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calendar   Thursday - July 24, 2014

like trying to empty the ocean with a tea spoon

A most excellent, must read essay up at Theo’s. An interview with an Israeli farm family and life under the daily attacks from Hamas for THIRTEEN YEARS. And now the war is nearly in their front yard. THIRTEEN YEARS. And the world chides Israel for any response, because it’s always a “disproportionate response”.

Like Hell.

Do you understand? We don’t hate them. We had good friends in Gaza. We know there are good people there and what kind of chance does a child have there to grow up NOT to want to kill me? That’s all he’s raised with, rocket and guns and hand grenades. They dress their toddlers up in suicide vests and take pictures of them. That’s like their Purim costume , their halloween. Isn’t that cute? Isn’t that sweet ? He’s a little suicide bomber. Here we’ll take his picture and send it to grandma so she’ll be proud. We know they have a gun to their heads. But what should we do when they come to kill us? When they pop up out of the ground on our front lawn and want to kill us? What should we do? And the world blames us because not enough of us are dead? That’s the crime?

Go read Dan Gordon’s piece.


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calendar   Tuesday - July 22, 2014

The Follow Up The Media Ignored


PS - and here we go, around again ...

For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza
For the second time in less than a week, rockets have been found in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the body said.

“Today, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip,” the organization said in a statement issued Tuesday. “As soon as the rockets were discovered, UNRWA staff were withdrawn from the premises, and so we are unable to confirm the precise number of rockets. The school is situated between two other UNRWA schools that currently each accommodate 1,500 internally displaced persons.”

As it did the last time around when missiles were found in a school it operates, UNRWA said it “strongly and unequivocally condemns the group or groups responsible for this flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises under international law.”

UNRWA, the UN agency charged with overseeing humanitarian efforts in Gaza, said it immediately “informed the relevant parties and is pursuing all possible measures for the removal of the objects in order to preserve the safety and security of the school.” The organization again pledged to launch a “comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident.”

So they’ve got three schools in a row, with a student body of 4,500 students. That’s HUGE. Which implies a huge staff of teachers, admins, and maintenance people. And yet somehow terrorists have managed to sneak in and store lots - “we don’t know how many because we wet our pants and ran away before we could even count them” - lots of missiles in the basement. Many, many pounds, perhaps a couple of tons, of high explosives surrounded by shrapnel. Right underneath their own children. Who the heck else do you think the “displaced persons” in Gaza are? It ain’t Auntie Bess who got lost at the Mall of America!

But seriously. Right. Underneath. Their. Own. Children. Hey, how many tons of bombs under your kids? And would you be happy with more, or less of them? Yeah right.

Now, guess what will happen next ...

“According to longstanding UN practice in UN humanitarian operations worldwide, incidents involving unexploded ordnance that could endanger beneficiaries and staff are referred to the local authorities,” UNRWA’s director of advocacy and strategic communications, Christopher Gunness, told The Times of Israel Sunday.

Which is BSspeech for “We gave them back to Hamas”. Again. After all, who do you think is the other part of that new unity government with the Palestinian Authority?

Oh, wait. Was this school, “School B” also vacant, like last week’s “School A” was? Vacant as in “unused”? Or was it “vacant” only because the kids weren’t there at 8pm when the missiles were discovered? It’s a bit hard to accept that they’re be a school on either side of this place, each with 1500 students, while this one sat empty.


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calendar   Saturday - July 19, 2014

72 Raisins For That Donkey

Donkey Bomb!

IDF Detonates Donkey Suicide Bomber At Border

The Big Question: Will PETA protest HAMAS using animals as weapons, or will they curse Israel for blowing one up in self defense?

Hamas militants sent a donkey laden with explosives on a suicide mission in one of the most unconventional tactics yet seen in the fighting in Gaza, the Israeli army has said.

Troops said they were forced to open fire on the animal - blowing it up - as it approached their position in the southern city of Rafah, near the Egyptian border.

The Israeli army had received prior intelligence that militants were going to try to use animals to carry out attacks, according to a press release on the Israeli Defence Forces website.

Israeli military officials say Friday night’s incident was a variant of what they say is Hamas’ tactic of using “human shields” to carry out “terrorist” activity.

“They used this donkey as a human shield, or an animal shield, if you like,” said Major Arye Shalicar, an army spokesman. “Anything, an animal or an international building, that can help make use of innocent people or international [citizens], they will use it. We see it time and again.”

For all its unorthodox nature, it is not the first recorded use of donkeys and other animals in the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Several attempted donkey-assisted attacks were reported in the West Bank and Gaza during the second Palestinian intifada [uprising] of 2000-2005. Other incidents have been recorded in recent years, including one in 2009 when militants approached the Karni crossing between Gaza and Israel with horses carrying mines and explosives.

Soldiers in the field have reported “multiple incidents” of dogs trying to approach with explosives attached to them, according to the army.


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calendar   Thursday - July 10, 2014

asymmetric warfare

K. C. D. H.

Keep Calm and Destroy Hamas

Jerusalem. Tel Aviv. Facebook. The modern battlefield is also digital. Propaganda wars on the light side, vying for the hearts and minds of all who come across their content. Cyber attacks and worse on the dark side, sending electrons in where bombs and troops can not yet reach.

Meanwhile, here in America.

Your taxpayer money, half a billion, is being sent to the “unity government” in Gaza. A “unity” of the West Bank’s Palestinian Authority and Gaza’s Hamas terrorist group. So YOU are buying missiles and bombs to be used against Israel. Period. Full stop. That’s the truth.

Well, not in my name.


And you turn on your TV, and you see the talking heads, even the pretty blonde ones on Fox News, and they all say “oh, this is all retaliation and counter-retaliation over the kidnapping of those 3 teenagers.”

Which is not the truth, nor even the whole truth. Because it’s “kidnapping and heinous murder” of those 3 teenagers. And one of them was one of ours. An American citizen. A minor. Kidnapped, tortured, and executed by Hamas. And yet, our president breaks the rules to send Palestine money.

A larger part of the whole truth is that these terrorist missiles are fired into Israel every day. Every. Day. Almost their entire nation is within targeting range of the Gaza Strip. And while the Star Wars based Iron Dome defense system does a pretty good job at stopping the rockets heading into urban areas, it isn’t perfect. And for the people out on the farms, or in the little villages? Not so much.

image   image

Sorry, no polished essay from me on this subject. But if tomorrow Israeli goes on a rat cleansing crusade and burns Gaza to cinders, I will stand up and cheer. And send them extra matches.


“It’s the ultimate cowardice, using civilians as human shields”. No, it’s the penultimate one. Using children as physical weapons is even worse. Using children as political weapons - pawns - is only half a step better, but still cowardly and disgusting. 


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calendar   Tuesday - July 08, 2014

Escalation In Israel

Rockets Rain Down In Jerusalem

Iron Dome Intercepts Several Over Tel Aviv

Hamas Firing At Least 1 Per Minute: 40 Fired In 20 Minutes

40,000 IDF Troops Called Up

Reports of rockets falling all over Israel, but no deaths yet

Breaking News: 10pm Jerusalem / 3pm East Coast USA

Amid barrage of rockets, Iron Dome makes 2nd interception over greater Tel Aviv

For second time on Tuesday evening, Gaza terrorists launch rocket at central Israel; air raid sirens sounds in Jerusalem, central Israel; Tel Aviv opens public bomb shelters; no injuries reported.

Israel came under a heavy barrage of rocket fire on Tuesday night, with code red sirens sounding off in central Israel, the Jerusalem area and as far North as Binyamina.

More than 40 rockets were fired into Israel in the biggest ever salvo of long-range fire from Gaza.

The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted a number of rockets and no significant injuries have been reported in the attack.

An Iron Dome battery intercepted a projectile over the greater Tel Aviv area for the second time on Tuesday evening.

Two loud thuds were heard by residents in downtown Jerusalem shortly after a rocket siren went off in the capital at approximately 10 p.m. Thousands of city residents promptly entered bomb shelters, while others remained outside and in area cafes.

According to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld none of the rockets fired from Gaza landed directly in the city of Jerusalem, although two rockets likely landed just outside the city.

Air raid sirens were also activated in cities including Rishon Lezion, Bat Yam, Holon and Bnei Barak, but sirens were not sounded in Tel Aviv.

The Israel Air Force struck 50 targets in Gaza in past two hours as part of its ongoing Operation Protective Edge.

Earlier on Tuesday evening, the Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted a projectile near Tel Aviv over the city of Rishon Lezion, as air raid sirens sounded in central Israeli cities for the first time amid recent escalations.

No injuries or damage were reported in the attack, which marked a widening of the range of rocket fire the Gaza Strip.

Siren sounds in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem; 16 killed in IDF strikes in Gaza

Netanyahu: The operation in Gaza could take some time; U.S. condemns rocket fire toward Israel; five armed Palestinians shot dead after crossing border into Israel; Israeli government approves call-up of 40,000 reservists.

Israel launched a series of airstrikes on Gaza militants early on Tuesday, dubbing the offensive “Operation Protective Edge.” More than 50 targets were hit in the offensive.

Meanwhile, rocket fire on Israel’s south continued. According to the IDF, eight projectiles were launched between 2 and 6 A.M.

Militants in Gaza fired more than 85 rockets toward Israel on Monday evening, with Hamas openly claiming responsibility for some of the launches for the first time since the current round of fighting began. The rockets hit several major cities in the south and, also for the first time in the current fighting, caused alarms to go off in central Israel and Jerusalem. The barrages lightly wounded two Israelis and caused property damage.

The Israel Defense Forces called up 1,500 infantry and Border Police reservists in preparation for further escalation, after the security cabinet decided on Monday afternoon to intensify attacks against Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. A senior official said the ministers want to refrain from a large-scale military operation for now, but they instructed the army to prepare for significant expansion of its current operations.

Palestinian officials said Gaza was bracing for further Israeli attacks. They said Hamas had evacuated likely targets and its leaders had gone underground lest Israel attempt to assassinate them. Hamas also issued a statement on Monday night demanding that the Palestinian Authority take action against Israel, saying “national unity sometimes requires paying a price.”

Israeli television reported Tuesday that a rocket aimed at Tel Aviv was intercepted by its “Iron Dome” defense system after the country carried out airstrikes on at least 100 sites in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip as part of a new offensive aimed at halting rocket attacks by militants.

The apparent rocket attack would be the deepest strike by Palestinian militants since Israel launched an offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Air raid sirens went off in the city, which is Israel’s commercial capital and about 45 miles north of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military didn’t immediately confirm the report, but an explosion was heard shortly afterward.

The earlier strikes prompted President Obama to urge both sides to exercise restraint.

But the Israeli military said the strikes would help “retrieve stability to the residents of southern Israel, eliminate Hamas’ capabilities and destroy terror infrastructure operating against the State of Israel and its civilians.”

The airstrikes resulted in five Palestinian deaths and over a dozen injured, Gaza’s Health Ministry said.

“We have repeatedly warned Hamas that this must stop and Israel’s defense forces are currently acting to put an end of this once and for all,” said Mark Regev, a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli military said “Operation Protective Edge” looks to strike the Islamic Hamas group and end the rocket fire that has reached deeper into Israel and intensified in recent weeks.

The attacks come as tensions have soared over the killing of three Israeli teenagers and the apparent revenge killing of a Palestinian teenager by three Jewish suspects.

Nearly 300 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel in recent weeks, including a barrage of close to 100 projectiles on Monday alone, the military said, a huge surge after years of relative quiet that followed a previous Israeli campaign to root out Gaza rocket launchers.

Israel had signaled that it would not launch a larger offensive if the militant group Hamas ceased the rocket fire. But the same time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed the military to prepare options for every scenario.

Naturally, our Godking pResident Obama has high praise for Hamas, but none for Israel.

President Barack Obama offered strong praise for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in an opinion piece published Tuesday in an Israeli newspaper, but had little to say about the other key player in the crisis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“In President Abbas, Israel has a counterpart committed to a two-state solution and security cooperation with Israel,” Obama wrote in the daily Haaretz. The president offered no parallel praise for Netanyahu, who is only mentioned by name once in the piece.

Obama’s comments, published in Hebrew, Arabic and English, were his first public comments on Middle Eastern affairs since the murder of three Israeli teenagers last month touched off a new round of regional violence and deepening mistrust.

Link: 40,000 troops called up
Link: Hamas declares all Israeli citizens are now valid missile targets

This is going to get much worse before it gets any better.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 01, 2014

Is USA now the PLO?

SOS Kerry: Trade Izzy Spy Pollard For Hundreds Of Pali Terrorists

WTF? Isn’t this kind of “Muslim Outreach” now NASA’s job?

Officials involved in the fraught Israeli-Palestinian peace talks said on Tuesday that an agreement was near on extending the negotiations through 2015 in exchange for the release of Jonathan J. Pollard, an American serving a life sentence for spying for Israel. The agreement would also include the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, including citizens of Israel, and a partial freeze on construction in West Bank settlements.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel hammered out details of the emerging deal in meetings here that began Monday night and continued early on Tuesday. The agreement was awaiting approval from the White House regarding Mr. Pollard as well as from President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority.

The Obama Regime is no friend of Israel. Never was, never will be.

The senior official said the terms of the developing agreement would be for Mr. Pollard, a former Navy intelligence analyst convicted of espionage more than a quarter century ago, to be released before Passover, which begins the evening of April 14. Israel would free a fourth batch of long-serving Palestinian prisoners as promised at the start of the talks, as well as 400 other prisoners, many of them women and children, who were not convicted of murder.

Among the prisoners would be 14 Arab-Israelis, whose release is deeply controversial in Israel and could cause a crisis in its governing coalition, with some ministers threatening to quit if they are freed.

Israel would also agree to show “restraint” in building in its West Bank settlements, which most of the world views as illegal.

Right. So let the ordinary, run of the mill, criminals go. The robbers, rapists, arsonists, thieves, extortionists, and pimps. They didn’t kill anybody - oh wait, sorry, they weren’t convicted of killing anyone - so let them out. And back out of the West Bank once again.

Wrong. Just so wrong. A stalwart America would be sending concrete and rebar to Israel by the shipload. Build, baby, build. Because we’d never even think of the West Bank as Occupied Territory. Which is isn’t. It’s part of Israel now, and has been for 40+ years. And there is no Right of Return either.

But part of Oblunder’s Fundamental Change is weakening the nation and dissing our old allies.

And Pollard? Come on. If the government didn’t have the balls to put him up against the wall at the time, or in the chair like it did the Rosenbergs, then after all this time they might as well deport him. He’s been in jail since 1987. 26 years. That’s nearly 3 life sentence jail terms in the UK. Let him go ... but his release isn’t worth that of a small army of paleo-swine-ians. No, not even one. 


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calendar   Thursday - October 31, 2013

Who Needs To Even Ask?



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calendar   Wednesday - October 16, 2013

Dealing With Animals

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Israel Stops Building Equipment Shipments Into Gaza

After 1.5 Mile Tunnel Found

Built With Previously Allowed Building Supplies

The title pretty much says it all, but here are the details ...

Israel has temporarily stopped allowing shipments of construction supplies to reach Gaza through Israeli territory, following the discovery late last week of a 2.5-kilometer (1.55-mile) tunnel built by Gaza terrorists into Israeli territory.

“Due to security reasons, (the army) decided to stop for now the transfer of building materials into Gaza,” Defense Ministry spokesman Guy Inbar told AFP. He did not say how long the ban would remain in force.

Last month Israel permitted delivery of cement and steel for use by the private sector into the Gaza Strip for the first time since 2007, when Israel banned their transfer fearing that Gaza’s Hamas rulers would use construction materials to fortify its positions and build tunnels for terrorist attacks on the Jewish state.

Israeli officials said on Sunday that a sophisticated tunnel running 450 meters into Israel and intended as a springboard for terrorist attacks had been uncovered by troops.

“This tunnel, which looks like the New York subway, is apparently intended to kidnap soldiers or for some other kind of terrorist attack,” Haim Yelin told army radio.

“It is impressively executed, with concrete supports,” he added.

Terrorists were apparently planning a large-scale infiltration and attack, and were possibly planning to bring Israeli civilians back to Gaza as captives.

Terrorists have made several attempts to kidnap Israelis in recent months, with the goal of exchanging captives for terrorists being held in Israeli prisons. A terror tunnel similar to that found Wednesday night was used in the 2006 kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, along with the killing of two other soldiers.

The terror tunnel that was exposed began in the Gaza town of Absan al-Zariz, located between the city of Khan Younis and the Gaza security fence. It extended for 2.5 kilometers (over 1.5 miles).

The tunnel had been packed with explosives at various points. Several offshoots had been dug leading off in various directions.


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calendar   Monday - October 07, 2013

earning the right to 72 virgins. easy. slaughter a few children

Folks, sometimes tho it can hurt we have to acknowledge ppl who just do not think as we do, and give em some credit for bravery and all the other macho stuff that makes a fighting man. And these days, some women as well.

For example, when a man has a cause worthy of fighting for and gives his all, he is a hero. He has faced an enemy and either survived or died fighting.

In a world far separate from ours with a totally separate definition of what I describe …. here’s a case of one man facing his enemy and in the brave tradition of his kind of people …. has sacrificed himself against a vicious enemy worthy of his hate.  His reward is 72 virgins and he gets to meet allah.  And all he had to do was … kill a few children.  I ask you. Wasn’t that brave of him? Hey … that’s macho for ya.
Take a look.

A SUICIDE BOMBER KILLED 14 CHILDREN when he drove a truck packed with explosives into the playground of a primary school.

The attack took place at around 9.30am in the village of Qabak, around 260 miles north-west of Baghdad.
An estimated 90 people were injured, the majority of whom were children, and the school’s male head teacher was killed in the blast.


Then, moving right along another story of some bravery facing an enemy and you can of course understand the threat here.

A nine-year-old Jewish girl was seriously injured in a suspected Palestinian militant attack while playing outside her home on Saturday in a settlement in the West Bank, Israeli police said.

Israeli authorities weren’t able to find the shooter who they say was a sniper. 

Meanwhile, spokesmen for militants in Gaza praised the attack.

“We salute and congratulate our people in the west bank for heroic resistance operations that target Israeli soldiers and Zionist settlers as a response to all acts of violence, oppression and terrorism practised by the Israelis against our people.”

The 9 year old has survived as of this writing. She got lucky but, no virgins for the shooter.

Wow ... the Israelis as terrorists? Well yeah. I can see that.

In a world turned upside down.


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calendar   Monday - September 09, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Stolen from Theo’s, who copied it from somebody else who found it on YouTube.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, was last week. Hope everyone had a great time.

I thought this was a very cute, inventive recycle of Shakira’s tune from the 2010 World Cup.

The Fountainheads are a group of young Israeli singers, dancers, and musicians, all graduates and students of the Ein Prat Academy for Leadership, who have joined forces to create new Jewish artistic content for today’s Jewish world.

Through their videos and live performances, the Fountainheads’ work is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. The Fountainheads perform at special events, trips, concerts, weddings, and simchas in Israel, and also tour overseas a few times a year.


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calendar   Friday - August 16, 2013

daniel seaman …. lets have three cheers and three cheers more for

When I first came across this today, I just knew I HAD to post it. All of it.


Mr. Daniel Seaman I would bet ya, but not 100% certain, may be an American originally.  I mean after all, who but one of us would express himself quite this way?

“Go take a flying ****” Who but one of us would think of ‘F’ and flying?  Hey, say what you will but that’s my kind of spokesman.  I want him for president.

How many times have we wished that one of our politicians would just come right out and tell someone to get bent.

Well, even if it was on Facebook, Mr. Seaman did just that.

In fact, not satisfied with once, he told off some folks a few times. 

Bmews, I am pleased to introduce you to Daniel Seaman.  Who looks a tiny bit like Christopher Walken.




Israeli spin doctor silenced over Facebook posts

An Israeli government spin doctor has been barred from speaking out in public after a series of vitriolic diatribes on Facebook that included an attack on the Church of Scotland and condemnation of memorials honouring the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb victims.

By Robert Tait, Jerusalem

The official gagging order has been imposed on Daniel Seaman, outgoing deputy director of the now-defunct ministry of public diplomacy and dispora affairs, after his comments drew the attention of the Japanese embassy in Tel Aviv.

It means he will be unable to speak or write on Israel’s behalf as he prepares to move to the office of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, as head of the interactive media unit, a job whose remit involves commenting on foreign affairs.

Mr Netanyahu’s administration acted after Japanese diplomats contactedIsrael’s foreign minister to ask if Mr Seaman’s August 8 Facebook comment on Japan reflected Israeli government policy.

The post argued that victims of the 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were being remembered at the expense of those who died under Japanese military occupation.

“I am sick of the Japanese, of the Japanese, “Human Rights” and “Peace” groups the world over holding their annual self-righteous commemorations for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims,” Mr Seaman wrote. “Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the consequence of Japanese aggression. You reap what you sow…

“Instead, they should be commemorating the estimated 50 million Chinese, Korean and other victims of Japanese imperial aggression and genocide - not to mention nearly 120,000 Allied military casualties who fought to defeat the genocidal Japanese. These are who deserve to be and should be remembered this week.”

It was the latest in a series of robust comments left by Mr Seaman on Facebook, Haaretz newspaper reported.

He attacked the Church of Scotland in May over a report which suggested that Jews had no divine claim to the land of historic Palestine.

He wrote:

“The Church of Scotland? The Calvinist, Presbytarian [sic] Church of Scotland? Why do you think we give a flyin F*** what you have to say?”

On July 22, he lambasted the EU’s decision to label the military wing of Hizbollah, the Lebanese Shia organisation, as a terrorist group “half-assed” because it made a distinction with its political wing.

At the start of the Muslim holy festival of Ramadan on July 9, he wrote:

“Does the commencement of the fast of the Ramadan mean that Muslims will stop eating each other during the daytime?”

Another post on May 26, referred to comments by Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator, that Israel had a duty to return to its pre-1967 borders.

“Is there a diplomatic way of saying ‘Go F*** yourself?’” Mr Seaman wrote.

In a statement, the prime minister’s office said: “These comments are not acceptable and definitely do not express the positions of the state of Israel.”
Israeli officials declined to say if Mr Seaman might be sacked but indicated that further disciplinary proceeding were afoot.

“For someone who up till now has worked in public affairs to be told that he cannot do this any more, and that’s before any process that might or might not happen, well that’s an important step,” one government insider said.

Mr Seaman, a member of Mr Netanyahu’s Right-wing Likud party, is a former head of Israel’s government press office, when he was noted for his often confrontational relationships with foreign correspondents covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Lets have three cheers for Mr. Seaman and three cheers more.



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calendar   Friday - January 04, 2013

Benji The Racist

Big Talk. Now Make It Happen

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel’s prime minister says thousands of Africans who have infiltrated into Israel will be sent back home.

Benjamin Netanyahu declared Wednesday that Israel has halted the flow of African migrants into Israel over the past seven months. He spoke while visiting the fence Israel built on border with Egypt to keep migrants out.

He said he will soon begin “repatriating the tens of thousands of infiltrators in Israel to their countries of origin.”

About 60,000 Africans have entered Israel in recent years, some seeking asylum and others looking for work.

Sigal Rozen, whose group assists migrants, says it’s unlikely Israel can repatriate them, since many come from conflict zones or countries that have no ties with Israel.

Hoo boy, this one’s going to explode on the news the moment they start to load up the first boat. Hey Benji, play it smart and make sure the cameras see you sending home some Irish and Portuguese too. Not that it will make any difference. Certain groups get a pass, no matter what.

OTOH, if some of those African asylum seekers are provably Falashas, then he’s in a world of trouble within Israel itself. Africa is a huge place, and I have no idea which part these infiltrators came from.

... and Drew ties another post to the Aksum/Queen of Sheba post! Learning stuff is dangerous; you start noticing all sorts of things you’d never been aware of before! LOL

This may be news over here, but the problem is not at all new in Israel. There seems to be a pretty huge groundswell of public opinion that these people should get the boot. On the other hand, there are some who want them to stay; part of the core concept of Israel is that it is a refuge, and it looks like the vast majority of these ‘infiltrators’ are from Eritrea. Eritrea, as you recall, is a tiny bit of a country on the lower Red Sea, which broke off from Ethiopia about 20 years ago. It’s very much an Islamic nation, and it’s also a hellhole with one of the worst human rights ratings of any country on earth. The same thing goes for the newly independent South Sudan. Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai, among many others, has been speaking out about this problem for several years now. Jump over to Haaretz or the JPost and you can read hundreds of news articles on the topic.

Border control fans in the USA will find the next bit quite interesting: Once Israel got the border fence properly built, not one single infiltrator was able to get in. Not one.

12/24/12: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday signaled he was ready to begin repatriating African migrants, which he termed the “second stage” in the effort to clear Israel of illegal infiltrators.

“We have succeeded in blocking the entry of infiltrators from Africa to Israel,” Netanyahu said at the start of a discussion he convened on the issue. “After having faced the threat of the entry of hundreds of thousands, this month, not one infiltrator entered Israel’s cities.”

The prime minister said that after workers complete construction of the the security fence being built along Israel’s southern border next month, Israel will start working to send migrants already in Israel back to their home countries. “Now we are moving on to the second stage, that of repatriating the infiltrators who are already here.”

On the third hand, this could be a lot of political posturing. There is a significant right-wing faction in Israel that could need a bit of pandering to for the upcoming elections. And that bunch has already held “Banish the darkness” rallies.

Calling it a move to “banish the darkness,” right-wing MKs Michael Ben-Ari and Arieh Eldad held a Hanukka candle-lighting ceremony in south Tel Aviv on Monday to issue a call to expel all African migrants from Israel.
Ben-Ari’s parliamentary aide and right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir said, “We came to expel the darkness!” but added that the message of the rally was not racist, as they accept Ethiopian Jews.

He clarified that the “darkness” refers to the poverty and suffering among residents of south Tel Aviv and other neighborhoods with high populations of African migrants, and not to people of color.


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calendar   Thursday - September 27, 2012

Even With Diagrams, Nobody Will Listen

Netanyahu At UN: A Red Line Must Be Drawn

That Iran Will Not Be Allowed To Cross


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the stage at the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, acerbically responding to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s anti-Israel remarks.

He made his case against Iran, arguing that time is quickly running out to stop the Islamic Republic from becoming a nuclear power and the threat of force must be seriously considered.

Earlier in the evening, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the assembly, announcing he has opened talks on a new bid for international recognition of a Paletinian state at the UN, but avoiding specifying exactly when he will ask the General Assembly to vote.

Abbas said in his speech that “intensive consultations with the various regional organizations and the state members” were underway.

The Palestinians will apply to the General Assembly for nonmember state status. That stands in sharp contrast to last year, when they asked the Security Council to admit them as a full member state, but the bid failed.

Earlier still, an Israeli official said Netanyahu is expected to set out a “clear red line” for Iran’s disputed nuclear drive, adding that the plan could be pursued together with the United States.

Netanyahu faces the world body a day after US President Barack Obama disappointed some Israelis by imposing no ultimatum to the Iranians in his own address, though he did warn that time for diplomacy with Tehran “is not unlimited”.

“The prime minister will set a clear red line in his speech that will not contradict Obama’s remarks. Obama said Iran won’t have nuclear weapons. The prime minister will clarify the way in which Iran won’t have nuclear arms,” a senior Israeli official said en route to New York.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu drew an actual red line with a marker on a chart symbolizing Iran’s uranium enrichment program, and expained that Iran must be told that if it reaches 90% of the enriched uranium it needs for a nuclear bomb, it will be attacked.
“Yesterday was Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. Every year for over three millennia, we have come together on this Day of Atonement. We remember the great travails of our dispersion. But at the end of Yom Kippur we celebrate the rebirth of Israel. We celebrate of the flourishing modern Jewish state.

“The forces of Medievalism seek a world in which not life, but death is glorified. These forces clash throughout the globe, but nowhere more starkly than the Middle East. The Medieval forces of radical Islam whom you saw storming embassies in the Middle East – want to destroy freedom and end the modern world.

“They are all rooted in the same bitter soil of intolerance. That intolerance is directed to their own fellow Muslims as well as Jews, Hindus and Christians, anyone who refuses to relent to their creed. I am sure that ultimately they will fail. The relevant question is not whether this fanaticism will be defeated, but how many lives will be lost before it’s defeated.”

Netanyahu referred to the Nazi regime, and noted that the world took too long to wake up to its danger. “My friends, we cannot let that happen again. At stake is the future of Iran. Imagine the world with a nuclear armed Al Qaeda.

“Given this record of Iranian aggression without nuclear weapons – just imagine Iranian aggression with nuclear weapons. Imagine their long range missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, their terror networks armed with atomic bombs. Who would be safe in the Middle East? Who would be safe in Europe?

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been speaking about the need to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons for over 15 years. I spoke about it when it was fashionable and when it wasn’t fashionable. The hour is getting late. Very late. When it comes to the survival of my country, it is not only my right to speak – it is my duty to speak. And I believe that this is the duty of every responsible leader who wants to preserve world peace.”

Given that Obama’s earlier remarks had been wishy-washy, Netanyahu’s Nazi reference effectively called him another Chamberlain. No kidding. Just like Bush before him. The time to bomb Iran was about 9 hours after Iraq fell, when they were sure we were coming and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. Smoke the country, turn their mud cities into dust, turn their stone cities into mud, then leave. Go back to Iraq and see if there’s going to be an underground insurgency. Not likely. Oh well, that’s not how it happened, but the white gloves treatment of the mad mullahs has been going on a long long time.

Benji did a nice job today of silently rattling the invisible saber, and even had the crowd on it’s feet and cheering at one point, but I doubt that this will have any impact, even with a drawing so simple even Democrats could understand it.



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calendar   Friday - July 13, 2012


I love some of the comments ppl are making at the DM. (Daily Mail)
Anyway .... there’s something so fetching about a girl and her gun.  Isn’t there.

Reading the comments which can often be more interesting then the articles, it’s apparent that some ppl just do not understand why Israel stays armed to the teeth. 

They really are dangerous curves: Heavily armed and bikini-clad female Israeli soldiers ‘mingle’ with beachgoers

Women make up almost one-third of the IDF and 50% of its officers

Almost the entire female population must spend two years in the military after reaching 18 due to compulsory military service

In a bid to promote tourism in 2007, Israel’s Foreign Ministry backed a public relations campaign showing former female soldiers in bikinis on its beaches


Standing confidently on the beach, with a rifle casually slung over her shoulder, you would think twice about knocking over this woman’s sandcastle. 

The bikini-clad subject is thought to be a solider and a member of the highly-trained Israeli Defence Forces.

Since the surprising photo, snapped in Tel Aviv, was posted on the internet it has gone viral with many users reacted with shock at seeing such a hostile weapon on a sunny beach.


Under Israeli military regulations, if members take their weapon out from their military base they must keep them near at all times.

Punishments for losing or misplacing a weapon can include time in a military prison.

The photo, which has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of users, seems to have originated on Facebook under the title ‘Only in Israel’ and then spread across the internet, including onto the social news website Reddit.

Another user wrote: ‘The photo is taken on the beach in Tel Aviv, and it is commonplace to see such sights during the summer.’

Israel’s compulsory military service means that almost the entire female population must spend two years in the military after reaching 18.



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