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calendar   Friday - September 11, 2015

longest 2 hours ever

yay, done for the day. And it’s only 4pm. So I  worked on my base tan  painted for 3 hours today, but did it in dribs and drabs. Managed to get in a rest, a trip to the store, lunch, late breakfast, and a couple chats with neighbors and the lawn guys as well. Hey, I’m on my own schedule.

Time for a shower. And then a rest. And then Fall Bowling League starts tonight!!


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calendar   Thursday - September 10, 2015

hip hip hurrah

Yay Queen!!


Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest-reigning monarch
on a day of characteristic modesty Queen makes only a passing reference to her historic achievement as she thanks well-wishers for their kind words during an official engagement in Scotland

UK - She accepted it was a “special day” as she became our longest-reigning monarch, but the Queen was, as ever, the very embodiment of understatement.

Appearing rather bashful about the attention being lavished on her as she made history, Her Majesty made only a passing reference to her entry in the record books, insisting: “It is not one to which I have ever aspired.”

While everyone around her was, quite rightly, paying homage to her remarkable achievement, the Queen made it clear that, as far as she was concerned, all she had done was to stay alive and healthy.

“Inevitably, a long life can pass by many milestones,” she said. “My own is no exception. But I thank you all and the many others at home and overseas for your touching messages of great kindness.”

All well and good that’s she beat out old Queen Victoria’s 63. Now set your goals on Ramses II, who ruled for 66 years, or even the 94 years achieved by the Old Kingdom pharaoh Pepi II.



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from the world of the politically correct, and doing business in winchester.

Once upon a time around the almost beginning of political correctness, I seriously thought this crap was so stupid, so illogical, so ..??
I really thought people would see it for what it was and return to common sense.  I actually thought folks would tire of it and kick it into the long grass.
But no. People are not tired of it.  The ppl who practice pc as a lifestyle, can all be found on the left.  I can not imagine even the silliest of conservatives or anyone on the right, buying this crap. A major open sore point is, like it or not, we are all cursed because those pc people have taken over the language and it all started maybe 35 or 40 years ago.  I started as I seen to recall it, when the very innocent word Miss, was changed to Ms.
All because a highly vocal and well organized minority convinced the world that Miss was misleading and offensive.
As you all know, the ‘G’ word has become so entrenched and accepted, it has an entirely different image now.  Ref. to gay

OK so here.
Will this actually be accepted and how many will follow this line of thought? 

I know this falls under what our Turtler would describe as a non story. And it really is that.  But when I read it yesterday it was like one more small item, so small in fact that it would simply wash over us all and be forgotten, until another play would be found to have another new offensive word.

‘Snow White and the Seven Friends’: theatre changes tune over ‘offensive’ dwarfs

De Montfort Hall in Leicester responds to criticism after reportedly saying that ‘dwarf’ is “generally not a word that people feel comfortable with”

A theatre has hit back after reportedly removing the word ‘dwarfs’ from its pantomime production of Snow White for fear it would cause offence.

De Montfort Hall in Leicester is said to have told the media that Snow White will instead be accompanied by seven “friends” because dwarf is “generally not a word that people feel comfortable with”.

Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy and Sleepy in the production will be replaced by child actors billed as “friends”, the Leicester Mercury reported.

But the theatre has now clarified its position, saying that the panto - entitled ‘Snow White’ - would still refer to the characters as “dwarfs”, though they will be played by a child dance troupe wearing costumes instead of adult actors.

The original reports produced a backlash from actor Warwick Davis, who suspected it was a way of boosting the panto’s profit margins by involving children as opposed to professionals.

Mr Davis, the 3ft6ins star of Harry Potter and Star Wars, told the Leicester Mercury it was “patronizing” that “people are offended on our behalf”.

Now Anthony Flint, general manager at De Montfort Hall has told The Independent the panto was based more on the 1812 Grimm fairytale than the 1937 Disney film, which has a bigger role for the dwarfs.

Social media was, inevitably, awash with claims of “political correctness gone mad”.

source for more

Meanwhile in the real world.

We need to get the house painted before winter. Been planning it for awhile and made to fit into budget.  So there’s a local fellow who does building work and just about anything related to it.  He’s done work for us in the past, never had a problem. He built the platform for me, that our front loading washing machine sits on. He’s replaced the covering blown off our garage in a violent storm, replaced an unnecessary large window in the back with something else, so he has been reliable. Until just recently. In what for us has been typical way of doing business in these parts, by which I mean people who do not show up on time but more usually do not show up at all, and getting a phone call is more like a root canal.
I was told at 1pm this afternoon, that he’s be here in a half hour to go over the place and see what he’d need yadda,yadda.
It’s past 6pm now .... haven’t heard a thing so far.

We’re a bit over a week late with install of last two windows and a front door. The supplier sent the door but not the side windows.
Just another business day (or maybe week) doing business here.
Kinda like they way they do it in So.Calif.


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Not Quite Cecil

"Ginger”, one of my local “wild” animals. He’s the smaller part of a 3 kitteh family of semi-ferals that live in the bushes here. Along with mom Scowler, and brother Fred. Of course, cats being cats, it turns out that Ginger is a guy, and Fred is a girl. Not quite as big as “Cecil” and a lot younger.  He’s a little guy, and probably will never be much bigger than this no matter how much we feed him. And he’s been caging lots of free, high quality kitteh nom noms off of us since before he was weaned.

Right. Anyway, when the mercury hits the high 90s on a September afternoon, with matching humidity, everything turns to putty. And it’s purrrfect time for a nap. Wherever you happen to be at the time.



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calendar   Wednesday - September 09, 2015

almost done

Well hello little blog. I remember you!  We used to spend time together when I wasn’t working a 10 hr/wk job that is more like 40 hr/wk. Actually, I just got done for the day, 4pm, from that job, which is over at 9am. So just a few extra hours today. Out painting in the nice Fall temps. Oh like heck. It’s Ninety frickin seven out there when the sun breaks through. Too hot. But I’m back in the AC again, had a nice cold glass of tonic water, and am ready to take another shower and rest up for my evening job.

I can’t wait to see my paycheck. My. Actual. Paycheck. I haven’t had one of those in at least 8 years. Oooh, taxes and FICA and dis/sui. Oh make a joyful noise!

Yeah. Shower and a quick nap. Sounds like you’re getting sunstroke old man.


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calendar   Tuesday - September 08, 2015

the future of islam at the heart of europe looking up. not so good for europe though.

It’s one thing entirely if the Germans are crazy enough to decide to F*** their own damn country.
But yet again .... only this time without intention I hope, they are about to screw all of Europe. While I know there are also many Christians among them, the majority are not.  The host country will eventually disappear. Europeans need to break up the EU and citizens should be arming themselves.
That’s what I believe based on what I heard a short while ago.
In fact I didn’t believe what I heard and so went looking to verify.

Yup .... 

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland and by the way .... while we are at it, a fond memory or two even for the French,

and a sad goodbye to EUROPE too.

Because that mad menopausal Frau Merkel is ... well here. Read it for yourself and while you do, keep in mind Germany is at the very heart of Europe and those countries that make up the EU no longer need passports to travel among member countries. I can not believe he’d say this without her approval.

Migrant crisis: Germany ‘can take 500,000 asylum seekers a year’

Germany can cope with at least 500,000 asylum seekers a year for several years, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has said.

Germany expects more than 800,000 asylum-seekers in 2015 alone - four times the 2014 figure.

Mr Gabriel reiterated that other EU states should share the burden.

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, says a record 7,000 Syrian migrants arrived in Macedonia alone on Monday and 30,000 were on Greek islands.

The migrants, mainly Syrians, are engaged in a long trek which takes them from Turkey, across the sea to Greece, through Macedonia and Serbia, and then to Hungary from where they aim to reach Austria and Germany.

The migrant influx has unsettled European governments and prompted diverse responses. Hungary’s conservative leadership is building a border fence to try to keep them out, but German politicians have expressed pride in crowds who welcomed new arrivals.

A Greek minister said on Monday that the island of Lesbos, which sits off the Turkish coast, was “on the verge of an explosion” due to a build-up of 20,000 migrants.

The government and UNHCR have brought in extra staff and ships to process them.

Despite the huge influx expected into Germany this year, Mr Gabriel said it was prepared for more in the longer term.

“I believe we could certainly deal with something in the order of a half a million for several years,” he said in an interview with Germany’s public ZDF television.

But he also urged other members of the EU to play their part.

The EU is due to unveil proposals on Wednesday to distribute 160,000 refugees among member states on a mandatory basis.

The crisis has divided the 28-nation European Union, especially the issue of obligatory quotas.

Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania, are opposed. Poland’s President Andrzej Duda reiterated his country’s position on Wednesday.

“In Europe the talk is all the time about fighting the results, and little on how to liquidate the reasons. Europe is in a kind of a closed circle,” he said.



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Lockatong Bridge is falling down, falling down

A year after being squashed by giant crane, local bridge will be demolished and replaced

They try so hard to save the old bridges here, but sometimes one gets hurt so bad you just have to let it go.

proper engineering at work: even when subject to more than double the maximum expected load, the bridge didn’t break but only bent

A bridge on Route 519 that collapsed under the weight of a crane more than a year ago is due to come down soon. Demolition is expected to start around Sept. 14, county Public Works Director Thomas Mathews said Friday.

Demolition marks the first visible step in the bridge’s replacement, but much has been happening behind the scenes to move the project forward, Mathews said.

“A lot of preliminary stuff has been taking place,” he said. A contract has been awarded to Tony and Sons construction company, and “shop drawings and prefabrication drawings have been submitted,” Mathews said. “We’re targeting a completion date of April 1, but they’ll be rewarded if they get it done sooner.”

The bridge was not marked with a load limit, however the roads in that area are limited to 40 ton loadings. Somehow a giant crane was driven across the state and over the bridge without travel permits, and it’s 85 ton mass gave this old Warren pony truss a bad case of the bends. For destroying the bridge, which will cost the county more than a million to replace, plus 18 or more months of detours, the crane company was fined ... $3,000.


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calendar   Sunday - September 06, 2015

Posturing politicians, selling out your country


Bad signs: Posturing politicians including Yvette Cooper brandished their ‘brave’ slogan

All those shown above are in govt. or were or are in the running for positions.
The loon in the upper left corner for example, is the head of the Green Party,
center photo is running for the top job in the Labour Party, she wants to replace the former head, Ed Miliband, who was roundly defeated in the May election.  She is Yvette Cooper, wife of Ed Balls who was among other things, Former Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.  The point is, all are on the left no matter what party they belong to.  Man at lower left is Labour MP, Sadiq Khan, upper and lower right are Lib/Dems. Liberal Democrats, defeated roundly in May election.

This article appeared today in the Peter Hitchens page of the Sunday Mail.
I think he is entirely correct. 
Normally I’d post part and give you the link for what was left out.  This time though, I wanted to be sure ppl would be interested enough to read it all here.

Actually we can’t do what we like with this country.

By, Peter Hitchens, Sunday Mail

We inherited it from our parents and grandparents and we have a duty to hand it on to our children and grandchildren, preferably improved and certainly undamaged.

It is one of the heaviest responsibilities we will ever have. We cannot just give it away to complete strangers on an impulse because it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Every one of the posturing notables simpering ‘refugees welcome’ should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education.

If so, they mean it. If not, they are merely demanding that others pay and make room so that they can experience a self-righteous glow. No doubt the same people are also sentimental enthusiasts for the ‘living wage’, and ‘social housing’, when in fact open borders are steadily pushing wages down and housing costs up.

As William Blake rightly said: ‘He who would do good to another must do it in minute particulars. General good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite and flatterer.’

Britain is a desirable place to live mainly because it is an island, which most people can’t get to. Most of the really successful civilisations survived because they were protected from invasion by mountains, sea, deserts or a combination of these things. Ask the Russians or the Poles what it’s like to live without the shield of the sea. There is no positive word for ‘safety’ in Russian. Their word for security is ‘bezopasnost’ – ‘without danger’.

Thanks to a thousand years of uninvaded peace, we have developed astonishing levels of trust, safety and freedom. I have visited nearly 60 countries and lived in the USSR, Russia and the USA, and I have never experienced anything as good as what we have. Only in the Anglosphere countries – the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – is there anything comparable. I am amazed at how relaxed we are about giving this away.

Our advantages depend very much on our shared past, our inherited traditions, habits and memories. Newcomers can learn them, but only if they come in small enough numbers. Mass immigration means we adapt to them, when they should be adapting to us.

So now, on the basis of an emotional spasm, dressed up as civilisation and generosity, are we going to say that we abandon this legacy and decline our obligation to pass it on, like the enfeebled, wastrel heirs of an ancient inheritance letting the great house and the estate go to ruin?

Having seen more than my share of real corpses, and watched children starving to death in a Somali famine, I am not unmoved by pictures of a dead child on a Turkish beach. But I am not going to pretend to be more upset than anyone else. Nor am I going to suddenly stop thinking, as so many people in the media and politics appear to have done.

The child is not dead because advanced countries have immigration laws. The child is dead because criminal traffickers cynically risked the lives of their victims in pursuit of money.

I’ll go further. The use of words such as ‘desperate’ is quite wrong in this case. The child’s family were safe in Turkey. Turkey (for all its many faults) is a member of Nato, officially classified as free and democratic. Many British people actually pay good money to go on holiday to the very beach where the child’s body was washed up.

It may not be ideal, but the definition of a refugee is that he is fleeing from danger, not fleeing towards a higher standard of living.

Goodness knows I have done what I could on this page to oppose the stupid interventions by this country in Iraq, Libya and Syria, which have turned so many innocent people into refugees or corpses.

But I can see neither sense nor justice in allowing these things to become a pretext for an unstoppable demographic revolution in which Europe (including, alas, our islands) merges its culture and its economy with North Africa and the Middle East. If we let this happen, Europe would lose almost all the things that make others want to live there.

You really think these crowds of tough young men chanting ‘Germany!’ in the heart of Budapest are ‘asylum-seekers’ or ‘refugees’?

Refugees don’t confront the police of the countries in which they seek sanctuary. They don’t chant orchestrated slogans or lie across the train tracks.

And why, by the way, do they use the English name for Germany when they chant? In Arabic and Turkish, that country is called ‘Almanya’, in Kurdish something similar. The Germans themselves call it ‘Deutschland’. In Hungarian, it’s ‘Nemetorszag’.

Did someone hope that British and American TV would be there? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: spontaneous demonstrations take a lot of organising.

Refugees don’t demand or choose their refuge. They ask and they hope. When we become refugees one day (as we may well do), we will discover this.

As to what those angry, confident and forceful young men actually are, I’ll leave you to work it out, as I am too afraid of the Thought Police to use what I think is the correct word.
But it is interesting that this week sees the publication in English of a rather dangerous book, which came out in France just before the Charlie Hebdo murders.

Submission, by Michel Houellebecq, prophesies a Muslim-dominated government in France about seven years from now, ushered into power by the French Tory and Labour parties.

What they want, says one of the cleverer characters in the book, ‘is for France to disappear – to be integrated into a European federation’. This means they’d much rather do a deal with a Muslim party than with the National Front, France’s Ukip equivalent.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s amazing how likely and simple the author makes this Islamic revolution sound.
Can we stop this transformation of all we have and are? I doubt it. To do so would involve the grim-faced determination of Australia, making it plain in every way that our doors are open only to limited numbers of people, chosen by us, enduring the righteous scorn of the supposedly enlightened.

As we lack the survival instinct and the determination necessary, and as so many of our most influential people are set on committing a sentimental national suicide, I suspect we won’t.

To those who condemn reasonable calls for national self-defence as bigotry, hatred and intolerance (which they are not), I make only this request: just don’t pretend you’re doing a good and generous thing, when you’re really cowardly and weak.

source, hitchens, sunday mail

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

Meanwhile in Germany, idiots are lining the streets with welcome signs and handshakes for the invaders who in a few generations will change forever the face and culture of that country.  And certainly not for the better.  At the moment in their euphoria and feeling good about themselves, the Germans can’t see that eventuality.
It’ll be far too late when they wake up and see what they’ve brought upon themselves.
The only group that could halt the process has been banned since 1945, and they’re all gone anyway.


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it had better not snow

Both of us woke up at 4-ish AM. Freezing!!  It’s 55°F outside. BRRR. I don’t think it’s been this cold since early June. Yup, pretty sure Summer has simmered, and that Fall is about to start falling.

Meanwhile, WTH are we doing up at 4AM for? Grab a warm drink, equalize fluid levels, and get back under the covers!



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calendar   Saturday - September 05, 2015

sundown confusion

"Come on out to the bar in the back.” he says. “We’ll have a drink and watch the sun go down over the bay. Who knows, there could be fireworks.”

Spelling never was his forte.



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just the beginning …..

Earlier in the week, Frau Merkel and another German politician, were critical of English PM and the policy he wanted.  At one point he did say something about limits, and the Germans tried to lecture Brits on humanity.

So anyway .... this was in one of our morning papers and of course I see it on my computer. That is, we don’t have a TV but do have a desktop and a tablet. And it is on radio every day.
Either the right in Germany really is very small and very insignificant, or there’s something of a news blackout where the far right is concerned.
No matter how ya look at things .... and for me personally .... Germany was finished but I hadn’t yet realized just how much closer they were to the end.

They have had generations since the war to thoroughly brainwash the population, instill a permanent guilt complex that will continue into the future.
And the future looks bleak as it does for Britain as well. 

If Germany can go this way, there is no hope for Europe either.




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some of us are just not sophisticated

Did any of you folks know none of us are “sophisticated” ?
Hold on … not sophisticated by the newer (lower?) standards of our modern world.

Not that I ever set out to be or gave it any thought before yesterday, when I heard a news brief on the radio.  Or maybe I read it but I know I have the facts either way.


The very un pc mayor of Venice, Italy, reportedly said he does not want to see a gay pride parade taking place in his city.  Not now, not ever.  Not as long as he is in charge.
In an interview he told a reporter that gay pride marches were the “height of kitsch” adding, “There will never be a gay pride march in my city”.

Well, that’s when I found out I had no sophistication what so ever.
And I have a feeling it could apply to bmews readers also.
If we’re using the newer and much lower standards of our world today.

A “rights” group in Italy who hold gay pride parades in Italian cities, said the mayor has besmirched Venice’s reputation as an open and sophisticated society.

Our home was Palm Desert, which is a stones throw from Palm Springs, and some years ago when wife and I attended a seminar on the stock market at one of the hotels.

Bad timing for sure.  I had never seen one in the flesh right there before me eyes.
Closest I came to one their events, was on the nightly news, but not the event itself, live and in embarrassing colour.

Freaks on parade.  And that’s supposed to be, sophistication.

I never thought the world wouldn’t change over time.  But if that’s sophisticated
then we need a newer and more up to date word, to mean what our sense of sophisticated is. 

And we really should take back the ‘G’ word that side has word jacked.


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THE FRONT PAGE and the clock ticks

Drew has already said it.


The number will be higher as the PM has done a flip due mostly to the published photos of a poor little kid maybe five, who along with his mother and brother, drowned. Drew wrote something about that recently.

Questions like, who couldn’t feel being moved by these photos of that tragic little boy?

Erm ... ah ... pardon me but.  I feel nothing. Won’t pretend I do either, just to make folks think I am civilized.

The more they die the happier I am.

Oh ... an Eastern European country has said openly they will not take anyone who is not a Christian.

I know Gaddafi was a miserable rat bastard.  But he was one the west could work with. He did keep things in check, but ppl like Cameron and the French and even the USA, just had to go in there , Libya, and fuck things up. The west was gonna bring change and democracy to Libya even if it meant bombing them and declaring a fly free zone, except for allied planes of course.  And when Assad said most of the opposition to him contained outright terrorists, the west wasn’t interested cos the west did not like him.  More importantly, Israel didn’t care much for Assad either.

So here we are.


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And Now The Fall Guy Steps Up

Clinton family reportedly personally paid State Dept. staffer to maintain private server

Crivens, do you even want to read the BS article? You knew this was going to happen, right?

And now everything will be blamed on him. Everything. And she’ll skate.

Once again.

I guess old Bill had a bit of spare Teflon to lend her.

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton and her family reportedly paid a State Department staffer to maintain the private email server she used during her tenure as secretary of state.

The Washington Post, citing an unnamed campaign official, reports the arrangement helped Clinton maintain her personal control over the server that she used to conduct public and private business. The official also said it also ensured that taxpayers weren’t paying for the upkeep of the server that was shared by Clinton, her husband, the former president, and their daughter as well as former aides, the Post reports.

The State Department staffer in question, Bryan Pagliano, told a congressional committee that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights instead of testifying about the private server. A congressional source told Fox News on Friday that investigators on the Benghazi Select Committee hoped to question Pagliano, a former IT specialist, over possible destruction of evidence.

Pagliano served as Clinton’s IT director of her 2008 campaign committee and then on her political action committee, according to The Post. He installed and managed her server and left his IT job at the State Department in February 2013, the same month Clinton stepped down as secretary.

There now, all fixed. Wasn’t that just tooooo convenient?


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