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calendar   Wednesday - January 23, 2013

Where Racism Really Lives

The shooting at Lone Star College down in Texas yesterday completely dominated the news all afternoon. It was the only story on every TV news channel, and preempted broadcasts on many others. Uh oh, we’ve got another Newtown on our hands, let’s roll. 

By 11 o’clock last night the story was dead. It got a brief mention. This morning the story is so far down the page at the link is next to “Remembering Heath Ledger”. At Fox News online, the story link is way “below the fold”, down by “Voice of Charlie Brown arrested for stalking”.

How is this possible? How could this huge story just up and die so quickly?

Because the shooters and the victims are black. Nothing to see here, move along. Just another nigga moment, same old same old.

The shooter has been identified as Carlton Berry, 22.

The men both ended up with gunshot wounds, and one of them shot and wounded a maintenance man who was an innocent bystander, according to acting Harris County Sheriff Armando Tello.

“He said, ‘I don’t want to fight you, I’m not trying to go to jail,” said Eyyonna Fontenot, a student who witnessed the argument and shooting.

She said the gunman initially walked away, but then changed his mind when the other man said something else.

“Whatever ticked him off, whatever they said, [the gunman] got it out of his backpack and just started shooting,” she said. “I just ran out of there cause I didn’t want to die, I have two kids.”

The shooting led to a campus lockdown and two-hour search for the gunman who got away. Several nearby Aldine ISD schools were also put on lockdown as a precaution.

A law enforcement source said the gunman shot the man he was arguing with, then accidentally shot himself in the buttocks.

Lone Star College student Brittany Mobley said she saw the whole thing happen.

“I saw two dudes basically get into an altercation and the dude that shot, he basically got angry and started shooting the other guy,” said Mobley. “A lot of people heard a lot of shots.”

Mobley said the suspect had the gun hidden in his clothes.

“Basically, I seen the dude that shot him and as soon as I heard the bullets flying and the gun being fired off, then everyone started running and it was a hint for me to start running as well,” Mobley said.

Some hint.

Jed Young, a spokesman for the college system, told The Associated Press that a “shelter-in-place order” was issued at the college due to reports of a shooter on campus. Students, faculty and staff were advised by the college website to take immediate shelter where they were. The school later said it was on lockdown.

Lone Star College is a community college system based in the Houston region and has six campuses associated with it.

Lone Star’s North Harris campus is 20 miles north of Houston in unincorporated Harris County. The campus has roughly 19,000 students.

According to the Lone Star College website, weapons are not allowed on the campus. The school offers firearm safety courses through its Second Amendment Academy

That campus was put into lockdown, as well as all the other schools in that system; with 19,000 students at this college, and who knows how many at the other ones, it’s likely that 50,000 people were impacted by this event. Yet not even 24 hours later and it’s nearly forgotten. Oh well, just another day in da hood. Next story, move along. Hey, maybe Sofie Viagra had another wardrobe malfunction?

Berry has been charged with aggravated assault and is still in the hospital.  The man involved in the argument was shot three times and is reportedly in critical condition at Ben Taub Hospital.  The maintenance man was shot in the leg and is expected to be OK. He was also taken to Ben Taub.

Another student on the campus was taken to the hospital after suffering a possible heart attack. The campus and nearby Aldine ISD schools were put on lockdown while dozens of law officers searched each building for the second suspect. They also searched a nearby wooded area and the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. 
Around 2:15 p.m., the suspected gunman turned himself in at Northwest Medical Center with a gunshot wound, according to law enforcement sources.

I did not see a single op-ed calling for blacks to be disarmed, or for further gun control amongst gang members, or illegal guns in the black community, or a hand-wringing essay on the epidemic problem of spontaneous lethal violence in the black community. Not a one. Close to 3 out of 4 when it comes to “gun violence” and leaders in many other kinds of violence (Google up “ghetto lobster” or “shaken baby syndrome”, epidemic to that group, that only the real racists will discuss) but not one pundit dares to speak out.  And this idiot Berry wasn’t even charged with attempted murder. Nope, just aggravated assault. For shooting people multiple times. What is that, um, 2/3 of a crime? The police can’t be bothered much either. The soft racism of lowered expectations. Alive and well at every single media source in America. Even Fox News. Racists.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 22, 2013

And Around We Go Again

Breaking News -

Shooting breaks out at Lone Star (Community) College near Houston Texas. Argument in the library between 2, 3, perhaps 5 people leads to gunfire ... 3 hospitalized, 1 said to be “a” shooter. There may be more than one shooter. Wounded said to be shot in legs. The shooting may have taken place somewhat later than when the argument happened. Gang related? Revenge? All is cloudy right now. The story will emerge over time, then our masters will tell us what the “truth” is in a few days. Cops everywhere, searching nearby woods, school in lockdown. Multiple eye-witnesses to the shootings.

Lone Star College is a Gun Free Zone.

Lone Star is in the home district of (D-TX) Shiela Jackson Lee, who was speaking publicly about the need for more gun control when the story broke, and when interviewed on the phone by Fox, said that the college was “highly diverse”.

At least one of the wounded may have been caught in the crossfire. Updates as they are available.

UPDATE VIA CNN: [Updated at 3:59 p.m. ET] An unidentified Lone Star College student who says she witnessed some of the shooting told CNN affiliate KHOU that an argument between two people preceded the gunfire.

A gunman, she said, told someone: “I don’t want to fight you; I’m not trying to go to jail.”

The witness appeared to reference only one gunman; it wasn’t clear whether she saw a second gunman. She said he “actually turned away from the situation” at first but eventually pulled a gun out of a backpack. She said she heard about nine shots.

“I think it was a bunch of crap that could’ve been resolved and never should have gone that far,” the witness said.


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Well Blow Me Down

imageA frosty day in Peiper’s corner of the Shire! Winter is a’coming in here in NJ too. We had a helluva storm last night that defied the predictions. It was supposed to be just 1/2” or so of now across most of the state. But what we got was isolated pockets of intense snowfall and black ice in random spots across the middle of the state, with some rather heavy weather along the coasts. And NJ is actually a peninsula, almost like Florida, so we have quite a lot of coast. The storm blew in like madness wherever it touched down, stranding motorists, snarling traffic, and causing much annoyance. I didn’t see a flake myself, even though I drove down to the middle of the state to do some work right in the middle of it last night. We did get winds though. Nearly hurricane strength, which knocked out the power for several hours while the temps plummeted. And we have electric heat here, so things were a tad nippy this morning.

It’s “warmed up” to merely quite brisk now, about 18 or 19 °F, and the wind is ripping along at a steady 25mph with some ferocious gusts. The power is back on, and the all-in-one cable is back on, so after rebooting the modem and the wifi a couple times I’ve got internet again.

Bitter cold batters N.J. as temperatures hit lows not seen in years

We’re not alone in NJ with the wind and cold. A really large chunk of the nation is getting the big chill and the cold breeze ... must be a reaction to our CSOTUS’ blathering on about fighting climate change (that settled science) yesterday.

So here’s Fox News’ weather lady, the impressive Maria Molina, to give today’s forecast for the upper right quadrant: video link.

And if you find the weather just too boring, I’m not going to ask your opinion about furniture. I used to own a nice black leather Italian sectional sofa. It was great, with a nice big corner piece so you could seat a bunch of folks on it and at least halfway look at them while you talked. But what I really wanted was a conversation pit. You know, a sunken square, circle, or oval with a table in the middle, where everyone could sit around and talk and eat and drink and hang out. Kind of like the kitchen at any of my in-laws’, but with, you know, actual comfy seats instead of standing around while someone cooks.

I notice this conversation pit online over the weekend. Looks to me like there’s room for a crowd. A lot more than I can handle, but it sure looks cozy. And warm too.

See More Below The Fold


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it could be a lot worse so no complaints

We had a snow storm day before yesterday. It doesn’t look like that much here ...

The scene across the street from our house

but trust me, it looked nice but causes problems cos there was so much of it.
The weather guy said there’d be four more days of it.  Well, when it didn’t snow yesterday, I gave the wildlife that lives in our further back yard the all clear.
So guess what?
It started snowing again. Hard for awhile, then rain, and now back to hard snowfall.  Glad we got our grocery delivery earlier today.
I like that feature. Grocery deliveries. Makes it easier when you don’t have to fight crowds which isn’t so bad. But damn if screaming babies don’t drive us up the wall.  And I mean non stop at the top of their range.

Looks like the weather guy won’t be the butt of any jokes this week.

Here’s what that scene above looks like in better weather.

This one taken a few feet away where the hedge is higher. Actually, this shot is a few yrs old I believe, and some sections of the hedge have been reduced. Still across the street and better then looking at other houses.  However, at the rate they are planning to go here, betcha that farm field will be paved one day. Sad to even think about it.


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taliban & left wing fruitcakes critical of prince . good. that means he’s doing well. kudos harry.

Damn hand wringing, bed wetting anti-war “activists”, and that’s only a partial description of those wankers. They are unhappy with England’s Prince Harry.  Who btw, is a pretty cool dude as the young might say.

Anyway, compatible allies, the Taliban and the anti-war fruit cakes.  Both are quite unhappy with some comments the prince made in an interview after his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

OK I do realize that some folks will be totally taken aback that soldiers find it necessary to kill people from time to time to time.  But a Taliban spokesman and some anti-war lunatics do not think it is at all nice to say they do that sort of thing.

Here’s a comment from the Taliban. Those upstanding folks who only want us all to return to the 7th century. Is that asking so much?

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, told the Daily Telegraph that Harry was a ‘coward’ because his remarks were released only once he had left the country.
He added: ‘This statement is not even worth condemning. It is worse than that.
‘To describe the war in Afghanistan as a game demeans anyone – especially a prince, who is supposed to be made of better things.’

Harry did NOT describe the war as a game, btw.  Typical tali bs.

Lindsey German, of the Stop The War Coalition added that the prince’s remarks were ‘crass’, and accused him of not knowing whether those he killed were in fact members of the Taliban.
‘In recent months many civilians have been killed by air strikes,’ she said. ‘This arrogant and insensitive attitude to killing Afghans, whoever they are, is hardly likely to win hearts and minds - a supposed aim of the war.
‘Prince Harry returns to a life of idleness and luxury, unlike most soldiers who face unemployment, austerity and social problems.’

Dear Lindsey, up yours you dumb assed slag.  Hey, you feel so deeply about those poor folks, go on over there yourself. Yeah, and then preach no war or acid attacks against little girls trying to get themselves educated. Right. See how well you’ll do with that.
Please kill yourself Lindsey. You contemptible bag of ***t.
So, what the prince said that got some bleeding heart hand wringers all upset, and a Taliban spokesman falsely offended, was the following.

In an interview to mark the end of his four-month tour of duty as an Apache attack helicopter pilot, the third in line to the throne confirmed he had been directly responsible for the deaths of one or more insurgents as a co-pilot gunner.

Asked if he had killed from the cockpit of his £40million aircraft, the 28-year-old prince said matter-of-factly: ‘Yeah, so lots of people have. The squadron’s been out here. Everyone’s fired a certain amount.’
He suggests his skill at PlayStation computer games may have made him a better pilot.

His admission that he killed insurgents is likely to be seized on by the Taliban for propaganda purposes. But the prince is unapologetic, saying: ‘Take a life to save a life, that’s what we revolve around. If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game.
‘I’m not here on a free pass...our job out here is to make sure the guys are safe on the ground and if that means shooting someone who is shooting them, then we will do it.’
A senior Army source said: ‘Harry is flying an attack helicopter and that’s one of the jobs the guys do: Attack. It would be unthinkable for a gunner to go on a deployment and not have several engagements with the enemy. Of course he has killed.’


Showing appealing modesty about his obvious skills as a pilot, the Prince said his skills at sports and games helped pave the way for him to become a top pilot.

He said: ‘Exams were always a nightmare, but anything like kicking a ball around or playing PlayStation - or flying - I do generally find a little bit easier than walking, sometimes.

‘It’s a joy for me because I’m one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs I like to think that I’m probably quite useful.’



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calendar   Monday - January 21, 2013

et tu australia?

Unbelievable once upon a time in their history, but times have changed.

I was looking for a related story, got lost in surfing and Google searches and found myself here.

I won’t post all of it, the link will have the rest as always.  Just shows us doesn’t it that it isn’t the usual suspects that cave in.

Getting late, waiting for a phone call from an electrician. Excuses is all we’ve had so far. Says he’ll call and then doesn’t.
Ah, the new age Brit work ethic.
Who says there’s a country wide financial crisis?  If there is one, it hasn’t touched this no show fellow.  I should be used to it by now, having had workmen that didn’t show up without a call or else came late without word. And often never bothered to return calls.

That’s way off the topic. Sorry.
Here’s the story. With a H/T Sydney Morning Herald

Free speech dogged by politics of difference

Paul Sheehan

The obvious question is, what are they afraid of? Is it fear of violence, or vandalism, or simply fear of association?

Debbie Robinson, a small business operator who describes herself as an ordinary citizen, wants to bring to Australia a Dutch political leader who is a supporter of democracy, freedom of religion, feminism and gay rights. But when she started making arrangements all she encountered was fear.

‘’In Sydney, venues that were initially available were cancelled or would not take the booking when they realised who the speaker was,’’ she told me. She provided a list of rejections: the Hilton Hotel, North Sydney Leagues Club, Sydney Masonic Centre, Wesley Convention Centre, Luna Park Function Centre, the Concourse at Chatswood and the Sir John Clancy Auditorium at the University of NSW.

‘’I offered a church-based venue in Sydney a donation and their reply was, ‘You could offer $4 million and we would not accept your booking’.’’


Finding venues was not her only problem. ‘’Earlier in the year I approached APN Outdoor to arrange a four-week run of bus ads in Sydney. The artwork was forwarded to them and I was quoted a price for the job . . . Then I was advised they would not be able to run the ad as it was too political and would result in the buses being damaged and defaced. They would not say who would do the damage.’’

The same happened in Perth, where Robinson lives, when venues declined to take her booking, including the Burswood Casino. When she tried to organise a payments system for the tour, she was rejected by Westpac. The bank, which has been courting the Chinese Communist government for years, wanted nothing to do with this Dutch democrat.

‘’I was organising an e-way payment system with Westpac to link to the website of the Q Society [the sponsor of the tour]. I received a call from a manager who said the Westpac Risk Management Team had decided the material for sale was offensive and inappropriate and therefore they would not proceed with the e-way system. I asked to speak to the manager responsible and was told he was on leave.’’

The Dutch MP causing so much concern is Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party of Freedom (PVV), the king-maker in Dutch politics over the past two years. When Wilders withdrew his support for the government last year, it collapsed and a national election was called.

A month after that election, in which the PVV polled a million votes and won 16 seats, Wilders was scheduled to be in Australia. The trip was cancelled after it was sabotaged by the Minister for Immigration, Chris Bowen.

The minister then had the gall to write an opinion piece, published in The Australian on October 2 last year, in which he claimed, ‘’I have decided not to intervene to deny [Wilders] a visa because I believe that our democracy is strong enough, our multiculturalism robust enough and our commitment to freedom of speech entrenched enough that our society can withstand the visit of a fringe commentator.’’

Reality check: Bowen’s department sat on Wilders’ visa application for almost two months, then acted only after the minister received public criticism and Wilders was cancelling his trip.

No such long delay hindered the visit of Taji Mustafa, a spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, an apologist for jihad, when he made a speaking tour in Australia last September while Wilders was being frozen out.

Sydney Morning Herald


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‘Muslim Patrol’ vigilantes on London streets…

It isn’t always a very clear video, hard to see in some places BUT,

You won’t have any trouble getting the message here.

I saw no hoods btw, contrary to the Mails reporting.  But then my eyesight isn’t what it was so perhaps I missed it. Doesn’t matter hooded or not. If these guys are for real and the police do nothing or can’t find them, we’ll see more of it.

Oh btw .... London’s white population is now officially a minority.  Won’t be long now, will it?  Lets hear it for multiculturalism and diversity. 

‘Muslim Patrol’ vigilantes remove alcohol from drinkers and tell women to cover up as they stalk London suburb

Group has released a video filmed in London called: ‘The Truth About Saturday Night’
The gang confronts people and accuse them of living an unclean life
They film a hurt cyclist in the road, blaming alcohol for their injuries and call it an invitation to Islam
Films show them burning posters they believe are ‘vile and disgusting’ - including one for a bra
Muslim groups condemn them for their hard-line views and approach

By Martin Robinson
Police are investigating reports a gang claiming to be Islamic vigilantes have been confronting members of the public and demanding they give up alcohol and women cover their flesh in their ‘Muslim area’.

The hooded men, who call themselves Muslim Patrol, have been filmed walking London’s streets and calling white women ‘naked animals with no self respect.’

The group is also shown taking ‘evil’ booze from revellers and film a cyclist being treated after a road accident, claiming they were injured because they were unclean.

In one exchange a member of the group says: ‘We don’t care if you are appalled at all’, before calling themselves ‘vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks’.

They have uploaded videos to their YouTube channel with the most recent three-minute clip causing a stir online.

‘The Truth About Saturday Night’, which was uploaded on Sunday, has already been viewed more than 42,000 times.

Scotland Yard says it is investigating.

It was shot on a mobile phone at night in what the Met say is Waltham Forest, London, with a number of men seen shouting ‘this is a Muslim area’ towards white Britons they’ve confronted.



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just fun stuff with a cat discovering snow.

Just for fun, say hello and welcome Fletcher.

A YouTube user known as jefcharles uploaded the delightful clip, with following explanation:

‘After being sent home from work the first thing I did on getting home was to check outside the back door to see if there were any cat paw prints. There weren’t, so I thought I’d introduce Fletcher to the snow and film the results.’



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brits have enough problems thank you. do not need obama’s advice to make them worse.

Just wonderful. America does not have enuff problems these days.  Everyone in the world just loves us. Nobody has any gripes about us. Get real.

So with everything else that is happening in our world, our government, in the person of the president, just HAS to butt in to Brit business of a sensitive and polarizing issue. 

I want you to see a headline. Take a look.

A meddlesome Obama should keep his nose out of our affairs

By Simon Heffer

Heffer is a very serious conservative and that word should be spelled as Conservative in his case.  He is no friend of the administration under Mr. O. but has not been especially angry at the USA as a whole like the lefties.  He’s never attacked us as a people but has had some doubts about our foreign policies past and present.  But never anything harsh by way of insults and I don’t think he does so here. What gripes me I suppose, is the idea that our president can do something to make even a pro American friend angry. And trust me, we really do not have a lot of those here. And I don’t want to start any arguments except to say that Obama in this case (as in others) is very ill informed.  And even if he isn’t, I don’t believe he cares that much. But someone should have told the president just how touchy this subject is and what it has meant to many Brits for a long time.  As far back as 9 years ago I recognized that Britain’s sovereignty was, as I saw things, being eroded.  You did not need a degree of any kind to understand that, cos the evidence was so clear and so open. 

Waytago Mr. Obama. 

Simon Heffer/Daily Mail
His unwelcome interference in this country’s internal affairs comes at a most sensitive time, considering that David Cameron is soon due to make a major speech on the subject — and is expected to say whether we are to be offered the in/out referendum that the majority of voters want.

Ironically, those on the Left who normally revile America — for its interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, support of Israel and alleged mistreatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay — are happy to use the U.S. official’s remarks as a stick with which to beat Mr Cameron.

For their part, it is easy to understand why the Americans are so worried about Britain’s relationship with the EU.

They find it hard to comprehend that Europe is not a single political entity (like the United States of America itself) rather than a collection of independent countries.

Ever since the end of World War I, when President Woodrow Wilson attended the peace conference at Versailles in 1919, American foreign policy has been consistent. It has wanted to reduce European power and fill the vacuum with its own.

As a result, it has always cultivated officials to interfere in European affairs. The meddlesome Mr Gordon is just the latest.

America is well-versed at patronising and bullying Third World countries, but the consequences of behaving in a similar way towards Britain — a country where a substantial, and growing, number of people are fed up with membership of the EU — are very different.

It is common to hear American politicians boast how every decision they take is in the American national interest. It should not surprise them, therefore, that British politicians, too, are keen to act in their own country’s national interest.

The present discontent among many Britons about Europe is not, as is so often caricatured, a question of our ‘sleepwalking towards the exit’.

In fact, we are wide awake. After 40 years of a European project that has meant the loss of sovereignty, and economic turmoil, many of us have decided enough is enough.

If we choose to leave — and I for one hope we do — it will not be on a whim, but after a long period of rational reflection and deep consideration.


Barack Obama piles pressure on David Cameron over EU exit

Downing Street plays down US President’s personal intervention ahead of Europe speech.

David Cameron’s trouble-prone strategy on Europe suffered another setback when US President Barack Obama made a personal appeal to him not to allow Britain to drift out of the European Union.

Mr Obama’s intervention came only hours before the Prime Minister was due to make his landmark speech on the UK’s relationship with Europe.

Mr Cameron had planned to warn that the British public could “drift towards the exit” of the EU unless it reformed.

But Mr Cameron called off his speech in Amsterdam so that he could remain in London to deal with the unfolding hostage crisis at a BP gas complex in Algeria.

Downing Street did not reveal Mr Obama’s plea but the White House disclosed: “The President underscored our close alliance with the United Kingdom and said that the United States values a strong UK in a strong European Union, which makes critical contributions to peace, prosperity, and security in Europe and around the world.” No 10 had said earlier that the two leaders discussed the Algeria situation.

Today Downing Street confirmed that Mr Cameron and Mr Obama spoke about the postponed Europe speech and agreed that a debate was needed because of concerns in Britain, “but the hope is that Britain will stay in”.



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calendar   Sunday - January 20, 2013

Not Believable

While the aubergines dehydrate and we have the first course of a proper Italian weekend dinner, cooked by me of course, the wife has the animated Antonio Banderas flick Puss in Boots on the telly. Sorry. As hard as I try, I just can not accept a little orange tiger cat with a Gascone hat and some horse boots on as a swordsman.

Not that I think a cartoon cat couldn’t handle a really tiny rapier. It’s just that, as a fencer, and as someone who once had cats, and has fought an infinite number of games of Paw - cat fencing - I know that any feline can be almost immediately defeated when it comes to swordplay. Because cats can not do feint-disengage. Their brains just don’t work that way. And you can fake them out every single time and deliver a doink to their heads. Which really pisses them off. But they never learn. Brains the size of a wad of chewing gum you know, and only half as developed.

Got cat? Know how to fence? Try it and see. And report your unending list of victories back here.

Puss in Boots. Loser.


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Molon Labe Bitches


Pro-gun activists held “high noon” rallies across the United States on Saturday to defend the right to own firearms that they say is being threatened by President Barack Obama’s gun-control proposals.

The U.S. debate over gun control erupted in mid-December after a man armed with an assault rifle killed 20 first-graders and six adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut - the deadliest of a string of U.S. shooting sprees last year.

“We are law-abiding citizens, business owners, military, and we are not going to be responsible for other people’s criminal actions,” former Marine Damon Locke said to applause at a Florida rally he had helped organize.

Some in the crowd of about 1,000 in Brooksville, about an hour north of Tampa, hoisted signs that said: “Stop the Gun Grabbers” and “Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.”

n Connecticut, a rally for gun rights drew about 1,000 people at the state Capitol, where lawmakers have reacted to the Newtown shooting with proposals to tighten gun-control rules, including limiting access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

That did not sit well with gun owner Jessie Buchanan, who attended the rally in Hartford.

“They could take away the 10-round magazine today and tomorrow it would be the five-round and the next day it would be the whole thing,” Buchanan said.

In Denver, the mood was defiant as about 500 people, including families with children, gathered in unseasonably warm weather outside the state Capitol.


Sporting a shirt that read, “Girls with guns,” 31-year-old Jennifer Burk said, “My parents didn’t raise a victim and the government shouldn’t try and make me one.”

Gun-control advocates say U.S. civilians have no justifiable need for assault weapons or high-capacity magazines, and they say more background checks will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

The reaction has been fierce from gun supporters such as the National Rifle Association, who point to a right to bear arms that is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and which they do not want to see watered down.

Thousands of gun advocates gathered peacefully Saturday at state capitals around the U.S. to rally against stricter limits on firearms, with demonstrators carrying rifles and pistols in some places while those elsewhere settled for waving hand-scrawled signs or screaming themselves hoarse.

The size of crowds at each location varied - from dozens of people in South Dakota to 2,000 in New York. Large crowds also turned out in Connecticut, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington state.


Some demonstrators in Olympia, Wash., Phoenix, Salem, Ore., and Salt Lake City came with holstered handguns or rifles on their backs. At the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort, attendees gave a special round of applause for ‘the ladies that are packin’.

Sounds like at least a dozen rallies. Pretty good for something put together in just a couple weeks.

At the New York state Capitol in Albany, about 2,000 people turned out for a chilly rally, where they chanted ‘We the People,’ ‘USA,’ and ‘Freedom.’ Many carried American flags and ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ banners.

The event took place four days after Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the nation’s toughest assault weapon and magazine restrictions.

Republican Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin said the new law was ‘abuse of power’ by the governor. Some in the crowd carried ‘Impeach Cuomo’ signs. Protester Robert Candea called the restrictions ‘an outrage against humanity.’


n Minnesota, where more than 500 people showed up at the Capitol in St. Paul, Republican state Rep. Tony Cornish said he would push to allow teachers to carry guns in school without a principal or superintendent’s approval and to allow 21-year-olds to carry guns on college campuses.

Capitol rallies also took place in Colorado, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Vermont and Wisconsin, among other states.


The crowd at the rally in Albany NY. Looks like more than 2,000 to me

May this be only the beginning. It’s high time our elitist masters learn what “up in arms” rally really means.


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His Final Inning

Stan Musial, Baseball Great, Dies at 93


He was simply “The Man.”

Stanley Frank Musial made a name for himself as one of baseball’s best hitters of all time on the field, as well as one of its greatest, most dignified ambassadors off it.

And now “Stan the Man” is gone. Musial died at his Ladue, Missouri, home surrounded by family, the Cardinals said in a statement. According to a post on his Twitter page, which is maintained by his grandson Brian Musial Schwarze, Musial died at 5:45 p.m. (6:45 p.m. ET) Saturday of natural causes.

He was 92.

“We have lost the most beloved member of the Cardinals family,” said William DeWitt Jr., the club’s chairman. “Stan Musial was the greatest player in Cardinals history and one of the best players in the history of baseball.”

The left-hander had a batting average above .300 17 times during his 22-year career—all played with St. Louis—and earned three National League Most Valuable Player awards as well as three World Series titles. The only blip came in 1945, in the thick of World War II, when he left baseball to join the U.S. Navy.

After the 1963 season, Musial retired with a .331 career batting average and as the National League’s career leader in RBI, games played, runs scored, hits and doubles. He has since been surpassed in some of those categories, but he still ranks fourth in baseball history in total hits, behind only Pete Rose, Ty Cobb and Hank Aaron

During and after his playing career, Musial developed a special relationship with the St. Louis fan base, who knew him simply as “Stan the Man.”

A bronze statue of him stands outside Busch Stadium, which is located in Musial Plaza along Stan Musial Drive.


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living well on the backs of the brit taxpayer and still asking for more

I am doing something of a two part thing here.
That’s because so much on this subject has been happening and written about over the last years.  Govt. surely knew things were going this way. Hell, the public knew it.

My comments on this post not needed as the top one will lead to this.

But first, just a hint at the problem I’m referring to, with the entire editorial available at the link.

Are ministers too scared to say what they know about the next wave of migrants?


Are we heading for an unexpectedly large new influx of immigrants, as happened after Poland and other Eastern European countries joined the European Union in 2004? There are good reasons for believing we may be.

Before Poland became a member of the EU, the Home Office famously predicted that between 5,000 and 13,000 Poles would come to Britain every year. Within two years 264,560 had arrived, according to official figures. Hundreds of thousands more followed.

At the end of 2013 all restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian nationals entering Britain, and working here, will be removed. How many should we expect? This time the Government is not supplying an estimate.

But reading between the lines it seems the figure may be high. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles knows what it is, but won’t tell us. He doesn’t want to start a ‘scare story’. He does, however, admit that the ‘influx’ is ‘going to cause problems not just in terms of the housing market but also on the social housing market’.

David Cameron is no more forthcoming. He says he doesn’t have ‘real confidence’ in the estimates, while implying that as soon as he does they will be released. When will this be?

Will it be before, or after, all restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians coming here have been lifted? He doesn’t say.

All this seems pretty disgraceful. Surely the Government has a duty to provide British citizens with a reasoned view of what might happen. If the figures are flaky, Mr Cameron should quickly get some solid ones. The inescapable inference is that the Government has information which it thinks might shock us.


‘There’s no chance we’re leaving’: Lithuanian single mother buys designer clothes and enjoys lavish holidays with more than £1,000 a month in UK benefits

· Natalija Belova, 33, likes to buy clothes in Roberto Cavalli and the Armani Exchange
· Her handouts total £279 a week and includes housing benefit, child tax credit and child benefit
· Despite her comfortable life she thinks the government should pay for private nannies

A single mother from Lithuania who lives a life of luxury at the expense of Britain’s taxpayers takes home more than £1,000 a month in handouts which funds her love of designer clothes and holidays.


Natalija Belova, 33, said she was shocked at how much she would be entitled to from the State after she moved here four years ago and fell pregnant.
Her handouts total £279 ( $442.62 ) a week which includes housing benefit, child tax credit and child benefit.
She also is allowed to earn £125 a week from a job on the side but she is mindful not to work more than 16 hours a week so her benefits continue to roll in boosting her weekly income to £400. ( $634.58 )

Bragging to The Sun on Sunday, she said: ‘There’s no chance we’re leaving. British benefits give me and my daughter a good life.’
Miss Belova did have a job as a job as casino croupier when she first moved to the country but was made redundant.
After falling pregnant she realised how much she was entitled to and now lives in a ‘lovely’ fully furnished two bedroom flat in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Despite her comfortable life she does think THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD PAY FOR PRIVATE NANNIES.
Miss Belova described using her credit cards in stores like Roberto Cavalli and the Armani Exchange. She uses her pay to cover the minimum repayment.
In September she holidayed with her daughter, who is now three, in Spain and only last month she enjoyed Christmas back in her native Lithuania where she spent £1,000.

Working full time would not be worth her while.

Describing the system as ‘strange’ she said: ‘Being in Britain offers me far better benefits.’
According to Miss Belova, a single mother in Lithuania would get £20 a month in child benefit plus discounted help with gas, electricity and housing.
But it wouldn’t be enough to sustain the kind of lifestyle she enjoys here.

Miss Belova is a university graduate who can speak six languages but said if she got a job it would have to pay at least £25,000 - otherwise working full time would not be worth her while.

Earlier this month, Eric Pickles delivered a blunt warning that Britain is going to face ‘problems’ when Britain is compelled by EU law to throw open its borders to citizens of Romania and Bulgaria later this year.

On Thursday the campaign group Migrationwatch released its own estimate that 250,000 will arrive from Romania and Bulgaria over five years - the equivalent of a city the size of Newcastle.



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Fox showing it’s bias and stupidity, again

Officials say three people were wounded when gunfire erupted at a gun show at the North Carolina state fairgrounds.

It happened Saturday at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show, a quarterly event that usually draws thousands of people.

State agriculture department spokesman Brian Long says a 12-gauge shotgun discharged while its owner unzipped its case for a law enforcement officer to check it at a security entrance.

Two bystanders were hit by shotgun pellets and taken to a hospital. A retired deputy sheriff suffered a slight hand injury.

This is what’s called an accidental discharge due to a stupid person.  ONE ROUND is not an eruption of gunfire. It’s a shame that these people got a bit, ahem, banged up, ahem, but the security guard was ineffective IF it was his job to check all incoming firearms to ensure they were not loaded.

Dumb stuff happens, even with guns. Remember the very first rule of gun safety: all guns are assumed to be loaded until you yourself have personally verified that they aren’t, and don’t be a dummy. The owner was negligent in not clearing the weapon before taking it out of his home.

And try and get some outdoorsman type reporters for these things, AP and Fox. You city boy bias is showing worse than a ghetto kid’s underpants.

Two other people were hurt by bullets at other gun shows around the country the same day. One guy managed to shoot himself in the hand while loading his 1911 after leaving a show, and another guy pulled the trigger on a gun he’d removed the magazine from but hadn’t checked the chamber.

Stupid people. Now of all times. Thanks a lot dumbshits.

Assume all firearms are loaded until you have personally verified that they aren’t. This means removing the magazine and cycling the action several times - 3 or 4 - to make sure no cartridge is anywhere in the weapon.

Always point a firearm in a safe direction when loading or unloading it, or when handling it. Don’t be Darwin, m’kay?

Never touch the trigger or the hammer with anything until you are ready to shoot. This means your thumb, your fingers, your shirttails, your belt, the tent flap, etc etc so on an so forth.

And remember, the ONLY gun safety that actually works is the one installed between your ears. If you don’t use that one first, all the mechanical ones on earth won’t do you any good.


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