Sarah Palin is the only woman who can make Tony Romo WIN a playoff.

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liberal europe to america



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It’s Real And It’s Fantastic

Now, That’s a Newspaper!




There is essentially just one issue in this race: jobs — and President Obama’s failure to produce them. Romney’s background as a successful businessman will bring the leadership America needs to ignite the economy and confront dire challenges abroad.

read the rest, not that there’s much there


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the only true American patriot in this race.

found this interesting comment at the Mail.

Worth sharing.  Not an American by the looks of it. Don’t know how he knows all this but apparently he does.

The first American home of Herbert Marcuse and his Frankfurt School was Columbia University. Obama graduated from Columbia University. You have already had a Gramsci/Cultural Marxist for four years as President and now half of you actually want this fifth-columnist back in to play out the end-game of fifty years of Stealth Communism? I have never subscribed to the “stupid Americans” jibe but if you return Obama you will truly rue the day. I desperately hope that sense prevails and you elect the only true American patriot in this race - Mitt Romney..

- VituperativeSheep_UK, Down_the_Pan_Prole_Town, United Kingdom, 6/11/2012 19:52


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While America votes its future, the Aussies are hard at play.

Take a look at this. See the link too. Oh what fun? Guess so for some. Hope they can recall it all the day after.

Oh by the way.

I made the huge mistake of letting myself read some comments on our election. Ppl here with NO idea how America works urging us to vote Obama.

Anger inducing.

And then, and I do not know how, ALL of my mail in my YHOO inbox just up and went.  I was clearing out the trash, trash was highlighted so I know I had it correct, but somehow, poof. My inbox emptied. Damn.


And you thought Ascot was a bit racy! Aussies’ big day out at the Melbourne Cup

By Deborah Arthurs

More than 105,000 people flocked to Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne for the two-mile race, which has become a social, cultural and sporting icon for Australia - and a large number of them were ladies dressed to impress.


But in time-honoured fashion, as the champagne flowed and races were won - or lost - the racegoers became ever-more dishevelled, with some kicking off their shoes to feel the grass of the race track under their bare feet.


British racing meets have long had a reputation for getting a bit messy as the day develops, but the hedonistic Melbourne crowds showed the UK that they can party just as hard as both winners and losers sank gallons of booze and caused havoc around the racecourse.




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In Touch Again For Now

INTERNET working again, Woo Hoo!!

Looks like I’ve got internet again. It was up for a few hours several days ago but then went down. We had no ‘net, no house phone for several days. At least we got the power back. And it looks like the gasoline lines that we had everywhere for a few days have now mostly gone away. I’m not sure if NJ is still doing the odd-even fill up thing any longer, but I can fill up today without trouble.

The carpet guys came and got the wall-to-wall reasonably clean. Cream colored deep pile carpet, with a bad case of Ring Around The Condo. I took the baseboard heaters off the walls so they could clean under the edges, and that reduced a lot of the dirty black edges. Give me hardwood floors with carpet over them any day, thank you. But I got all kinds of dirt, dust, and old dead bugs out of the heaters too. And put them back up properly, attached 16” OC, instead of 3 little nails over an 8 foot run.

What with the hurricane, her mother’s funeral, etc., we decided to rent the other place down the hill for the whole month of November. That takes the frantic pressure to move everything RIGHT NOW off, and let’s us do some projects while there isn’t a ton of stuff in the way. Like I cleaned out the clothes dryer and it’s flue pipe, and removed bags full of lint. And we can paint the place without too many drop cloths.

Now she wants to remodel the bathroom, putting in a linen cabinet, replacing the vanity, knocking out the short wall next to the toilet, new cabinets, and new tile. Plus the new shower rod, and gosh, shouldn’t the faucet, shower head, tub knobs and faucets, towel bars, wall shelves, robe hooks, and toilet paper holder all be of the same style? Looks like “laying tile and putting in mollys” is going to be my middle name again.

And naturally, there is another nor’easter headed our way, not a hurricane but a big wet windy storm, due to hit tomorrow. So we can do this all over again.

Hey, we got off lightly. Just a few dozen trees down around here. Down county they are without power, phone, and even water in a few places; I drove around a couple of the Road Closed barriers on some of the back roads nearby, and found downed and trees wires all over the place. The wind gap down by Cherryville Baptist church has every single phone pole blown down across the street for nearly a mile. Dozens of them.  Yikes. I’m just glad that the high tension towers over them didn’t go over as well.

I got up early and went out to vote. It wasn’t that hard, and Union Township was putting in a good showing at the polls. Damn right. We Jersey Tough here, and we’re not letting any lousy disaster make us miss out on casting our votes to get rid of that dumbnuts in DC. So I hope you make the effort today too.

big_us_flag  GET OUT AND VOTE big_us_flag 


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WAITING FOR AMERICA …. today will tell if enough ppl have woken up

The photo scan below is of our morning paper yesterday, and is only one half of the entire center spread.


When Mr Obama promised ‘change’ in 2008, what it turned out he meant was redistribution of income to the have-nots by milking the success of the haves.

By Simon Heffer
The Mail

America has an enviable choice when it goes to the polls tomorrow. The contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney isn’t just between a Democrat and a Republican: It is between two entirely different visions of the future of the world’s greatest power.

The choice is stark. It is between continuing a journey towards European-style statism and welfarism, which is what Obama is offering if he is re-elected, or reducing the size of the state and encouraging enterprise and individual responsibility, which is at the core of Mr Romney’s programme.

It is also a choice between more social liberalism – such as homosexual marriage – or reverting to a conservatism rooted in Christianity and traditional family values.

This experiment in socialism and welfarism has brought him severe criticism, because it has done nothing to boost employment, growth or stability. The failure of this experiment – in a country that became great on the back of individualism and enterprise – has deeply motivated the Republicans.

Any British politician who voiced the right-wing opinions of someone like the 1940s and 1950s novelist Ayn Rand (who inspired Mr Ryan and who observed that ‘the difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is a matter of time’) would be hounded out of public life.

The Democrats have sought to do this to Mr Ryan, but his ideas of wealth creation and individualism have millions of supporters still in America.
Those are the people he and Mr Romney are urging to turn out to vote tomorrow.

Because of the clear alternatives, it is one of the most crucial elections in America’s history.

If only we, in Britain, could hope for such a dramatic choice when we next go to the polls.

Source for all this, The Daily Mail.



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latest score from the roman coliseum.  queers 1, christians zero.

Just to show you how twisted and biased they are, look at this headline I found at the BBC news page.

Gay Star News

Catholics lose fight to stop gays from adopting

Now people, that is NOT true.  Nobody even tried to stop queers from adopting.

Not at all. But the way these ppl have it here, you’d never know it.  All depends on the headline. 

What actually happened was this. 

Catholic Care loses gay adoption fight

A Roman Catholic adoption agency has been told it cannot turn away gay couples if it wants to keep its charitable status.

Catholic Care, run by the Diocese of Leeds, wanted its adoption service to be made exempt from equality laws.

A judge has ruled the charity had failed to give convincing reasons why it should be allowed to do so.

Catholic Care said it would consider its position but could have to end the service as it would lose funding.

The charity - which has been placing children with adoptive parents for more than 100 years - was among 12 Catholic agencies in England and Wales forced to change their policy towards homosexual people due to equality laws passed in 2007.

Others have since closed or cut their ties with the Church.
Appeals rejected

Catholic Care had tried to change its constitution so that it would be committed to following Catholic teaching and placing children only with heterosexual parents.

The agency, which serves the dioceses of Leeds, Middlesbrough, and Hallam in South Yorkshire, had argued the Equality Act went against the Catholic Church’s teachings on marriage and family life.

The latest ruling by a judge in the Upper Tribunal, which is the equivalent of the High Court in the administrative justice system, follows rejections of the charity’s case in the High Court and by the Charity Commission and the Charity Tribunal.

In its judgement, the tribunal said Catholic Care had not provided sufficient evidence that its funding would dry up and it would be forced to close, and some potential adopters would then not come forward.

In a statement, Catholic Care said: “Without the constitutional restriction for which it applied, Catholic Care will be forced to close its adoption service.

“The reason for this is that the service permitted by the current constitution is in conflict with the aims of the charity.

“It is Catholic Care’s view that this will reduce the number of adoptive parents available and the number of children left waiting for adoptive parents will continue to increase.

“Catholic Care will now take time to consider the decision in detail and decide on its next steps.”


Anyone placing any bets on what sort of reaction and outcome there might be, had the adoption agency belonged to another religion?
Oh, lets see.  Hmmmm. How about those those wonderful folks at the ROP?
Yeah right. 


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is society creating these monsters or have they always been here in this form?

I had another more interesting article to share with regard to this crumbling culture and country but this stopped me in my tracks. This convinces me beyond any doubt that the folks responsible can’t spell justice much less administer it.  And I greatly fear that based on some things I’ve seen from home in the US, we might not be too far behind.  Thank heaven for gun ownership and the right to keep arms.  It might not have saved this victim but then, we’ll never know. 

Take a look at this. 

Sadistic woman, 26, made teenage boy drink his own urine and lick up blood

Kerry Howle subjected her terrified victim to a two-hour ordeal
Thug, with a ‘history of violence’ imprisoned for four years

By Anna Edwards


A woman who sadistically tortured a teenage boy and made him drink his own urine during a terrifying two-hour ordeal has been jailed for four years.

Kerry Howle, 26, forced the defenceless 15-year-old schoolboy to eat a mouldy sausage roll which she had spat on and coated in cigarette ash.

She smashed a glass ashtray over the head of the cowering teenager and made him lick up his own blood during the brutal attack on August 2, this year.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard that tattooed Howle subjected the teenager to the degrading ordeal after accusing him of talking about her mother who was battling cancer.

Howle, from Chesterton, Staffordshire, even made other youths attack the schoolboy and told him to lick his own blood up after one sickening blow.

Prosecuting, Heather Chamberlin said: ‘She told him he was dead and threatened to have him kidnapped, kill his mum and cut her tongue out and stitch it to her own mum.

‘She then hit him to the back of the head.  ‘She told him he had to lick the blood up.’

The court heard the victim asked to go to the toilet and Howle told another youth to go with him - where he was made to drink his own urine.

Howle also mentally tortured the boy by calling him explicit names and forced him never to talk about his horrific ordeal before finally letting him go.

She was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm on the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Sentencing Howle at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court on Friday, Recorder Stephen Lowne said the prolonged assault was ‘one of the most dreadful offences of violence towards children’ he had ever come across.

He added: ‘This is not simply an assault occasioning actual bodily harm, it is both mental and physical torture.

‘An exercise of sadism on your part.



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a goddess as eye candy

Until tonight, I had never seen or heard of this Goddess.

I think she has about the highest WOW factor seen in a long time. Of course, I know that’s only my opinion. But I am stickin to it.

Her absolute Goddess, the most beautiful ....







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Police swoop on landlord for organising an ‘ugliest woman’ competition.

In my previous post I mentioned ISIMS. I forgot one til I saw this article on line tonight. Wasn’t even looking for it.
Just shows you the sick, confused PC world we have.  The ‘isim’ in this case is, sexism. What a dumb sounding word. Like all the other isims.
Now this really is just plain dumb. Why in the world would the police respond to call like this? 
Beyond that, the scary part are the words below. The police allowed.  Does that imply they could have just as easily stopped this bit of harmless nonsense?

Police swoop on landlord for organising an ‘ugliest woman’ competition

Unknown complainant reported Glasgow pub for sexism

When police arrived at the venue they allowed the competition to go ahead this Sunday

By Sara Malm

A pub holding a competition to find the ‘Ugliest Woman’ got a visit from the police after someone reported them for sexism.

An unknown complainant demanded the competition be cancelled and wanted the owners of Islay Inn prosecuted.

However, when police arrived at the Glasgow venue they gave manager George Hogg the go ahead after discovering it was, in fact, a competition for men dressed as women.

Mr Hogg told of his disbelief of the complaint and accused the protestor of being ‘over the top with political correctness.’

He said: ‘I have no idea who made the complaint and the police wouldn’t tell me - but if he or she had bothered to read the advert properly, they would have realised that it was not ugly women we were looking for - but ugly men dressed up as women.

‘The first we knew of a potential problem was when two female officers from Maryhill Police Station came into the bar on Thursday night.

‘They told me they had received a complaint about us holding a competition to find the ugliest woman in the bar and that it might constitute some kind of sexist offence.

‘But when I pointed out the facts, the policewomen were clearly amused and quickly told me the matter would go no further.’

Mr Hogg added: ‘It was a totally over the top reaction by whoever went to the bother of reporting us - political correctness gone mad!’

The event was advertised on the Facebook page of the pub, located in the city’s Kelvingrove area.

Earlier today the page was updated to clear up the ‘misunderstanding’ regarding the ‘Ugliest Woman’ competition, which is set to go ahead on Sunday.

The Islay Inn apologised for causing any offense adding: ‘Just so it’s clear to all, our ugly women will be men dressed as women, beard stubble and all.’

The pub offers a £50 cash prize for the ugliest ‘woman’ and in the spirit of equality, the ‘bonniest’ woman dressed as a man will receive a bottle of vodka.

The posting attracted several comments from customers, saying a competition for ugly men would not have been met with the same reaction.

Andrew Parr wrote: ‘Ridiculous getting the police involved. Some people are pathetic.

Mark McCarrick added: ‘As if our overstretched police service haven’t got enough to do without being bothered by some silly complaint.

‘I bet the silly fart wouldn’t have moaned had it been an ugly man competition.

‘Get yourself a life whoever you are, its a bit of fun in these dark and gloomy times!’

So among other things, what is wrong here?  There is ya know. What’s wrong is this.

“The Islay Inn apologised for causing any offense”

Why?  What’s the point? That’s as bad as the wanker who called to gripe. And just one complaint?
That’s another thing wrong with the world. Or at least the western part of same.  Too damn quick to say sorry even when it isn’t needed.
It sure isn’t needed here but they did anyway.

The very idea that their silly competition as the cops put it, “might constitute some kind of sexist offence,” is alone an outrage. Under what circumstance could holding a goofy competition like this constitute anything worthy of police interest?



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snowflake, Arizona ?

Snowflake Az.?  Really?  Snowflake? Gotta look that one up. Cheers, Snowflake.


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reported to the police for racism.

And as we all know, police in all countries have nothing better to do or a better fight against high crime, than to track down and maybe arrest if needs be, anyone who might qualify as possibly being guilty of ….. the BIG ‘R’ … and that’s the truth.

Do you ever feel as I do that there are just too damn many “isims” in the language ?
Every single time someone does something that involves a verbal attack against some protected group, the left attaches the letters i s m to it.
For example, age-ism.  We hear that a lot here. They add those letters to anything they don’t want to see or hear and it automatically becomes something worthy of police attention.

I am certain also that all of you noticed long ago, that every time the subject comes up someone always feels it’s necessary to tell us that they are not ‘racist.’ It as though one has to reassure the reader or listener that the speaker or writer is of good character and must quell least ppl get the wrong message. So I’ll be clear on the subject.

I very much am damn well racist and make no apologies for it.
For whatever reason, dna, genes, education whatever.  There really are peoples who outshine others. Sometimes over time they lose their edge.
Example whether anyone approves or not.

Was a time long ago when people who were ill wanted a Jewish doctor.
It was just taken as a given that Jewish docs were better and better trained.  Now I wouldn’t know personally if that’s true, that they were better than anyone else. But that was the perception.  Non Jews would refer to their “Jew doctor” as a mark of how lucky they were to have found him.  In those far away days it was almost always a him.

When folks got into trouble with the law they wanted a “Jew lawyer.”
Sad at the same time to say that many of those Jewish lawyers were libs, and gave us orgs. like the aclu and almost every other human and civil rights nightmare we suffer today.
The same in accounting.  In many of the professions, Jews were found in high numbers.  So, were the folks who were looking for help from that one group, racists?  I suppose by today’s lower standards they might be seen that way.
I happen to be more comfortable among people I have something in common with and a shared experience.  I’d rather be among white folks than not. That isn’t to say I’d reject out of hand someone who isn’t white.
But I wouldn’t go out of my way looking either.

The Arabs may have invented algebra but I’ll be darned if I know what they’ve contributed in the last 500 years compared to the west.
I think Koreans (at least from the south) are superior in many ways as are the Chinese in spite of the problems in their country.
During the boom years, I once heard someone say that the Asians (as American use that term) were the new Jews.  And Indians over the last decade or so have shown themselves to be quite well versed where mathematics are concerned, and they figure prominently in the stock market.  These people have made enormous strides in all fields.

Meanwhile back in Afrika. ??? or the muslim world. ???

Yup, I am a racist.  No apologies.

H/T The Copenhagen Post.
From time to time I like to check out other places outside England to see what sort of trouble they are in or making for themselves.
I can’t pronounce the names but the story is clear enough.  The usual insane pc bs.

Heated ‘Muslim’ outburst earns headteacher reprimand

Ray Weaver

A head teacher accused of racism was admonishing group of students that had been disrupting class her daughter was teaching.

The headteacher of a school has received an official reprimand after she used racially charged language when shouting at a group of boys who had behaved badly in class.

Poul Anthoniussen, the head of the Odense school district, confirmed that Birgitte Sonsby of Ejerslykkeskolen had been reprimanded for her outburst, which is the mildest sanction she could have received.

“I think she lost her cool,” Anthoniussen told the press. “It can happen to anyone given the right circumstances or if you are under pressure. That doesn’t make it right for a headteacher, but I can understand the situation."Almost immediately after she made the comments earlier this month, Sonsby had apologised for shouting, “I’m so bloody tired of you Muslims ruining the teaching lessons,” at a group of disruptive students she had called into her office.

They were disruptive, they were members of that protected clan, so where is the raaaaaaaacism she was accused of?
How easy these fools make it for those who will one day over run what is left of Denmark.

She explained her outburst came after the boys started laughing at her, but added that she did not feel it amounted to racism.
Shaib Mansoor, the father of one of the children being admonished and present during the meeting, later reported Sonsby to the police for racism.

He subsequently dropped the charges, saying that the media attention had succeeded in creating a debate about the issue.

The head of the school’s parents’ association then lent the support of parents and teachers to Sonsby, saying that teachers are regularly subject to harrassment at the hands of minority students.

“The students behave in a completely unacceptable manner,” said Peter Julius in a letter written to Fyens Stiftstidene newspaper on behalf of school staff and the school board.

Julius said he did not approve of Sonsby’s choice of words, but understood her frustration that a small group of students could disrupt an entire class.
“We are not racists. But we must have the nerve to stand up and be honest about what is happening within the school’s walls,” he said.

He added that students involved in the bullying and name-calling “lacked the standards and values needed to succeed in a normal Danish school”.

Ah. There it is. “We are not racists” he says. Why?  Why should he have to qualify what he said after that? It’s madness.

The case, though, took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that the substitute teacher who lost control of the classroom leading to the original reprimand was Sonsby’s daughter.

After reading about the case, Carsten Halvorsen, from the small town of Assens on Funen, reported Sonsby to the police, asking them to investigate whether the comments amounted to racism.
“If you do not put the brakes on hateful propaganda, it will be devastating for integration in Denmark,” he told Fyens Stiftstidene.


And what an ass-wipe that guy is.  What propaganda is he talking about?  Disruptive muzzie students? That’s propaganda?
See? It’s libtard asses like that, who are responsible for all the pc bull shit we have to put up with.


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the deep divisions in American society

Romney, who wants to shrink the U.S. government, is on record as wanting to cut back the Federal Emergency Management Agency… which is the very department now responsible for post-Sandy recovery.
The vast majority of Americans can see that when a major catastrophe strikes, only central government can deal with the problems.
But the truth is that when this hurricane crisis has passed and this election is over, the deep divisions in American society will persist, with incalculable consequences for the nation.
I have a profound faith in the American genius. But unless the people and politicians of this great country can learn to find common purpose on big issues, its future will be blighted by their frighteningly divisive hatreds.

And so ends an article by Max Hastings in yesterday’s Daily Mail.
Now then, Hastings is a conservative writer and a well known historian. Which doesn’t mean you will like everything he has to say. And he had a heck of a lot to say. 

As he did here.

Forget the storm. The real dangers facing America are hatred, division and a collapsing political system

By Max Hastings

An astonishing number of Americans, almost all living in the vast middle of the country, really do believe God takes a hand in their politics, just as they are sure He frowns on Muslims, gays, socialists, gun control supporters and most folks on the east and west coasts (foremost among them the citizens of that sink of liberal iniquity, New York City).

But it is unnecessary to be an evangelical Christian to see that the devastating storm may have fractionally tilted this exceptionally close election to the advantage of Barack Obama.  The spectacle of him being presidential, touring flood-stricken New Jersey and co-ordinating relief and recovery efforts, should boost the Democrats.  But the fact that such a random event could prove to be a crucial factor in who occupies the White House for the next four years emphasises the profound divisions in this country.

For more than ten years, Democrats and Republicans have glared at and abused each other across a yawning chasm.
Last Saturday, I was in Chicago’s old Hilton Hotel for the first time since I reported the bitter and violent Democratic Convention of 1968, when Vietnam war protesters battled with Mayor Richard Daley’s cops on the streets outside, and clouds of tear gas drifted into the lobby. That was also the year when assassins’ bullets killed John F Kennedy’s brother Bobby and civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

Yet, although I vividly recall the passions and turbulence, nobody then suggested that the very process of democracy was imperiled.
The truth is that Americans have always taken pride in their system and its separation of powers between the Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court. Now, however, serious and thoughtful people argue that the constitution created in 1776 is cracking open at the seams.

A conservative-dominated Supreme Court routinely delivers judgments which seem partisan and occasionally even whimsical. For example, few justices display sympathy for even the mildest gun controls — though domestic shootings are a plague. Indeed, recent massacres in Wisconsin and Colorado did not prompt restrictions on weapons, but, instead, new rules in some colleges which allow students to carry guns on campus ‘for self-protection’.

Historically, the Supreme Court’s justices have been forces for national unity — for instance, on the issue of civil rights. Yet today their collective wisdom is being questioned as never before.

National unity.? Oh right.  I forgot.  Like the forced busing.  Yeah, that one sure brought us all together singing we are the world.

Even more serious is the situation in Congress.
Traditionally, the U.S. government is carried on through relentless horse-trading between the White House and the two parties on Capitol Hill — a process of which President Lyndon Johnson was a master in the 1960s. In recent years, though, bargaining has broken down.
Both parties, and especially the Republicans, behave in a way that sees them reflexively oppose anything proposed by the other. Such stonewalling has inevitably hampered action to curb the huge fiscal deficit.

For their part, most Democrats reject cuts in a welfare system that has become almost as unaffordable as Britain’s.

The Republicans, meanwhile, scorned a proposal for a bipartisan committee to address the deficit. They reject all tax increases and ignore the blatant unfairness of Mitt Romney paying just 14 per cent last year on millions earned from his investments, while most middle-class Americans pay more than double that rate.

At the same time, the poor and middle-class in America have seen their incomes shrink in recent years while the rich have become colossally richer. Official statistics show wealth divisions at a historic high.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says: ‘Inequality in our society has become so extreme that it is adversely affecting our is no longer just a moral issue.’

This is a reality I was contemplating in Chicago this week as I looked at the glittering palaces of wealth that crowd the downtown skyline while, at the same time, beggars haunt Michigan Avenue.

This is not the only social problem.

There is a lot more at the link.  You will find some very interesting arguments among the many comments following the article.

What you’re reading is one man’s professional take on the state of America, and presented to his readership here in the UK. He may anger some but keep in mind, for all the time he has spent in the USA on his travels and on assignments, he still belongs to a foreign culture not used to American ways.  Most of these folks, not the left but many conservatives and others who have no link to either side, simply do not understand why in the face of mass killings, we don’t push for stiffer gun control.  They just don’t understand and I doubt there’s any way we can answer the questions that would make it clear.  And that’s just one issue of quite a few.  I gave up long ago but many still bring the subject up.

Then there’s another thing we read here and that’s New Orleans.  We read that large parts of the city and indeed the state are still in abysmal shape.  N.O.?  Still in bad shape?  I have no idea and only am made aware of it because ppl here are saying it.  But I haven’t checked the accuracy of that.  Maybe I should just so I can be informed.  Kind of embarrassing being asked about something in the USA by someone here, and me not knowing what the heck they’re talking about.

The other damn thing I keep hearing and have to scratch the old head over, is that America has a serious problem with, wait for it,
Obesity.  Say what?
Now why that should be a concern to anyone here is quite beyond my understanding.  I should think their number one concern would be street crime, knife attacks and brutal beatings by an out of control criminal class that is growing, and especially in light of the fact that thousands are being let out of jail who are very dangerous ppl.  But no. Obesity in the USA.  WTF?

Okay, here’s the LINK to the entire editorial.


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is a drug to cure baldness really on the way?

Yeah well, way too late for me.  That’s one of so many damn problems one encounters in my generation. These things will one day come to pass, but too late for us.  Hey, I confess it. I HATE being bald on top.  There were some guys that didn’t actually look all that bad minus hair. Telly Savalas is one and another late actor was Yul Brynner. I didn’t think they looked bad at all.  But I know I do and that’s the truth.  At least as I see it.
So anyway I happened to spot this and thought I’d share it. Maybe some of you lucky younger guys who’ve lost it will have something like this in your future. 

How eye drops could stop you going bald - thanks to an unusual side effect

Glaucoma eye drops found to stimulate eyelash growth
Early clinical trials suggest drug could help follicles to produce a third more scalp hair than usual

By Jenny Hope

A drug that helps to stop blindness could soon be used to combat baldness.

Lumigan eye-drops are an established treatment for glaucoma, a condition caused by excess fluid in the eye.

But it has a side-effect that has excited scientists – it can stimulate the growth of eyelashes.

Now research suggests the active ingredient in Lumigan, called bimatoprost, could have the same effect on the scalp.

Preliminary trials are underway to see whether bimatoprost can reverse hair loss in both men and women.

If successful, the drug could get a new lease of life as a baldness treatment. Lead scientist Professor Valerie Randall, from the University of Bradford, said: ‘Bimatoprost is known to stimulate eyelash growth and is already used clinically for this purpose.

‘We wanted to see whether it would have the same effect on scalp hair, as the two types of follicle are very different.

‘Our findings show that bimatoprost does stimulate growth in human scalp hair follicles and therefore could offer a new approach for treating hair loss disorders.’

Findings from the laboratory research appear in The FASEB Journal, published by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. The drug was tested on living scalp tissue obtained from volunteer donors undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Follicles treated with bimatoprost grew a third more hair than untreated samples in just nine days.

Scalp follicles were found to contain exactly the same molecular receptors responsive to bimatoprost as eyelash follicles.

‘This means that – so long as the drug can be applied in such a way that it can reach the follicle – it should stimulate hair growth in patients,’ said Professor Randall.

Results from the next phase of the clinical trials currently taking place in the United States and Germany should be available before the end of the year.

They involve 220 men with male pattern baldness and 172 women with female pattern baldness.

Participants are undergoing six months of treatment with either a solution of bimatoprost, applied to the scalp, or an inactive placebo (dummy treatment).

A comparison with the well-known baldness treatment minoxidil is also being assessed.

Professor Randall acts as a consultant to Allergan Inc which manufactures Lumigan.

The well-known effect of Lumigan on eyelashes also comes with its own side-effect, it causes darkening of eye colour and eyelid skin, which may not be reversible.

It is not known if this side-effect will occur on the scalp.



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