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Whittle Me This

WARNING: Graphic content

Bill Whittle goes on a mean LEAN rant. And delivers a whole bag of   Skittles   facts that the media have blithely ignored for months. He did overlook that Blunt bit at the 7-11 though, perhaps properly because there was no direct proof of it.

I guess this means that Whittle is now a raaaaacis.

No, actually it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that an eloquent intelligent American is willing to look at the facts and then speak truth to power.


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Well No Kidding

IRS Whistle Blower: Strings Pulled From DC

Retiring IRS lawyer implicates Obama appointee

Retiring IRS lawyer Carter C. Hull’s testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, in which he implicated an Obama appointee, will ensure that the IRS proceedings last through the summer, according to insiders close to the situation.

Hull has already implicated Obama-appointed IRS chief counsel William Wilkins and Washington-based IRS official Lois Lerner in his testimony.

“In April of 2010, I was assigned by my supervisor to work on two applications of tea party groups. In that same month, I became aware that a group of tea party applications were being held by EO determinations in Cincinnati,” Hull testified in his opening statement before California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa’s committee.

Hull, 72, implicated the IRS Chief Counsel’s office, headed by Obama appointee William J. Wilkins, and Lois Lerner, the embattled head of the IRS’s exempt organizations office, in the IRS targeting scandal and made clear that the targeting started in Washington, according to leaked interviews that Hull granted to the Oversight Committee in advance of Thursday’s hearing.

All the way to the top. Or just one leaf down from the end of the highest branch. So far.

No kidding. Tell us what we didn’t reflexively understand two months ago.

Hull’s testimony set off a storm of controversy among figures close to the case.

“This is one of the most extremely disturbing revelations yet,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, which represents more than 40 tea party plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the IRS.

“It is now clear that the IRS Chief Counsel, appointed by President Obama in 2009, was involved in examining and reviewing applications from Tea Party groups – many that were basically shut out of the 2010 election process because of delays in handling of their applications. This development raises significant questions about what the White House knew and when. In a politically charged run-up to the 2010 election, why was one of President Obama’s most trusted and partisan appointees involved in examining the applications for Tea Party groups? We look forward to tomorrow’s testimony and further information about the origins of this unlawful and unconstitutional scheme that violated the First Amendment rights of our clients,” Sekulow said.


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I dare you …

… to try this at school!



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parts of france where one is no longer in france. we know why, still nothing done about it.

I should start posting stories about euro culture and civilization under OBITS!  The way things are going, it seems appropriate.

Must close for the night. All done in.

Keep the powder dry ladies and guys.  You just may have need for it one day.

Geo. in Canada
Europe should serve as the canary in the coal mine for North America but I’m afraid too many of us are deliberately closing our ears to her singing.

H/T islam versus europe

Marseilles Doctor: “In this district, you’re no longer in the Republic”

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

“I never imagined that in 2013 I would be kidnapped in an apartment surrounded by a dozen people demanding that I draw up a certificate of virginity for one of their daughters.”

...It’s ten years now since this indefatigable woman in her forties started her consultations in this district which has been called the poorest in Europe. A few months ago she took over the practice of a colleague. “It was a conjunction of circumstances,” she explains. And adds, a smile on her lips: “At the same time, there wasn’t exactly a queue. Fewer and fewer doctors want to set up here. While here...”

In this district where silence is golden, this mother of three children has chosen to break the silence. No names, no photos or details that could identify her: that is the price of her peace of mind.

...Several times, she explains that she notified the social services about the worst cases. But sometimes, faced with the reticence of some families, she admits she backpedalled. “I want to stay alive,” she says, admitting that she feels fear every day during her consultations. “You know, in this district, you’re no longer in the Republic.”

...Since her arrival in Belle de Mai, Marie has learned to deal with violence, often verbal, sometimes physical. “At the start, they insistently demand prescriptions from you and then you’re faced with a Kalashnikov,” she continues. One unusually violent episode occurred after she refused to oblige by supplying prescriptions. “I’ve stopped home visits for safety reasons. The episode with the certificate of virginity convinced me,” she says. She recalls having gone to the home of a family who contacted her under the pretext that a young girl was sick. “Once there, I realised that the people present expected me to supply a certificate of virginity for the future bride. No doubt a way for them to provide assurance of their honour,” she specifies.

When she is not the victim, Marie is the witness of this violence. “I am confronted with situations of sordid intra-familial violence, concerning abused children and kidnapped women,” she acknowledges. Thus she reveals the case of wives who have come directly from North Africa, not speaking any French, transformed into “slaves” by their husbands, who justify this treatment by their religion.



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UK’s Hidden Horrors

It isn’t just Scandinavia with the nearly 100% muslim committed rape plague. It’s the UK too. But the stories don’t meet the Diversity Agenda, so they aren’t news.
If I had a daughter living in London she’d have more firearms and daggers to choose from than her shoe collection. Horry Clap, no woman is safe there. Laws? Fug that. And it’s the sand lice from allahville and the mud rats from aFreaka doing damn near all of it. Britain needs a new hunting season, no bag limits.

UK’s Taxi Rape Epidemic

Great Britain is in the throes of a rape and pedophilia epidemic unlike anything the country has experienced in living memory.

Many of the sex crimes are being perpetrated by Muslim child grooming gangs responsible for drugging, raping and torturing hundreds and possibly thousands of British girls.

But another wave of sex crimes involves predatory Muslim taxi drivers who are raping female passengers. The number of so-called taxi rapes is snowballing to such an extent that a British judge has issued a warning that no woman can expect to be safe while traveling in a cab.

Reliable statistics on taxi rapes nationwide are difficult to obtain, and Freedom of Information requests seeking accurate data on cab-related sexual assaults are routinely denied.

However, a much acclaimed report produced by the London Metropolitan Police Service estimates that on average there are a total of 1,125 sexual assaults, including rapes, each year involving taxi drivers in just London; this works out to approximately 22 sexual assaults against women by taxi drivers each week in England’s capital city alone.

Moreover, according to a report entitled, “Ending Violence against Women and Girls in the UK,” published by the Home Office in March 2013, only around one in ten women who experience serious sexual assault report it to the police. As a result, one can infer that the actual number of taxi rapes across Britain as a whole is far greater than many are willing to admit.

Apart from a few high-profile cases, taxi rapes are rarely reported by national newspapers in Britain, apparently because the politically incorrect crimes are not deemed to be newsworthy.

But a survey of stories buried deep inside local newspapers shows that taxi rapes are occurring in all parts of England, Wales and Scotland on an almost daily basis.

In living memory? No. In all of English history. Even in the worst of the Dark Ages it probably wasn’t this bad.

Follow the link and read of nearly 3 dozen recent assaults. Each and every one of them done by a muzzie immigrant. Each and every one.

Peiper writes me that the photo in the article is a bit misleading; they show a Black Cab, which is a properly licensed, inspected, insured, etc vehicle driven by a properly licensed and vetted driver. The problem is that there aren’t enough of these, so there is a huge grey market of what we call Gypsy cabs. And those cabs zero in on the bar scene to provide rides home for those far too drunk to drive, take the bus, or sometimes even to walk.

I do not want to blame the victims. I think this is a terrible and outrageous thing going on. But maybe, just maybe, if English lasses didn’t drink themselves utterly pie-eyed, there might be a bit less. Never get so drunk in public that you can’t shoot straight from 5 feet away. Great idea Drew, except they aren’t allowed guns. Ok, make that “never get so drunk in public that you can’t stab your assailant 5 times from arm’s length” and then make sure you’ve got at least 3 knives hidden about your person.

And I like the idea of the pink cabs. As a proper American, I think there’s a fortune to be made here. Get a fleet of little minivans and paint them all dayglo pink. Customize the passenger area with vinyl seats, rubber floor mats and a “whoops” bucket. Put a 4” thick plexiglass divider between the driver and the passenger section. Extra large door handles and lock buttons on the inside. Add several interior lights and maybe an exterior spotlight or two so there are no dark corners inside or out. Put in a bloody loud alarm and flashing roof light, hooked into a Lo-Jack kind of system with a panic button for the passengers, Whatever it takes to make them feel safe. And then hire white English women who are all ex-military or at least martial arts belt holders as drivers. Or strapping big no-nonsense farm girls. And a 6x6 EDL cross and shield sticker on every door. Sod diversity. This isn’t a trend. This isn’t an epidemic. This is asymmetric warfare. And it’s time to fight back.


BBC radio host Sam Mason, a single mother, was fired after she called a taxi company and requested a “non-Asian” driver to take her 14-year-old daughter to her grandparents’ home; preferably a female driver. The operator refused, and said, “We would class that as being racist.” Mason responded, “It’s not your 14-year-old girl.” [Even though she made the call from her own phone while she was not at work she got fired anyway.] A BBC spokesman said, “[Mason’s] comments were completely unacceptable…she will no longer be working for the BBC.”

Oh yeah, Penelope Pink. The company names practically write themselves. Lady Jane Taxi Service. MaDDCo (Mothers and Daughters Driving Company). Take Back The Cab. There’s a fortune to be made here.


Hmm, it turns out that Official London Taxis have to have a turning radius of only 25 feet. That’s damn short, a good 10 feet less than most small cars sold in America. Lucky them that LTI in Coventry is still building those proper “hackney carriages” known the world over as London cabs. The latest ones come with a 2.5 liter turbo-diesel, accommodate wheelchairs with ease, with several of the more normal features I suggested, and they come with a 120,000 mile warranty. On a British vehicle. Amazing.

Even more amazing, they’ve got jobs on offer! Well done, that company.


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This self professed comic who actually has made tons of money via a very gullable young following, is going to singlehandedly get the USA to release on of the guys being held at Guantanamo.  How?
He’s going on a hunger strike for a week I believe it is. A week?  Wouldn’t that be more a diet than a strike?

So anyway, this foul mouthed bit of total sleaze want the the USA to release one of the prisoners.  He’d like it better if the USA closed Gitmo. And it’s his business you see because, well ... even tho he is a foreigner, he some kind of right to tell America what to do and how it ought to handle things re this subject.
Like it’s really his business.  But with that ego, maybe he really thinks it is. 

Now if only someone could toss him into the same hole with that Thomas witch ...

So here’s the latest big mouth almost unknown in America, trying to influence America to do his bidding.

Keeping his mouth shut (but only when it comes to food): Controversial Frankie Boyle goes on hunger strike to support Britain-based Guantanamo Bay prisoner

By Anna Edwards

He’s normally known for making offensive remarks that prompt either disgust or laughter.


But on this occasion controversial comic Frankie Boyle only wants to provoke debate about the human rights of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

He has gone on hunger strike in solidarity with a Britain-based inmate of the notorious prison.

Boyle, who more usually makes the news by offending people with his acerbic wit, hopes to raise publicity for the plight of Shaker Aamer who has been held at the detention camp since 2002.

He is among a number of people who are taking it in turns to go for a week without eating to show support for the father of four, who is a legal, permanent resident of the UK and is married to a British national.

his acerbic wit ?  His mouth is a toilet and that I suppose passes for wit these days.

In his online blog, US lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, the founder and director of legal action charity Reprieve, wrote that he had spent the past week with no food with Boyle taking over from him.

He said that his high profile - and millions of Twitter followers - would be able to highlight what was happening at Guantanamo.

‘Frankie’s action is more important than mine,’ he wrote.

‘One purpose of these symbolic actions is to provoke debate, to press President Obama to fulfill his post-election promise, and I suspect Frankie is better at doing that than I am.’

He said that the septuagenarian actress Julie Christie has also just volunteered to take part, adding: ‘We live in a celebrity world, and there is nothing wrong with that so long as celebrities use their notoriety for a good purpose.’

Julie who?  Jeeze ... I didn’t even know she was still alive. Must be a hundred by now.



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Far Left Reporter Goes Over The Horizon For The Last Time

Helen Thomas, 92

Helen Thomas, a pioneer for women in journalism, has died, Fox News confirms. She was 92.

The irrepressible White House correspondent who used her seat in the front row to grill ten presidents—often to their discomfort and was not shy about sharing her opinions, died at her apartment in Washington.

According to friend Muriel Dobbin, Thomas had been ill for al ong time, and in and out of the hospital before coming home Thursday.

Thomas made her name as a bulldog for United Press International in the great wire-service rivalries of old, and as a pioneer for women in journalism.

She was persistent to the point of badgering. One White House press secretary described her questioning as “torture”—and he was one of her fans.

Her refusal to conceal her strong opinions, even when posing questions to a president, and her public hostility toward Israel, caused discomfort among colleagues.

In 2010, that tendency ended a career which had started in 1943 and made her one of the best known journalists in Washington. On a videotape circulated on the Internet, she said Israelis should “get out of Palestine” and “go home” to Germany, Poland or the United States. The remark brought down widespread condemnation and she resigned.

Ok, check your Dead Pools.


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out out damn spot … see ya later alligator

Gone at last?  Don’t count on that and not all accepted the offer of a free flight home.  And those that have, will be back.

Isn’t that great readers?  People can invade your country and you can pay for some to leave while others give the stiff finger salute and get to stay.
So just who the heck owns this country anyway?
Hmmm.  Have to think some on that.  Lets see now.  It sure as hell ain’t the Brits. They just get to pay taxes. Erm, those who work that is.

If you go to the site which I hope you will, and see the photos, please do not let your normal feelings of misplaced humanity stir you toward warm and sympathetic feelings for these insects. They are a pestilence that crawl from hiding places in the dark of night to disrupt, disturb and destroy the normal pattern of a mostly civilized city.


Gone at last! Romanian travellers in Park Lane finally leave after being given free flights home

· A total of 63 were held in 4am raid but only 20 accepted free flights home
· Immigration official says groups like these are ‘taking the mickey’
· The issue is costing the local authority £500,000 a year and is set to increase
By Martin Robinson

A camp of Romanian travellers on Park Lane has been broken up and its members offered a free flight home after a dawn raid by police and immigration officials.

The group of 63 rough sleepers, half of them women, were held as a senior Home Office figure said groups like this one were ‘taking the mickey’.
At 4am, when the camp was asleep, 50 officers swept in to evict the group, who have been accused of anti-social behaviour, begging and various crimes.
They were all offered a one-way flight to Romania worth £50 as long as they pledged not to return, but only 20 accepted, who were swept off to Heathrow airport. The rest were arrested.
Their camp, which spread into Hyde Park and was opposite the exclusive Dorchester Hotel, was strewn with their possessions and rubbish, with locals saying the area began to smell like an ‘open sewer’.
Westminster Council says the problem is costing the taxpayer £500,000 a year.
Councillor Nickie Allen has written to the Romanian ambassador about the issue and said: ‘We, and the local police, are diverting resources every day into dealing with this. My concern is the situation is going to get worse with the hot weather.
‘Until we stop these people coming into the country this is not going to go away. It’s like mole holes, you can clear them from one place and they pop up in another.’
A recent poll found that almost one in ten Romanians planned to head to the UK and from January Britain will open its labour market to its citizens under EU laws.


Take note America.

Britain will open its labour market to its citizens under EU laws.

Scuse me but, being the paranoid and negative cynic that I am.  My thoughts drift back a few weeks and I am reminded that Obama has signed some kind of trade deal with the EU.  Or he was about to sign. I never found out if its become a done deal.  So anyway, I wonder what he may have signed away. Or will sign away.  Hopefully not our sovereignty as the Brits have done.  But they were tricked.

We Americans can have no reasonable excuse. 


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calendar   Friday - July 19, 2013

a bit of candy for the eyes


See More Below The Fold


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Gun-supporting Republicans in America.

When I read this today in the hard copy version I almost became apoplectic.

I see stuff similar all the time.  Still not used to it.

So anyway, I wanted you folks to see how a left wing liberal comedian sees it.
I don’t think he’s funny here.
You won’t either, but it won’t hurt us to see it.

Oh yeah.  It’s evident he’s seen too many westerns because actually, the wild west was a bit less wild and it was a bit calmer than he would suppose. But hey, he’s a liberal on the left. Why should he be interested in facts.

Gun-supporting Republicans in America have missed an opportunity to make their argument that more weapons makes us safer.
By Mark Steel

Following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who shot 17-year-old black man Trayvon Martin dead because he “looked like he was up to no good”, they should have declared: “This shows we need to give handguns to every black teenager. Only when they’re all armed and ready to fire on any suburban white who looks menacing will we be truly safe.”

The law seems to be that Zimmerman was innocent as he genuinely believed the lad was “up to no good”. So it wasn’t enough that Trayvon Martin was coming back from the grocers; he had to look like he was coming back from the grocers. Instead of blaming the gunman, maybe the black community should send its teenagers to acting school to learn to look like they’re up to good.

Otherwise this will keep happening, with court cases reading like a theatre review. The defendant will say: “Sadly, the victim failed to convey the full range of innocent expressions required by this demanding role, his inadequate portrayal of angelic intentions leaving us no choice but to gun him down by the car park.”

It was also stated that Trayvon Martin appeared suspicious because he was walking slowly. Presumably if he’d run that would also have been grounds for suspicion, so again it’s up to black people to work out exactly the right speed they should walk at to avoid making people shoot them.

This case was further complicated by the fact that while Zimmerman had a handgun, Trayvon Martin had a packet of Skittle sweets. If Zimmerman had seen the television adverts, he might have thought the teenager could turn him into a pile of multicoloured confectionery, and that may be why he was looking up to no good, so it was hardly up to him to explain why he shot him.

So the genius of the legal system is that the case revolved around the way Trayvon Martin should have reacted when pursued by a neighbourhood watch official with a gun. Did he argue, did he scream, did he resist were the crucial questions.

This is an exciting new approach to murder cases, in which instead of the antiquated method of hassling the defendant, it’s the victim who’s put on trial. Crimewatch could begin: “Tonight we investigate the horrific murder of a man in Peckham. Did you see the person who was shot dead on the pavement? What direction did he head off to? What did he do to cause all this trouble? Which sweets was this monster carrying? Your evidence could be crucial.”

So now the call has gone out across America, that the most important thing is for black people to stay calm. It’s basic word association – the first word anyone thinks of after “We’ve acquitted a chap who shot dead a teenager for carrying Skittles” is – “calm”.

To help this calm, one of the jurors explained her reasons for finding Zimmerman not guilty, saying of Trayvon Martin: “He didn’t have to do whatever he did.” It’s surprising more murder trial defendants don’t try this defence, saying: “As I see it, your honour, the victim didn’t have to do that thing, I can’t recall what, but whatever it is, that they did.” Then the judge could say: “In that case you’re free to go, Mr and Mrs West”, and we could all carry on without any fuss.

In case that wasn’t enough to assure calm, most newspapers, TV stations, and the President insisted on it. Because the worst thing about a boy being shot dead and the gunman being let off is if we get upset about it.

Calm is the way to make progress – that’s the attitude that’s pushed back racists in America in the past. How was slavery abolished in the southern states? By the four-year long American Civil Calm, that’s how. The Confederates broke away, insisting on the right to run a slave economy, but Abraham Lincoln said: “Don’t get worked up. That will only make things worse.” So the North all had a relaxing sauna and the slave owners were finished.

Then in the 1960s, segregation and lynching were overturned by the civil rights movement, with its most potent weapon of staying calm. James Brown sang: “Say it out proud, I’m calm and not loud.” Bob Marley cried: “Get up, stand up, put the kettle on”, and no one got worked up, which is why they did so well.

You might think, if you’d not being following the case closely, that the appeals for calm ought to be made to white people in suburban areas not to set up semi-military neighbourhood watch patrols with a keenness for firing on black teenagers, which could, if we’re being picky, be described as straying from calm. And an appeal for calm could be made to the 24 states to repeal the law that allows such executions to take place, as long as the gunman believes the victim is up to no good, a situation that’s calm in the same way the Wild West was calm.

So don’t protest, about the legal system, or the police that didn’t inform the boy’s parents he was dead, or the way Zimmerman insists that black people should now apologise to him. Go for a relaxing stroll, and it will all come right by itself, like it always does.

Twitter: @mrmarksteel


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Hey, Let’s Blame The Victim

“She Took A Cab; She Was Asking For It!!”

UK Judge: No woman is safe in a minicab

Once again, proof of my theory (and Heinlein’s) that no woman should ever go about unarmed.

A judge issued an alarming warning to minicab passengers yesterday that they cannot expect to travel in safety.

Jailing an asylum seeker for eight years for raping a secretary, Recorder Michael Sayers, QC, said those hiring a private taxi simply had no way of knowing the driver’s background.

He called for compulsory licensing of all cab drivers after police checks on the firm where the rapist worked revealed that not one driver was being legally employed.

“It appears that nobody can travel in minicabs with any degree of assurance or safety, as demonstrated by the facts in this case,” said the judge.

“At the moment, when a member of the public takes a cab he has no assurance that the driver is who he claims to be or has got any insurance or driving licence. He has no way of knowing how the driver conducts his business.

“This is something that should be investigated. If minicab drivers are driving around with false identities, it is something that should be looked into and investigated properly. I find it quite a worrying state of affairs.”

The case has highlighted a growing problem in our cities, where a burgeoning nightclub culture and lack of public transport has led to a boom in the use of minicabs.

These are separate from licensed black cabs and are supposed to be booked in advance over the telephone or in person at a central office.

There are around 100,000 private hire drivers in the UK. Powers to license them have been on the statute book since 1998 but the law’s enforcement depends heavily on the policy of the local authority.

In London, men and women desperate to get home have resorted to hailing unlicensed “taxi touts” who ply for trade by driving through the city’s entertainment areas.

Police figures show that 214 women were sexually assaulted in the capital last year after getting into illegal minicabs and 54 raped.

I’m sure that checking up and these guys will be instantly deemed raaaaacis, since nearly all of them are sand monkeys who worship the pedophile prophet.


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update Michael Adebolajo loses two teeth ‘in fight with prison staff following melee

This is an update and sad to say, the vermin I reported on that was attacked in prison; well he wasn’t attacked I am very sorry to say. At least I don’t belive so.

What happened was, he got snarly with the prison guards and it took a number of them to hold him down and that how he lost a couple of teeth.

Gee, and here I had such hi hopes that maybe it was the other prisoners with some payback.  But hey, there is still always hope that it will happen. Right?

Prison staff to be investigated of course.

Lee Rigby murder suspect Michael Adebolajo loses two teeth ‘in fight with prison staff following melee’ in Belmarsh high-security wing

Several officers ‘called in to help after Adebolajo began acting violently’

He was injured during subsequent melee in prison’s high-security wing

Had medical treatment in the prison but did not need to go to hospital

By Jack Doyle

One of the men accused of killing Fusilier Lee Rigby has been injured during a violent incident in prison.


Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo lost two teeth as he was restrained by officers at Belmarsh jail in south-east London.

It is understood several officers were called in to help after Adebolajo began acting violently on Wednesday, and he was injured during the subsequent melee in the prison’s high-security wing.

Last night the Metropolitan Police said it had started an investigation. No arrests have been made.

Adebolajo, from Romford, east London, is one of two men accused of murdering Fusilier Rigby outside Woolwich barracks on May 22.

When he appeared in court last month charged with the murder, he complained about his treatment at the hands of prison staff.

During the June 5 hearing via video-link from the prison, he was flanked by prison officers in full riot gear.

Belmarsh staff asked for him to be handcuffed on the basis he was ‘unpredictable’ and had refused to comply with their orders.

The judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, terminated the video-link after Adebolajo launched into a series of rants against prison staff.

The unit in which he is being detained has the highest security classification in the country, and holds notorious terror suspects and dangerous felons.


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Pure Crowder


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calendar   Thursday - July 18, 2013

Fun With Ads

Das Leben Is Zu Kurz

Für Den Falschen Job

Not exactly new, this 2009 anti-ad ad campaign for an employment agency in Germany features the right people doing the wrong kind of work. “Billboards” were placed on the side of vending machines in popular locations, and the rest ... is viral internet history. Love it.

“Life’s too short for the wrong job.”




Links? Dude, it’s viral. Google it up; the stuff is everywhere.


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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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The Real Stuff
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when rape isn't rape but only sexual assault
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[...] took another century of Inquisition and repression to completely eradicate the [...]
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