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foster care cpl not allowed due to membership in UKIP. UK Independent Party

I’m usually somewhat busy early mornings, although I hate using the word “busy” in view of what Drew is involved in these days. Now moving is really busy.
Anyway, I wouldn’t normally boot this early on weekends but, I saw this madly insanely bizarre headline when I took the papers off the front porch today.  There it was on the front page in huge bold print and above the fold. No way to miss it.

This is an excellent example and one I wish didn’t exist, of just how far to the left and how far gone parts of this country have drifted in compliance with the dictatorship of political correctness.  How did things become “CORRECT?” Why has a major part of of this country (and I would include the USA) not thrown off the shackles of this miserable and punitive new age form of thought and speech control?  Why has one group who is not even a majority, been allowed to decide for the many just what correct is?  And why can they not understand that it’s ppl like them that in the end, give birth to the people like that fellow in Norway who shot dead so many?  It’s the people on the left with their bizarre ideas of equality and their take on how things should be, that give rise to folks like me whose attitude to the killings in Norway was, Oh well.  At least they were only liberals. 


Just what the heck is UKIP?

Well, it is the U.K. Independent Party, and here is a link to their site.  Lets see just how dangerous these mad folks are. Ya never know. They could as far right as I am and that would be a danger. 


UKIP immigration policy

· An immediate five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement.
· After the five year freeze, a strictly controlled, points-based system similar to Australia to be introduced.
· An aspiration to ensure that future immigration does not exceed 50,000 people a year.
· Regain control of UK borders by leaving the EU.
· Repeal the 1998 Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights.
· Ensure British benefits are only available to UK citizens or those who have lived here for at least five years.
. End the active promotion of the doctrine of multiculturalism by local and national government

Hmmmm. Overall I’d guess, just a wild one mind you, I’d guess they insist on England first. Control their own borders without having to consult with foreigners.
OK, that last one seems unreasonable. Imagine that will ya.  They want to protect their country’s borders. Jeesh. What’s with that?  I mean, how the hell else will illegals be able to gain entry to an already overcrowded island?

Withdraw from the the European court. Seems like more than half the country wants that and so do many in the govt. Still tho, that’s unreasonable too.
The Brits fought a war to be allowed to have other folks from other countries come here and dictate how they should think and speak and act.

Don’t give benefits so freely and especially to those who have not been here awhile.  Whoa. Hold the phone there fella. Does that mean the Brit working taxpayer shouldn’t have the god given right to support everyone from Afrika and from Eastern Europe and the middle east? And how about those Asian families with 12 and more kids and no daddy living large in nice houses?  Does UKIP oppose supporting those poor unfortunates? Oh my. 
Now that really is unreasonable.

OK, so here is the story and this is from the BBC. There is a video at the site which you may or may not be able to view. No matter cos you won’t need to see a video anyway, to see how very wrong and how very mind numbingly dumb this decision was.
For the record least anyone think I drift to the left on the issue.  I don’t. No way.  I don’t personally think too highly of multi cultural fostering and adoptions.
But that isn’t for me to decide and if ppl think they just can’t live unless they do that, oh well. That’s up to them.
So I do find myself in sympathy with the couple here, who have done nothing more then belong to a legal political party whose leader is not a pariah and in fact is regularly interviewed on TV and radio and has no criminal record of any sort. He is in fact an outspoken critic of the EU.  He speaks out loud, very loud, what many here say quietly or among friends. And he says it from of all places, right inside the European Parliament.

UKIP couple have foster children removed from care

A couple have had three foster children removed from their care because they belong to the UK Independence Party.
Rotherham Borough Council said the children were “not indigenous white British” and that it had concerns about UKIP’s stance on immigration.
It said it had to consider the “needs of the children longer term”.
The unnamed couple told the Daily Telegraph social workers had accused them of belonging to a “racist party”. UKIP said it was an appalling decision.
Rotherham Borough Council’s Strategic Director of Children and Young People’s Services, Joyce Thacker, told the BBC that her decision was influenced by UKIP’s immigration policy, which she said calls for the end of the “active promotion of multiculturalism”.
UKIP’s immigration policy states the party wants an “end [to] the active promotion of the doctrine of multiculturalism by local and national government”, and urges Britain to leave the European Union (EU).
The Labour Party has called for an investigation into the Labour-run council’s decision, after claims from UKIP it could have been politically motivated.
The couple, who have been approved foster parents for seven years, were eight weeks into the placement when they were approached by social workers about their membership of the party.
The wife told the Daily Telegraph: “I was dumbfounded. Then my question to both of them was, ‘What has UKIP got to do with having the children removed?’
“Then one of them said, ‘Well, UKIP have got racist policies.’ The implication was that we were racist. [The social worker] said UKIP does not like European people and wants them all out of the country to be returned to their own countries.”
The paper says the woman denied she was racist but the children were taken away by the end of the week.
She said the social worker told her: “We would not have placed these children with you had we known you were members of UKIP because it wouldn’t have been the right cultural match.”
The couple said they had been “stigmatised and slandered”.
Ms Thacker said she did not regret the decision, which was reached after “a lot of soul searching”.
“These children are not UK children and we were not aware of the foster parents having strong political views. There are some strong views in the UKIP party and we have to think of the future of the children.”
She added during an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today: “I have to look at the children’s cultural and ethnic needs.
“I have legal advice I have to follow for the placement of children and I was criticised before for not making sure their cultural and ethnic needs were met.
“If the party mantra is, for example, ending the active promotion of multiculturalism I have to think about that… I have to think of their longer-term needs.



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drunken sex in the back of taxi? in Dubai?  what were they thinking? oh right.

oops. naughty, naughty.

Wouldn’t you think that they would think. Where am I?

Sorry about the scan photo. Quality could be better but only if I had the software. Which I don’t. And what I do have, I don’t know how to use to the fullest. That’s cos instructions seem always to be writ for folks what has already got geek smarts.
Heck, this photo says enough as it is.  And btw, this isn’t the first time Westerners have gotten them selves into trouble over there, for doing exactly this. Or being accused of it anyway.  And they almost always seem to blame their excess drinking. Gotta wonder bout them.
Anyway, to be quite truthful here, I also liked the picture.  Hey, a real female. Not stick thin and made up to the nines. Not perfect but so damn pleasing to these old eyes anyway.

British woman faces jail for having sex in back of taxi in Dubai

A British woman was sentenced to three months in jail and then deportation after being convicted of having drunken sex in the back of taxi in Dubai.

By Richard Alleyne


Rebecca Blake, 29, and Irish man Conor McRedmond, 28, who had only met that day, were said to have stripped naked and indulged in sexual intercourse after a 10 hour drinking session.

The pair claimed they were just hugging and that the taxi driver had only reported them because they had caught him taking them a long way home.
But the Dubai Misdemeanours Court found them guilty after the driver and a police man insisted they were being rather more intimate.

The pair have been released on bail pending an appeal hearing which could see the sentence suspended in January but they will have to spend Christmas in Dubai as their passports have been taken away.

Their lawyer Shaker Al Shammary said: “They are not guilty on the sex charges and will not go to jail.”

Blake, a recruitment consultant from Dorking in Surrey, and McRedmond, a welder from Tullamore in County Offaly, were arrested on May 4 after meeting just hours earlier in a hotel bar.

The pair had been knocking back glasses of white wine and vodka at a drink-all-you-like £35-a-head brunch in the Rotana Hotel.
When the brunch finished at 4pm, the pair moved on to the happy hour at the hotel bar before carrying on drinking at the Irish Village pub nearby.

Blake, who admitted drinking four glasses of vodka and five glasses of wine, caught a taxi at 10.30pm outside the bar with McRedmond, who had guzzled “six or seven” vodka drinks.
The Pakistani taxi driver Qaiser Khan, 29, told the court in a written statement that the couple seemed confused and repeatedly changed their minds about where they were going while McRedmond swigged from a bottle.

He said: “I told him it was not allowed to have alcohol inside the taxi but he drank it and threw the bottle out of the window.
“The next thing, I looked in the mirror and saw the woman sitting on the man’s thighs.

“She was naked, moving up and down and making sounds.”
Mr Khan said Blake moaned for two minutes while writhing on top of McRedmond.
He pulled over when he spotted a police patrol car and called officer Abdullah Obaid Khamis over by beeping his horn and saying: “Come and see what they are doing.”

In his witness statement, Mr Khamis said he found the pair still having sex and interrupted them by tapping on the window.
He said: “They kept having sex for four minutes and then I knocked on the glass so they stopped and got dressed.
“The man’s shirt was open, his trousers were down to his knees and the woman was not wearing any underwear.”

The taxi driver claimed Blake offered him “a lot of money” to tell prosecutors the couple were kissing rather than having sex but he refused.
In the couple’s defence, Mr Al Shammary said at the last hearing that there were gaping inconsistencies in the witness accounts. Neither witness gave evidence in the trial, although their statements were submitted to judges in the misdemeanours court.

The lawyer said the pair could not have been having sex because Blake was on her period at the time, adding: “This is Dubai, not a mosque. Everyone drinks.”
The pair pleaded not guilty to charges of having consensual sex and indecency, which related to stripping off in public, but were convicted on both counts.
They are the latest Britons to fall foul of the United Arab Emirates’ strict Islamic laws preventing drunkenness in public and sex outside marriage.

In 2008, Vince Acors, 38, and Michelle Palmer, 40, were convicted of indecency and jailed for three months after being caught having sex on a beach. The sentence was suspended on appeal.
In 2009 Charlotte Adams and Ayman Najafi spent a month behind bars after an Emirati woman complained they were kissing in public.



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calendar   Friday - November 23, 2012

what did this fox do to upset some muzzies in her home country? musta been bad.

Well, lets see who has pissed off muslims this week. There’s gotta be someone, somewhere that’s got them bothered.

Hmmmm. This won’t be too easy.  Or maybe it will.

Feast your eyeballs on this.



Well, what has their knickers in a twist is .......


Not exactly yoga but this lady who tweeted a series of yoga poses. She is a dictator’s daughter. He is the Uzbek president. She might follow him into office, it’s suggested, when he passes on. Who knows. Who cares? I never heard of her or saw her before today. And then ONLY because some muslims raised a fuss over this.

I’m not even sure she’s muslim. I guess she could be.

Here’s the story.

Outrage over Uzbekistan dictator’s ‘skimpily dressed ‘daughter posting pictures of her in ‘yoga poses’ on Internet

London, Nov. 23 (ANI): Uzbekistan dictator Islam Karimov’s daughter has raised eyebrows by posting a series of photographs of herself in a variety of yoga positions on the internet.

Gulnara Karimova’s images reportedly provoked discomfort in her homeland where her father’s hardline secular government is tussling with conservative strains of Islam.

The pictures, first published on Twitter, upset some believers, according to the Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe, which said “they were offended by her skimpy workout clothes and the prurient nature of some of the yoga poses, which they said overstepped the boundaries of propriety”, The Telegraph reports.

However, many bloggers also praised the images and complimented Karimova, whose website describes her as a “poet, mezzo soprano, designer and exotic Uzbekistan beauty”, on her figure.

According to the paper, she is thought to be grooming her public image in case she one day takes over from her father, Islam, 74, who has been the president for 22 years.

Gulnara is also a fashion designer, although she was kicked out of New York Fashion Week last year after a human rights groups complained, the paper said. (ANI)

I would guess in a country like that, where the head of state had to contend with muzzie hard line idiots, the only way to rule would be by dictatorship. Whatever methods he may use, and I’ve no idea or interest, whatever it takes to keep his country out of the hands of those stone age apes are his business and that of his country.  But notice the last line of the brief article. She was denied her place at the fashion week held in NY, because a rights group bitched.  Who gives those folks the authority and power to deny someone a chance to attend the function?  They aren’t happy with her daddy’s rule I guess. Uh huh. So they support the hard liners ?  Seems that way.  He’s obviously violating some rights the human rights group regard as their business.  Can’t stand those SOBs.


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pt.1 immigration nightmare

Drew made a comment on another post and it just happens I was working on this at the same time.  Of course, it doesn’t answer the whole question but does go a long way on its own.

This country has long had a thing for underdogs, they are sympathetic to them and actually, that’s pretty much human nature.  You want to cheer on the guy everybody thinks will lose because he may show something or have a way that inspires ppl when he’s down. Stuff like that.  I may be wrong and Lyndon will tell me if it’s so, but I think even with conservative govts., there has long been a liberal bent to the populace.

Perhaps not quite as far as liberalism has gone these days, but in spite of what you might read in the negative about the days of empire, pretty much these folks (again, only my impression with no academic proof) have been more liberal in many attitudes than Americans have been.  They have always welcomed blacks in ways Americans didn’t. Sure, there’s been ill will at times on both sides of the colour line. But blacks here did not go through the same thing that blacks went through in the USA.  Now I’m not getting started on that subject but just saying that things here have always been different.  And of course, there’s white guilt.  Even when there isn’t a damn thing to be guilty about.  There has also been a quite serious romance with the left here.  People I’d never expect to be Bolshie have been just that.
So, over time and it started long ago, the left started taking charge even when the govt. was a conservative one.  Over time they have infiltrated those areas that have altered opinion and education.  Lyndon can paint a better picture for you and if he does I’ll post it.

Meanwhile,this will give you a picture of how things have been working, or as is the case, not working here.

A shambles! The truth about our leaky borders… Lack of checks let thousands of illegal immigrants stay in Britain

· UK Border Agency allowed tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to remain in UK without proper checks
· Thousands of foreign nationals were granted an ‘amnesty’ without their files being looked at
· Officials also repeatedly misled Parliament over what was happening, a Government inspector found

By Jack Doyle and James Slack

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers were allowed to stay in the UK without proper checks in yet another borders scandal, it emerged last night.
A Government inspector found that thousands of foreign nationals were granted an ‘amnesty’ without their files even being looked at.
Officials at the shambolic UK Border Agency (UKBA) also ignored evidence of deception and fraud by applicants whose cases dated back up to 17 years.

Some 124,000 cases were put in cold storage without proper checks to see if the applicant could be found. It has since emerged 37,500 people involved could have been easily located and potentially booted out.
A further 10,000 cases classified as having ‘legal barriers to removal’ had, in fact, just never been opened.

Officials also repeatedly misled Parliament over what was happening, according to John Vine, the chief inspector of Borders and Immigration.
The failure to properly check asylum cases means UKBA is in danger of overseeing an effective amnesty for many of them.

‘It appears that senior officials of the UKBA have misled the committee about facts and figures. To mislead a committee of the House is an extremely serious matter.
‘Those same officials have all received bonuses. On the basis of this report, they should hand them back immediately.’

The official who presided over much of this shambles? Lin Homer, the one-time £200,000-a-year head of the UKBA, has not been dismissed or even disciplined.
She gave false information to the committee, Lin Homer, has since been promoted to chief executive at HM Revenue and Customs on £175,000 a year.

UK Border Agency staff dealt with the backlog of cases so inefficiently that at one point 100,000 pieces of post from lawyers, MPs and others were unopened. As an exercise in incompetence, it can hardly be bettered.
But to make matters worse we now learn how Home Office officials repeatedly misled Parliament over the scale of the scandal.
Checks which MPs were assured had taken place simply did not happen.
And Indeed, she has been promoted to chief executive and permanent secretary of the HMRC – which collects the tax required for the country to function. Chancellor George Osborne should be very afraid.

all the sad story here

HM Revenue and Customs.  (THE BRIT EQUIV. OF OUR I.R.S.)

In an editorial on the subject today, the Daily Mail has asked;

“Just how miserably do public servants have to fail before they are pushed off the gilded jobs merry-go-round?”


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pt 2.  Immigration nightmare

When Drew asked a very brief question I had this material on hand and knew I couldn’t answer in a line or two. But the paragraph or two I thought of turned out instead to several pages and so in no particular order, I am making three separate posts. It’s the only way unless I squeeze two on one page.
I want folks in the USA to see just how dire and how out of control this problem is.

Britain is powerless to stop tens of thousands of Eastern European immigrants from coming to live in Britain from next year, Theresa May has admitted.

Christopher Hope/The Telegraph

Five year old quotas limiting the number of people from Bulgaria and Romania who can move to live in Britain are due to expire in just over 12 months’ time.

This will give 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians the right to live and work unrestricted in Britain in 2014 under European “freedom of movement” rules.

In an interview on BBC1, the Home Secretary said Britain would not be able to extend the so-called “transitional arrangements” to limit the expected influx.
Mrs May hinted that Britain might try to deny them benefits and access to the National Health Service to put them off from coming.

She told the Andrew Marr programme: “There are no further transitional controls that we can put on – the transitional controls end in December,20,13.

“But that’s where the importance of looking at some of the issues about what it is that is attracting people to come here, in terms of things like our benefits system and access to the health service, is so important.”


The line below comes from another story. Just to give a favour to things.

Government inspector found that thousands of foreign nationals were granted an ‘amnesty’ without their files even being looked at.

Immigration fiasco: this is one problem we can’t blame on the EU. No, it’s the UN’s fault

Ed West

Calls for amnesties make no sense whatsoever; no immigration amnesty in history has led to any result other than more illegal immigration. Amnesties only make the problem worse, but the more a system becomes overwhelmed by sheer numbers the more attractive it appears.

No amount of managerial initiatives will change the fact that the current asylum system is a 1950s model trying to deal with the 21st century.

Britain is signed up to UN treaties devised after the Second World War to help central Europeans displaced by that conflict; because of that, anyone who arrives in the country illegally can claim asylum. This is unworkable in a world where the numbers of legitimate refugees is in the tens of millions, and when it is almost impossible to distinguish between a genuine refugee and an economic migrant. Besides, the distinction between the two is quite vague, and many economic migrants, trying to lift their families out of destitution and misery, are just as worthy of our sympathy.

Britain has not withdrawn from its UN obligations because any politician who did so would be crucified by the BBC. So instead we devise a system whereby claimants are treated inhumanely (placed in prison, even) and forbidden from working, while proportionately very few people are deported (in fact, as many magistrates can tell you, even foreign nationals who routinely commit petty crime are not deported).

It’s a tragedy without villains – the incomers want a better life, and as individuals most of the natives want them to have a better life too – but nonetheless it’s a system that can’t last indefinitely.

To allow a de facto amnesty is not just wrong in a practical sense, but morally wrong too, because the Border Agency, and even more so the politicians who decide asylum policy, have a job as gatekeepers.

This is the most basic job a state can do, but also today the most unfashionable; perhaps it’s because the UN Convention on Refugees was written with the shadow of the Holocaust in the background, with the world shamed by the 1938 Evian Conference, and that tragedy still colours media discourse.

Partly it’s because the idea of borders and barriers is so politically unfashionable to people who spend much of their time in the sky. But we cannot have an effective asylum system that offers limited places to needy people while we are bound by the United Nations; never mind the EU, when are we going to start repatriating power from the UN?

read more


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calendar   Thursday - November 22, 2012

sorry, english not spoken here

Some days ago and not for the first time, I mentioned foreign doctors and language problems and the havoc some had caused.
They were working for the NHS and I wondered if were just the nature of a national service that would do that. Can’t recall what else I may have said.
Well, this came up today and it is a hum dinger. This goes way beyond insanity because if the fellow in this story had that much of a problem, then how in the world did they allow it to go on for years?

Take a look at this one. It could make a pretty good sit com. You know, guy working in hosp. setting and confusion over language etc. Might be funny. Except in real life, no so funny.

And speaking of not so funny.  We’ve been getting gale force winds almost all day and now into the night.  Brrrr. Have some very, very large trees close by.

Indian radiographer who could not speak English worked at cancer hospital for SIX YEARS before being sacked after string of complaints

· Ramani Ramaswany was dismissed from The Christie cancer hospital in Manchester
· He has also been suspended from the national radiography register for a year
· The Health and Care Professions Council heard that he showed ‘a lack of competency’ in a number of areas while working at the hospital
By Steve Nolan

The Health and Care Professions Council found that Mr Ramaswamy had showed a ‘lack of competence’ in a number of areas while working at The Christie.
The panel heard that patients and staff had difficulty understanding him, with his command of English said to be getting worse by managers at the hospital despite extra English lessons after taking a job there.

He was also slammed for failing to demonstrate competent handling of equipment and setting up a bed so badly that a supervisor had to step in to stop a patient getting injured.

Mr Ramaswarmy had asked a patient to confirm their name four times before a colleague was forced to intervene because neither the patient nor the member of staff could understand what he was saying.

The radiographer, who lives in Moss Side, also failed to consistently ask patients to empty their bladders before procedures were carried out.
A senior colleague described his practice as being ‘a bit of a hit or a miss’ and he often read out numbers incorrectly.

Because of concerns over his communication skills, he was at first restricted to a role where he had no contact with patients.
He was moved on to the treatment floor in September 2009 for a three-month trial but this proved unsuccessful.



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bearing the burden

I’m sure they’ll end up with some slick lawyer. After all, they’re only kids. Except this example of sub human breeding matures very early. The genes that work for them in the jungles are in play even here in civilization.  Well, what passes for it anyway. Jus acouple a da brovers makin end meet yeah? Gots ta have lolly look good wif da bitches. Ya know? We be out in no time haha bein as we just kids go wrong one time. yeah?

Oh heck, just another example of poor misunderstood minority kids. Growing up in sink estates and having to face racism every day and not getting a chance to better themselves.  I have heard all that BS from liberal thinking idiots who also transfer that to us, in the USA. I always get the rant about how many ppl we put in prisons in America. DUH. We have a large population. But no, that’s not it they tell me.  We keep putting away more minority members than we do others meaning of course, white folks. So who is defending white crime?  They have me going in circles sometimes. I just wanna swear at em and hit someone. Which of course says nothing positive about me.  It’s just so frustrating to hear so many make excuses for vermin like this. These yoots will never change. There is such a thing as evil and they are that. Period. And white criminals are no better and deserve the same.  The rack and rope.  Thing about these particular young killers is, they breed at a higher rate and breed more of their kind. In time, this sub species will swamp this island. And the numbers are not getting any smaller in the USA either.
Isn’t there something we can put in their water supply that would not alter white but sterilize the minorities?  Surely someone has gotta be working on that.
Ah ... fantasy. If only.

Killed for just her handbag: Blind widow attacked by muggers as she walked home from the shops

· Paula Castle was attacked in an alleyway close to a primary school
· Pensioner had lost her husband and son in the last 10 years
· Police have arrested two boys, aged 14 and 15, on suspicion of murder

By Chris Greenwood

A frail pensioner was killed for just a few pounds in cash by handbag thieves who ambushed her in an alleyway.
Widow Paula Castle, 85, who was registered blind, died from bleeding on the brain after she was attacked as she returned from the shops.
The grandmother was followed by the thieves, who knocked her to the ground and stole her bag.

Witnesses saw two black teenage boys wearing dark clothing and hoods loitering around the alleyway in the minutes before Mrs Castle was robbed. Last night, police arrested two boys aged 15 and 14 on suspicion of murder and a second robbery on Tuesday. They were being questioned at a West London police station.

Graham Driscoll, 49, who grew up on the street where she lived, said the victim was unlikely to be carrying much cash or any valuables.

He said: ‘The scumbags that did this probably don’t even know she’s dead, and if they do, they probably don’t care. If they got £10 from her purse I suppose they would have thought that it was worth it.’

read more


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not much law but lots of disorder: H/T and thanks to Argentium G. Tiger for this new update

Saw this yesterday and wasn’t sure about posting. Just another crime story. Darkie sneaks up behind a young girl and knocks her flat. No reason for the attack but then these folks don’t need reasons. Do they?  I mean, he belongs to a protected minority so although he’ll be prosecuted I’m sure, we can also be as sure in fact even more sure, that nobody will be able to call him what he really is for fear of violating his rights and being racially offensive. Which would cause the ni negro distress and we don’t want that. Do we?  Bet ya if his victim referred to the filthy rotten scum as to what he is, beside sub human, she’d be charged with a racial offense. Count on that.  I wish authorities were able to have the freedom to round up every single criminal like this turd faced vermin, and simply dispose of them. No trial, no court and no fuss. Fast cremation, done, the town is safer by a factor of ....?  I’m not talking about a shoplifter with no long criminal record or ppl without any record of violent crime.  But I’ll wager that when this story gets itself updated, we’ll find the SOB has a long record and much that entails violence.  He’ll most likely have been jailed and released before now. Seems to me that the system that calls itself justice
creates victims.

Take a look at the video and you’ll see exactly what’s so upsetting about this. Can you just imagine what the reaction would be, if the girl felled here were a black or a muslim, and the attacker was white?  London would burn again for sure if she was black, cos burning cities down on any old provocation including ones they think should provoke them but don’t, is part of their dna. It’s their national pastime in any country they infest. And scum like this one believe me, is an infestation. Like a couple of other protected special groups of privileged untouchables.

One of the very scary outcomes of this, especially as there’s a video (see below), is that it could spark copy cat attacks. Just like the attacks on total strangers back in 2004 thru about 06, called “happy slapping.” People were being beaten senseless.  Anywhere, anytime. So this is quite serious indeed.

Police arrest 34-year-old man following attack on girl, 16, who was knocked out cold by stranger in the street

· Police have arrested a 34-year-old man after attack in Plaistow, east London last Tuesday
· Video shows terrible force of the unprovoked battering
· Teenager was on her way to college when vile thug punched her
· Stranger chases her, batters her and runs off without looking back
· Shocked detectives say they have never seen an attack quite like it
· The student says she is now scared to walk down the street alone
By Martin Robinson and Steve Nolan

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of a knocking a 16-year-old girl unconscious in a brutal street attack.
Scotland Yard confirmed that a 34-year-old man was arrested last night in connection with the shocking attack in Plaistow, east London, and is being questioned by officers at a nearby police station.
The victim, a teenage student, who collapsed to the pavement after one powerful punch which was caught on CCTV, said earlier this week that she hoped to be the last victim of the stranger.



The DailyMail has removed the video (The CCTV footage and video grabs have been removed from MailOnline for legal reasons).

So, here’s a link with the video on LiveLeak:

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calendar   Wednesday - November 21, 2012

some stuff never changes except pc stupidity. that keeps getting stupider

In the news today.

What do ya do if you’re a loser and out of work and have no family as in wife and kids?  What if you have a brother that has a wife and four kids and owns a highly successful restaurant?
What do you do?  What Do You Do?

Well, if you happen to be from Bangladesh and your name is Foyez Ahmed, the answer is obvious to you if nobody else.

You murder your sister-in-law by cutting her throat.

And that is exactly what the ass-wipe did. 
I suppose his lawyer will claim mental stress due to being a failure in life and everything else.  Except murder.
They really need to ditch the EU and bring back the rope here.

Meanwhile, while the above monster was doing his worst, another fellow named Kasid Hussain was employed and working as a taxi driver.
With a twist that now makes me wonder about the use of taxis in future, what Mr. Hussain did is quite thought provoking.
He was tipping off friends so that they could burgle the homes of the fares after he’d picked them up.
He relayed info to the gang on 10 occasions before being caught.

Help parents or go to jail
teen is told by judge
Howz this for punishment? This’ll lay on the frighteners.
This teen had committed a couple of burglaries and was caught. Goes to court and the judge gives him home time instead of jail time. Instructs the teen (18) he can avoid jail if he helps his mom around the house and does dishes and keeps his room neat and clean etc.  Oh yeah, he has to make his bed every day, has 120 hrs of unpaid community work and 6 months drug rehab.
The kid says he should have been jailed but plans to go straight after this and have no more trouble.  I guess we can hope he sticks to that.

This country really, really needs to get things together. They have gone completely mad I tell you, what with all this rubbish about racial abuse and here’s an example of total stupid.  Honest, I don’t see how it can get much dumber.

Two women are in an argument and one is obviously three sheets to the wind.
So in anger, she calls her neighbor “A stupid fat Australian.” Result?

Neighbour guilty of racially abusing New Zealand-born woman by calling her a ‘stupid fat Australian’

That’s the headline. I am not posting the story. Here’s a link tho if you want to read it.

pc just never stops being stupid and this is a good example.fined £110 for racially aggravated public disorder


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some toons picked up along the way and worth a look

Islands in a sea of debt: Greece considers sale or lease of isles


I know this one is a mite late but .... isn’t it still worth it?



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I am like a worn out cow

Yep, udderly exhausted.

I worked like mad the past few days and have moved every last piece of furniture and many boxes full of small stuff. Very heavy small stuff. Nothing left at this point but ... ach crivens ... an infinite amount of small stuff. Crap! Damn, we really have to have a garage sale, a huge throw away party, and a big donation to Salvation Army. I can’t believe the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated and then squirreled away in some corner and then forgot about. OTOH, I’m finding tools I thought I lost years ago.

Shower. Get a chiropractic adjustment. Buy a dozen big plastic storage bins and lids. Do a few loads of laundry. Go back to sleep.


and that’s no bull!


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the swiss prepare …. to arms , to arms

I am not up to much dialog or ranting today. Draggy but surfing for some things I don’t think you’ll see in the press back home. By which I mean, for those who don’t know, the USA.
If I wasn’t still so damn angry at the KGB disguised as immigration at LAX, I might even miss home.  Hmmm. I do which is why I’m still PO’d at those bastards.

The Swiss Army is preparing contingency plans for violent unrest across Europe. A nation mostly famous for its banks, watches and chocolate fears it may face a massive influx of European refugees in the near future.
One of the world’s richest nations openly expressed concerns over the possible outcome of Europe’s continuing financial troubles, and is currently conducting army exercises against the possibility of riots along its borders.
In September, the Swiss military conducted exercises dubbed ‘Stabilo Due,’ with scenarios involving violent instability across the EU.
Switzerland has maintained an avowedly neutral stance for decades, and refused to join the eurozone when presented with the opportunity.
Bern’s biggest fear is likely the disorganization of neighboring nations’ armies that would follow general instability; the eurozone crisis and the severe austerity measures in the EU are forcing member-states to significantly slash their military budgets. If protest continues to spread across Europe, police and armed forces may find themselves ill-equipped to manage the unrest.
“I will not rule out that we will need the army in the coming years,” Swiss Defense Minister Ueli Maurer said last Sunday.
The Swiss Defense Ministry has pressed ahead to modernize the country’s army despite political opposition. With its multibillion-Franc military budget and an army of around 200,000 soldiers, the country also plans to purchase new ‘Saab Gripen’ jet fighters.



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calendar   Tuesday - November 20, 2012

shhhh, quiet. muslims and libtards may be listening in. watch yer speech & thoughts

A woman who speaks her mind.  And muslims who resent her doing that. Well screw them and good for her.

We now live in a world where it’s increasingly difficult to even repeat what most people privately think or some say out loud.
That’s how the powers that leach can declare victory for diversity. With fewer complaints the idea is broadcast that multi-kulture is a success.
Never mind that the majority don’t believe that.

Another woman few if any but insiders ever heard of, wrote a book called “Beyond Authority.” She is a very far left and I believe is the founder of Common Purpose, a pressure group but as well, a training center instructing ppl to lead beyond their authority. Doesn’t sound like a lot so far. Does it?
But a small section says, Using pressure from outside and two or three determined fifth columnists on the inside, can force issues in the desired outcome.
The stamina she says, from two separate groups, one inside and one out going on and on and on, on whatever agenda it is at the moment, will get things the attention needed to make the govt. take note of and act. I guess my problem is that what’s been going on and on for generations now, is the agenda of the far left.

I’ll get to a post on her as I only found the info a week ago in a long article on the left in one of our papers. Most enlightening.

So anyway, back to my original post here.

One Fat Lady in race row over Muslim ghetto’ jibe: The Islamic area of Leicester frightened me, says TV chef

·Chef was ‘surprised any of the people who might object could read what I wrote as it is written in English’

·She describes visit to the ‘ghetto’ after getting lost in traffic and found herself ‘in an area where all the men were wearing Islamic clothing’
·But she says there’s an upside — she’s thankful for the large number of Asian restaurants in the city as ‘you can eat excellent curry’ there
·Her comments were criticised by the Muslim Council of Britain and the city’s mayor, who claims her account ‘may help sell books but it is cheap’

OK, what’s established so far is that unsurprisingly the muzzies do not approve free speech or thought unless it flatters them.  Do not express what your feelings are, even if sincere and especially if they are.

As well, the suck up mayor is just full of it.  I hope she does sell her book. Lots and lots of em.

Chef Clarissa Dickson Wright decided to write about her day out in a multi-cultural part of Leicester, she didn’t mince her words.

The former star of the BBC’s Two Fat Ladies claimed a visit to the city, which has a large Muslim population, was ‘the most frightening experience of her life’.
Describing parts of Leicester as a ‘ghetto’, she said seeing so many men in Islamic clothing and women in a burkas left her feeling ‘in the middle of my own country, a complete outcast and pariah’.

Yesterday her comments provoked fury from Muslim groups and local leaders.

But Miss Dickson Wright remained defiant, saying: ‘I’m surprised any of the people who might object could read what I wrote as it is written in English.’
The 65-year-old, a former barrister who grew up in north London, dedicates a chapter in a new cookery book, Clarissa’s England: A Gamely Gallop Through the English Counties, to each county, discussing their culinary, cultural and historical merits.

She describes how she accidentally stumbled upon Leicester’s city centre, where one in ten of the population is Muslim, after coming off a ring road to escape a traffic jam and getting lost.
She wrote: ‘I found myself in an area where all the men were wearing Islamic clothing and all the women were wearing burkas and walking slightly behind them.

‘None of the men would talk to me when I tried to find out where I was and how to get out of there because I was an English female and they don’t talk to females they don’t know, while if the women could speak English they weren’t about to show it by having a word with me.
here I was, in the heart of a city in the middle of my own country, a complete outcast and pariah.’

She said the positive side was the ‘very good selection of Asian restaurants’ and added: ‘If multiculturalism works, which I have always been rather dubious of, surely it must be multicultural and not monocultural.

‘I can only hope that in generations to come there will be a merging of the cultures and not the exclusion zone that is the ghetto.’ Ibrahim Mogra, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the chef’s description was ‘hurtful’.

‘It showed a complete lack of appreciation of the fact we are almost two million Muslims in this country, doing our bit for our country.
‘When she says that she was in the centre of a city in the centre of her own country, I take objection.  This is also my country and this is also my city.’
Leicester’s mayor Sir Peter Soulsby added: ‘That is the sort of thing that makes me very angry – when someone breezes in from outside and paints a picture of Leicester that does not have any foundation in reality. It may help sell books but it is cheap.’

And Councillor Manjula Sood, chairman of Leicester Council of Faiths, said: ‘I don’t believe that a meeting with one person on one street should mean you can label a whole city.’

When asked to explain herself following the criticism, the chef, who lives in Edinburgh, said: ‘When you get to 65, you will think back on this conversation and I think you might find yourself in my frame of mind.’

She said that while she had a lot of Muslim friends, her experience of Leicester was ‘unpleasant’.

‘It scared me and I am not scared easy,’ she said. ‘It was part of my country that I was born in and there are a lot of radical Muslim preachers in this country.

‘I was in London when July 7 (2005 bomb attacks) happened and this to me was proof for those people who have been saying we’re getting ghettoisation of Muslim areas.

‘I have never believed that political correctness was a reason not to say what I have experienced.’
She added that she had ‘done a lot’ for Leicestershire, including campaigning for the protected geographical status of Melton pork pies and Stilton.



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protecting muslim sensitivities in europe

The liberal west invited this mess and the rest of us are it seems, gonna have to live with it. For people my age that might not be too long. Who knows?
For you youngsters 60 and below, keep your powder dry. 

Nothing new here really.  It’s another page in the book of muslims taking offense whether made up or real.
Lets hear it for diversity and multi culture and liberalism.

These are the headlines and opening paragraphs. The links to all are at Islam vs Europe

H/T Islam versus Europe

Where Islam spreads, freedom dies

Europeans Continue to be Persecuted for Speaking Out Against Islamisation

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe


Thanks to the clever mosque occupation stunt a few weeks ago, Génération Identitaire has been given extensive coverage in the French media recently. Prominent in the coverage has been the intelligent and articulate Damien Rieu, one of the group’s spokesmen.

Until a few days ago, he was working as a trainee at a publishing house in Lyon, responsible for communications. He has now been dismissed from this position as a result of his political activism.


a documentary about Sharia4Belgium aired on Belgian television. In it the movement’s spokesman Fouad Belkacem declared that they didn’t feel an “ounce of respect” for non-Muslim Belgians. “We have our religion: superior to yours. We have our system: superior to your system. We have our values: superior to yours.”

In response to this, Stéphanie Gilson, a student at the IPES college in Verviers, wrote on her Facebook page: “Superior to us? Excuse me? LOL and a big LOL”. She also wrote that in her class at college there were two girls who said the same type of things and it scared her.

The following day the two girls mentioned, who had obviously read her Facebook page, attacked her in the college, throwing a bench and chairs at her face. All three girls were suspended from the college for one day, the management telling her that she had no right to express opinions about Muslims on her Facebook page. Refusing to accept this, Stéphanie quit the college and filed a complaint with the police. “I am the victim, and all I did was give my opinion.”


Jörg Uckermann, deputy leader of the anti-Islam party Pro-Köln, was arrested in Cologne. He is suspected of claiming payment for political party meetings that did not, in fact, take place. This follows the raids on the party premises that took place two weeks ago.

His family has issued a statement complaining about massively biased reporting in the locally-dominant Dumont press. They claim that the Dumont press is working with the police and political establishment to smear Uckermann, while they themselves have been denied information about what is happening to him. They have not been allowed to visit him and he is not being allowed access to the medications on which he is dependent. The family has set up a Facebook page to campaign for his release.

Uckermann was responsible for organising the anti-Islam cartoon contest earlier in the year, which so panicked the German government and resulted in a horde of Muslims attacking the German embassy in Sudan.


Moroccan Muslim Slits the Throats of His Two Children to Punish His Wife

A stormy relationship come to an end now. He apparently could not stand the habits of his wife, including the fact that she had decided not to wear her veil in the tradition of women in their country. This is the scenario in which you acquired the tragedy in the province of Perugia.

The Victims were the couple’s two children, Ahmed, 8, and his sister Jiahane of 12 years. The father Mustafa Hajjaji, a Moroccan of 44 years of age, murdered them by slitting their throats with a knife.


An MP has criticised a housing association’s Muslim-majority board for paying 60,000 kroner for an Eid party, but not 7,000 kroner for a Christmas tree

“I think it’s deeply troubling that our integration efforts have failed so badly that Danish traditions are removed and replaced by Muslim traditions the moment there is a Muslim majority”

He added that he fears there are people that want to transform Denmark into a Muslim country

Hard feelings remain in the town of Kokkedal after a residents’ association voted not to pay for Christmas festivities

A number of national lawmakers immediately jumped into the fray, accusing those voting against the tree of “trying to kill Christmas”

“Every year we hear more and more about schools and institutions that downplay Christmas to protect the rights of a Muslim minority.”


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