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She had made four 999 calls asking to be arrested

I post a lot of stories that have to do with crime but not for crime’s sake.  The vast majority of the articles I grab and post here, have to do with how crime is seen and dealt with.  The reasoning behind why one criminal act will result in a (short) term in the slammer, and a similar or same crime by a different individual will earn a get out of jail card.  The long and short of it is, it’s all best described as most bizarre. 

Just before knifing a woman to death, Nicola Edgington rang 999 four times from a hospital begging to be arrested.

The headline reads;

Freed to kill by police blunders: Mental patient who murdered stranger begged to be sectioned - one check would have shown she’d killed before

And indeed the police have some responsibility. However, It has also emerged that the Oxleas NHS (National Health Service) Trust, which recommended Edgington’s release in 2009, has cared for 12 other patients who went on to kill. Oxleas chief executive Stephen Firn said none of the other killings had involved random attacks on strangers, and the trust said the numbers were not disproportionately high in comparison to other London mental health trusts.

Oh well. That should make the citizens feel safer. Jeesh.

But she was released after a recommendation for her to be discharged into the community was rubber-stamped by the Ministry of Justice. The mother of two spiralled into ‘freefall relapse’, and in October 2011, she dialled 999 and told police: ‘The last time I was feeling like this, I killed my mum.’

So then ....


I am not posting the entire article, see the link for that.  I am posting the Mail Timeline.  If this is difficult to read on your screen, see the link below for the story and enlargement.



See following story to see what it takes to be arrested.


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I post a lot of stories that have to do with crime but not for crime’s sake.  The vast majority of the articles I grab and post here, have to do with how crime is seen and dealt with.  The reasoning behind why one criminal act will result in a (short) term in the slammer, and a similar or same crime by a different individual will earn a get out of jail card.  The long and short of it is, it’s all best described as most bizarre.  I won’t rehash old cases here but something happened recently that I meant to post last week, and have been reminded of it today in a column by Richard Littlejohn, of the Daily Mail.  I have two things to post. They are unrelated but, it could answer a question asked by one of our BMEWS regulars some time ago.

I do not now recall which of you asked the question, “Just what the heck does one have to do to get arrested over there?” If that isn’t the exact quote, it’s pretty close without losing anything in the translation.

I should not post so much of this first story as explained by Littlejohn, but it goes to the heart of the question that was asked.

When did ‘unkempt’ become a racial insult?

By Richard Littlejohn

A former Government Education Minister has been subjected to a humiliating six-month ‘racism’ investigation after describing a constituent as ‘unkempt’.
Tim Loughton, Conservative MP for East Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea, was interviewed under caution by detectives for 90 minutes.

Officers also questioned Mr Loughton’s staff and trawled through his archives for ‘evidence’. They were acting on a complaint from a well-known local nutter, who claimed that the MP insulted his ethnic heritage.

Kieran Francis, who says that he is a Romany gypsy on his mother’s side, accused Mr Loughton of being ‘disrespectful’ and calling him ‘dirty’.
This deeply sinister chain of events began when Mr Loughton became involved in a dispute over Mr Francis being evicted from his allotment by the local council.
Other allotment-holders complained that he was using human excrement on his compost heap, a charge he denies. Mr Francis then got into an altercation with an official from the allotment department.

Mr Francis emailed Mr Loughton, to protest about his treatment at the hands of the council, which identified him as a ‘difficult resident’. He took particular exception to one document which described him as ‘unkempt’.
This wasn’t the first time the MP had heard from Mr Francis, who has regularly contacted his office with a series of complaints about the council, the NHS, the benefits agency, the courts and even the police.
He says Mr Francis had subjected his staff to taunts and bad language, occasionally reducing them to tears.
For good measure, Mr Loughton added this complaint was yet ‘another example of the whingeing, self-serving, poisonous b******s that seem to have become your trademark’.
He said later: ‘I’d had enough of this guy. I felt the council had acted legitimately and I uniquely decided to use some of his own style of language to reinforce my point.’
After sending the email, Mr Loughton was contacted by a Detective Inspector from Sussex Police who wanted to speak to him in connection with allegations of a ‘criminal nature’.
He was put into a custody suite at Worthing nick and told he was being investigated under the Malicious Communications Act.
Mr Loughton was shown a document which read: ‘Mr Francis states that he is of Romany Gypsy origin and feels that references made to him are of a racist nature and that the email contains personal insults of a grossly offensive nature.’
The MP said he had no idea what Mr Francis’s ethnic origins may or may not be. But even if he had, how does calling him ‘unkempt’ amount to ‘racism’ and what has a dispute over an allotment got to do with the Old Bill?
Understandably, Mr Loughton is furious and is demanding an explanation from the Chief Constable.
He may be disappointed. Sussex Police have so far refused to answer any questions about the length or cost of the investigation, which could run to as much as £100,000. He won’t get much joy from the Crown Prosecution Service, either, even though no charges are being preferred.
The CPS said: ‘These were serious allegations and the matter was thoroughly reviewed.’

No, they weren’t. The only ‘serious’ aspect is the outrageous decision of the police to treat a blameless Member of Parliament like a criminal and accuse him of ‘racism’ on the basis of a vexatious and malicious complaint from a serial grievance-monger.

As the unfortunate Mr Loughton correctly surmises: ‘Because of the merest hint of racism and the sensitivity towards travellers, the police go into overdrive.’
If you’re burgled or have your car stolen, you’ll be lucky to get a note for the insurance. But claim that you’re half-Romany and someone’s been rude to you and the police will drop everything to investigate.

All Sussex’s officers will have been indoctrinated about ‘diversity’ on some expensive training course, just like every other copper in Britain.
And the way they ‘celebrate diversity’ is by feeling the collar of anyone who is accused of showing ‘disrespect’ to someone who, however tenuously, defines himself as a member of a ‘vulnerable and persecuted’ minority group.

The new breed of chief police officers are no longer old-fashioned thief-takers. They seem to have landed fully-formed and brainwashed from Planet Plod and are more interested in appeasing their political puppet-masters than serving the people who pay their wages.

They may not police the streets much any more, but they are determined to police our thoughts, our speech and rummage through our online communications.
What were Sussex Police expecting to uncover by trawling through an MP’s emails? It was a fishing expedition to try to build a case. The intent is not to ‘investigate’ it is to intimidate, pure and simple.

The once-proud and admired British police have been hollowed out by the Guardianistas and converted into a vehicle for bringing politically-motivated prosecutions against anyone deemed to have offended against the new social orthodoxy.
Fall foul of them and it can cost your reputation, your liberty and your job.

A Scottish police chaplain has just been sacked because his opposition to gay marriage, expressed on his own private blog, doesn’t conform to Strathclyde Police’s ‘equality and diversity’ policies.

This was despite the Government promising that no one should be forced out of their job for opposing same-sex weddings.
When Andrew Mitchell was hounded from office on the basis of false, but politically damaging, allegations, the question was asked: if the police are prepared to fit up the Chief Whip, who is safe any more?

After Tim Loughton’s ordeal over trumped-up allegations of ‘racism’, the answer has to be: absolutely no one.


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Oldest Company In The World Set To Leave Maryland

Beretta considers leaving Maryland as Gov. O’Malley pushes tougher gun laws

One of the world’s biggest gun makers is threatening to move its Maryland manufacturing plant – along with roughly 400 jobs – as Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley pushes one of the most ambitious gun-control agendas in the country.

Beretta USA executives have grown weary of the state’s attitude on guns and reportedly have backed up their threat by pointing out the company moved a warehouse to neighboring Virginia in 1990 when Maryland previously tightened gun laws.

Republicans, who largely oppose the new legislation, are warning about the economic impact of Beretta’s threats.

“We are pushing a legitimate manufacturer and good neighbor out of Maryland,” Republican state Delegate Anthony J. O’Donnell told on Wednesday.

“Losing them would be a big disappointment. Maryland has a reputation for having a horrible business climate, and this would be one more nail in the coffin,” continued O’Donnell, the state House minority leader.

Beretta, the nearly 500-year-old Italian company, arrived in southern Maryland in 1997.

A government contract in 1985 made Beretta the standard sidearm supplier for the U.S. military, helping the international company, and its small U.S. division, supply more than 500,000 guns to the Armed Forces.

The O’Malley-backed legislation – which includes bans on possessing assault rifles and high-capacity gun magazines – would unlikely impact Beretta’s manufacturing.

However, possession of its 9mm pistol, with its 13-bullet magazine, would be illegal under legislation now moving through the Democrat-controlled General Assembly.

Under Marylands’ new law - it passed the legislature so it may already be signed - current firearms owners will have to submit to being fingerprinted, even if they are not currently planning on buying another firearm. In other words, they’ll be treated as criminals-in-waiting. And they’ll have to take training classes, and fork out money for an in-depth background check. All this merely to retain the firearms they already own. And the license would only be good for 5 years. Read more here.  And here too.

O’Malley dismissed criticism from Republicans and some Democrats that his proposed licensing requirement would trample on Second Amendment rights, saying he believes he has broad public support to require every new Maryland gun owner to obtain a license to own a gun.

“It is a common-sense licensing requirement,” O’Malley said. “If you have to get a license to drive a car in Maryland . . . you should have to be licensed in order to operate a firearm.”

Wow, how’s that for arguing from a false premise?

Governor O’Malley is also looking to jack up the gasoline taxes in that Recession-strapped state, with a plan that increases the percentage year after year.

Prices at the pump may be going up. Governor Martin O’Malley has unveiled his new transportation plan, which includes an increase in the gas tax. It’s a move leaders say is critical.

Governor O’Malley says his plan would generate $3.4 billion over the next five years.

Flanked by House and Senate leadership, the governor announced a new transportation investment plan. With crumbling infrastructure, transit projects on hold and the state’s transportation fund near bankruptcy, leaders say something’s got to give.

“We know it’s a tough economic time. We think we’re doing this in the appropriate way that we can phase this in,” said House Speaker Del. Mike Busch.

Under a new proposal, the wholesale price of gasoline would increase two percent starting July 1—that translates to about two cents a gallon. In 2014, it would go up to four percent, about nine cents per gallon.
Just last year, the governor proposed a six percent increase to the gas tax. That bill never made it out of committee.

Tax and spend, limit your freedoms, push legislation to turn ordinary citizens into criminals. It’s the same song and dance from Progressive Democrats New Marxists everywhere.

h/t to Roger, The Real King of France


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UK: Light Up The Bat Signal


Holy smokes! “Batman” nabs suspect for British police

LONDON (REUTERS) - A mystery man dressed as Batman demonstrated the same crime-fighting skills as the caped crusader when he handed over a suspect wanted for burglary in Britain.

Closed-circuit television footage showed a portly figure wearing an ill-fitting costume including gloves, cape and mask, bringing a 27-year-old man to a police station in Bradford in northern England.

The suspect was arrested and charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences, said the force. But the costumed crime-fighter disappeared into the night without leaving his name.


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an open and honest opinion is now a hate crime among some in poland

WARSAW—Lech Walesa, Poland’s communist-era democracy campaigner, caused an uproar by saying homosexuals shouldn’t demand more rights and gay legislators should sit “behind a wall” in Parliament, words critics said put into question his legacy as a freedom fighter.

You folks will recall Mr. Walesa I hope. The former shipyard worker from the city of Danzig. Oh woops. They call it Gdansk now.  Horrible sound that.  Danzig sounds much nicer, which is why I still use it. Well anyway, the liberal press has it’s knickers in a twist because Mr. Walesa has the nerve to be critical of the homosexual community.  Ppl forget he also had the balls to stand up to the reds who still held power in his country, and wasn’t afraid to call a spade a spade.  So why should he hold back his critique of queers?  Anyway, the lib press says he has tarnished his Nobel Prize and now risks “shattering his legacy” just because he says that “a minority group should not impose itself on the majority.” This is in reference to same sex marriage, of which most Poles do not approve.

So quite naturally his comments are now being labelled as “hate speech.” Mr. Walesa has not yet learned, or been cowed into accepting, that any opinion that does not find favor with the left is automatically a hate crime.

He also said;

“They need to know they are a minority and adjust to smaller things instead of rising to the greatest heights, taking peak time, organizing the biggest provocations designed to spoil others or pick out people from the majority,”

He went on to say that,

he refuses to accept public gay-rights marches that “coax my children and grandchildren.”

Yeah well, apparently the politically correct who are allowed to live and breathe in Poland also speak with a voice louder then their numbers.  Prosecutors have launched an investigation following complaints that he advocated hate crime.

Nowhere in anything he said did he suggest violence or that anyone should commit a crime of any sort.  But this is the world we have to deal with now.
Oh yes and something else.  The left is good at this and use it every time they want to make a point in defense of whatever position they hold at any given time.  The Jews and the Holocaust. Make the comparison between your rival and Nazis. A winner every time.

Excuse me but, aren’t there still some camps on Polish soil that might house liberals and the politically correct ?  I think they’re empty now. 


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Anybody got any iron rope?

Older Than The State That It’s In,

Oldest Suspension Bridge In USA Snaps A Cable,

Closed Awaiting Repairs

Built long before West Virginia became a state in 1863, the suspension bridge at Wheeling over the Ohio River was a wonder of it’s age. Made from iron and stone, the 1849 bridge is 1307 feet long and 949 feet between the towers. The 12 iron cables for the bridge were made from 455,400 pounds of wrought iron wire, laid out on the main street of the town and wrapped by hand. When it was new it was the longest bridge in the world, and until yesterday it still carried vehicular traffic, which makes it the oldest “long span” bridge in the world still in regular use.


No, the bridge deck is not bent. The bridge actually goes uphill

Cable Snaps On Suspension Bridge
WHEELING - Motorists and pedestrians were forced to use alternate routes to and from Wheeling Island late Saturday afternoon after a routine inspection of the Wheeling Suspension Bridge showed that a major cable on the downtown Wheeling side had snapped near the top of the bridge.

While the cable is not a “load bearing” cable, it does help to prevent the bridge from swaying. That prompted West Virginia Division of Highways officials to close down the bridge with barricades to motorists and pedestrians.

With the Celtic Festival and a Wheeling Nailers hockey game slated last night in downtown Wheeling, traffic normally traveling across the suspension bridge was forced to use the Fort Henry Bridge to access the downtown area. Some traffic back-ups resulted.


Notice the Fink Truss style support wires in addition to those hanging from the catenaries

These are called Auxiliary Stays and are nearly a trademark Roebling artifact, although he did not design the bridge

Highways officials are expected to return to the bridge on Monday to further assess the damage. It is not known when the bridge will reopen.

In October, officials announced the Suspension Bridge would receive an $8.2 million facelift sometime in 2013.

The bridge, originally built in 1849, was severely damaged by a wind storm in 1854 and rebuilt in 1856.

The bridge has withstood many incidents over the years including major damage to a portion of its decking in 2010 after a vehicle accident took out several sections of the sidewalk.

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge was the first span to cross the Ohio River and remains the oldest vehicular suspension bridge still in use. The bridge is just over 1,000 feet in length and its major cables are anchored to masonry walls located under Main Street. One set of the cables can be found in the sub-basement at the Capitol Theatre.

more bridge info, loads of pics.

some historical pics, including Elephants!.

Interestingly, the center of the Wheeling bridge deck is nearly free floating. There are no secondary “Fink style” support wires coming down from the towers, the deck bracing is an open top “pony Brown” archaic “X"design similar to a Howe truss (except it predates Brown by a decade), and the deck itself is above the trough of the catenary. All this together means that there isn’t much other than force of habit holding up the middle 15% of the bridge, but it’s worked just fine for 164 years now. Compare this pic of the Wheeling to this one of the Bear Mountain which uses a fully boxed (aka “through truss") Warren truss with full verticals and to this one of the Rainbow Bridge in Japan which also uses a massive full Warren for the deck boxing and keeps the catenaries quite high for maximum twist reduction. Both of these have plenty of redundancy built in. The Wheeling doesn’t have much, and it had even less to begin with: It was Roebling (Mr. Brooklyn Bridge) or one of his sons who added the auxiliary stays around 1871. Before that the Wheeling was rather bouncy.


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calendar   Monday - March 04, 2013

At Rest Again, At Last

This be the verse you grave for me:
‘Here he lies where he longed to be,
Home is the sailor, home from sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.’

Last Sailors From The Civil War To Be Laid To Rest

150 years later, Union sailors from USS Monitor to be buried at Arlington

Two Navy sailors slated for heroes’ burials at Arlington National Cemetery have waited a century and a half for the honor.

The men were among the crew members who perished aboard the legendary Union battleship the USS Monitor, which fought an epic Civil War battle with Confederate vessel The Merrimack CSS Virgina in the first battle between two ironclad ships in the Battle of Hampton Roads, on March 9, 1862.

Nine months later, the Monitor sank in rough seas off of Cape Hatteras, where it was discovered in 1973. Two skeletons and the tattered remains of their uniforms were discovered in the rusted hulk of the Union ironclad in 2002, when its 150-ton turret was brought to the surface. The Navy spent most of a decade trying to determine the identity of the remains through DNA testing.

“These may very well be the last Navy personnel from the Civil War to be buried at Arlington,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said. “It’s important we honor these brave men and all they represent as we reflect upon the significant role Monitor and her crew had in setting the course of our modern Navy.”

Although testing has narrowed the identities of the men down to six, descendants of all 16 soldiers who died when the ship sank are expected at the ceremony. Diana Rambo, of Fresno, Calif., said DNA testing showed a 50 percent chance that one man was Jacob Nicklis, her grandfather’s uncle. A ring on his right finger matched one in an old photograph, adding to the likelihood he was her relative. She plans to be at the cemetery when he is buried.


David Alberg, superintendent of the Monitor sanctuary, pressed for the pair to have Arlington burial honors, as did the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Maritime Heritage Program and descendants of the surviving Monitor crewmembers.


Seaworthy as a brick, visitors to the Mariner’s Museum tour the full-size reproduction Monitor

Learn more about the ship here.  And more about the conservation efforts here, with pictures.

The USS Monitor was the first ship to have a rotating armored gun turret. Armed with 2 11” bore Dahlgreen cannons, each 13’6” long, weighing 8 tons and resting on a 3200 pound gun carriage, each gun could fire 166lb shells over 2 miles. The 21.5’ diameter 120 ton iron turret was protected by 8” thick laminated iron armor. It must have meant instant deafness to be in the turret when the guns fired, or when cannonballs from the Virginia struck it repeatedly. Imagine a gong the size of your living room ...


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Tired Now

Well it looks like I didn’t actually break my finger today. Took a tumble in the hallway and smacked it straight on into the doorway molding. Ow ow owowow. But I can bend it, and even pull things along firmly with it, so it’s probably just bruised. But ow. Ow ow ow.

Finished off another 2 episodes of Downton Abbey this evening. We’d never seen an episode ever before the other week, but the wonderful On Demand™ feature of the cable TV box has let us watch through 2 and a half seasons in such a short time. Given my druthers, this is how I want to watch serial dramas. It’s so much more powerful when you get it in big fat chunks. Plus the Fast Forward gets us past any “previously on” or any commercials of which there are blessedly few. We’re up to the enclampsia episode, which was very powerful and sad.

Also finishing off my wife’s G&T, who had a hard day and has gone to bed. Drew makes very good G&Ts, though two of them make it hard to type: In a highball glass, 4 ice cubes, juice of 1/3 lime, 1/2 cup frozen gin (New Amsterdam is tasty and a very good value). Stir. Top things off with quality tonic water, about 7oz. Top with a very thin slice of lime if you’re feeling posh. Yes, it’s basically a double. So one for me, and half of hers for me, and my finger doesn’t hurt so much at all anymore.


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Help me prepare for an interview…

BMEWSd and BMEWSetts,

Those who have been here for a few years have read of my friend flapjawman. A retired officer, he was recalled to duty after 911. Next week he will be in town and has agreed to set for an interview with me. He is associated with government intelligence. Two rules:

1) all questions to be submitted to me via email. I will then forward them to him. He will decide if he can answer them. Note that he doesn’t even want the questions posted online. The fact that he didn’t answer questions posted online can tell our enemies something. Loose lips… etc.

2) He’s welcoming questions on Syria.

Please send any questions to Don’t post them online or in comments. You can mention that you sent a question in the comments.


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gun control … in his dreams

Well here we are again, the same annoying character and my hobbyhorse gripe about foreigners and gun control in the USA.

We’re back to CNN’s Piers Morgan again because .... he writes for Live Magazine here and this is what his Brit audience sees.

Here are a few of his allies in his campaign to control guns in OUR country.  This is part you might say, of his bragging rights.
Just thought you might be interested.


Piers Morgan

Everywhere I’ve gone in LA this weekend, I’ve had stars come up to me wanting to talk about my guns campaign.

Jamie Foxx collared me in a lift at Soho House, and was so animated on the subject that we had to step outside and wait for another one.
‘We have to deal with this problem now,’ he said. ‘It won’t be easy, but I grew up a young black man in Texas. I learned how to compromise with people on emotive issues.’

Dustin Hoffman interrupted our red-carpet interview to suddenly exclaim, ‘By the way, God bless you for what you’re saying about gun control.’

Tonight, I was dining with friends at Madeo, one of Sinatra’s favourite old Italian haunts in Beverly Hills, when Kiefer Sutherland walked over, shook my hand and said, ‘I just want to say something to you. I’ve been watching all the gun stuff you’ve been doing on CNN and it’s one of the bravest things I’ve seen anyone do on American television for a very long time.’

I was genuinely gobsmacked, particularly as 24 is one of my all-time favourite dramas.
‘Thanks, Kiefer,’ I replied. ‘Coming from you, that means a lot.’
‘Just don’t stop,’ he added, firmly. ‘It’s too important. We’re all behind you.’
And then he was gone. Jack Bauer had given me my orders.


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Some Germans find the nerve to speak out on immigrants. Won’t do any good is my bet. We’ll see.

I suppose the Germans will now come under fire by the lefty bed wetters and bleeding hearts and be accused of reviving National Socialism. Well maybe they should to some degree or other, because if what we’re hearing now is only words and empty ones at that, then it will take extreme measures and nothing less to save their country.  They already have an over abundance of non Germans turning areas of some cities into foreign speaking ghettos and a rising crime rate.
Could be London too for that matter.  Come Jan. of 2014 it’ll be open borders here in the UK and some are trying to fight it to avoid the havoc that’s certain to follow their arrival.  Speaking of the Roma and Bulgarian influx predicted under the new law taking effect next year. 

One German mayor, and a left winger at that, has warned the UK what to expect, as apparently they have the problem now.
Well of course they would.  The Germans have become a nation of perpetual guilt ridden people and it may get even worse.  Why?
Because unless you folks have missed the latest war news from the 40s;

Worse than the world ever imagined: True scale of the Holocaust revealed as it’s discovered Nazis created 42,500 camps and ghettos to persecute Jews - not 7,000 as previously thought

But they were left horrified to discover 42,500 across much of Europe

By Anthony Bond

It is one of the worst moments in history, which still horrifies to this day.

But now new research has discovered that the Holocaust may well be even worse than previously thought.


So then, you should also know that,

Germany is the continent’s most socially-minded nation with a lavish array of welfare benefits. Some Roma families are claiming over £2,000 a month in child welfare payments, even though they are technically not supposed to work in the country until January next year.

‘They leave rubbish mountains taller than I am’: Left-wing German mayor’s rant at Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants who he says have sent town’s crime soaring

Duisburg mayor Soeren Link says Roma send children on ‘stealing missions’
Claims migrants costing authority millions in benefits and policing costs
Anyone who thinks problem will disappear is ‘misty eyed’, says mayor
Comes after report warned of ‘social unrest’ due to economic refugees

By Allan Hall

The mayor of a German city claims Romanian and Bulgarian migrants are causing havoc, committing crimes and costing his authority close to £15million a year to house, feed and police.

Soeren Link, the left-wing mayor of the former industrial city of Duisburg, close to the border with Holland, claims prostitution and robberies have spiked since the EU’s latest members began arriving last year.

‘We are massively affected,’ said the mayor, confirming the fears of the Association of German Cities which recently warned of ‘social unrest’ because of the economic refugees.

And that isn’t all there is.

Germany rejects Romania and Bulgaria’s bid to roam Europe without passport amid fears of ‘immigrant invasion’

Romania and Bulgaria expected to apply to join EU’s Schengen area

‘Germany will veto it and they will fail,’ says interior minister Friedrich

By Allan Hall

Germany will veto Romania and Bulgaria’s bid to join the Schengen passport-free zone if the Eastern European countries push for membership this week.

Interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich warned both nations that if they insist on entry into the scheme ‘Germany will veto it and they will fail.’

The countries are expected to apply to join the group in a meeting on Thursday, but their bid has been undermined by fears non-Europeans could bribe their way in to the countries and then travel elsewhere in the EU with ease.

It is strong language from a politician well versed in more diplomatic speak, but Germany is undergoing an invasion of immigrants from both countries with many cities experiencing extreme social tensions as a result.

Germany will veto Romania and Bulgaria’s bid to join the Schengen passport-free zone if the Eastern European countries push for membership this week.

Interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich warned both nations that if they insist on entry into the scheme ‘Germany will veto it and they will fail.’

The countries are expected to apply to join the group in a meeting on Thursday, but their bid has been undermined by fears non-Europeans could bribe their way in to the countries and then travel elsewhere in the EU with ease.

It is strong language from a politician well versed in more diplomatic speak, but Germany is undergoing an invasion of immigrants from both countries with many cities experiencing extreme social tensions as a result.

more here at source

And when they run out of European countries to plunder, lets hope the Romas do not take too seriously the words, send us your poor and huddled masses.  Else gun control will take on a whole new meaning.
Which reminds me.

Do we really still need that French statue?


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NO cheers for the postal service today

DREW Posted this:

instead of using a “1” in my street address, they wrote out the word “One”. And that was more than the United States Post Office could handle.

Well dear friend .... apparently it’s even worse than we imagined because;


It was originally sent on Jan 24.


Please note folks, I have written to Drew at this address before and it’s been received. But something really weird is going on down there.
First signs of declining civilization, the mail gets screwed up.  All down hill from there.


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In which Drew has a small Vizzini Moment at the Post Office, without the benefit either of Princess Buttercup or any iocane powder




I got a phone call from one of my employers the other week. “Have you moved again? Why didn’t you give us your new address?”
But, but I have! I moved in the fall, and I still live at 1 _____ Clinton NJ _____-____, just like I told you!
“Well, the Post Office returned the checks we sent you, and marked the envelope undeliverable. So we want to verify your address.”
Yup, that’s me, that’s where I live, and I get mail nearly every day.
“Ok, we’ll try it again.”

This morning I get a phone call from one of the office people at his shop. “We tried again with your paychecks, but they came back. Still undeliverable.”
Ok, just leave them on the counter, I’ll pick them up tonight, and try and get to the bottom of things with the PO on Monday.

So I go down to his office this afternoon, do my work, and pick up the envelope. It was addressed to me, at my address. Proper town, proper Zip Code. But instead of using a “1” in my street address, they wrote out the word “One”. And that was more than the United States Post Office could handle. They could not deliver the letter ... even though somewhere in the postal system, a sorting machine had stamped the base of the envelope “28849 1234 01”, which is my Zip Code, my +4 Code, and my house number. (Ok, I’m making up the numbers to ensure my own privacy, but still.) So even an illiterate postal delivery person could find the proper mailbox, since the +4 system is precise enough to locate a particular part of a particular street anywhere in the country. In theory, a letter addressed to Joe, 12345-1234 should come right to his mailbox, without benefit of his last name, street name, house number, town or state. That’s what the +4 thing is all about. It’s like military GPS, only without satellites. And with fewer targeted nukes.

But no. Not my local Klown posse. Big yellow sticker on the envelope: RETURN TO SENDER NOT DELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED UNABLE TO FORWARD. And a bunch of coded secret numbers. And a barcode. And a date that’s six days after the post mark; the letter just sat in a bag somewhere for a solid week.

Not deliverable as addressed. Excuse me? You schleps aren’t even trying. Well you are. You’re trying to be a bunch of fuck-ups. And you’re winning.

I guess the folks that try to be classy and put the spelled out house numbers on their homes - “Twenty Seven” for 27, you know what I mean - I guess they never get any mail delivered that’s addressed to 27. That’s too much for the PO. Above their pay grade, outside their reading comprehension level. WTF?

Is this a bit of protest because your bloody moronic business model bleeds billions and you’re all going to lose your Saturday overtime? So let’s screw up because we’re mad? Or maybe the word has come down that with the billions in annual losses your carriers aren’t going to get their annual $10,000 bonuses any longer, for just doing their jobs. (I bowled last summer with a sub-contracted postal delivery person, and he told us that he loved his job so much because he was done working by 11:30am every day, and got a $10K bonus every year without fail. So that’s my source for that.)

Or maybe this is a case of the waiter spitting in the tea when the customer complains that it’s cold? 3 months ago I asked the front desk lady at the local PO to stop delivering the mail for the previous resident at our address, since she had moved out months before that. I had some little form to fill out that said that my wife and I were the only people living at this address. That cured the problem ... for about a week. I still get more mail for the previous resident than I do for myself, and she hasn’t lived here for at least 9 months now. I always leave it in the mailbox, and put up the little flag like I’m supposed to, and about half the time or less that mail gets taken away. Only for some more of it to be left here the day after.

So now I’ve got to waste time and go down there Monday and complain again. Which probably means I won’t get my mail properly delivered for the next several years. Government union employees are entitled to revenge, right? Probably says so right in their contracts. The nerve of us citizens even asking politely that they do the jobs that they’re so well paid for.

But OMG. “One” for “1” and they can’t deliver the letter. OMFG. Inconceivable! Unacceptable! And completely expected.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/02/2013 at 08:06 PM   
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Conservative leadership has never been so divorced from its supporters

There isn’t any reason I can think of, that an article about a Brit by-election would be of any interest to anyone outside the UK.  (I don’t know why I continue to use the term UK when they might not be any more united than the US. Hmm. Old habits I guess.)
Anyway .... there was an important election yesterday in our area, and what interested me was not so much that, as this piece in today’s paper.

Substitute Republican (USA) for the Brit word Tory, who are supposed to be the conservatives over here, and you’ll soon see what I mean. 
While the Lib/Dems sadly won, with the help of lefty labour voters angered by their own party, as well as very good organization by the Libs, which seem to be their forte’, the party of some very serious conservatives fed up with the Tory party and their conservative lite agenda, made a very good showing.  They in turn had lots of support from disgruntled members of the Tory party. In fact, they received more votes then the party in power.

Nothing really new I guess.  Just a different locale with the same kind of problem due to inattention. Among other things better covered by Drew here at bmews yesterday.

The hapless Tories were doomed from the start

By Andrew Pierce


The omens were not good for the Tories from the first day of the campaign. An advance guard of four MPs arrived in Eastleigh buoyed by opinion polls which showed they could recapture the seat from the Lib Dems making it the first by-election victory of its kind for a governing party since 1982.
The MPs rang the intercom buzzer at campaign HQ to get into the first-floor office. And waited...and waited. There was no one in. So they walked into the town centre and passed the Lib Dem HQ on Eastleigh High Street.

The building was festooned with balloons, windows were plastered with posters of their candidate, and a constant procession of people was going in and out.
During the three-week campaign the Lib Dems ruthlessly exploited the fact that they hold every council ward in the constituency.
Armed with local knowledge and canvassing records, the Lib Dem volunteers ran a disciplined operation which focused on issues relevant to each neighbourhood.

Their strength mirrored the Tories’ weakness. The Tory association is moribund.
The leader of the four-strong Tory group on Eastleigh council (the Lib Dems have 42 councillors), Godfrey Olson, is 83.

Telephone calls to the Eastleigh association HQ go through to an automated voicemail message which makes no reference to the Tory Party or the by-election. Since winning by-elections depends on getting your vote out, the Tories were fatally wounded by the disintegration of their activists’ base.

The campaign team, led by Stephen Gilbert, who is Mr Cameron’s political secretary, also made a serious error of judgment in the way they deployed their candidate, Maria Hutchings. 

She was effectively gagged by her London media minders who feared she would stray off message.
Yet Mrs Hutchings was a candidate with a rare quality: authenticity.

Her outspoken opposition to gay marriage and hardline views on immigration and Europe may have jarred with the metropolitan cabal of advisers that surround the Prime Minister, but they would have played well on the Eastleigh doorstep and helped neuter Ukip. 

There were practical problems too. The Tory computer system – the vital link between local associations, their electoral registers, their known supporters, and Tory HQ in London – crashed in the first week. At the Lib Dem HQ money flooded in every day with donors given a name check on the party website.
While Eastleigh was fleetingly mentioned on the main page of the Tory HQ website there was no by-election donations’ button. Every Tory MP was ordered to the constituency at least twice but they were ignorant of local issues.

All the early signs suggested a Tory victory was possible. The by-election was triggered by the resignation of Chris Huhne, a serial liar and philanderer. In the last ten days Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, has been engulfed by criticism of response to scandal surrounding Lord Rennard.

And, at the start of the week the Lib Dems slumped to a record low of eight points in a national opinion poll. Yet still the Tories could not win.

The inquest is already under way with one senior strategist saying: ‘For two years we knew that Huhne might have to resign so we… should have been crawling all over the constituency to make our presence felt. But we did nothing.’

The real significance of the result is the fact many more local Tory associations are in the same state as Eastleigh.

Party membership is plummeting but instead of trying to reconnect with his grassroots Mr Cameron antagonises them. By continuing to support higher spending on aid, threatening to build on the Green Belt and, most of all, by backing gay marriage, he is ensuring membership falls still further.

Eastleigh is the most graphic evidence to date that the Tory leadership has never been so divorced from its supporters.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/02/2013 at 10:20 AM   
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