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calendar   Sunday - November 11, 2012

Arizona, no jail time for muzzy turds who padlock girl for just talking to a boy

And this is in ARIZONA? 

The state in the United States of America?  That Arizona?  WTF?!

Yeah right.  These vermin wanna immigrate to the USA to become like us. Sure.  We all believe that. In a pig’s eye.
Where’s the justice for the teen treated like this?  Has Sharia law been accepted by the voters of AZ?  When did it fuckin happen?

In case you missed it, about a week ago in the same kind of situation, that is, a girl looked at boy. Just looked.
Her parents burned her with acid, she died a day later. They kept her from medical treatment, which might not have saved her anyway, and she might not have wanted to live.  Story was in the Mail but can’t find it now. Just pointing out that these animals are NOT redeemable.

I have often said that the one thing that will delay their eventual takeover of America, is our size and population. But maybe I was optimistic.
I think perhaps I belong to that group of ppl of like age, who are grateful to be too old to live long enough to see what’s left of our country’s eventual takeover by non-Americans and American enablers of the enemies both foreign and domestic.  Cos if something like this can actually happen in one of our states, my god, the home of Goldwater, if this happens there, there is NO HOPE!

WE ARE DOOMED!  (well, not exactly we but your great grandkids are)

I found the following but can’t recall where. And while jihad isn’t the subject of this post, this fits anyway because it’s all part and parcel of the rop.

The term “Islamofascism” implies that the rest of Islam is OK. But all Muslims - scholars, imams or lay people, will let you know that there is just one Islam, and it is guided by the koran. Finished. Period. Jihad is central to for the believer to achieve paradise. Its in the koran. Period. No Muslim will betray a Jihadi. Period.

Should these lice learn English well enough, and should they become citizens, they will VOTE!
Is that really what you want America?


Muslim family that beat teenage girl and padlocked her to a bed for talking to a boy spared jail time

Of course. To have put them in jail would have been “Islamophobic.”

“Iraqis spared jail time in Arizona for abusing female relative,” by David Schwartz for Reuters, November 7 (thanks to Pedro):

Members of an Iraqi family in Arizona who beat a teenage relative and padlocked her to a bed after she violated their traditional values by chatting to a male friend were spared jail time in a plea deal approved by a county judge on Tuesday.

In exchange for a guilty plea, Yusra Farhan, 51, was sentenced to two years probation on a charge of unlawful imprisonment of her daughter, 19-year-old Aiya Altameemi, at the family’s Phoenix home in February, court officials said.

The young woman’s father, Mohammed Altameemi, also received two years probation for disorderly conduct, and her 18-year-old sister, Tabarak Altameemi, received an identical sentence for assault, officials said.

Prosecutors said the incident started when Aiya was spotted leaving her high school with a young man. The father and younger daughter Tabarak confronted the young woman.

Police said Mohammed Altameemi became angry and took her home, striking her several times. Mother Farhan and daughter Tabarak also admitted to tying her to a bed with a rope around her waist that was secured with a padlock and beat her, according to court records.

Farhan told police she hit her daughter because she “was speaking to a male subject and her Iraq culture states a female is not allowed to be having contact with males because females are not allowed to have boyfriends,” court records said.

Aiya told school officials about the incident two days later and explained that “her family is trying to protect her and they want her to be a virgin for an arranged marriage,” according to court documents.

A county attorney spokesman declined comment on the sentence. Attorneys for the young woman’s family members could not be reached for comment.

This is the latest high-profile violence case in Arizona involving an Iraqi immigrant. In April 2011, Faleh Hassan Almaleki received 34 1/2 years in prison for running down his 20-year-old daughter in a Phoenix parking lot in what was described as an “honor killing.”

The [Hamas-linked] Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C., has said such cases are isolated instances that occur sporadically and are widely chastised by the American Muslim community.

Of course! But they have done nothing to try to keep these “isolated instances” from happening again.

jihad watch



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Now ain’t she pretty?  Is that eye candy er what?  And how many friends you got give you a bridge for your birthday? I ask you.
If you ever visit this place and go there, just tell em that I gave it to you when they question the toll you might set up. LOL!


was built by Abraham Darby over the river Severn. It was the first arch bridge in the world to be made out of cast iron, a material which was previously far too expensive to use for large structures. However, a new blast furnace nearby lowered the cost and so encouraged local engineers and architects to solve a long-standing problem of a crossing over the river.
In the early eighteenth century, the only way to cross the Severn Gorge was by ferry. However, the industries that were growing in the area of Coalbrookdale and Broseley needed a more reliable crossing.
In 1773, Thomas Farnolls Pritchard wrote to a local ironmaster, John Wilkinson of Broseley, to suggest building a bridge out of cast iron. By 1775, Pritchard had finalised the plans, but he died in December 1777, only a month after work had begun.
Abraham Darby III, who was the grandson of the first foundry owner and an ironmaster working at Coalbrookdale in the gorge, was commissioned to cast and build the bridge. The iron for the new bridge was cast at his foundry.
Shares were issued to raise the £3,200 required, and Darby agreed to fund any excess. Although it had been predicted that 300 tons of iron would be needed (costing £7 a ton), in the end 379 tons were used, costing Darby and his company nearly £3,000. There would be many other costs to bear (masonry abutments, assembly, etc.), so that the project was far more expensive than first envisaged. Darby bore most of the cost overrun, and was in debt for the rest of his life.
Being the first of its sort, the construction had no precedent; the method chosen to create the structure was therefore based on carpentry. Each member of the frame was cast separately, and fastenings followed those used in woodworking, such as the mortise and tenon and blind dovetail joints, adapted as necessary to the different properties of cast iron. Bolts were used to fasten the half-ribs together at the crown of the arch. Very large parts were needed to create a structure to span 100 feet rising to 60 feet above the river. The largest parts were the half-ribs, each about 70 ft long and weighing 5.25 tons. The bridge comprises more than 800 castings of 12 basic types.
The bridge was raised in the summer of 1779, and it was opened on New Year’s Day 1781.


Erm .... Drew.  I am having second thoughts about something.  You may NOT want to tell anyone that I actually gave you this bridge should you ever make it over here. You know, it might cause some bad feelings what with another foreigner buying or receiving another bit of their history. We’ll just keep it between us. Okay?  Be our secret, you’ll know it’s yours, but nobody else will.  Be safer that way.  (coughs)




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calendar   Saturday - November 10, 2012

eye candy, sat evening







THE BLOND IS MELANIE ADAMS don’t know who the red head is.

That’s all for me for tonight.
Hi Yo Silver. I’m outta here. Enjoy your weekend all.

Click the girl on the horsey and go riding



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they can’t understand why many of us don’t respect or even like them. what’s to respect or like?

There is something I would like you all to see.  I’m fairly sure many of you have not. Quite interesting. I believe you’ll agree.

There are two very brief videos here.  The second video explains the first, although you’ll guess correctly at once that it’s a put up job. Not rocket science.  Fortunately, The Israeli Defense Force has cameras also, and the 2nd video is theirs.

Soldiers sure have patience and training. Just once I think they should ram that weapon into the kids face and then open fire on all the rest. Wipe the sub human vermin out. 

H/T Elder of Ziyon blog

Shirley Temper - the movie
Fellow blogger and friend Israellycool made a very nice video piecing together video clips of the photogenic blonde Arab girl who likes to provoke Israeli soldiers, showing that she has been pushed to participate in these protests for months.

I thought that his name for her, “Shirley Temper,” was brilliant, so I worked with him to create a shorter, more musical version of the video based on his original:

By the way, this same girl - A’hd Tamimi, the daughter of of the leader of the Nabi Saleh protests - has been given an award by Mahmoud Abbas for her stagecraft, and CAMERA noticed already last September how she was being used as a propaganda tool. It is a-must read article to understand the background of how children are indoctrinated in Pallywood.

The IDF also has a video about how this girl and others are cynically used.


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not quite a new dawn. more like dusk says simon

from a very conservative Simon Heffer, for your consideration.

New dawn? This looks more like a new dusk

By Simon Heffer

The next four years for America look bleak. It’s not so much a new dawn as a new dusk. And with 50 months left in power, President Obama, his hands tied by a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, is a lame duck already.

He was re-elected despite a majority of voters thinking the economy is on the wrong track. And with tax rises that could wreck recovery due on January 1 – the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ – experts fear a recession here in 2013.

The most sensible policy – which a Romney administration would have pursued – is deficit reduction. Instead, the second Obama term will increase the deficit, further diminishing America’s economic power and credibility.

Around $1trillion a year will be added to debt – bringing the total to $20trillion by 2016. This will drive up interest rates on US bonds, and hard-pressed Americans will have to pay more taxes to fund higher interest payments.

Meanwhile, the President is determined to push through his ‘Obamacare’ health insurance policy, which would account for a large part of that increase.

But the Democrats are well aware that the pumping of federal money into corporate bail-outs and infrastructure projects in declining regions is the key to creating a state clientele that keeps voting them back into office.

The administration is already devising stealth taxes to help pay for the bribes it wishes to offer the coalition of minorities that comprise its supporters. Some will corrode the core of American self-reliance, such as taxes on any substantial capital gains made from house sales. Others are simply opportunist, such as a tax on tanning salons.

These are all measures of how desperate the financial situation is – a reality apparently kept from most of the American electorate, so far.

Washington observers speak of the incompetence of the Obama administration – not just its ability to waste money, but also to target funds so badly. There is very little to show for the $787billion fiscal stimulus of 2009. A fraction of it could have been used to create serious sea defences around New York and New Jersey, to avoid the devastation of last week’s storm, for example.

Swingeing taxes that fall disproportionately on wealth-creators and entrepreneurs will not be all that stalls an economic recovery. So too will a failing national infrastructure whose state of disrepair is beyond pork-barrel handouts from Washington to local communities, but requires a big federal programme – and big federal money.

Roads, rail and airports all cry out for investment and improvement. But as long as money is thrown at failing industries – such as in the car industry bail-out that helped Mr Obama win Ohio and Michigan this week – the administration cannot afford to take big strategic decisions such as these.

read more at the source, daily mail


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calendar   Friday - November 09, 2012

slow death of white america …

An excellent editorial by Drew which led me to post this.

Carefully planned and deliberately executed over the past decades. The ‘old America’ - the ‘real America’ - has essentially already gone. The ‘new America’, fragmented and riven, with no common culture, which is replacing it, will soon be unrecognisable to the last generation still alive who remember the America they were born into. Just as in the modern UK, fragmentation, dissonance and denial and obliteration of the nation’s history will be the new norm. What hath ‘multiculturism; wrought? Diversity replacing unity.

- John White, Toronto, 9/11/2012 6:19

The above is one of many comments made at the Mail in response to an article on the American election, by Tom Leonard.
I think it’s worth your time to read.

Ordinarily, I would not copy an entire article of this length to post here. I’d edit and copy some and give our readers a link to the source.
This is very different though. 

Not going to be at the puter a lot over next day or two. Will try some, but a problem or two hinders.  Increasingly difficult.
Saw doc, got meds, will be fine but not up to scratch.

The slow death of white America:

How will the great melting pot adapt to the millions of black and Hispanic voters who swept Obama back to power?

By Tom Leonard

For Republicans struggling to understand their defeat at the polls, the most chilling statistic in this week’s presidential election was this: Mitt Romney won the biggest share of the white vote that any Republican White House contender ever has — and he still lost.

In an election battle that was defined as much as anything by race, Mitt Romney won the support of 59 per cent of whites, but just 27 per cent of Latinos, 26 per cent of Asian-Americans and 6 per cent of African-Americans.

Thirty years ago, being unpopular with ethnic minorities would hardly have stopped a white establishment candidate like Romney from trouncing Barack Obama. But back then, whites accounted for almost 90 per cent of voters. Now they make up just 72 per cent of the electorate, and that figure is shrinking by the year.

Tuesday’s election showed a large turnout by Hispanics, who constituted some 10 per cent of voters — more than ever before. With 71 per cent of them voting for Mr Obama — notably in a handful of crucial swing states such as Florida, Colorado and Nevada, where they turned out at the polls in unusually high numbers — Hispanic voters gave the President his winning margin.

In other key states, such as Ohio, pundits said a strong showing by Hispanic and black voters together ensured an Obama victory.

The Republican party, said one pollster, ‘will be doomed if they lose black and Latino votes by these same margins in the future’.

He’s not exaggerating. As the election highlighted, white America is dying — and in a quite literal sense.

The evidence of this demographic timebomb, which is likely to alter the face and character of the U.S. far more fundamentally than any number of elections, was made plain in the summer in a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau.

It revealed that for the first time in American history, ethnic minorities now account for more than half the babies born in the U.S.

Of the four million children born in the year to July 2011, 50.4 per cent were ethnic minorities — black, Asian, mixed-race and, above all, Hispanic.

It was a long-expected milestone on the road to an America in which, according to experts, within 30 years whites will no longer be the majority.

Rather, the U.S. will boast 130 million Hispanics, more than the current population of Mexico. Among under 18-year-olds, whites will become a minority as early as 2019.

For a country founded by British colonists on British traditions and, for half its history inhabited almost entirely by white Europeans (if you discount the slaves, as the nation’s leaders did), it signals a seismic cultural transformation for the world’s sole superpower.

Given that immigration has become the country’s single most divisive issue, predictably some Americans have been punching the air for joy at the decline of a white majority, while others are bereft at what they see as the leaching away of their nation’s traditional character.

Liberals wedded to a multi-ethnic future insist it will be an opportunity to reinvigorate the U.S., creating a more diversified, open-minded and 21st century country.

At the other extreme are conservatives who believe the ‘death’ of white America spells cultural, economic and political doom for their country, and an end to the values of self-sufficiency that made their country great. And in between the two extremes are most rank-and-file Americans, who understand that the U.S. needs new blood if it is to avoid Japan and Europe’s economic nightmare of an ageing population, but who are worried by the implications of what has been dubbed the ‘browning’ of the U.S.

As they sit on a bus or train listening to Mexican Americans chat away in Spanish, they may wonder if their country’s famous ability to assimilate all newcomers is going to work in the next century.

Conservative thinker Pat Buchanan, a senior adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, is an outspoken critic of recent immigration. For him, ‘white America is a dying tribe’, and the ethnic minority tribes that are jostling to fill the gap are simply not up to the task of competing against the rising power of China.

When, 14 years ago, President Bill Clinton told students in Oregon that it would be better for America when everyone was a minority, Buchanan waspishly observed that those students would one day ‘have to spend their golden years in a Third World America’.

Unlike in the past, it isn’t black Americans who are the greatest political concern for the defenders of ‘old’ America, but Hispanics from Mexico and Latin America — the legacy of four decades of economic migration by millions who have come north looking for a job and a chance to find the American Dream.

The problem, in the eyes of many conservatives, is that compared with the generations of Irish, Germans, Jews, Poles and Italians before them, pitifully few Hispanics have yet found that dream. Most Hispanics — two-thirds of whom originate from Mexico — continue to be stuck limpet-like at the bottom of society, a quiet, often overlooked army doing the most menial jobs such as picking fruit, washing cars, toiling in restaurant kitchens and cleaning offices.

Thanks to the sweeping away of immigrant quotas, the immigrant population has quadrupled since 1970, with nearly 14 million entering the country between 2000 and 2010 alone.

Mexicans are by far the biggest group — of the 12 million now living in the U.S., about half are there legally. (It is sobering to learn that the U.S. population of around 226 million in 1980 has now increased to more than 314 million.)

America’s struggling economy and toughened border controls have put a brake on immigration, but the problem for those upset by the country’s changing demographics is that whites — while still constituting 72 per cent of the population — aren’t having enough children.

The fertility rate for Hispanic women is 2.4 children, compared with 2.1 for black women, and only 1.8 for whites. Latinos don’t just have more children — already more than a quarter of all babies — but they are also much younger. While the average age of American whites is 42, for Hispanics it is just 27.

In much of America’s south-west, there is growing tension between richer but increasingly beleaguered older white people and younger, poorer Latinos.

Earlier this year, a Texas pizza chain called Pizza Patron drew a storm of protest from conservatives after launching a promotion to give free slices to anyone who could order in Spanish. (In 2007, the company’s bosses even received death threats after they started accepting Mexican pesos as another stunt.)

Pat Buchanan told me that white Middle America feels it has been abandoned. ‘They watch on cable TV as illegal aliens walk into their country and are rewarded with free healthcare and education for their kids, take jobs away from U.S. workers and carry Mexican flags while marching in American cities to demand U.S. citizenship: they sense that they are losing their country, and they are right,’ he said.

He insisted there are increasingly ‘two Americas’: white and northern Asian-Americans from China, Japan and South Korea, who have higher incomes and far better educational qualifications than the other half of the divided nation — the Hispanic and African-Americans.

In this, at least, his opponents will concede he has a point. America — like Britain — desperately needs a well-qualified workforce to compete in the world, but just 13 per cent of adult Latinos have a college degree, compared with 18 per cent of blacks and 31 one per cent of whites.

Buchanan believes Britain, with the rest of Europe, faces the same fate as the U.S. under the relentless logic of a dwindling white population and growing minorities.

‘There’s nothing the British can do because they’re not reproducing,’ he said. ‘They’re getting older, they’re going to die and someone’s going to come in and take it over. I think Europe is finished.’

Liberal demographic experts such as Bill Frey at the think-tank the Brookings Institution dismiss doom-mongering about Hispanics as the irrational fear of a generation who — owing to a dearth of immigration between the Thirties and Seventies — never had to grow up with an influx of newcomers. Americans were just as scared of Italian immigrants when they arrived in the early 20th century, he argues. He says Hispanic immigrants bring ‘enthusiasm, energy and inventiveness’ to America — qualities you can’t measure by the size of their bank account or their number of degrees.

What’s more, he says, while it always takes about three generations for immigrants to start moving up through society, surveys show Hispanic immigrants really do want to become ‘mainstream Americans’. They ‘just’ need government help — education, housing, social services, English lessons — to give them a leg-up.

With this touchstone issue set to dominate much of America’s social and political debate in the coming years, the Republican Party is left to wrestle with the issue of how it can attract voters who are not wedded to the traditional values it espouses.

The sensible response for the party will be to turn to its strong line-up of young, ethnic minority figures — particularly charismatic Cuban-American Marco Rubio, a Florida senator — who are waiting in the wings as future leaders.

If instead it chooses another candidate like Romney in 2016, it may be doomed to failure again.

‘Harsh rhetoric about Hispanics is for some Republicans rather like smoking — you know it will kill you, but you do it anyway,’ says party pollster Whit Ayres.

If those in the leadership don’t ‘break the habit’, he says grimly, the Republican party is finished.


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And Again

Back at the new hacienda, ready to go.

Looks like the landscape guys were here; the small tree that was behind the back corner of the house and was half torn out of the ground by the hurricane has been cut down and taken away. Fine by me. It wasn’t a really tall tree or even a very good one, all vertically branchy like an overgrown bush. I guess it was a poplar or somesuch. But it was leaning over, and half the roots were ripped up, so there was no saving it.  Bye bye. And now it won’t overshadow the top of the fireplace chimney, just in case I want to open up the fireplace again (previous owner sealed it off with a Plexiglass panel) and use it.

Otay. I found the hacksaw, so now I can cut the angle brackets to hang the garage door opener. Get one more cup of coffee in me and it’s off to the mines. I mean the garage. And get things done!


I bowled a 660 series last night, and we won all 7. Woo hoo for me. First game was a 268, which is friggin’ awesome for me.  X X X X 8/ X X X X, X 8/. The alley guys say that when the temperature and the humidity are both at 70 people roll really high scores. The numbers were very very close to exactly that last night. I got beat out in the weekly brackets game ( your score plus your handicap against some other bowler, top score survives to the next round ) even with my 203 in game 2. With my 36 pin handicap, that’s a 239, but I was up against Arnie and he threw a 289, his best of the season so far. It figures.



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calendar   Thursday - November 08, 2012

Done. Another Day Eaten Up

time to get cleaned up for Thursday league. Shower, eat.

I got the door fixed ... took me the whole damn day. It looks like when the springs pulled out the one side of the frame fell in, which left a nice fat bend/dent in the C channel that the door wheels ride in. So once I got everything finally even, level, square and strong (nothing is ever built strong and square. that’s why they sell tools to homeowners) I had to rig a lever to bend the track straight in place, and then redrill the mounting screws. Got that done, and it took forever. Then I got the springs adjusted. So now the door goes up and down smoothly, and with just a slight bit of effort. NOW it’s ready to install the opener. And now I’m tired, and sick of running up and down the ladder all day with the tools.

Manana, mi amigos. Manana.


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Lunch break.  Got my usual General Tso Chicken from the local Chinese place. Beats me why they don’t understand “hot please, extra spicy” when they can speak decent English and the menu says “we can adjust the level of hot and spicy as you wish” right on it. But no. Their range is from no spice and no heat at all, all the way up to no spice and no heat at all. And I’ve been asking for more than a decade. They just don’t listen.

I’ve been having some deep thoughts about this election, but I don’t know if they will make it into essay form. Disappointment doesn’t even begin to cover it. I read what Vilmar wrote, and I agree. I read what Alan Caruba over at Theo’s wrote, and I agree ( America Commits Suicide). And I read what my man the JerseyNut wrote (here and here) and I agree. It truly sucks, and if there is any chance of a chance left to save our country next time, we have to do better. We have to reinvent the message and the messengers, from the ground up.

Part of the blame lie with the candidate, and in allowing the media to pick him. AGAIN.  Nobody really wanted Romney, just like nobody really wanted McCain last time. And while we got behind him, and he ran a decent campaign, he was nobody’s favorite (other than Ann Coulter) and he didn’t fight the big fight.
Find us a real Republican. A real Conservative, but not an unhinged one.

Fight the media. Fight the meme. Change the message. Republicans do not hate the earth. We are not in favor of rampant pollution. But we want the rules and regulations at the EPA to be sane, in order to allow businesses to thrive and compete in the global economy. Republicans do not hate babies. Or old people. Or gays. Or blacks. Or people of Spanish influenced heritage who immigrated legally. We don’t hate women. That’s asinine. At least half the party is women. Please. But we don’t fight the meme, and the media continues to lambast us. That has to stop.

We need to dump the RINOS. All of them. We need to dump the pussy Republicans. All of them. We need to thin down our platform and cut out the dead wood. Toss the stupid ass abortion plank overboard. It’s a lead albatross that weighs us down. We need a counter-meme for that one: while we may not agree with it, it is the law of the land, and no single candidate can do a darn thing about it. It will take a constitutional amendment which requires 2/3 of the states to agree. So untwist your knickers and chill the hell out. It isn’t going anywhere. Period. Next question.

We need to infiltrate any number of “leftist” movements. There is no reason they should own the Green movement. There is no reason theirs should be the only voices in academic circles. Nor should they be the only ones buying Priuseses. Etc. So on and so forth. Like I said, deep thoughts that aren’t ready to expound on yet.

we need every single state and county official to get on a “take pride in the vote” movement that demands - starting right now, not 3 years 11 months and 20 days from now - that EVERY voter roll in the nation be kept provably accurate at all times. Voting may be a right, but cheating on it is a felony. And to bring back respect for the government you need to start at the very very very bottom and bring back respect for the voting process. And that means clean rolls, bullet-proof vote handling procedures, and trustworthy voting machines. Heck, for a few lousy billion we could replace every machine in the country with some new modern gimcrackery electronic machine with a paper printout.

We need to defeat the media, because they are our enemy.

And we need to be willing to fight, hard and dirty, when necessary. This “old boys at the country club” nonsense is a loser, when the other side is slinging firebombs, mud, and shit, telling lies left and right, and sending their thugs around to intimidate voters at the polls. Which are decorated with Obama murals for heaven’s sake. Crivens. It’s gonna be a BIG job.

And it’s all of our jobs. Not just the elected folks and the official party officials.


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Still here, still repairing stuff

Out in the garage today. I wanted to install the new garage door opener. But then I found what an Obama-rig the garage door track hanging was. Total POS. At some point it pulled right off the wall, because they installed the crossbar with the nailheads facing the direction that the door springs pull in. And if you’ve ever dealt with garage door springs, you know that those are some hefty sons of guns. So I’m fixing that by attaching a 2x4 pocket to the studs, cut into the drywall, then using another 2x4 to put a T cap on the doubled 2x4s that support the tracks now. I’ll turn them 90 degrees too, so for once they will be pulled on in the direction that they’re stiff. Dumbo did the install 35 years ago on the flexible side of the boards, so the garage door springs have been bending the double 2x4 crossbar like it’s a bow and arrow. Duh.

Drew fix. And it will be all better. Forever.

It’s just that this has eaten up half my morning. Crap.

And THEN I can get around to installing the door opener. I hope ...


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a brit view of the election lost. a worthy read.

There are a couple of people I follow and like a lot over here and no surprise they are conservatives. One of them is named Richard Littlejohn, and I am sharing his comments with you here.  I have not included everything he wrote. I have included a few comments from ppl who do not like him, or Republicans or too many Americans unless they favors the left. Cos that is where these idiots live. On the left. Always. Just want you to see this for yourselves. 

Forget ‘hope and change’- this was a victory for fear and loathing
By Richard Littlejohn
Mitt Romney was right about one thing. He was secretly taped back in May telling fund-raisers that half the country would support Barack Obama because they depend on the government for all or part of their income.
Romney correctly identified America’s burgeoning entitlement culture as a major obstacle to a Republican winning back the White House.
‘There are 47 per cent of the people who will vote for the President no matter what, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you name it.’
Striking an almost defeatist note, he concluded: ‘I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their own lives.’
Romney’s leaked remarks caused a predictable storm of confected outrage, but his analysis was bang on the money. Just as Gordon Brown cynically constructed a client state in Britain to maximise Labour’s electoral advantage, so the Democrats deliberately drain the public purse to feed their supporters’ insatiable appetite for handouts.
When 47 per cent of the electorate depends to a greater or lesser degree on government largesse, the Democrats have only to target another four or five per cent of voters to secure a Striking an almost defeatist note, he concluded: ‘I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their own lives.’
Obama’s campaign this time was based on fear and loathing.
Romney was portrayed as a ruthless predatory capitalist, hell-bent on grinding ordinary Americans into the dust, sending their jobs abroad and denying them even rudimentary healthcare provision.
One advert showed Romney pushing an old lady in a wheelchair over a cliff. Another even accused him of causing a former employee’s wife to die of cancer. It was garbage, but it was effective.

With minorities flocking to Obama and America’s demographics shifting, can a middle-aged white man ever get elected again?

Meanwhile, the devastation visited upon parts of the North East remains every bit as awful as Katrina inflicted on New Orleans in 2005, and the clean-up just as patchy and poorly co-ordinated.
With minorities flocking to Obama and America’s demographics shifting, can a middle-aged white man ever get elected again?
(Mind you, Obama’s campaign featured so many white, middle-aged male celebrities that some of his rallies looked like TV adverts for erectile dysfunction medication.)
Obama’s victory wasn’t entirely down to minority support, though. The swing states which took him over the line are predominantly white, which suggests whites are equally comfortable with the idea of sucking on the government teat.

The worry is that the drift from a dynamic ‘can-do’ nation to a dependent ‘something for nothing’ society continues to stifle economic recovery. The world needs America’s red-in-tooth-and-claw capitalism to fuel global growth.
What’s of equal concern is that under Obama, as in Britain, rampant hostility to private enterprise and ‘the rich’ has flourished.
That probably cost Romney the presidency.
my money is on the Republican candidate in 2016 being Cuban-American senator Marco Rubio.
I watched Rubio electrify a Tea Party rally in Florida 18 months ago. He’s the most impressive young politician on either side of the Atlantic.
He could win and win big. But only if enough of his fellow Americans are prepared to start asking what they can do for their country, not what their country can do for them.

And below are a few examples of the typical response to this article.
The left is very much alive here. Sadly.

You are speaking out your bottom, Littlejohn. 47% of the population voted against Romney because they didn’t want to be crushed under the boot of rich men who would rather see them destitute, homeless or even dead in order to protect their wealth.  - ShadyAidy, Kimberley, 8/11/2012 0:32

y..a..w..n....The President of the United States is probably swivelling in HIS Oval office and some irrelevant non-entities are desperately frothing in the mouth. What a laugh. *where’s the pop corn? - Chinedu, London, United Kingdom, 8/11/2012 0:34

What a load of rubbish. U.S.A. is a two party state that elects its President by dint of how much money is spent on campaigning. Some D.M. journalists seem to forget that the world has moved on from the dark Victorian era and we now, the western world, live as socialist countrys. - Scargil, Cha Am, 8/11/2012 0:29

And those are just three of hundreds, not all but mostly in like manner. It does tend to piss one off big time.  Worse however are the posters who seem to believe they are experts on things American, having of course read all the lefty training manuals. It’s sort of like jumping on a bandwagon as well.  Bashing America is the done thing. Gotta be real cool ya know. And there’s nothin’ cooler then spouting off about America, even if you’ve never lived there. Heck, they even pick at us for what we call football. Any excuse will do.
Screw the bastards! Wish I could think of something with more wit, but I lack that ability.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/08/2012 at 10:08 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - November 07, 2012

Obama Re-elected


Look on the bright side: the world will end in 44 days anyway.

See More Below The Fold


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 11/07/2012 at 01:14 PM   
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punches cop and then says, you can’t do anything to me.  the usual thing.

The teenager already has a string of convictions, including several assaults dating back to 2008.

Oh gosh. How is that possible?  After all, this version of a white man’s burden attended a, “Young Offender’s Institute.” Surely to goodness that should have straightened the slut out. Yeah. Like it does the others who pass through the gates.  They all become so frightened of the law that they all become model citizens.

The really sad and bad that comes out of this article, is that society couldn’t be rid of her in an accident after this latest stunt.  She and the future curse she’s carrying.

Oh well, all she did this time was punch a cop in the face.  Probably his fault. Right?  You know, maybe he was doing his job.  What was he thinking?  She has rights, especially as she’s a member of a favored group.  Fat & ugly slag.

Typical. As some have asked here at bmews before.  What’s it take for judges to actually jail lice like this skank? 

Five months pregnant teenager, 18, ran along electrified Tube lines to dodge her fare after punching policeman in the face

Elesha Proud-Miles, narrowly avoided being hit by train
Dashed across the rails at Finsbury Park Station, in north London
Punched a police officer in the face during a foul-mouthed tirade
Five months pregnant and already has a string of convictions

By Jill Reilly

A pregnant teenager who risked her unborn child’s life by running along electrified tube lines to dodge her fare was spared jail today.

Five months pregnant Elesha Proud-Miles, 18, punched a police officer in the face and taunted ‘I’m pregnant, you can’t do anything to me’, before running across the rails at Finsbury Park Station.

The jobless teen narrowly avoided being hit by a train as she dashed across the rails at Finsbury Park Station, in north London, bringing rush hour Tube trains to a standstill for almost an hour.

Several trains had to be evacuate as the Victoria Line was brought to a standstill.

Sparing her jail at Blackfriars Crown Court today and ordering her to attend anger managements classes Judge John Hillen said: ‘You caused enormous disruption, described as undoubtable chaos, and that was due to your act.’

‘I’m pregnant, you can’t do anything to me’

He should have used his club or whatever they carry, and rammed it into her gut.  But of course, as you see, she has it right. Apparently nobody can do anything to her.  Maybe society will get lucky and she’ll become a statistic of gang violence.

see the slag here and read more


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/07/2012 at 12:13 PM   
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update to earlier story, boy walks mostly free after assault on 4 yr old girl

Sometimes reading the comments that usually follow a story that relates to the USA, (THIS ONE DOES NOT) there are always people usually on the left I suspect, that in a manner of speaking ask why we can not be like the civilized ppl of Britain and Europe.  Which is gag inducing and not from laughter.
Right, we really wanna start thinking this way.

This is an update to an earlier article regarding the assault of a four year old baby.  They are still babes at 4, aren’t they?
Pretty damned disgusting and the law and the judge and whatever powers that be who don’t burn the bastard’s balls off are as rotten as the kid in the story is.  And the excuses made for him are sickening too.
I think the parents of the little girl should take things into their own hands, break every single bone in his body, then cut off his dick.  They can always claim diminished responsibility due to extreme mental stress. And, they can probably get the very same professionals as those here.

Professionals who dealt with the sick teen advised the Attorney General that the best way of addressing his behavior was by educating him within the community.

Well hell, the parents can be “sick” too. No? 

The same “professionals” are probably overjoyed that America re-elected Obama. Dumb shits!

Parents of girl, four, raped by babysitter, 14, who was never sent to prison fail in appeal bid to see him jailed

The teenager blindfolded her with a Hello Kitty apron and used chocolate to lure her into the sex attack

He was let off with a community order as the judge blamed ‘the world and society’ for his porn addiction

The child’s parents appealed to the Attorney General who says,

A new hearing will not be allowed because the case was ‘difficult to sentence’

By Martin Robinson

The parents of a four-year-old girl raped by a teenage babysitter who was never sent to jail for his crime are in despair after their appeal against his paltry sentence was blocked.

The unnamed mother and father had demanded a tougher sentence for the 14-year-old who tricked their little girl into being abused when he was meant to be looking after her.

During the sickening attack he blindfolded their daughter with a Hello Kitty apron and promised her a ‘chocolate’ but then raped her.

The teenager walked free from Cambridge Crown Court earlier this year and still lives a few doors away from the poor child he abused.

The victim’s parents understood he would receive a three-year custodial sentence – but he was let off with a community order instead after a judge blamed ‘the world and society’ for his porn addiction.

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth sparked outrage by deciding he should not go to prison, instead giving the rapist a three-year community order.

The girl’s devastated parents claimed the judge’s comments had ‘cheapened’ their daughter’s ordeal and said they would appeal.

But the Attorney General has now confirmed the appeal will not be allowed to go ahead because the case was ‘difficult to sentence’.

It concluded that the Court of Appeal would not regard the sentence as ‘unduly lenient’ and the case will not progress further.

The victim’s mother - who cannot be named for legal reasons- said they are ‘angry’ and ‘disappointed’.

She said: ‘It is coming up the anniversary of the attack we don’t wish to drag it all up again.

‘Now the decision has been made, we can not appeal, we are now going to move on with our lives.

‘It is disappointing, but as ever our priority is our little girl and her happiness - we just have to move on.

‘We want to keep her life normal, we don’t want to reinforce the memory and we want her to remain as content as she is now.

‘We hope it doesn’t effect her relationships in later life.’

The abuse took place at the girl’s Cambridgeshire home in December last year - the first time her parents had let the teenager babysit the girl alone.

They trusted him to watch her for a couple of hours in return for £10 pocket money and said he was a quiet but ‘normal kid’ who they completely trusted.

But when they got home the victim’s Dad was getting her ready for bed when she revealed the babysitter had played a game, promising to reward her with chocolates.

She explained how he had covered her eyes with her Hello Kitty apron and ‘put his willy in her mouth’.

The victim’s tearful mum blasted Cambridge Crown Court for letting the attacker walk free - when he lives just a matter of doors from their family home.

Professionals who dealt with the sick teen advised the Attorney General that the best way of addressing his behaviour was by educating him within the community.

His progress and whereabouts will continue to be monitored by police for the next two and a half years.

A sex offences prevention order was also made for five years, stating he must not access or seek to access pornography of any kind and must not use any mobile devices or computer without suitable filters to prevent the viewing of pornography.

The offender - who at the time of the case appeared in the dock in his school uniform - was told he had only been spared six-and-a-half years in jail because he was still a minor.

The Solicitor General may have concluded against appeal but he did promise that the babysitter’s period of supervision will be ‘tough’ and ‘challenging’ and will ‘force him to address his behaviour’.

A spokesman for the AGO said: ‘Following complaints from the victim’s family as well as members of the public, the former Solicitor General, Edward Garnier QC MP asked the Crown Prosecution Service to send the case papers to him for review.

‘After very careful consideration of all the factors in the case, he decided not to refer it to the Court of Appeal as he did not believe they would increase the sentence.’


I think it’s rubbish. What do you think? Am I wrong?
Come on.  Any boy of even 12 or 11 would know better.  Any youngster reaching 10 knows right from wrong and sure as hell a boy of 13 or 14 knows well the difference between right and evil and assault.  How many of you have ever assaulted a baby because you saw a good looking woman in a bikini? Or even porn for that matter.  This little creep simply got away with what he did with help of stupid do-gooders. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/07/2012 at 09:05 AM   
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