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President Skeeter

Obama: “I go skeet shooting all the time”

CNN reporter refers to public doubts, asks for pictures, get excoriated by other journalists for daring to question Fearless Reader.

During a segment on Monday night, [CNN reporter Erin] Burnett took over two minutes to dissect the president’s shooting claim — and she found it wanting.

“Obama the skeet shooter,” she began. “Yeah, I’m not making this up. I mean, if someone is, it isn’t me.”

She then played the clip of CNN’s Jessica Yellin confronting Press Secretary Jay Carney on the comments, repeatedly asking if a picture of the activity existed and why no one had ever heard of him doing it before.

Burnett then turned to a panel where she said there’s “skepticism” among conservatives and non-conservatives about the president’s claim.

“So, now you’re going to say you do it all the time, don’t you have to kind of prove it?” she asked.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher wasn’t impressed: “Such speculation is to be expected from a deranged partisan, but not from a journalist. She owes him an apology.”

Well, good for CNN for having a reporter who actually can do her job. Too bad she didn’t know shiite herself about guns, and - knowing in advance that she was going to ask about the skeet thing - didn’t look up any facts about the sport or contact a bona fide skeet shooter for validation. Darn shame. IF she had asked him, fer instance, “what kind of shotgun do you use”, “what chokes to you use”, “what scores do you average”, “which is your best station” or anything that was specific to the sport of skeet, his answers or lack thereof would have shown the truth in an instant. Sorry, but I can’t accept that someone of the “genius caliber” like Barry could do something all the time and not become familiar with the terms specific to the activity. When something piques your interest, it’s only natural to learn about it to slake your curiosity.

But still. Baby steps for the MSM. At least she asked a question. For all we know, he skeets as poorly as he bowlings.

To be fair and balanced though, if the story only comes through Carney’s lying pie hole, then it would be pointless to ask such questions. He’d defer, and if the WH ever came back with answers, they would have had plenty of time to concoct a detailed story. But I would like to see Barry go mano-a-mano against Dick Cheney. Heck, I’d even give BO a newbie’s break, and let him stand on the ladie’s line ... just so long as he and Dick both play each station at the same time.

See More Below The Fold


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How Degrading

A little tip of the hat to Rich K, who mentioned that Rachel Lucas was blogging again. I had an enjoyable half an hour this morning reading her current posts. She is an essayist, which makes her a rarity in the blogosphere. One of her posts linked to a small treatise written by Clark Whelton, titled What Happens in Vagueness Stays in Vagueness The decline and fall of American English, and stuff which I read and am obliquely responding to. It is a worthy quick read that I strongly agree with.

I was a very smart child. I had a large vocabulary at a young age, and was reading books far beyond my age group before I entered first grade. I also excelled at math and science and absorbed history and geography like a sponge. This won me no friends, and I was “Mr. Encyclopedia” and “dictionary Pearce” through many of my formative years. It occasionally got me in trouble too; I clearly recall being sent to the principal’s office because I gave the teacher an argument over a simple third grade exercise where you had to draw lines between pictures of objects and their written names. There was the word “fish” and there was a picture of a shark. I drew no line, and was marked wrong. Enraged that I only earned a 98 on the busy work “learning” project, I fought it. The principal had dealt with me before, and was highly aware of my precocious abilities. So instead of just making me sit in a corner for some time, he brought me into his office and asked me why I hadn’t drawn the obvious line. I told him that I felt it was a trick question, because a shark is not a fish. A shark is a cartilogenous elasmobranch. Yes, I said that. Third grade. I was that kind of kid. My parents had purchased us a nice set of moderate encyclopedias, which my brother and I devoured for many years, and one volume had one of those “tree of life” diagrams showing how all living things are related. I’d spotted the fish/shark split on one branch, and asked about it. This got me a rather exact answer from my father the professional biologist. Sharks and rays do not have bones, they do not have ribs, they do not have gill pumps, and they do not have swim bladders. Thus, they are not actually fish. To my everlasting chagrin, many years later that “tree” diagram was changed, and now has “bony fish” and “non-bony fish” sub-branching off of “fish” (well, in layman’s terms, which foreshadows the point I’m slowly making here). But in 1968 I was in accord with the textbooks of the day.

The lesson I learned from that and many similar experiences was “hide your lamp under a bushel”, and that lesson has been with me my entire life. And yet I still slip up sometimes. At bowling league the other week, talking about bowling with some of the other bowlers, without thinking I mentioned that certain lane conditions induce certain ball behaviors. The two ladies just looked at me for a second. Tick tock, tick tock, blink blink. “Induce”, says one, “that’s a good word.” I did some really fast mental reviewing to check that I had used the word properly. I had. “Yes”, I said, “it is.” End of conversation. Some things never change.

So I found Whelton’s analysis interesting. So did several hundred other people, who all left comments reinforcing his premise. Sadly, the degradation of our native language is even worse than Whelton realizes. Even discounting the snarky comments that tried to paint him priggishly pink, nearly every one of the 50 or so that I read contain grammar, spelling, or usage errors. That’s very sad. We should not dumb down our language usage; we should smarten it up. We should revel in our broad vocabularies, and we should endeavor to speak and write with precision and clarity.  And conciseness, my great failing. We don’t need to enverbiate incessantly when so many synonyms already exist and can be applied with only an additional word or two. English is the greatest and broadest language in the history of civilization, and maladroitness with our own native tongue will not give us any competitive advantage anywhere.

Blame PC. Blame the glorification of ghetto culture. Blame the school system. Blame the never-ending cradle to grave castigation of intelligence in America. Blame lazy parenting. Blame the computer revolution that has given us texting, online spell checkers and grammar checkers, which make learning the arcane arts of reading, writing, and effective communication nearly redundant. But if you read or hear a word that you are not familiar with, first blame yourself if your immediate reaction is not curiosity. If instead of “hey, what does that word mean, how is it pronounced, how do I use it, can I derive a general meaning from the context?” you instead just skip over it, or worse yet, feel resentful ... then you are not part of the solution. You are part of the problem. And that is degrading. 


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calendar   Monday - January 28, 2013

Say What????

Secretary Clinton announced today that a survivor of the Benghazi attack was “critically injured” and still in Walter Reed hospital in a type of critical condition. This is the first report that has been released about any survivors of the attack on the Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11 last year.


And we just hear this for the first time?

Breitbart video link

No. Not really the first time.
We heard at the outset that some had escaped, and that some had survived. But it’s not news, and you’ve been trained by the media and the school system to have as little short term memory as possible, so if you did hear about them the first couple of days, you’ve forgotten. You know, kind of like how the AR15 was in the trunk at Newtown, until suddenly 35 hours later it was the sole weapon used.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R- UT) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that he has been “thwarted” by the State Department from seeing any Americans who survived the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi. Many people forget that there were Americans who survived the Benghazi attack, some of whom were badly injured and are still recovering.

And yet, and yet ... holy smokes, you’d think that the baying of the journalist hounds would be deafening trying to get interviews from these people, to tell the story from an “I was there” perspective. And that’s where you’d be wrong. Because there is NO story. Barak and Hill said so. What difference does it make? Nothing to see here, move along.

And the “free press”, being willingly owned part and parcel by the marxist machine that also runs the government, turned a blind eye. This is not news.

And if nobody knows who these injured people are, and nobody ever talks to them, or even remembers that they ... or what their stories are, especially if they don’t agree with whatever today’s official version of events is ... well, maybe they can just disappear. Poof. Gone. Look who is Secretary of State, after all; that kind of thing has NEVER happened around her or her husband before, no no no, not ever. Or perhaps it will be “Oh, sorry, there never were survivors, just like there never were video protesters. Um, I mean, there never were terrorists.” Sub-rosa hostage swap or arms deal gone bad? Perish the thought. A real life Yosarian situation, a deal made to sacrifice the embassy for some other gain elsewhere? Impossible. But since this isn’t a story, there isn’t any real reporting going on, and nobody is asking inconvenient questions. After all, What difference does it make?!?!?


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calendar   Sunday - January 27, 2013


Good News Everyone!


As a sworn-in member of the VRWC blogosphere, I have Teh Oh-fishal™ Secret Decoder Ring and special insider’s list of hidden email addresses. Actually, I lost both several years ago because they didn’t work very well, but I do turn up an ancient email once in a while and respond on a wing and a prayer.

And I was able to touch base with Jen, who runs the outrageous Demure Thoughts/Temple of Jennifer blog. Demure Miss Jennifer hasn’t posted in nearly 2 years, and then only once or twice.  Anyway, the rumors that she was abducted by space aliens for extended deep space experimentation turned out to be wrong, which is a great relief. Truth is she had the perfectly acceptable Conservative reason for letting the blog go dormant:  she was too busy having a job and making money. I won’t give away any secrets about what’s going on in her life although most of it is good, but it’s quite probable that she will have a few posts to put up in a few weeks or so. Jen was superb when she got on her high horse and let loose at ... anyone foolish enough to cross her path, it seemed, but usually ... prominent political figures, like our Liar In Chief, Prince Fuknuts. Forget “fisking”; when someone got “Jenned” it was pretty much all over except for the slow bleeding. Outstanding stuff. She has been sorely missed, her rants and her sexy, sexy shoes.

And she may be coming back in the not too distant future. At least for a visit or two. So there. But no promises, m’kay?


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what, no tomatoes?

It’s a bit warmer today, but still cold. So that’s a good excuse to hang out in the kitchen making stuff in the oven. Mmm, toasty warm.

Here’s a nice guacamole recipe that comes up a treat every time. If you don’t have the proper authentic Mexican herb mashing thing, or a small stone mortar and pestle, a small cereal bowl and a fork will work just fine. Don’t mash the avocados much at all. Haas avocados are often very expensive here, so it’s not unknown for me to stretch a recipe like this by adding a 1lb can of drained diced tomatoes. Sacrilege, I’m sure, but it doesn’t change the taste much if you use the Rotel brand that’s made with lime juice and cilantro.  But right now avocados are cheap, and a big big bunch of fresh cilantro is only 79¢. Just in time for Superbowl dip making season.

Ok, the guac doesn’t use the oven, but this next recipe for Thai style chicken wings does. Baked wings? Heresy!! But they come out great, and while they aren’t even close to authentic Thai food, the mix of ginger, Sriracha sauce, and peanut butter is quite Bangkok evocative. They rock. Use as much Sriracha as you want: 1/2tsp for the spice adverse, up to about 2tbl for the real rooster sauce addicts. If you want more than that, squirt some in a bowl and serve it on the side.

Oh, the chili garlic sauce is usually right next to the Sriracha sauce in the grocery store. They look almost identical, except the chili garlic sauce is chunkier and has a regular green plastic jar lid instead of a squeeze bottle top. It is NOT hot, but it is potent, zooms up the flavor of darned near anything you can cook, and is almost as addictive as the little white rooster.


Served with some warm tortilla chips, the two dishes above make a decent little meal. Goes great with a nice full bodied dark beer, like the yummy Spaten Optimator doppel bock. So good.


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Right To Work? Not In NJ

[discussing teh Hurricane Sandy disaster repair efforts in the northeast, and lack thereof] CALLER: My question being, I heard a report that in New Jersey they passed a law that said any construction bid from a company that was nonunion would not even be considered. And my question is, how does that correlate with the proclamation of Obama’s that everybody will be getting a fair shot?

RUSH: It doesn’t, and I think for the most part you’re right. I have a story here from back on the 14th of January. “Taking up its first substantial piece of legislation relating to Hurricane Sandy, the [New Jersey] state Senate today passed a bill that would let governments call for all union workers when hiring contractors to rebuild key pieces of infrastructure,” because there was this restriction. You can only be a member of a union. The relief workers had to be unionized or they couldn’t work.

CALLER: Doesn’t compute.

RUSH: Have you ever heard of the Jones Act and the BP oil spill?


RUSH: The Obama administration would not permit international relief workers to help because they were not union.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Politics comes first!

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Politics comes first.

He is not kidding:

The bill (S2425), which passed along party lines 23[D] to 13[R], expands the use of project labor agreements, which are meant to settle workplace labor disputes in advance.

New Jersey has had a project labor agreement law on the books since 2002, but highways, bridges, pumping stations and water and sewage treatment plants were exempted. With extensive rebuilding needed on those structures along the shore, this bill includes them.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester), who authored the legislation and fast tracked it, said the agreements are key to making sure work goes to New Jersey workers. He noted a Sunday Star-Ledger story about how the Christie administration gave a no-bid contract worth up to $100 million to AshBritt, an out-of-state debris hauling firm.

“AshBritt is coming into the state of New Jersey with many people from Missisippi and Florida and North Carolina,” he said. “AshBritt is not good for New Jersey. It brings people to New Jersey. We have plenty of people out of work and we should put them to work first.”

But Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr (R-Union) said a Corzine administration study showed project labor agreements increase the costs of projects from 18 to 24 percent, which could decrease the number of completed projects.

“So in these days post-Sandy, we’ve been called back to debate only one bill,” he said. “This is one bill that has the potential to change that recovery estimate, if the cost estimates are right, form 10 completed project to 9 completed projects.”

Kean offered an amendment to the bill that would apply pay-to-play restrictions to unions that get project labor agreements. It was quickly shot down by Democrats.

For those who live in states with less rampant corruption than NJ (everywhere other that NY and IL I think), Pay To Play is NJ’s legalized bribery law. You want a government contract? Feed the kitty. Feed it good.

Oh, and in typically sneaky bureaucrat fashion, the bill itself never uses the word “union”. No, they just demand that all workers are drawn from “an organization which represents, for purposes of collective bargaining, employees involved in the performance of public works contracts”. In other words, from the union hall, and paid the union rate.

That ought to send them damn Right To Work out-of-stater scabs the hell home. Pffffug them, thinking they’re up here to “help”. yeah, “help” themselves to OUR federal relief money. Dat money is fo duh yoon-yun, so fuggedabowdit. Sheesh.


The Senate bill has now moved to the Assembly as bill A3679, where it passed the solidly Democrat Labor Committee with an 8-3 vote Thursday. So it will now move Forward! to the general Assembly (48 D, 32 R).


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one for the books?

Whoa there.  Hold on a minute. What the heck is it with this? Is it some kind of weird joke I just don’t get?

Another one of those articles I ran across while looking for something else.

Scrolling through past headlines at the Mail looking for an important story I managed to lose a day or two ago, I found this bizarre story with origins in the USA.

I do not recall seeing it here at BMEWS, nobody has mentioned it that I’ve seen, and so I stopped my search for the other to share this.
If anyone reading has an update, let us know. It’s 5am where I am and I plan on shutting down after this post.

Neighbor who shot dead pit bull mauling 11-year-old boy could face charges

Dateline USA

By Daily Mail Reporter

A man who fatally shot a pit bull as it viciously attacked an 11-year-old boy with two other dogs could face charges for violating Washington D.C.’s gun laws.

The young boy, who has not been identified, was riding a new bike on his home street in the Brightwood neighbourhood on Sunday when he collided with a pack of unattended pit bulls.

The dogs immediately began attacking him, sinking their teeth into his arms, legs, stomach and chest, and leaving him in need of surgery.

A neighbour, who has also not been identified, witnessed the attack, ran into his home and grabbed his handgun to shoot at the dogs, the Washington Times reported.

A police officer who heard the gun shots raced to the scene and shot the other two dogs, stopping the attack, a police report noted.

While he may have saved the life of the boy - who later underwent surgery on his wounds - the man could face charges for firing his gun on a D.C. street, rather than on his personal property.

If authorities do charge the man, he could face up to a year behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

The man who had left his dogs unattended was cited for failing to leash his dogs and for ‘menacing people’ which could carry a total of just $175 in fines.

read more


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calendar   Saturday - January 26, 2013

law without justice or order, country signs its own death sentence

To be a judge in the UK do you have to go on an “How to rid yourself of all common sense “ course ? Most of our judges seen to have passed with high marks !
- bglad1 , littlehampton, United Kingdom

I’m feeling suicidal by hearing about my poor old once great country being battered by idiot judges who give every lowlife the right to reside here no matter how dangerous but give us no human rights to be safe in our own country.
- fed up taxpayer now a ukip voter

Just a couple of notes from the readers of the Mail, and there are other similar comments.  So what has their knickers in a twist?  The same sort of insanity that people with sense in any country would feel, faced with what the Brits see everyday. How are they supposed to feel when they can do nothing as a weak legal system, systematically destroys their faith in what is supposed to be a, justice system. They see no justice.  You do not have to be a ranting right wing hang em all Nazi to despise what the system has actually become.  A haven for criminals of the worst sort, and employment human rights lawyers as well as for judges who lack any kind of common sense, and judges who feel their hands are tied by the rules as written and so can do little or nothing.  Some judges judges have indeed spoken out. The problem is, nobody is listening who can set things right.  In a country where the death penalty is banned, life in prison for vicious killers should damn well mean life.  But as we know, even in the USA, the death penalty doesn’t discourage would be rapists or killers because it takes so long to execute even the worst. And life does not always mean life in the states either.  Having said that, with whatever complaints Americans justifiably have with the incorrectly named “justice” system, the people of Britain face far worse. 

Here are a couple of examples that belong to a growing list of like examples. And this is not even the worst that I can report on.  So far, sad and frustrating to say, the people here have lost all reasonable means of national self protection or justice through their courts. 

Human Rights laws stop Algerian terror suspect with links to gas plant massacre group being deported because he is suicidal

· The 43-year-old does not dispute he is a threat to national security
· Came to Britain in 1995 on a fake passport and claimed asylum
· Suspected supporter of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat - group involved in deadly attack on Algerian gas plant earlier this month
· Mr Justice Mitting rules he must stay because he has a history of depression

By Steve Robson

An Algerian terror suspect has been allowed to stay in Britain because a judge believes he may commit suicide if he is forced to go back home.
The 43-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, does not dispute he is a risk to Britain’s national security and is believed to support one of the terrorist groups which carried out the deadly attack on an Algerian gas plant earlier this month which claimed the lives of 39 hostages including six Britons.
He is also suspected of providing fake passports and travel arrangements to terrorists.
But in another blow for the Home Office, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) has allowed the married man to remain on British soil today because deporting him would breach his human rights.
Making his ruling, Mr Justice Mitting - who recently allowed hate preacher Abu Qatada to stay in the UK - said: ‘We must look at the totality of the psychiatric evidence in the round.
‘We are persuaded by it that the risk that G would commit suicide, especially after arrival in Algiers, is very high.
‘It may be containable in the UK but no special arrangements have been negotiated with Algeria to cope with it.’
In the same judgment, Mr Justice Mitting told six other Algerian terror suspects they must leave.
But the senior immigration judge warned there was still ‘no end in sight’ in attempting to put the men on a flight home because they are likely to appeal the decision.

more to read

Are we to believe that this negro scum thought up the idea of suing all on his own?  Or did some ambulance chasing human rights scumbag attorney tell him he had rights that were violated. Whatever, at least in this case his case was shot down and so he won’t collect “compensation” from the taxpayer. But unfortunately, he is still here. Most likely collecting benefits as well.

Child-sex attacker can’t be deported because his African tribe is ‘persecuted’

· Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, arrived in UK in 2004 hidden in a lorry
· He was convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in May 2008
· Judge said today it was ‘not possible’ to deport him back to Sudan

· Saleh attempted to claim damages for unlawful detention

By Jack Doyle and Ryan Kisiel

An African migrant who lured a vulnerable schoolgirl to a house for sex cannot be deported – because he is a member of a ‘persecuted tribe’.
Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, was convicted as part of a predatory sex gang for the ‘deliberate, targeted abuse of a young and vulnerable girl’, who was aged 13 at the time.
But he was allowed to remain in Britain under human rights law because he faced mistreatment if sent back to Sudan.
He claimed he was a member of the Zaghawa tribe, which has been persecuted by government forces and Arab tribe militia.
And it has been ruled he can stay indefinitely, unless a court decides the ‘threat’ diminishes and it is safe for him to return to Africa.
Details of the case emerged as Saleh went to court to demand compensation from the Government for locking him up. He claimed he was unlawfully detained following his prison sentence, when he was kept behind bars to protect the public.
But the judge rejected his claim saying he had posed a ‘substantial’ risk to the public and keeping him locked up was necessary.

The decision to allow Saleh to stay sparked outrage.

Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘I take the very simple view that if someone comes to this country and then breaks the law then he should be sent back to where he comes from.

‘Any arguments about his human rights disappear when he has violated, violently, the rights of a young girl.’

Saleh arrived in the UK in November 2004 hidden in the back of a lorry.

In January 2005 he claimed asylum but this was rejected.

However, because he was under 18, he was allowed to remain until he reached adulthood in October 2006.
He was still in the country in May 2007, when arrested and charged with the sex offences. In February 2008, he was convicted of two charges of sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl.

He was in a group of five immigrants who lured schoolgirls – including three aged 13 and one aged 14 – to a house for sex.

read more


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Time To Switch Insurance Companies

GEICO Cancels Car Insurance For Gun Parts Worker

What’s in a name? GEICO: Government Employees Insurance COmpany

Gun Control meets Political Correctness, and like corporations divesting of South African stocks under apartheid, left-wing connected companies (GEICO is owned by Warren Buffet) may be putting the screws to the entire firearms industry and it’s people. Hey, ain’t that against the law or something??

via Moonbattery


Once upon a time I had a short term job processing data at the A.M. Best company, which analyzes the portfolios of insurance companies to give them investment ratings (AAA+ etc). These companies often have assets in the hundred of millions of dollars, if not in the billions. I don’t know what kind of capital it would take to start up a new auto insurance company, but wouldn’t it be nice if the NRA could do it? Because, in my state of NJ, land of tailgaters, I want a bumper sticker that says This car insured by the NRA. Almost as good as Smith & Wesson. And if not the NRA, then some Red State company that supports the US Constitution ought to be sensing a business opportunity here.

Guns, jobs, banks, credit card companies, now car insurance companies. It’s almost like freedom supporting Americans are being forced to form their own country within their own country.  Jim Crow II, the hoplophobe years. Coming to an Obamerica near you.

Update: another viewpoint: this may be BS, or it may not be. Someone with insurance company knowledge looks at the story.

Well, true or not, this is such a hot button issue that a smart corporation might want to make some kind of statement attempting to appease both sides. “We, the policy makers at ABCWidgetCo, Inc, enthusiastically support the entire US Constitution and all the constitutional laws of the nation and the states we do business in.” might work. Or, it might be better to just keep silent. I’m no lawyer ... but I know that GunWorld is a multi-billion dollar field, and that every single person involved in any aspect of it right now is looking to see who their real friends are, and who are pretenders and enemies. Multi-billions. And now we’re going to include insurance companies in the mix. Line in the sand time folks. The last line in the sand.


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the law. crime. punishment?  nah. that’s so last century

And that about covers it?  Well actually no.  There’s something else and a good deal worse by way of twisted example. But for now this will do.

Just a thought here and I may be wrong but.

Had the perp been white, would de judge been so understanding?

Mugger spared jail after judge hears he only turned to crime after his family were forced to move to a council estate in the recession

Violent Diallo Allen targetted two teenage girls and a boy leaving takeaway

He hauled victim to the ground and stole mobile phones and a handbag

Was spared jail as judge feared his life would ‘spiral downwards’ in prison

By Daniel Miller

A violent mugger walked free from court after the judge heard he had turned to crime after his family were forced to move from their affluent home to a council estate because of the recession.
Diallo Allen, 18, from Chorlton, Greater Manchester, mugged two teenage girls and a boy stealing an iPhone, a Blackberry and a £800 designer handbag.

Unemployed Allen, who has a number of petty previous convictions, pounced as they left a takeaway restaurant but was later caught by police riding away on his bicycle.

One of his victims was pulled to the ground and was left with cuts and bruises and a sprained hand, while another said she ‘feared for her life’.

But Judge Lesley Newton said she believed there was ‘another side’ to Allen, and handed him a suspended 15-month jail sentence with supervision, and ordered him to do 150 hours of unpaid work.

The judge said: ‘If I send you to prison I fear your life will spiral downwards – I have persuaded myself it’s not appropriate to send you to prison.’

Manchester Crown Court heard Allen had fallen into bad company after his ‘high-achieving’ family moved a mile-and-a-half from a ‘middle-class’ area to the Nell Lane council estate.

Allen’s mother, Deanne Blake, had worked for Manchester council for 18 years as a social worker before launching her own private consultancy.

His father, who was separated, Garfield Allen, was made redundant from his job as a respected theatre director due to funding cuts in the arts.

Funding for the ‘arts’ is cut? Oh dear, how awful. The poor man might have to go out and look for a real job. 

Sometime in the previous week, a lefty wrote that there would be riots in the streets worse than last year, if arts funding wasn’t increased. Just shows ya.
Forget about achievement based on merit.  Make the public pay for the less talented cos everyone is a winner.

Before the change in their fortunes Allen had enjoyed an ‘affluent, middle-class lifestyle’ living on a road where the average house price is around £200,000.

But in 2010, he was forced to move to Chorlton’s Nell Lane estate, where the average house costs around £100,000.

Patrick Harris, defending, said: ‘I don’t think it’s appropriate to stereotype locations, but he is mixing with different people on that estate.

‘They have moved from an affluent middle-class area in Chorlton to a council estate in Chorlton where there are particular challenges in relation to that area, and that has been a difficult move for him.

‘That move appears to have coincided with the commencement of his offending.’

Local councillor Norman Lewis, whose ward includes the Nell Lane estate, slammed the decision.

He said: ‘It would be wrong to say he is in an area of deprivation and that is an excuse to commit crime because that is not fair on all the law-abiding citizens on Nell Lane who do not commit crime.

‘Everyone is responsible for their own actions.’

‘Everyone is responsible for their own actions.’

Well apparently not everyone. It’s clear that a certain protected sub-species is hardly ever responsible. Or held to account.

And let us not forget.

“Unemployed Allen, who has a number of petty previous convictions”,

So our poor dear life form is no stranger to the law.



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Late sleep indeed. 24 hours without, next day awake and night problem. Solution?  Flexeril (10mg) and 20mg of Tamazepam and a glass of wine. Bingo. Out likw a light as the saying goes.  I understand it’s age.

Well anyway, here’s a happy story for a change where one guy doesn’t get to age anymore or suffer the slings and arrows of same. That’s cos the schmuck bought the farm and improved society by giving up breathing.

Masked gunman dies after being pinned down and disarmed by customers in bookies

Man was thought to have been wearing a gas mask and holding a gun when he stormed into a Ladbrokes betting shop in Plymouth, Devon
Customers disarmed the man, named locally as Alan Levers, and held him on the floor while others alerted the police
Robber was unconscious when officers arrived and later died
Eyewitness says he saw a group ‘scuffling’ on the floor as he went inside shop to place a bet

By Kerry Mcdermott

Looks like nobody informed this guy that guns were banned here. He wasn’t supposed to be carrying one.

An armed robber who burst into a betting shop wearing a gas mask collapsed and died after being tackled by customers.

The gunman was disarmed and pinned down by punters at Ladbrokes on Crownhill Road in Plymouth, Devon, shortly before 7pm last night.

Brave customers held the robber - named locally as Alan Levers, 50 - on the floor while others raised the alarm, Devon and Cornwall Police said.

Officers arrested the man, who was already unconscious, upon arrival, but he was declared dead a short time later.

Now wait just a darn minute. Can anyone be arrested who isn’t conscious?  How’s that done?
OK so anyway ....

David Walker, 55, walked into the betting shop minutes after the robber had entered, said he was stunned to find a group of men ‘scuffling’ on the floor.

‘I went in about 6.55pm, to put a bet on the football,’ he said.

‘When I went in there, they were on the floor, they were scuffling on the floor, I just thought it was just a fight or something.

‘The bloke behind the counter told me they weren’t taking any bets and I had to leave.

‘I didn’t see their faces, as they were holding the guy down at the back of the shop. I couldn’t see any mask and there wasn’t any physical movement, they were just holding him.’

Mr Walker said he has only lived in the area for four to five weeks and did not know the staff or customers in the shop very well.

‘I only came up to do a bet, I just assumed it was a fight over money or something until they said he’d tried to rob the place.’

Around 12 customers are thought to have been inside the shop when the gunman burst in.

The police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), has been informed of the incident.

A police spokesman said: ‘It quickly became clear the man was unresponsive and an ambulance was immediately requested by police who carried out CPR until they arrived.

‘A few minutes later three paramedics arrived at the scene and continued to carry out further CPR. Around 20 minutes later the man was declared dead at the scene by the paramedics.

‘This incident has been voluntarily referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.’

Witness David Marfleet told BBC News: ‘As I drove past you could see that Ladbrokes was absolutely full of policeman at that time.

‘[There were] easily 10 police cars and then two riot vans and then the ambulance that turned up on site as well.



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calendar   Friday - January 25, 2013

We’ll Let Peiper Sleep Late For Once

Another two “grooming” rapists in the UK ... more of the prophet’s perverts.

Paedophile who groomed victim on Facebook claimed his Muslim upbringing meant ‘he didn’t know it was illegal to have sex with 13-year-old girl’

Yeah right. Lying POS jizzlamic scum. Off with his head.

A paedophile who met his victim on Facebook didn’t know it was illegal to have sex with the 13-year-old girl because of his sheltered Muslim upbringing, a court heard.

Adil Rashid admitted travelling to Nottingham in July last year and having sex with the teenager who can’t be named for legal reasons.

He had met the girl on the social networking site Facebook, and communicated with her by text messages and phone for two months before they met.

Julia Smart, defending, had told an earlier hearing at Nottingham Crown Court that Rashid, 18, had been educated in a madrassa and had ‘little experience of women’.

The barrister said Rashid had told a psychologist after his arrest that he did not know having sex with a 13-year-old was against the law.

In other interviews with psychologists Rashid claimed he had been taught by his madrassa that ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground.’

The case had been adjourned for more reports on Rashid ahead of sentencing.

And a female lawyer offers this as an excuse? I hope she goes home and pukes her guts out and has nightmares for a year.

Gee, once again NOW is unavailable for a comment.

After meeting up with the girl near Nottingham’s Old Market Square the pair made their way to the hotel where they had sex.

Judge Stokes said the victim told police she and Rashid had sex after Rashid emerged from the bathroom wearing a condom, while Rashid claimed the girl had produced a condom and seduced him. The pair stayed in the hotel for two hours before leaving, with Rashid returning to his Birmingham home by train.

Rashid was arrested the following week after the girl told a school friend what had happened. The friend then informed a teacher who alerted police. The defendant admitted to police that he had travelled to Nottingham to have sex with the girl knowing she was 13. He also claimed to police that he was initially reluctant to have sex but had been ‘tempted by her’.

That’s right, all women are houri, evil temptresses sent from the underworld to suck men dry of their virtue.

Fine. And I suppose the girl probably is a total skank, completely wild and unsupervised. But even England must have something like statutory rape, and I’m sure 13 is below even their age of consent. And there isn’t a teenage boy on the island that doesn’t know what that age is. And part of being a man is knowing when to say NO to the little wild things, no matter how much they say they want it.

The judge added that although Rashid might not have known having sex with an underage girl was illegal, he did know that such an act was wrong.

The judge also added that it was clear from the text messages exchanged between the pair that the girl had been a willing partner.

I think maybe her parents (haha, as if she has two!) deserve a few days in the stocks. Oh, and read the fine print: he’s so naive, yet brought a condom and seduced her online over the course of a couple months. Naive? BS.

WTF is going on in that damn country? Rashid the Rapist here is not alone, not by far: Peiper has covered “grooming” crimes many times before and it’s ALWAYS a muslime. Just like this next guy, a 25 year old who seduced a 12 year old, and banged the crap out of her for 2 days in her own bedroom, while her parents were downstairs. Unreal. Did they practice some kind of silent motionless Zen sex or something? And what kind of mother lets her daughter stay in her room for 2 days straight and never come out???

A paedophile who hid in a 12-year-old girl’s bedroom and had sex with her for two days while her unknowing parents sat downstairs has been jailed.

Leigh Arendse, 25, of Brunswick Park, Barnet, groomed the innocent youngster on an internet chat room before going from London to her Cambridgeshire home to meet her. He then spent 48 hours in her bedroom watching DVDs and having sex with her - and hid behind the door when her mum went to check on her.

Sick Arendse claimed he thought the girl was actually 14 and only realised her true age when her mum told her off for smoking in her room.

Oh, so 14 is Ok? That’s sick. This is Socialism at its worst: the total devaluation of women and the complete usurpation of their childhoods; children sexualized from far too early an age. What the fuck parents, what the bloody fuck. Your daughters are far too young to be out playing sexquest when they aren’t even teens yet, or just barely are. Gak.

‘The victim said she started to kiss him and that he initially pushed her off.

‘She then tried to kiss him again and he kissed her back before they had sex.’

The court heard that the youngster told her family she had unprotected sex with Arendse.

Defending, David McIntosh claimed that Arendse’s response to finding out the girl’s true age was one of ‘shock’ and he decided to return to London.

He said: ‘She was the one who insisted on following him to London and in his defence he didn’t want her to come with him.’

Arendse was also handed a 10-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order which bans him from having unsupervised contact with children under 16, possessing any device capable of accessing the internet unless it retains and displays history and deleting such history.

He was also placed on the sex offenders’ register.

I think we should rename Great Britain as Baby Slut Island. Think of the money all the perverts in Germany and Italy could save, instead of jetting around the world to Bangkok to molest barely pubescent children. UK parenting: Total. Fail.


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Damn You Khan!!!

WTF? The weather people are naming snowstorms now? Getting a mite big for their britches, doncha think??

Khan Brings Ice and Snow to South, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest

Winter Storm Khan brought a swath of snow from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic on Friday. Parts of the South, including southern Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, northern South Carolina and North Carolina have seen significant icing from the storm.

While snow and ice will continue to impact the Friday afternoon and evening commute from the Mid-Atlantic to North Carolina, we expect the storm to move out to sea by later in the evening. Dangerous travel conditions will persist through the overnight into Saturday morning for areas that have seen accumulations of ice, sleet and snow.

We got just about half an inch here. Big deal. But there is not a breath of air moving, and it’s mighty cold out, maybe 10 or 12 degrees. So the light coat of snow makes everything sparkle like diamonds under the lights. It’s beautiful, but it’s so cold I don’t even want to stand by the window for more than a couple seconds. BRRR.

See More Below The Fold


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the underhanded incrementalism of gun control

Australian Gun-grabbers Target Single Shot Guns And Bolt-action Firearms

Despite the denials of anti-Second Amendment activists, the ultimate goal of gun control is a total confiscation of all firearms.

Following the Port Arthur massacre in Australia in 1996, the government banned all semi-automatic guns and launched a buyback program that cost taxpayers $500 million and resulted in the destruction of over 600,000 personal firearms. Subsequent studies put the number at over a million firearms destroyed by the government.
“As the number of guns in Australia reduced, so too did gun violence. It is simply not true that owning a gun makes you safer.”

However, according to Ed Chenel, an Australian police officer, the government confiscation in fact made Australians more susceptible to violent crime, not less as Thompson argued.

“The first year results are now in: Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent, Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent; Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent!),” Chenel wrote a year after the government forced disarmament. “In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.
Following the ban, Australians began arming themselves with single shot and bolt action rifles not outlawed by the government.

“Australians now own as many firearms as they did at the time of the Port Arthur shootings in 1996,” China’s Xinhua news agency reported in January. “More than one million guns were destroyed in the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre, but the research by Professor Philip Alpers, from the Sydney University school of public health, said Australians have steadily restocked and the number of firearms in the community now totals around 3.2 million.”

Alpers and the gun-grabbers in Australia are quite naturally concerned about law-abiding Australians owning weapons for self-defense. “Guns are a bit like a virus,” he told ABC TV. “You clamp down on one type of gun, another one pops up and you have to deal with that.”

Australian gun-grabbers are now targeting one shot and bolt-action rifles, stating that it only takes “one bullet” to kill somebody.

Every day I am secretly pleased that while one of my single shot rifles is an Evil High Powered Sniper Gun (.22-250), another one is a miniature elephant gun (throated, high pressure .45-70/90). Just in case I ever find myself assaulted by miniature elephants. I hear they’re all over the place in Australia.



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