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the result of being tolerant

Oh, isn’t it RAAAAcist to say that?  Immigration is the cause of what? Crimes?  Nah. Crimes are only committed by right wing unemployed white guys.

And I promise you, it will get much worse.  And it’s heading our way here in the UK come next year.  But you don’t want to read that all over again and I don’t blame you. So I won’t.  But.

Let us visit Germany.  The Fatherland.  Where shock of all shocks, some folks have discovered something.  Of course, they have had warnings over and over again.  So have the Brits and the Swedes and in fact every country that makes up Europe, have had warnings for years.  But the people who bring this on aren’t listening.  The top dogs live in a rarefied world and often behind gates and guards.  This whole mess can be blamed fairly on the left who almost exclusively are responsible. 

‘Romanian gypsy ghettos. Schools filled with children who do not speak our language. A surge in crime. Social benefits abused’: Now GERMANY admits mass immigration threatens ‘social peace’

Report warns of possible civil disturbance unless immigration is checked

Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants threatening ‘social peace’

437,000 Romanians and Bulgarians flooded into Germany in three years

Overall crime in Germany falling but crimes relating to Bulgarian and Romanians on the rise

By Allan Hall In Berlin

A new report leaked in Germany chronicles the disintegration of communities under the massive influx of Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants while warning of possible civil disturbances unless the tide is checked. 

Germany is experiencing what the UK can expect next year when restrictions come off the two EU lands and waves of job and benefit seekers are expected to pour across the channel.

Germany warns of the threat to the ‘social peace’ of its cities and towns.

Germany’s Federal Statistics Offices says 437,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have flooded into the country in the past three years.

In some towns, like Duisburg, the mayor has complained of gypsy families living in ghetto-style blocks sending out gangs of children to commit crimes.

gypsy families sending out gangs of children to commit crimes.
Which has been noted more than once here and even reported on by 60 Minutes in the USA at least 30 years ago.  It is nothing new for that group, they have been doing it for more than 100 years. Nothing new there.  The Germans during WW2 tried to delete them and were making some progress but, well, they were interrupted by an inconvenient surrender before they could finish the vermin off. 
While folks are preoccupied with the very real notion of an islamic Europe which most certainly is not beyond reality, these other scum will continue to flood the borders of what once were the more civilized and advanced countries, and with the muslims who are enthralled with the 7th century, will continue to over breed until they own the place.  I suppose at some point they’ll start killing each other in a kind of Mad Max world.  Which is fine except that we won’t be here to see that as it isn’t going to happen tomorrow.  But it will, unless more (mostly white?) people band together and make their purpose in life a way to stop those sub groups in their tracks. 

Some 176,000 arrived last year alone, 40,000 up on 2011, and an internal paper of the interior ministry leaked to the media said Duisburg, Dortmund, Berlin, Hannover, Munich, Mannheim, Offenbach and Frankfurt are among the most severely affected cities.

‘The paper explicitly warns of the consequences for the social peace,’ said Bild, the country’s biggest selling paper today. 

The document warns of ‘extreme occupancy of dilapidated, uninhabitable properties with illegal dormitories’ where people often sleep 20 to a room, ‘dirty patios, overfilled garbage bins’ and ‘noisy crowds into the small hours.’

The report also chronicles the chaos caused in schools where ‘children who speak no German from Bulgaria and Romania’ are holding back the native speakers.


· Romanian police called-in to help with the travellers turning London streets into ‘open sewers’ and those running pick-pocketing and fraud scams

‘We’re overwhelmed by North African migrants and desperately need help,’ says Malta’s prime minister


Crime is on the way up in the areas where the newcomers have settled - particularly prostitution.

Germany’s overall crime rate has been falling in recent years - but crimes relating to Bulgarian and Romanian criminals is on the rise.

One fast-growing category is pickpocketing. In Berlin last year robbery involving tricks - such as children asking for help while an accomplice robs the target - rose by 39 per cent. And break-ins of single-family houses, rising since 2006, increased by 32 per cent, with every 76th house affected.

Christian Pfeiffer, director of the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony in Hanover, says the eastward expansion of the European Union, with full rights of free movement, is largely to blame.

‘Romania and Bulgaria, in particular, have sophisticated crime syndicates, with training and scouting networks reaching deep into the nearest rich EU countries, Germany and Austria,’ said a recent article in the Economist.  ‘Of the suspects in Berlin’s trick-robbery cases last year, 75 per cent were non-German; 31 per cent came from Romania. 

see and read more at the source

We are told that us Brits are very ‘tolerant’ towards immigrants. Have you thought what that means? Tolerant means putting up with something you don’t want and you don’t like. That you would be happier if it (the thing you are ‘tolerant’ of) didn’t exist. Why are the politicians doing this to us?

Do they hate us so much?

- Charlie Farley , Paderborn


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That’s So NY

World Trade Center owners seek billions from airlines

A federal judge began listening to testimony Monday that will help him decide whether the owners of the World Trade Center buildings destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks can pursue billions of dollars in damages from aviation companies linked to the hijacked planes.

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein in Manhattan plans to announce his decision from the bench as soon as several witnesses conclude testifying in the trial expected to last about three days.

The buildings’ owners, World Trade Center Properties, have already received nearly $5 billion in insurance proceeds.

Lawyers for the owners argued during opening statements that the money they already have received does not preclude them from separately pursuing damages against aviation companies.

Attorney Roger Podesta, speaking for companies including United Airlines Inc., US Airways Inc., American Airlines Inc. and its parent company, AMR Corp., said the $3.5 billion being sought for destruction of the twin towers and a third skyscraper would amount to double compensation.

He said an $8.5 billion total recovery would be more than 2 1/2 times the fair value of the buildings that fell.

Living an hour or less away from New York City for almost my entire life, I often lose awareness that most of the rest of the country despises the place. I don’t go into Manhattan very often, but when I do it’s a grand adventure and I love it. So much to do, so much to see ... and then I get the heck out and go home.  I caught this bit of news on the TV this morning and had an instant ... fit of pique. So New York. Guess they haven’t learned one damned iota from the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a federal law that resulted when cities - NYC was in the lead of the movement - tried to sue gun companies for criminals using their products ... which, OMGOMGOMG!!!, worked just like guns!!

I can’t see any difference here, though Boeing may not have it’s own personal federal law yet like Colt and Ruger now do. But conceptually it’s an identical situation: a perfectly legal product is stolen (hijacked) and then used in the commission of a crime (9/11). So NYC folks want to sue the manufacturer. What a bunch of Seinfelds.  Judge Drew would have this case before his bench for about 13 seconds before handing down a very New York dismissal.


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£27,000, in dollars that’s $40,741.50 and no taxes to pay.  the benefits system

This really is outlandish.  Hey, do ppl still use that word?

I have read her excuse and pardon me but ... there’s also a vasectomy he could have had long ago.

She says none of the birth control methods have worked. Even condoms failed. Really?  All those many times?  What’s he doing? Reusing them?

I feel sorry for the children though.  I really do.  There has been no thought I do not think, of the result of their lifestyle.  For these kids, this is the norm.
What’s their future going to be?
More than likely a copy of mommy and daddy.  We can hope the heck not, but they are starting a young life with cards stacked against them.

Jobless couple who claim £27,000 a year benefits want a new council house because they’ve had SIX children ‘by accident’ while living in a one-bedroom flat

Maggie Flisher and husband Gavin have not worked since first baby in 2005

Mrs Flisher says she is ‘super-fertile’ - which makes contraception fail

She says she has begged her doctor for sterilisation but is too young

They say the council has ignored their demands for a new home for 8 years

By Martin Robinson

A jobless couple are demanding a new four-bedroom council house after having six children in their one-bedroom flat because the mother claims she is so ‘super-fertile’ it stops contraception working.

Maggie Flisher, 26, and husband Gavin, 30, who get £27,000 a year in benefits, have not had jobs since the birth of their first child in 2005.

Mrs Flisher claims she cannot help getting pregnant and says they have needed a bigger home ever since they started their family eight years ago.

She blames repeated failures with the pill, condoms, arm implants and a contaceptive injection for five out of six of the pregnancies.


Mrs Flisher says she cannot work because she is depressed and Gavin, 30, has to stay in their cramped home to look after her and their family.

Their three eldest children Lacieann, eight, Elektra, six, and Gavin Jnr, five, all currently sleep in the only bedroom.

They currently get an annual total of £22,900 in benefits, including £540-a-month in jobseekers allowance, child benefit of £85-a-week and child tax credit of £1,000 a month.

They also get housing benefit of £270-a-month to pay the rent on their flat in Maidstone, Kent.

‘I’ve been here ten years but I’ve wanted to move since I had my first child and she’s eight now,’ Mrs Flisher said.

read the rest and see the photos


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the only bag that should be banned, is the banker’s gween wife

Oh good.  Just what the UK really needs these days.  Another damn gween who wants to tell ppl what to do. In this case, the loon insists tea bags have to go. Apparently this dim bulb believes they are doing harm to the planet.

She belongs to a left wing think tank so we shouldn’t be surprised.  These folks always manage to find some new something that is killing the planet and must be given up.

While you guys read this I’ll enjoy my second cup of PG Rich (tea of course) and enjoy while I can, the cooling breeze coming in through our open window.  Been very, hot last few days and no sign yet of any relief.  Oh for AC.  And I care not at all what the gweens say about that. Or tea.

Here are a few local comments on her comment on tea bags.

She “abhors” lots of things and she is “horrified” by lots of things. Thank God she is not in charge of anything at all.
- Simon , Shrewesbury

Oh, p… off.

I don’t know if this is a joke or the fellow is serious. But I am posting it here anyway cos damn if it ain’t funny.  Like, if it really works, who would use it before it cooled?
Hmmm. Actually, there are some who might.

I will continue to use tea bags as my chiropractor has advised me to use old teabags for soothing and shrinking piles. It works but make sure that they are allowed to cool first.
- Col_Prender_Smythe , Surrey,

Ditch the tea bags, says the new Bank of England Governor’s ‘eco warrior’ wife

· Diana Fox Carney is married to Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor.
· The economist gives the advice on her Eco Products That Work blog

By Daily Mail Reporter and Sam Greenhill


Mark Carney’s British wife has declared war on teabags, saying they are an unnecessary waste of paper.
In remarks likely to raise eyebrows as her Canadian husband takes up office as governor of the Bank of England, Diana Carney, an economist and outspoken green campaigner, also urged people not to buy beauty products from China – one of Britain’s key trading partners.

Writing on her internet blog the avid recycler says teabags are one of her ‘pet hates’ and are harmful to the planet: ‘Yes, they can be pretty, and convenient, but do we really need an extra 40cm2 of bleached and printed paper with every cup of tea?’

Bottled water is another of her bugbears. Despite its popularity on the trading floors of the Square Mile, she says: ‘I abhor the out-of-control use of bottled water, and particularly the global traffic in water.’

But her remarks on China perhaps risk the most embarrassment to her husband.

In one ‘short rant’ on skincare she wrote: ‘I am horrified by the number of personal care items, soap, lotion and the like, that come from China. Even seemingly high-end brands are manufacturing there.

‘Shipping heavy, water-filled items makes no sense ecologically.’
She said Mr Carney hated air conditioning on environmental grounds, instead preferring to close all the curtains and blinds in their home to keep rooms cool during daylight.

Must be pretty dark in their house.  Considering what she looks like, that might be a good thing.

read more


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calendar   Monday - July 15, 2013

Must Not Overreact

By morning, perhaps things will be worse. Or perhaps everyone will learn to think, and this will all be over.

Don’t be stupid ... either way.


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what’s it take to keep a double killer locked up?

The following post below this one asks; what’s it take to get arrested/

This one is ....  what’s it take, how many killings before a criminal is locked up tight and put away forever?

What with open prison for a convicted double killer who has now killed his third.

OK, you might not have any sympathy for one of the guys here, seeing as how he was himself once in prison as a pedophile. That was 30 years ago, he’s an old man today and has not re-offended. But wait.  He’ alive.

It’s his neighbor who is dead, thanks to open prisons and day release and all the other feel good BS imposed upon an unarmed public.

Take a look.

Double killer was let out of open prison on day release just hours ‘before cutting throat of Good Samaritan

· Police hunt Ian McLoughlin, 55, after suspected murder in quiet Hertfordshire village

· Neighbour Graham Buck, 66, had his throat cut when he went to help convicted paedophile Francis Cory-Wright
· Cory-Wright served time alongside McLoughlin while pair were in prison

· Police say ‘extremely dangerous’ McLoughlin is on the run from Spring Hill open prison near Aylesbury

· McLoughlin, who is 22 years into a 25-year sentence, first killed in 1983: Len Delgatty, 49, drowned in his own blood

· In 1990 he killed gay publican Peter Halls in Brighton, stabbing him in neck, and should still be in prison as a result

By Harriet Arkell

A convicted double killer suspected of murdering a pensioner in a quiet rural village is on the run from an open prison where he was serving a life sentence, police said today.

Detectives are coordinating a ‘massive manhunt’ for the suspect - named as Ian John McLoughlin, also known as Ian John Baker, 55, - who detectives believe stabbed Graham Buck, 66, after he rushed to the aid of convicted paedophile, Francis Cory-Wright, 87.

Old Etonian Cory-Wright was attacked in his £1million home in Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, and was in prison at the same time as McLoughlin, who was convicted of killing two gay men.

Cory-Wright, who indecently assaulted a ten-year-old boy 35 years ago, was taken to hospital with injuries described as ‘non-life threatening’.

McLoughlin, who is 22 years into a 25-year sentence at Spring Hill open prison near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and was on day release on Saturday. He was due to return at 7pm but never showed up and is now on the run.

read more


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the one that got away

Ok so, just what exactly does it take to get arrested?
Well, apparently being drunk and crashing into the same car not once but … 2wice? Yup.

I almost posted this under humor.  It’s like, maybe it’s a joke? But no.

So there were other urgent considerations that had to take first place. Understood.
Nowhere does the article say if the lady got the guy’s license.  Maybe she couldn’t. Whatever, it’s bizarre.
And something else. I wonder if this force is undermanned because of the cuts being made to save money.
It’s a thought.

Woman’s anger after police fail to arrest ‘driver so drunk he couldn’t speak’ who smashed into her car then stumbled into pub

· Nicola McCormack claimed her car was smashed on both sides by a self-confessed drunk, on the seafront of Canvey Island, in Essex
· She reported it to police, but no officers attended because ‘no one was hurt’
· Essex police say other road traffic calls took priority on this occasion but they have reviewed their service to ensure ‘improved future performance’

By Helen Collis
A mother was horrified after police refused to arrest a drunk driver accused of smashing into her car while she attended a children’s party.
Nicola McCormack watched on in shock as the man crashed into both sides of her car before stumbling into the pub next door to carry on drinking.
But she was even more livid when police failed to respond to the incident even though they’ve launched a campaign to stop drink drivers.
Ms McCormack, 30, from Canvey Island, Essex was at a party for around 40 youngsters at Cheeky Monkey’s play centre on the seafront when the driver smashed into her car.
The man, thought to be in his 50s, then stunned onlookers by staggering from his vehicle into the Monico Pub next door to continue drinking.
Ms McCormack contacted the police after confronting the man in the pub who confessed to smashing her car and told them he was drunk.
But she was left gobsmacked when officers told her they could not attend because no one had been hurt, leaving the man free to get back in his car and drive off.
She said: ‘The police say they are trying to cut down drink driving but then they just let one get away. It is absolutely disgusting. They should’ve come out he was so dangerous in that condition being behind the wheel.
‘He could barely speak he was so drunk and just reeked of alcohol. He tried to park on one side of me and crashed into my car, tried to park on the other side and crashed into my car again and then crashed into some wheelie bins. It was just lucky that car park wasn’t filled with all the kids at the time
Police and crime commissioner Nick Alston, said: ‘It is very important that everyone reports crime to Essex Police.
‘Drink driving, if proven by a proper investigation, is a crime. ‘My understanding is that Essex Police is actively following up on the information provided to them about this particular incident.
‘It is important that the force does so, and I would also expect officers to ensure that anybody reporting suspicious behaviour of this kind is kept informed of the progress of the subsequent investigation.’
‘I entirely understand the concern and frustration of the person who reported this serious incident, and I will be asking the Chief Constable for more details about this matter.’



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Disco Saves Lives

Save Your Breath

Continuous Compression CPR Works Better

Ok, once every half a dozen blue moons I do a PSA. I’m not under any court order or anything, but I saw a similar post this morning at Rodger’s and figured I’d pass it along. Only better.

The “new” version of CPR, called Continuous Compression CPR, does away with that old school “count ‘em and breath ‘em” that so many of us were taught. No more mouth to mouth contact with strangers, trying to put air in their lungs. No more worries about head positioning or lolling tongues. No, these days it’s just pump pump pump. OK, it’s “Call 911, then pump pump pump”. And the meter for it just happens to be a disco beat. ONE and TWO and THREE and FOUR.

Here’s the quote from the American Heart Association

“We have recommended this approach for bystanders since 1993, after we found in our experimental laboratory that survival was better with Chest-Compression-Only CPR compared to doing nothing until the simulated arrival of paramedics. It is gratifying to see the AHA make this important endorsement as we think it will help save thousands of lives.”

After Sarver Heart Center researcher Karl Kern, in collaboration with resuscitation researchers in the United Kingdom, discovered that the “two quick breaths” standard CPR called for between chest compressions took an average of 16 seconds to complete, laboratory experiments at the Sarver Heart Center revealed that survival was better with Chest-Compression-Only CPR.

In the meantime, several observational studies in humans reported Chest-Compression-Only or Continuous-Chest-Compression CPR produced the same survival as standard CPR. In a previous publication, Ewy noted, “It is interesting that Continuous-Chest-Compression CPR, a technique that has not been advocated or taught and is most often performed by individuals not trained in CPR, results in a survival rate similar to that of our guidelines-advocated approach, on which millions of hours and millions of dollars have been spent in education and advocacy.”

In 2007, the Resuscitation Research Group reported that neurological normal survival was better with Chest-Compression-Only CPR even when compared to the updated guidelines calling for 30 chest compressions between 2 breaths.

“Compression-Only CPR is much simpler to perform than traditional CPR and therefore bystanders are more likely to do it,” Ewy said. “Most importantly, the new recommendations remove the largest obstacle, the requirement for mouth-to-mouth ventilation, commonly called ‘rescue breathing,’ that has kept many bystanders from taking appropriate action.”

And here’s the video, with comedian/doctor Ken Jeong. We saw this at a local firehouse fundraiser dinner a couple months back. They introduced it, but it almost seems like a spoof. It isn’t. This one was made with a group of B List celebrities, so please ... can somebody ID the Rescue Girl on the right? Holy shi* ... she probably causes as many heart attacks as she cures. Wow. Reminds me of Carmen Electra before all the plastic surgery. Yum.

There ya go. Disco can saves lives. And yes, you can get the T-shirt.


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calendar   Sunday - July 14, 2013

BBQ, on the rocks

Rye whiskey, rye whiskey
rye whisky I cry
If I don’t get rye whiskey
I surely will die

If the ocean was whiskey, and I was a duck
I’d swim to the bottom and never come up

I’m learning the ins and outs of that inexpensive gas grill we bought in the fall. The right side is for heat, and for burning things. And for thick steaks. The left side is for smoke, and for cooking things. Chicken thighs are almost pure fat, so they have to go on a cool grill and roast for a good long time to cook, otherwise they’ll piss gallons of liquid fat out and set everything on fire. Burgers go on the upper warming tray, otherwise they’ll ooze drippings through the grill and set everything on fire.

Yup, I’m getting the hang of it.

What I’m learning most of all is that a proper grilling experience requires a decent drink by your side. A half cold can of light beer doesn’t do it. No, to deal with the smoke and the heat and the sometimes flames, you want something potent. And flavorful. Martinis are out. A good scotch on the rocks, a rich single malt with a spoonful of spring water, or perhaps a Don Draper approved cocktail. If it has to be a beer, make it a big one, and dark and complex. John Courage Director’s Bitter or something heavy from the Dogfish Head brewery. None of that wimpy, low carb, sugary, faggoty stuff. Real Men cooking Real Food over Real Fire while having a Real Drink.

After reading a couple reviews online, I picked up a bottle of High West Rendezvous Rye Whiskey. Rye isn’t for everyone. Heck, rye isn’t for most folks. It’s “red whiskey”, that real old time American spirit, and it comes with a pretty darn sharp edge. But once you learn to like it, softer whiskeys just don’t satisfy any longer. I’ve read somewhere that you have to be of a certain age to appreciate the stuff; it’s not a drink that appeals to young folks at all. Fine by me.

I’m fairly new to rye, only on my third bottle since last fall. The Rendezvous stuff is the best of what I’ve tried so far. It’s a hearty blend between a young 6 yo 95% rye and a 16 yo 80% rye. The rye taste is very strong. I’ll leave it to the “professional” tasters to supply you with all the BS terms of what they daydream it tastes like - vanilla and cinnamon and leather and toasted porterhouse fat from Louie’s Grill on 9th Street in Cincinnati on a Tuesday evening in October and all that nonsense. All I can tell you is that it tastes big and bold, but isn’t too sharp, and the flavor lasts a long time after you take a sip.

It also makes a fantastic, perfectly smooth Manhattan:
3oz Rendezvous Rye
1 1/2 oz fresh Martini red vermouth
3 shakes of orange bitters
together in a cocktail shaker over 4 fresh ice cubes. Shake. Pour into a large martini glass, add 2 maraschino cherries and a half teaspoon of the cherry syrup from the bottle. Stir it once or twice with a spoon handle. Serve.

For helping with the BBQ, I just poured some in a glass and added a couple ice cubes. It worked: the chicken came out just fine fine. Fully cooked, crispy skin, a nice spicy sauce blend of Stubb’s Mopping Sauce and Louisiana Hot Sauce. The cheeseburgers done on the top rack were perfect too. Yay me.


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KD, R from SC


Added to the ever growing list of really good looking Republican women. There’s a great story here that I leave to your ‘net research skills to dig up. 

See More Below The Fold


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Srsly, WA?

Pew Reseach quiz on things in the news. Kinda sorta. A dozen questions, with pictures. Multiple choice.

Damn, I missed one.

Link borrowed from Theo’s.


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Ya Sooze, Ya Looze


Yeah, well no kidding.
This morning: Protests Mostly Peaceful, Less Rioting Than Expected. How Everyone Reacted


* LZ: Trayvon could have been my son
* Anger, sadness but little surprise
* Martin’s dad: My heart is broken
*Analysis: The role that race played
* Zimmerman’s brother: Jury spoke Zimmerman’s brother: Jury spoke
* Defense: Prosecution disgraceful Defense: Prosecution disgraceful
* Prosecutor: ‘I am disappointed’ Prosecutor: ‘I am disappointed’
* Sports stars sound off on verdict
* Martin lawyer: ‘Be peaceful’
* Dr. Drew: Don’t let this divide us
* IT director who raised questions fired
* Photos: The trial The trial | Reaction

Did I miss something? Was I doing this wrong? Was I supposed to be glued to my television 24 hours a day for every last exciting tiny detail and nuance of this case? Was I supposed to believe this case was OJ.2?

Because, Horry Clap, the jury was still out on the evening news. Then we caught a couple of films On Demad and went to bed. Didn’t watch the 11 o’clock news, wasn’t watching one of the commercial networks to see their Breaking News ticker come across the screen.

And this morning, it’s all old news. At first I was a bit peeved - my God, how in the world can I keep up with the pace of things, the world is moving too darn fast - but now, after having breakfast and running a couple of quick errands, I’m coming around to believing this is the right way. Let this BS story sink into the dust just as fast as possible. It never was a story to begin with, it never was a crime to begin with. The whole thing was sensationalized, hyped up crap by the White House to somehow win the O more votes, or to at least keep the racial divide wide open and festering. And now, the morning after, it seems like not much of a reaction happened at all. So maybe, just maybe, all of us, white black yellow green and brown, can think a bit better than the agitprop stinkers in the media. And the agitprop stinker in the Offal Office. So now can we get past this?

It’s sad, but it’s over. Attack somebody in Florida in the middle of the night, knock them down and bash their head against the ground repeatedly, give them no room or chance to escape ... and you might just get shot. And that’s completely legal. End of story. Period. Except that some of us will remember that this is yet another failed plan from Obongowongo. He’s 0 for 300 at this point I think, from Obamacare to Green Energy to the Olympics to the Arab Spring to Coal to ... this.

MORE: Thoughts on this trial, and the general travesty of justice in court in modern America by Mark Steyn:

Ever since the president of the United States (a man so cautious and deferential to legal niceties that he can’t tell you whether the Egyptian army removing the elected head of state counts as a military coup until his advisors have finished looking into the matter) breezily declared that if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon, ever since the U.S. Department of so-called Justice dispatched something called its “Community Relations Services” to Florida to help organize anti-Zimmerman rallies at taxpayer expense, ever since the politically savvy governor appointed a “special prosecutor” and the deplorably unsavvy Sanford Police Chief was eased out, the full panoply of state power has been deployed to nail Zimmerman on anything.

Steyn ... as always, my hero.


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calendar   Saturday - July 13, 2013

Royal Flash

George McDonald Fraser is deceased, so there will be no more ‘Flashy’ books. A movie was made of at least one of his books. The second in the series called ‘Royal Flash’. Flashy was the biggest coward, rake, and lecher. If she wore petticoats, she was not safe. Yet he ended up being a decorated hero of the British Empire. (peiper will love this)

The full movie is on YouTube. Enjoy before they pull it. Malcolm McDonald plays Sir Harry.


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I had been reading a book, and something caught my attention.

It was this quote.

“The German made Heckler and Koch MP 5A submachine gun is the U.S. SEALS weapon of choice for anything close quarter.”

OK. I don’t have any problem with that but it did make me wonder.

Don’t we make things like this at home in the USA anymore?




Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/13/2013 at 12:42 PM   
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