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Here’s Fred on Everything. Topic today, Affirmative Action

I read this guy a lot. In fact, I get his newsletter. He is one heck of a good writer and even at the odd time I question something he says, he says it so damn well I keep reading. 

He has it right on this subject and I know that from some very personal experience. 

I just guess the problem is no less back in the states then it is here.  Wimps in position of authority seem to rule because other wimps just follow along out of fear or maybe not wanting to get themselves involved.  And they are everywhere.  I suppose in the world we inhabit these days, I understand it even as I dislike the idea.

Toward a Gilded Peasantry

Fred Reed

On the website of WLOX 13, “The Station for Southern Mississippi,” I find the story of Gabe Stabler, eight years old. Because he came home crying from the first grade every day, his parents put a tape recorder in his back pack to see what really went on in class. From the tape we learn much about his teacher, a Ms. Williams, and about affirmative action, and about the United States today:

Gabe: “I don’t know what to do on this.”

Ms. Williams: “Well, you’d better find out. It’s not hard. Nobody else didn’t have to ask no questions bout it. You know what to do, you just want somebody to just sit there and pet you about it, but I ain’t gonna do it. You know how to go in that lunch room and tear that food up every day. Ain’t nothing hard bout that sheet.”

Following this Miltonian eructation, we have:

Ms. Williams: “No, do your work. She ain’t goin to be sittin up in here wanting somebody to help her every time she, cause she don’t wanna apply herself to her work. You know how to go in that cafeteria and enjoy that lunch and breakfast every morning.”

Then, waxing ever more lyrical, even Ciceronian,

Ms. Williams: “Where this go?”

Child: “I colored that yesterday.”

Ms. Williams: “It shouldn’t of got changed at all, that ain’t nothing to be proud of.”

Ms. Williams clearly is barely literate, and should be in the first grade instead of teaching it. Gabe speaks better English than she does. In a country not sliding into degradation, a restraining order would keep her from coming within a hundred yards of a school.

Why do we permit this sort of thing? Ms. Williams is black. The story carefully doesn’t say so, but it doesn’t have to. Only the black uneducated speak as she does.

The proper response from parents would be fury. The discovery that this creature is attempting to turn their children into the equivalent of farm animals ought to result in the lynching of the school board of Mississippi. A civilized people with backbone will not allow their their offspring to be made into gurbling iPodded peasants. But we are not such a civilization.

Why is it happening? “Affirmative action.” Since Ms. Williams does not speak the language of the country, the only possible reason for hiring her is that she is black. She is not just slightly unqualified, allowing an expectation that she might catch up—this being the founding fantasy of “affirmative action”—but absolutely unqualified.

The pattern repeats endlessly. Today I have read that the Chicago police contemplate eliminating their entrance examination on the grounds that not enough blacks pass it. Firemen of my acquaintance tell of women too weak to handle a hose, of female paramedics who can’t carry a stretcher. While I was on the police beat at the Washington Times, I encountered a tiny policewoman who never had to drive the paddy wagon because her feet didn’t reach the pedals.

On intercity buses there once were signs, and probably still are, saying, “Seating is without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.” Today everything seems to be with regard to nothing else. Anything, everything, must be done to keep the affirmative-action classes happy.

This rush to degradation is not new. In 1981 in Harper’s I wrote, in a piece on race in education, “The bald, statistically verifiable truth is that the teachers’ colleges, probably on ideological grounds, have produced an incredible proportion of incompetent black teachers. Evidence of this appears periodically, as, for example, in the results of a competency test given to applicants for teaching positions in Pinellas County, Florida (which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater), cited in Time, June 16, 1980. To pass this grueling examination, an applicant had to be able to read at the tenth-grade level and do arithmetic at the eighth-grade level. Though they all held B.A.’s, 25 percent of the whites and 79 percent of the blacks failed. Similar statistics exist for other places.”

If you think it desirable to have black teachers, as I do believe it desirable, then get those who are fit to do the job. Plenty of blacks speak English. If you can’t find enough, then do without. The same applies to women who can’t carry stretchers. Fat chance, though.

What price do we pay for this total abnegation of responsibility, civilizational self-respect, reason? One price is a quiet contempt for blacks, and hostility toward them. Competent blacks are no problem, but “If he doan be eatin dis sangwidge…” doesn’t cut it. Women make perfectly good paramedics, but what is anyone, fellow crewman or patient, supposed to think when she can’t lift the stretcher? (Answer: Scorn, anger.) What does a patient think on seeing a black doctor come his way? “Oh god….” The doctor may have gotten through medical school on ability but, given affirmative action, you figure he probably didn’t. Blacks know this of course, and resent it. Knowing that they are despised, they say the hell with it, and content themselves with just getting by. This is useful?

The suspicion of affirmative action pervades American life. After Katrina, a friend in federal employ visited FEMA. It was, he said, very heavily black, on which fact he blamed the disastrous performance of the agency in New Orleans. Was he right? I don’t know. In the absence of affirmative action, the question would not be asked.

Thus the defining principle of American politics arises: If you don’t think in racial terms, if you look only to ability, you are a racist. Count me in.

This leads to another question, seldom asked and never answered: how much does affirmative action really cost the country? If you hire someone to do a job who can’t do it very well, it doesn’t get done very well. This doesn’t strike me as a profound thought, but it seems to elude many people. In the case of Ms. Williams, the damage is great and clear. It isn’t always so stark. When you regularly pass over the first 135 people, all white, on a test for promotion to sergeant in a police department, so as to get to the blacks and Latinos, what kind of police department do you get? If you hire reasonably good female engineers because they are female, instead of very good males, the consequences are less obvious, but there.

And when it becomes a firing offense to notice, the result is a permanent, irremediable drop in the quality of the work force. I don’t suppose it really matters though. The only serious economic competitors the US faces are, oh, Japan, Korea, China, India, Taiwan, Brazil, and the European Union. Piece of cake.



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UPDATE: Arrested for beating up a burglar, homeowner wins appeal as common sense wins

Wins for this one time anyway.  The country at large was outraged when he and his brother were convicted.  So this is happy news.
Score one for the good guys for a change. Now if only a habit could be made of this.


Judge frees millionaire jailed for attacking knife-wielding burglar saying he was ‘a peaceful man who feared for his family’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 6:28 PM on 20th January 2010

A millionaire businessman jailed for attacking a career criminal who kidnapped his family and held them at knife-point has walked free from prison today.

Munir Hussain’s 30-month sentence was reduced to a ‘merciful’ term of two years suspended by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, and two other judges at the Court of Appeal in London.

Munir was met by his son Awais as he was released from Bullingdon Prison in Oxfordshire.

Lord Judge said the ‘plain, simple reality’ was that Munir was a peaceful man who was acting as a response to the ‘dreadful and terrifying ordeal’ while fearing for the lives of his wife and daughter.

Munir’s brother Tokeer Hussain, 35, had his 39-month jail term reduced to two years.

The brothers, described as family men at the heart of the local community, were sentenced after being found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Neither man was present in court for the ruling.

The decision to free Munir was made by Lord Judge, Mrs Justice Swift and Mr Justice Sweeney. Lord Judge said the case was one of ‘true exceptionality’.

A sentence of two years was in itself ‘merciful’, but he added: ‘We have come to the conclusion that we have ample justification for ordering that it should be suspended.’

Lord Judge added: ‘The plain, simple reality is that Munir Hussain was acting under the continuing influence of extreme provocation.

‘Involvement in this serious violence can only be understood as a response to the dreadful and terrifying ordeal and the emotional anguish which he had undergone.’

He was a peaceful man who acted ‘totally out of character, in hot blood… and without detached reasoning’, Lord Judge said.

‘He feared for their lives and the honour of his wife and daughter.’

Referring to the attack on Salem, Lord Judge said: ‘In the overwhelming majority of cases where public violence by a gang produces injury as serious as this, very long prison sentences are required.’

Cases of ‘mob violence’ caused great public concern, he said, but this was ‘not an ordinary or normal case or one that falls within the overwhelming majority of cases, not least because of the character of the two appellants’.

Munir was a hard-working family man, who makes a ‘positive contribution to the general community’.

The judge said: ‘It is rare to see men of the quality of the two appellants in court for offences of serious violence.’

Reducing Tokeer’s sentence, but not suspending it, Lord Judge said: ‘He himself was not the victim of any crime.

‘He will not have to live with the consequences of the crime.’

Millionaire Munir was jailed in December last year for attacking a burglar who held his family hostage at knifepoint while masked robbers threatened to kill them.

His case provoked a public outcry when he and Tokeer - who live near each other in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire - were jailed for injuring career criminal Walid Salem, while the convicted burglar walked free.

Munir and his wife and children returned from their local mosque during Ramadan to find three intruders wearing balaclavas in their home.

He feared for their lives as their hands were tied behind their backs and they were forced to crawl from room to room.



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Holland … a place where your observations about a particular religion lands you in court.

Personally, I think Wilders is a hero.  His mistake, if you want to call it that, was to be openly critical of the ROP.
This is the man who for a time was denied entry to Britain because of his outspoken views.  Everyone and including the Dutch apparently, tip toe around muzzies and their religion like they’re walking on eggshells.  I guess they are. But there is a solution to this insidious problem. 

This is a VERY long article found at European News, and so I’ve cut it and the whole thing is at the link below.

The Wilders trial: Torquemada would be proud

International Free Press Society
By Arthur Legger

Any one who still claims that the trial against Geert Wilders MP, leader of the Party for Freedom (9 seats in Parliament and 27 in the polls), which starts on the 20th of January, is not a political process: get a grip.

Accused by the Dutch ‘Openbaar Ministerie’ exactly a year ago for insulting Islam, comparing the Koran to Mein Kampf and delivering hate speeches, the coming trial against Wilders suddenly got a Kafkaesque and potentially murderous twist. Finally, seven days before his first day in Court, all fangs were out and faces off.

“It is irrelevant whether Wilder’s witnesses might prove Wilders’ observations to be correct”, the ‘Openbaar Ministerie’ stated, “what’s relevant is that his observations are illegal”.

(So it’s come to that has it?  The freedom loving Dutch govt. can now prosecute (and persecute) a person for their “observations.")

Unexpected and breaching court procedures the detailed indictment of 21 pages, which Wilders received on the 4th of December and sums up in verbatim all of his Islam and Koran critique in interviews and Fitna, was amended with new accusations of racism against muslims and Moroccans. On top of this, Paul Vellerman, the public prosecutor of the Amsterdam Court decided that the Wilders trial had to be regarded as “an ordinary trial open for public and with a normal procedure, which doesn’t deserve the Department of Justice’s highly secured bunker. His is a normal case and we’ll treat it as such”.

It’s sad to note that Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh, and Volkert van der Gaag, the assassin of Pim Fortuyn, were tried in this specially designed bunker, but that Wilders has to rely on his personal bodyguards and full metal jacket to ward of terrorists. No safe room for him, which recently secured Kurt Westergaard and his granddaughter, but for months on end the vulnerability of a sitting duck.

The demonized Fortuyn

To a connoisseur of the classic art of Dutch political murder, revived in 2002 with the assassination of the deliberatedly unprotected and demonized Pim Fortuyn, this twist of fate comes, however, as no surprise. The ‘Openbaar Ministerie’ had to do something. Presented with much aplomb in January, already on the 10th of March it turned out that the case against Wilders had one crucial weak spot: it might not hold in Court.

For in a comparable case the Dutch High Court acquitted a Dutchman of his earlier conviction of ‘Group-insult’ of Muslims. He had been sentenced to jail for hanging a poster in front of his window that stated: “Stop the cancerous growth named Islam”. The High Court ruled that “if one insults a religion, one doesn’t automatically insult its believers”.

Gerard Spong, one of the lawyers who lodged complaints against Wilders, was quick to stress, however, that the case against an MP was far more complex than a poster: “Wilders is certainly not off the hook”. But to most professors in Law the High Court ruling proved that Wilders would win with his hands down. Ybo Buruma, a highly influential professor in Criminal Law at Nijmegen University concluded on the 11th of January 2010 that “the prosecution of Geert Wilders is a very nice exercise, but is utterly pointless for it will not lead to a conviction”.

Traditionally with such a High Court ruling and severe scholarly critique the ‘Openbaar Ministerie’ wouldn’t fail to reconsider and dismiss charges. But already a year ago the Wall Street Journal had immediately grasped that “Muslim-immigration [was] eroding traditional Dutch liberties”, forcing Dutch Law into a radically new course of censorship. Observing that Wilders’ critique of Islam outraged muslims around the globe, the Journal chided: “If freedom of speech means anything, it means the freedom of controversial speech. Consensus views need no protection”.

The Wall Street Journal must have been either clairvoyant or hysterically well informed: Paul Vellerman, Amsterdam’s Court public prosecutor, and Birgit van Roessel, the Court’s second public prosecutor, who’re both heading the trial against Wilders, also both are working for the National Expertise Centre Discrimination. This Centre is the leading organization of the ‘Openbaar Ministerie’ to track down “crimes of expression and speech”. The Centre was responsible for lodging complaints against cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot.



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H/T THEO SPARK.  Naturally.


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This one’s for Drew, it’s right up there you betcha ..  Dinosaur tracks to be given protection

Dinosaur tracks in Oxfordshire have become the feature in Britain to be given special protection of its geological features alone.

By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent

Ardley Trackways, near Bicester in Oxfordshire, have been notified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England.

The trackways, formed 165 million years ago by a herd of Jurassic dinosaurs moving along part of an ancient shoreline, is the first SSSI to be designated purely because of its geological interest.

The site, which includes footprints from large, vegetarian dinosaurs related to Brontosaurus and also from carnivorous dinosaurs similar to Tyrannosaurus, is just alongside the M40 motorway and requires protection from development.

The trackways, that are otherwise unknown in England and are very rare internationally, also need protection from the elements by building shelters and ensuring visitors do not disturb the site.

Dr Helen Phillips, Chief Executive of Natural England, said scientists will be working with the owners of the site to ensure the geological remains are preserved.

“Geological sites of this quality and importance are few and far between and we are delighted to give this important window on our past the protection that it so clearly deserves,” she said.

“As a Site of Special Scientific Interest, these unique dinosaur footprints now join the ranks of England’s most important wildlife and geological conservation sites. It is important that we continue to look after internationally valuable resources of this type and protect such fascinating insights into our ancient past”.



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A Fresh Start In NJ

New NJ Governor Christie (R) Nominates Schundler to head state DOE

Schundler favors charter schools, vouchers, and school choice

Keep that snowball rolling!

New Jersey Gov.-elect Christopher J. Christie nominated school-choice advocate Bret Schundler yesterday to head his education department, sending his strongest policy and political message yet with a Cabinet appointment.

The former Jersey City mayor has long-supported alternative education programs such as vouchers and school choice, as well as the less controversial charter schools.

Yesterday, Schundler struck a note of cooperation with potential adversaries, saying, “We have political leaders on both sides of the aisle willing to make changes that will make a difference in the lives of our students.”

Schundler has run for governor twice on a firm conservative platform, citing the success of charter schools in Jersey City. As mayor, he gained a national reputation for cutting taxes and unemployment in the Hudson River city.

Unions are wetting their britches, but trying to do some CYA.

The NJEA argues that increased government support of charter schools and other alternatives would divert funds from public schools, weakening them. It ran television ads and sent literature attacking Christie’s positions during the campaign, which he referenced yesterday.

When asked at a Statehouse news conference what sort of message the Schundler selection sent to the teachers union, Christie said, “I don’t think the appointment of Bret Schundler sends any signal to the NJEA. The election of Chris Christie sends a message to the NJEA.”

Christie campaigned saying he supported charter schools, as well as allowing students in failing public school districts to attend public schools in districts open to them. Haddonfield, for example, accepts tuition-paying students from Camden.

Christie ran to the right in the Republican primary, where he faced unexpectedly strong opposition from Steve Lonegan, who is more conservative than Schundler.

Political scientist Joseph Marbach at Seton Hall University said that with the Schundler choice, “Christie’s living up to his promise that he was going to shake things up in Trenton.”

And that was just one appointment. Within hours of being sworn in, the new governor stopped Trenton cold for 3 months, put a collar on the unions, and outed outgoing governor Corzine’s sneaky back door money transfer scheme and his lie about the state’s revenue flow.

In his first news conference as governor, Chris Christie signed eight executive orders which ranged from making pay to play rules apply to unions and suspending for 90 days new state rules and regulations.  He also disclosed that the Corzine administration had figures showing the state’s anticipated cash flow is $1 billion less that what Corzine publicly acknowledged. And that, he told my colleague Mike Symons, means the state could be unable to make payroll even sooner than the March date previously discussed. All of this, Christie said, will be taken up with his advisors tomorrow. Christie said Corzine’s treasurer, David Rousseau — “the latest member of the Mercer County Tax Board” — stalled turning over the figures despite repeated requests. The governor also said the Corzine crowd moved the $121 million to the so-called distressed cities via wire transfer before Christie took the oath of office so he couldn’t stop it.

Give ‘em hell ‘guv. The party is just beginning.

Republican Chris Christie was sworn in Tuesday as New Jersey’s 55th governor, vowing to deliver the far-reaching change he said voters elected him to bring about.

“You voted loudly and clearly for change, and you have entrusted us with what may be our last, best hope for a stronger New Jersey — the New Jersey of our youth, full of hope and opportunity,” Christie said in his inaugural address. “New Jersey, you voted for change and today change has arrived.”

Christie takes over a state plagued by the nation’s highest taxes, a deficit that could hit $10 billion by July and unemployment near 10 percent.

His swearing in marked a reminder of President Barack Obama’s vulnerability on the same day another Northeastern election threatened to derail parts of his agenda.
He seized on the dual themes of voter discontent and change in his 33-minute inaugural address.

“Rarely in New Jersey’s history have we faced the challenges we face today,” Christie said. “There is fear and uncertainty. But fear and uncertainty are not necessary and do not have to be permanent. We have the tools for a brighter future, if we change direction.”
Christie will sign his first executive orders Wednesday that increase the state’s fiscal transparency.
[newly elected lieutenant governor] Guadagno praised Christie for selecting her as a running mate and noted that there were now two former federal corruption prosecutors running the state.

“Chris Christie has made us believe again,” she said, then joked: “Heck, look — the Jets are in the playoffs!”

Now ... that last one would take a real miracle!


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update to an older story with ALL the facts in public now.  Gross, so be warned.

This story will be familiar to readers here. But a word of caution.

This is I’m sure one of the most revolting and sickening stories you’ll see on BMEWS.  It’s an update to a story that was posted last year but minus ALL of the facts.  Naturally due to the young ages of the criminal murderous,torturing little shits, age 10 and 11, their faces aren’t shown.
These bastards are NOT redeemable. Ever.  If there really was any such thing as justice, they’d either be burned at a stake, and that would be too easy, or simply tossed in a cage and fed raw meat like the animals they are.

The full version is at the link below.

‘Are you dying now?’: Full horror of torture attack by brothers, 10 and 11, on two young boys

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 4:41 PM on 20th January 2010

The full horror of the torture attack by a pair of brothers aged 10 and 11 on two young boys was revealed for the first time today as they appeared for sentencing.

The victims, aged nine and 11 at the time, were punched, forced to eat nettles and had broken glass run across their throats by the brothers who also attempted to strangle the younger boy with the words: ‘Are you dying now?’

The young boys had been lured a recreation ground in Edlington, South Yorkshire, by the pair, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

Once concealed by trees the two brothers, now aged 11 and 12, told their young victims they were going to be killed before subjecting them to a horrific two-hour ordeal.

The brothers were originally charged with attempting to murder the two boys and threatening to kill a third, a choirboy attacked in similar circumstances the previous week. They admitted GBH with intent in September.

Nicholas Campbell QC said the victims were subjected to an assault which was ‘both physically painful and emotionally traumatic - it was frightening’.

‘In addition, what they endured was humiliating and embarrassing.’

The court heard that the boys were taken to an area concealed from passers-by by vegetation and a large pile of broken branches, which had been loosely constructed to form a den.

As they were being taken down a slope to the area, the older victim became stuck on barbed wire, which cut into his shoulder. The younger boy was later pushed up against the wire, which was used again later in the attack.

Mr Campbell said the attack became more serious as both the victims were put to the ground at the bottom of the slope and both boys were stamped on.

The brothers collected bricks and stones, which were thrown at the heads of the two boys.

The judge heard that police later found a series of blood-stained ‘weapons’ at the scene.

These were displayed in the courtroom by a police officer.

Mr Campbell described how one of the boys was stripped naked after both had socks stuck in their mouths. The other boy had some of his clothing removed.

He then described a sex act the brothers told them to perform. They were told to say they enjoyed it or they would be killed.

‘Further indignities were inflicted upon them,’ he said.

Mr Campbell said one boy was told to urinate into the other’s mouth.

In the event, the court heard, the boy managed to avoid the urine entering his mouth but it went down his face.

A plastic sheet was placed over the two boys when people were heard in the area.

The younger brother set fire to the sheet, causing burns to the boys, before they threw it off.

The court heard that the brothers were at pains not to get any blood on their clothing, telling the boys: ‘If the blood goes on me, we’re gonna kill you both.’

At one point, the older brother told the younger boy to lick blood off one of his trainers.

The boys were then moved to a more secluded area, where the attack continued.

The boys were taken to the bottom of a ravine where there was little chance of anyone else seeing what was happening.

Both brothers used part of a clothes line in an attempt to strangle the younger boy by winding it around his neck three times and pulling it tight.

The boys were taken to the bottom of a ravine where there was little chance of anyone else seeing what was happening.

Both brothers used part of a clothes line in an attempt to strangle the younger boy by winding it around his neck three times and pulling it tight.

Mr Campbell said: “(The younger boy) remembers his voice and his eyes feeling rather odd. (The older brother) asked ‘Are you dying now?’ and then he stopped. He went on to say ‘It’s too much with the wire. They’re not dying at all.”

Broken tree branches were used to strike the boys and the younger of the two victims received a deep wound to his forearm arm from the use of the sharpened end of a stick.

Mr Campbell said the older brother used the younger boy’s mobile phone to film his sibling attacking the older boy.

The barrister warned the court that the footage was ‘upsetting to view’ before it was played.

The film shows the older victim lying on his back on the ground, with his face covered in blood and his arms crossed over his chest to protect himself as the younger brother ‘taunts and jabs him’ with an object.

Mr Campbell said: ‘This footage is upsetting to view but it is important evidence as you consider the nature of this attack as a whole.’

A discarded cigarette end was also found at the scene containing blood with DNA matching the younger of the victims.

The boy told police that the younger brother cut his arm open with a sharp stick and the older brother placed a lit cigarette in the wound.

The judge and barristers appeared in court without gowns or wigs as part of special arrangements put in place to make the proceedings less intimidating for the two defendants.

Oh that’s right. We don’t wanna scare the little fucks now do we?



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More Good News

The snowball grows? Southers withdraws from TSA leader nomination

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama’s choice to lead the Transportation Security Administration withdrew his name Wednesday, a blow to an administration trying to explain how a man could attempt to blow up a commercial airliner on Christmas Day.

Erroll Southers said he was pulling out because his nomination had become a lightning rod for those with a political agenda. Obama had tapped Southers, a former FBI agent, to lead the TSA in September but his confirmation has been blocked by Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, who says he was worried that Southers would allow TSA employees to have collective bargaining rights.

In an e-mail to friends and colleagues, Southers said, “It is unfortunate that we are residing in such contentious political times, that exceptional, ‘apolitical’ candidates have to seriously consider their willingness to participate in public service.”

Questions have also been raised about a reprimand that Southers received for running background checks on his then-estranged wife’s boyfriend two decades ago. Southers wrote a letter to lawmakers earlier this month acknowledging that he had given inconsistent answers to Congress on that issue.

In an October affidavit for the Senate Homeland Security committee, Southers initially said he asked a San Diego police employee to run a background check on his then-estranged wife’s boyfriend and was censured by his FBI superiors 20 years ago for what he said was an isolated instance.

But a day after the committee approved his nomination and sent it to the full Senate, he wrote to the senators and told them that he was incorrect, that he had twice run background checks himself.

Southers may not have been a crook, but he is a schnook. The background check thing while at the FBI was blatant abuse of power. Lying about it to the committee was proof that his morals hadn’t improved any in the intervening years. The same guy who says that pro-lifers are terrorists. Who feels that the USA deserves to be a terrorism target because we are allied with France and Israel.  Not the kind of person we want running a quasi-law enforcement agency. Buh bye, Mr. Nutcase.

So another Obama pick goes under the bus and into the dustbin of history.

And don’t buy into this “his nomination was blocked by that evil Republican DeMint”. It was sitting around for 273 days and nobody did a thing about it; that shows exactly how important homeland security is to Fearless Reader. Leave the agency headless for 2/3 of a year, then get your minions to blame somebody else that the position is vacant.

Keep up the pressure on all fronts. Never retreat, never surrender. Get those emails and letters flowing.

Now let’s see if SCOTUS can make the right decision on McDonald v. Chicago and incorporate the 14th. Arguments are scheduled for March 2. Do that, and the snowball will become an avalanche.



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ARCHEOLOGY - A WOW FIND. TWO IN FACT.  This is neat stuff and exciting

Every once in awhile things like this pop up and I get all kinds of excited over them.  The very idea that so much is still hidden away and then suddenly bingo, a dig in a remote place or someone with a metal detector or a scientific group find antiquity.  Amazing.

I know I’m not the only one here who likes this stuff because some have commented positively on past items of this sort.

So enjoy. And three cheers for the people who find these things.  Wish I could be one of em.  I have read about finds under the city of Alexandria in the distant past.

Cat goddess discovered in ruins of temple

January 20, 2010

Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed what is believed to be a Ptolemaic-era temple dating back more than 2,000 years that may have been dedicated to the cat goddess Bastet.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities said that the ruins were discovered in the heart of the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, the seat of the dynasty founded by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. The dynasty ended with the suicide of Cleopatra 300 years later.

The temple was thought to belong to Berenice, the wife of Ptolemy III, who ruled Egypt in the 3rd century BC. Muhammad Abdel-Maqsood, the lead archaeologist, said that the large number of statues depicting Bastet, right, indicated that it may be the first Ptolemaic temple discovered in Alexandria to be dedicated to the cat goddess. Statues of other Ancient Egyptian deities were also found.

Modern Alexandria was built squarely on top of the ruins of the classical-era city and many of the great temples, palaces and libraries of that time remain undiscovered. (AP)




Oldest remains of English royalty unearthed

The oldest surviving remains of the English Royal family have been unearthed for the first time in more than 500 years, scientists claim.

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent
Published: 6:50AM GMT 20 Jan 2010

Archeologists believe they have discovered the coffin and skeleton of Queen Eadgyth, the sister of King Athelstan and granddaughter of Alfred the Great, who died in 946.

It was thought that her actual remains were lost when they were last moved in 1510 and that a monument built in Magdeburg Cathedral in southern Germany, was a cenotaph in her honour.

But when the tomb was investigated as part of a wider research project, a lead coffin was found inside bearing her name and inside that the nearly complete skeleton of a woman aged between 30 and 40.

Queen Eadgyth, the old spelling of Edith, died aged 36.

Now the University of Bristol are going to carry out tests on the bones to see if they can prove beyond doubt they are those of England’s oldest regal ancestor.

In particular they will try to match radioactive isotopes embedded in the bones to those found in her birthplace in England.

Professor Mark Horton, of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, who is co-ordinating the research, said: “We know that Saxon royalty moved around quite a lot, and we hope to match the isotope results with known locations around Wessex and Mercia, where she could have spent her childhood.

“If we can prove this truly is Eadgyth, this will be one of the most exciting historical discoveries in recent years. It is quite a surprise to find them so much in tact. It really is an important discovery.”

Queen was the sister of King Athelstan, generally considered to have been the first King of England after he unified the various Saxon and Celtic kingdoms following the battle of Brunanburgh in 937.

His tomb survives in Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, but is most likely empty. Eadgyth’s sister, Adiva, was married to an unknown European ruler, but her tomb is not located. Historical chronicles tell that Adiva was also offered to Otto, but that he chose Eadgyth instead.

Eadgyth was given in marriage to Otto I, the Holy Roman Emperor in 929.

She lived in Saxony and bore Otto at least two children, before her death in 946 at the age of 36. She was originally buried in Monastery of Mauritius in Magdeburg, and her tomb was marked in the Cathedral by an elaborate sixteenth century monument.

However, when the lid was removed in the latter, a lead coffin was discovered, bearing Queen Eadgyth’s name and accurately recording the transfer of her remains in 1510.

Professor Harald Meller, of the Landesmuseum fur Vorgeschichte in Saxony Anhalt, who led the project said: “We still are not completely certain that this is Eadgyth although all the scientific evidence points to this interpretation. In the Middle Ages bones were often moved around, and this makes definitive identification difficult.”

As part of the research project some small samples are being brought to the University of Bristol for further analysis.

Different geographical areas have different radioactive signatures, particularly when it comes to concentrations of the metal strontium.

If they can prove that the concentrations of strontium in the skeleton’s teeth, formed up to the age of 15, match those found in England then it proves she was brought up there and so is most likely Queen Eadgyth.

The discovery of Eadgyth’s remains illustrates the close links between European states in the early medieval period and how in the formation of both England and Germany intermarriage between the emerging royal houses of Europe was commonplace and has left a lasting legacy in the present royal families of Europe.



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calendar   Tuesday - January 19, 2010

And it’s over

Brown wins, Coakley tosses in the towel

You may now exhale. America has wobbled back a tiny tiny bit from the abyss.

Onitwit* is now 0-5 and has the official Touch of Death. The Olympics. Copenhagen. New Jersey’s Corzine. Virginia’s Deeds. “Massachussettes’” Coakley.

Has it begun? I think so. A snowball is building. And it’s all downhill from here for the Great Pretender. Avalanche!


Michelle Malkin: “there are more long faces at MSNBC than at an aardvark convention.  Sweet, sweet victory.



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The Continuiing Adventures of Windo Gai

Have Gun, will Travel Ladder, will do stupid stuff for money

So I get a call from my doctor customer. The guy I do weekend cleaning and maintenance for. “Can you replace some light bulbs for us? Bring a ladder” Sure, Ok. So I head down there and find out that it’s a street light in their parking lot that needs some attention. I’ve seen the private property street lamps before. Anodized aluminum box up on a square pole, usually about 16 feet tall. Fine. No worries. So I get out my 27 foot extension ladder, and set it up, and up it goes. And keeps going. And going. This is not a 16’ lamp pole. It’s a 30 foot pole. Yikes. So I set the base in close, a little too close for safety, and up the ladder goes me, the monkey. That’s when I found out that to my surprise, a hollow core 4x4 rusted steel square pole is actually quite whippy! So I’m 20+ feet off the ground, and the pole is going harmonic as a Honer. Eff uck dis! So it’s back down the ladder and get out my cinch straps. I lashed the ladder to the pole at about 8 feet and then again at about 20 feet. Cranked it down tight, and that took a whole lot of boingy-boingy out of things. Up the ladder again, and now it’s time to bend out into space to reach the underside of the light fixture. Turns out these boxes have a trapdoor plate underneath that holds the lens. To my delight they’re put together with a wire hinge on one end, and the trapdoor is held in place with 4 Dzus screws. Give each one a quarter turn and they unlock, and the trapdoor opens. The glass of course is utterly filthy, but now I can get at ... almost get at ... the bulb. And it’s a standard one. Amazing. Takes a 400 watt high pressure sodium. Which is pretty much the John Holmes of light bulbs, a glass cucumber about a foot long (including the base) and about 2 1/2” inches across. Comes out just fine. Now, where do I go to buy a new one?

I tried the local lighting store. They had every kind of chandelier and carriage lamp you could imagine, and I saw some awesome low voltage under cabinet lights that were only 3/8” thick. But no HPS bulbs. And no T7 exit sign bulbs, which was another thing that needed doing. So it was off to Home Depot down the street. Home Depot has everything, if you know where to look. The clerks didn’t know. I got there at the dead time of day, around 4:15pm, so I had 2 clerks working for me. She was trying to find me 4 of the exit sign bulbs ( which are like aquarium bulbs but use an even smaller base, and they only pull 20 watts ), while he was digging through the dust covered industrial light bulb section. She managed to get me 3 bulbs, but their cards were already opened, so she stapled them closed and only charged me for 2. He brought me a mercury vapor bulb. No, that’s not it. I need a high pressure sodium bulb. He brought me a 400 watt metal halide bulb. Mmmm, metal halides. I loves me them things, but it wasn’t what I needed. Finally he just gave up and walked away. I found the bulb I needed, hiding in a corner, unpacked in it’s case of 3. I had him open it and I bought one. $22. For one light bulb. And I’ll cut the guy some slack; the package label was in French and Spanish. So I got that stuff, and 4 par-38 outdoor floods that they also needed.

Back to the doctor’s office, which is only half a mile up the road. Oh good, nobody has stolen my ladder. Back up the ladder, while the wind is picking up and it’s just about ready to rain. And the cars go zooming by on the highway. Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m pretty much leaning out over traffic doing this, because his office is only a couple feet from the edge of the busiest local highway in the county? Sorry. So I get my screwdriver, get the bulb, and carefully time my steps back up the ladder. Because you want to move in time with the oscillations. I feel I’m starting to understand how those old time sailors felt. So I get up to the top, hang onto the pole with one hand, lean back and reach out with the bulb in my other hand, and ... there’s this Chunk! Brrrzzzzz! noise. I missed my window of opportunity by about a minute, and now the ballast has turned on. Ok, maybe it is safe to hold onto a metal pole (possible ground) while screwing in a glass lightbulb (insulation, right) which is almost surrounded by a minimal clearance metal reflector. But I’m not taking chances. A 400w high pressure sodium bulb has a crystal core in about the size and shape of a pencil. That’s the part that ignites. How many farads and how many hundred/thousand volts does that take? I have no idea, and I don’t want to provide any electrons an easier path. So I go back down the ladder once again, and have the guy inside figure out what breaker it is and turn it off. Klank! All the lights in the parking lot go off. Great! Back up the ladder, and then Allen sticks his nose out the office door “I’m not sure I turned off the right one. Maybe they’re all resetting. Let me throw another one.” “Allen, no, it’s off, I can tell!” “No, I’ll figure it out!” So back up the ladder again, right up to the top, start reaching out to the turned off lamp unit ... and the office sign, a billboard sized light up affair right next to this street light, goes out. And then Chunk! Brrrrzzzz! and the ballast is back on. AAAAAALLLLLEEEENN!! Geex. Finally got that straightened out, went back up the pole for the 4th or 5th time, screwed in the new bulb, then overcame the challenge of locating the rusty Dzus fasteners in the dusk, and got them all back in. And I even managed to clean the glass, although all the years worth of crap rained right down on me. But after I flipped the proper breaker back on, my lamp lit right up, like a big orange star. Cool.

Spent another 45 minutes replacing the par-38 floodlamp bulbs outside, then trying to put new bulbs in the Exit signs. Those signs were junk to begin with, and these ones are 25 years old. The plastic is falling apart in my hands. So I got 3 out of 4 dead bulbs replaced, and held the red plastic together with some scotch tape. Good enough to keep the fire marshal happy.

Going up that damn bouncy rusty pole at dusk, messing with a zillion volts just as it starts to rain, and hunting down weird-ass light bulbs. For all this, I’ll charge him $60. My bet is a service call from the “pros”, who would show up with their truck and a cherry picker rig, would have set him back $300. Minimum. Plus parts at a huge markup.

So that was my adrenaline rush for the day. It’s almost funny now that I’ve had a half a coffee mug of Grouse on the rocks. Swaying around a couple feet in the breeze wasn’t funny then though. Now to turn on the TV and see if we’ve got MA election results trickling in yet.


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Get the gun for friend who kills girl while you watch then get outta jail free. Almost. Close to it.

Right you are. This story is all about what’s carried out in the name of justice.  Authorities need to replace that word with something else.
Meanwhile and for the foreseeable future, this seems to be England’s answer to crime, even when a death is involved.

Rehab?  Sure thing. No problem.  Soon as the gremlin finds a way to bring back the dead victim we can talk all about rehab. What total BS this is. The powers that be should be ashamed but that’s part of the problem. Isn’t it?  Nobody has a sense of shame anymore.  Not even guilt. And just where is the punishment and the deterrent in this article?  I don’t see it but if you do let us know.  Maybe I missed something.

Killer freed to chat up girls in clubs during four-week ‘break from prison’

By Ryan Kisiel

He is having a great night out and has found himself a pretty girlfriend to snuggle up to - and all while serving time for manslaughter.

It has emerged that Briggs, 23, has been allowed out of prison for up to four weeks at a time under a controversial government release scheme.

He is just three-and-a-half years into his nine-year sentence for helping to arrange the death of a teenage girl.

The revelation of his easy lifestyle has shocked and horrified the grieving family of victim Carolyn Lemm.

Last night her father Timothy, said: ‘It makes me feel sick that he has been allowed out to enjoy himself so soon into his sentence.

‘I’ve seen pictures of him on the internet smiling and having a good time and it’s heartbreaking. We will never forgive him for what he’s done and for helping to take Carolyn away from us.’

Briggs has even been able to start a relationship with Chrissy Foster, the young student in this photo.  She is said to believe that he was given an ‘unfair’ trial.

Yesterday critics called for a clampdown on the ‘overnight stay’ scheme, which they say is a desperate attempt to tackle prison overcrowding.

Briggs was jailed in July 2006 after being convicted of manslaughter for his role in planning the killing of 16-year-old Carolyn with his friend Lee Smith.

The previous December he helped Smith - who had recently been jilted by the teenager - to get a shotgun and saw off the barrel.

He then drove with Smith and Carolyn and another girl to woodland near Sheffield.

Smith, 20, shot Carolyn in the head before killing himself. The other girl was able to run off. When police arrived at the scene the next morning, they found Briggs asleep in the car.

Mr Lemm said last night: ‘He did everything to contribute to Carolyn’s death bar pull the trigger.’ Last summer, when Briggs was moved to an open prison, he became one of thousands of offenders deemed suitable for the resettlement overnight release (ROR) scheme.

It is usually available to Category D inmates - those in open prisons - in the last two years of their sentence. In many cases this includes murderers and violent attackers. Those like Briggs who are doing a community service placement can stay at home for up to four weeks at a time.

During the six months he has been at Kirklevington Grange open prison in Yarm, Cleveland, Briggs has twice spent four-week stints at his mother’s three-bedroom home in Sheffield.

There, his freedom was virtually unrestricted aside from a weekday community placement. He has also been allowed to visit towns near his prison, and it was on one of those trips that he approached Miss Foster, 21, at Yarm railway station.

The pair have since enjoyed nights out in Sheffield and Middlesbrough, where she studies health and nutrition at Teesside University.

The revelation has horrified her parents, who did not know about Briggs.

Her father, Chris Foster, who runs his own IT firm, yesterday described his daughter as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘gullible’, but said he was ‘ashamed’ she was seeing the young man.

‘Everyone has the chance to rehabilitate, but not so soon after helping to kill someone,’ he added.

A friend of Miss Foster said: ‘She’s been brainwashed into believing he’s innocent and it was a miscarriage of justice, which just isn’t true.’

The couple describe themselves as ‘in a relationship’ on social networking website Facebook.

Unfortunately for them, that relationship led to Briggs’s freedom being abruptly curtailed last year. On December 16 he was sent to the secure Durham Prison for skipping a counselling session to spend time with Miss Foster.

But she has vowed to wait for him until he is due to be released at the end of this year.

Last night Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley in West Yorkshire, condemned the decision to let Briggs enjoy life outside prison.

‘It’s no wonder people have lost faith in the criminal justice system when convicted killers who have been sent to prison are simply let out again like this,’ he said.

A spokesman for the Prison Service said ‘rehabilitating’ inmates in this way had cut adult reoffending by a fifth over the last seven years.

cut adult reoffending by a fifth:  Yeah. Either that or they just aren’t being caught again.


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With no comment from me ...

It’s the U.S., not the UN who will save Haiti

Within hours of the Haiti earthquake, volunteers were setting up relief centres on street corners all over America, taking in money, food and clothing.

People queued round the block to make donations.

The U.S. military flew to the island to lead the rescue efforts, while the United Nations, typically, flapped and floundered.

American troops are restoring order, and American tax dollars will pay for the rebuilding of Haiti. Already, though, the carping has begun, questioning the U.S.’s motives.

We are told Obama has ‘invaded’ Haiti to stop it falling into the hands of South American crazies, to prevent it becoming a Cuban-style communist dictatorship or a narcostate.

Some people are suggesting that the army is there to deter refugees by force from attempting to reach Florida - even though one of the first responses of the administration was to announce a temporary amnesty for all Haitians living illegally in America.

Most perverse headline was, predictably, in yesterday’s Guardian, which accused the U.S. military of ‘annexing’ the airport at Port-au-Prince.

Even at the height of a humanitarian relief effort they can’t conceal their hatred and resentment of America.




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Save this for when you get really po’d re. American immigration/border policies, and then


Another gem from Richard Littlejohn.  There’s two actually and I’ll post the other one separately. For now however, put you eyes on this.  It’s been going on a long time now, and I can not understand how or why people who hold offices and who are generally well educated, can at the very same time be so damn stupid.  They really are killing this country with kindness.  Or maybe it isn’t intended kindness at all.
Bottom line.  As he is so often, Littlejohn is correct.

The lunatics now have full control of the asylum.  Not funny.

When it comes to asylum, the lunatics really have taken over

By Richard Littlejohn

This morning’s edition of You Couldn’t Make It Up stars 31-year-old Moroccan Rashid Ali, who came to this country six years ago in search of a better life.

He tore up his passport and pretended to be Algerian, in the belief that he stood more chance of being granted asylum.

A short while after arriving, he decided that Britain wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. So, naturally, he decided to leave.

With the myriad problems we have deporting failed asylum seekers and terrorists, you might have thought the authorities would be happy to see the back of him.

After all, the Government has resorted to bribing illegal immigrants to go home, even chartering special flights to repatriate them.

So they should have been offering to drive Rashid to the airport and bidding him a fond farewell. Missing you already.

But the Moroccans are in no rush to get him back and have failed to issue him with a new passport. And because he has no papers, British officials refused to let him leave. When he tried to escape, he was arrested and put in detention.

So far, he has stowed away on six cargo ships, but each time he has been brought back. He has even been offered his own flat to persuade him to stay put, but refused.

Rashid is currently being held in a ‘removals’ centre near Heathrow, even though he won’t be going anywhere fast.

This Kafkaesque farce has been running since 2004, during which time Rashid has been jailed for nine months for stealing a coat and made the subject of a deportation order.

More than a year ago a judge promised to ‘kick some backsides’ at the Home Office, saying the refusal to repatriate him beggared belief.

It costs £43,000 a year to keep him in detention. The bill to the British taxpayer, including legal fees, adds up to more than £300,000.

We have known for a decade that Britain’s asylum and immigration system is absurd. But this case is beyond bonkers.

If Rashid Ali wants to leave, let him. If Morocco doesn’t want him, he can try his luck somewhere else.

Where he goes next is not our problem. He is not a British citizen and we have no obligation towards him.

Rashid is being held in a secure unit because of fears he may abscond. But he wants to abscond, for heaven’s sake.

Officials also say they are concerned that he may hurt himself if he tries to stow away on another ship. I suppose it was inevitable that elf’n’safety would have a walk-on part in this fiasco.

Ever since the pernicious ‘yuman rites’ act was passed into law, the British authorities seem to believe they have a moral and legal obligation to feed and water the world’s waifs and strays, however undesirable.

And they will go to any lengths to carry out their ‘duty’.

It has also been revealed that the Foreign Office is supporting an attempt to remove seven foreign terror suspects, currently living in Britain, from a UN watch list.

All of them are said to have links with al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They include people who have been convicted of involvement in bombings in Casablanca, accused of blowing up two U.S. embassies and found guilty by a military tribunal of plotting terrorist attacks.

Currently, the men are forbidden to leave the country. Why the hell were they ever allowed to enter Britain in the first place? They should have been kicked out years ago.

Even when we try to deport terror suspects, our hands are tied by ‘yuman rites’. In another ludicrous development yesterday, the High Court ruled that two suspected terrorists, one Libyan and one Iraqi, who have been subject to control orders in Britain since 2006 - because it is illegal to detain them in prison - are entitled to sue for compensation.

They were given control orders only because sending them back to Libya or Iraq would break their fundamental rights.

That’s not all. Europe’s top law officer has announced that the wives and families of men linked to al- Qaeda should receive tens of thousands of pounds in benefits from the British taxpayer.

Refusing to pay them is - you guessed - a breach of their ‘yuman rites’. No wonder Britain harbours more terrorists than any other Western country.

The insanity of our system for dealing with foreign terrorists and illegal immigrants is beyond parody.

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave, even if you want to.




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