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calendar   Saturday - January 07, 2006

Hot For Teacher, Part MMCDLXVII

OK, OK. How does one follow a post like the one below this one (with those two butt-ugly broads)? Simple! One goes out and digs around the internet to find the latest “Hot Teacher Having Sex With Students” story (complete with pic) and one is thereby forgiven for the gruesome photoshopping previously mentioned. At least that’s what The Skipper hopes will happen.

Anyway, here ya go. Horny blonde teacher in LA corrupts young boys and leads them down the evil path of ... sex. It will be years before the mental scars heal in those poor lads .... Aw, horse-puckey! They’re considered “made men” by their buddies at school. You know it’s true. As most females I have ever known keep telling me, guys are all a bunch of lying horn-dogs, no matter what their age is. To which I usually reply, “so what’s your freaking point?” - That usually shuts them up ... for about a millisecond ....

imageimageFormer Teacher Gets Six Years
For Sex With Students

The ex-middle school instructor apologizes to her victims and their families in a Santa Ana courtroom. She must register as a sex offender.

A former Orange middle school teacher who had sex with three students was sentenced Friday to six years in prison as her attorney painted the boys as willing participants who looked at pornography and bought condoms to prepare for the encounters. Sarah Bench-Salorio, 29, a former Santiago Charter Middle School teacher and the wife of a one-time school board candidate, pleaded guilty in September to 29 counts of lewd conduct. She received the maximum sentence and must register as a sex offender.

Wearing a gray suit, her brown hair pulled into a ponytail, Bench-Salorio apologized in Orange County Superior Court. “I understand clearly what I’ve done, and it will stay in my conscience that I’ve been an instrument of so much pain to those I truly cared for,” she said, crying as she read a statement. “For 27 years of my life I was an upstanding individual with principles. I’m a good person. I understand I made horrible mistakes…. I’m extremely sorry.”

She continued crying softly as her victims’ parents tearfully told Judge Richard F. Toohey that their formerly well-behaved boys had become angry and disruptive since the incidents. One victim’s father told the judge that his son wanted to contact the husband of former Washington teacher Mary Kay Letourneau to ask him how he coped while she was imprisoned for seven years after having sex with him when he was 12.

The boy’s stepmother told the judge that Bench-Salorio had contacted her son after her arrest through a classmate to tell him to wait for her because she expected her prison sentence would be only two years. Prior to her arrest, Bench-Salorio gave the boy a coffee-table book about Montana, using Post-It notes to mark the places she planned to take him, Venus Soltan, the attorney representing two families in their suits against the Orange Unified School District, said outside the Santa Ana courtroom.

A second victim’s parents told the judge that Bench-Salorio had offered to tutor their son during lunch and after school and baby-sit. Instead, she drove him to her house or a deserted parking lot where they would have sex in the backseat of her car, prosecutors said.

“You may have heard about how she was a great teacher, that students loved her and thought she was cool,” said the mother of the first victim. “But she definitely did not keep them safe. She was the very predator they needed protection against.” Allan H. Stokke, Bench-Salorio’s attorney, argued for a three-year sentence, saying the boys did not suffer the way victims of sexual abuse do when they have been coerced. The boys enjoyed their encounters with her, he said, even anticipating them. “It’s a mistake for her to have gone along with it,” Stokke said.

He said that Bench-Salorio suffered from depression and bipolar disorder but is now taking medication and undergoing therapy. “Her mind was emotionally messed up at the time, no question about it,” Stokke said. Deputy Dist. Atty. John F. Christl portrayed the former teacher as a manipulative adult who abused her students’ trust: “I do not subscribe to the locker-room science where a boy should feel privileged to be molested by someone twice his age.”

After the sentencing, Christl echoed the parents’ concern that she could continue to be a threat to their sons and other children after her prison term. Bench-Salorio met her first victim in May 2003. He was a 12-year-old fifth-grader at Panorama Elementary School in north Tustin, where she taught before transferring to Santiago. Prosecutors said she had sex with him over the next 16 months. Through him, she met a 13-year-old, whom she molested in the summer of 2004.

She had sex with a third boy, a 13-year-old seventh-grader in her class at Santiago. She was arrested the day after he contacted police in January 2005. During a search of her Orange home, police seized journals containing poetry, sketches and writings referring to the victims, the prosecutor said. A report released two weeks after the teacher’s arrest faulted Santiago administrators for overlooking repeated warnings about her behavior.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 14, 2005

Hot For Teacher, Episode #248

Ho-hum. Another week, another lusty female teacher. This one is from Pensacola, Florida. Where are they finding all of these horny educators? More importantly, why weren’t they hiring them when I was in school back in the Jurassic ...?

imageimageTeacher Accused Of Two-Year
Affair With Her Student


A former Escambia County teacher has been charged with having sex with an underage student at a private school where she taught before working at the public Escambia High School. Janelle Marie Bird, 24, is accused of having a two-year affair with a student from East Hill Christian School.

The boy was 15 when the affair began. Bird was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery and two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, all are second degree felonies. Bird turned herself to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office on Friday and was released after posting a $15,000 bond, The Pensacola News Journal reported Monday.

Bird’s attorney, Jerry T. Allred of Pensacola, did not immediately return a telephone call from The Associated Press seeking comment on the case Monday. If convicted, Bird faces up to 15 years in prison on each count.

Bird left East Hill Christian School in June for a job with the Escambia County School District where she was teaching reading to ninth- and tenth-grade students at Escambia High School when the allegations surfaced.

The Escambia County School Board voted Nov. 22 to fire Bird without cause before her probationary status expired. The board fired Bird after the rumors of the affair surfaced. Because she had not completed enough time with the district, she was still on probation and could be fired without reason at any time.


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calendar   Tuesday - December 06, 2005

Hot For Teacher, Episode MLIX

WHEW! I was getting scared, thinking that our streak of sleazy stories about some wild female teacher seducing a (lucky?) teenage boy was about to end. Never fear! Our streak lives on. Now in its umpteenth continuous week, we present this week’s titillating teaser teacher from Pell City, Alabama. Are we on a roll here or what ... ?

imageimageEx-teacher Gets Prison For Sex With Student

A former Leeds High School teacher was sentenced to prison Monday after admitting in court that she had consensual sex with a 15-year-old boy. Emily Morris, 27, will spend one year and a day in prison and serve four years on probation under the sentence handed down by St. Clair County Circuit Judge Jim Hill.

She pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree rape; in return, a second count of second-degree rape and one count of second-degree sodomy were dropped.

The boy was a student at the school, where Morris taught 10th-grade English for part of the 2004-05 school year. Morris had sex with the boy in her car off-campus in February, Assistant District Attorney Lamar Williamson said. “She knew how old he was,” Williamson told Hill.

“Is that true?” Hill asked Morris.

“Yes sir,” Morris said quietly.

Hill ordered Morris to report to the St. Clair County Jail on Jan. 5. She has been free on $5,000 bond since her arrest in June. She appeared to be on the verge of tears as she left the almost empty courtroom with relatives. Morris could have received up to 20 years in prison for the crime, a Class B felony.

Williamson said it was important that Morris spend some time in prison because she took advantage of her “position of trust and authority” as a teacher. Morris’ attorney, William Dawson, said she agreed to the plea bargain, in part, because of the possibility of receiving a much longer sentence.

Morris resigned from her job after allegations surfaced earlier this year. The victim’s father reported the crime to the Leeds Police Department in March. St. Clair County investigators became involved because the crime took place in the county.

A grand jury indicted Morris in June. Second-degree rape occurs when a person older than 16 has sex with a person younger than 16, provided the offender is at least two years older than the victim.


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calendar   Friday - November 25, 2005

Bad Girls: Watcha Gonna Do …

I love reading Pravda occasionally if for no other reason than the broken English and crazy ideas the Russkis come up with now that Communism is dead and they have rejoined the human race. Today’s dissertation from Pravda concerns the difference between good girls and bad girls. I’m amazed it took our comrades of the male gender this long to figure out the Axis Of Boobies. American guys have usually figured out all of the facts below by the time they turn 12 ....

imageimageBad Girls Are Fun In Parties And Sex, But Boring In Family Life

Millions of girls that live on planet Earth and make men’s lives better, brighter and healthier, can generally be divided into two major categories: good girls and bad girls. Of course, if a man meets one of the girls from the second of the two categories, his life will get nerve-racking, dull and sick. An evaluation criterion is quite simple. It has to do with a stranger asking a girl for favors. A good girl will say a quick and categorical “no” while a bad one will ask the man “when”. There is a set of virtues and shortcomings both types of the girls are bestowed with.

Let us talk about the bad girls first and make a list of their unquestionable virtues. Their ability to be great fun is on top of the list. They can party all night and they can party the next day too. They laugh a lot, they are fond of flirting. Anybody can feel like a professional lady-killer when hanging out with them. Bad girls have an optimistic attitude to life. They are full of energy. They do not indulge in self-analysis. They do not tend to fall into a period of depression. Life is a never-ending show for them.

Bad girls are hungry for sex. They enjoy sexual experimentation. They will do anything they want and maybe more than you want them to when having sex with you. Their screams of joy will make you think you are really hung like a stud. Bad girls are pretty and sexy. They walk in elegant ways. They are used to be in the spotlight. They wear necklaces and beads, prefer low-cut necklines and mini skirts. Their lingerie is satin and lace. Well, if they wear it at all. However, despite obvious advantages, bad girls are really bad when it comes to certain things.

First, they can not be trusted. Indeed, these vultures are serial flirters and were made to seduce anything that moves. How the hell can they be trusted? Second, they can be dangerous if they happen to be behind the wheel. They can be as wild and reckless driving a car as they are when making love. These girls are always unpredictable, they often end up in a company of junkies or rummies. You can not build a solid relationship with this kind of girl. Soon you will find out that she is very selfish and simply does not give a damn about her potential partner. Girls like that enjoy being extravagant. They love going on a shopping spree if money is at hand. They will make lousy wives and mothers, their life is a string of divorce.

So you had better court the good ones. The good ones can vary as well but this is the truth: you can experience the precious moments of inner peace and comfort only when a good girl looks after you. She will takes care of you when you fall ill, she will miss you when you are out somewhere. Sex is not the top priority for good girls so you do not have to be a super lover. A girl like that is unlikely to cheat on you. Stop worrying even if she is exceptionally pretty. Remember how she told you to beat it on the first date when you tried to make out with her after having a few drinks. She can discourage any guy in a similar way. Good girls are mostly stick to monogamous relationships.


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calendar   Friday - November 18, 2005

Plastic Lover

Quick! Try to imagine your worst nightmare! .... Nope, not even close. The gentleman in the story below has got to be having the worst day of his life because: (1) he lives in Iowa, (2) he was discovered having “relations” with a female mannequin, (3) the mannequin appears to have been “molested” several times previously, (4) the Iowa newspaper and website not only printed his name but his address, and finally (5) thousands of readers at BMEWS will have the rest of the day to talk about him. Sometimes, suicide is actually a viable option ....

imageimagePolice Find Semi-Nude Man Inside Pavilion

A Sioux Falls man is charged with indecent exposure after being found partially unclothed and lying on the floor with a female mannequin in the Washington Pavilion.

Michael James Plentyhorse, 18, 708 N. Dakota Ave., was discovered by a Pavilion security officer at 4:35 p.m. Monday in the Washington High School Alumni Room, police said.

The guard observed Plentyhorse with his pants and underclothing down and lying next to the half-naked female mannequin, a police report states.

“There was inappropriate activity between him and the mannequin. That’s the only way I know how to put it,” Sioux Falls police officer Loren McManus said.

Security staff at the Pavilion say they have noticed the same mannequin has previously been found undressed on several occasions, McManus said.

No drugs or alcohol appear to have been involved.


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calendar   Thursday - November 17, 2005

As The World Turns

When we left our heroine teacher bimbo in the last episode of “As The World Turns”, she had just been released from jail on bail for having sex with one of her students. Our story today takes another terrible twist for the nympho blonde bombshell as she is now accused of ....

imageimageFemale Teacher Accused of Having
Sex With Student Now
Accused of Stealing Boyfriend


A Riverview woman is upset not only because her boyfriend dumped her for another woman, but because of who that woman is and the time she may spend around her child. That woman is Debra Lafave.

Lafave is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old student. It is a confusing story that involves the ex-girlfriend of Lafave’s current boyfriend, Andrew Beck. We learn about the triangle from court documents. In a motion for protection, the ex-girlfriend says Lafave came to the restaurant she works at and told her, ‘I’m Andrew’s first love and he would do anything for me.”

The ex-girlfriend, Lisa York, says “Lafave boasted, ‘If I wanted I could take him away from you.’” The documents say “Lafave came back again and said he still loved her and she has him now.” Although Beck says Lafave would be a good influence on the two-year-old child he had with York as well as the 12-year-old daughter York has, she doesn’t want the children to be around Lafave.

York says if Lafave were a man, she wouldn’t be allowed to be around young children, and she doesn’t want her kids to be around Lafave. However the court order granting bail made no mention of staying away from children. Lafave’s attorney declined to comment. Some court house observers say it sounds more like a motion filed from a scorned lover. The judge refused to grant an order to keep Lafave away from the children.

Perhaps we need to get our man in Tampa, Z-Woof, to arrange a meeting between Ms. Lafave and The Skipper so he can try to convince her to mend her ways by giving it up to older men for a change?


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calendar   Monday - November 14, 2005

Hell Hath No Fury …

... like a female political boss who has been spurned. Especially in the concrete jungles of New York politics. The jury found her guilty of sexual harassment but awarded him no money. I guess they assumed he got his money’s worth over an 18-month long period of “harassment”.

This story wins our “Sleaze Award Du Jour” (unless something better comes along before close of business this afternoon - which is why we wait patiently for San Francisco to trump this one with another ace in the hole - so to speak). For those who cherish the really sleazy stuff, skip ahead to paragraph six ...

November 14, 2005

A Long Island jury found that Huntington ex-Councilwoman Susan Scarpati-Reilly coerced harbormaster Bill Perks into sex but awarded him no money. The Long Island harbormaster at the center of a scintillating sex scandal is speaking for the first time since a court found he was sexually harassed by his former boss — calling the woman “insatiable.” During their 18-month affair, Huntington ex-Councilwoman Susan Scarpati-Reilly lusted for kinky sex in public places and “was a sexual-predator politician,” said former Huntington harbormaster Bill Perks, breaking his silence in an exclusive interview with The Post.

“She had an appetite that could not be believed. She had an insatiable desire for sex.” The interview came after a federal jury found Perks, 53, was “subjected to unwelcome sexual advances or demands” by Scarpati-Reilly. The jury also determined that the married 53-year-old councilwoman’s advances “resulted in a tangible employment action” affecting his job — but it did not award Perks a dime.

“I was the hunted harbormaster, and the jury found that I was the sexually harassed harbormaster,” Perks said, looking over Centerport Harbor from the deck of his home.  Perks said the secret affair began when Scarpati-Reilly became his protector in the rough-and-tumble world of Huntington politics and they began “going out for beers,” which led to a friendship and, later, sex up to five times a week, he claims.

Over 18 months, Perks said they had consensual sex more than 200 times — in Town Hall, on his houseboat, “in the weeds” at a nude beach on Fire Island, in cars and in motels. In their first after-hours erotic encounter, Perks said he was “extremely nervous” when Scarpati-Reilly led him to a Town of Huntington attorney’s office, closed the door and told him: “I need to be hugged.”

“The next thing you know,” Perks said, “the groping began and the clothes were coming off.” He said they had sex “on the floor and on the desk. Having sex in Town Hall is more complicated than it sounds.” He said the politician and former prosecutor swore him to secrecy. They were never caught and all went well — until Perks found a girlfriend, fell in love and tried to end the affair with the councilwoman in the summer of 1998.

Perks claims that, when he tried to bail out of the relationship, the politician threatened to scuttle his job — unless he kept servicing her. In one encounter, he said, Scarpati-Reilly showed him an order demanding his termination.  “She demanded that I drop to my knees and beg her to keep my job, which I did,” said Perks. That incident in her office, he said, also led to oral sex — but he could not perform because of the pressure.

“She said, ‘What? Have you turned gay on me?’ I begged her” to continue the alleged affair, said Perks. “Make no mistake — in her office, she forced me to have sex.” At the four-week federal civil trial, Scarpati-Reilly, her husband, Steve, and their 22-year-old son all testified that the politician spent a weekend at upstate Mohonk resort with her husband — not Perks. But Perks insists that it was he, not Steve Reilly, who was with the councilwoman at the hotel that weekend.

“I was shtupping his wife. We had a blowout. It was a beautiful spot,” Perks said. “And I was not reading a book,” he said, with a grin, referring to Reilly’s testimony that that’s how he himself spent that weekend. Perks said he will not give up the ship and he and his lawyer Ed Yule said they will appeal the verdict. Yule called the verdict “inconsistent” and said he hoped an appeals court will recognize that, as well as several other “errors,” and grant Perks a new trial.

Scarpati-Reilly at first agreed to an interview and then canceled it, citing a lawyer’s advice, her husband said. She has denied she ever had sex with Perks and claims he made up the sensational claims after she accused him of slapping her during a confrontation in 1999.


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calendar   Monday - October 24, 2005

Real Men Return

I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about this the other day and wondered what it was he was referring to. Rush claims he is one of the first of the new “übersexuals”. I hate to disillusion Rush but I was there first. I’ve been one for fifty-six years and was never tempted to join the “metrosexuals”, those sensitive, smooth-complexioned boys. Naw! I’m as “über” as they get. The only thing I dislike about the new monicker is some doofus dared to include George Clooney and Bill Clinton in the club. That will not do.

Any of you ladies out there who crave a real man need look no further. Just send me a private e-mail and I’ll put you on the list. Try to be patient though. Us real men are in short supply nowadays ....

Metrosexual Man Bows To Red-Blooded Übersexuals

It’s good news for traditional American men. The metrosexual is dead: long live the übersexual. After dominating US style and fashion for several years, the ideal of the modern male as someone who cared about fashion and skin care as much as a woman did is about to be swept aside by a return to old-fashioned, masculine values: fine wines, cigars and red-blooded heterosexuality.

‘Ubersexuals are confident, masculine and stylish, and committed to uncompromising quality in all areas of life,’ said Marian Salzman, co-author of a new book, The Future of Men. Salzman, a vice-president of the global advertising firm JWT, is the trend-spotter who first promoted the rise of the metrosexual, a term lauded and derided in equal measure, as it described a new sort of man who aped women’s tastes.

Now, however, maleness has hit back, she says. While metrosexuals were obsessed with self-image and lifestyle, the übersexual is politically aware and passionate about real world causes. The metrosexual has women who are his best friends, while the übersexual respects women but retains men as his closest confidants. The metrosexual grooms his hair: the übersexual grooms his mind. The metrosexual reads Vogue and Cosmo, the übersexual the Economist and the New Yorker.

Celebrity metrosexuals include Jude Law, Orlando Bloom and David Beckham, whose good looks can be seen as slightly womanly. Their übersexual counterparts include George Clooney, Donald Trump, Pierce Brosnan and Bill Clinton, who are fashionable and wear tasteful clothes, but are unashamedly masculine, not least in their often complicated and very heterosexual lifestyles. Salzman’s book proclaims the world’s leading übersexual as the rock star and anti-poverty campaigner Bono.

But all this is unlikely to provide much comfort for the ordinary man, who is now being told to dump his feminine side and try to become an alpha male. ‘Ubersexuals are the most attractive and compelling men of their generations. They are confident, masculine and stylish,’ she said.

- Go Read More About Real Men Here


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