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calendar   Wednesday - September 23, 2015

Air Shark

Named after the mako shark, Brazil’s Anequim school project airplane sets 5 world records


The Lycoming AEIO-360 engine, a 360 cu in flat 4 that weighs 300lbs and makes 200hp and runs at 2700rpm or less. With all the aftermarket goodies installed, it might make 220hp. Or not. The basic engine has been in production for more than 50 years now.


As you can see, the Anequim is not a big airplane. The actual fish is bigger.

Huh? wth? This wasn’t supposed to post yet.  I did a Quick Save and went to bed, Oh well.  I had been looking to see if there were any updates on the Bugatti 100P airplane, if it had maybe taken it’s second flight. And I ran across this. Pretty sure this is the same technical college down in Belo Horizonte that studied the Bugatti design with all sorts of CAD and computer analysis programs and decided it wouldn’t be stable at low or moderate speeds. So they went out and designed their own plane, and then developed the technology to build it.

image   image

While the wings and tail fins are quite different between the two aircraft, their bodies are quite similar ... double ended needles, with the pilot so recumbent he’s nearly lying down flat. Neither aircraft is very big, and both are mighty darned streamlined. That makes it all the more interesting to me, because Bugatti designed his craft as art, and the Boys From Brazil designed theirs a minimalist low drag shape, using the best computing tools available. Funny how similar they look ... and how natural ... like high speed fish. Air sharks.

Right. So with pretty much a standard out of the box engine, they built their lightweight wonder plane and took to the skies. And not only did it fly, it zoomed.

Here’s a link to a video of the little white shark setting the record for the 3km speed. (0:43) 521kph. 323mph. From a non-turbo 4 cylinder engine.

Maiden flight video right here. The white wonder just wants to fly!

The Anequim Project, a group of students and professors from Brazil’s Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), has built and flown the world’s fastest four-cylinder airplane.  Anequim comes from the Brazilian name for the shortfin Mako, the fastest shark in the seas, a fitting namesake for the airplane that gobbled up title to five world records during recent flights in August:  multiple speed records over various distances as well as a new fastest time-to-climb record.

1. Speed over 3 km with restricted altitude

Previous record: Nemesis DR-90 - 466.83km/h (Jon Sharp)
New record claim: 521.08km/h

2. Speed over 15 km

Previous record: Nemesis DR-90 - 455.8 km/h (Jon Sharp)
New record claim: 511.19 km/h

3. Speed over 100 km closed course

Previous record: W.Air Race - 389.6 km/h (Richard Young)
New record claim: 490.14 km/h

4. Speed over 500 km closed course

Previous record: VariEze - 387.4 km/h (Klaus Savier)
New record claim: 493.74 km/h

5. Time to climb up to 3,000 meters

Previous record: Pushy Galore – 3 minutes and 8 seconds (Bruce Bohannon)
New record claim: 2 minutes and 26 seconds


other links:


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Too Early


Why am I online? I cn get another hour’s sleep. Nite.


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calendar   Tuesday - September 22, 2015

The Circle of Jazz

Circle of Life? Phooey. The Circle of Jazz ... in which dem cats has been stealin they shit fo generations. GENERATIONS.

Works for rock musicians too. The Rolling Stones stole half their stuff from a 1930s bluesman named Robert Johnson. Clapton too, the great borrower.

This one was Johnson’s too ... although he probably stole it from somebody else.


“take my .32-20 now, gonna cut her ass in two”

For Peiper.

See More Below The Fold


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workin fool

Another day’s 2 hour job finished ... with 9 hours on the clock. Man, I got a lot of painting done today.

Dinner time. Dinner. Dinner? Um, hello China Take Out? 


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and why not



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calendar   Monday - September 21, 2015

oh how I wish ….. but over here, carrying a can opener for beer cans or pop may be a crime

I am nowhere near as knowledgeable as many of you. I imagine if Drew were to post this he’d have all kinds of interesting to add to whatever the guy is saying here.
I haven’t that knowledge or ability to speak knowingly or raise tech issues.

However, I love the looks of this thing and wish I had one here.


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urging people to think their way? gentle nagging. nudging.

Nudge theory (or Nudge) is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics which argues that positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to try to achieve non-forced compliance can influence the motives, incentives and decision making of groups and individuals, at least as effectively – if not more ...

At a guess I’d say some of you know about this theory already. Isn’t news to you. I think many others may not, or maybe heard something in passing and didn’t give it any thought. It is after all, kind of a non story.

But it bothered me somewhat when I read almost a year ago, an article in one of our papers about the govt. using a nudging tactic to get folks into a frame of mind whereby a bit of mild nagging, nudging, would get them to go along with, whatever.  The article used smoking as one example where folks could be encouraged to quit through this “nudge” thing, without them feeling as if they had been forced or bullied.  I suppose that may not be a bad thing in the medical use if it works. If I may get personal about it, I have known a few people, two very well, who died as a result of smoking and it was not pretty.  And I speak as a former smoker of some 38 years on Lucky Strikes non filter.  How I managed to get away with what little bad effects I got, and got over, (but not entirely) I will never know.  Especially when I lost someone very close and he was only 46 when lung cancer took him. Damn, I was 6 years older and started before he did.  Why him with so much ahead and the plans he had? 
I didn’t mean to get myself side tracked.

OK, enough of that. You get the picture.  In fact, I’d bet there are a few of you, Drew for sure, will have researched this nudging thing before I even finished typing and posting it.  And I’m certain, well as much as one can be certain of anything, that for our Turtler, this is not new news at all.  Same for LyndonB, especially Lyndon with his career experience.

So anyway, overall and after reading the article which at the time I didn’t even think important enough to post, and then forgot about until yesterday when I found this headline, spread out all across one page.

David Cameron’s plan to drive out foreign thugs? A cosy chat
to politely persuade them to leave the country

· Special unit tried to get inmates at Pentonville to agree to deportation
· Home Office letter says tactic seeks to encourage ‘early co-operation’
· More than 5,000 foreign criminals were kicked out of UK between 2014-15

By Martin Beckford, Home Affairs Editor For The Mail On Sunday

David Cameron is sending a crack team of experts into one of Britain’s toughest jails – to politely persuade foreign criminals to leave the country.
The Behavioural Insights Team visited Pentonville prison this summer to convince inmates to go along with deportation rather than launch costly appeals.

The unit uses psychological techniques known as ‘nudge theory’ to help people make better choices for themselves rather than forcing them to behave in a certain way.

The unlikely tactic at Pentonville is at an early stage, but it is thought members of the nudge unit spoke to foreign criminals about their attitudes to returning home, in an attempt to work out the best way to get them to comply.

Immigration officers are also stationed at the Victorian jail in North London – where criminals are often sent straight from courts in the capital after conviction – to find out where foreign inmates are from so they can be returned home as soon as possible.

Now here’s why I posted the article on Camron’s experiment and why it kinda bothers me. 
I read only recently a very short line or two, not even a paragraph, that a certain govt. official in the USA was very interested in this and had sent someone over here to “consult” on the subject.

Recognize any names here? Any cause to worry?  Not everyone agrees with the theory.

Nudge theory (or Nudge) is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics which argues that positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to try to achieve non-forced compliance can influence the motives, incentives and decision making of groups and individuals, at least as effectively – if not more effectively – than direct instruction, legislation, or enforcement.

Nudge theory’s most celebrated influences include the formation of a British Behavioural Insights Team, often called the ‘Nudge Unit’, at the British Cabinet Office, headed by Dr David Halpern and US President Barack Obama’s appointment of Cass R. Sunstein as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.  In Australia, the government of New South Wales established a Behavioural Insights community of practice.

The “Nudge” idea has been criticised. Dr Tammy Boyce, from public health foundation The King’s Fund, has said:
We need to move away from short-term, politically motivated initiatives such as the ‘nudging people’ idea, which are not based on any good evidence and don’t help people make long-term behaviour changes

mail on sunday

It’s reported that there are some 5,000 foreign “offenders” at large on the streets of Britain after serving time behind bars.

And oh yeah, there was one guy from Eastern Europe, who murdered his wife and spent 8 yrs in jail in his home country.  He was released and within a few months showed up in England, but no record of previous crime due to no communication between police forces. Anyway, he wasn’t here a month before he killed someone. And ppl here are still against the DP.  I believe the victim was a 12 year old girl. And it isn’t an isolated example.

Last week a Polish immigrant was casing a neighborhood for a burglary, a friend of his hit another house but the one he entered was occupied by a woman alone with her two small children.  He stabbed her to death cos he could, neighbor heard screams and called cops, the second time that night for a call out. Wasn’t a neighborhood in bad place. Police on scene so quickly they caught the guy, with her two kids he’d taken.
In a case like that, I’d really appreciate it if cops were given the go ahead to just kill the bastard right there. 

Not too may hours before the killing, neighbors called about a suspicious guy hanging around the street.  They came and did speak to him but didn’t have anything to take him in for.  So they left.  And he murdered her shortly after. 


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how about taking in one or two migrant families? The archflake of canterbury is.

Steve1977, Norwich, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago
Does he not see all the homeless in this country? Why do these people seem not to see all the issues in this country?!

That’s one of many comments made after an announcement by the Archbishop Jerk of
Canterbury, that he was going to take in a migrant family. Or two.
Not earth shattering news but take a gander at this anyway.

His jerkiness probably hasn’t taken into account something else.  Whoever occupies a building such as this, will have no idea of the history or the culture and so, might not have a care as they go about their business.

Here’s a scenario tho.  More likely whatever family the idiot takes in, will be well vetted and if at all possible, they will be middle class educated Syrians. And maybe no Syrians at all. Anyway, they won’t simply be dumped in a nice home and forgotten.  He will see to it that jobs of some kind will be found, those kiddies if any will get an education and may in time become citizens and civil right lawyers.
Of course, even before then all the cousins and aunts and such support staff will migrate too and need a place to stay. 
Heaven forbid he show the same concern for people born and raised here.
Just musings.

Archbishop of Canterbury throws opens the doors of Lambeth Palace to migrant families and says ‘Jesus was a refugee’
· Archbishop of Canterbury to host families in a cottage at Lambeth Palace
· It is something he feels passionately about, saying, ‘Jesus was a refugee’
· Offer comes after Pope said the Vatican would host two refugee families
By Jenny Stanton For Mailonline

The Archbishop of Canterbury has offered to host one or two refugee families in a cottage in the grounds of his Lambeth Palace residence in London.
‘As a Christian who leads the Church of England, it is something he feels absolutely passionate about,’ a spokeswoman for Anglican leader Justin Welby said.

‘As the archbishop has said, Jesus was a refugee, and there are refugees here who are desperate for sanctuary from war-torn places and the archbishop is completely torn about their situation and wants to make a difference.’

The spokesman said the four-bedroom cottage could house a ‘family or two’, adding: ‘He would pay for it out of his own discretionary fund’.
The Archbishop has been considering the move for ‘a while’, his office said, and the cottage is currently being redecorated. 

Welby has been critical of Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent offer to take in an extra 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years, calling it a ‘very slim response’.


Well of course the schmuck isn’t happy. Happy for this walking doorstop, would be 20 million of them. What the hell. It’s party time at England’s cultural expense. 


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calendar   Saturday - September 19, 2015

illegals held by brits complain about the menu ….

The S***s at the Mail put this behind a paywall.

So I had to do a screen shot, and then enlarge the print.  Hope anyone looking, if anyone there tonight, can see this okay.

Just shows you how well these vermin know the west, what buttons they can push etc, etc.

Take a look.



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we have hearts, but we also have heads. our heads dictate what’s best for our country.

I am pretty sure that this crises has made it’s way to the news in the USA and there isn’t too much you have not already seen.
That said, I also think we see more of it and from different views as it’s right on our doorstep.

I wish I could say we see an end in sight, or that the EU was falling apart.  Neither is happening that I can see at the moment.  However, I would suppose the fact that some European countries are now squabbling amongst themselves on the refugee issue.

As you will read here, Hungary and Croatia are at loggerheads.  Hungary is extending it’s barb wire fence and now Croatia who were originally talking about humanity yadda, yadda, have found themselves with more of it than they can handle, so now they also are closing their border. 
Oh, and I haven’t even spoken of Serbia.  Countries we do not hear much from in the normal course of events are caught up in what I call, “Merkel’s Mess”, with threats from Germany that member countries who do not sign up for quotas, may see themselves being refused monies from the EU bank for development programs and subsidies they normally receive.  Woo-hoo. Germany threatening Europe?  Again?

The PM of Croatia has said,

We can not register and accommodate these people any longer.
They will get food, water and medical help, and then they can move on.
The European Union must know that Croatia will not become a migrant
‘hotspot’.  We have hearts we also have heads.

Now that quote came from a paper but I heard what he said on radio last night, and there was another line left out of the paper. No big deal but I think they could have printed it. He also said, “Our heads dictate what is best for our country and its security”.
Well said I think.

Meanwhile, as you’d suppose, the left wing press is using the ‘R’ word, and a guy named Sean O’Grady writes under the headline,
EUROPE’S DARK NATIONALISM IS BACK.  But there are one or two voices on the left , who do not agree with their friends and take a view closer to the warnings of more conservative people.  But do not mistake that for a sign of hope.  All hope is lost and as Drew has already said here, the USA is not far behind.

Full article at the link below with photos and video as usual.

Hungary accuses Croatia of ‘human smuggling’ as unrepentant leaders in Zagreb vow to continue ‘forcing’ thousands of migrants over the border

· 20,000 migrants have entered Croatia since Hungary blocked route into EU
· Zoran Milanovic said they would give them food before sending them on
· Hungary has accused Croatia of committing violation of international law
· Elsewhere, a five-year-old girl migrant has drowned off coast of Lesbos
By Kate Pickles For Mailonline

Croatia has vowed to continue sending thousands of migrants to Hungary as tensions mount between the neighbouring countries over the migrant crisis.

More than 20,000 migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, have flooded into Croatia since Hungary blocked their route into the European Union with a metal fence, tear gas and water cannons on Tuesday.

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said his country could take no more and would give them food, water and medical attention, before sending them on their often perilous journey to western and northern Europe.

Some 3,000 entered Hungary by bus and train on Friday with officials accusing Croatia of committing ‘a major violation of international law’.
More were expected today, as dozens of buses on the Hungarian side of the border lined up in the village of Beremend.

‘We forced them, by sending people up there. And we’ll keep doing it,’ Milanovic told reporters in the northeastern town of Beli Manastir, from where many of the buses and several trains left on Friday for the short trip to Hungary.

The Hungarian government hit back with spokesman Zoltan Kovacs claiming it showed the Croatian system for handling migrants and refugees had ‘collapsed.’

‘What we see today is a complete failure of the Croatian state to handle migration issues,’ he said.

‘What is more, we see intentional participation in human smuggling, taking these migrants to the Hungarian border.’



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boo hoo ….  amnasty barred from arms fair.

These do good busy bodies seem to have become, at least in their minds if not in fact, some kind of official body that goes around the world getting in people’s hair and up their noses.  Like they have some kind of right to monitor a country’s defense industry. 
I don’t recall anyone appointing them, but they sure are everywhere. 
Well, in fact they aren’t representing any country, they are not official by any means.  Since so many have caved in to this lefty mob, they have taken on the role of official overseer and spokesman for the world. I don’t recall anyone electing them to fill that job, so I guess they elected themselves.

I don’t expect anyone here to see this as any great late breaking news or even worthy of comments.

I just like the idea that for once, this self important lefty bed wetter and who he represents, were refused admission.

Boo-freekin’ hoo.

An Amnesty International expert has been barred from the London Arms Fair

Amnesty International has expressed alarm after one of its human rights experts was refused entry to the Defence and Security Equipment international arms fair.

Oliver Sprague, Amnesty UK’s Arms Control Programme Director, was prevented from entering the DSEi event at the ExCel conference centre on Wednesday.

Sprague registered beforehand and had attended previous DSEi arms fairs without incident, but was refused entry with no explanation other than that he “didn’t meet the criteria for registration”.

Amnesty suspects event organisers wished to prevent human rights experts from detecting the presence of any illegal activity at the event, which has a chequered history.

In 2009, Mr Sprague was officially invited to give a speech on strengthening arms control regulations at the same fair alongside then Defence Minister Quentin Davies.
Sprague said:

“Countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Pakistan are given the red-carpet treatment at DSEi, yet we’re shown the door. It’s outrageous and deeply disturbing.

Every year we’ve monitored the fair and - worryingly enough - every year we’ve actually found torture or other illegal equipment being advertised for sale.

The organisers will doubtless be delighted to have avoided headlines about leg-irons or electro-shock batons being offered for sale at DSEi, but the truth is we simply don’t know what horrendous equipment might be advertised for sale at Docklands this year.”

They’ve kept me out, but the question is: what has DSEi got to hide?

He asks that last question as though they have some kind of obligation to answer to him.


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Another Team Of One

We went down fighting last night, 2-5. Their side had 2 decent bowlers, a fair bowler, and a ringer. Oh come on. R has a 205 book average? In what universe? I’ve known him forever, and I’ve personally seen him throw a dozen 300 games. And while his teammates dawdled about, he just kept dropping the strike hammer frame after frame, game after game. And then “accidentally’ blowing the 10th frame if his team was untouchably ahead. Otherwise he threw a 256 but we out rolled that.

Beats me why these guys want to hang out in a podunk league like this. No glory in it for them. No money either. I don’t get it.

Whatever. Get my balls clean, and try again next week.

Hey, looks like Europe is finally waking up, huh? Now that it’s nearly too late. All it took was the rioting hordes literally at the gates before they cottoned onto what we’ve been saying for years. Ha, even that marshmallow waffle Bill O’Reilly on Fox News is straight up calling this a “Muslim Invasion”. No shit. And to fend off an invasion, you break out the tanks and the guns. And have at it. Charles Martel would be proud. And that’s the real talking point: It’s time to fight. To the death.


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calendar   Friday - September 18, 2015

is this really to be the future?

I don’t know if the numbers given are correct or not.
Thought the video impressive, especially due to what I am seeing every night on the news.  And what I’m seeing and hearing does not make for much confidence for the future.

One word of caution .... there could be adds which you’ll delete of course. Didn’t see them with my Android tablet but did see them when booted Windows desktop pc. Which I hope to replace before year end.

Supposed to have our house painted before bad weather sets in.  Painter never showed or called.
I’d be very wealthy if I got paid every time that’s happened since we’ve been here.


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calendar   Thursday - September 17, 2015


Okey dokey, it’s only 10:20pm. I’m home for the night, done working at all my little jobs. And I only have to work half a day tomorrow. Nice.

Egad. I can’t believe I purchased a ton of soil today. A ton. 2,000 pounds. I’ve never bought an actual ton of anything before. And I have to call them back, to increase the order by another 400 pounds. Because I need it. Oh yeah baby, I need my mountain of dirt.


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