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Libtards don’t have enough brain cells to think about the victims.

Yet another example of the “rights” industry hard at work undermining the right to be safe from vermin.
Yawn. Yes I know it’s same old, same old.  Thing is, the ppl who make this kind of thing possible, and no doubt at all lawyers, keep coming up with new twists and strategies for these same old stories.  Haven’t a clue what it may cost to the treasury, but we can surely sus out what it means to the sovereignty of this country if the Brits don ‘t ditch this worthless court.  Some of you might already know but for those who don’t, many of the so called judges have no background in law to begin with.  I am certain as I can be that when the Brits signed on to the idea of uniting with Europe, most had no idea it might come to this.
Also, the demand these creeps are making could be nothing more than an outlet for their boredom. But at what cost?

Libtards don’t have enough brain cells to think about the victims at the same time they are whining about the rights of the perpetrators.
- ItsNotSocietyItsYou , Righteous Indignation, United Kingdom,

Killers’ plea to Euro judges means Britain could be stripped of powers to hand out ‘life means life’ sentences

Killers set to insist European Court of Human Rights allows them right to demand release from jail
Roll call of evil, and includes Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe, Levi Bellfield and Steven Wright could benefit from move
Former policing and justice minister Nick Herbert calls for withdrawal from the court

By Jack Doyle, Home Affairs Correspondent

Britain could be stripped of the power to give serial killers ‘life means life’ jail terms in a new showdown with Strasbourg.

A group of killers will insist the European Court of Human Rights grants them the right to demand their release from jail.

If the court rules in their favour, ministers will be forced to give 43 of the most dangerous serial killers and rapists behind bars in this country the right to apply to get out of prison early.

The list of those who would benefit is a roll call of evil, and includes Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe, Levi Bellfield and Steven Wright, all of whom have been given a ‘whole life’ sentence, meaning they will die behind bars.

Each would be granted a new ‘human right’ to have their case put before the Parole Board to argue that they had reformed and should be let out.

The case is brought by killers Jeremy Bamber, Peter Moore and Douglas Vinter, all of whom were given whole life terms because of the seriousness of their crimes.

It comes before the Strasbourg court tomorrow, with a judgment expected in weeks, at a time when relations between it and the Government are at a historic low.

Writing in the Mail today, former policing and justice minister Nick Herbert advocates withdrawal from the court, which he says has contributed to the spread of a ‘rights contagion’ in which ‘everyone knows their rights, yet few admit their responsibilities’.

Strasbourg first ruled against the three killers in January by a knife-edge vote of four judges to three, and the court has allowed an appeal to its Grand Chamber.

The dissenting judges said denying a parole hearing amounted to ‘cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment’.

Were the court to rule in the killers’ favour, as some Strasbourg observers predict, it would be a direct challenge to the authority of Parliament to decide the law – and of our courts to rule on it.

source for article


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Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom are done. Empty and cleaned. Attic is empty. Only have to go back and spackle up a few nail holes in the walls.

Bedroom 1 is 2/3 done. Laundry room is 1/2 done. Garage is 2/3 done. That’s my list for today if I can swing it; it’s snowing HARD outside right now.

Bedroom 2 is a freakin’ disaster area, with stuff strewn everywhere and piles of junk that would make a hoarder proud.

I carved up about 40lb of cardboard boxes last night for recycling.  They were all up in the attic. Audiophiles always try to save the original boxes the equipment comes in, just in case it ever has to go back to the factory. Fug that. We bought the speakers in 1997 and they’re still working just fine, so the fantastic shipping boxes they came in ... on their own little pallets, with Masonite liners in the boxes and multiple layers of cardboard, surely the greatest boxes ever made ... they can go. I have enough spare gear to build an entire second home theater/stereo, mostly with “mid-fi” components from the middle 90s. Yippee.

God, I hope we can get this done by the end of the month. Worst case, I hope we can have everything out of the house by then. I doubt if the landlord cares if there’s a bit left in the garage, as long as we send him a couple bucks for carryover rent.

Damn, we’ve been living like pack rats. I never noticed it, since that condo has huge closets everywhere. This place doesn’t, so thinning stuff out is going to be our new hobby. Once we’ve moved, it will be a box of stuff a day: look at the stuff and decide whether to toss it, or how to work it into the space we have. Emphasis on TOSS IT.

I know, you guys are sick to death of these We’re Moving posts. Imagine how I feel, spending 6 or more hours a day at it. Every day of the month, outside events notwithstanding.


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early lunch at the potters heron, or the cart and horses. whatever, the food was great!

About 10 days or so ago, the wife who has been ill and not able to really get out as much as she’s like, decided she had cabin fever and suggested we go out to lunch. Something we had not done in many months due to her condition. But pain or no pain she was determined and suggested a place not too far from here, a pub called The Potters Heron.  It’s in a village named Kingsworthy.  Ancient church and cemetery and village green, sadly crowded these days by modernity.

So we went and I am looking forward to the time we can return cos the food was outstanding and the portions very generous.  So here. Take a look.
Of course, in spring and summer the outside would be filled and there’s be flowers everywhere.

The Heron dates to about 1760.

Here’s an oddity I need to get to the bottom of.
The manager’s business card and some other things ID this place as, The Cart and Horses.  ????? 
Hey. What can I say?  This is England.




Wife had the Cod, I think that’s what it was, and I could not resist the Ham. But I was not aware upon ordering that it came with two eggs.
I was a happy camper. By the way, with regard to the photo below. We had already started when I got the idea to take a snap of the meal. So a number of fries are missin g from the photo.  You do get your monies worth, and we are going back.



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so nice to share happy endings with people. so here.

Don’t you just love happy endings?
It’s so refreshing to read that one criminal scum has killed another of his kind. Of course it would have been really great had they knocked off each other but hey, we mustn’t look a gift horse ..... right? 

What apparently happened was, the fellow pictured accidentally shot his crime partner who stepped into the line of fire as the guy tried to shoot the person they were robbing.  Who was also a criminal btw. But one deleted sub species is something to be thankful for and so we rejoice. 
It’s always nice when one of these take out another of their sort. If they’d only do it more often.

Robber dubbed ‘Murder Mike’ who accidentally shot dead his accomplice as they tried to steal fake Rolexes jailed for 30 years

By Niamh O’doherty

A bungling robber dubbed ‘Murder Mike’ was jailed for 30 years today for accidentally shooting his accomplice as they tried to steal a cache of fake Rolex watches.

Daniel Tesfay, 27, blasted Jonathan Barnes, 20, in the head as they attempted to escape with timepieces they believed were worth £8,000.

In fact, the three Submariner watches had been bought over the internet for £118 each by intended victim Jordaan Williams to dupe unsuspecting buyers.

After setting up a meeting, Tesfay boasted he was known as ‘Murder Mike’ before trying to snatch the Rolexes.

In the ensuing scuffle, he tried to shoot Mr Williams but pulled the trigger just as Barnes stepped into the path of the bullet.

Tesfay, a hip-hop artist under the stage name ‘Wolfie’, then ran from the scene leaving his friend fatally wounded.

He denied murder, claiming he and Barnes had themselves been victims of a violent robbery, but was convicted of murder after an Old Bailey trial.

Jailing him for life with a minimum term of 30 years, Judge Paul Worsley said there was no mitigation for Tesfay’s crime.

‘You discharged your loaded handgun at one of these young men and by mistake shot him through the head,’ he added.

‘This is an offence with a higher seriousness than most and you have shown no remorse.’

In a statement read to the court, Mr Barnes’ mother and father, Judith and Douglas, said: ‘The senseless killing of our son has been like a bad nightmare.’

‘He is sorely missed,’ they added.

Mr Williams bought the three watches from the RolexReplica website and offered them for sale to friends via BlackBerry Messenger in August last year.

One of them passed the advert to Barnes, who responded with a message reading: ‘Can I rob them?’

He later insisted he would pay for them and went to Mr William’s home in Morland Road, Croydon, south London, with Tesfay at around 8pm on August 23.

The pair inspected the watches before leaving and returning later that evening.

Barnes agreed to buy the watches for £6,500 but the mood suddenly changed and he said to Tesfay: ‘Let’s do it.’

‘At that point Daniel Tesfay looked at Jordaan Williams and produced a loaded semi-automatic pistol from behind a brown manbag he was carrying,’ said prosecutor Roger Smart.

‘He pressed this against Jordaan Williams chest and said: “Do you know who I am, I’m Murder Mike, I’ll blow your chest off, I’ll shoot you.“‘

read more


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muslims march in wales, of all places. they’re everywhere and spreading like …. you name it.

Never give Wales a thought. I guess cos it’s so far from us, and it’s been a good 25 or so years since I’ve visited there. It just isn’t in the forefront of things. Til today when I happened upon this small story. Wales is not a very big place, and I would not in the normal course of things think of Wales and muslims together.
That is, until today. Look at a map, and do a small amount of research on Wales, it’s weather and customs and landscape etc. I hate to think of that beautiful place and muslims too.  It as tho they leave a trail of slime or something just not clean in their wake. Sort of like gypsies, romas, travelers. That ilk but with religion.

Hundreds in city centre for 30th annual Martyr’s march

By Ruth Mansfield

AROUND 500 Muslims marched through Newport city centre this afternoon in the 30th annual Martyr’s march.


The march, which is organised by the Islamic Society for Wales, commemorates the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussain.

Imam Hussain was among 73 Muslims slaughtered in Iraq more than 1,300 years ago.

Men, women and children chanted as they took part in the hour-long march which made its way way from Victoria Place, along Commercial Street and back up Stow Hill.

The marchers also repeatedly placed their hands against their chest as they paraded through the city while some carried flags and banners.

The marchers stopped along Commercial Street for a group of men to perform chants while beating their hands against their chests.

The event grabbed the attention of shoppers and passers-by who stopped to watch with some also taking photographs of the early afternoon march.

Also among the marchers was Mayor of Newport, Cllr John Guy who made a short speech before helping to lead the parade.

Speaking to the crowd, he said: “The Muslim community send a wonderful example of hard work and community spirit. I wish you all success and all the best for this very important day.”

Secretary of the society, Mubarak Ali said the march was the first of its kind in the UK and possibly Europe.

He said: “We started this in 1982 so are now in our 30th year.

I am really pleased with everyone coming and really appreciate the Mayor coming to support us.”

Organisers also thanked the council, police and marshals who had helped with the event.

H/T South Wales Argus


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calendar   Monday - November 26, 2012

a one sided suicide pact

I’m looking for words again. They just won’t come to me.  When I see something like this, I really believe it’s possible for the sky to fall.
If ever Germany and the west needed some backbone you’d think it might be now. But no.
If it weren’t for those damned mistaken fools in the 1930s, we would not be seeing this kind of thing today.
This is depressing.

A One-Sided Suicide Pact


Soeren Kern, writing for the Gatestone Institute in his November 16th article, “IslamNeeds a Fair Chance in Germany,” reported a significant development in Germany that portends dire consequences for that benighted nation and for all of Europe: the city of Hamburg signed a “treaty” with organizations representing its Islamic population.

The “treaty” features a series of concessions, not by the Muslims to secular authority, but by the secular government of Hamburg to the Muslims. The “treaty,” which requires ratification by the city’s Parliament, grants Muslims “rights” and “privileges” enjoyed by no other religious group there.

The November 13 agreement, signed by Hamburg’s Socialist Mayor Olaf Scholz and the leaders of four Muslim umbrella groups, is being praised by the proponents of multiculturalism for putting the northern port city’s estimated 200,000 Muslims on an equal footing with Christian residents....

The most controversial part of the accord involves a commitment by the city government to promote the teaching of Islam in the Hamburg public school system. The agreement grants the leaders of Hamburg’s Muslim communities a determinative say in what will be taught by allowing them to develop the teaching curriculum for Islamic studies.

Moreover, Muslim officials will also be able to determine who will (and who will not) be allowed to teach courses about Islam in city schools. In practice, this means that only Muslims will be allowed to teach Islam and that pupils will not be exposed to any critical perspectives about the religious, social and political ideology of Islam.

It is noteworthy that all the concessions will be paid by non-Muslim Germans as a form of jizya, or “protection” tax. Germans will not “retaliate” against Islamic aggression, for political correctness will silence them for fear of being accused of racism or bigotry.

Islam, however, is first and foremost, from top to bottom, a totalitarian ideology. Its doctrine requires that Muslims and their spokesmen advocate Islam’s own kind of racism and bigotry.

Islam is a nihilist ideology, as well. It is the enemy of all human values. In exchange for submission to it, it promises a paradise after death. Life on earth is merely transitory and not important. The Hamburg “treaty” is an extension of that nihilism; it requires its secular signers to aid and abet the piecemeal annihilation of their values and their culture. The Islamists know what they are doing. Their secular cosigners do not. It seems the “right” thing to do, per a Kantian categorical imperative to pursue an end regardless of, but especially because of, its selfless nature, in the name of what Mayor Scholz called “the strengthening the societal foundation” of Hamburg.

Which is tantamount to injecting the bubonic plague pathogen into a human body in order to “strengthen an individual’s well-being.”

Do the opponents of the treaty take a principled stand against it? No. They remain as clueless about the implications as Mayor Scholz.

t is noteworthy that all non-Muslim school children attending public schools will be indoctrinated in Islam by Islamic teachers. This is necessary to forestall any future opposition to Islam’s incremental takeover of Hamburg, and then Bremen, and then all of Germany.

full and unedited version here


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do white folks really need to be here anymore? let the place sink and let em all starve

Not the first time this has happened and I can not understand why white folks refuse to heed the danger signs.

This place may be beautiful, I can understand admiring the landscape.  But since the world ganged up on an efficient white run govt. and forced an end to apartheid, this place has gone to the dogs. Not reals dogs of course. More like the ignorant pissant k-9 my neighbor owns. But I bet their dog smells better then the thugs in this story.

This is the sort of things darkies do for sport as well as criminal profit. It’s in their genes.A thousand years from today this country will still be getting handouts from the west assuming there is still a west once the muslims are finished with it.

How about the headline here? incidents blamed on social inequality Sure thing. They own the country, they are running things now, and they sill haven’t got equality.  Of course we know what they really mean by that term. Don’t we?  Equality means having everything that the white guy has but without actually earning it.  It ain’t equal less it be stolen away or given away.  Bah. And Mandela is some kind of hero. For what? Oh right. He survived jail. Too bad that.
I can’t understand why he wasn’t wearing a gun or had one to hand.  Sad story and I’m sorry for him and his family and even the dogs.

OK, gotta gwt outta here while this is up and running. Phone ppl outside again, been on the street since very early morning doing I don’t know but they’re looking at that line up there. Hmmmm. ???

British engineer who ‘fell in love’ with South Africa is hacked to death on his remote farmstead by machete-wielding thieves who only took mobile phones

Chris Preece’s wife was also injured in the attack which happened after robbers poisoned their guard dogs

This farm attack is the latest in a string of similar incidents and has been blamed on social inequality

By Dan Newling

A British engineer who moved to South Africa after ‘falling in love with the country’ has been brutally murdered on his remote farmstead.

Chris Preece was stabbed to death in his kitchen by men with machetes who left with just a few mobile phones and a small amount of cash.

The 54-year-old’s wife Felicity was also seriously injured in Saturday night’s attack, which happened on a farm the couple were turning into a nature reserve.

Mr Preece’s daughter-in-law has told how a gang of three robbers poisoned the couple’s large pack of guard dogs before breaking into the house.

The engineer, who was originally from Southgate in north London, is believed to have been assaulted when he confronted the men at his farm outside Ficksburg on South Africa’s border with Lesotho.

His wife Felicity, 56, is thought to have heard him crying for help, but was overpowered before she could call police. She sustained a fractured skull.

Yesterday her daughter-in-law Jeanne Preece said: ‘The robbers threw her against the wall, slashed her and then left for dead. And for what? A little money, a wallet, a few phones’.

Mr Preece’s death is the latest in an alarming trend of brutal murders on remote farmsteads in post apartheid South Africa.

Since the country’s first fully democratic elections in 1994, more than 3,000 white, mainly Afrikaans, farmers have been killed in their homes.

The so-called ‘farm attacks’ are part of the wave of criminality that has engulfed the country in recent years, something criminologist blame of a number of factors, including inept policing and widening social inequality.

But in the case of ‘farm attacks’ - which occur far from the crime-ravaged townships - academics also blame a breakdown in the traditional social contract between employer and employee.

Police research shows that the murders are normally carried out by drug-addicted, unemployed black men. Often they have some connection with the targeted farmstead.

Local police said the attack at Mr Preece’s farm - called Fleur de Lys - is the fifth such attack, and the second murder, in the district over the past month.

Yesterday Jeanne Preece told the local Volksblad newspaper how Mr Preece had moved to South Africa in 1995 for work, after which he had ‘fallen in love’ with the country.

He worked as principal geotechnical engineer for mining firm Snowden and was based in the country’s commercial capital Johannesburg.

However he spent every weekend on the farm, 200 miles drive away, where he wife Felicity lived.

The couple were passionate about wildlife and welcomed local children to the farm to teach them to ride horses.

read more

Well bmews.... I guess my temper got the best of those PC jerks at the Daily Mail.
I posted a comment, forgot what I said but you can be sure it was not pc. Got this a few minutes ago.
What I find annoying is, there is no way to respond and tell these folks that the sky isn’t gonna fall on me.
But I thought you’d like to see this.


Your account has been permanently de- activated for going against the Community Guidelines.

You are no longer allowed to post on the Daily Mail or other Associated Newspapers Ltd sites using this or any other user. Please be advised that should you post again we reserve the right to contact your ISP/employer and seek that action is taken against you.

Senior Community Editor
Daily Mail

House Rules:
Privacy Policy:

This is an automated message from MailOnline.


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this flea on an Elephant’s ass

It’s interesting how planned posts are forgotten or put aside because one of our readers makes a comment on a subject which leads me to alter plans.
In this case, I had no intention of posting anything this early.
In fact, I booted so that I could email our repeat Rx. for medications into the doctor’s office. Something I should have done yesterday and didn’t. So I thought I would check here as long as I was online anyway, and see what we had.

The last post from me was yesterday and the headline was:

Spain sends Algerian criminal to live in the UK

and there’s nothing we can do about it

and TimboToo wrote to say;

the UK is the only country which slavishly adheres to the EU rules. Others “interpret” them and nothing happens…

followed by CenTexTim who asked.

What would happen if the UK basically said ‘f*** off’ to the EU rules? Would the EU declare war? Or just kick the UK out of their club?

CenTex also suggested that it,

Might be worth finding out…

Now that is a sentiment a good number of Brits have also asked but received nary an answer.

And so those two short comments prompted me to post a reply comment. But instead, I found myself writing an entire post in reply. And so, to clear the air a bit and with apologies to so many of my Brit friends, and not to mention my Brit wife who agrees with some frustration, my reply follows here instead of under the comments section of bmews.

the UK is the only country which slavishly adheres to the EU rules. Others “interpret” them and nothing happens

And so I wrote with some frustration;

Exactly right. Wife has been saying that for years. The Brits do tend towards slavishness in their approach to things.  They are more German than the Germans in that regard. It’s in the book and so we can not deviate one iota.  Their approach to a green planet is much the same. You should see the arguments that rage even in our little amateur local paper, The Hampshire Chronicle.  Most of the letters for example are from the sky is gonna fall any minute unless we ban everything that emits carbon, people.  And even the professional Daily Mail got on its high moral horse and started some kind of silly ban the plastic bag campaign. They want to discourage use of the plastic bags in grocery stores, and some stores have already started to charge a small sum for every bag. Of course, they also sell the planet saving bags you can reuse.  But the thing is, this little island, this insignificant little dot on the landscape, in relation to global warming or climate change or whatever other term is in vogue at the moment, is less then a single spit in both oceans. (A&P)

To read the papers and to read the comments the tree huggers write to editors, one would think the world depended on this flea on an Elephant’s ass, one small dot on the planet, to save it from itself. And they are VERY religious about it too.

I know I got way off the topic of the post, but Timbo’s comment was so 100% on the mark that it applies to everything these guys do. AND, too damn many approach political correctness with the same verve and religiosity. They can not deport hardened criminals because the vermin have something called “rights” and they MUST obey the European Court of Human Rights. Hardly anyone else does, but not the Brits. Oh no.  They’ll hold a gun to their collective heads and dare you to dare them to shoot. 

Go ahead ....  make my


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calendar   Sunday - November 25, 2012

a country in an immigration rut. open borders? looks that way.

Wanna talk about being a country in a rut.

There isn’t anything for me to say. This says it all.

Spain sends Algerian criminal to live in the UK

and there’s nothing we can do about it

Lazhari Zemouche arrested 92 times in Spain over the past 25 years

Crimes range from theft to robbery and he has used fake identities

Believed to have entered into a sham marriage to obtain a British passport

By Stephen Wright, Emine Sinmaz and Gerard Couzens

An Algerian-born career criminal suspected of a ‘marriage of convenience’ to a British citizen has been deported from Spain to the UK.

Police said Lazhari Zemouche had been arrested 92 times in Spain over the past 25 years for crimes from theft to robbery and had used a number of fake identities.

But because he had married in the UK before his latest crime spree in Spain, he was deported to London rather than to his native Algeria.

Officials said he was put on a plane to London after his latest arrest in Majorca because he was deemed a ‘security risk’ in Spain.

Spanish police sources claimed Zemouche, whose whereabouts were unknown last night, had entered into a sham marriage to obtain a British passport.

They admitted that unless Zemouche was a wanted man in Britain, he would be free to roam the streets and carry on offending as he has done over the past two and a half decades in Spain.


His wife’s identity and the exact date of his marriage, said to have taken place in England ‘a few years ago’, were not revealed by the Spanish authorities.

He was deported to the UK under a 2007 Spanish law allowing it to expel EU citizens for security reasons.

A spokesman for police in Majorca, where 45-year-old Zemouche was arrested on October 4 and held in an immigration centre pending deportation, declined to name him officially.

But Zemouche’s initials appeared in the local media and informed sources confirmed his full identity.

The police spokesman said: ‘He was deported to Britain because he married a British citizen in the UK and has British nationality.
Spanish police declined to offer a full list of his past offences. An official admitted: ‘Unless he is wanted in Britain then he will obviously be free to walk the streets a free man until such time as he reoffends.

‘But with his history, it’s a question of when and not if he’s going to reoffend.’

Figures last year showed EU migrants were committing over 500 crimes a week in Britain, but officials were powerless to deport most of them.

Whitehall’s interpretation of EU freedom of movement rules means only offenders who have received a jail term of at least two years can be deported.


And UKIP are the bad guys?  Seems they may be the only ones to have it right.  Even the EDL has this one right.
The only ones who seem to have missed something, are those on the left.


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treaty of debt

I’ve already done rants of one kind or another on the subject, but this is the first time I have seen this.
I’ve no idea just how accurate it actually is, but I confess I am influenced most by what I read and what I hear with regard to the EU. I feel sorry for the Brits who I hear complain about the loss of their sovereignty, and that does not come only from extremists like myself, but even from ppl who normally are quite moderate to somewhat left of cntr. Even they see what is happening and they are open in their concerns.  Not that anyone is doing anything about it.

On the other hand, while listening to a radio program called ‘Any Questions’ on BBC Radio 4, I was quite surprised to hear audience reaction in the form of cheers for the side that approved of the union with Europe. I think many were planted because one of the panel on the show Friday night was a liberal member of the Labour Party.

Anyway, seeing this makes me think of the monies dumped by the USA into the UN and into foreign aid.
I know they are being dishonest but I must say I have great sympathy for the wealthy who are able to avoid the extra taxes and I am even sympathetic to tax cheats.  When we consider all the money that has been spent over all these many, many years, money that now apparently belongs not to the people who earn it, but to peoples in other lands, well.  If I were on a jury trying an out and out tax cheat, I would never vote for conviction.  I guess it’s good for the system that I am well beyond being called. I know my attitude is not right. It certainly does not support the idea of being law abiding. But there you are. That’s me, that’s how I feel on the subject and things aren’t about to change.
And neither is how governments waste their taxpayers pounds and dollars. And here’s a scary thing I know most of you are already well aware of.
There are lots of folks back home (USA) who want ever closer ties, who I’ve heard on interviews claiming that borders separate people and should be done away with, and recently one of them said that the idea of a united states has had its day and would fold. Now that may have some merit when you look at how divided our country has become over the last 50 years. Not that we’ll have another uncivil war. I don’t mean that.  Just that we seem to have drifted apart in many ways.


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calendar   Saturday - November 24, 2012


Don’t you hate the dumb questions?  What’s the point of that?  Lets be honest shall we?

Beauty pageants are basically something that looks nice and that most especially appeal to men.  Well okay. To a few women too.  Give equal time here.
These are usually young ladies with tons of make up and beautiful hair with not a strand out of place unless it’s planned and looks sexy. 
Who the heck cares if they can count or not.  None of the young girls who are ALL too young for us, would look at most of the guys ogling and drooling over their image, unless said drooler had mega bucks to spend on the delights of high living.  These are not ladies we’re gonna end up in bed with, okay.
So why pretend that anyone cares if they know the answers to some dumb questions.  That’s what we have the net for.  Or Drew-World.

OK so, here’s a photo. I hate to be mean really I don’t wanna be but. Is this the best La Belle France has to offer? 
The girl in the front row far left would be nice with a better hair do. The one in the center is sort of ok. Back row St. Martin okay. Gee. Just okay is just not good enough for a beauty contest. And while I’m sure that poor deluded youngster in the front row far right is a very nice lady, she hasn’t looked in any mirrors lately.
See? This is the price the world has had to pay for caving in to the femi-nazis.  A beauty pageant without the beauty.

More than just a pretty face: Entrants for Miss France beauty pageant subjected to general knowledge quiz

Entrants for this year’s Miss France beauty pageant have been subjected to a new general knowledge quiz, sparking “panic” among contestants forced to prove they are more than just a pretty face.


By Henry Samuel, in Paris

The 33 girls were informed they would have to take the test after arriving on the French-speaking Indian Ocean island of Mauritius this week for the annual televised competition.

The exam included such probing questions as: “Who is the prime minister of France?”, “What’s the average price of a baguette?” and “Complete the sequence: A, E, I...”.

Competition organiser and 2002 Miss France winner Sylvie Tellier said it was important for contestants to demonstrate they possessed not only beauty, but intelligence as well.

According to Sud Ouest newspaper, which obtained the list of questions, they were designed to “fight against clichés and to check whether their brains were as up to the mark as their interminable legs”.

The new test appeared to be an attempt by owners Endemol France to fend off claims they had lowered the tone of the contest by allowing contests to bare more than in previous years.

Miss Tellier and the girls’ bodyguards ensured there was no cheating when the competitors took a 60-minute test together under exam conditions in their luxury hotel.

According to Sud Ouest newspaper, whose reporter was on the scene, when the girls, aged 18 to 24, took the exam papers: “Many had the look of panic in their eyes.” The test involved 40 questions divided into ten categories. Questions like “Which historic event do the French celebrate on 14th July?”, “Who is Usain Bolt?” and “What is the square root of 9?” would clearly not have made it onto Mastermind.

Others were a tad trickier, such as: “What country does Gisele Bundchen come from?,” or “What is the net minimum wage in France on November 1, 2012?”

The most taxing mental arithmetic question was: “You leave for New York on a flight at 2pm (French time) with a flight time of 5 hours and 30 minutes.

What time do you arrive in New York local time given that the time difference is minus six hours?”

According to La Montagne, another regional French paper, Miss Burgundy came top with 17.5 out of 20, ahead of Miss Brittany and Miss Picardy, both on 16. However, the average score was not revealed.

The general knowledge addition follows a bitter legal battle with the woman who ran Miss France for over 50 years.

Geneviève de Fontenay, 79, known as La Dame au Chapeau (The Lady with the Hat), reigned supreme over the beauty pageant as its self-styled moral guardian prepared to strip beauty queens of their crown for baring too much flesh.

In 2010, she stormed out, accusing Endemol France of turning Miss France into trash.

“Those (girls) who like opening their legs will be with Endemol and those with a bit of class will stay by my side,” said the formidable matriarch.

Last month, a French court banned her from holding or broadcasting a rival pageant called Miss Prestige National, which she claims respects her moral and dress codes.

She has pledged go ahead with the contest all the same at Paris’ Lido on December 10, just two days after the official Miss France.

Miss Tellier said: “The fact that Geneviève is no longer there doesn’t mean we won’t keep her values of politeness, elegance, punctuality, sociability and the absence of vulgarity.” The contest has been regularly hit by scandals of past winners baring all in glossy magazines – the latest was Miss France 2011 who posed nude in Paris Match in August.

Miss Tellier said the temptation to strike a PR coup was huge. “Every morning I wake up wondering which of these girls will I find nude on the Internet?,” she told Le Parisien.


A few years ago, or maybe it was only last week. No, it was about two years ago I said the following.

I had spent a weekend in Paris and found that the most beautiful women to be seen, were all and without any exceptions, Asian. They were Chinese mostly and a few others from the Orient. Those were the beauties.

See More Below The Fold


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like the battery bunny

I just keep going, and going, and going. Or is it moving, and moving, and moving. I am getting too old for this shizz, that’s for sure.

Time to take car load #4 up the hill. Then it’s back for some inside work - it’s snowing now, and I’m tired of being out in the cold garage today. So I’ll try and take apart the Big Rig (aka the fancy stereo) and bring that up. It’s got a few pieces in it we never use anymore (anyone want to buy an SVHS machine?) and a nice DAC that is rather outdated, so maybe I can put it back together smaller.

I vow that, when this move is over, I will find something to throw out or donate every week. I must thin out the stuff. Things that never ever get used. Like ski boots, when neither of us has skied in 25 years or more. And so forth.

Horry Clap, I have more than my body weight just in bullets. Not loaded ammo, just plain old bullets. Thousands of them. And they’re heavy as lead. Duh. Those I can get rid of 50 at a time, but only if I rejoin the range.


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update, black sob attack on teen

Regulars here at bmews will recall the other day when I posted the story of a young white teen attacked by a miserable black bastard.  It’s what that minority does when they aren’t burning cities.

This is an update and for those who don’t recall or don’t know, here’s a look.

Well, here’s an update on the filthy nig whoops, negro.


Thug, 34, admits punching 16-year-old girl unconscious in shocking random street attack which was caught on CCTV

· Michael Ayoade, 34, ran up behind Tasneem Kabir as she walked to college and smacked her around the head
· Ayoade jogged away as the 16-year-old lay unconscious on the ground in Plaistow, East London
· When arrested Ayoade told police he was intimidated by the petite teen and that ‘she started it’, Thames Magistrates’ Court was told

Michael Ayoade told police that the petite 16-year-old ‘didn’t have a friendly face’, that he was ‘intimidated by her’ and that she ‘made me feel like a pauper with her facial gestures’.

He said he couldn’t cope with ‘taking an insult from a little person like that’.

‘He said he was going about his business and was intimidated by her look, she looked like she wanted a fight. She looked about 19 or 20. He did not approve of the way she looked so he went back and punched her....He said “Nah, that hurt, I can’t go further in my day taking an insult from a little person like that”.’

‘He thought to himself “No, no I am not taking this”,’ the lawyer said. ‘He never spoke to her, just punched her.’

Marianna Christou, defending, said that Ayoade had come to the UK from Nigeria when he was just three years old, and had to fend from himself from young age. He was said to have no contact with his family.

Ms Christou said: ‘He has drunk since he was 16 and smokes up to 10 joints a day which in my submission is excessive and perhaps this causes some degree of paranoia and low self esteem.’

Ayoade was remanded in custody and is due to appear at Inner London Crown Court on a date to be fixed.


So the black sob comes here with a last name nobody can pronounce and his lawyer defends and comes up with, ??  Maybe next time, and we know there will be, it’ll be his lawyer he doesn’t like the look of.  Or maybe he’ll attack someone who will be alert enough to bring him down and maybe kill the shit. What a waste of space.


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an economic black hole?

Worth your time.  Sometimes subjects like this can be quite dry and a large yawn.
See what you think.

Daley is an American, married to a Brit and been living here for many years. She well knows her way around her subject.

We’re heading for economic dictatorship

The whole of the West is falling into the economic black hole of permanent no-growth

By Janet Daley

Forget about that dead parrot of a question – should we join the eurozone? The eurozone has officially joined us in a newly emerging international organisation: we are all now members of the Permanent No-growth Club. And the United States has just re-elected a president who seems determined to sign up too. No government in what used to be called “the free world” seems prepared to take the steps that can stop this inexorable decline. They are all busily telling their electorates that austerity is for other people (France), or that the piddling attempts they have made at it will solve the problem (Britain), or that taxing “the rich” will make it unnecessary for government to cut back its own spending (America).

So here we all are. Like us, the member nations of the European single currency have embarked on their very own double (or is it triple?) dip recession. This is the future: the long, meandering “zig-zag” recovery to which the politicians and heads of central banks allude is just a euphemism for the end of economic life as we have known it.

Now there are some people for whom this will not sound like bad news. Many on the Left will finally have got the economy of their dreams – or, rather, the one they have always believed in. At last, we will be living with that fixed, unchanging pie which must be divided up “fairly” if social justice is to be achieved. Instead of a dynamic, growing pot of wealth and ever-increasing resources, which can enable larger and larger proportions of the population to become prosperous without taking anything away from any other group, there will indeed be an absolute limit on the amount of capital circulating within the society.

The only decisions to be made will involve how that given, unalterable sum is to be shared out – and those judgments will, of course, have to be made by the state since there will be no dynamic economic force outside of government to enter the equation. Wealth distribution will be the principal – virtually the only – significant function of political life. Is this Left-wing heaven?

Well, not quite. The total absence of economic growth would mean that the limitations on that distribution would be so severe as to require draconian legal enforcement: rationing, limits on the amount of currency that can be taken abroad, import restrictions and the kinds of penalties for economic crimes (undercutting, or “black market” selling practices) which have been unknown in the West since the end of the Second World War.

In this dystopian future there would have to be permanent austerity programmes. This would not only mean cutting government spending, which is what “austerity” means now, but the real kind: genuine falls in the standard of living of most working people, caused not just by frozen wages and the collapse in the value of savings (due to repeated bouts of money-printing), but also by the shortages of goods that will result from lack of investment and business expansion, not to mention the absence of cheaper goods from abroad due to import controls.

If capital cannot grow – if there is no possibility of it growing – it becomes worthless in international exchange. This is what happened to the currencies of the Eastern bloc: they became phoney constructs with no value outside their own closed, recycled system.

When Germany was reunified, the Western half, in an act of almost superhuman political goodwill, arbitrarily declared the currency of the Eastern half to be equal in value to that of its own hugely successful one. The exercise nearly bankrupted the country, so great was the disparity between the vital, expanding Deutschemark and the risibly meaningless Ostmark which, like the Soviet ruble, had no economic legitimacy in the outside world.

At least then, there was a thriving West that could rescue the peoples of the East from the endless poverty of economies that were forbidden to grow by ideological edict. It remains to be seen what the consequences will be of the whole of the West, America included, falling into the economic black hole of permanent no-growth.



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