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calendar   Monday - January 26, 2015

South Seas Bloodbath

MILF Battle Kills 30 Cops

30 Filipino police commandos killed
MANILA, Philippines – More than 30 police commandos were killed in a clash with Muslim insurgents Sunday in the southern Philippines in the biggest single-day combat loss for Philippine forces in many years, officials said.

The commandos had entered the far-flung village of Tukanalipao at dawn looking for a top terror suspect, but had a “misencounter” with members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and other insurgents, Mayor Tahirudin Benzar Ampatuan of Mamasapano town told The Associated Press by telephone.

Other insurgents in the area later joined in fighting the outnumbered police forces, the mayor said.

The Moro group signed a peace deal with the government last year.

Ampatuan, the Moro group and military officials said the police commandos did not coordinate their plan to enter the Muslim rebel village before sunrise, apparently resulting in the fierce fighting.

The fighting in the marshy village of corn and coconut plantations subsided after several hours when members of a cease-fire committee and foreign truce monitors intervened, Ampatuan said, adding he deployed a team of village leaders and guards, who saw more than 30 of the slain commandos scattered in the battle scene.

“What they described to me was gruesome,” Ampatuan said.

At least two Philippine security officials told The AP that the target of the police commandos was Zulkifli bin Hir, a Malaysian terror suspect known also as Marwan, who has been blamed by U.S. and Philippine authorities for several deadly bombings. Marwan is believed to have been hiding in the country’s south since 2003.

The two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to reporters about operations to capture Marwan, who they said may have been wounded or killed in Sunday’s fighting.

Bing Maps shows Tukanalipao as “Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Autonomous Reg. in Muslim Mindanao, Philippines”, Mindanao being the south island of the archipelago. Seems to me we’ve been fighting the Moros for at least 115 years now. Pretty sure we even invented a brand new pistol to shoot them with around 1911. The Moros, on the other hand, have been fighting everybody, for at least 400 years now. They just don’t want to be colonized. Darn shame they can’t stay independent AND keep their violent faith local.

It almost never makes the news, but the US has five or six thousand troops there, um, I mean “military advisors”, and has been not-quite-fighting a war against these islamo-commie “rebels” in the southern Philippines since 2002. 


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not snowed under yet


Weather wienies are hard at it ... oh noes, we’re all gonna diiiiiiiiiee!!  Seriously, the ladies on the TV are advising people to “be in your safe place” before the snow starts to fall. Sure, it isn’t bad advice, but come on. What’s next? 3 extra blankets, wool socks, extra bottled water, food you can eat without heating, 2 flashlights, fresh batteries in your portable radio, a box of those pocket heater things, and a can of anti-zombie spray. A plastic yacht and an inflatable helicopter. You can take safety and preparedness a bit too far. Seems to me we used to be a little bit tougher than this. Just a little.

Because, look out, a bit of snow is likely on the way. Hey, let’s pull out all the stops, give the snowstorm a name, as if it’s some major hurricane or whatev, and drag out the record books before the first flakes fall. I think the Weather Channel people are just miffed they haven’t had any hurricanes to get excited about lately. Because Climate Change. Warming equals more energy, right? More energy equals a more active system, right? More and bigger weather events. So when we don’t have them for several years that means .... Bush lied! Yeah, that’s it!.

Us? We finally gave in to the news hysteria and went to the grocery store, stopping at the bank and the gas station on the way back to fill up on cash and gas. So now I have some nice cinnamon raisin bread to toast along with my fresh eggs, my shredded 4 cheese blend, my 3 flavors of garden pepper and some mushrooms ... there’s gonna be a heck of a Western omelet here tomorrow. We also got a spare coffee and an extra pack of TP, just in case. So, we’re ready for the snow-pocalypse. Bring it.

Even better, I fixed the telephone. It took a whole bunch of Chat Mode with the telephone company, several trips around the house to reset this or that, finding out that the batteries in the wireless phone base unit had totally leaked, but only recently, and replacing them, and pulling out and replacing this bit of wire after that one of our reverse connected phone wiring that I found the culprit. She’d moved some furniture around in the bedroom, and the cord to the bedside phone was resting on the baseboard heater. And it melted. Brown and crispy! Crap, that was a bit scary looking. And the melted wires shorted. So I put in a new phone cord, made sure it wasn’t anywhere near the heat, and everything is fine. This is the second shorted wire she’s had this winter. The other was for her iPad thingy. Don’t mistreat your wires!


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calendar   Sunday - January 25, 2015

Apologies to Vilmar. Today’s Musical Break.

I really feel the need to raise the class of the BMEWS website. As part of that, I am going to start posting classical music. As an example, here is some Bach!


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Best apology ever!


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calendar   Saturday - January 24, 2015

More on the ‘War on Food’

Chicago cracks down on unregulated eating!

According to Thrillist, the city of Chicago issued a citation to Julia Pham, who ran Relish Underground Dining from her apartment in Lincoln Square, forcing her to shut down.

Unregulated eating? How is this any different from going to a pot-luck at church? She’s charging some money. So what? Not like she’s was forcing you to attend.

Her experimental approach makes a lot of sense. Underground dining is an attractive option for entrepreneurs who want the flexibility to do what they love without the commitment of running a restaurant full time. And because it’s not a restaurant in the traditional sense, it makes little sense for Pham and others like her to jump through the city’s regulatory hoops – including the permits, fees, inspections, zoning restrictions and taxes that go along with them – which would kill this sort of small-scale dining before it even got started. The adventurous foodies who attend the underground dinners apparently agree.

Speaking of those “permits, fees, inspections, zoning restrictions and taxes” Those should be done away with too. Caveat emptor! Face it. Nobody goes into the restaurant business with the goal of food poisoning their customers. A good way to go out of business quickly.

Besides, adults should be able to eat together without getting a bureaucrat’s permission first.


Article here.


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Mandatory labeling for foods containing…

DNA? Yes that’s right.

A recent survey by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics finds that over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA,”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t everything we consume, with the exception of salt and water, contain DNA?

The Oklahoma State survey result is probably an example of the intersection between scientific ignorance and political ignorance, both of which are widespread.

No! Say it isn’t so! Okay, it is so. Original article here.


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ah-huh, yeahhhh, i’m all shook up

A new Goddess ....

If you Google her, you may notice she looks (to me anyway) as good minus photo makeup or all the things necessary for glamour shots, as the ladies who are made up. Of course ,,,, yoot has a lot to do with that too.

Her name is Eugenie Bouchard





See More Below The Fold


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 01/24/2015 at 02:11 PM   
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late night wandering

We almost got skunked at bowling tonight, losing 2-5. The good news is, we’ve been given a 4th bowler, so we finally have a full team. We know the guy from several leagues in the past, and when he’s on he bowls pretty well. He wasn’t quite on last night, nor were the rest of us. So we lost by just a little, a fair amount, and then won by just a little in games 1 - 3 respectively.

I’m pretty concerned about the situation in Yemen; the whole country may have fallen to Al Qaeda maybe. And at the very same time, the same darn day, the Saudi king dies, and a new Saudi guy takes over? Except the new guy is his 79 year old brother with Alzheimer’s? Great. That’s quite a coincidence, although news of the Yemeni president abdicating could have been the news that killed old king Abdullah. Fine, you know it will be business as usual with the Saudis, mostly. But what about these eeeny meeny Yemeni? You know we’ve been supporting and fighting a war there for the past year or three, right? Wait and see what happens; as of this afternoon our embassy was still open in Yemen as the country slid over the abyss into total anarchy.Yet Clueless Claudette, Obama’s SpokesRed of Stupid, continues her reign of inept statements.

We’re having our first major winter “snow event” aka storm tonight. Snow didn’t start until around 10pm, and right now it’s coming down but good, as temperatures hover just below freezing. I think somebody said we’re in for 3-5”, but it looks like at least 4” out there already. Like everything else, there ain’t a thing I can do about it, so I’m going to finish my tea and go back to bed.


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calendar   Thursday - January 22, 2015

Want to Bet He’s a Liberal Democrat?

I hereby nominate Michael Foster of Lithia, Florida for Bigoted Jerkwad of the week.

Mr. Foster spotted Mr. Clarence Daniels, a Black Concealed Carry Permit holder, entering a Walmart to do his shopping.  Mr. Foster then proceeded to attack Mr. Daniels without warning, from behind, because he saw Mr. Daniels’ pistol in its holster when Mr. Daniels got out of his car.  Mr. Foster chose to commit a junior grade lynching rather than notify either store security or the police.  No where have I found any evidence that Mr. Daniels was doing anything in any way illegal or threatening.  Shopping while Black is not a crime and neither is being a Black Concealed Carry Permit holder.

It would have served Foster right if Daniels had shot him in self defense.

One really big problem with Liberals is that they believe their own press clippings about firearms and seem to have some bad attitudes about Black people who don’t toe the Liberal Party Line like good House Niggers.  They are terrified not only by firearms, but by Black people who have the temerity to act like full Citizens exercising their Constitutional Rights.  In truth, there is little information about the racial dimension of the attack, however given the circumstances, I’m pretty certain that Mr. Foster carries some seriously negative racial feelings. 

Mr. Foster was arrested and charged with assault and battery. two_thumbs_up 

From CBS News Tampa:
Wal-Mart video of shopper tackling man with gun


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3 crazy, 1 post

Insanity Now Available In Several Flavors

I wish this was humor, but it isn’t.

ISIS beats musicians for playing non-islamic instruments

Musicians were beaten by ISIS religious police in Syria for playing an “un-Islamic” keyboard — and the brutes then destroyed the players’ instruments.

The ISIS enforcers were seen striking the men with a stick in a public square because the electric instrument was “offensive to Muslims,” the Daily Mail reported.

The musical raids were believed to have taken place in Bujaq, near Aleppo in Syria. According to a file-sharing website that posted the images, the men were punished with 90 lashes.

Maybe I could sympathize if they were talking about bagpipes or accordions. But keyboards? Oh please. You guys are nucking futs.


Man cited in Georgia for eating cheeseburger while driving

MARIETTA, Ga. – A man says he was cited by police outside Atlanta for eating a cheeseburger while driving.

Madison Turner, who’s from Alabama, tells Atlanta station WSB-TV he ordered a double quarter-pounder with cheese from a McDonald’s in the Marietta area shortly before he was pulled over last week.

Turner says the officer told him he saw him eating the cheeseburger for two miles, telling the man “You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger.”

The ticket, issued under Georgia’s distracted driving law, states in the comments section that the offense is “eating while driving.”

Turner is to appear in court Feb. 3.

I bet former New York City mayor/food Nazi Bloomberg would be proud. Maybe the driver could have avoided the ticket if he said it was a veggie burger.


Maryland family under investigation for letting their kids walk home alone

(CNN)It’s starting to feel a little bit like Groundhog Day when it comes to parents under attack for letting their children do things on their own.

The latest case? A Silver Spring, Maryland, couple is facing a neglect investigation for letting their 10-year-old son and 6-1/2-year-old daughter walk home from a playground, about a mile from their house, by themselves on a Saturday afternoon in late December.

Read more about the World’s Worst Mother at this link. “Free range parenting”. Nice try lady. You are so busted.


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A bit of flying perspective

Thinking about airplanes while doodling around on the internet ...

I’ve never seen a B-29, the ultimate giant Allied bomber from WWII. Saw some sidebar news story the other day about how the restoration work is proceeding on one of them, such that there might be exactly two of the old birds actually flying by the end of this year. This is pretty amazing, especially since I didn’t know that there were any left at all. What a labor of love. And money. Lots and lots and lots of money.


So, I got to wondering, just how giant an airplane was this thing? Sure, you can Wiki up the specs and see that it was huge for its day, half again as long as a B-17, with a wingspan half again as wide, and a tail half again as tall. Which is nice, but meaningless unless you’ve got a B-17 around to play with. I’ve never seen one of those either, but I’ve heard from those who have how they seem so small given the role they played. A bit more research shows that a B-29 is almost exactly the same size as a modern C-130 Hercules cargo plane, although much narrower in the fuselage (9 feet vs. 13.75 feet) Body about 100 feet long, wings about 140 feet wide, tail about 30 feet tall.

C-130s I have seen. This workhorse transport is a great contradiction in terms, a great big fat little airplane, another one of those 1950s designs that keeps on keeping on forever, while getting incrementally better all the time. The latest C-130 version out-performs the venerable B-29 in every way, carrying much more load, flying faster, flying higher, flying further and climbing many times faster. Pretty impressive for a cargo plane. But that’s still a context-free comparison for the rest of us who never see military aircraft of any kind. Fine. A B-29 and a C-130 are both the size of a modern 737 airliner, but with wider wings. The 737 is the “baby” jet you take on the less popular routes United flies. They don’t seem very big either when you’re inside them, but walking up to one on the tarmac is a bit impressive. I’ve worked in smaller office buildings. And this thing flies. Seriously, this is about as small an airplane as I’m happy to travel in. Another Little Big Plane, fuselage diameter 12.3 feet. And this one is miniscule compared to the real jumbos? OM.F.G. And it goes without saying that this modern jet mini-airliner leaves either of the two propeller driven planes discussed here in the dust. It’s not even funny. All it needs is ... half again as much runway.


Closing the circle: the Marines land a C-130J on runway Baker, Tinian. Second plane since 1947

The above makes an interesting little read, but if you follow the link you’ll see that most of the troops arrived there at West Field, by 737 airliner. Which is kind of funny.


The beginning of the end, literally

Photo R-L: runways Alpha, Baker, Charlie in 2008, North Field, Tinian Island, still in usable shape 60 years later.  This is where Enola Gay and BocksCar were based, the two B-29s that dropped the atomic bombs that ended WWII in the Pacific in 1945


All pretty much the same size: a Navy C40A, the cargo version of the 737. With people for some scale perspective


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Sneaking An Hour

Golly gee, I’ve hardly had a minute to work on this blog in a couple of weeks. The Mrs has had a whole lot of time off of work lately, and it’s amazing how little free time I have when she is around. Always something to do it seems.

Not that all of it is work or household chores. We took a couple hours yesterday and got in some bowling practice in the middle of the afternoon. Well, as much practice as you can get, with daytime conditions. Generally, the lanes get cleaned and re-oiled in the late afternoons, so that they are fairly fresh for the evening leagues. And then I think the oil just evaporates over night or something. Daytime conditions are like bowling on sandpaper. The balls go short, they slow down excessively, and they hook like insanity. We gave up using our strike balls. Put them back in the bag and used our spare balls instead. Spare balls, for those not in the know, are “deaders”, simple plastic covered round things without inner cores or any of that high-tech reactive resin surface that makes a modern bowling ball perform so well. Spare balls don’t hook. At all. In theory. Yet we were still hooking the balls 5 or more boards more than what our strike balls do during league. So it was practice, but practice in adapting to crazy silly conditions. Practice in learning to laugh at the results instead of getting frustrated. Practice in Being One With Your Approach, because the best throws come when you commit 100%. It’s like skiing, or at least skiing on the East Coast. What Western powder snow skiers call “ice skating downhill”. You’ve really got to lean into it, and work the edges for all they’re worth. If you hold back even a little, you’re going to have problems. Bowling is similar if you want to have a strong release. So we did that, and managed to overcome conditions enough so that we were bowling at or above our league averages. The other great part about bowling in the afternoon is that you look like a hero. Compared to the hordes of kids, the mommy squads, and the guys with nothing better to do, even a mediocre league average bowler looks like a pro. And while we were having a hard time stringing strikes, we were getting some and were closing most of our frames. That gave us scores in the 170s and up, which looks great compared to the 50s and 80s that the kids and moms were throwing.

I got to drive her car finally. We went through the most incredible, deep drilled research, most debated process the other week trying to pick out a new set of tires for her Spec-V. It’s a zippy little car that rode like hell on the factory “boy racer” 45 series 17” rims, so a few years back we replaced them with 15” rims so she could have a bit of sidewall and not get beat to death every time the car went over a bump. Right. Anyway, there has been another quantum leap forward in tire design in the past few years, and there are some amazing tires out there now in the “grand touring all season” category. Unfortunately, the best ones are built only for the newer cars, which all seem to use gigantic rims with minimal sidewalls. So tire shopping for her buggy was more than just seeing what kind of tires were great, it was also a major cross referencing project to see which great ones were made in sizes to fit, even if she was willing to dig out the factory rims or get yet another set of rims in whatever new size. Riiight. Short story made long then truncated, we “settled” for the Michelin Premier A/S, which appears to be the second best daily use tire available on the planet for normal cars. And it’s second only by a hair, and only in a couple of categories. And of course she got the deal of a lifetime on them, even got a free alignment, because she’s the world’s greatest shopper. Especially when she’s got me pulling up all the data and doing a big part of the analysis. Bottom line: bloody awesome rubber. Rides awesome, sticks like glue, runs pretty quiet, chugs through light snow like a champ, and feels really confident on the rain soaked highway. She’s happy as the proverbial pig, and I concur. Nice rubber. Now let’s see if they hold up, with their 60,000 mile warranty and pro-rated replacement policy.


Moving onto the news and politics. Oh God, must I? No. I don’t wanna. But it was pretty funny how the Israelis blasted some of those Hezbollah jerks the other day and managed to “accidentally” take out some Iranian general who just happened to be there. Oops. Sorry, our bad. NOT.

Right. Time to switch loads in the washer. 


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calendar   Wednesday - January 21, 2015

not tonight ….. I’ve got a headache

Had an exchange of emails with Drew late yesterday, can’t remember how or why the subject came up, but something about Japan.
Their economy I know is not Japan Inc. anymore.
So during the conversation, Drew said that Japanese men have become Euro-pussies.

Our news agent delivered an extra paper in error, no complaint, but reading in bed late last night I ran across an article that appeared in both the Times and Telegraph.  No doubt it made papers in USA considering the subject was sex.
But there was something else.  I guess it looks funny in print.  Can’t be too funny to the Japanese though.  Girly men?

Nearly 50 per cent of Japanese adults ‘not having sex’

Tired and can’t-be-bothered couples are failing to reproduce, worsening the nation’s population decline

Nearly 50 per cent of all Japanese adults are not having sex, according to a study, dealing a new blow to government efforts to halt the sliding birth rate.

The report, conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association, determined that 49.3 per cent of the 3,000 people interviewed had not had sex in the previous month.

Of the men interviewed, 48.3 said they had not had sex for a month, while 50.1 per cent of women had abstained. Both figures were up about 5 percentage points from the previous study, conducted in 2012.

Asked why they were not having sex, 21.3 per cent of the married men claimed they were too fatigued after work while 15.7 per cent replied that they were no longer interested in sex after their wives gave birth.

Among the women, 23.8 per cent said sex was “bothersome” and 17.8 blamed being tired from work.

Some couples do not expect to maintain a regular sex life after the arrival of children, while thin walled apts. offer few opportunities for privacy.

Another worrying statistic was the increasing number of young men with little or no interest in sex, a group known as “herbivores” , also known as “girly men”. 

Instead of the high status , adrenaline fuelled goals pursued by men during Japan’s economic boom, they now have low paid jobs, cultivate women as friends rather than lovers, and spend their free time shopping.

More than 20 per cent of men aged between 25 and 29 expressed little of in interest in sex.

The population of Japan currently stands at 126.6 million, although 25 per cent of that total are aged 65 or older, an increase of 1.12 million people on the fiscal 2012 figure. Equally, the fertility rate of 1.41 babies per woman during her lifetime means there are not enough babies being born to sustain the population at its present levels.

If those trends continue, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research has warned that there will be a mere 49.59 million Japanese by 2100, a decline of more than 61 per cent on the 2010 figure.



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calendar   Tuesday - January 20, 2015

do in stuf

Honey dew and away!

Somehow I managed to acquire a substantial shopping list. It grew while I wasn’t looking. And here I was, thinking I only had to go out to get some mustard and some winter mix windshield squirt. So on with the wellies and off to the stores.

By, bisy, backson. *



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