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some brits do not approve of american gun rights. woo-hoo and fuck you

Well here damn go again.  I’ve heard about the UN/Gun thing in the last few days but haven’t had a chance to actually read closely or deeply. And I’m not aware of other blogs on the subject.  I have been tied up with lots of personal stuff.  So, today I caught this and read it and am feeling not too bright because I’m not certain on how the UN suggestion which I take to mean major gun manufacturers, would impinge on my right to own a gun.  ???

cracking down on the $60billion global business of illicit trading in small arms.

See? it says illicit. Doesn’t that mean illegal as in bootleg or smuggled arms?
I assumed they were referring to something on the intl. market. Gun running for example.
So I don’t quite understand how the NRA and our Constitution are involved.
Just for the record however, and most here know, I wish we were OUT of the UN and the UN OUT of MY country!

Ah .... okay. I misread something and now things a bit more clear.


I guess it’s fairly lazy of me but I always thought that if the NRA was against something, I should be too. If for something, I should be too.  Maybe cos I trust the NRA somewhat more the I do the folks in high places disconnected from the real world.
Like the following idiots who have managed to not make my day. I can’t stand these jerks and I read them anyway.  So how freekin smart am I?  Not very I guess.

BTW … the numbers next to their names are all red arrow thumbs down votes.

An example of muddled thinking here in a country where I promise you there’s daily killings and attacks by club, lots of knife killings, beatings etc.  So this fool writes with reference to the USA;

everyone has a basic human right to be safe and not get shot dead.
Very true you ignorant shit.  Now then, Do they also have a right NOT to be stabbed?  And the guy below.  What’s this cousin crap?  We aren’t cousins. Not even distant ones.  And I do not believe what he’s written. It reads like it was made up.

I am and always will be fascinated by our american cousins ‘right to bear arms’. Americans who I have worked with ‘Texans’ tell me that, (a) if the US was to be invaded they would be shot to death by armed Americans. I wondered who would invade the US but this was dismissed as irrelevant and (b) in one part of Texas, the local law was changed to mean that anyone could carry a concealled weapon.He told me that he had called his wife and told her to buy one for her handbag and one for the car. I asked why his wife would want to cary so many guns and he started shouting at me. Our American cousins retain the right to kill each other.
- howardski, londonski, 28/7/2012 11:39
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I am way past being surprised by the American enthusiasm for murdering one another. Notice that all the justifications speak of defending themselves - but that is only valid in a minority of cases, and even then they need guns because the idiots have made it legal and acceptable for villains to routinely carry guns. The NRA are in denial about the American culture of murdering people, and to try to convince most Americans that just because something is inj their Constitution it does not make it right or valid is a lost cause. None so deaf as those who will not hear !
- Brian, Northanpton, 28/7/2012 11:38
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Constitutional Rights, blah, blah, blah, bang, bang bang. The arguement that people need to perpetually buy guns to protect themselves from other people with guns is as thin as it is ludicrous. Innocents will continue to be slaughtered as a consequence of the right to bear arms. Whatever the motives of an assailant, they only need the right to access guns to deny innocents an even greater right, the right to life. This really is a case of physician heal thyself with the physician in constant self denial they have a problem.
- Mick, Somerset, 28/7/2012 10:37
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I hope they succeed at banning ownership of firearms everyone has a basic human right to be safe and not get shot dead because the government hasn’t controlled the fire arm distribution to civilians someone has to take the stand and ban firearms !!
- Elli, London, 28/7/2012 10:20

Now here’s how it’s being reported here in the Sat. issue of The Mail.

UN treaty to crackdown on international trade in small arms is met with ‘greatest force of opposition’… from the NRA

· The National Rifle Association say the treaty is an infringement of their rights
· Barack Obama has suggested stiffer gun laws
· Mitt Romney is against the changes
· Issue has been on UN agenda since 2006, when George Bush ordered a veto


The United Nations is set to introduce a treaty cracking down on the $60billion global business of illicit trading in small arms.

The move is aimed at curbing violence in some of the most troubled corners of the world, but has unsurprisingly ruffled feathers with pro-gun activists in the US, including those of the National Rifle Association.

They have denounced the treaty as a threat to their constitutional right to bear arms.



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last weeks news. are kids being encouraged to grass tax avoiders?

PUPILS are being encouraged to rat on tax dodgers to their teachers by HM Revenue & Customs.  That’s what is being reported on lately.
Apparently, tax officials have developed teaching modules for schools where kids are asked if they know about anyone in their local area who isn’t paying what they should.
The tax folks say that isn’t true as reported. They say they don’t use children to gain info about tax dodgers or cheats. 
What is known, say the reporters following this, is that the tax ppl have drawn up these modules to teach children at secondary schools about the pay as you earn plan and also national insurance.

They use video games and facts and have quizzes teaching things about finance and citizenship issues. Like.

“What do you think of those who refuse to pay tax or try to defraud the benefits system? Can you think of any example you may have heard of in your local area?”

One module, headlined “tax responsibilities of a good citizen”, aims to help teenagers “understand the obligations if being a good citizen and discuss what should happen to hose who are not prepared to work under such obligations”.
One lesson plan – targeted at 14 to 16 year olds – requires students to “discuss whether it is good to pay the tax we do, considering the benefits we receive. If it is good, then why do people try not to pay?”
It continues: “Show class the remaining factfile slides on tax evasion. What do students think of those who refuse to pay tax or try and defraud the benefits system?
“Can they think of any example they may have heard of in their local area?”
A further “plenary session” asks: “What do students now think about paying taxes? In what other ways can we contribute to working together for a better society?
“What do students think about people who try to avoid paying taxes? Is it a victimless crime? What kind of penalties should such people be given when they are caught?”

(quotes from The Telegraph)

Here’s the issue that brought this conversation on. It is people who pay for services with cash, to avoid the tax that might normally be charged. 
For example, for years and years and years the late MIL paid a man to cut the lawn. He still does.  She always gave him cash. We continue that practise.  After all, whose gonna write out a check for say five dollars. Or eight dollars once a month when the window cleaner guys come over. Or the lady who used to come over and help the wife with odd garden jobs she no longer can easily do. All mostly local people who’ve been here even longer then my wife. And this was her home before we met 40 some yrs ago.
There was a storm raised in the last week or two, by some officials and I can’t even remember who now, that claimed it was morally wrong to avoid even those taxes where the law allowed you to.  So they were NOT merely speaking of tax cheats in the legal sense.  They were speaking of those who have LEGAL accounts offshore and who take advantage of the LEGAL LOOPHOLES the law allows. 

Well as you would expect there was this bru-haha with some ppl naming names and some newspapers, all of em actually, naming names and reporting on folks who paid less tax then the “people” thought they should.  And the left was on the issue like ducks on a June bug you bet.
There it was. Proof positive how awful and immoral capitalism is.

Sure, it doesn’t look good when some can manage to avoid paying much on huge incomes but hey, then change the law covering off shore accounts and close the loopholes.  But don’t castigate the people taking advantage of something perfectly legal.  Who would want to pay more when they can pay less?  Right. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.  But besides those guys.  I don’t actually know for certain if either wants to pay more.  But I think I read that Buffet said he’d be happy to. Or willing. Something like that.  Easy for anyone who has enough and can make low interest loans to god.

Always seems to be a lynch mob out to do in the wealthy.  The baying mob of have nots in a world of never wills.


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Iffy Indices

Mixed Economic Indicators:

Porn Getting Up Again

Garbage Still In The Dumps

Porn actress Victoria Rae Black on the business of The Business:
“I think the economy is slowly starting to turn around. I saw a dip in the scenes I was shooting in the last two years but now things are on an upswing, companies are making more money and therefore producing more content.”

US Garbage Indicator Is Sending An Ominous Sign For The Economy

Among the 21 categories of items shipped by rail, none have a tighter correlation to GDP than waste. According to a 2010 piece on Bloomberg, economists Michael McDonough and Carl Riccadonna note that waste has an 82 percent correlation to US economic growth.

This should be pretty intuitive.  The more you produce, the more you throw out. McDonough, a Bloomberg BRIEF economist, tweeted out an update on the indicator.

And frankly, it stinks.  Waste carloads are way down.


So, what does this mean?

Have market efficiencies and local recycling been so effective that waste haulage is significantly lower, and the economy is improved enough so that the demand for private entertainment is on the rise again?

Or is it that when we don’t have squat, we have even less to throw away, and we’re so effed and depressed about it we need some secondary stimulus to help us ignore that reality for even a few minutes at a time?


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a quiet day in an english garden?  not this time.

Just came in from hard (very) number of hours cutting and still pulling stinging nettles. Weather gave us a break for a change with a cool breeze today so able to work a bit longer. Amazing how the old body wears out over the years.

In my yoot I’d have finished the entire thing in two or three days.  I’ve now been at this almost a week. And nettles aren’t all that need cutting and trimming. Good exercise though. They have the damndest schedule for trash and garden waste pick up.  First of all, we used to be able to use those larger wheelie bins. Truck came along once a week, guy puts bin where those hydraulic arms then pick it up. Easy, right?  Ah but this is England. The brains here decided about 5 years ago, to drop the wheelie bin so old farts like me could experience the joy of small garden waste bags made of some sort of heavy material, which of course then has to be lifted by us. And if over two weeks time between pick ups the stuff inside gets wet, it’s a lot heavier. And no, we don’t have anyplace really handy to store them that’s dry. Well maybe the kitchen. Anyway, one of those bags isn’t usually enough, especially since at the same time they dropped the weekly bin collection and pik-ups are every two weeks as mentioned above. One week is for garden waste bags and for recycle stuff which is in bins, the next week for kitchen stuff.

So they gave us a bag but we then had to pay for any extra ones.  Like, £25 a pop.  ($39.00) We got our one bag and took another from the empty house next door before it was sold. We’d put that bag filled with garden stuff at the end of the driveway of the house next door. But when that lovely old home was assonated by the tasteless new owners, we then had to pay for the Number two.

And now we have three bags.  They’re made out of some kind of nylon mesh I think.  It of course means that the young guys who used to just wheel the bin to the truck arms and then wheel back to our drive, now have to lift the garden bags manually and empty them in the back of the waste disposal truck.  But, they often simply drag the bag to the point where they then have to lift it and dump it. And dragging over rough ground and onto the roadway where the truck sits, wears down the bag a bit.

Hmmmm. Maybe the brains behind the change knew what they were doing.
And someone had to make something on the bags that the city council then sold to us.

Ya think?


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Old Tech Comes Back Stronger And Greener

“like riding on a bed of air”

old time car ad phrase describes modern green effort for large ships based on 1950’s defense technology

But will bad economy kill their efforts towards better efficiency?


Ok, none of this is really new news. It’s just something that I find interesting, and I’m going to try to write about it ... quickly. That’s my challenge for today.

Back in the post WWII period, the US Navy developed a system to hide their ships from sonar using air bubbles. This is called the Prairie-Masker system. A couple of thin bands are attached around the hull of a ship, and air is pumped through little holes on the bands. This makes lots of tiny air bubbles, and if the ship is in motion the under water part of the hull is covered with them. The difference in acoustic properties between the hull, the water, and the air bubbles causes internal ship noises to be reflected back into the ship, and thus it is harder to find with sonar.

Experiments at the time also showed that the ships seemed to use a bit less fuel. Eventually Prairie-Masker became declassified, and now the idea has been greatly enlarged, studied under advanced computer simulation, proved in several sea trials and real world experiments, and is being put in place on several of the largest new bulk carriers and cruise ships being built. These super giant ships already use the most modern hull designs, engines, and every other efficiency enhancing trick, so the bubble curtain’s 6% efficiency improvement is even more impressive. Sure, that’s a lot down from the theoretical 50% gain, or the postulated 25% gain, or even the controlled sea trial proof-of-concept 13% gain; 6% is a real world number, and when you are talking about hundreds of thousands of tons of fuel oil, 6% starts adding up to some real money real fast.


This time around the bubble system is called MALS, for Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System. And it works.

This post has pretty much already been written though, so look at the neat pictures, and then go here if you want to know some more. Or here.  This version tells it short and sweet too. Hey, there’s a 1 minute video if you want. One thing I do find a little misleading is the “green bias” in the stories that expresses fuel savings as reductions in CO2. But as they say ... whatever floats your boat.

But another article I ran across, that said how ship’s hull efficiency could be increased by heat, using the Leidenfrost effect:

Named for its discoverer, German doctor Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost, the Leidenfrost effect is the phenomenon wherein a liquid, when exposed to a solid that is significantly above that liquid’s boiling point, forms an insulating vapor layer between itself and that solid. This is the reason that water droplets dance across a sufficiently-hot skillet, instead of just evaporating on the spot.

Applying that principle to a ship, Chan believes that a hull kept at an outer temperature significantly above the boiling point of water, should cause a low-friction vapor layer to form between that hull and the water.

Once upon a time in the bad old days of Dangerous Education, college professors used to demonstrate the Leidenfrost effect by dipping their finger in and out of a crucible of molten lead. Right there in the classroom, without any air scrubbers or other safety equipment. While demonstrating to the class how the molten lead could set little strips of wood on fire, they’d dampen their finger on the sly and stick it in and pull it right out without getting burned. Science In Action! and students paid attention, you betcha!

Ok, so if the bubble hull thing is more important as a CO2 reducing device, and a hotter hull is more efficient ... let’s try pumping the exhaust gas from the engines into the bubble makers. Hey, your Mercury outboard motor does it’s exhaust under water, so why not the big ships too? Actually, I’m pretty sure the Leidenfrost effect is all or nothing. A little heat won’t make a difference. But pumping the exhaust (already well scrubbed and cooled by the latest ship pollution control/waste energy capture systems) into the ocean might capture a tiny bit more CO2.


Container Lines Set to Repeat Mistakes in Supply Glut: Freight

Maersk and rivals such as Hapag-Lloyd AG and CMA CGM SA lost money last year as high fuel costs exacerbated a price war. In addition to raising freight rates in response, they pooled or idled ships and reduced speeds to curb vessel supply. The decline in the index indicates those price increases are reversing as ships are added back to the world fleet.
Flagging European trade, too many container ships and signs that container companies are turning to rate cuts should prompt investors to stay away from shares in A.P. Moeller-Maersk, Frans Hoeyer, an analyst at Jyske Bank A/S in Silkeborg, Denmark, wrote in a May 21 note. Hoeyer advises investors to reduce their holdings of Maersk stock.

So the container shipping industry is having problems. They’re pushing efficiency - economies of scale - to all-time highs, building the biggest bulk carriers and container ships ever made. Mega ships bigger than aircraft carriers with a crew of just 13. They’ve got all kinds of energy saving tricks on their ships, and now they’re giving the bubble hull thing a go. But the world economy keeps slowing down, and to survive this industry needs to grow. In a stagnant economy they suffer, and new ship orders get canceled or reduced. High speed transits get slowed down, dropping their on-time efficiency rates. And that in turn slows other businesses, who have come to rely on international shipping timeliness so accurate that they can run the most minimal and flexible Just In Time inventories. Now that’s failing. The downward economy is a death spiral; it’s self-reinforcing.

PS - Oh, Mr. President? The entire world paradigm shifting business of container shipping? WE BUILT THAT. Not a cent of government investment. The whole international ocean shipping business? WE BUILT THAT. Not a government in the history of civilization has managed to pave the oceans; ships go where they will and they always have. Ports to unload cargoes? Dockyard facilities? Offshore islanding for crude oil tanker unloading? All built by capitalism. Private ventures. Profit motives. Ok, sure, some cities may have invested in their ports, or offered tax breaks, or policed most of the corruption out of the longshoremen. But it’s in their best interests to do so: more business means more tax dollars. And the ports were there before the cities saw them as tax revenue sources. They were there before the cities ever invested a dime in them. They got there without teachers - for thousands of years sailors didn’t need to know how to read. They got there without police or firemen - at sea, sailors do both jobs, or they die. And they got there without infrastructure; as I’ve said, the sea is it’s own highway network, and ships have been delivering things and trading since they were skin boats or hollow logs. The land routes often started as game trails to the beaches, and towns grew up along the trade routes, not the other way around. So trade was first. Then towns and cities. Then government. Then infrastructure, education, and non-production specialization. But trade was first. And to make trade happen, somebody somewhere had to produce more of one thing than he needed, and found a way to get together with someone similar who had things that he wanted. So production specialization - wood carving, grape farming, beer making - driven to excess by the profit motive, came along around the same time that trade began. Tens of thousands of years before government.

Ok, this still took me too long to write. But I’m getting better. Now, off the internet. Enough.


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calendar   Friday - July 27, 2012

Phriday Photos

Right Clickable

image image image

Too much B&W? Ok, here’s a little color then ...

See More Below The Fold


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too troo


So I guess I’m hoping that they kill each other off to almost the last man standing, and that he be one of Assad’s people? Not really sure. Maybe the Turks will invade. Who knows? It gets darker and stranger over there every day. 

And yeah, those are Saddam’s WMDs, and you and I both know it. Hey, why aren’t the lefties crying “no evidence” today? If Saddam never had any, then he couldn’t have shipped them to Assad by special truck convoy numbering in the hundreds. Therefore Assad’s WMDs are just an empty rumor as well. After all, Saddam actually used some of his on his own people. I don’t think Assad has gassed or poisoned anybody yet. So that’s even less “no evidence” isn’t it???


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grasser - brit speak for squeeler - stool pigeon - rat fink busy body

How’s this for an example of ..... Wait a minute.  Lemme think.

Ok here’s the story. See the guy in the photo?  Pretty foolish working with a chainsaw like that.
So let me ask you people reading this.

Would you report this guy to the authorities for working without safety gear and violating several safety regs.?

Well, this photo was shot thru the window of a neighbor who took the picture and did just that. The busy body reported him and he ended up paying one hell of a fine.

Here’s the whole story.

Elf ‘n’ safety might have got this one right: Gardener must pay £6,000 after neighbour catches him perched on treetop while holding a chainsaw

John Holland had no protective clothes, no ropes, and one foot on the tree and the other on the ladder

He was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay £2,000 costs ( $9,400.00 )



Perched precariously on a ladder with one foot on a branch and no harness in sight, landscape gardener John Holland gets to work with a chainsaw.

But while the immediate risk to his safety may have been obvious, it was an unseen danger which cost him dear in the end – a man with a camera in the next door garden.

Mr Holland, 53, has been landed with a £6,000 bill after the neighbour took a picture of him and reported him and his colleague to the authorities.

The furious gardener claims the fee is far too high, but health and safety bosses insist it was ‘sheer good fortune’ that he did not hurt himself or anyone else.

Mr Holland was working in Deeping St James, Lincolnshire, when he was spotted by a local resident balancing at the top of a 20ft tree.

Without wearing the necessary protective clothing or using safety ropes, he had scaled the tree using a ladder which was wider than the trunk.

Once at the top, Mr Holland wrapped one arm around the trunk and balanced with one foot on a branch and the other on the ladder. In his left hand he can be seen holding a chainsaw.

What he didn’t know was that he had been spotted by a neighbour who happened to be trained in assessing chainsaw work and who later reported him to the Health and Safety Executive.

At Spalding magistrates’ court, the landscape gardener admitted breaching a series of regulations on working at height and using protective equipment. He was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay £2,000 costs.

Mr Holland, who owns JH Landscaping Services, insists he should not have been fined because he was unaware there were any problems with his style of pruning.

‘As soon as the HSE informed me of the technical faults of what we were doing we went out there and then went on more training courses and put everything right,’ he said.

‘But they still wanted to go ahead and prosecute me to make an example of me so word would get around to other people of how seriously they take this kind of thing.

I was ordered to pay £6,000 but the maximum fine for each offence is £20,000.

‘You can break into a house with criminal intent and the maximum fine is just £5,000, but I could have been fined £20,000 for just having the wrong trousers.’

HSE inspector Neil Ward said: ‘Chainsaws are dangerous pieces of machinery in untrained hands.

‘It is sheer good fortune that no one was hurt that day.’

source, Daily Mail


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strange cookery

Maybe it’s the withdrawal symptoms talking, but I just deep fried a pork loin.

I needed to get something for lunch and dinner, and the store had small pork loins for a good price. I’ve made them in the past, but no matter how I marinade or season them, they always seem to come out kind of dry from the oven, whether I cook them long and low, or short and hot. But I know that when I fry up some chicken or some pork chops, the meat is so moist and steamy you hardly even need a fork, let alone a knife.

So I put 2 and 2 together, got out my spices, and hopefully my creation will equal at least a 4. I’m hoping for a 10, but hey. Even if the batter coating gets cast aside, maybe the meat will be good and tender.

Spices went on first, followed by a dredging in flour. Then I took some more flour, a little more spice, and some milk and make a wet coating. Spooned that onto all sides, then let it sit while the lard heated up (same lard as before; this is my 4th fry with it. I think I can get 2 more before it gets too brown).

Deep fried it for 10-15 minutes each side, then into a 425 oven to finish off for a bit. Half an hour? Maybe a tad less. I have no idea how long it will take, but I’ve got a meat thermometer and can probe it one.

... Ok, I pulled it out when the probe said the middle was 130. Half an hour later, resting, paper towels absorbing any extra oil, and the internal temp is up to 173. I’d say it’s fully cooked.

Looks like a lump of rock though. Hope it tastes better!



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wipes patient with urine soaked sheet but, There is no evidence of general incompetence.’

Thaddee Nsengiyaremye?
What the hell kind of a name is that?  OK, I got the first one but the alphabet soup last one defies me.  Maybe they didn’t sack the lazy jerk because they could spell or pronounce the name.

So now he’s working in a care home?  They’re allowing this gorilla to work in a care home, instead of deporting him?

The he treated one patient, read below, should have been auto dismissal.  Oh wait.  Isn’t he a member of a favored and protected group?  Whoops. Never mind.  He can’t be fired cos it’d violate him cibil rights.
Someday this total turd will be old too.  Maybe with some luck he’ll be feeble and old and be tended by some jerk with his work ethic.

One of the damn scary things about old age innit?

I guess the best defense is a good supply of sleeping pills.  Just hoard those little suckers for the day when.

So here’s what I’m banging on about.  And I’m sure some of you can find stories in the USA that might be the same or close to this.

Nurse who failed to spot a patient had suffered a stroke for EIGHT HOURS is not sacked.

Nurse was supposed to check on patient regularly but checked her only at 9pm and 5.25am the next day


He made no record of patient’s care

Admitted wiping another patient down with bed sheet soaked in her own urine

Council said ban would not be ‘proportionate’

Nurse now works in a care home


A nurse who failed to notice an elderly woman had suffered a stroke for more than eight hours has avoided being struck off.

Thaddee Nsengiyaremye missed making nine vital checks overnight as the patient recovered from a hip operation.

He ignored her for several hours as she fell unconscious, her pulse dropped alarmingly and her arms went limp.

When Nsengiyaremye finally checked on her, more than eight hours after the last observation, he did not realise she had suffered a stroke and waited more than half an hour to call for help.

He admitted a string of charges against him when he appeared at a Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing in central London.

But the panel ruled he could continue in the profession because there was no evidence of ‘general incompetence’.

Nsengiyaremye will have to work under supervision and undertake further training over the next 18 months.

Panel chair David Flinter said: ‘A conditions of practice order will sufficiently address the panel’s concerns and adequately protect the public.

‘We have seen records of your supervision sessions in your current employment, which indicate improvement in your clinical practice.

‘There is no evidence of general incompetence.’

Nsengiyaremye was working a night shift at the Sussex Orthopaedic NHS Treatment Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, on April 19, 2010, when he took charge of caring for the woman, referred to as Patient B.

His boss Michelle Hailey told the hearing he should have been checking on her regularly as she recovered from a hip operation at the treatment centre.

‘Even if the protocol is not being properly followed, you would expect someone who has just come out of surgery to have regular observations’, she said.

He was expected to make hourly checks until 2.30am and two-hourly observations after that.

But Nsengiyaremye actually checked on her just once, at 9pm, before finding her critically unwell at 5.25am.

‘There was nothing done by the registrant at 8pm, he carried out observations at 9pm, and then nothing is done by him from 10pm until 6pm,’ said Joanna Dirmikis, for the NMC.

‘He ought to have been carrying out hourly observations until 2.30am.’

The hearing was told the woman had a weak pulse, high blood pressure, and her breathing was abnormal when Nsengiyaremye checked on her at 5.25am.

But instead of immediately calling for a doctor, he went to collect a machine to carry out more tests.

When the ambulance was finally called, at 6am, the patient was rushed to the Princess Royal Hospital opposite for emergency treatment.

Mr Flinter said giving Nsengiyaremye a ban would not be proportionate or helpful.

‘The conduct was serious and not isolated, but areas of retraining have been identified’, he said.

‘We have concluded it would not be proportionate to suspend you and deprive you of the opportunity to address the concerns about your practice.’

Nsengiyaremye admitted all the charges against him, including not making a record of his care of patient B until he was ordered to by Ms Hailey more than 10 hours after his shift had finished.

He was also found to have not made vital records of a patient’s fluid levels during the shift.

The registered nurse further admitted a previous incident when he wiped a patient with a bed sheet soaked in her own urine and refusing to give her a bath.

The woman rang the bell for her bedpan to be changed while Nsengiyaremye was working on November 9, 2009, but he was slow to respond.

When he finally arrived, Nsengiyaremye was aggressive towards the patient, refused to change her urine-soaked gown, and wiped her down with the dirty bed sheet he had just stripped off the bed.

Nsengiyaremye now works in a care home and must undertake regular supervision sessions, as well as adhering to a training plan relating to infection control, medication administration, record keeping, and recognition of clinical treatment.


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$54,900,489 bribe to unions?

Well, I must say if this be true I am a bit disappointed in our Boris.

He’s the American born mayor of London and about as Brit as they come I suppose. Would have to check with Lyndon on that to be certain tho.
I know he’s a conservative and he’s beaten Red Ken for the office. Red Ken Livingston being the avowed former commie mayor.

Seems only recently Boris banged on about controlling unions etc. 
This article makes it appear as if Boris Johnson is responsible for all of this. And that he’s caved in.  I can’t believe that. Or maybe I’m just tired and not reading correctly.  Or I simply don’t want to believe it.
You decide.  Interesting stuff.

It’s a Boris bonus: London mayor offers hand outs to transport workers totalling £35m to stop them striking during Olympics

London Underground drivers will get around £1,000 for working throughout the Olympics

London Underground station staff will get a bonus of around £850

At Network Rail, around 800 maintenance and control staff have negotiated a pay rise of £3.50 an hour for the whole of the summer


Bonuses worth up to £35million are being handed out to transport workers in a desperate bid by London Mayor Boris Johnson to stop strikes during the Olympics.  ( $54,900,489 )

That is despite the fact that Mr Johnson has repeatedly called for reform of employment laws to make strikes harder to call.

Workers who have scooped bonuses simply for turning up to work include:

London Underground drivers, who enjoy an average salary of £45,000, will get around £1,000 for working throughout the Olympics. London Underground station staff will get a bonus of around £850.

At Network Rail, around 800 maintenance and control staff have negotiated a pay rise of £3.50 an hour for the whole of the summer.

In total, they will scoop around £500 despite the fact that no maintenance work will actually take place throughout the Olympics, except emergency troubleshooting.

Around 550 workers at the Docklands Light Railway, which connects the City to East London, will get an average of £1,132 from the Olympics and Paralympics.

They will get a weekly bonus of £100, and will also be guaranteed a minimum of five hours of overtime a week, for which they will be paid 25 per cent above their standard overtime rate.

Bus drivers will get a £577 Olympic bonus, even if their route is nowhere near a Games venue. They will get a payment of £27.50 each time they complete a duty over the 29 days of the Olympics and the Paralympics.

Around 220 permanent workers who are employed by the service giant Serco, which operates the Barclays Cycle Hire company, better known as ‘Boris bikes’, will get £500.
They will also get overtime worth up to double their normal hourly rate if they work over the weekends.

Launched two years ago, there are around 8,900 bikes and 612 docking stations in London which can be used by anybody to do short journeys around the capital.



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calendar   Thursday - July 26, 2012

Is Chewin Cheatin

One of the addictions I mentioned the other day that I had to quit was smoking.

I’ve been a smoker since I was 12, and I’ve never really ever tried to quit before. But the price has just become too much. I smoke the cheapest cigs on the market, and NJ has a bit less tax on them than other states. But when even the price of my Mavericks went up to $6.75 a pack, and brand name smokes are over $9 with tax ... it’s time to quit.

So the first few days I tried those tape nicotine patch things. And they sort of helped. Ok, they helped lower the cravings. They didn’t make them go away.

Now I’m trying cigars. Oh no, not smoking them. Just smelling them. I’ve had an ammo can full of good cigars since the boom of the late 90s. Kept them well wrapped in cedar and properly cool and humidified. Nicely aged at this point, they smell wonderful. So I can just hold one under my nose for a minute, then inhale a few times on the unlit stick and gum one around in my lips a little. Can’t be getting much if any nicotine transfer, but I’m getting a good tobacco aroma, and a taste after a few minutes. It’s enough to mitigate the cravings, and then I put the cigar down for another few hours.

And I make it through another day without lighting up. Not even once. I am strong. I can do this.


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eye candy for thurs. photography lesson and appreciation. high class stuff.

Wasn’t intended to be eye candy. Exactly. Tho it is I suppose.

Okay then. She’s eye candy.

Bollywood star outrages India by agreeing to pose naked in Playboy magazine

Sherlyn Chopra, 28, will star in the magazine’s November issue

Critics in India have turned on her, calling her ‘repulsive’


A Bollywood actress has been accused of shaming her country by becoming the first Indian woman to appear naked in Playboy.

Sherlyn Chopra, 28, will star in the magazine’s November issue after she wrote to Playboy asking to strip for them.

Speaking to BBC Hindi, the actress admitted she found it a difficult challenge.

The actress, who has played a number of roles in Bollywood films, said: ‘It is not an easy task to be nude in front of the camera and look good at the same time.’

Ms Chopra’s appearance in the magazine is already proving controversial in India.

Although Playboy is banned in the country, people can still get access to it from the internet.

‘She’s not hot, she’s repulsive,’ said one critic on Twitter.

And some Indian columnists have attacked Playboy’s billing of Miss Chopra as a ‘Bollywood legend’, pointing out that she has had only minor roles.

‘At a time when innocent women across the nation from Gujarat to Guwahati have been subjected to sexual abuse and humiliation, one wonders if Sherlyn Chopra’s pictures wound a woman’s integrity,’ said commentator Gayatri Sankar.

Unabashed, Miss Chopra has hinted that her next step may be into sex films.

She said India’s youth ‘is racing towards liberalisation, and that’s why being unconventional in your choices is no longer a taboo’.

But despite the possibly difficulties she may face, Ms Chopra is proud of what she has done.

‘I have become the first Indian to pose naked for Playboy and nobody can take away that achievement from me,’ she said.

‘My sister is proud of my achievement.’

But she admitted shes hadn’t yet told her mother about her latest role.

source is the Daily Mail

‘proud of my achievement.’ Say what?

Hey. Far be it for me to say no to a pretty nude.  But that’s what the lady would be. Right?  Pretty. Plus nude. Great. Where’s the “achievement in that, when thousands of pretty girls pose nude every day. And many of em on the net.  Ah. But not all make Playboy. More thought needed.
I guess being a Playboy nude if the centerfold means you’ve arrived in the pretty girl nude stakes. Hmm. OK. Maybe that is an achievement of sorts.


See More Below The Fold


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eu commie-sar wants more rights for muzzies and france has more mosques

When the EU speaks .... the sheep must listen.

Just a short item I happened upon and am happy to pass on.
By restrictive laws I take that to mean there should be no defending western culture and traditions and laws. And above all, lets not be critical of the rop.

Islam: Muslims integral part of Europe, EU Commissioner said

Stop restrictive laws, anti-Muslim discrimination

(ANSAMed) - STRASBOURG, JULY 24 - ‘’The time has come to accept Muslims as an integral part of European societies, and to guarantee them dignity and equality,’’ EU Human Rights Commissioner Mils Muiznieks said on Tuesday. ‘’Governments must stop anti-Muslim laws and policies, and reinforce bans on religious discrimination in all sectors,’’ Muiznieks said.

His statements come on response to recent surveys by institutions and NGOs showing that Muslims living in Europe want to interact with Europeans and participate fully in society, but that they are constantly marginalized by prejudice, discrimination, and violence. In some countries including Italy, restrictive anti-Muslim laws and measures are being introduced, while right-wing and populist parties use anti-Muslim rhetoric to sway voters, according to the surveys.

And from the same source, here’s a gem. Wonder how the average French man and woman feel. Oh who cares about them?  The socialists won the election so I guess we know how the majority feel on the subject.  Or maybe I’m not being fair?

France: 200 new mosques being built, but they are not enough

Will be added to 2,200 existing mosques

- PARIS, JULY 25 - France has 2,200 active mosques totaling 300,000 square meters, but given that each worshiper needs at least one square meter of space, that number should double in order to adequately serve all the faithful, according to the French Council of the Muslim Faith, which represents the French Muslims before the national government.

About 200 new mosques are currently being built in France with funding from worshipers, Muslim countries, an the World Islamic League, a Saudi Arabia-based NGO that covers missing construction expenses, according to Le Monde daily’s website.

France has been criticized in past years because of Muslims worshiping in the streets, especially in multi-ethnic neighborhoods. (ANSAMed).


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