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An Easy One

WhatsIt #13


I’m beginning to hate these things. I think Peiper is too.

I never saw one until this afternoon, but they are on television quite often. I’m still not 100% sure how they work and don’t think I really care enough to research them.


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Tears For The Breck Girl

Silky Pony Heads To The Glue Factory

John Edwards indicted for nearly a million bucks of illegal campaign funds

Two-time U.S. presidential candidate and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards was indicted for allegedly accepting more than $925,000 in illegal campaign contributions to cover up an extramarital affair with a filmmaker who bore his child.

A federal grand jury indicted Edwards, 57, on six counts, including conspiracy, false statements and accepting illegal campaign contributions. The donations came in 2007 and 2008 and were part of an effort to prevent public revelations that would undermine his presidential campaign, according to the indictment filed today in federal court in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Edwards, a Democrat, has been the subject of a two-year investigation by the grand jury into whether he used the funds to conceal his relationship with filmmaker Rielle Hunter while running for president in 2008.

“Edwards knew that public revelation of the affair and pregnancy would destroy his candidacy by, among other things, undermining Edwards’ presentation of himself as a family man and by forcing his campaign to divert personnel and resources away from other campaign activities to respond to criticism and media scrutiny regarding the affair and pregnancy,” according to the indictment.

Edwards is scheduled to appear today in federal court in Winston-Salem. Each of the six counts carries a maximum five- year prison term and potential $250,000 fine, the Justice Department said.

Guess he’ll soon find out that there really are Two Americas: one behind steel bars, the other one not.


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Boomski Boomski

2nd Russian Ammo Dump Goes Up In Flames

Coincidence, da ili nyet?

Last week:


Explosions caused by a fire at a military ammunition depot in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan nearly a week ago have finally ceased, RFE/RL’s Tatar-Bashkir and Russian services report.

The fire and explosions started at a military base northeast of the republic’s capital, Ufa, on May 26.

Some of those who had been among more than 7,000 local residents evacuated from the area last week started returning to the village of Urman in the Iglino district on June 1.

Those whose homes are situated close to the burning military facility are still unable to return home because the fire is still burning.

More than 116 people were made homeless by the incident, 12 were injured, and some 500 left unemployed after their businesses were destroyed by the fire and explosions.

Bashkortostan Security Council head Marat Magadeev told journalists that new homes will be built and finished by August for those who are homeless.

Firefighters were able to enter the base on the morning of June 1 after the explosions stopped. Magadeev told journalists that heavy rain is currently helping to extinguish the blaze.

Moscow - A Russian ammo dump caught fire for the second time in a week on Monday, with exploding munitions forcing a repeat evacuation of hundreds of people.

Firefighters were having difficulty approaching the artillery ammunition depot in Russia’s Central Asian Bashkorstan province because of shell explosions and flying metal, according to news reports.

More than 1,000 residents of the nearby village of Urman abandoned their homes aboard buses provided by local officials, the Interfax news agency reported.

It was not clear from early reports what caused the fire. The blaze came in the wake of a Thursday conflagration at the same storage site. Army investigators have blamed a soldier who allegedly

tossed live shell casings into a pile, which is believed to have touched off one of the shell detonators.

This week:

PUGACHYOVO, Russia—A fire at a military base in the Russian republic of Udmurtia is causing a series of strong explosions, forcing authorities to evacuate thousands of people, RFE/RL’s Russian and Tatar-Bashkir services report.

According to RFE/RL’s services, some 150 buildings—including 18 ammunition depots—are currently on fire at the military base near the village of Pugachyovo. The fire started around midnight on June 2.

Officials say that up to 10,000 train cars full of ammunition may be inside the base.

Udmurtia’s Health Ministry said 50 people have been injured in the incident thus far, 25 of whom have been hospitalized.
An estimated 28,000 people have been evacuated from Pugachyovo and nearby villages, including those living in the neighboring Republic of Tatarstan.
Explosions from within the ammunition depots can be heard regularly. Most of the buildings on fire are not yet fully destroyed but their roofs and windows are severely damaged.

Local authorities have blocked the highway that goes from Yelabuga to Perm. The radius of debris from the exploding ammunition is about two kilometers around the military base.

The incident at Pugachyovo is the second large-scale fire and resulting explosions at a Russian military base in the past week.

A total of 200 personnel, 30 fire fighting units and three fire fighting trains have been deployed, although it was early to move them to the still exploding depot, Vesti TV channel said. The Russian Emergencies Ministry has also rushed two Il-76 fire fighting aircrafts, each able to carry 42 metric tons of water [approx. 11,550 gallons]. The accident has forced the ministry to temporarily close the Yelabuga-Izhevsk zone of the M7 federal highway, connecting Moscow and Ufa, the capital of the Urals republic of Bashkortostan. The nearby railway line was also closed.

Large explosion at Russian military base closes oil pipeline
Flames ripped through the military complex near the city of Izhevsk, 750 miles east of Moscow, on Friday causing the evacuation 28,000 residents.  The fire killed two people and injured at least 45 according to Russian media reports. Russian pipeline owner Transneft said that it was not receiving the 161,000 barrels of oil that it usually gets each day from the region.

Video posted on a social media website purportedly shows the complex on fire with lit ammunition shooting into the sky like fireworks amid large fireballs. Russian agencies reported that the base stored 10,000 tonnes of shells and ammunition, equivalent in power to about 58,000 tonnes of TNT.

I’ll refrain from making any trite remarks about roasted taters and 12 steppe plans.

Pugachevo and Ufa are about 200 miles apart, and both are located a few hundred miles north of Kazakhstan’s northwestern frontier, north of the Caspian Sea.  Kazakhstan is an oil and gas rich former Soviet republic that has been ruled by the same guy, Nursultan Nazarbayev, since 1989. The country is about half muzzie, maybe more. Nazabeyev recently won a surprise election with 95% of the vote.

Kazakhstan has come under repeated fire for instituting effective one-party rule in which all political and economic decisions are made by Nazarbayev and his hand-picked ministers and assistants.

But this closed system has pursued a decade of business-friendly policies that have ensured 8.5 percent annual growth and a dramatic improvement in the lives of the 16.4 million people living across the vast country’s steppes.


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Hope They Had Insurance

Robbers Strike At Maple Lanes

Prize Money Not Spared

Gutter Thieves Bag The Cash And Split

Ok, now that I’ve used up almost all of my bowling puns ...

Pinheads strike it rich in 80G bowling-alley heist

Two armed robbers hit pay dirt when they stuck up a Brooklyn bowling alley—hauling away $80,000 in cash that had just been collected for tournament winners.

An employee of the bowling alley had just walked out Maple Lanes’ back door, on 60th Street near 16th Avenue, at about 4 p.m. Wednesday when the gunmen forced him back inside, police sources said.

The thieves hit one worker in the head with the butt of a gun, then rounded up the four employees in the place, ordered them to lie face down on the floor, and proceeded to bind their hands with duct tape, the sources said.

The thugs, each described as wearing dark clothing, sunglasses and a cap, then stuffed the money into a trash bag and fled.

The cash had been collected earlier in the day as proceeds for three bowling leagues. Some of it had been earmarked for tourney winners later in the day.

None of the employees reported suffering any serious injuries, police said.

Maple Lanes is one of the last remaining regular bowling centers in Brooklyn NY, in the Bensonhurst neighborhood. They’ve been a family owned business for over 50 years, the business passing from father to son. The LaSpina family also owns several other bowling centers in Queens and Long Island. The alley has 48 lanes.

We are not getting the whole story here or the correct one; no league puts more than 5 bowlers on a team, so even if the 3 leagues mentioned each took up all the lanes, that would imply that each bowler paid $111 for that week’s bowling. No. Not gonna happen. $20, maybe $25 tops. No sensible business keeps weeks worth of cash on hand either; they take it to the bank every day.

I’ve never been to this place, but a little web research shows that they run an annual scholarship tournament which raises $60,000 or more. That’s my first guess although it’s pure conjecture because I don’t have their schedule; it looks like the Peter J LaSpina Sr Memorial Scholarship Tournament was run back in April, but they could certainly have more than one such tourney per year. Perhaps the tournament runs across several months; the weekly bowling paper (see pg 3) implies that it is now over. Yes, there is a weekly bowling paper. Actually there are many many local editions of it across the country.

The only other reason I could see for them to have that much cash on hand would be if the three leagues were all doing their prize payout that day. Figure teams of 4, $6.50 per bowler per week into the prize fund, 30 week season, full size leagues of 34 teams ... yeah, that’s 80 grand. And the prize payouts are always in cash. And the last of the winter leagues have ended by now. Knowing all of this would imply some kind of an inside job; no one not familiar with several of the leagues in that particular bowling center would have this kind of knowledge.

Maple Lanes is located in a demographically dynamic area; right now it’s smack dab in the middle of a big Jewish neighborhood with a synagogue right across the street. But a changing democgraphic makes for an uncertain future for the lanes, because the cold truth is that some demographic groups just aren’t into bowling. There have been plans afoot for several years now to rezone the property and to sell the land to apartment builders.

So who knows? I just hope that they followed USBC’s directive and had everything insured. That’s what it’s there for.

Which reminds me, as President of the little rinky dink summer league I’m on, I’d better get to my bowling alley and see if I have to sign papers and stuff. Including the insurance policy, just in case. Yes, I’m the president. I didn’t get elected; I volunteered. I have to talk to the owner about the schedule too; after 3 weeks of bowling it looks like we only have 5 teams, not the 8 we thought we would. Bowling is not doing so well in my part of the state.


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me and barbie and a pleasant memory of a better time.

First of all ... it isn’t 81 degrees here. WOW ... hope it doesn’t get to that. No air conditioning. Which has nothing whatever to do with this post.

My post at the moment, is about kissing. Or more specifically, being kissed. But not just by anyone.  Someone special. Beside your wife or mother.
And so it happened with me many years ago, and only something I caught on line at The Daily Mail today prompted me to do this post.
In fact, I was planning some eye candy which I’ll now hold for another time.

This was the banner that greeted me when I refreshed the Mail on line page

Does Britain really need a new Playboy club? Hugh Hefner touches down with his bunny girls

Then under the headline was this photo.

Between you and I .... the only one I find attractive is the redhead. Not cos of her hair alone. The other just don’t do it for me. But then, I don’t count and I’m not paying his bill. So ok.

Scrolling further down the page were some old photos and I swear the girls looked far better in another time. For me especially, was the one Asian girl shown.
Which again is neither here nor there.

This is the photo that grabbed me and memories came flooding back. of my days as a DJ.


See the short girl tucked up against Hefner?  That doll is Barbie Benton.

Now that name may not mean anything to any of you, but it sure means a lot to me and my past.  And what a very dear and very nice person she turned out to be.

Being Hugh Hefner’s main squeeze in those days, wasn’t a guarantee of success. Opposite in fact in the music world back then. For all his fame and all his money.  See .... she was a singer, and a pretty damn good one too I want all to know.  So he decided he’d help her career along and many say that’s how Playboy Records really got going. Because Barbie needed a label. So he gave her one.  Except, there was some resistance for awhile. Many stations didn’t even want to get her a chance at being aired, because they felt Playboy was being pushy, who’d ever heard of her before him, and out of spite they refused to play her records.  But she was really good. 

When our station first got the promotional copy all stations receive, I had doubts too.  I thought oh sure. Hefner’s girl friend. BUT ... I was curious and auditioned the record and put it into my rotation.  The lady did have talent.  Later as well, some very good acts were signed to Playboy and some of the best producers Nashville had to offer.  For awhile, Playboy did very well. I can’t remember the roster now after all this time.  Benton of course. And Mickey Gilley, who had a number of hits on that label.  Those were some awesome years.  I didn’t appreciate how good I had it. 

Well, every October, during the week of the CMA Country Music Awards in Nashville, there was also the Country DJ Convention.  I can’t even remember if that’s what it was called.  But it was fun.  Guys from all over the country blew into town and attended seminars and shows and of course, parties. No, not a drunken bacchanal. Not even close.  Hey, I got to dance once with Tanya Tucker at a birthday party.  It could have been hers. Sweet!
So anyway, I got to meet Barbie Benton.

Hey, I met a lot of nice people during my time in the business. Was in love with Loretta Lynn in fact.  There’s simply no way to not like that woman after only five minutes in her company.  She is genuine.
So I met Barbie Benton and found to my surprise she was a lovely person.  I don’t know if I expected her not to be.  Wish I had brought a camera with me on that trip.  Well I told her how nice it was meeting her and of course it was, and I remember telling her that I couldn’t wait to get back to my station so I could tell the guys I had met Barbie Benton.  To which she replied .....

“Well, here.  Go back and tell them you’ve been kissed by her.” Where upon she put her lovely arms around my neck and planted one on me that I never forgot.

Trust me .... you have NEVER really been kissed until you’ve been kissed by Barbie Benton.



She’s lots older but she’s still pretty and I’d love to meet her again.  Even if she weren’t pretty.



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can forgery ever be considered merely, simulation? a new legal twist?

Try and get your head around this one.  It could qualify as one of Drew’s puzzles.
If anyone out there understands this, will you please take the time to explain it to me as I often tend to be slow on this sort of thing.
Or ... is it as I think it might be, the usual lunacy for which there is no explanation.
OK I understand they are his kids. Got that. But still.  This is so outrageous it is mind boggling. What even more mind boggling is the claim that a court decided that forgery wasn’t forgery. Oh no. Get this people.  It’s a SIMULATION!

Go figure. 

Take a look.

Woman had two children after secretly taking ex-husband’s frozen sperm

A father was forced to pay his ex-wife £100,000 so she can raise two children she conceived without his consent after secretly taking his frozen sperm.

By Murray Wardrop
Daily Telegraph

The 57-year-old man had stored his sperm at a world famous fertility clinic after being told drug treatment for arthritis could make him infertile.
But two months after they separated, he says his former wife, 51, forged his signature and used her £25,000 divorce settlement to give birth to a son and daughter through IVF at the Bourn Hall Clinic, Cambridge.

The man only found out about the children three years later when his ex-wife’s sister phoned to say his son was critically ill in hospital. By then he had remarried and had two other children.
The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has had limited access to his children since then and spent almost £200,000 in ongoing legal battles with his ex-wife.

When she fell into debt caring for the youngsters, a judge ordered him to pay her £100,000 to help bring them up.

The father-of-four is now calling for a change in the law to ensure no other parents suffer the same ordeal.
The man said: “I was stunned when I found out she had withdrawn my sperm without my consent because at the time we had split up and were going through a divorce.

“It was a deliberate act to bring two children into this world without a father to look after them. I was never at the clinic and I never signed the documents.
“I love the children and spend money on taking them out and buying them clothes, but it is an expense I shouldn’t really have. The cost of this has been huge.
“It is scary to think how little control I had over it all. I just can’t understand how they believed her. The stress of it all has turned my life upside down.”

The man stored sperm at the clinic in 1999, to ensure that he and the woman, who he married in 1979, could still have children together, should arthritis drug treatment render him infertile.
They divorced in June 2000 but just weeks later she visited the clinic and forged his signature, allowing doctors to create embryos from his frozen sperm and her egg.

She gave birth to their daughter in June 2001 before returning to the clinic and giving birth to their son in September 2003.
The man, who remarried in 2002, was forced to tell his 32-year-old wife, with whom he has two daughters aged eight and seven, about his other children.

He said he first met the children - now aged nine and seven - after his ex-wife contacted him saying their daughter had asked to see her father.
The man said when the children began asking his ex-wife where they had come from, she told them “the freezer”.

Initially, he was only allowed to see the youngsters in a contact centre but fortnightly home visits are now permitted and they enjoy a harmonious relationship with his other children, the man said.
He added: “My new wife has been amazing about it all. She speaks to my ex-wife to do the best for the children but it has put a strain on our relationship.

“This has affected many lives, including the four children, and it is something that will be a strange situation for us for the rest of my life. “
In 2007, the same judge who ruled in their first divorce hearing, ordered the man to pay his ex-wife £100,000, on the grounds that the previous settlement did not take the two children into account.

When asked about her actions, his ex-wife said: “I don’t believe I have done anything wrong. It was getting later and later for me and I wanted to have a child.
“If I had not done it then I would not be blessed with my children. I have no regrets, I would do it again.”

She added that a court ruled it was a simulation rather than a forged signature.
Bourn Hall Clinic, which was founded in 1980 by IVF pioneers Patrick Steptoe and Professor Robert Edwards, declined to comment.


This guy has been had. She’s not sorry. Course not. But damn, she should have been made to feel sorry. Like, an acid facial bath might have made her very sorry.  Barbaric?  Yeah maybe. But then I’m not too terribly civilized when reading stuff like this.  She surely deserves a “simulation” that might make her regret her actions. Which she committed 2wice. 


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the cupcake war - kudos MI6

Busy,busy all day yesterday and by the time almost done, I was done in. 

Picked newspaper off floor of porch this morning and this headline stood out.
Immediately booted least Drew find it first.  I haven’t even had morning coffee yet. honest.


MI6 attacks al-Qaeda in ‘Operation Cupcake’

British intelligence has hacked into an al-Qaeda online magazine and replaced bomb-making instructions with a recipe for cupcakes.

By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent


The cyber-warfare operation was launched by MI6 and GCHQ in an attempt to disrupt efforts by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular to recruit “lone-wolf” terrorists with a new English-language magazine, the Daily Telegraph understands.

When followers tried to download the 67-page colour magazine, instead of instructions about how to “Make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom” by “The AQ Chef” they were greeted with garbled computer code.

The code, which had been inserted into the original magazine by the British intelligence hackers, was actually a web page of recipes for “The Best Cupcakes in America” published by the Ellen DeGeneres chat show.

Written by Dulcy Israel and produced by Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio, it said “the little cupcake is big again” adding: “Self-contained and satisfying, it summons memories of childhood even as it’s updated for today’s sweet-toothed hipsters.”

It included a recipe for the Mojito Cupcake – “made of white rum cake and draped in vanilla buttercream”- and the Rocky Road Cupcake – “warning: sugar rush ahead!”

By contrast, the original magazine featured a recipe showing how to make a lethal pipe bomb using sugar, match heads and a miniature lightbulb, attached to a timer.
The cyber attack also removed articles by Osama bin Laden, his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri and a piece called “What to expect in Jihad.”
British and US intelligence planned separate attacks after learning that the magazine was about to be issued in June last year.
They have both developed a variety of cyber-weapons such as computer viruses, to use against both enemy states and terrorists.

A Pentagon operation, backed by Gen Keith Alexander, the head of US Cyber Command, was blocked by the CIA which argued that it would expose sources and methods and disrupt an important source of intelligence, according to a report in America.
However the Daily Telegraph understands an operation was launched from Britain instead.

Al-Qaeda was able to reissue the magazine two weeks later and has gone on to produce four further editions but one source said British intelligence was continuing to target online outlets publishing the magazine because it is viewed as such a powerful propaganda tool.
The magazine is produced by the radical preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, one of the leaders of AQAP who has lived in Britain and the US, and his associate Samir Khan from North Carolina.

Both men who are thought to be in Yemen, have associated with radicals connected to Rajib Karim, a British resident jailed for 30 years in March for plotting to smuggle a bomb onto a trans-Atlantic aircraft.

At the time Inspire was launched, US government officials said “the packaging of this magazine may be slick, but the contents are as vile as the authors.”

Bruce Reidel, a former CIA analyst said it was “clearly intended for the aspiring jihadist in the US or UK who may be the next Fort Hood murderer or Times Square bomber.”

In recent days AQAP fighters have capitalised on chaos in Yemen, as the country teeters on the brink of civil war.

Tribal forces marching towards the capital, Sana’a, clashed with troops loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh for a third day running yesterday.



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calendar   Thursday - June 02, 2011

Going Green: Recycled Eye Candy

Not a recycled picture, just using the same model once again. Even making silly faces I think she is so adorable.


Not that the rest of her is anywhere close to shabby either ...

See More Below The Fold


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fool me twice, shame on me

لا القرف شيرلوك

Hopes fade for peaceful Arab transition to democracy

The roar of the jubilant crowd assembled in Cairo’s Tahrir Square said it all.

Nearly four months ago, longtime Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak finally yielded to political reality and stepped down from power. Mubarak’s fall—coming on the heels of the ouster of neighboring Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali—was seen by many as part of a domino effect.

The Arab world, it seemed, was finally on the brink of a peaceful democratic transition that had eluded the troubled region for generations.

Today, however, the promise of a peaceful Arab Spring appears to be yielding to the reality of a long, violent summer as dictators across the Middle East and North Africa draw a line in the sand and fight to maintain control of their countries.

Protesters, meanwhile, are showing no sign of backing down.

“We’ve seen the last (Middle East) dictator leave voluntarily,” Michael Rubin, a regional expert at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative Washington think tank, recently told CNN.

U.S. President Barack Obama and other Western leaders will continue to push for peaceful change when possible, Rubin said. But dictators in the region have been spooked by the fate of Mubarak, who is now facing trial and a possible death sentence, and Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, who is facing an onslaught from armed rebels and NATO air forces.

They “see there is no possibility of a peaceful retirement,” Rubin said. And many of them also “believe that their country is their personal fight.”

Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. If you can even be bothered to click the mouse, read the rest here at CNN. The left’s never ending capacity for both projection and wishful thinking is doing another nosedive straight into the well used kitty litter once again. Did they really, really believe things were going to be otherwise? Are they really that immature? Crivens, I can’t wait; in another 6 months they’ll finally realize that the Muslim Brotherhood is a threat, and that these uprisings and revolutions across the entire muslime world are orchestrated by Iran with one goal in mind: bringing about the Caliphate and the rise of the 12th Imam. Which is what Glenn Beck said ages ago, but he’s a crazy religious rightwingnut, so don’t listen to him. Or to any of those countless other Conservatives who have been saying essentially the same thing.

I read another bit of projectionism at CNN’s site yesterday, about how all of Egypt was simply outraged at the “virginity check” done to those female protesters. I didn’t see any point in updating my post on the subject with their BS. Funny how the article had quotes from various protest leaders about their gripes with the military junta now running Egypt, but not one word about the plight of these women. Guess why? Because they couldn’t care less. Worse: they fully support any and all acts of degradation against women who dare to protest against their Allah-granted status as bipedal livestock. But the lefty newswires are hot with “Egyptian indignation” now that the allegation has been admitted to. Pure projectionism. And still, not a word from any of the leading Western women’s organizations.

No woman in her right mind, no female capable of objective reasoning, could possibly want to be a muslim. Period. It’s long past time for a planet-wide abolitionist movement. Free our sistas in bondage!

PS - paste the title into Google Translate.


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Oh joyous day

Finally, today we will learn how to eat properly

19 years of government effort will replace the food pyramid ... with a pie chart

The original Food Pyramid:


Our exposure to the original pyramid started way back in 1992. And the problems with it started immediately. Despite many millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on public education, few people could make sense of what this icon was trying to tell them. 11 servings of carbs per day? 8 servings of fruit and veg? How many meals am I supposed to be eating? Always eat four times as much bread as you do meat, and eat just as much cheese as you do meat! No wonder we’re a nation of fat people! All of this was based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is probably quite a bit more than most people who are not doing physical labor actually need. Confusion was rife, and the solution was to just ignore the damn thing, except for the kids who had to memorize it and submit crayon drawings of the thing in their government indoctrination sessions grade school classes.

At some later point, 2005 actually, government, as is its want, distributed a new pyramid, called MyPyramid, that was the result of years worth of government study and many millions more dollars of taxpayer money. And, naturally, the new MyPyramid was almost completely worthless:


Almost completely worthless. It did get rid of the utterly nebulous “servings” and replace them with actual portion sizes, and it did make reference to getting some kind of physical exercise. But the pyramid concept was still faulty since this MyPyramid thing seemed to imply that the result of exercise was to not eat any food at all. And then it went all diverse and retro, including a special Chinese pyramid built in the old Food Pyramid style ... because Chinese food apparently is not made from grain products, vegetables, fruits, oils, meats, or milk. And what about that great swath of lactose intolerant people in our society (black folks)?? This new pyramid is just like that old pyramid: it’s raaaacist! It’s out to kill the Black Race by forcing them to eat dairy, thus giving them never ending diarrhea. And it’s foodist too! What’s a poor Vegan to do?

So today, finally, after many more years of government study, and many more millions of taxpayer dollars, the new eating guideline icon will be released. Rumor has it that it will not be a pyramid at all. Rumor has it that it will be some kind of plate icon. Gosh, I can hardly wait. It will be the Story of the Day for a short time, then will be relegated to the sides of cereal boxes just like the other ones, and Americans will go right back to ignoring it, except for when the kiddies have to draw the dumb thing in school. Tax money well spent, as usual.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is planning to swap in a plate icon for the food pyramid this week, an individual familiar with the new guidelines told CNN Saturday.

The new image, expected to be unveiled Thursday, is meant to help remind Americans to make healthy food choices.

“We presume that it will be divided into sections that will show you how much of different types of foods you should be eating,” said Elizabeth Cohen, CNN senior medical correspondent, about the plate image.

The USDA said in a statement this week that the new food icon would be “part of a comprehensive nutrition communication initiative that provides consumers with easy-to-understand recommendations, a new website with expanded information, and other tools and resources.”

And you know, we have First Lady Michelle Obama to thank for much of this. Her amazing “Git yo lazy fat ass off da couch and git outside” “Let’s Move” program spearheaded this effort and got both taxpayer funded scientists and unionized indoctrinators educators involved in finding a better solution. Unfortunately, the “Let’s Move” slogan’s alternate use has had no positive impact on the real estate market at all, which has continued to stagnate and depreciate throughout the entire Obama reign.

This decision was made after the 2010 US Child Obesity Task Force called for a better tool representing the current dietary guidelines. They haven’t released the official version of what the newbie will look like, however rumors state it will be in the shape of a dinner plate. This fresh idea has the potential to be widely useable and liked by professionals in a nutritional and clinical setting.

The official release of the new icon appearance will be on June 2, 2011. A live feed will be streamed at All the details will be posted at

So grab a fork and get ready for some real excitement, and stay tuned to your government website for the big unveiling. It’s for your own good you know, so stop questioning their authority.


UPDATE: It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Oh joyous day!!!


Wow, that makes life so much easier. There’s no room there at all for fats of any kind, not even olive oil. Cut the fat, salt, and sugar. Eat more whole grains. Eat less overall. Or, as 30 Rock fans know, as Kim Jong Ill would say “You have had enough food today. You are full.”

Thank God it doesn’t say anything about getting any exercise. Phew, for a minute there I was worried I’d have to work up a sweat doing the now-mandated celebratory Snoopy Dance ...


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Demonic: New Coulter Book


“The idea for this country, contained in our founding documents, was revolutionary and brilliant, and it was about limited government, property rights, self-reliance, and self-determination - which makes it a conservative idea”

… when did Ann Coulter become the Angry Woman of the Right—and doesn’t she find this, well, infuriating? “Not at all”, she laughs. “What ‘angry’ means today is, ‘I don’t agree with you,’” she adds. “To avoid being called ‘angry,’ people on our side are always supposed to yield to the Left. Otherwise, we’re injuring them somehow.”

So what accounts for the gap between Coulter’s reputation for being cranky and reality? “It’s something the Left does very well,” she explains. “Getting people to deny what their own senses—their own eyes and ears—are telling them.” ...

The proverbial reasonable man might wonder if Coulter would be willing to reveal anything at all about her new book. She would indeed: “It’s called ’Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America,’ and it’s about how liberals act like a mob because they are a mob. Picking up where the brilliant 19th century social scientist Gustave Le Bon left off, I show how similar the Left is to a common street mob in the ways they think and behave.

What examples can she cite of behaviors shared by both a street mob and the Left? “Groupthink—a reasoning disability to which Christians and conservatives are immune, by the way. An inclination to hold contradictory opinions. A habit of being swayed by images rather than by words and logic. A tendency to resort to violence to advance their cause. And, as I’ve said, a willingness to disbelieve their own senses.”

Asked for a recent example of this phenomena, Coulter cites the banking crisis: “Here’s how Obama described the economic collapse: ‘The Republicans drove the car into a ditch, and now they want us to give them the keys back.’ So instead of a carefully worded description of how the banking crisis unfolded, people remember Story Time when the car went into the ditch and John Boehner climbed out from behind the wheel, with maybe a cut on his forehead, and said, ‘Wha’ happened?’ The End.

“Now, if you explain to liberals that Fannie [Mae] and Freddie [Mac] and the Community Redevelopment Act encouraged banks to issue suicidal mortgages, and Wall Street intermingled those bad mortgages with good ones and sold them in bundles, and when the housing market collapsed, the whole economy tanked, they say, ‘OK, but what about the car and the ditch?’

“They also believe that since government intervention and Wall Street got us into this mess, what we need is for the government to step in again and give Wall Street more money. It’s textbook mob thinking.” ...

The high-water mark of mob behavior, she believes, was the French Revolution. “The American Revolution was a revolution of ideas,” she explains. “The idea of a constitutional, representative democracy, based on the consent of the governed, in the form of three competing branches, was revolutionary. The French Revolution—which hardly deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the American Revolution!—was a protracted mob action, which mostly consisted of some French people mindlessly beheading other French people. The French Revolution was not inspired by some groundbreaking political manifesto like the Declaration of Independence. It was more like a street riot that got out of control and went on for years because they let it. As Napoleon said, if Louis XVI had stood up to that mob, even once, he would have won.”

So, in SAT test-question form, the French Revolution, with its wanton violence and primitive thinking, is to the liberal mentality as the American Revolution, with its emphasis on ideas and well-crafted arguments, is to the conservative mentality? “Exactly!” ...

Soon to be another NY Times best seller - almost guaranteed, and yet another Conservative book that the NY Times will never, ever review - absolutely guaranteed. Funny thing how Conservative books top the lists year after year, but liberal ones get remaindered all the time. Actually, it’s not that funny: Conservatives read, and amass libraries. Liberals watch TV and amass pent up feelings.

Find Coulter’s latest book in all the usual bookstores, or check your email; Townhall Magazine is giving away a copy with new subscriptions, and other right winger mags are sure to do the same.


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calendar   Wednesday - June 01, 2011

at last. obama advice bmews can listen to. sort of.

Pay attention folks.

There might be something here worth listening to. Or in this case, reading. He is the prez ya know.

Barack Obama (as told to Craig Brown): Can we shift those stains? Yes we can!

President Barack Obama answers all your household problems. This week: STAIN REMOVAL

Q Dear President Obama, My white shirt has chewing gum stuck to it. Any suggestions?

Vanessa Phelps, Stevenage, Herts.

A.  Let this be known. Where there is chewing gum, there shall always be a problem.  But let there be no doubt. It is a problem we shall overcome.

Be that gum on the lowermost reaches of the heel of your shoe, or be it on the uppermost reaches of your beehive hair-do, let this be known.

We shall not rest in our struggle for its removal.

The problem is clear. Of that there is no question.

There is gum sticking in a place in which gum has no purpose to be stuck.

How do we remove this gum? That is the question.

And it is a question we do not possess the capacity to answer.

Yes — these things are beyond our power to control.

But this does not mean we are powerless to control them.

Vanessa — let me ask you this.

Have you tried rubbing your shirt with peanut butter?

If you do this, we shall demonstrate a simple truth to all mankind.

Gum may be in our hearts.  But it has no place on our shirts.

Q Dear President Obama, having followed your advice, I now have two further problems. The gum that used to be on my shirt is now stuck to the carpet. Meanwhile, my white shirt has peanut butter smeared all over it. Suggestions, please!

Vanessa Phelps, Stevenage, Herts.

A.  Thank you, Vanessa, for that powerful message. And let this be known.

We share your distress at the peanut butter that has smeared itself over your white shirt.

And we stand side by side you and all in your community in your valiant struggle to remove that gum from your carpet.

Yes, we may be powerless in the face of adversity. But remember this, Vanessa: we are not powerless in the face of adversity.

This is what you proved to the world when you removed that gum from your shirt with peanut butter.

And let this be known.

You shall prove it once again, Vanessa, when you follow my advice to assuage the memory of that peanut butter by applying motor-oil to your shirt with a toothbrush.

And let us not forget the gum that sticks to your carpet.

The surest way to move forward on that carpet in the days and weeks ahead, Vanessa, is to remove the gum with a vigorous application of vinegar on a handkerchief.

And let this be not forgotten.

In your fight against the peanut butter on your shirt and the gum on your carpet we shall be with you every step of the way.

Q Dear President Obama, Thank you for all your help so far! I really don’t know what I would have done without you! As you’ve been so much help, I was wondering if I could now trouble you with four new problems?

Do you have any handy tips for getting rid of vinegar on a carpet, motor oil on a shirt, peanut butter on a toothbrush, and chewing gum on a handkerchief?

Vanessa Phelps, Stevenage, Herts.

A.  These stains are real and they are everywhere, Vanessa.

They are your stains; they are my stains.

They are stains that belong to us all. On the most profound level, these stains remind us that — yes — we are all human beings, united under the Almighty.

You ask me, Vanessa, how to get rid of your stains.

Stains of vinegar. Of motor oil. Of peanut butter. And of chewing gum.

And I tell you this, Vanessa. Harness urine to shift the vinegar, milk to shift the motor oil, and red wine to shift the peanut butter.

And let us not forget the chewing gum, Vanessa. It is gum that reminds us who we are. It is gum that will not let us go. As we adhere to our planet, so does our gum adhere to us.

And as we witness our gum stuck to our handkerchief, we ask ourselves this. How did it get there, and how will we make it go?

These are questions to which there are no easy answers, Vanessa.

But why not try sloshing blackcurrant juice over it?



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law and disorder and no one listening

A couple of stories popped up and the need to share this awful stuff is overwhelming.
What’s this country coming to?  Sadly .... this.  There is no punishment cruel enough for these sorts of low life pond scum. Look for things to get much worse as I do not believe the system in place is capable of dealing with them.
Which of course encourages more of the same.

Sick vandals behead 18 birds, and slaughter frogs and fish in ‘shocking’ attack at park wildlife attraction

Last updated at 6:07 PM on 1st June 2011

The bodies of two of the birds killed by mindless thugs at Wythenshawe Park in Manchester
Vandals beheaded 18 birds, stamped a frog to death and poisoned hundreds of fish by pouring fertiliser into a pond after breaking into a family wildlife attraction.
Police said the level of cruelty was ‘shocking and distressing’.

The yobs also caused more than £10,000 worth of damage at the Horticultural Centre in Wythenshawe Park in Manchester, as they chopped down trees and smashed 130 windows.

They broke into the park some time between 4.30pm on Sunday and 10am the next day.
Councillor Mike Amesbury, Manchester City Council’s executive member for culture and leisure, said: ‘This is a sickening act of cruelty and vandalism, causing significant damage to a centre which has been enjoyed by generations of people.

‘I know that everything possible is being done to catch those responsible for this appalling crime and bring them to justice.’
Pc Terina Wild, of the Northenden Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: ‘The level of vandalism and cruelty shown by the offenders is shocking and distressing.


Laughing at the law: The thug who’s been convicted 40 times for 73 crimes


When it comes to breaking the law James Gelling has few equals. At just 23 he has one of the worst criminal records in Britain.
His 40 convictions for 73 separate offences include robbery, burglary, assault and possessing a dangerous dog.
But as he was jailed yet again – this time for 12 weeks for attacking his ex-girlfriend – MPs called for an end to ‘revolving door’ soft sentences for offenders like him.

Gelling’s record began at 13 when he was sentenced to 18 months in a youth offenders’ institution for robbery, theft and assault.
On his release in 2002 he was handed a three-year Asbo for a catalogue of offences in the seaside town of Southport.

With his siblings Jordan, 11, and Ashley, 12, the notorious ‘Gelling Brothers’ were ‘named and shamed’ for the reign of terror which left residents living in fear.
Dr Pugh warned then that Asbos were a badge of honour among youths like Gelling and asked for a new approach to serial offenders. He said: ‘We need an altogether new, more robust series of measures to clamp down on thugs and louts. Asbos don’t work with people who don’t care about receiving them.’

District Judge Michael Abelson warned Gelling he would be locked up every time he breached probation orders attached to his release from jail. Inspector Tony Jones, neighbourhood officer for Southport, said: ‘All we can do is react and put him before the courts – the rest is up to him.’

This week a report revealed that almost two thirds of criminals avoid jail despite amassing at least 15 convictions.

Instead of being put behind bars, more than 62,000 offenders were given lesser punishments, such as community service or a fine, last year. More than 4,000 walked out of court with only a caution. The figures reveal that serial offenders are less likely to be given a jail sentence today than at any time in the past decade.


See one thing wrong even now? Read Tony Jones again. What’s in his water? He says the rest is up to the criminal in this article. Huh? That isn’t the way it should be.  That kind of attitude is what’s wrong and broken about this system.
No,no. It should be up to the law and the courts to put ppl like this away for good or in the case of someone like this, capital punishment.


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A honey of a problem

I’m a Bee Leaver

Bee swarm shuts down corner in New York City’s Little Italy district. Who knew the NYPD had their own beekeeper?


A giant swarm of bees covered a mailbox on a Little Italy street corner Tuesday, closing down the sidewalk for hours and drawing dozens of curious onlookers.

Thousands of bees attached to the side of a mailbox at the corner of Mulberry and Grand Streets around noon Tuesday, forcing police to close off a portion of the sidewalk and keep an eye on things until the bees could be safely removed.

“It’s like a movie scene. It’s pretty cool.” said Mike Costabile, 25, who works nearby and was out getting coffee when he noticed the swarm. “I kind of wish there were more.”

The mailbox, located in front of the Italian-American Museum at 155 Mulberry Street, was hard to make out under the blanket of bees covering almost one entire side. The museum was closed at the time. It did not appear that anyone had been hurt by the swarm.

An NYPD-sanctioned beekeeper arrived about 3:30 p.m., working with another local beekeeper to carefully herd the thousands of bees into separate containers.

“This is one of the largest [swarms] I’ve seen,” said Elie Miodownik, of the New York City Beekeepers Association, who estimated the swarm at about 15,000 bees.

He arrived at the scene wearing full beekeeping gear after getting a call about the incident, and joined the NYPD beekeeper in corralling the insects after locating the queen bee.

Once the queen was identified and removed, the two scooped thousands of bees off the mailbox to be brought to other hives in Queens.

More pics and video here.

Looks like another sting operation successfully completed by the NYPD.

See More Below The Fold


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