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calendar   Thursday - March 29, 2007

Hot For Teacher, Part LIX

imageimageAll You Need To Know

1. She is a 28-year-old teacher in Australia

2. The boy was 15 years old.

3. She is an alcoholic.

4. The boy was not a student of hers.

5. The boy called her up one morning and invited her over to his house.

6. She was still drunk after a party the night before and accepted.

7. They were caught nekkid by a friend of the boys who walked in on them.

8. Aforementioned “friend” then called the police.

9. She confessed to police and is on trial.

10. Crikey!

- The Rest Of The Story ...


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calendar   Monday - February 12, 2007

Viagra Valentine

It seems our Brit friends have decided to take on the fast-breeding Muslims invading their shores with the only tool available - viagra. Yes, a leading British pharmacy chain is going to start selling viagra over the counter to any gentleman who asks for it and they’re going to begin sales on Valentines Day. Yeah, that ought to teach those fornicating invaders from the Third World a thing or two about British resolve. Have at it lads! This boner is for Queen and Country!

British Chain Sells Valentine Viagra OTC
LONDON (AP) - February 12, 2007, 2:55 PM EST

A gimmick timed for Valentine’s Day, or a dangerous medical precedent? Britain’s biggest pharmacy chain, Boots, will start selling Viagra over the counter at some stores on Feb. 14—a day also designated in Britain as National Impotence Day.

Doctors are warning of the hazards of making the erectile dysfunction drug freely available to men—especially those with medical conditions such as diabetes or heart problems.

“This sets a very bad precedent and should not be condoned,” said Dr. Andrew McCullough, a sexual health expert at New York University Medical Center. “This system is basically prescribing medication without doctors.”

Under the scheme, men age 30 to 65 who want the impotence-fighting drug will have a one-hour consultation with a pharmacist, who will take their medical history and check blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. If no medical red flags are raised, the men can buy four Viagra pills for $97. For a refill, they will have to see a private doctor.

“We’re increasing access to Viagra for men who may be too embarrassed to talk about it with their general physician,” Boots spokeswoman Clare Stafford said Monday.

But doctors fear the practice could lead to major health problems being overlooked—and set a bad precedent for other countries. In many cases, sexual dysfunction is an indicator of an underlying disease, such as heart failure or diabetes.

- More ...

Now you know of course that The Skipper couldn’t let it go at that. Why? Because as soon as I read this news story a familiar scene from a particular Monty Python movie popped into my mind. The scene involved Graham Chapman and Eric Idle in a poignant scene of British home life. See if you can guess which scene I’m thinking of before you click “Continue Reading” ....

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Sunday - February 04, 2007

Britannia Sinks Beneath The Waves: Episode #429

Just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse in Old Blighty, along comes another magistrate ("judge" for us Yanks) and frees a pedophile who molested a six-year-old girl. But don’t worry ... the honorable judge did impose punishment by telling the perverted perp that he will have to go out and buy a new bicycle for the little lass to help her get over the crime that was committed against her.

My guess is that if the perp comes before the judge again, he’ll have to throw in milk and cookies for the next little girl. And you wonder why so many Brits are headed for Canada and Australia? Pretty soon there won’t be much left in Britain but angry Muslims, perverts and the Liberals who love them. I say to all of our Brit readers, “C’mon over blokes. We’ll save a place for you here - and we’ll even provide you with a Mexican gardener ... free of charge.”

Judge Tells Paedophile To Buy Bike For Girl, 6
(TELEGRAPH-UK) - Sunday, 4 February - 12:33am GMT

imageimageChildren’s charities have attacked the decision of a judge who freed a paedophile and told him to buy his six-year-old victim a new bicycle to “cheer her up”. Eric Cole, who has a previous conviction for sexually assaulting a child, admitted touching the girl as she played in a garden.

Judge Julian Hall gave the 71-year-old a nine-month suspended sentence and ordered him to pay £250 compensation, telling him: “If it buys her a new bicycle, that’s the sort of thing that might cheer her up.”

Elaine Peace, UK director of children’s services for NCH, said: “Any proposal by a serving judge that a sex attack on a child can be compensated by a gift is wholly unacceptable and shows a complete lack of understanding of the severity of the effects of sexual abuse on a child.”

Oxford Crown Court heard how the girl’s mother interrupted the attack in Barton, Oxon, last July 31. Cole, from Bedford, was jailed for 15 months in 1998 for assaulting a 12-year-old girl and earlier this year admitted sexual assault on a child under 13.

Judge Hall also ordered him to attend a sexual offenders programme, and banned him from being alone with children under 16 for five years.


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calendar   Thursday - February 01, 2007


How does shit like this happen? Don’t schools require a birth certificate or some form of identification any more? Do you mean to tell me a 29-year-old fooled all of the administrators, teachers and students about his age? More importantly - why was this perverted asshole on the street to begin with? What do we have to do to get our justice system back on track and either castrate these animals or keep them locked up for life?

I know. I ask too many questions, don’t I? DAMMIT! Is anyone out there listening? Does anybody really care that there are thousands of creeps like this walking the streets and living all around us? Just what in hell good is a government that lets foreigners invade our borders and allows perverts like this to run free? I’ll tell you what kind of government that is ... A TOTALLY USELESS ONE THAT NEEDS TO BE REPLACED! FIRE THEM ALL IN 2008!

Posing as a Family, Sex Offenders Stun a Town
EL MIRAGE, Ariz (NY TIMES) - February 1, 2007

imageimageTo neighbors, Casey Price was a seventh grader with acne and a baseball cap who lived an unremarkable life among a bevy of male relatives. He built the occasional skateboard ramp and did wheelies on his bicycle down the streets of this subdivision of stucco homes north of Phoenix.

In nearby Surprise, where Casey was enrolled as a 12-year-old in a public school for four months, he was regarded as a shy, average student with chronic attendance problems. A man identified as his uncle had registered him, attended curriculum night and e-mailed his teachers about homework assignments.

Now Casey is in jail, and his former neighbors and classmates have learned the unthinkable: Not only is Casey not Casey — his real name is Neil H. Rodreick II — but he is also a 29-year-old convicted sex offender who kept a youthful appearance with the aid of razors and makeup.

And the men known as his uncle, grandfather and cousin, who until recently shared a three-bedroom house with him here, were not family at all, but a web of convicted sex offenders and predators, law enforcement officials say, preying in part on one another.

A retracing of Mr. Rodreick’s tracks over the past several years shows that he is under investigation in three states. The authorities in four jurisdictions say he repeatedly failed to register as a sex offender, housed a large cache of child pornography in his computer and, based on videos found by the police, had sex with at least one boy.

Janet R. Lincoln, the public defender for Yavapai County, who represents Mr. Rodreick and the other three men, did not return multiple phone calls. A receptionist in her office said Ms. Lincoln would have no comment. The men have been indicted on numerous counts and are scheduled to appear in court in late February; they have already pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud and failing to register as sex offenders.

Mr. Rodreick spent seven years in prison in Oklahoma for making lewd and indecent proposals to two 6-year-old boys. After being released in 2002, law enforcement officials said, he was able to convince Lonnie Stiffler, 61, and Robert J. Snow, 43, who had been trolling the Internet for boys, that he was a minor.

In 2005, he talked the two men into taking him from Oklahoma to live with them in Arizona, where Mr. Stiffler posed as Mr. Rodreick’s grandfather and Mr. Snow as his uncle, and both men regularly had sex with him, the authorities said. Another man living in the house, Brian Nellis, 34, a sex offender Mr. Rodreick had met in prison, is believed to have aided Mr. Rodreick in the ruse, the authorities said.

Mr. Rodreick continued the charade as a minor for nearly two years, the authorities said, registering at four charter schools in Arizona, until this month, when school administrators in Chino Valley called the sheriff.

- More ...


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calendar   Monday - December 18, 2006

Discussion: Women As Sexual Predators?

I have strong feelings about this for several reasons: (1) Any man who has ever been in divorce court (I’ve been there four times) knows women are not sexual predators but are financial predators - they will clean you out in a heartbeat; (2) One of my first sexual experiences was with a gal who was twelve years older than me - I was 14 at the time and I am eternally grateful for what she taught me; (3) When did teenage boys forget Man Rule #1: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT?

I’m not trying to say there are “good” sexual predators and “bad” sexual predators but it seems to me that trying to equate a 26-year-old female teacher having sex with a 14-year-old teenage boy is just not the same as the opposite. Maybe it’s my Southern heritage that still tends to think of girls as a protected gender while boys are pretty much on their own.

Does that make me a male chauvinist pig? Am I not taking into account the “fact” that boys have feelings too that can be hurt? Is this more “pussification” of the modern male or is there a case to be made for locking up older women (in their 20’s) for taking advantage of the raging testosterone that has every teenage boy in its grip?

Help me out here, people. This is an open discussion and I need some answers. What do you think? Get it off your chest (or breasts). Are 26-year-old teachers “sexual predators”? If not, then do we have a double standard? What is the answer ... ?

Many Still Don’t See Women As Sex Predators
Boys can have trouble eliciting sympathy — when they’re willing to come forward
(HOUSTON CHRONICLE) - Dec. 17, 2006, 12:37AM

imageimageDiana’s grandson came to her with his secret on a Thursday evening. School had just started after another humid summer, and she and the 14-year-old, whose parents had their bowling league that night, finished cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. She took a glass of iced tea and her cigarette pack outside for a smoke.

Minutes later, he followed. The boy said he had something to tell her, something that had been bothering him for many months. And that’s when things changed. “He had broke down,” recalled Diana, who asked that her last name be withheld to protect her family’s identity. “And he told me about it.”

Diana won’t say exactly what “it” was. But the Harris County Sheriff’s Office detailed the teenager’s disclosure in criminal reports this fall. Her grandson, a football player who speaks in ma’ams and sirs, said he had been sexually abused the year before, when he was 13, by a woman nearly 20 years his senior.

She was a former neighbor and his mother’s close friend in Highlands, the small town just east of Pasadena where his family once lived. The pair had sex at least twice and sexual contact another time, according to the reports.

The teenager had been saving himself for marriage, he later told his grandmother. He worried that God might not forgive what he did. Police arrested Deborah Joyce Lux, 33, in September and charged her with two felony sexual assaults of children: one in connection with Diana’s grandson and a second in connection with another teenager, a then-15-year-old boy from Highlands who also said he had sex with her.


Shifts in the legal system and public opinion have made it easier to prosecute women who molest boys in their pubescent years, experts say. And cases continue to draw public attention. But those who work closely with victims such as Diana’s grandson say rite-of-passage myths still make it hard for many, including jurors, to sympathize with older boys in such cases, who are also less likely to tell parents or police about abusive relationships with older women.

Pam Hobbs, who heads the children’s court services program in Harris County district courts, said she’s seen police and prosecutors taking underage boys’ allegations more seriously in the past decade. Potential jurors, though, are another matter. “The general public still does not let boys be victims like they do girls,” said Hobbs, a 23-year veteran of the department. “And I don’t think they hold the offenders as accountable when the offender is a female.”


When the nightly news began broadcasting stories about Lux, some residents expressed shock, quickly calling her a child abuser. But doubters are still easy to find. Pam Ward bartends at The Sunset, a dimly lit beer joint in the one-highway town. News of the abuse was the talk among her patrons for a few days, she said. Most knew only about the older boy, and few had sympathy for him.

“My own kids said, ‘Why did he even say anything? It was kind of cool,’ “ Ward said. Ward grew up in an age when few believed women could sexually abuse boys. Her own son, now grown, dated a 42-year-old when he was 16, she said.

Historically, many statutory rape laws applied only to female victims. But in the late 1970s, state laws, including Texas’, began to change. Alabama waited until the turn of the century to adopt gender-neutral language.


Often police find out through friends or family members. That’s what happened with the older boy involved with Lux. Lilly, the child-abuse detective, said he got dozens of calls from the boy’s mother saying her son was raped, but the high school student didn’t want to talk at first.

“A lot of times, it’s their parents that come forward, and, a lot of times, the males are very upset about that,” Lilly said. “(For) 15-, 16-year-old males, that female is a trophy. To them, that is lifelong bragging rights.”

Counselors say societal pressure can keep boys from expressing discomfort. Many times, they may have crushes on an older teacher or neighbor but aren’t ready for the adult sexual relationship that follows, counselors say. It’s only later that they realize the adverse effects.

“In my experience, men do not come to treatment as adolescents for these things,” Gartner said. “They are more likely to come to treatment on their own in their 20s — or more likely their 30s, 40s or 50s.”


Diana saw subtle changes in her grandson months before she knew what caused them. For one, his grades dropped. He also developed a “nasty attitude.” “He does not want to talk about it,” she said. “He wants to forget about it.”

This, too, is typical of male victims. Carine Meyer, a sexual assault services coordinator at the Houston Area Women’s Center, said the center recently started a group-therapy session for male sexual abuse survivors. Fewer than five attended.

“It is hard for them to let themselves be vulnerable and admit that someone could have had control over them,” she said. “Teenage boys especially are very resistant to admitting they were abused.”


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calendar   Thursday - December 07, 2006

Barking Mad In Indonesia

Let me see if I’ve got this straight ... the Indonesian edition of Playboy contains no nudity but “the models had inviting expressions on their faces” and “the magazine included lascivious and lustful comments”? Does that just about sum it up?

Has there ever been a more retarded, sexually-obsessed (and repressed) group of morons on the face of the Earth? If a religion supports killing and murder of “unbelievers” yet prohibits men from even looking at a beautiful woman, then it’s not a religion - it’s a mental disease ...

Trial Opens For Playboy Indonesia Editor
JAKARTA, Indonesia - December 7, 2006, 1:04 AM EST

imageimageThe editor-in-chief of Playboy Indonesia went on trial Thursday on charges of publishing indecent material—a crime that carries a maximum punishment of more than 2 1/2 years in prison.

A prosecutor told the South Jakarta District Court that Erwin Arnada oversaw photo shoots and published revealing pictures of female models in underwear, some showing partially exposed breasts.

“The models also had inviting expressions on their faces,” said Resni Muchtar, adding that the magazine included lascivious and lustful comments.

The defense, which was not required to enter a plea, said it would respond to the charge at a later hearing. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation, with some 190 million practicing a mostly moderate form of the faith.

Playboy launched a toned-down version of its magazine in the country in April to protests from conservatives demanding it be taken off the streets. The magazine kept publishing, but moved its editorial offices to mostly Hindu Bali island.

Unlike its American version and editions in dozens of other countries, Indonesian Playboy contains no nudity. The trial was adjourned until Dec. 14, when witnesses will be called.

Question: How can you say they practice a “mostly moderate form of the faith” when Muslim men attack, rape and behead Christian schoolgirls for fun?


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calendar   Thursday - November 23, 2006

Under The Burkha

Filthy little buggers! The dirty little wogs in the Middle East only have two things on their tiny little pea-brains at all times: killing and screwing. No sheep or goat is safe over there. Now the little creeps are bugging dressing rooms and gyms with hidden cameras to satisfy their lust. Is it any wonder they’re totally nuts?

I say we nuke the main cities, grab the oil wells and live happily ever after. They’ll probably be so busy surfing porn sites and spanking the monkey they won’t even notice when the bombs fall. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “did the Earth move for you too?” Mheh-heh-he-he-he ....

(P.S. I found the picture to go with the news article below by Googling “Iran porn”. You wouldn’t believe some of the crap that popped up. The web sites are all in Arabic or Farsi but the pictures are clearly understood. Nuke ‘em, Danno!)

imageimageSpy Camera Warning For Iran Women
IRAN (BBC) - Friday, 24 November 2006, 00:26 GMT

Women are being warned that they may be being filmed. Iranian women have been warned to be on the look-out for cameras hidden in places where they undress, such as fitting rooms, gyms and swimming pools.

The chief of Iran’s police, Esmail Ahmadi Miqadam, said some shop owners were fitting spy cameras themselves. Iranian authorities want to stop a wave of secretly-filmed pornographic DVDs hitting markets and internet sites.

A soap opera star faces a possible lashing after a private film allegedly showing her having sex was circulated. Popular television actress Zahra Amir Ebhrahimi has denied it is her shown in the film, Britain’s Guardian newspaper said.

She said a vengeful ex-fiancé had faked the film, the newspaper reported. The country’s strict morality laws prohibit sex outside marriage. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been championing a drive to banish unwanted Western cultural influences from Iran.

Last year, Western and “indecent” music was banned from state-run TV and radio stations. Correspondents say the release of pornographic DVDs of privately-filmed events is a growing trend in Iran.


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calendar   Friday - November 17, 2006

Safe Sex


In today’s litigious society, you never know where the next lawsuit may come from, especially with all the rules of contact between the genders getting more and more obscure every day. Does “No” mean “Yes”? Does “Yes” mean “OK for right now but I may change my mind later”? What’s a guy to do?

Well, we have the solution. Just printout several copies of the document below and keep them handy when you go out tonight. Oh - and be sure to take along a pen. It probably wouldn’t hurt to hang out at a bar where a notary is handy to certify the agreement after it has been duly signed.

You might want to pack along a condom or three as a means of secondary protection - but be sure to keep this primary protection handy. Got that? After all, most STD’s can be cured with drugs but there is no known cure for lawyers and cops and psycho women from hell. Trust me.

For further instructions and a real-life dramatization of how to use the form below click on this link. You can thank me in the morning ....



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calendar   Wednesday - September 06, 2006

Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day (so far)

There’s something fishy going on in Washington, DC ... and I don’t mean in our govermnent (although there is plenty of fishiness there as well). No, this fish story is frightening. Male bass are growing eggs and displaying feminine characteristics! Sort of a “Queer Eye For The Finned Guy” kinda thing, dont’cha know.

Since today’s theme seems to be sexual conspiracies (see post below this one) I am downright concerned and am wondering if this is some trick by the Gay-Lesbian-Transexual-Bisexual group (or whatever their name is).  Could they be putting something in the drinking water to make fish come out of the closet? And what happens when we straight males eat those flakey fish? Do we wake up the next morning with large boobies and squeeky voices?

I know I for one am pretty concerned about this evil plot to rob us of our manhood with a biological weapon disguised under an innocent layer of tartar sauce. I demand a federal investigation into this matter. It’s obvious to me that some of our GOP congressmen have shown a severe lack of testicular fortitude lately. Can this be a symptom of an overall plan to “de-nut” our leaders?

The truth is out there ... and I intend to find it. Now, would you please pass me the hush puppies and cole slaw ...

imageimageMale Bass Across Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs
Pollution Concerns Arise In Drinking-Water Source
By David A. Fahrenthold
(WASHINGTON POST) - Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Abnormally developed fish, possessing both male and female characteristics, have been discovered in the Potomac River in the District and in tributaries across the region, federal scientists say—raising alarms that the river is tainted by pollution that drives hormone systems haywire.

The fish, smallmouth and largemouth bass, are naturally males but for some reason are developing immature eggs inside their sex organs. Their discovery at such widely spread sites, including one just upstream from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, seems to show that the Potomac’s problem with “intersex” fish extends far beyond the West Virginia stream where they were first found in 2003.

The cause of the abnormalities is unknown, but scientists suspect a class of waterborne contaminants that can confuse animals’ growth and reproductive systems. These pollutants are poorly understood, however, leaving many observers with questions about what the problems in fish mean for the Potomac and the millions of people who take their tap water from it.

“I don’t know, and I don’t think anybody knows, the answer to that question right now: Is the effect in the fish transferable to humans?” said Thomas Jacobus, general manager of the Washington Aqueduct, which processes Potomac water to provide drinking water for residents of the District, Arlington County and Falls Church.

Jacobus, like others at area utilities, said there was no evidence that tap water taken from the Potomac was unsafe to drink. They said humans should be far less susceptible to the river’s pollution than fish, because people are not exposed constantly to the water, our hormone systems work differently, and our larger bodies should require higher doses of any pollutant to cause problems. As research on the fish continues, other scientists across the region are trying to determine whether Potomac water or mud can affect human cells. This research, including tests at West Virginia University that examine whether cells react as if estrogen or estrogen mimics are present, has not reached any solid conclusions.

The first intersex fish in this area were found three years ago in the South Branch of the Potomac, a tributary more than 200 miles upstream from Washington. In 2004, more abnormal bass were discovered in a section of the upper Potomac near Sharpsburg, Md.

Following up, last fall federal and state researchers caught smallmouth bass in the Shenandoah River in Virginia and in the Monocacy River and Conococheague Creek in Maryland. All three tributaries eventually empty into the Potomac. At the site on the Potomac itself in the District, there are no smallmouth bass, so the researchers examined largemouth bass.

The results were striking, according to Vicki S. Blazer, a fish pathologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. More than 80 percent of all the male smallmouth bass they found were growing eggs, including all of the fish caught at four of the seven survey sites. The intersex condition doesn’t change the fish’s outward appearance but can be detected under a microscope.

At the site in Washington, seven of 13 male largemouth bass showed some kind of unusual feminine characteristic. Six of the seven fish tested positive for a protein used to produce eggs, and three of the seven contained eggs, Blazer said.

- More on the transexual fish at WAPO ...


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Stop This Fornication!

Bless their little hearts, I know the folks at WorldNet Daily mean well but sometimes they just go over the edge of that precipice way out yonder on the Far Right. I came across this “piece” at the WND site and almost immediately started giggling and humming a song.

You see, my mind instantly drifted back to 1982 and what I thought was a hilarious movie, ”The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”. I could see Dom DeLuise as Texas television’s “watchdog of sin” singing the Watchdog Report song where the chorus included the line, “Stop this fornication!”. I haven’t stopped laughing since. I want to thank WND for getting my day started off with a good laugh ...

imageimageBunnies Gone Wild!
VW Hops On With Playboy!

Ad campaign based on ‘promiscuity’ and ‘fornication’
(WORLDNET DAILY) - September 6, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern

Volkswagen of America has launched a new advertising campaign about its “Rabbit” vehicle using Playboy “bunnies” and the appeal of “promiscuity” and “fornication.” Guaranteed to get attention, but is it attention the company wants?

“Thinking about purchasing a Volkswagen? Think again,” says a boycott campaign announcement from the American Decency Association. “Will you buy VW? We will not!”

The organization has posted the contact information for the carmaker to encourage people to call, write or use e-mail to express their concerns. “The leadership at VW of America should be embarrassed,” one person who contacted American Decency said.

“We definitely wanted to keep the male promiscuity of the rabbit in there,” said Rob Strasberg, of MDC Partners, the Miami agency working on the ad plan, told Adweek. The Adweek report said a coming television commercial features black-and-white Rabbits driven around in what could be perceived as a mating dance. “The big thought was getting VW to bring the Rabbit back, because we love it. It’s playful and fun. It wasn’t a leap to go from rabbits to fornication and multiplying,” Strasberg said.

The company, which made the boxy hatchbacks called Rabbits during the 1970s and 1980s, is returning the car to the North American market this year and teamed up with the long-time publisher of porn, making a connection between the magazine’s rabbit logo and a logo of a running rabbit for the car. According to promotional materials for the car company, the Volkswagen Rabbit logo “mimics its distant cousin, the official Playboy Rabbit Head logo” in the new ad on the back cover of the September magazine.

The back cover “showcases” models Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson of E! Entertainment Television’s “The Girls Next Door.” It was produced “using special simultaneously shot front and back cover images,” the company said. “The Playboy opportunity was a great chance to unite two famous and iconic brands,” said Kerri Martin, the car company’s director of brand innovation. The television show, which also has been targeted by various issue groups concerned about morality in the United States, claims to give “viewers an inside look at life at the Playboy Mansion.”

- More shameless sexy advertising at WND ...


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calendar   Wednesday - August 30, 2006

Helping Out Down Under

It does my heart good to see hard-working citizens stepping up to do their part to reduce the pain of increased gas prices. Why, it literally brings a tear to my tired old eye to think of these fine young ladies discounting their “product” to help out the ordinary working man. I think a Nobel Piece Peace Prize is the least they should get ...

imageimageBrothels Take The Sting
Out Of Pump Prices

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Wed Aug 30, 7:51 AM ET

Hot and bothered by rising pump prices? Australian brothels are offering clients discounts based on their gas bills.

Brothel owners claim the system works much the same way as supermarkets which offer shoppers discounted gas prices by presenting their grocery bills when they fill up their tanks.

“If you come in and spend time with one of our lovely ladies, we’ll give you a discount of 20 cents a liter,” Kerry, manager of Sydney brothel The Site, told Reuters Wednesday.

There is no link between brothels, petrol providers or supermarkets but brothels like The Site and Madame Kerry’s say the system is simple. Once you’ve filled up your car, bring your receipt to the brothel and they’ll discount the price of your visit.

The bill for a full 50-liter tank at 126.9 cents per liter comes to A$63.45 ($48.22). With the offered 20c a liter discount, the petrol bill would have instead come to A$53.45. That A$10 difference is taken off the A$150 cost of a 30-minute session with one of the brothel’s “service providers.”

The Site has taken out cut-out newspaper ads offering the service. “We’re getting more media exposure, if you want to put it that way, than basically bums on beds,” Kerry said.

Brothels are legal across most of Australia, but states have strict laws against soliciting and running brothels in residential areas, and near churches or schools.


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calendar   Saturday - August 12, 2006

The Clinton Legacy

This is the real Clinton Legacy. It seems every young gal working in DC these days is struggling to acquire her own stained blue dress - and a cool job in the process. Slick Willie must be kicking himself for abandoning Washington for New York. The sad part is this ploy actually seems to work. Case in point: Wonkette recently traded in her blog for a full-time position as correspondent for TIME magazine. Sex sells, as they say and sometimes it is real cheap ...

Skinterns: Shedding Clothes in Hopes of Landing a Job
WASHINGTON (ABC NEWS) - August 12, 2006

When it comes to style, most of the 535 members of Congress wear conservative suits that reflect the power on Capitol Hill. For some of their fresh-faced interns, however, skimpy tank tops, jeans, short skirts and flip-flops are the “underdressed” norm.

“In what I’m wearing, you can see a lot of skin, and I’ve seen a lot of girls walk around maybe not buttoned up,” said Erica Matson, a congressional intern. “These girls wear tight pants, too, and they think maybe they’re not pushing the limit, but they are.”

With hopes of one day entering the political work force, as many as 20,000 interns begin that summer climb on Capitol Hill. Many will arrive at the most-popular address — the White House — with their tongues wagging.

“These kids all come out, and they’re still wearing tank tops and flip-flops, and that’s where the action is,” said Alex Pareene, editor of, a political Web site.

The site sponsors a ”Hotties on the Hill” contest, highlighting the sexiest interns on Capitol Hill. “The easiest way to stand out is to not dress conservatively, and maybe if you can get noticed, you might get a full-time position,” Pareene said.

- More on Skinterns at ABC NEWS ...


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calendar   Monday - July 17, 2006

The Obsolete Gender

Sorry, guys. It’s all over for us now. They can make their own sperm now so we men will soon join T-Rex in the catalog of “Animals Who Disappeared”. The feminazis are probably already planning our extinction after this breakthrough discovery. We’re doomed, I tells ya ...

imageimageWomen Could Make Sperm
(IRISH HEALTH) - Tue 11/07/2006

A new scientific breakthrough may lead to women in future being able to produce sperm. Scientists in England have turned stem cells from am embryo into sperm which are capable of producing offspring.

The breakthrough is likely to lead to new advances in treating male infertility and even the possibility that women could manufacture sperm.

The researchers at Newcastle University say that the advance, when developed further, could help men with certain types of infertility to become fertile and even one day could enable a lesbian couple to have children that genetically would be their own.

The experiment used embryo cells to produce seven baby mice, six of whom lived into adulthood, although the survivors suffered adverse events of the kind seen in cloning experiments.

The researchers isolated embryonic stem cells from an embryo only a few days old consisting of a cluster of cells. The cells were grown in a laboratory and screened to isolate the spermatogonial stem calls which were grown and then injected into female mouse eggs and grown in early stage embryos.

The research team says its project will aid the understanding of the biological process through which sperm is produced, which should help in the future treatment of infertility. It is hoped that this new knowledge could be translated into treatments for men whose sperm is dysfunctional, although could be some years into the future. The research was published in the journal Developmental Cell.


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calendar   Monday - June 26, 2006

Bottoms Up!


The following pickup line is no longer acceptable and will land you in jail ...

“Hi there! Can I buy you a drink?”

Men of Wisconsin, don’t say you weren’t warned. The highly intelligent legislators in Cheese Country, with nothing better to do and time on their sticky little hands have decided (in their infinite wisdom) that personal responsibility should no longer apply to females, who obviously cannot be counted on to know when they have had enough booze.

While relieving females of all responsibility during their bar-hopping excursions, these legislators have decided that evil men, with the aid of demon rum, are to be chucked into the calaboose for getting broads tipsy and “taking advantage of their weakened condition.”

In a related note, with all due respect to the many dairy farmers in Wisconsin, I have worked on dairy farms in my younger years and I know cows produce two products in abundance. One is white and one is brown. This new law is as brown as it gets. It smells kinda familiar too. Shovel it, boys! Shovel it! MOOOOO!

imageimageRape Law Expands To Include Alcohol
Mon., June 26, 2006 - 11:19 AM

The nation’s top party school could get a sobering jolt from a change in state law that puts alcohol on a par with date-rape drugs as an aggravating factor in certain sexual assaults. The change, long sought by rape- victim advocates in Wisconsin, means that victims who are very drunk during a sexual encounter can be judged incapable of giving consent, triggering a possible second-degree sexual assault charge.

Prior to the change, which took effect in June, a victim who had been drinking typically had to be unconscious to be deemed incapable of consenting to sex. The law applies to alcohol-related sexual assaults committed by anyone anywhere in the state. But it may have particular resonance on hard-drinking college campuses such as UW- Madison, which was named the country’s No. 1 party school by the Princeton Review last year.

“It’s a great change,” said Carmen Hotvedt, a violence prevention specialist at UW-Madison’s University Health Services. “In our educational efforts with students, we define consent as freely given. The (new) law really enforces the educational messages we’ve been sending for a long time.” Wisconsin had been the only state to exclude alcohol as a potential legal intoxicant in rape cases before the law change, sponsored by Sen. Cathy Stepp, R-Sturtevant.

And while prosecutors say it is likely to be used only rarely - in cases in which victims don’t pass out but are so impaired by alcohol they are “unable to appraise their own conduct,” as one advocate put it - the change was heralded by experts who work with assault survivors. “Alcohol is the No. 1 date-rape drug, and we’ve felt strongly that our statutes should reflect that reality,” said Jill Groblewski, spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

The coalition started lobbying for the change in the mid-1990s, when language on intoxicants was added to the rape statutes in response to a surge in assaults aided by drugs. “The change in legislation allows prosecutors to hold offenders accountable who use alcohol to facilitate a sexual assault,” Groblewski said. “It gives prosecutors additional charging options.”

Under state law, having sexual contact with a person incapable of consent because they are under the influence of an intoxicant is defined as second- degree sexual assault. The offense is a Class C felony punishable by a fine up to $100,000 and a prison sentence of up to 25 years. Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard said the change was “long overdue” and is a good thing primarily for the message about alcohol that it sends - namely, that it can be just as dangerous as other drugs.

- More cheesy legislation at the Wisconsin State Journal ...

Then there’s the other problem with laws like this: they discriminate against ugly people! Without “beer goggles” some people would NEVER get laid ... and that would be a downright shame!



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