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Muslim Shock and Awe in Europe …. from FP

Not being based in the USA now, I really do get out of touch with much back home.  Understandable since so much happening here, in personal life as well as what’s going on generally.  I don’t know about stateside but, the muslim/terror thing is daily. Sure, it sells papers and keeps ppl on a channel when it’s on TV.  But in a very real way, this place is almost on the front line.  And immigration in the form of refugees and asylum seekers has reached staggering proportions.
Then too there is the worry that some of the native born vermin who have trained in the mid east and especially Syria and Libya, will come back here and carry out suicide or Mumbai style of attacks.

This is kind of an afterthought.
After the 2nd war when the death camps were liberated and photos made public, people of the day wondered aloud, how the heck so many Jews allowed themselves to be herded and murdered in that way.  They seemed to go willingly to their own death. Sure, there was that uprising at a ghetto in Poland.
But that too came late in the day.
Well, that’s pretty much how I see Europe and the UK today. And btw, I am not being bigoted (not that I give a flying F if someone thinks I am) but no kidding. I am seeing more of “those ppl” today than I did a few short yrs ago. And where we are, is pretty much away from the worst of it.  You’d have to be here to see it to grasp it all the same way I do.  You know ... as in seeing is believing. While we aren’t exactly over run ... yet ... I’d bet that’s what the future holds. Scary.

So I’ve worked my way up to this.  Take a look.

H/T Front Page Magazine

Muslim Shock and Awe in Europe

by Daniel Greenfield

Steyn Online, Mark Steyn discussed the muted response to the inevitable Islamization of Birmingham.


The other day, for example, The Daily Mail reported that Birmingham, England (where I chanced to be recently, and where Cameron’s Tories have just wrapped up their party conference) now has more Muslim than Christian children. That means that, absent any countervailing dynamic, its future is Muslim. This is not a small thing: Birmingham is Britain’s second city, and, in a democratic age, its structures will reflect its people. The constabulary, the school system, the hospitals will have a de facto sharia-compliant character. If you’re a Muslim girl, the authorities will systematically turn a blind eye to forced marriages and honor violence, and, if you’re a lower-class infidel girl, to “grooming”. If you’re boorish enough to draw attention to such unpleasantness, you’ll be committing a hate crime, and Cameron’s even squishier successors will explain why there’s “no right to shout fire in a crowded theatre”, which is a polite way of saying we can’t afford this freedom-of-expression stuff…

It’s a bit dispiriting to write a wake-up call only to find everyone you wrote it for simply doubles the strength of their sleeping pills.

Steyn was right then and he’s right now. And the UK represents a fascinating and disturbing example of how moments of shock are smoothed over.

1,400 girls are molested. There is a de facto Muslim majority in Birmingham. A soldier is beheaded.

Those are moments of shock. They might wake some people up. They do wake up some. But the process is really about how the human mind processes a shock event or fact that disturbs its sense of equilibrium.

Most seek a stable state. They want to be reassured that things can go back to the way they were before. Even when they fight, they fight to restore the order of things. This is the base on which conservative parties draw.

As Lauri Regan mentions…

Within hours of the Boston Marathon bombing, I sent an email to my newsletter distribution list with speculation about the perpetrators being of Muslim descent. One self-proclaimed “moderate” on my list told me that he was “done,” accused me of being an extremist, and ordered me to remove him from my list.

The pattern of events is that the right accurately predicts the outcome of the left’s policies, is ridiculed for it, is proven right, and is then told that the outcome is ideal and only reactionaries would oppose it.

R: If you go with socialized medicine, there will be death panels

L: Ha ha death panels. How ridiculous

R: See we told you. There are death panels

L: Only a cruel unfeeling person would want to dismantle our wonderful mandatory free health care system by preventing the system from cutting costs. You probably want to go to the bad old days when everyone was dying in the streets.

The “Shock” though has great potential. It’s the moment that frightens the left, which expects the peasants to rise up. It’s the moment that the right rarely exploits properly because its leaders are not of the right.

A moment of shock can tear away illusions. The left has to transition from one consensus to the other over that moment of shock.

“Yes, there are death panels, and here’s why we need them.” “The UK will be majority Muslim and this is why it’s a good thing.” “Majority Muslim means Sharia law and here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of it.”

The response of the center-right is invariably, “We don’t want to be alarmist but…” when the thing to do is be alarmist because there is a great deal to be alarmed about.

The left is never shy about being alarmist or claiming that the sky is falling. The sky isn’t falling, but civilization is.

“America Alone is not “alarmist”: If anything, it was insufficiently alarmist. What’s underway is happening far faster than I suggested eight years ago.”

Crises always sneak up on us even when we know they’re coming. The left never wastes them. The right always does.

source. Front Page Mag.


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Will the West Be Able to Drive the Islamic Jinn Back into the Bottle?

I’m not sure if the readership here is tired of this subject yet. Nobody has said they are, but then again, nobody has begged for more either.

Anyway, I caught this a day ago and found it to be a good read.  Very good in fact.

I don’t think there’s anything here that will surprise anyone.
Still, some of you will find it of interest. That’s my hope anyway.

It is not a short article, so I have left the rest of it at the link below. I hope you’ll read all of this.

H/T Cherson and Molschky blog

Will the West Be Able to Drive the Islamic Jinn Back into the Bottle?
By: Y.K. Cherson

The epoch of the Crescent Moon that started in the Balkans in the 90s, where Muslim expansion supported by NATO resulted in the creation of the criminal Muslim den in Kosovo on the land of Serbia, continues. The attack on the Christian world is gaining momentum everywhere. All Western countries in an attack of the collective suicidal liberalism, are accepting millions of immigrants from Muslim countries, a very substantial part of whom are dreaming about becoming the grave-diggers for those who accepted them and are paying taxes so they could live on welfare. But there are differences.

In Latin America, the US and Australia the process of integration goes faster and deeper than in Europe. Of course Muslims remain Muslims everywhere, but these countries are less sentimental to immigrants and there the law that if you came, you must respect not only the norms and rules of your community but above all, those of the country- is really A Law.

In Europe, unfortunately, it’s not so. The welfare to Muslims is paid almost automatically; nobody wants to be accused of “racism” or “Islamophobia”. And the inflow of immigrants from Muslim countries is much greater in Europe than in the USA. What’s more, Europe’s idiotic concept of multiculturalism totally contradicts any integration and deprives immigrants of the stimulus to assimilate; any culture is welcome, it is so rich and original… How not!

The result is a sharp and fierce reaction of the native population to the appearance and rapid growth of some communities with totally different culture and values, with a native attitude of, “What the hell? Why are some foreigners, total strangers, behaving in my country as if it is their own? It is they who are in London (Paris, Bonn…), or it is we who are in Karachi or Cairo?”

Of course there is Islamophobia! It would be strange if it were not so. We are told that our sacred duty is to fight it, and we are also told that the fight goes very successfully, and that this terrible dragon is practically defeated, although it still raises its ugly head here and there…
But there are statistics Western liberals hate, because the numbers refuse to be politically correct and show a very different picture. For example, 82% of the French vote for banning the Islamic veil in public places, while 71% of Germans and 62% of the British agree. If Europeans are so happy about immigration from Muslim countries- why is it so?

This Islamic veil, let’s be honest, is a very small thing. Our grandmothers wore headscarves, and just some 200 years ago in European villages a woman would not go out of her house with her head uncovered. It’s a tradition, both Christian and Jewish, we all well know and in theory it should have been easily accepted.

But for Europeans today, it has become some kind of a symbol of invasion of a strange culture, and they refuse to accept it.

If we look at the statistics showing the growth of the Muslim population in Western Europe, that same Western Europe with the traditional European religion, Christianity, the picture will be alarming. It looks like a second Great Migration of Peoples. And Europeans feel it that way- and react accordingly.

In 2001, 91.3% of the population of England and Wales were natives. In 2011, their share fell to 86%. That’s 5.3%- in just 10 years! There were over 3 million Muslims in England and Wales in 2011, while in 2001 there were “only” 1.5 million. In 2013, there were 2 million Muslims FROM PAKISTAN ALONE. The forecasts for 2021: Muslims will account for 10% of the British population.



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she says it’s a sex crime. not so sure ‘bout that but then, i’m not a lawyer. what do you say?

From the dept. of,

Gimma a break.

According to Apple, and yeah; I know many folks who automatically won’t believe what major corporations tell us cos yes, they do so exaggerate, and do it often.
But Apple says passwords were stolen and they are still looking into how all those ‘neked’ photos found their way onto the net.
Crime of the century.

You think not?

This lady will not agree with you.
She says anyone who even searches the net in hopes of finding any of the now infamous pix, is “committing a sex crime.”
I kid you not.

So .... I thought I would help things along with this photo of our good looking lady movie star. Yum. Whoops. Am I allowed to say that?


‘It is a sex crime’: Jennifer Lawrence speaks out for the first time about nude photo leak to Vanity Fair


Jennifer Lawrence is making no apologies about keeping naked pictures of herself on her computer.

But the 24-year-old actress is hitting back at the hackers who stole the provocative shots in Vanity Fair’s November issue.

Jennifer spoke about the incident for the first time by calling the photo theft ‘a sex crime.’

‘It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime,’ she told the publication. ‘It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change.’

Jennifer has spoken out about how the law should be changed so those responsible for the violation of privacy should be prosecuted like sex offenders.

She has said anyone who viewed the pictures should ‘cower with shame’.

The Hunger Games star indicated that she took nude selfies for her boyfriend at the time and although she didn’t name him in the interview the special someone is believed to be actor Nicholas Hoult.

‘I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years,’ she told the magazine. ‘It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.’

Then the unthinkable happened: hackers broke into her iCloud and posted the photos online on August 31.

At first, Jennifer was brought to tears.

‘I was just so afraid. I didn’t know how this would affect my career,’ Jennifer described her initial reaction to the news.

‘Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked for this,’ she said.

‘It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world.’

‘Even people who I know and love say, “Oh, yeah, I looked at the pictures.” I don’t want to get mad, but at the same time I’m thinking, I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.’

Another big consequence was that Miss Lawrence had to tell her father Gary, a construction worker, that naked images of her were being viewed by millions of people online.

Miss Lawrence said he took the news far better than she expected.

She said: ‘I don’t care how much money I get for The Hunger Games, I promise you, anybody given the choice of that kind of money or having to make a phone call to tell your dad that something like that has happened, it’s not worth it.’

Unedited version is here

I have not been fortunate enuff to see what it is she’s talking about.

Are we talking about porn?
Or just some nude photos?


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calendar   Tuesday - October 07, 2014

the kind of folks you want next door, if the next door is a thousand miles away

After a long hard day at muggings, general trouble making and pocket picking ... the friendly gypsy community like to relax and let their hair down with a bit of horse abuse.


My big fat gipsy horse fair: Up to 80,000 people descend on Irish town for one of Europe’s oldest and biggest annual horse meetings

The Ballinasloe Horse Fair, a tradition dating back to the 18th century is underway in County Galway, western Ireland
The fair has a long standing tradition with the Irish travelling community, with many returning to event every year
Said to be one of the most important social and economic events for the community, as they buy and sell horses

And here we see some lovely examples of traveller womanhood relaxing on the day. They stop for our shutter bug to snap a few pix but it takes a whole chip to capture the beauty third, fourth and fifth from the right. That’s big Ma-Moo saying hi.  Hi Ma-Moo.


It's well known that these folks are able to, Talk to the animals.  Here's a fine example and a reminder that there's nothing like a good whoopin' to help keep the spirits up.  Click the whip hand for 19 exciting snaps of gypsies at play. And remember, when they're here relaxing amongst their own kind, they aren't in your town robbing you blind.
Til next time .....  bye,bye



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ordinary Germans r happy 2 have the country overrun again. only the fascists object. u believe that?

The sub headline reads; Drastic action taken against thugs.

Sure thing.  Anytime some folks get just plain fed up seeing their country over run and protest and make loud noise, they are Fascist thugs.
In this case, okay. There may be a bit of neo going on here but, I can’t say as I blame some natives for being somewhat restless.
Anyway ... all patriots are Fascists anyway. Right?  It’s getting so you can’t tell the real ones from the ones who aren’t.
Food for thought too.
At the rate western governments are taking in refugees and asylum seekers and even allowing illegals to stay, making all sorts of allowances including benefits, I find it hard to find fault with the natives by whatever name libs want to call them.  Furthermore, those governments are surely making neo Nazis out of folks who perhaps while bent in that direction anyway, haven’t been up to or encouraged or motivated or had deep interest in right wing politics before, to make their voices heard.

Some politicians and some groups of idiot enablers, won’t be happy until all of Europe is dominated by muslims and others from turd world countries.
One huge caliphate one end to the other.  The only place you might see a white person in another few hundred years, will be in a museum in the form of a wax figure behind glass. 

The headline below comes from the newspaper, but the on line headline reads as if it’s the Germans who are the refugees. Hey wait. Could be them after all. Like, refugees in their own country. Hmm. Sounds about right too. I believe a good number of Brits feel the same.

You can call em thugs if it makes you happy.
I think they are patriots watching their country, language and customs being buried by the useful idiots on the left.

Take a look.

Rise of the far right and a ring of steel for asylum seekers

Drastic action taken against thugs

By Tony Paterson

A10ft steel fence topped with razor wire and metal spikes surrounds the “Spreehotel” – once a hotel, now a refugee hostel on the outskirts of the east German town of Bautzen.

It looks like a relic of the Cold War, but the Spreehotel’s defences were erected only three months ago at a cost of £15,000 to protect 150 asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan and 15 other countries who live within.

“The fence may look sinister, but its not some kind of Berlin Wall that’s meant to lock people in,” manager Peter Kilian Rausch, explained. “I had to put it up to protect of my residents. They are frightened.”

Since he converted his conference hotel into a refugee centre four months ago, Mr Rausch has twice been threatened with murder. His establishment was surrounded nightly by gangs of black-clad neo-Nazis, until the police stepped in.

Mr Rausch is banned from three shops in Bautzen for encouraging “refugee spongers” to live near the town. He has also been spat at and insulted by local people when giving his residents a lift into town, and attacked online.

The Spreehotel’s residents are also frightened. Most are wary about going into Bautzen except in groups. Mohammed Orfali, 24, from Syria, who crossed the Mediterranean in an open boat, said: “I always thought of Germany as the greatest country. I am just glad that I have met a few nicer Germans who speak English.”

Mr Rausch and his residents are the victims of a racist backlash against Germany’s growing refugee population, which has grown to be the largest for 20 years. An average of 25,000 people request asylum in the country each month. By the end of 2014, 200,000 immigrants will have applied. In comparison, the UK had just 20,000 asylum applications during the whole of 2013.

Last week German television viewers were shown a video found on the mobile phone of a security guard working at a refugee hostel in north-west Germany.

The video showed two grinning guards, one with his boot placed on the neck of frightened and handcuffed Algerian asylum seeker lying on the floor. The guard asks the refugee whether he wants “a kick in the face”. Police investigating the incident said the video looked like something from “Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay”.

The news magazine Der Spiegel commented last week: “The politicians appear helpless in the face of he growing refugee influx.”

But the issue has provided big political gains for Germany’s new eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which has just won its first seats in the parliaments of three states. In Thuringia, where the AfD’s candidate claimed foreigners were set to replace Germans as the dominant racial group, the party won 12 per cent of the vote.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative allies have responded by calling for the reintroduction of controls on Germany’s border with Austria. The federal government also this month imposed a block on asylum applications from the western Balkans by declaring that the region was officially “safe”.

But given the increasingly unstable situation in the Middle East, few expect Europe’s refugee flow to decrease in the short term. At the Spreehotel, Mr Rausch says the addition of a security fence has increased his residents’ sense of well-being: “It cost a lot but I’m very glad it’s there,” he said.



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calendar   Monday - October 06, 2014

and so it begins anew

Nurse in Spain catches Ebola from patients
First EBOLA transmission outside of West Africa

Is there any point in even pasting some text or providing a link? The headline says it all.

Any country that doesn’t lock it all down right now, and keep it all locked for the next 6 months, is inviting old Boney Face to visit. Sorry to be an alarmist, but I’ve read The masque of the red death, have you?

Signs and portents of the darkest nature for you E.O.D. believers.

A Spanish nurse who treated two missionaries for Ebola at a Madrid hospital has tested positive for the virus, Spain’s health minister said Monday.

It is the first known transmission of the current outbreak of the disease outside West Africa.

The female nurse was part of the medical team that treated priests Manuel García Viejo, who died on Sept. 26, and Miguel Pajares, who died Aug. 12, at the hospital Carlos III de Madrid.

The infection was confirmed by two separate tests, Health Minister Ana Mato said after an emergency meeting held Monday afternoon in Madrid.

According to El País newspaper, the woman checked herself Monday morning in a hospital in Alcorcón, a suburb southwest of Madrid, with a high fever. The identity of the woman, who according to El Pais is 44 years and has no children, has not been released.

Health officials quoted by the paper say 30 people are currently under surveillance, and it is still being determined who she has been in contact with.

Nobody apart from the woman is in quarantine at the moment.

They said the woman went on vacation after García Viejo’s death, but did not disclose the destination. She led a normal life in recent weeks and her only symptoms were a fever and fatigue, Antonio Alemany, Madrid director of primary health care, said in the news conference.

“We do not know yet what could have failed, we are investigating the mechanism of infection,” he said.

The World Health Organization confirmed there has not been a previous transmission outside West Africa in the current outbreak. WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib told The Associated Press that so far there have only been confirmed cases in West Africa and the United States, and no known transmission outside West Africa. The organization is awaiting official notification of the case from Spanish authorities.

Really? She’s dealing with ebola patients, they die, so even though she has a fever and feels exhausted, she thinks nothing of it and goes on vacation? Is this another case of terminal stupidity?  I’m sure anyone who met a middle aged Spanish lady on vacation this week is just about crawling up a wall right now. Nice of them to not tell people where she was.

I’m very proud of, and highly supportive of, those in the caring professions who are dealing with this disease. But I’m not in the least sorry to say, that, NO, you can’t come straight home, and NO, you aren’t going to have free movement for a month afterwards. The rest of us can’t afford the risk. They’re going to have to stay on Butterfly Island for a month. 


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See More Below The Fold


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a night at home, yay

I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, woo hoo.

And after a medical appointment of my own tomorrow, I’ll head back up there.

The family health situation is much better, but still not completely out of the woods yet. So more hospital visiting and home preparing on my part will be on the duty roster the next few days. But hey, bowling Friday, so I get the weekend off. I hope.

Meanwhile, I’m having a nice gin & tonic, then getting some sleep.


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the war was in the future and lucky strike green had not gone to war yet

This had to be 1930s.  A great time for Jazz and Swing.  Lucky Strike hadn’t gone to the white pack yet. Chesterfield cigarettes advertised .... “Not a cough in a car load”
For all it’s sophistication, it was still sort of an innocent time. Busby Berkeley movies.  Radio thrived and so did movies.  Rogers and Astaire, James Cagney, The Marx Bros. Artie Shaw,Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson and Gene Krupa and Harry James.  Wow. What a time.

I would guess that most folks were working, those who still had jobs anyway, so all these many years later, I get to see and hear more of the stars of their day, anytime I want to, than they could hope to see in their time. 

I always enjoy the artwork that went into posters and adverts like this. 

I tried enlarging without a lot of success, but could only read part of the first line. I did see however, the beginning of what looked like a disclaimer by the company. 




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you couldn’t make it up …. a kiss too far for french feminists

Well, here we go again folks.

They never have enuff to bitch about and find fault with.  Never mind that in 1945 there were no femi-nazis to tell us it was an assault.

You will I am sure all recognize this famous photo.
Sure ya do. It was Times Square, 1945 when there were no porn stores and druggies panhandling in large numbers, and no politically correct images to avoid. There was Macy’s and Macy’s parades every year but alas ... (sarcasm) there were no parades to highlight how wonderful it was to declare oneself a homosexual. With pride yet. whoo-ha. Anyway ... I remember the great white way back then. I was there in 44 and 45 and went every Christmas up to about 53 I think.  But I have digressed. Sorry. Photo just brought back memories.


Well now ... here’s the story.

An artist in Florida named Seward Johnson made a statue of that moment in 1945.
Here it is.


But some folks are not happy.  Of course not. This minority group will decide for everyone, what constitutes good and bad, right and wrong.



The statue ‘Unconditional surrender’ by US artist Seward Johnson, is seen in the northwestern city of Caen on October 4, 2014.

The statue, inspired by the famous photograph made by US photographer Alfred Eisensteadt in New York’s Times square in 1945 at the end of WWII, has been drawing controversy since it appeared that the kiss might have been the result of a forceful action, and the French feminist association ‘ Osez le feminism’ (Dare Feminism), considering it as the representation of a sexual assault, denounced an inappropriate symbol for freedom and launched a petition for the statue to be removed.


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liberal distortions ….  conservative truth

Tories rip up protections for minorities

That’s the brief heading to an article appearing in a very left wing paper.

It’s in response to the Tories (conservatives) taking a stand (finally) and saying they will divorce this country from the European Court of Human Rights, but ya gotta vote for them come next May in order to achieve that laudable goal.

The libs are all aflutter with concern for the masses of immigrants that flood this island.  They (libs) are also very concerned because conservatives in govt. are also, finally, claiming to take a stand re. the gypsy problem.  Whatever the conservative solution to that last, it will not work, because it does not include mass shooting, deportation and napalm against the gypo enemy. So don’t expect things to get better on that front.  Reading this you might reasonably think I’m just being bloodthirsty.
OK … but not just for the sake of it alone.  Travellers/gypsies whatever name you want to apply, you only have to try your hand at being a tourist in various European countries these days.  Not a nice picture and especially not if you’re mugged by a gang of gypo kids trained from birth to steal.

So here’s the brilliant words from a fellow named Nick Cohen at the Observer.
It’s always good to know who the enemy is.  Gee, I wonder if I can make a wild guess as to this fellow’s background.

Tories rip up protections for minorities

Conservatives want rights for themselves.  However, they cannot abide seeing the courts give them to groups they despise:  prisoners, immigrants, gypsies, and gay people.  At the root of the rage is a rejection of the honorable belief in equality before the law.  As Tories throw it away, they abandon the conservative instinct to leave well enough alone.  (Nick Cohen)

Now what in the world would make conservatives “despise” prisoners and immigrants and gypsies and those other folks mentioned.
It wouldn’t be how they behave once they manage to sneak into the country. And why would a conservative despise some prisoner who is only in that state due to something he or she did to get there?  Muggings? Rape? Robberies? Killings?  And I doubt most conservatives “despise” homosexuals.  What we despise if that is the correct word, is their lobby and their operatives who stalk and stake out a Christian business who are not sympathetic to same sex behavior, and have refused to house a same sex couple in their bed and breakfast hotel.  The queer lobby wait in the shadows for things like that and then pounce, lawyers at the ready.  Because all must now accept and embrace their thinking.  Not all homosexuals btw, agree with the people who are speaking on their behalf.  A few of them have written to the effect that they simply would not want to go to places where they are not openly welcome, and don’t like the idea of forcing themselves on others.  Those voices are few it must be said.

As for gypsies … how could anyone “despise” those pleasant and peaceful and honest folk who simply want to be left alone to live their lifestyle, which includes camping on public grounds and ruining areas of green and for that matter, any other place they decide to settle. Law or no law. And then threaten the ppl among whom they have intruded when the locals complain.  How could anyone feel anything bad about them?

And finally there is this from a conservative paper, The Sunday Telegraph.

The Tories plan promises not only to restore judicial balance, but to return human rights law to its original noble purpose.
It should have every Britons’ full support.

What the conservatives despise is the abuse that has been allowed and forced on this nation from day one.  It’s a crime itself that its taken this long and to be honest, I am cynical enough to believe that were it not for an election in just 7 months, we might not be getting any action now. 


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china -vs - hong kong protesters?  the bigger they are won’t apply here whatcha think?

Some interesting stuff come my way and often it’s thought provoking.

I read the following in the Wall St. Journal (UK).  There are lots and lots of different people with differing thoughts on the subject. This is just one.
It’s written by Andrew Browne.

The democracy that was promised in 2017 will be heavily constricted.  But it will be one-man-one vote.  And the election will be competitive; candidates will have to appeal to voters.  That allows Beijing to say to Hong Kong; it’s better than anything Britain ever offered to you.  But the pro democracy protesters aren’t realists, they’re idealists.
Besides, the college students don’t remember British days.
( Andrew Browne) WSJ

Now then, I don’t know what that last line refers to.  What ill treatment did the Kongers suffer under Brit rule?
Lyndon ??

On the same subject a line from The Financial Times has this quote.

In the absence of reliable polls, it has been hard to gauge public sympathy for the demonstrations.  ( David Pilling )

On the other hand there is this from the CS Monitor.

Hong Kong democracy ‘grandfather’ says Britain was better than China

Activist and legislator Martin Lee – hit by tear gas while protesting this week – speaks of his life as a leading pro-democracy intellectual who has long fought for greater freedom in his native city. He says Britain should speak up now.
By Peter Ford, Staff Writer

A bit older, perhaps. But there is little about the lithe and youthful Mr. Lee to suggest that he is the grandfather of Hong Kong’s democracy movement. Now 76 years old, Lee was agitating for more democracy here 30 years ago, long before most of today’s protesters were born.
And in those days he was fighting the British, not the Chinese. At the time, Lee was not especially impressed by London’s half-hearted moves towards democracy before Britain handed its colony back to China in 1997. But distance or time seems to have lent enchantment to the view.
“The British did actually deliver partial democracy,” he says now. “The Chinese have delayed and delayed. And what they are offering now is pretend democracy. Hong Kong people will not accept it.”

more. Christian Science Monitor


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calendar   Sunday - October 05, 2014

Amazon issues totally stupid warning to buyers about racist tom and jerry animated cartoons

The world we live in today is populated by far more idiots than ever before.

Is that due to a greater world population?

Or is it due to far too many people with far too much time to look for things that are not there?

For certain it is due in large measure to an increase in the world’s population of,
left wing, do good (for their egos) ppl who think they are liberals, and are happy to tell the rest of us how to lead our lives and even how we should all think. Or what we ought to find funny and not so funny.

I’m disappointed in Amazon that they found it necessary to add a warning of race-ism, attached to a Tom & Jerry cartoon.  Apologize, apologize, apologize.

Gee, I guess I missed it when I was young and the message went over my head.

I never saw the race issue, never saw the cartoon thinking any less or thinking at all, about Negroes, as they were correctly known in those ancient times.

But the fact of the matter is, if the black cartoon character was portrayed as a stereotype, it’s honestly because in large measure there were many maids and servants of that day, who did speak and act in ways that set them apart as a group.  The many Eastern European Jews who came to the USA spoke with a funny accent, and there was a radio and later TV series based on a character called Molly Goldberg. And those folks also were a recognizable group.  There is no way I can write the way the Goldbergs spoke, but it was aways embarrassing.  So I guess I can understand some black folks being embarrassed and even offended by the way their people were portrayed.  But over time, things got to a politically correct point where simply having fun with a weird accent or stereotype automatically became a hateful thing.  And so some things became .... Isms. Nowadays we have all sorts of things invented by the left and they all carry an ism.
Whatever the left doesn’t want to see and hear or have anyone else see and hear and worse yet approve of, they simply attach an “ism” to it and it become something unacceptable and even carries the force of law in some places.

Tom and Jerry racist? No, the real bigots are those who want to rewrite history, writes sociology professor FRANK FUREDI

By Professor Frank Furedi For The Daily Mail

For more than 70 years, their cat-and-mouse capers have enthralled young people across the globe. Violent, hilarious and often somehow poignant, Tom and Jerry’s only crime has until now been to encourage children to watch tele-vision when they should have been doing their homework, tidying their bedrooms or performing some other worthwhile task.

This week, however, they fell foul of the censors at Amazon, which seems to have taken its lead from Cromwell’s Puritans. The company says Tom and Jerry cartoons must carry a warning that ‘they contain some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society’.

The particular focus of Amazon’s reproach is the portrayal of the black maid in the cartoons, known as Mammy Two Shoes because only her lower half ever appears on the screen. Her character, apparently, is nothing more a crude racial stereotype. ‘Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today,’ states Amazon.

There are those who have applauded the online retailer’s stance. Dr Birgitta Hosea, director of the animation master’s course at the University of the Arts in London, says: ‘Images like that are not OK. Children are at stake here. It is important that they get positive images of people and not just negative, “mammy” stereotypes of black women.’

Poor old Tom and Jerry. All they were trying to do was entertain us, but now the thought police have decided to impose their modern-day values on cartoons made decades ago.

On the surface, perhaps, this is a trivial affair. Why should Amazon not warn viewers that they may be offended by the depiction of Mammy Two Shoes? After all, she is the archetype of a black woman working for a white family from the southern U.S. in the mid-20th century, when such women did not have the vote.

Well, there are a number of reasons in my view.

To begin with, it is deeply patronising to suggest that modern-day families do not understand that they are watching historical cartoons, made when values were different. Are the censors really suggesting that, by watching Tom and Jerry, our children will turn out racist, believing that ‘Mammy Two Shoes’ is the norm?


More importantly, however, this is a worrying new example of the way history is being re-written by politically-correct know-alls who are so blinkered that they can only see things from their own perspective — which is, of course, a modern-day perspective. It is as if they are writing history back-to-front, imposing their own moral views on the past.

These people pose as the champions of children, arguing that by issuing their warnings of racism, they are offering them protection from encountering it.

But it’s hard not to believe that their real motive is to parade their own piety.

see more, source, the mail


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possible 83 million accounts are hacked at jp morgan

According to another source ... the figure is higher. It’s reported that the number is 83 million. But which ever one is correct, it is a very serious breach.
I can imagine the panic and frustration of account holders.

US bank JPMorgan has admitted that a cyber attack disclosed back in August was much more serious than at first thought, with as many as 76 million households and seven million businesses affected.

The bank said in an SEC filing that contact information such as name, address, phone number and email address had been exposed in the attack, as well as unspecified “internal JPMorgan Chase information relating to such users.”

However, it was at pains to point out that “there is no evidence” that bank account information was compromised, and it claimed that so far it has not seen any “unusual customer fraud” related to the incident.

“JPMorgan Chase customers are not liable for unauthorized transactions on their account that they promptly alert the Firm to,” it added

“The Firm continues to vigilantly monitor the situation and is continuing to investigate the matter. In addition, the Firm is fully cooperating with government agencies in connection with their investigations.”

News first emerged back in August that JPMorgan and four other banks had been hacked by a group of Russian cybercriminals, although at the time it estimated that only around one million accounts had been affected.

The new revelations make this data breach one of the worst of its kind ever.

Check Point UK managing director, Keith Bird, warned customers to be aware of potential phishing attacks in the wake of the breach.

“Attackers will try and trick customers affected by the breach into revealing more details, such as account numbers and passwords,” he added

“For the attackers, it’s just a numbers game, but it could have serious consequences for customers. Phishing emails continue to be the most common source for social engineering attacks.”

Chris Boyd, malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes, claimed the data stolen is a “spammer’s gold mine”

“If any of the 76 million affected have had other data leaked in the past, it would be easy for those behind this attack to build up a robust picture of their targets and throw a little social engineering into the mix, making the emails seem less random and the phone calls more persuasive,” he added.

Tim Erlin, director of IT security and risk at Tripwire, argued that other banks should take this opportunity to look at their own cyber defenses.

“While there’s little doubt that JP Morgan has taken action since the original incident was reported, the size and complexity of their network means they are unlikely to have rolled out new protections comprehensively by now,” he added.

“In situations like this, time is always the enemy.”

source, info security magazine

I can’t even imagine myself ever being savvy enough tech wise, to completely understand how things like this are done.
You’d really have to understand code and computers etc.  I wouldn’t know enough to hack my own pc.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have no problem regarding understanding computers and how they work.
No problem at all.

I’m fine with computers.

Until I turn one on.  Once booted though ... ah well.  All bets are off.


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