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jeesh. i really have to stop reading newspapers

Here’s a view from one Brit twit and the comments are just as shit-faced.  You know. Take a little truth if you can fine it and then bend to suit your left wing pol. agenda.

I read this in a paper today and naturally, I get PO’d and just have to share the frustration.

Look at this jerk. Spare us from US justice?  Oh, like the so called justice here is something to shout about. Or like we’re about to force it on him.
Schmuck!  Him and Bloomberk.

Here ya go.

Spare us from gun-slinging US justice

The DA decides on the death penalty after consulting victims’ families

The popular American TV drama series Justified, now in its fourth series, concerns a trigger-happy US marshal called Raylan Givens who fights crime in his (modern-day) native Kentucky. Most episodes culminate in a shoot-out, in which a dim bad guy draws his weapon, but Givens draws faster and kills him. “I was justified,” he tends to mutter to his aghast superiors. “He pulled first.”

It’s the spirit of the Old West, in other words, a time when everyone wore a pistol and being faster on the draw was more manly than being a peace-lovin’ varmint. Some of that spirit seems to have gripped the people of Colorado in the wake of last Friday’s heinous cinema massacre. Something must explain why 2,887 Coloradans reacted to the killings and woundings, not by begging for strict gun controls, but by heading for Guns & Ammo stores and getting tooled up themselves.

Their logic is simple but mad. “If ONE person inside that theatre [had been] armed, this situation would NOT have been as bad as it is,” read a Facebook post. And if 20 people were armed? That would work, wouldn’t it? Instead of a lone madman blazing away in a movie theatre, you could have lots of them shooting in the darkness, every gunslinger having a pop at everyone they reckoned was the baddie – each confident that, at all events, he’d be justified.

Moviegoers are now, understandably, on a hair-trigger of concern and paranoia about the people sitting next to them. Panic broke out in an Arizonan cinema when a drunkard, creating a disturbance during The Dark Knight Rises, was nabbed by security guards. How long until a similar rowdy is dispatched in a hail of bullets because he might have had homicidal intentions? The shooters would say they, too, were justified.

Arizona’s gun laws are already so lax that you can keep a gun concealed in your car’s glove compartment (but if you’re pulled over by a cop, you have to mention the fact). Courses on concealing your weapon about your person are commonplace. More and more nervy, flickering-eyed citizens will soon be packing heat, looking to see if someone’s about to beat them to the draw, as if 21st-century Denver were the OK Corral in 1881.

And just when you thought you’d heard enough twisted logic, you discover that, in Colorado, the death penalty can be given for first-degree murder – but the District Attorney decides whether to apply it after consulting the victims’ families. This most crucial of all laws is decided, not by debate in Senate or Congress, not by referendum majority, but by the bereaved. We are in classic Western territory here, where vengeance is heroic, the Colt 45 rules and the law holds its hands up in despair – like William Holden, just before everyone is shot to hell at the end of The Wild Bunch.

I think we can all concede the one point about a lot of people firing away in a dark theater. Can’t we?  I understand that. It would be a serious concern.
But I don’t care for his take on the DP in Co. or the input from a victim’s family.  Why not. The family is affected forever and ever. Why shouldn’t their input be taken into account?

And just for good measure, here are a couple of comments. Like it’s their damn business.

You are right. The popular American weekly show 60 minutes reconstructed Columbine like events with people ‘armed’. In every case the ensuing result was a bloodbath with numerous casualties from paniced people firing blindly.

In fact a gunman last year killed a number of armed officers in America before one was able to get a shot off. These were weapon trained police officers- yet they had no time to reach for their gun aim and shoot.

Yet the Gun lobby in the states will use these horrific events to promote their campaign to get even college kids armed with guns

stevehill6 • 9 hours ago −
“How long until a similar rowdy is dispatched in a hail of bullets because he might have had homicidal intentions? The shooters would say they, too, were justified.”

Or, in Florida, because he just looked at you a bit funny, under Jeb Bush’s psychotic stand your ground law?

The impact on victims is something any judge must take into account in sentencing. But as you say, Colorado seems to have elevated the role of the victims into legalised lynch mob. I can’t think of any people less qualified to objectively determine whether any “good” can come from taking yet another life.

stupid damn left wing source And maybe one or two of you will write a comment or two at their site. Assuming they’ll even accept it.


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Bridge Haters

Meant to post this yesterday but family issues got in the way. As usual.


anarchist’s target: the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge

5 OWS Domestic Terrorists Charged: Plot To Blow Up Bridge

1 Cops Pleas, Rats Others Out


such a freaky group. They look like the subs from my Tuesday bowling league.

AKRON, Ohio - One of five men charged with plotting to bomb an Ohio highway bridge pleaded guilty Wednesday and agreed to testify against his co-defendants.

Anthony Hayne, 35, of Cleveland, who has a criminal record for theft and breaking and entering, pleaded to all three counts against him in U.S. District Court. His attorney, Michael O’Shea, said Hayne hopes to get leniency in return for his testimony.

Under the terms of the surprise plea deal, Hayne will have the chance to avoid a life prison term. With the plea and offer of testimony for the prosecution, he could face 15 years to nearly 20 years in prison.

“I don’t think any of these guys intended harm to human beings,” O’Shea said. “I think they just thought this was a way of making some sort of political statement. But I’m relatively confident none of these people had any desires to actually hurt anybody.”

O’Shea said Hayne was a latecomer to the alleged plot and, as such, had the least standing to argue that he had been manipulated by an FBI informant as other defendants have contended.

Authorities have called the men anarchists, and investigators say the group planted what turned out to be a dud bomb provided by an FBI undercover informant on a bridge south of Cleveland and then tried to detonate it.

The defendants could face life in prison if convicted.

U.S. Attorney Steven M. Dettelbach said the government would now turn its attention to proving the case against the other four men. “We are pleased with today’s guilty plea and are prepared to prove the allegations against the remaining defendants,” he said in an emailed comment.

The five were charged with plotting to bomb a bridge linking two wealthy Cleveland suburbs by placing what they thought were real explosives at the site and repeatedly trying to detonate them using text messages from cellphones, according to the FBI affidavit.

The FBI said the suspects bought the explosives - actually fake - from an undercover employee and put them at the base of a highway bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, about 15 miles south of downtown Cleveland.

After leaving the park, they tried to initiate the explosives using a text-message detonation code, and they called the person who provided the bombs to check the code when it failed, according to the FBI affidavit.

The men also discussed other potential targets, including a law enforcement center, oil wells, a cargo ship or the opening of a new downtown casino, according to a prosecution affidavit.

The five had been associated with Occupy Cleveland, but organizers of the movement have tried to distance the group from the men. They say the five didn’t represent it or its nonviolent philosophy.

Yeah right, the Occupy Movement’s nonviolent philosophy. CYA much? You think we’ve forgotten the Occu-Mess already? The beatings, rapes, robberies, public defecations ... the desire for anarchy. And now their anarchists have been caught. And if this Loserama bunch of pond scum rejects had got their hands on real explosives, or found somebody with the smarts to create his own, we’d be out at least one nice bridge by now. Maybe two, depending on the size of the blast and the collapse. And I’m not buying the “we didn’t mean or intend to hurt anybody.” Bullshit. The bridge is used by thousands of people every day. No matter when they pushed their detonate button, there was likely someone on the bridge. Had their bomb been real and gone off, that would have been murder.

Life in prison is too good for this crew. Hang ‘em.

[ Back in May 2012: ] CLEVELAND (AP) - After unknowingly working with an FBI informant for months, five men have been charged with plotting to bomb an Ohio bridge linking two wealthy Cleveland suburbs.

Federal authorities Tuesday described the men as anarchists who are angry with corporate America and the government. They say the alleged plotters researched explosives and obtained what they thought was C-4 explosives. The material, in fact, was harmless and the public was never at risk because the men got it from the informant, officials said.

Their arrests Monday night marked the latest case in which FBI agents planned fake terrorism plots alongside targeted suspects, an indication it continues to be a top strategy for the government in preventing terrorism.

“They talked about making a statement against corporate America and the government as some of the motivations for their actions,” U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach said in announcing the arrests with the head of the FBI in Cleveland, Stephen Anthony.

Court documents detail several conversations the FBI secretly recorded in which its informant discussed the bomb plans with some of the suspects.

In one, Brandon L. Baxter, 20, of Lakewood, allegedly said “Taking out a bridge in the business district would cost the ... corporate big wigs a lot of money” because it would cause structural damage and prevent people from going to work.

He and another suspect, Douglas L. Wright, 26, of Indianapolis, favored targeting a bridge because it would limit “the number of casualties and the potential for killing possible supporters,” court documents said.

I know what you’re thinking, and I have the answers you want ...

See More Below The Fold


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cars, cars and more cars and they’re going on the block

Wow!  What a collection of cars. 

The late Prince Rainer of Monaco, a name familiar to Americans due mostly to his wife, the very pretty Grace Kelly, had one of the most famous collections of cars of different types in the world.  And they are going on the block.
While not all are to my taste, there are a number of them that I’d love to own. But then, I say that about most cars being as how I am car crazy.
I’ve had so many cars over my 70 plus years, I think I recall almost all of them. I also think I was in love with the darn things. More so when younger.

Some of these are quite nice. But nothin’ beats a Doozy. Or is it Doosey?  And certainly nothing beats a Cord. Not ever. IMHO.

Or a Packard or a Hudson. The Hollywood Coup. Hudson Hornet?  Damn. There’s so many.  Hey, how about the Vet and the T-Bird?  I loved the ride and the looks of the 62, 63 and 64 T-Bird.  And then there was the Mustang. Had one of those too.

I once had a 52 Caddy convertible.  White leather like top and a light metallic green body. She sure was pretty and fun too when she worked. Sometime she wouldn’t run. Get her fixed and something else went. Loved her anyway.  Who says men can’t be faithful?  Of course we can.

As I reflect on my buying habits and youthful exuberance, it only now occurs to me why I was broke so much of the time. Even with gas under a buck.  Heck. I remember when it went up to 25 cents. lol.

From Bentleys to Beetles: Monaco prince’s car collection up for auction (and there’s something for all tastes… and budgets)


This fantastic array of classic, sporty, unusual and downright down-to-earth cars offers millionaires and the common man alike a ‘unique opportunity’ to own a piece of motoring history.

They are being auctioned off tomorrow by the Prince of Monaco, whose late father Rainer III spent years assembling one of the most famous collections in the world.

The vehicles range from immaculate examples of a 1953 Cadillac and a 1950s Bentley S1 through to a number of bargain basement models such as a Fiat 500 and a Citroen estate.


More than 100 of his vehicles have been on display at the Terrace of Fontvieille Museum in Monaco, but now his son, Albert II, has decided to sell 38 of them - with no reserve.

While there are a number of classic cars, the bulk of the vehicles on offer are ‘real world’ models which are affordable to the man on the street.


The eclectic mix has everything from cute city cars to American muscle along with a retro Mercedes built specially for the Prince.

Among the strangest cars for a Royal to own is a 1971 Fiat 500 with the diminutive Italian model expected to fetch around £4,800.


here for more

A bit of a side story but nothing to do with cars.
Wife once worked as nanny to Hollywood ppl and while working for one them had occasion to meet and look after the kids of the Prince and Princess Grace for the day. She always said they were nice people. Nothing false or put on. Nice to know really, as these days we read so much that’s negative about celebrities.


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another victim of political correctness and the games haven’t even started

Just one more reason to HATE!!!! political correctness and the left and libtards and all the other jerks who are “offended” on behalf of other people.

Why oh why do nut cases like that SOB in Co. hurt and kill innocent people in random shooting?  Why just once, just one freeking time, why can’t someone blow away a whole group of lefties.  Never happens. 

So here’s what got my goat today.

I don’t follow Olympic sport so I could care less who wins and who loses and who gets gold. But I know they work hard to earn their place and one (FUNNY) joke at the expense of a group should not place them outside the human race. What a farce.

Writing on Twitter, a Greek athlete wrote the following.

‘With so many Africans in Greece… At least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!!!’

This is a reference to an outbreak of the West Nile virus, a potentially fatal disease transmitted by mosquitoes of African origin, in Athens this summer.

One man died and another 180 have been infected since the outbreak began.

Where’s the racial insult?  Did she use the ‘N’ word.  Did she point out that Yogurt has more culture then Africa? What?

Every damn thing comes down to what some ass-wipe liberal says is racism.  Sick of the whole thing.  I wish I could wish liberals dead. They are a blight. A menace.

I understand her desire to save her position, one she worked hard for.  But I am disappointed that she didn’t defend herself and instead made an apology.  She should have known they (left) lives on groveling but would not change their empty minds.  And look here at how the Mail presents the story with the headline they have used. 

Greek triple jumper booted off Olympic team in disgrace after she mocked African immigrants on Twitter


A Greek triple jumper was today kicked off her Olympic team over comments on Twitter mocking African immigrants and expressing support for a far-right party.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee said Voula Papachristou was dropped from the team ‘for statements contrary to the values and ideas of the Olympic movement.’

Papachristou, who is currently in Athens, was due to travel to London shortly before the start of the athletics events but has now been excluded.


She also re-tweeted a comment from Ilias Kasidiaris, a politician with Golden Dawn, criticising Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s stance on immigration. 

It created a storm on the social network, with other users accusing her of being a ‘Nazi’ and a supporter of the extremist right-wing political party.

Papachristou later took to Twitter to try and defuse the row, saying: ‘I apologize if I insulted people! I have no mingling with politics!!! I am only athlete!!’

But her comments were to no avail as pressure mounted on her to be thrown out of the Greek Olympic squad.

The left-wing party Democratic Left led calls for her to step down, saying ‘racist humour and jokes’ had no place in Greek society. 

This afternoon, Isidoros Kouvelos, President of the Greek Olympics Committee, confirmed her expulsion.

Papachristou has since apologised again for her comments on her Facebook page. She wrote: I would like to express my heartfelt apologies for the unfortunate and tasteless joke I published on my personal Twitter account.

‘I am very sorry and ashamed for the negative responses I triggered, since I never wanted to offend anyone, or to encroach human rights.

‘My dream is connected to the Olympic Games and I could not possibly participate if I did not respect their values. Therefore, I could never believe in discrimination between human beings and races.

‘I would like to apologise to all my friends and fellow athletes, who I may have insulted and shamed, the National Team, as well as the people and companies who support my athletic career. Finally, I would like to apologise to my coach and my family.’

The 23-year-old was not among the favourites for gold in London. She finished 11th in the European Championships in Helsinki earlier this year and was 8th at last August’s World Championships in Daegu.

Her personal best in the triple jump is 14.72m and her season’s best was just 14.58m, half a metre behind the favourites.

Her Twitter account has been taken down.


Right, so her account was dropped and now what else?
The very bastards who scream about “rights” are very quick to stifle the rights of others under the guise of fairness and sweetness and light.
Oh yeah, and civil and human rights. 
But only for them and the ppl they can pressure into think like them.
I’d like to know where and how she “mocked” the immigrants mentioned in the headline.  What a boring fuckin world this is gonna be when the libtards finally win and control everything.  And they will ya know.  Win that is.  Because there isn’t anyone out there (Self Censored).


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let the games begin

Olympics underway in a matter of days. Some are quite excited by the hype. Yes. I understand there are folks who trained and dreamed of being part of this and good luck to them.  I am very glad we don’t live nearby or in London. I bet these folks wished they didn’t have to be where they are.  The Olympics, once ALL about athletics, are now it just seems as much about commercial endorsements and high handed dictates about what a person who has paid for the overpriced ticket can wear.  The word is out that anyone sporting a T-Shirt or apparel with name or logos not of any of the sponsors, will be denied entry to the games.  Seems a bit much doesn’t it?  With the sponsors names and colors emblazoned everywhere, what matter if a dozen ppl show up wearing a shirt or jacket or whatever, with another name? 

And not everyone is happy to have the games here either.  The reader comments are quite interesting on the subject.

Notice that nice tempting empty lane, reserved for Olympic high mucky-mucks.


Gridlocked Games: London’s motorists caught in huge jams with average speeds of just 10mph as Olympic lanes come into force… and it’s not much better on the Tube

Rush hour traffic heightened today as ‘Games Lanes’ come into force

M4 and A40 in west London among roads facing gridlock this morning

12-mile tailbacks on M4 approach to London as athletes and VIPs flood in

Three Underground lines were delayed in knock-on disruption - including Tube line which will take fans to Wembley Stadium

London roads ‘at full capacity’ as experts encourage using public transport

Hot weather also causes more delays due to speed restrictions on trains

Drivers excluded from 30 miles of Games Lanes in the capital from today

Ministers allowed to use the lanes for ‘operational and security’ reasons

Despite miles of delays, Locog insists ‘London moving well this morning’


As Olympic planners prepared for Friday’s opening ceremony, ‘Games Lanes’ came into force across London, causing inevitable traffic chaos on already busy road networks, as well as delays on the London Underground as those trying to escape queues opted for public transport.

Police warned that London’s roads are already ‘at capacity’, while motorists told of rush-hour gridlock, including queues of cars travelling at just 10mph along the eastbound stretch of the M4 from Heathrow into London.

There were a number of heavily-congested hot spots around London during the rush-hour, with the M4 and A4 approach in west London twice as busy as normal according to traffic analysts.

Other areas of London where there were rush-hour jams included Tower Bridge and Baker Street.

On the Tube, there were severe rush-hour delays today on three Underground lines, two days before the start of the Olympics.

One of the affected lines was the Metropolitan which will carry thousands of people to Wembley Stadium for Olympic football matches.


Lots more to see and read:



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lets dedicate this to NY mayor bloomberk


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calendar   Tuesday - July 24, 2012

idiot new york mayor calls for police strike in effort to blackmail american public

I’ve had a fairly long and busy day.  Our back yard looks like a forest and the stinging nettles are damn near tree size.  I’d take a phot but who’d care?
Thing is, I’m fairly tired and had planned to close for the night. But I caught a second wind thanks to two freekin god damn idiots on CNN.

I’m almost certain you folks have already seen the idiot libtard mayor of NY calling for the police of the country to strike until the American public rise up and demand strict gun control.  He had some other things to say as well but the idea that he suggests, a police strike, is beyond irresponsible and smacks of the left.  Maybe the majority of Americans want guns. Never mind. They’re wrong and ass-wipe NY mayor is right. In his dreams.

I am so frustrated by his stupidity I’m having trouble putting into better words what I want to say.  And btw, if the mayor’s dumb suggestion isn’t blackmail, then what is?
Oh yeah, and that foreign schmuck Piers Morgan questioning him on matters American like it’s his fuckin business. Did you see that interview?

I’m not certain that even if some had been armed in that theater in Co., that lives could have been saved. If the theater is dark all you can do is fire almost blindly where you see flashes. How would avoid hitting the innocent? It gets hairy. 

Mayor Bloomberg calls for police strike until public demands tighter gun control - as arms sales soar by FORTY per cent in Colorado since massacre


New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for a nationwide police strike until the public demands tighter gun control across the country in the wake of the Colorado massacre.

Speaking on Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday, he said the drastic action would not only protect familes but also the police officers who serve the country.

The passionate demand is unlikely to be supported by the people of Colorado, where background checks for guns have rocketed by 41 per cent since the massacre in the state on Friday.

Bloomberg said: ‘I don’t understand why the police officers across this country don’t stand up collectively and say, “We’re going to go on strike. We’re not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what’s required to keep us safe.”

‘Officers want to go home to their families, and we’re doing everything we can to make their job more difficult [and] more dangerous by leaving guns in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.’



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bowel problem trumps wife’s right not to be abused and beaten. it figures.

Oh, so now having a bowel problem is cause enough to earn nothing serious in the way of punishment for wife abuse.

Back in the bad old days of advertising, one maker of loo paper (sounds better then toilet paper) advertised the softness of their brand and suggested that the rougher paper used by the competition made ppl irritable and led to divorce.  So they aimed the ads at the women who in those days did most of the shopping and told them they’d save their marriage with the right paper.  Which of course only they produced.

And that has nothing directly to do with the story but I remembered it thought I’d drop it in here.  I have a feeling most of the readers here may be too young to recall those glorious days.  Maybe not so glorious for abused women because based on things I’ve read or heard about, courts were not generally sympathetic to women.  There weren’t any shelters on the scale there are today, and there wasn’t much public awareness.
So I’d guess that for some minority groups, women have not gotten far beyond 1700.

What we have here is another idiot judicial decision, and the excuse this time is that the abusive RAT in question is ill. Poor soul.
He has a medical condition.  He has Ulcerative Colitis.  Well hell.  We can all see the urge to bully and beat up a woman with that sort of illness. Can’t we?  Jeesh.  Makes me wanna do bad things but not to my wife.  I’d like to batter the stupid judges. 

I happen to have a similar and related problem. Not too much fun and the older you are the worse off you are.  Funny thing tho.  I’ve never been tempted to abuse or beat up my wife.  Must be something wrong with me I suppose. 

Husband refused to take wife to hospital during pregnancy scare until she made him LUNCH

Riasaf Ahmed kept Ruqayyah Ghani a prisoner in her own home after their 2006 marriage
Even his defence barrister called him a bully
But lets him leave court with suspended sentence after hearing about Ahmed’s serious medical condition

Daily Mail

A man whose wife suffered a pregnancy scare the day after he viciously beat her in a row over money refused to take her to hospital until she had made him lunch.

Riasaf Ahmed, 25, who would attack Ruqayyah Ghani on the orders of his ‘controlling’ mother, frequently left his wife covered in bruises and in fear of her life.

And on Christmas Day 2010, Ahmed, from Middlesbrough, launched an horrific hour-long attack on his pregnant wife, punching her in the face and grabbing her wrists to get her to hand over money as a crisis loan.

The following day he even refused to take Miss Ghani to hospital for treatment for stomach pains unless she made him a meal.

She was then led to fear for her life when he told her: ‘If I’ve got to go to jail, I might as well do things properly.’

But he has avoided jail, in a decision that has angered domestic abuse charities.

The court was told how Miss Ghani was effectively kept prisoner in the family home in Middlesbrough for four years.

A lock on the telephone meant she could not contact her family in West Yorkshire.

Miss Ghani’s family had taken her back to West Yorkshire in August 2010 after finding her bruised when they became seriously concerned by their daughter’s silence.

She had returned to her husband after discovering she was pregnant to try to make the marriage work, but nothing changed.

His own defence barrister branded the former call centre worker a bully as a Teesside Crown Court judge handed out a suspended sentence for common assault and an assault causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Tony Briggs said Ahmed’s campaign of brutality and humiliation was disgraceful, but gave Ahmed the suspended jail term after hearing he has a serious medical condition.

Jonathan Walker, mitigating, said Ahmed had struggled after losing his job and was suffering from ulcerative colitis.

He said: ‘He is not a teenager, but he is a fairly vulnerable, fairly immature young man who seeks to blame others for his failings.’

Domestic violence campaigners said that Ahmed’s sentence did not reflect the nature of the ‘horrific’ assault.

Sandra Horley, chief executive of domestic violence charity Refuge, said: ‘It takes a huge amount of courage to testify against a violent partner or ex-partner.

‘It is crucial that victims feel protected by having the full weight of the law behind them.

‘It is very disappointing that the severity of this horrific assault does not seem to have been reflected in the sentence.’


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here but elsewhere

Day 3 of my extended visit to my mother’s house. Blogging from her PC which is utterly different from mine.

She is having the sewer pipe replaced. The house was converted from a septic tank in 1959. For which she still has the receipt; in those days the plumber who did the pipework was paid $4 an hour, and the sewer pipe cost $2.25 per foot, which also includes the cost of digging the trench to lay it in. Unbelievable prices.  The entire project, including 71 feet of pipe buried below the frost line, cost $257. Now it’s $12,000, and that reuses the pipe that runs across the basement. 50 times the cost.

So I’ve been cutting down trees and chopping them up so that the miniature excavator can come in alongside the house and dig a new trench. Yee ha.

The crew got her just after dawn and got right to work. Good thing we got up even earlier and took showers etc. Right now there is no water or plumbing to use ... and I’m beginning to regret having that second cup of coffee.

so what’s this I hear about a submarine fire in Maine ... half a billion/trillion in damages to the boat ... fire started by some lazy sub painter who wanted to leave work early? Cheez Whiz, doesn’t the Navy vetting process filter out whackos like that??


Civilian worker set fire to submarine in Maine so he could leave early, Navy says

A civilian employee set a fire that caused $400 million in damage to a nuclear-powered submarine because he had anxiety and wanted to get out of work early, Navy investigators said in a complaint filed Monday.

Casey James Fury, 24, of Portsmouth, N.H., faces up to life in prison if convicted of two counts of arson in the fire aboard the USS Miami attack submarine while it was in dry dock May 23 and a second blaze outside the sub on June 16.

If convicted of either charge, Fury could face life imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000 and be ordered to pay restitution, officials said. His federal public defender, David Beneman, declined to comment. A court appearance was set for Monday afternoon.

Horry Clap, a saboteur. That’s treason, isn’t it?

Fury was taking medications for anxiety and depression and told investigators he set the fires so he could get out of work, according a seven-page affidavit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Portland.
Fury, who was working on the sub as a painter and sandblaster, initially denied starting the fires but eventually acknowledged his involvement, the affidavit states.

He admitted setting the May 23 fire, which caused an estimated $400 million in damage, while taking a lie-detector test and being told by the examiner he wasn’t being truthful.

Fury told Timothy Bailey, an agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, that “his anxiety started getting really bad,” so he grabbed his cigarettes and a lighter, walked up to a bunk room and set fire to some rags on the top bunk.

Oh no, the bad medicine made him do it. Puh-leez. He’s 24. He has a high paying, low work job wielding a paintbrush for the Navy. What the hell does he have to be anxious about anyway?

Fury said he set the second fire after getting anxious over a text-message exchange with an ex-girlfriend about a man she had started seeing, according to the affidavit. He wanted to leave work early, so he took some alcohol wipes and set them on fire outside the submarine.

Hey Navy - did you ever think that having non-vetted civilians aboard a nuke attack boat with cellphones in their pockets might be a security risk? You know, spies and stuff? And this guy is texting/sexting with his supposed “ex”? WTF, I thought he was on the job. You know, AT WORK. Silly me, it would seem natural to me for the Navy to not allow them to have cameras, phones, data recorders, memory sticks or similar things in their pockets. And they don’t get to walk off the job with a bag of papers “that were just lying around” or any grey painted little metal souvenirs. You know, I think all of that is called “security”?

He set a fire in the torpedo room of a multi-billion dollar sub. The room where all the explosive stuff is, and the ultra-oxider fuel for them. “So he could leave work early” because he “was anxious” because of the funky mix of prescription drugs he was on? And repeated acts of arson seemed like the right way to get out of work to him? Crivens. What BS. They’ve caught themselves a enemy saboteur, albeit after the fact. Shoot him.

Such a vetting process the Navy has. Hey, i know, give a contractor candidate a book of matches and see if he gets all hot and bothered. Or give them psych exams. Got to be some way to spot the arsonists ahead of time.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/24/2012 at 07:01 AM   
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calendar   Monday - July 23, 2012


This is a followup, a day late.

When people say “they’re among us” they have vermin like this young woman in mind. Born and raised here but, the call of islam I guess is stronger then loyalty to the country she was born in.  And she’s now on the world’s most wanted list. 

She is the widow of one of the 7/7 bombers, and has skipped the country and is believed to be in Somalia.  I guess she’ll be a novelty there as a white spec among all those darker folks.  But don’t write the slag off too quickly. She is dangerous and wants to train female suicide bombers.

Lets hope at some point a drone will find the bitch and take her out. 

7/7 bomber’s widow put on world’s ‘most wanted’ list: Police find computer clues she was linked to Al Qaeda


Interpol is to issue a worldwide arrest warrant for fugitive British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite after police discovered vital new evidence on a computer left in her Kenyan hideout.
The ‘red notice’ puts her on its ‘most wanted’ list and is an urgent request to more than 200 police forces to arrest her.
The laptop had been smashed in an effort to destroy its contents but experts from Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism unit were called in to painstakingly comb through the machine’s hard drive and recover its secrets.

Their investigations have now revealed that 28-year-old Lewthwaite, the so-called ‘White Widow’ whose husband Jermaine Lindsay was one of the 7/7 Tube bombers, trawled websites for information on making explosives.
Also found was a poem dedicated to Osama Bin Laden.

The computer led officers to an upmarket Nairobi villa where Lewthwaite lived, and where neighbours said she dressed in Western clothes, rather than the Muslim hijab often associated with her.
The hard drive also contained a cache of pictures showing her wearing vest tops with her auburn hair hanging loose, and which betray a warped obsession with her own image.
One photograph features her face digitally superimposed on a billboard in New York’s Times Square.

It means that she now has four children – two with Lindsay and two with her new partner, said to be a Somali.

Before the Terror: Samantha Lewthwaite pictured during her days as a schoolgirl in Buckinghamshire

In the aftermath of the London bombings Lewthwaite was given police protection. But within a year she had disappeared from Aylesbury and police now believe she met up with her husband’s former terrorist associates in Kenya and Somalia.
Information retrieved from the laptop reveals that by March 2011 she had moved into a smart gated estate in Nairobi, paying a monthly rent of about £600.
There she maintained the appearance of an ordinary housewife, using a false South African passport and passing herself off as Natalie Faye Webb.

A woman who lived next door, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘We knew this white lady as an ordinary housewife, at home most of the time with her small children.
‘She had a new baby and there was always a lot of noise, as if she had ten children in there. We thought she might be running some sort of nursery. We never saw her wearing a hijab or any Muslim robes. She used to wear T-shirts and jeans and always had her hair down to her shoulders with no scarf or veil.’
It is believed that at this time Lewthwaite may have been lying low, waiting for the right moment to join her terrorist co-conspirators.
Authorities believe that she was acting as paymaster for Somali terror group Al Shabaab’s operations in Kenya. The group has been closely linked with Al Qaeda.
In September last year she left the Nairobi house to move to Mombasa, allegedly to complete preparations for a bombing campaign against tourist locations.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/23/2012 at 07:30 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - July 22, 2012

I guess even Germans are brainless these pc days

I am not a fan of this music so I don’t care except for the dumb PC thinking behind it all.

So the guy got a dumb assed Nazi tattoo when he was young. It’s on his chest so who’s going to see it anyway?  There are no bare chested scenes I’m aware of in Wagner or any classical opera I can think of.  But some newspaper prints the story and oh my.  End of the world.

Wagner was no great friend of the Jewish people but then neither were very many people in Europe in his day and after.  Whatcha gonna do?
Boycott every place he ever visited? Oh, we can’t piss by that roadside. Wagner was there 100 yrs ago.

So anyway, this festival which was up and running before the Nazis, but because Hitler was a fan and supported the event, it’s tainted and this fellow withdraws because of a tat on his chest that nobody can see.

I guess you have to read the short article.  Mind numbing stupidity. But hey.  It keeps Hitler and the Nazis alive.  Think about that.

Opera singer with swastika pulls out of German concert at festival with links to Nazism


A Russian opera singer has pulled out as a lead star in this year’s Bayreuth Festival in Germany because it has been revealed he has a Swastika tattoo.

Yevgeny Nikitin said the offensive tattoo was a mistake and something he did when he was a member of a heavy metal band as a teenager.

He said he quit the concert because the German media had drawn attention to it.

The heavily tattooed singer was going to debut in the lead role of a new production of the Flying Dutchman opera on Wednesday but organisers have since confirmed he is no longer taking part.

The festival only features works by 19th Century composer Richard Wagner and has a complicated past with the Nazi regime.

Wagner often expressed anti-Semitic views himself and his daughter-in-law, Winifred Wagner, who headed the festival during the Nazi rule was a strong admirer of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler also regularly attended the festivals during his dictatorship and helped fund it.

‘I was not aware of the extent of the irritation and offence these signs and symbols would cause, particularly in Bayreuth given the context of the festival’s history,’ Nikitin said to the DPA news agency.

‘I had them done in my youth. It was a big mistake and I wish I’d never done it.’

The row over the tattoo, which shows a Swastika on Nikitin’s chest, started when a programme on German TV mentioned them in a report about him on Friday.

The singer chose to pull out of the festival after organisers confronted him, a statement on the festival’s website said.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/22/2012 at 02:29 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - July 21, 2012

Islamic Actions Speak Louder Than Liberal Words

Sometimes I’m stricken (cause that word fits) with severe insomnia.  Don’t have the patience to read a book so come downstairs and boot this thing to see what I missed in the hours since last turning off.

So one of my stops was GOVienna where I found this video.  The man speaking is straightforward but no Pat Condell.  Still, he is worth listening to and it is only three minutes or so.  Preaching to the choir of course.

H/T Gates of Vienna

“Islamic Actions Speak Louder Than Liberal Words”

After a particularly vile death threat aimed at himself and other critics of Islam, Michael Coren has a few words to say about the erosion of free speech and other civil liberties in the West.

Sorry bmews. Not able to embed.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/21/2012 at 09:42 PM   
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Take a look at this would ya.  I suppose the live and let live folks might support this.  After all, go back in time far enough and nobody wore much if anything I don’t suppose. Unless in a cold climate. They might have draped an animal skin over their naked body.  And I also suppose that if this were a fairly good looking female between the right ages, not too many men would complain.  Or would we? 
But really ..... this isn’t the year 1, there is such a thing as decorum.  This guy is a total jerk and an inconsiderate one as well. Heck, he admits he embarrasses his kids. Who know better.  So he keeps getting arrested but nothing much happens. He even went to court naked.
There are ways, I know there are ways, to cure this illness.  And the cure once applied, is permanent. 

unedited article and photos at the link below.


Naked rambler is arrested three days since walking free (and with no clothes on) after six years in jail

Stephen Gough is charged with breach of the peace
Re-arrested last time just 60 seconds after leaving prison gates
Admits his teenage children are probably ‘embarrassed’ by him


The so-called ‘Naked Rambler’ Stephen Gough has been arrested three days after he was released from prison.

Gough, a former Royal Marine who hikes across the country naked, was arrested in Townhill, Dunfermline, this afternoon by officers from Fife Constabulary.

He was released from Perth Prison on Tuesday, having spent the past six years in the Scottish jail.

A spokesman for Fife Constabulary said he was arrested following complaints from members of the public and has been charged with breach of the peace.

The 53-year-old, from Eastleigh in Hampshire, earned the nickname by walking unclothed from Land’s End to John O’Groats after quitting his job as a lorry driver.

He told the Sun: ‘My children are teenagers so I expect they are embarrassed by me. If I was them and my dad was walking around naked, I suppose I would be embarrassed.’

Wearing just a backpack – he had few other belongings when he entered maximum security Perth Prison – Gough stood still to enjoy the breeze.

He was arrested within 60 seconds of his last release and fully expected the police to do so again.

But, in an apparent shift in attitude, the rambler had been allowed to go on his way.

At the time, he vowed to continue walking around Britain without any clothes on – albeit away from busy main roads.

He appeared naked in the court dock and was also found guilty of contempt of court for failing to display the ‘decency’ required by the court process.

Gough had claimed arresting him for walking around naked was a breach of his human rights and his right to freedom of expression.

Sheriff Fletcher said: ‘The court expects people to come here in a decent state of dress. That has been explained to you in the past. I gave you the opportunity to dress yourself.’



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/21/2012 at 02:24 PM   
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People Are Sick And Nuts

No, no real coverage by BMEWS on yesterday morning’s insanity in Aurora Colorado. Another seriously warped individual, brilliant and yet insane, went on a killing rampage for no reason at all. Wrapping himself up in body armor and a gas mask, carrying an assortment of weapons an a huge pile off ammunition, James Egan Holmes, 24, took over a crowded movie theater and just started killing people. 12 dead, 59 injured. So far. Hundreds of rounds fired. Utter mayhem. No motivation whatsoever. No ties to AQ or any other terrorist group. No co-conspirators. Just kill, kill, kill, and kill some more. And then somehow the police caught him. And when the federales searched his apartment, they found it was full of booby traps and fire bombs and worse.

It’s not like this Holmes guy was some drooling cretin. From what I gather he was well on his way to becoming a brain surgeon. But he was nuts, and his mother knew it. A bit of news says how some reporter called her up for comment, and got to her before she’d heard the news. “That sounds like him”, says Mom. In other words, she knew full well he was nuts, but did nothing about it.

And the press did what was expected of it. They hauled out every over-the-top verb they could find. They immediately did the “we need more gun control” angle. They all immediately faild Journo 101 and reported rumors, daydreams, and political agendas as facts. Plus they got most of the basic facts wrong. One story told how Holmes was carrying “6,000 rounds of clips” or somesuch, never mind the misnomer, or that such a pile of ammunition would weigh more than 120lb.

Perhaps the worst media offender was this ass wipe Brian Ross from ABC. Looks like he did ONE Google search on the “James Holmes Colorado” and the results gave him a Jim Holmes who belongs to a Colorado Tea Party group. Bias took over any remaining shred of common sense, professional integrity, or even basic journalistic skill (verify, verify, verify!!) ... and you know what followed. It does not matter that he later apologized, even if that was only 10 minutes later, which it wasn’t. Utter FAIL. Ross should be fired on the spot, and he and his network ought to be sued for libel. Tens of millions.

In an interesting twist, a counter-rumor is now going about that Holmes was part of some Black Ops fringe group of the Occupy Movement. Fact? Fantasy? Lie vs lie? Who knows.

Lesser journalists later ran to their keyboards to keep the story alive, and I can guarantee we will be deluged with Aurora Shooting Spree stories for days. A Fox News associate was killed in the theater. She had narrowly avoided being a victim in some earlier shooting. Some people in the theater heroically assisted others even as they were dying from their own wounds.  And let’s not forget the statistics. Does this one now rank as #1, since it has the most people shot? Or is it still #2 or #3 because fewer people died? So far? Is it ahead or behind Columbine in number of shots fired? And hey, should we blame the movies - this one, another Batman film, apparently features some killer who shoots up a crowd at random, just for shits and giggles or to “make his point”. Or maybe we should blame video games, which have become extremely realistic and sophisticated, and the popular ones require the player to shoot dozens if not hundreds of people and creatures electronically to win. And while we will have the usual litter of stories calling for more gun control and the usual counter-litter of stories calling for universal carry, we will have very very few stories calling for national standards of sanity, early testing and detection thereof, and lifelong incarceration of the crazies found that way. Horrible, but that is what it would take to stop another iteration of this nascent national psycho-hobby. You have to get the loonies off the path. And you have to identify them early, even if they are your own children. Oh, and the left blames Rush Limbaugh for this one too. Others wonder if it wasn’t the other way around; that a nutcase liberal is acting out the film’s nutcase villain, whose name is a thinly disguised jape at Mitt Romney’s old company Bain Capital. Gosh, it wouldn’t be the first time that Hollywood has done “subtle” support for a leftist viewpoint or candidate ... and the Occupy folks are just one bunch of leftist extremist nutjobs out of many.


Speaking of needing her head examined, some dimwit woman in Peru wants to marry Urine Vandersloot. He admitted killing a woman in that country, and he probably offed Natalie Holloway on Aruba all those years ago.

People are deranged. Too bad it’s only when the seriously insane act up that we realize it. We are a culture in decline.

Links to the Aurora story, as if they aren’t everywhere already -


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/21/2012 at 10:08 AM   
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