil the troops. It’ll inflame tensions. The “Muslim world” will “explode” if it does not get its way, warns sharia-peddling imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Pardon my national security-threatening impudence, but when is the “Muslim world” not ready to “explode”?

At the risk of provoking the ever-volatile Religion of Perpetual Outrage, let us count the little-noticed and forgotten ways.

Just a few months ago in Kashmir, faithful Muslims rioted over what they thought was a mosque depicted on underwear sold by street vendors. The mob shut down businesses and clashed with police over the blasphemous skivvies. But it turned out there was no need for Allah’s avengers to get their holy knickers in a bunch. The alleged mosque was actually a building resembling London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. A Kashmiri law enforcement official later concluded the protests were “premeditated and organized to vitiate the atmosphere.”

Indeed, art and graphics have an uncanny way of vitiating the Muslim world’s atmosphere. In 1994, Muslims threatened German supermodel Claudia Schiffer with death after she wore a Karl Lagerfeld-designed dress printed with a saying from the Koran. In 1997, outraged Muslims forced Nike to recall 800,000 shoes because they claimed the company’s “Air” logo looked like the Arabic script for “Allah.” In 1998, another conflagration spread over Unilever’s ice cream logo — which Muslims claimed looked like “Allah” if read upside-down and backward (can’t recall what they said it resembled if you viewed it with 3D glasses).

Even more explosively, in 2002, an al-Qaida-linked jihadist cell plotted to blow up Bologna, Italy’s Church of San Petronio because it displayed a 15th century fresco depicting Mohammed being tormented in the ninth circle of Hell. For years, Muslims had demanded that the art come down. Counterterrorism officials in Europe caught the would-be bombers on tape scouting out the church and exclaiming, “May Allah bring it all down. It will all come down.”

That same year, Nigerian Muslims stabbed, bludgeoned or burned to death 200 people in protest of the Miss World beauty pageant — which they considered an affront to Allah. Contest organizers fled out of fear of inflaming further destruction. When Nigerian journalist Isioma Daniel joked that Mohammed would have approved of the pageant and that “in all honesty, he would probably have chosen a wife from among them,” her newspaper rushed to print three retractions and apologies in a row.

It didn’t stop Muslim vigilantes from torching the newspaper’s offices. A fatwa was issued on Daniel’s life by a Nigerian official in the sharia-ruled state of Zamfara, who declared that “the blood of Isioma Daniel can be shed. It is abiding on all Muslims wherever they are to consider the killing of the writer as a religious duty.” Daniel fled to Norway.



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so whatcha think .. were this a church, would they have allowed it?  maybe, but doubtful.

First ...
Hello Waterlooville ...

OK, so.  Here’s just the sort of thing I was ranting about in another post.  How come they get away with it?

AFTER our neighbor’s new house was finished more then a year ago, and after moving in, someone from the council came by and noticed that a new regulation was missing.  ALL new homes even though private, must have wheelchair access.  That means a ramp if required.  Now why the builder missed that, or how he missed it I don’t know. But he did.  Maybe the homeowner himself tried to save money and thought nobody would check.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that his front was ripped up, asphalt had to be put in where he had loose stone, and a long ramp to his front door was built.

I can see having easy access to the front that way. What if he or his wife had an emergency and it required that a gurney or something with wheels was needed? So for their own benefit, you’d think they might want it. But it does somewhat spoil the looks of the front.
On the other hand ... hey.  It’s a private structure.  Who is gonna come there in a wheelchair?  In the almost two years they have been there, they haven’t been visited by one single person in a wheelchair.  I think what I’m saying is, it’s the mindset here that’s boggling.

We have a friend in the village that planted a tree over 30 years ago.  The things mostly dead now and he foolishly went to the council (wanting to be legal and all) and asked permission to cut down his own tree.  Oh yeah, you must get permission for some (not all) tree removals even on your own property. So it still stands. Kind of. 

But the muzzies build this place, they went beyond the plans, and they get to keep things as they are.  Lucky them.  Hey, it could have been a church and they could have been white Anglo Saxon Christians. Woo-Hoo.  Lower the boom on them.

Building row over height of mosque

Manchester Evening News

A mosque which was built one-and-a-half metres higher than approved plans has been given permission to remain.
The Madina Mosque, on Clydesdale Street, Coppice, was granted planning permission to replace the original mosque in March.

But months later work was stopped after council officers discovered the structural steelwork had been erected too high.
As a result the developers submitted a new application to regularise the situation.

But a local resident told Oldham Council’s planning committee the development would block light into her property and windows included in the new scheme would be intrusive.
Architect Najib Gedal said although the application had increased in height on one side, a lean-to building and the central dome had been lowered.

Councillors branded the developers ‘incompetent’ for building the mosque higher than approved plans.
Cllr Steve Bashforth said: “This is someone who has come with a very detailed planning application which has been approved and then built differently.

“Buildings are very precise to put up so was it accidentally built this way or was it done deliberately with the intention of getting a little more than they asked for? We’ll never know.”

The committee unanimously approved the application with a recommendation that details about the windows are discussed with the planning officer.



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German chancellor rebuts suggestion that she plans gipsy clearances.

Oh dear - oh dear ... does this mean war? Again? Will Panzers roll into Paris?

The subject may be serious of course because the folks known as Roma, aka Gypsies, are quite a problem in Europe as they are here in the UK. And since I live here, the problem is, one may say, close to home. And us with a beautiful but empty field at the end of the road.
Actually, I might like to sell our house to a group of them, to make life miserable for a neighbor with an annoying dog. But I digress.

I for some perverse reason enjoy the back and forth argument now playing out between Germany and France on the subject of Gypsy removals. Or deportations as they’re called.

I realize that there will be some who have no interest in the subject in which case I’d suggest they move on to another place more to their liking or simply skip the story.  I also know there are folks, thinking ones, whose minds are not closed to outside events, while there might be the odd one or two who see nothing of value outside their tiny sphere both mental and otherwise.  And guess what?  I don’t have a problem with that either.  Honest.

What I do have a problem with though, is the idea that an outsider who has contributed nothing to BMEWS in time or effort, will presume to insist that what I write about or bring to the forum should fit their idea of what’s interesting. 

Angela Merkel has flatly denied Nicolas Sarkozy’s claim she told the French president that Germany was planning to follow France’s example and begin clearing illegal camps of migrant gipsies.

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels

Chancellor Merkel was told, after arriving back in Berlin following a fractious EU summit on Thursday night, that President Sarkozy had publicly announced that Germany would begin expelling 12,000 Gypsies next month.

Guido Westerwelle, Germany’s foreign minister, used diplomatic language, to describe the issue as “misunderstanding” but dismissed the suggestion as false.

Following heated exchanges over his Roma policy at an EU summit, Mr Sarkozy claimed that the Chancellor had expressed “total solidarity” with France in a fight with the European Commission over the legality of the gipsy expulsions.

According to Boyko Borisov, the prime minister of Bulgaria, the French President harangued Jose Manuel Barroso during “an intense exchange of sharp words”.

“There was a big argument - I could also say a scandal - between the president of the European Commission and the French president,” he said.

Mr Sarkozy’s version was very different. “If there was one person who remained calm and did not use excessive language, it was me,” he said.



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the electoral process in modern multicultural Sweden.

“It is very remarkable that during the election campaign leftwing-extremists are time and time again allowed to stop us from delivering our message. The events in Karlstad are unfortunately one example of many, and show that the leftwing-extremists and their violent methods have triumphed over the police, who are no longer able to uphold law and order in the country.”

That BMEWS, is part of a report from Sweden.
H/T Europe News via Gates of Vienna

Of all places.  Well, hate to say they made their liberal bed but .... they did.  And much of Europe has as well and they will in time come to see what the right has seen from the beginning.  Only by then, it will be too late.  I think it is almost that now. 

It isn’t about Fascism or race hate or color.  It’s about a very large number of people who can not accept how things are done in their host country. It’s about a group of people who come here and say, we don’t care for your culture and values so therefore you MUST change and adopt ours.  It’s about intimidation and when our side defends itself, we’re racists. BS. We know better and those who have become racist towards the invading muslim and african hoards, have only become so by witnessing the behavior of the invader.  I would guess much in the same way that many Europeans felt about Germans they suddenly found occupying their country.  If some have racist feelings it’s also the fault of the left wing liberals who insisted that multi-culture and diversity be forced on people.
Liberals whose bright idea it was that people need to have their feelings protected under mandate of law. The list is just too long of the kinds of imposition the left has forced on a society, and sadly a society that too often accepted the “new way of thinking.” There could never be winners because those who lost would have their feelings hurt. So, we must not be critical of the invaders least we upset them and damage their own self worth.  In fact, lets show them how fair we can be by gaging our own people in favor of the immigrant mob.  And by all means, hold the reins on the police, make nice to travelers and do not hold them to the same rules and laws on property, that the rest of the natives must obey.

Yeah I went on too damn long.  Sorry bout that. Gotta rant sometimes. So here’s the story. And it ain’t pretty.  All of it is at the link plus more.

All Meetings of the Sweden Democrats Banned by Police

by Baron Bodissey
The police have told Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) that they must cancel all their public meetings because their safety cannot be guaranteed

In other words, Swedish law enforcement admits that it either can’t or won’t prevent anarchist and Muslim thugs from assaulting and firebombing the meetings of a officially registered political party whose members are assembling lawfully and peacefully.

This is what the electoral process has become in modern multicultural Sweden.

The following message just came in from the Sweden Democrats:

Dear friends,

Yet another dire event in Sweden and a major setback for freedom of speech.

Let’s start first with a portion of the press statement we just made:

SD’s planned public meetings in Norrköping, Karlstad, Eskilstuna, have in all cases been cancelled by the police after they informed us that they are unable to guarantee the safety of speakers.

This morning, a planned square meeting with party secretary, Björn Söder, in Norrköping was cancelled.

After a long wait for a go-ahead from the police to carry out the planned square meeting in Karlstad, Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson was informed late this afternoon that the police do not intend to prevent the left extremists who gathered on site from disrupting the meeting — including throwing eggs and voicing their threats. The police told the Sweden Democrats that the meeting must be cancelled.

Thus, the police have officially given up.  We are not allowed to hold election meetings, just a few days away from the election day (Sunday).



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denied asylum … one lonely score for our side ….  but white farmers still in peril …

Just a quickie I caught only moments ago. A kind of feel good and good for our side if it sticks.

At last, a white judge with guts calls it right and no pc BS.  I’m almost certain this cretin will cry foul and advance the ‘R’ word.
Stay Tuned as usual. But hope the bitch is soon gone.

Woman who took part in violent attacks on white farmers in Zimbabwe denied UK asylum

By David Gardner
Last updated at 8:24 AM on 17th September 2010

A woman who admitted taking part in savage evictions of white farmers from their homes in Zimbabwe lost her bid for asylum after a High Court judge accused her of ‘crimes against humanity.’

Mr Justice Ouseley threw out the widowed mother-of-two’s appeal to remain in the UK after she confessed to beating up ten people during two land invasions.

The judge said the state-sponsored mob violence, which saw white famers’ land seized and shared out among President Robert Mugabe’s cronies, was akin to genocide.

She admitted to being part of a gang of thugs from Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party who invaded two white-owned farms intent on causing maximum terror and driving away black workers.

The woman, referred to only as ‘SK”, agreed she had beaten up to ten people whilst their homes burned, ‘inflicting enough pain to get them to run away.’

She said that on one occasion, she beat a woman so badly she thought she would die.

read more

There’s a lot of stories published in magazines here on weekends, about the plight and flight of many farmers and survivor stories about the mindless brutality of the mobs.  These aren’t recent arrivals to that country either. We’re talking about framers and families that have been there for generations.  They may speak English but have known no other country as home. They were born there. And the darkies sure don’t have the ability to run farms on the same scale, as they have shown.  Of course, with white farms in decline, guess what happens to the food chain?  Oh wait. No problem.  Some rock/pop star will throw another aid for concert and all will be well.  And we’ll be asked to donate yet again (not that I ever do and never have) with photos of starving children.
I am unmoved.  I’ve been seeing those pix for 50 years and nothing has changed.  Let em eat grass.


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