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Isn’t meant as eye candy although I guess it could be. But the reason for posting this is, GAWK!

Chances are you folks might not be looking for things like this and I wasn’t either.  Until I saw the price of the dress.

£26,000.00 for a crystal gown she can not possibly sit down in.  This stuff is all hand sown, has to be a team effort, and I’ll leave it to you to work out the conversion in American dollars.  Bet too it won’t be worn more then once or maybe 2wice at the most.  You can’t label it as Moonbat either since the lady can well afford it.  So how how she spends her money is her business. Or maybe it’s company money. No matter. I’m just amazed that anyone can spend that much on a gown to be worn one time.  Look for this to show up on eBay I betcha. And btw, how is it that ladies have so many shoes and almost all more expensive then the shoes we guys wear.  There’s hardly anything to em but they cost the earth it seems.  Are there $30,000 suits for men?  Just wondered.


image image

Danielle Lloyd lives the WAG dream as she dazzles in £26,000 bridal-style gown at her engagement party


It was just an engagement party, but Danielle Lloyd arrived at the celebration last night looking more like a glamorous bride.

Wearing a £26,000 floor-sweeping, crystal-encrusted gown, the glamour model smiled as she and footballer fiance Jamie O’Hara greeted guests at the Mayfair Hotel in London.

Having longed to be a WAG for some time, perhaps the 25-year-old was keen to practise the bridal look after Jamie proposed in Paris last month.

Imagine how much the wedding dress might cost.

The same lady leaving the party that night. Wow. Amazing what a £26,000 gown and makeup can do. 



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Weekend Videos

This brings back some memories. Some of them aren’t that long ago either!

I know, Meat Loaf can go bad over time. Here’s some more recent Meat Loaf. Only a couple of years old!

Now, a little America:

Below the fold, due to very suggestive content, Clarence Carter is Strokin’ and “sassifying” his woman.

See More Below The Fold


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Dirty Pool

Move the Goalposts? Why bother. Change the stadium instead!

h/t to Vilmar

Health Bill Can Pass Senate With 51 Votes

Even if Democrats lose the Jan. 19 special election to pick a new Massachusetts senator, Congress may still pass a health-care overhaul by using a process called reconciliation, a top House Democrat said.

That procedure requires 51 votes rather than the 60 needed to prevent Republicans from blocking votes on President Barack Obama’s top legislative priorities. That supermajority is at risk as the Massachusetts race has tightened.

“Even before Massachusetts and that race was on the radar screen, we prepared for the process of using reconciliation,” said Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“Getting health-care reform passed is important,” Van Hollen said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. “Reconciliation is an option.”

Using reconciliation would likely force Democrats to scale back their health-care plans. The procedure is designed to make deficit-cutting easier by reducing the number of votes needed to pass unpopular tax increases and spending cuts. Lawmakers can’t include policy changes that the parliamentarian deems have only an “incidental” connection to budget-cutting, and senators would need 60 votes to override those rulings.

According to Wikipedia, reconciliation has been around since 1973. What is it?

Reconciliation is a legislative process of the United States Senate intended to allow a contentious budget bill to be considered without being subject to filibuster. Because reconciliation limits debate and amendment, the process empowers the majority party.

Now, isn’t this the interesting bit ...

Congress used reconciliation to enact President Bill Clinton’s 1993 (fiscal year 1994) budget.  Clinton wanted to use reconciliation to pass his 1993 health care plan, but Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVa) insisted that the health care plan was out of bounds for a process that is theoretically about budgets. However, on August 25, 2009, Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), one of the members of the Senate Finance Committee’s “Gang of Six” bipartisan group to work on a health insurance reform bill in the Senate, said that reconciliation is an acceptable option, and that he can support it.

Until 1996, reconciliation was limited to deficit reduction, but in 1996 the Senate’s Republican majority adopted a precedent to apply reconciliation to any legislation affecting the budget, even legislation that would increase the deficit.

The resolution process was used to get GW Bush’s tax cut plan passed.

Oh, and who is this Gang Of Six again?

The so-called “gang of six” consists of Democratic Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.), Jeff Bingaman (N.M.) and Kent Conrad (N.D.); and GOP Sens. Charles Grassley (Iowa), Mike Enzi (Wyo.) and Olympia Snowe (Maine). Combined, the lawmakers represent about 8.4 million people** — roughly the population of New York City — or 2.75 percent of the nation’s population. Yet the bill they’re crafting will likely influence every warm body in the country.

Which means there are actually 3 Dems, 2 RINOS, and a maybe R on the damn thing. BINO? Bipartisan in name only?

And just who or what is this “parliamentarian”? It turns out to be one guy. ONE GUY. Named Alan Frumin, an unelected person who has had the job since 2001, and if he ALONE decides that the policy changes in the bill are NOT “incidental” then they can all be included. Or he can cut the massive bill to shreds and just let through the pieces that he wants. ONE GUY to decide the future of 1/6 of the American economy for the foreseeable future. How’s that for absolute power?

All of this isn’t really news. It’s been out there, flying under the radar, since August or even earlier. It’s just another bit of crap brought up at the last second just to keep the masses wound up. But it sure shows the snake-breaking corkscrew processes that go on in DC that few of us know about or pay attention to. And that crap is just too damn slick in my opinion.

So, come the revolution, here’s one more item for the laundry list of things that need a-fixin’. Pick a number, any number, to be the required percentage of the Senate vote for a bill to pass. 51%, 60%, or better yet 67%. And every single bill brought to vote - after having proved it’s constitutionality of course, will be held to that standard. Every. Single. Bill. No bill will be allowed to be retracted once it comes up for a vote, and if it doesn’t achieve the necessary votes, it can not be brought up for another vote for 18 months. No reconciliation nonsense, and no extraordinary power vested in one unelected “parliamentarian” position. Period. Cut the shenanigans. No moving the goalposts, no changing the playing field at the last minute. No almost holy secret decision maker in the back room somewhere. One set of rules for everything, out in the open, no exceptions. I’m sick of the little bullshit games from both sides of the aisle.


I so have to buy me one of these


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calendar   Saturday - January 16, 2010

One If By Land

Nothing to see here, move along. No media bias whatsoever. It’s just advertising revenue.


Ok, I may be being unfair to the Boston Herald. I do not know this paper or which way it leans. But an SEIU attack ad in their headline banner? Oh come on already.

Here’s another one, their article on an attack ad the Dems put out. (RE: comments from another post. See how easy it is to play with their names?)


Shipping giant UPS isn’t amused by a Democratic Party campaign pamphlet attacking Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown that plays off the company’s slogan “What can Brown do for you?”

Atlanta-based United Parcel Service, known for its ubiquitous brown trucks, demanded yesterday that the Massachusetts Democratic Party, which is listed as paying for the pamphlet, stop distributing it.

The mailer asks “What can Brown do to you?” It shows Scott Brown dressed up as a UPS driver and says, “He can reward corporations that ship your job overseas just like George W. Bush.”

Comments at that article promise to rub the Dem’s noses in the Brown stuff. Most telling one so far, put in by the bloggers at Clean Sweep Beacon Hill

The state’s AG, the person responsible for trademark and brand protection steals the brand of UPS to mock her opponent. Priceless. She really doesn’t want to win this Tuesday.
Did she steal UPS’s trademarked property? Absolutely! She never got permission, never asked! Doesn’t get any better than this...

Meanwhile, his Supreme Haughtiness Hisself is coming up to Boston on Sunday to stump for the flailing Croakster. Takers of the opinion poll at the BH are going 2/3 that this is a move of desperation.

President Obama is steaming into the Bay State on a high-stakes mission to rescue Democrat Martha Coakley’s stranded Senate bid from a GOP wave that could sink his landmark health-care reform bill as well.

“It’s white-knuckle time,” said Democratic operative Phil Johnston. “This is an election we have to win. It’s key to everything the Obama administration wants to do. The stakes are high.”
The pressure is now on Obama - facing the lowest ratings of his presidency - to set Coakley on a winning course after his Sunday visit. A victory by Brown would endanger the health-care initiative in the Senate.
A presidential visit during the ongoing devastation in Haiti coupled with the bruising health-care battle on Capitol Hill means Coakley must be in severe danger, said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

“I think (the White House) would have preferred that he not make the trip unless he had to, but now he knows he has to,” said Sabato. “They were hoping she would pull out of the tailspin, but the tailspin continues, which means he has to ride to the rescue.”

The trip poses a significant political risk for Obama after he stumped for Gov. Jon Corzine in New Jersey and for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds in Virginia. Both Democrats lost.

How do Tea Partyer’s like their tea? Hot and Brown of course! (see? the “clever” wording possibilities are infinite. And you simply can’t avoid using the Lexington quote)

Tea Party members brew Scott Brown boost

Massachusetts is becoming ground zero for the national Tea Party movement as emboldened activists flock from Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York in hopes of helping Scott Brown’s meteoric campaign close the deal in the race for U.S. Senate.

“If Brown wins this election, it will be the shot heard around the world,” said Rhode Island Tea Party President Colleen Conley. “This will be a clear indictment of the Obama presidency and the Democratic Congress overreaching.”

Activists from several states are volunteering to rally, donate and make phone calls.

Rhode Island Tea Party members will spend their weekend in the Bay State campaigning for Brown

Tea Party members from Montana, Texas and Georgia have been flooding The Greater Boston Tea Party and the Plymouth Rock Tea Party with calls, representatives told the Herald. Activists also are emptying their wallets, with the Sacramento, Calif.-based Tea Party Express having spent contributions on ad buys for Brown, said spokesman Levi Russell.

Connecticut state coordinator Tanya Bachand said, “Anything we can do to stop the health-care bill in Washington is what we’re really aimed at.”

Michigan’s Jeffrey McQueen, founder of, which produces a modified American flag [shown below] that’s become a symbol of the Tea Party movement, said a Brown win “would send earthquake tremors through the Democratic Party.”

Outstanding. It’s the People’s seat, and The People are speaking up. And maybe Massachusetts, home of revolution, is waking up. Stay tuned. The election is Tuesday.


US made and very cool. 3x5, $20 Go buy some!


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Her name is SOPHIE DAHL, she comes from a very theatrical family whose names would be familiar to Brits.
However, also related is an American name from the past, actress Patricia Neal.

Her late granddad is the creator of Willy Wonka and the author or countless children’s books. He was an illustrator as well and didn’t pass away a poor man.  Quite a talented poet and I’m not much on that stuff, but he is a hoot with something called revolting poems based on fairytales.  The man had a sense of humor. It’s Little Red Riding Hood, but not as you’ve ever heard it.
For those who may be interested:  LOTS OF DAHL INFO HERE

It’s been awhile since I posted the really older photos and I plan on getting back to that when I can.  Been pressed for time here lately.

Here’s some background on this lady.  I can’t please every single person I know, so I just have to post the heartthrobs I like and hope you do too.

(Born Sophie Holloway, 15 September 1977 in London) is an English author and model. She is the daughter of actor Julian Holloway and writer Tessa Dahl. Her maternal grandparents were author Roald Dahl and actress Patricia Neal. Her paternal grandfather was actor Stanley Holloway.

Sophie Dahl










Artist: Caroline Young. 

See More Below The Fold


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‘If you are telling soldiers what to do at every stage, a typical command style, what happens when that individual giving the orders isn’t there? You can get paralysis. We don’t want soldiers to be robots.

Gee, I’m not even a Brit and I think I resent that.  I’m sure the new guys are pretty fearsome in their own way, I don’t think the Army here is gonna become a bunch of wusses, BUT ... Robots?
The Brit soldier has NEVER shown himself to be any less brave or any more robotic then anyone else. And as for robots, that’s crap.  Their wartime achievements and in fact even where all they managed to achieve was less then victory, are still awe inspiring. Robots hell. Where do these new age jerks get that from? I know too many ex-Brit servicemen who are pretty tough hombres, and there isn’t anything robotic about em.
Those kids fighting and dying or coming back maimed from Afghanistan are hardly robots.  I read the reports here of the heroism exhibited by these young people in combat over there.  At my younger best I could never be as good or as tough as the things I’m reading about them. 

I would not argue against the case however that there may well be some in authority who overstep the bounds of good training and behavior. We’ve all of met those sorts.  The bullies in any army are a disgrace to the uniform and their service. I’m not blind to that.

Anyway, I have long admired the guts and bravery of the Armed forces here.  Although I have to confess I’m a little nervous about what’s become of the Navy, especially after that fiasco with Iran a couple of years ago.

‘Would you mind standing to attention?’ Sergeant majors told to adopt touchy-feely approach

By Ian Drury
Saturday Mail

Eyes bulging with fury, cheeks purple and moustache bristling, the sergeant major draws himself to his full height and yells: ‘You ‘orrible little man!’

This is the memory for generations of cowering recruits who have incurred the displeasure of the dreaded tyrant.

To the dismay of traditional disciplinarians, however, such scenes are being consigned to history.

Commanders have decided that, in a changing society, a gentler approach is required.

Young soldiers, they say, should be coaxed, reasoned with, and allowed to think for themselves.

Rather than simply shouting and screaming orders, military instructors are encouraged to ‘be progressive’ and discuss tasks with recruits.

All this will doubtless be welcome to the modern-day soldiers spared the kind of tongue-lashing memorably dished out by Windsor Davies, pictured, who played the fearsome Sergeant Major Tudor Williams in the 1970s TV comedy It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.

No more shouting: Touchy-feely military instructors are now replacing fearsome types such as Sergeant Major Tudor Williams

But veterans raised concerns that the new touchy-feely approach could lead to a lack of discipline.

Ex-recruiting sergeant Fred Burden, vice-chairman of the National Malaya and Borneo Veterans’ Association UK, said: ‘The Army is getting too soft on recruits.

‘The British Army has been the finest in the world for years, so what is the point of changing now? If you don’t shout orders at recruits there’s a risk they won’t concentrate.’

The overhaul came after a series of investigations revealed unacceptable levels of bullying in the Armed Forces.

The measures are being put in place at the Army Recruiting and Training Division’s Staff Leadership School (ASLS) in Pirbright, Surrey. Around 4,500 officers have been trained about the need to be able to motivate, encourage and enthuse trainees’.

Lieutenant Colonel Matt Fensom, Commanding Officer at the ASLS, said there were ‘limitations’ to traditional training techniques.

He said: ‘If you are telling soldiers what to do at every stage, a typical command style, what happens when that individual giving the orders isn’t there? You can get paralysis. We don’t want soldiers to be robots.

‘We need them to think for themselves. This is about getting the best out of recruits.’

The Army has also commissioned research into psychological techniques to identify personality traits that could hold back soldiers, such as lack of confidence, fear of failure or stress.

Staff Sergeant Paul Campling, 37, from the Royal Tank Regiment, said the style of training marked a significant change for the Army.

But he added that recruits could still be bawled out if they got an instruction wrong.

‘There is still a time and a place for a one-way debrief or barked orders but people are happier now because the communication is better.’



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Senior member of extreme Islamist group is teaching at a London school

I really do wonder when and where this kind of thing will end. The only thing I am certain of is, it will not be in my lifetime.
So then, I wish the future generations much Good Luck. You are going to need all of that you can get.

And what a GAK producing couple (photo) barf.

Take a look BMEWS.

by, Sean O’Neill,
Crime and Security Editor

The Times

A senior figure in Hizb ut-Tahrir, a hardline Islamist group that the Government keeps “under continuous review” and the Conservatives want to ban, is teaching and preaching at a top university.

The Times has learnt that Reza Pankhurst, who was imprisoned in Egypt for membership of the group, is a teacher at the London School of Economics and regularly preaches to students at Friday prayers.

The group is supposedly barred from organising and speaking on campuses under the National Union of Students’ policy of “no platform” for racist or fascist views. The presence of one of its prominent members as a university teacher raises new concerns about Islamist radicalisation on campus.

A new review of campus extremism began last month after it was discovered that the alleged Detroit airline bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was a former president of the Islamic Society at University College London.


The Times understands that at least two London university lecturers are either supporters or members of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Mr Pankhurst is a postgraduate student in the LSE’s government department and teaches classes for the course “States, Nations and Empires”.

On Fridays he is one of the regular speakers at prayers organised by the students’ union Islamic Society in the college gym.

A society member told The Times: “He preaches every other week and is constantly bringing the subject around to politics, talking about Afghanistan and the need to establish the Caliphate [Islamic state].

“Only last week he was talking about the Detroit bomber and saying the guy was not radicalised in London and it was all to do with foreign policy.

“Last year he recommended we should attend a conference which I later discovered was organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir, but he never mentions the party by name.”

In 2002 Mr Pankhurst was one of three British Hizb ut-Tahrir members arrested in Egypt for attempting to promote the movement. They were held for four years and tortured before being released in 2006.

He remained active in the movement after his return and, according to well-informed sources, is still a senior figure. Last month a meeting at Queen Mary College, London, at which Mr Pankhurst and Jamal Harwood, another member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, were due to speak, was cancelled after student protests about the speakers’ views.

The Times made repeated attempts to contact the group and Mr Pankhurst yesterday but without success.

The group states on its website that its “political aim is the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate as an independent state”. It says that it rejects forcing change “by means of violence and terror”.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in Germany for anti-semitic activity but, despite Tony Blair announcing plans to proscribe it in 2005, it remains legal in Britain.

In a speech last month Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary, said that the Conservative Party would ban the group if elected to Government. Mr Grayling said: “Within the UK it takes extreme care about how it words its propaganda ... But anyone who doubts its true character should take a look at the website for its sister organisation in Bangladesh, which talks about evil American plans to subjugate Muslims and about mobilising armed forces to eliminate the Jewish entity. We cannot allow such views free rein in our society.”

The LSE confirmed that Mr Pankhurst was a research student and a graduate teaching assistant.

A spokesman said: “No concerns about his conduct have been raised with the school and we are not aware that he is a member of any proscribed organisation or has broken any laws or LSE regulations.”

The students’ union said that Mr Pankhurst was a member of its Islamic Society. Aled Dilwyn Fisher, general secretary of the union, said: “As far as we are aware, Mr Pankhurst is not currently a member of an illegal extremist group.”

A spokesman for the anti-extremism think-tank, the Quilliam Foundation, said: “Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organisation which has a long track record of promoting intolerance, has not abandoned its efforts to infiltrate British universities in order to spread its destructive, confrontational message.

“Its infiltration of internationally renowned universities such as the LSE make a mockery of universities’ claims to be tackling extremism on campus.”

A Home Office spokesman said “Hizb ut-Tahrir is kept under continuous review. As and when new material comes to light it is considered and the organisation reassessed as part of that process.”

source, the times

Can it be said that things like this are any better back home? (USA)


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I let the darndest things annoy me. Thing is, I find it impossible to tolerate the warmists.


So says this ridiculous idiot devotee of the new church of green.

He says the inconvenient truth is that our lifestyles are indeed killing other people.
Yeah? Well maybe they’re overpopulated anyway and frankly you flake, I don’t give a damn!

I won’t copy his entire letter, too damn much there and sorry there isn’t a link to it. It’s a letter to the editor and those folks printed this utter balderdash.

He says,

It is in African countries like Kenya and Asian countries like Bangladesh, that people are dying prematurely as a direct result of of climate change from greenhouse gas emissions of the people in developed counties.

The damn fool goes on:
Reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the lifestyles and consumption patterns are the cause and that,

It is now widely understood that that the sooner cuts in emissions are made, the lower the costs of moving to a low carbon society are likely to prove to be.

The stupid idiot then gives this address: and he btw is the chairman of The Winchester Action on Climate Change.

He says of our recent severe snow storm and cold snap that “global warming does not abolish winter. “ Maybe not but it sure was colder this year then last and last year was NOT warm either.
He wants us all to reduce our “carbon footprints” sooner, not later.  Screw him.  I want HIM to CONSERVE so there will be MORE for ME.

He also doesn’t think that Hampshire (our county) residents are doing the right thing fast enough.

Inconvenient truth is, they should not be doing anything at all.

OK so I read his damn letter and the more I thought about it the more frustrated I got because he assumes he has the word from on high and with evangelistic zeal he expects everyone to fall into line.  In spite of the recent comments by other scientists that say the issue is NOT closed.

So I wrote this.


This little island and people like Mr. Robert Hutchison of WinCAA , believe they are going to save the planet as they rush to bend the knee to their new religion, The Holy Church of Climate Change and Global Warming.
The silly extremes they go to as they genuflect before pope bore and the new faith and what they achieve, amount to no more then a flea on an elephant’s ass, though they would have us believe otherwise.

It is delusional to think that the vast majority of people throughout Europe and the UK, all buy into every edict demanded by the grasping self congratulatory powers that be .  Many of those who feel that not everything is exactly right and do their bit i.e. recycling etc, do not buy into the doomsday scenario as preached by the new church and Robert H.

A full year before the EU dictated that all member states must stop manufacture and sales of those old nice bright 100watt light bulbs, millions of people started buying and hoarding them.  Even that most politically correct and green loving state, Germany, led Europe in the rush to collect the old and more favored light bulb in spite of the opposition of Gore’s Green Lackeys in that country.  Clearly, a majority of the people prefer the older type but majorities do not matter much in the new age of the green and pc world dictatorship.

Meanwhile back in happy slap, binge drunk England, a newspaper called The Daily Mail, which is a conservative paper, started a silly campaign to ban plastic shopping bags.  One village has already happily announced to the world that they are, “Plastic Bag Free,” Mein Fuehrer, to the applause of The Mail who proudly announce victory in our time, over plastic.  Ignoring of course that these bags are 100% degradable.
However, it is very important to show the few fanatical faithful who dominate the majority, their religious devotion to the new church.

Following in the path of the paper, and in an effort to increase their profit margins, many a business is making a public display of their conversion to the new faith.

Back at the ranch however, manufacturers continue to package their products in impossibly difficult to open non-degradable multiple plastic.
But hey, who’s looking at that? 


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calendar   Friday - January 15, 2010

Captain Obvious Is A Little Slow Today

Oh sure, you figured this one out last week, or even earlier. I know. Sometimes I’m a bit slow.

If Brown wins the special election in MA and gets the vacant Senate seat, Obamacare is pretty much derailed.  Which could explain why Fearless Reader is heading up there this Sunday to stump for Croakley. I’m hoping Boston will be another Olympic Moment for him. And Brown’s election could very well be the harbinger of a huge Republican backlash in 2010 and 2012.

So if Brown wins, seeing as “Massachusettes” is home to Concord and Lexington, and that the ramifications could lame-duck Obama in the first half of his first term, will this be called the

“Scott heard ’round the world”?


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One For Peiper

I can’t resist.

Here’s a fun pic that brings together his computer problems, his local weather, and his recent observations of nature. LOL LOL

See More Below The Fold


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Must Watch Online TV

h/t to just about everybody. Geex. This house of cards is collapsing so fast I can’t keep up with it.

Here is the whole fiasco, in 5 short video bits. Those folks familiar with the topic can skip right to #4 or #5.

The whole AGW thing is a scam, and NASA ought to can this Hansen fellow. Then the fraud charges can begin.


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Too much for me

That’s a heck of a big job for 6 guys. I’d call it lifetime employment. Especially since the ropes would wear out before they were finished even once. Splat. Hanging from a rope 2200 feet up, not even a boatswain’s chair, no shade and everything wet and slippery is not my idea of a good time.

And, of course, long before they were done they’d half to start all over again.

Looks to me like they’re using the deionized water method. It works great, but it uses a whole lot of water, and it’s mighty expensive. Given this building’s location, they’d want to heat the water up to around 130-140°F so as not to stress the sun heated glass. And that means a pretty large built in system. So I’m fairly amazed that the Burj Dubai didn’t build in an automatic cleaning system like other modern buildings use; they’ve already got the hard part installed.

I wonder what the glass life on that building is specified as? All that sand blowing around. Maybe they’ve put in some special coating or something? I have no idea.

Oh, and the naughty little music hall ditty was done by George Formby, recorded in 1936. I think I should learn the words, especially the more risque verses not sung in this recording. I didn’t even know there was a window cleaning song!


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Up to the eyeballs in multiple projects and dog tired when this was put under me nose.

So naturally I had to stop what I was doing so I could share this with anyone interested.

Hey ... I thought the Brits had the first one. Or at least they and us at about the same time.  Apparently it was Germans.
Why am I not surprised even a little bit?

Anyway, as the kids say, this is cool.  Ah, the kids still do say that, don’t they?

Hey guys.  1894. They wouldn’t have had rubber tires back then. Would they?  Curious and no time to hunt.  When was rubber first used on cars or bikes with an inner tube? 


From The Times
January 15, 2010

Rare Hildebrand motorcycle set to fetch £60,000 at auction

An original 1895 Hildebrand & Wolfmuller motorcycle

Staff reporter

An 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller, thought to be one of the world’s oldest motorcycles, is set to fetch up to £60,000 at auction in April.

The first machine to be named “a motorcycle”, the twin-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke was developed by the German brothers Henry and Wilhelm Hildebrand in collaboration with Alois Wolfmüller and his mechanic Hans Geisenhof. Its 1488cc engine developed only 2.5bhp.

After being patented in January 1894, the machine was also licensed in France as La Petrolette, but production in Germany and France stopped in 1897. It is believed that only about 800 Hildebrand bikes were produced. The machine for sale in Stafford was owned by an American family and last used on the road in the 1930s.

“This is one of the forerunners in motorcycle design,” said James Stensel, motorcycle specialist at Bonhams. “To see one in the metal is unbelievable. They are so, so rare.”

It will appear at the Classic Motorcycle Show in Stafford in April.



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Betcha many Brits would just love to whack this bleeding heart.  Hell, I’m not a Brit and I’d like to.  I kinda doubt the Brit govt. bad though it is, will go along.  But who knows?  The govt. is one of the left and nothing they do would surprise anyone anymore.
Just another nail in coffin of the UKs sovereignty if they approve this opinion.

Yes I know I keep banging on and repeating myself on the subject but .... Keep ur eyes opened America, and clean ur ears.  There are folks at home who are very happy to give up some American sovereignty in exchange for what they think is world harmony and peace etc.  You won’t find em on the right so that should narrow the field a bit.

Meanwhile txpayers, chew on this excerpt from my embassy newsletter. 


New USAID Chief Dr. Rajiv Shah, Sees U.S. Forging Deeper Partnerships Overseas

Shah says the U.S. government now wants to give foreign countries more control over how American aid is spent. But, he also says measures will be in place to make sure that money is used wisely. “As we, and if we, give up control to some extent in order to support country leadership, we should have high standards and we should have strong ability to track outcomes to monitor resources and how they flow and to ensure that we’re generating real results in a sustainable way for American taxpayers,” he said.

USAID currently provides $20 billion in annual aid to development projects around the world. The Obama administration plans to expand that to $50 billion a year by 2012 for healthcare, education and agriculture.


By William Ide
VOA News

The U.S. Agency for International Development has sworn in a new administrator, Dr. Rajiv Shah, at a ceremony January 7 in Washington. In an exclusive interview with Voice of America, Shah talked about the Obama administration’s plans to deepen its partnerships overseas and listen more to the countries the agency serves.

A 36-year-old medical doctor by training, Shah comes to USAID with expertise in agriculture. He previously served as the director of agricultural development with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and later in a top post at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

But, he says, the mission of USAID is his passion.

As a son of Indian immigrants, Shah says that he started visiting India and other parts of the world at a young age and saw firsthand the kind of extreme conditions of poverty and human suffering that exist across the globe. “The opportunity to join an agency that has as its core mission working on that problem, working in a way that it’s respectful of the people who live in those environments and learns from them, is a great, great honor,” he said.

As head of USAID, Shah says he plans to hire several hundred new development experts and individuals with technical expertise to expand the agency’s work capacity.

Very busy next several hours so I’ll leave you with this article I just found in our paper.  Madness! Lunacy! MOONBATS everywhere.



By James Slack
Last updated at 7:02 AM on 15th January 2010

Wives of suspects who Britain says have links to Osama bin Laden have appealed against Treasury restrictions

Europe’s law chief wants Britain to reinstate the payment of tens of thousands of pounds in State handouts to the wives of suspected Al Qaeda and Taliban fanatics.

Ministers have halted benefit payouts made to the families of suspected terrorists to prevent the money falling into the hands of banned groups.

The Treasury says the power is a vital weapon in the war against terrorism. It stems from a crackdown on terrorist financing launched in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

However, the senior advocate of the European Court of Justice, Paolo Mengozzi, yesterday declared the decision to stop the payments was unfair on the grounds of human rights.

His opinion is likely to prove crucial when Europe’s highest court considers three test cases brought by the wives of British-based terror suspects later this year.

In eight out of every ten cases, the court has agreed with the Advocate General - making it highly likely the UK taxpayer will soon begin forking out hundreds of pounds a week to the families.

Whitehall officials have refused to name the families involved in the test cases - but all three of the husbands are foreign nationals on the United Nations list of international terror suspects.

They have been linked by security officials to Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and the Taliban

The payouts to their wives include income support, child benefit and housing assistance worth ‘several hundred’ pounds a week.

Last night, campaign groups said it would be outrageous for the European courts to once again water down Britain’s anti-terror laws.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘It is absurd that this unaccountable European court is trying to dictate to the British Government how we spend our own money. British taxpayers are already sick of bankrolling the lifestyles of people who preach hate against our country, and there is no way that they should be able to fund their activities or their families through milking the welfare system.

‘Whether you agree with the judgment or not, it is a choice that should be made by our country, not these lawyers who are answerable to nobody.’

Under the Treasury’s rules, social security payments cannot be made available ‘directly or indirectly, to, or for the benefit of’ anyone who is on the UN terrorism sanctions list.

This has been applied to the wives of as many as ten terror suspects, who have been hit with licences restricting their access to state funds.

In the case due before the EU court, the three women claim this amounts to a violation of their human right to a family life.

Their first appeal was rejected. But in a second appeal to the House of Lords, Britain’s highest court, judges had concerns about how the law was being applied.

In April 2008, they asked the European Court of Justice to provide a ruling.

Any decision by the European court, which is expected to issue a final judgment in three to six months, will be binding on the House of Lords and on courts throughout the EU.

In advance of this decision, Mr Mengozzi issued a 26-page written opinion in which he argued the phrase ‘directly or indirectly, to, or for the benefit of’ suspected terrorists was very widely drawn.

He acknowledged that the payments made to the wives could benefit their husbands, but disputed whether those benefits could easily be converted into funds to finance terrorism.

Mr Mengozzi advised the European Court of Justice to rule that the extra restrictions were unjustified and violated the right to respect for family life.

Earlier this week, the European Court of Human Rights dealt a separate blow to UK anti-terror policy when it ruled the stopping and searching of suspects without grounds for suspicion was unlawful.

The searches had been a key plank of policing for over a decade.



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