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Gun Pr0n !!

The Ruger 50th Anniversary Bearcat Revolver

Ruger started making the Bearcat single action revolver a couple years before I was born. It was designed to be a “kit gun”; an inexpensive pistol to put in your “kit” whether you were going fishing, hiking, or just messing about. Back in the late 50s the gun sold for about $40 I think. Production continued for years and years. This was an aluminum frame pistol, to keep both the weight and the cost down. At some point in the early 70s, Ruger came out with a steel framed version called the Super Blackhawk, and gave those pistols a golden anodized trigger guard. Production ran until the mid 70s, at which point all of Ruger’s revolvers were modified to have the internal transfer safety bar system. This means the hammers no longer have the firing pins on them, and instead whack a plate which then whacks the back of the firing pin. And that plate, the transfer bar, only rises into position when the trigger is fully pulled. This means that the gun will NOT accidentally go off if you drop it, no matter what. But when they had done the conversion of all their models, there was no more Bearcat.

But there was still a strong demand for it. So, in 1993 Ruger brought the gun back to the market, and it’s been uphill ever since. From 1958 to 2008 is half a century, so last year Ruger made up a special 50th Anniversary model, even though the gun has actually only been made for 30 of those 50 years. Who cares? It’s gun porn of the nicest kind. Pretty, but not a closet queen.



I think they did a very nice job. The gun comes with cocobolo wood grips, is properly polished and deeply blued, it has some nice roll engraving on the cylinder, the cylinder and the top of the barrel are given gold filled accents, and the trigger guard is gold plated. This makes for a quite pretty pistol with some class, but it isn’t engraved to the point of uselessness. It’s still a shooter, just one with a bit of fine and fancy.

“We have strived to make our special limited edition 50th Anniversary New Bearcat a faithful and worthy tribute to its humble 1958 forebearer,” said Ruger President Stephen L. Sanetti. “It has plain but handsome cocobolo wood grips, a gold colored trigger guard, and a special gold-filled rollmark “50th Anniversary BEARCAT – 2008”. It also has a special serial number prefix, and will only be manufactured in 2008.”
The special limited edition 50th Anniversary New Bearcat joins the ranks of the 50th Year Ruger .357 and .44 Commemorative Blackhawk® New Model single action revolvers, issued in 2005 and 2006 respectively, as a fitting tribute to Bill Ruger’s genius in designing and building firearms “to a standard that we would buy them even if they were made by a competitor.”

You can read all about it here. Or over here! And you can read about the regular Bearcats, back in production in blued steel and stainless steel, over here.


And the nicest thing? This is not a “hogleg” that fires the .45 Colt cartridge. Or the .44 Magnum. This pistol is only a .22 rimfire. It’s a tiny little jewel of a gun, weighing barely a pound and a half. It’s maybe 9” long overall with it’s 4” barrel. It’s small enough for little kids to learn to shoot with (this is not a toy, duh!), or for folks with smaller hands. A lightweight 6 shooter for your side.


Notes: The 50th Anniversary model looks quite a lot like the Super Bearcat from the early 70s. It’s easy to spot the difference, because the Super Bearcat doesn’t have the gold detailing on the cylinder, and it’s anodized golden trigger guard looks pretty shabby compared to real gold plating. And the Anniversary model is polished. It really looks nice.

Right now, the MSRP for the blued regular Ruger Bearcat is $500. The stainless steel model MSRP is $540. ( expect a 15-20% discount from that MSRP ) The gun market is a bit crazy at this moment in time, and some folks try to get a big markup for “collector guns”. This one isn’t really, really, a collector gun yet. Ruger made as many as they could sell. So they’re fairly easy to find; the market is saturated with “special editions” and “anniversary editions” and “signature editions” and annual “limited editions” of every make and model of firearm going. It’s overkill. So guns like this that were made just 6 months ago don’t command much of a premium. So snap one up now.

The large pictures I posted here are from an auction site, where one of these is for sale, brand new in the box, for $450. Considering the plain old blue one is retailing for $425 new, that sounds like a deal to me. You have 28 hours left on the auction to get your bid in. Right now nobody else has bid ... and there are a dozen more guns just like it for sale at that auction site, for a lot higher starting price.


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A bit of a false start but back with wascally Texas wabbit just for laffs.

I got this in a newsletter today and find it’s actually a year old. Since this is the first time I’ve seen it, I thought it could be yours as well.
Just something different for this one moment in time.


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Preach It! A revolution of truth

Rev. Manning Warning About Obama & Revolution

A New Revolution of Justice!

Wake up out there! You need to wake up now! Before you find yourself on the short end of Obama’s megalomania!

watch the video:
Rise up America! It’s tiiiiiime! Wake up! And rise up!

... or else we might have to wait on Osama bin Laden for rescue!!

a big h/t to CMBlake!

other Rev. Manning videos are on YouTube. Watch a few, and make up your own mind.


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Better Hope She Has Broadband

A link to some direct and often humorous Safe Sex advertising campaigns around the internet and around the world. Sorry, no dancing condoms videos from India this time.

Nothing actually graphic here or at the linked sites, but don’t click the Continue Reading button if you’re uptight about such things ... a few of the pics at the links are pretty direct.

Alas, the blog software only allows me one hidden text thingy per post, so I had to put another of the naughty ones in the comments area. I gather Snow White has drifted a bit these days.

Personally, I think it’s great that ad agencies can use humor, puns, and interesting photography to get the attention such a subject needs.

See More Below The Fold


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One By One They All Fall

Bush Hates The Environment!!

For 8 solid years we heard this crap. All the time. Gosh, now that no one is paying any attention, little bits of truth are sneaking out. And the next media fed lie to be exposed will be?

Report Shows Air Quality Improved

During Bush Administration

A recent report from a Washington think tank shows that levels of numerous gases linked with air pollution, like carbon monoxide, have fallen off since 2001 and air quality in the U.S. has improved significantly over the last decade.

As the Obama administration considers further steps to fight air pollution, a recent report from a Washington think tank shows that air quality in the United States has improved significantly over the last decade.

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research analyzed data collected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and concluded that levels of numerous gases linked with air pollution have fallen off since 2001.

Among the findings: Carbon monoxide decreased by 39 percent, ozone by 6 percent, and sulfur dioxide by 32 percent.

“Pick any category you want and pollution levels are generally lower than they were seven years ago,” said Steven Hayward, the policy analyst who authored the report, titled “Index of Leading Environmental Indicators,” for the conservative think tank.

“(Environmental groups) said air pollution was out of control, but this was always more about politics than it was fact,” Hayward said.

In the rarefied and unpolluted air of the audiophile world, there is a concept called Diminishing Returns. [and everywhere else in life too, but the audio world is really eXtreme, so it makes a great example] A $500 CD player does a much better job of playing your disc than a $20 player. If you have really fine gear, a $2000 CD player sounds better than a $500 player.  But a $5000 player only sounds a little bit better than the $2000 model, and you can only tell the difference if the rest of your stereo is worth ... a bit more than the price of a new car. And CD players are CHEAP compared to audiophile record players!! $250 speaker cables sound a lot better than plain old zipcord wire. $1500 speaker cables sound better than the $250 ones. But the $25,000 wires are only such a slight improvement over the $1500 models that it’s a subjective judgment. And you need a quarter million dollar system in it’s own custom built sonically perfect room to tell the difference.

Yes, in the 60s the air stank. There was litter all over the roads. Love Canal. Dirty rivers that caught on fire. And so on. And yes, there are still some places today that have some industrial smoke and other kinds of smog. But how much is good enough? I think we are already past the point of reasonableness. When will enough ever be enough? Especially since a huge part of the rest of the non-white world doesn’t give a fig about air pollution, water pollution, environmental damage, waste-water treatment, conservation, or any of that stuff. As South Park’s Eric Cartman put it when stepping off the plane in a foreign land, “This whole country smells like ass!”


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Mysteries inside Columbus’ Casket.  ?

I don’t have a thing to say. Just always interested in history and stuff like this and so like to share it.

H/T GlobalPost

Spain and the Dominican Republic are still arguing over who has the explorer’s real remains.

By Michael Moffett - GlobalPost

MADRID — Controversy and Christopher Columbus go hand in hand — but the disputes extend beyond his legacy. Countries are even bickering over his physical remains.
Today marks the 503rd anniversary of the explorer’s death and the continuation of a century-old disagreement between Spain and the Dominican Republic over which country is in possession of his real bones. A Spanish team of investigators hopes that this year further scientific analysis will bear out its claims.

Everyone agrees that after Columbus died in the northern Spanish city of Valladolid, his family eventually followed the explorer’s wish and sent his remains to the Cathedral of Santo Domingo in the now-Dominican Republic for burial. The question is who found his real casket centuries later.
When the Spaniards abandoned the island of Hispaniola to the French in 1795, they exhumed what they thought to be Columbus’ remains to keep them safe. Spanish researchers believe the original lead box containing Columbus deteriorated significantly while resting in the humid and earthquake-plagued Dominican Republic. Supporters of the Spanish claim say those remaining lead fragments were collected with the bones of Columbus and surrounding materials and put into a new lead box, gilded in gold, that the Spanish took with them when they left the island.

In 1877, after uncovering their own box of bones, with the name Christopher Columbus inscribed on it, the Dominicans said the Spaniards had recovered the wrong bones. The Spanish box was in Cuba by then, and eventually was returned to Spain and housed in the tomb that bears Columbus’ name in Seville.
Spain’s bones remained undisturbed until 2003, when scientists convinced custodians that modern research techniques could resolve some of the mysteries surrounding the explorer.

“You don’t expect to find so much trash,” said scientist Rafael Delgado, recalling his first look at the contents of the box thought by most Spaniards to contain the explorer’s remains. “I certainly didn’t. But you begin to understand it when put in historical context.”
Delgado leads a team of specialists in soil genesis at the University of Granada. While DNA experts at the same university, led by Jose Antonio Lorente, concentrated on the bone fragments made available for research following the 2003 exhumation, Delgado’s group identified a shopping list of other materials from inside the same box. The materials included gold and silver threads, coal, seeds, mollusc shells, small rodent bones, insects, quartz, mortar and lead fragments. He believes each has a story to tell.
“We’ve been partially resolving things bit by bit,” he added with caution.
A lead pellet was this team’s first hard evidence that the remains in the box belonged to Christopher Columbus and not his son Diego, as some theories suggested.


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There are heads on the block following 13 continuous days of revelations concerning the sneaky underhanded and maybe illegal ways in which MPs have been robbing the Brit taxpayer blind.  They have been doing so for years, but not with the kind of proof that lately has come to light.  And the people are angry.

I really do hope some sort of good will come from all this and the folks here will find the leadership to put things right.  Truly tho, I despair. I really don’t have any sort of faith in anyone. But then, it really doesn’t matter what I think as I’m not a voter or even a citizen.  But we do pay taxes here.  OH BOY, DO WE PAY!  And all so a group of folks who feel very special can mooch off of everyone else.  Like welfare cheats of whom there are too many.

Many of these MPs have done things that we ordinary mortals would be fined and jailed for. And that is not a figure of speech but an absolute fact of the current matter.  I doubt much any Brit of any political party would disagree with me on that.

The Telegraph ran this editorial in the morning paper.  Even if some names won’t be familiar to some, it makes for interesting reading.
This is after all, the first time in 300 years that a speaker has seen the boot.  In earlier times some have been given the ax.  But this is not ALL about the speaker alone.  It’s my belief that this might be a very defining moment in English history.  Stay Tuned.

Speaker Michael Martin’s downfall: Only the start of a very British revolution

Telegraph View: Michael Martin’s departure amid the MPs’ expenses scandal is the clearest sign that this Parliament has run its course.

Last Updated: 8:18PM BST 19 May 2009

The resignation of Michael Martin as Speaker marks the latest stage of a very British revolution. While his departure has been precipitated by his fumbling and inadequate response to this newspaper’s disclosures about MPs’ expenses, it reflects a collapse of public faith in the political system that has been evident for some time. Over the past 12 years we have seen a Government with an overwhelming parliamentary majority turn the Commons into a cipher for often perverse decisions. It has burdened the Commons and the country with pointless and even dangerous legislation. People feel their political representatives are aloof and arrogant. Now, in addition, they think they are venal, too. In a characteristically British way, we have all put up with this for far too long – there have been no marches, no riots, no clashes with the police. The public has now decided it is time for change: its fury has forced apologies, repayments, suspensions and resignations; constituency parties are threatening deselections; MPs are voluntarily deciding to stand down; the Speaker has been forced out, for the first time in 300 years.

When he was elected on October 23, 2000, Mr Martin said: “I thank the House for its confidence in me. I pray that I shall prove worthy of that confidence and that all of us will maintain the high tradition of this place.” He was living proof of Thomas Rainsborough’s dictum during the Putney Debates in 1647 that “the poorest he hath a life to live as the greatest he”. Born into poverty in a Glasgow tenement, Mr Martin had risen to become the First Commoner of the Land. It is his tragedy, and that of Parliament, that he could not live up to the expectations placed in him. Indeed, the manner of his election contained the seeds of his downfall: it was, in essence, a political stitch-up whereby an MP for the governing party was installed in the chair through the mechanism of a massive Labour majority, when parliamentary convention suggested that an Opposition MP would have been more appropriate.

Not only was Mr Martin the wrong choice; he turned out to be a catastrophic one as well. His fate is symbolic of the rottenness of a political system that was once the envy of the world. That system now lies broken and demoralised. With its sovereignty already dissipated by the power of the European Union, the role of the House in scrutinising legislation has been further undermined by the placing of time limits on all debates; the hours it sits have shrunk, the chamber is often virtually empty, and MPs routinely fail to articulate the concerns and aspirations of the people who elect them. Westminster has sunk into a slough of despond. The dwindling turnout at successive elections is testament to what the country thinks of the system. Mr Martin, as Speaker, has presided over this sorry shambles.

The expenses crisis is symptomatic of his failure and of the wider malaise that has beset the institution. The argument that he should not be made a scapegoat for the failings of MPs ignores the fact that he is, in addition to chairing debates, effectively the chief executive of the Commons. As its administrative head in overall charge of the fees office, Mr Martin should have taken a grip on the abuse of allowances by MPs; instead, he turned a blind eye to it and then conspired to cover it all up by attempting to exempt MPs from the Freedom of Information scrutiny they had imposed on the rest of the public sector.

Even that, however, does not explain why his resignation is necessary. There have been poor Speakers in the past whose demise has been hastened by a visit from the men in suits; there have been unpopular ones; there have been corrupt ones. It has always been said that the institution is greater than the office holder, and its gravitas must therefore be maintained at all costs. It is, then, a measure of the constitutional crisis now consuming Westminster that rebuilding the integrity of the Commons is only possible with a new Speaker at the helm.

MPs must choose the right person on June 22. It must be an individual who has not been tainted by the current second-homes scandal; who commands respect on all sides of the House; who has the intelligence, independence of thought, authority and strength of will to represent the interests of MPs against the executive, both this one and the next. It is a rare animal that is being sought. There is no reason why it should not be another Labour MP. Indeed, it should not matter which party the Speaker belongs to. It is a mark of the damage caused to the office by the perception, whether fair or not, that Mr Martin was “Labour’s man” that political considerations should be at issue. It is the character of the individual that matters, not party allegiance. The next Speaker will be more powerful than many of his predecessors. He or she will be chosen by secret ballot, introduced because of the circumstances of Mr Martin’s election, and so there will be less opportunity for the party gerrymandering that happened then.

Yet for all that the resignation of the Speaker is an exceptional event in British politics, it is still not enough. The Government is bereft of ideas, Whitehall decision-making is frozen and the Prime Minister is drained of all authority. It is clear that this Parliament has run its course. Once the new Speaker is installed, a general election should follow soon after. Gordon Brown should set aside party considerations, and go to the country this autumn. With a new start, the institution can be refreshed. That is the British way and it is still a good one.


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Don’t Count Your Chickens …

I had a $1000 window job lined up for next week. About 100 windows, inside and out, plus screens, seasonal storm window unmounting, and sill work. The customer calls up and says she’s changed her mind, and now just wants the outside of the upstairs windows done. So it’s now a $150 job. Great. Oh well, at least I’ll have it done in under a day. I hope? The place has cedar shake shingles, and she’s having the roof oiled. Maybe I’d better look into some heavy duty grease cutter cleaner too.

Will I still take the job? You betcha. $150 is $150. Will I do utterly amazing and impeccable work? No. But I’ll still do a damn good job. “Lessons learned”: most of the window companies won’t even show up for less than a $175 job. This is why. It’s hardly worth loading up all the stuff and driving over there for such a small endeavor.

Well, some good news anyway. On my Squeegee in a Can post, one of the comments there mentioned Hope’s Perfect Glass, and how it does a super job on windshield haze. I couldn’t find the half gallon jug, but I did find the quart sprayer at Lowe’s for about $4. And the stuff really does work like a charm on windshields! Even those that are out baking in the sunny parking lot. You’ll go through a lot of paper towels, but all that dried on muck comes right off. And it doesn’t smell like a chemical factory. I’ll wipe some mineral oil on a window and leave it for a couple days, then try it out on that ... because cedar roof shingle oil is almost pure mineral oil, and I’m expecting a lot of overspray. If it doesn’t work by itself, maybe I could mix it 50-50 with denatured alcohol. That ought to do it. Denatured alcohol cleans bowling balls, and the oil the alleys put on the lanes ... is mineral oil.


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Health Nazis hard at work. As usual.

Might not mean too much to too many out there, but one of the things I can not abide are these righteous they know all things health nazis who only want what’s best for me.
Well go away damn it.  I’m only interested in what tastes good to me. Within reason.

Some health watch dog group is insisting and the govt. ready to go along, with plans to reduce the amount of salt in food we buy because I guess they think it’s gonna kill us or worse.

There are folks who have lived to a ripe old age and not all of em in some kind of food related deathly illness. How in the world has the human race survived all this time without all these social engineering do-good ppl telling em all how to live.

Yes, I realize there have to be standards re. health and food processing etc. But now the zealots want to cut up to 40% more salt out of food and they want to mess with my Corn Flakes. And cheese. You can’t cut too much salt from cheese and still have it taste good. And the same for ham.

The world is screwed up and I’m on a food rant. Waste of time to some maybe but to me it’s just another intrusion by govts into personal choices.
Just how much salt and fats can you cut out before it all tastes ... oh well. It won’t have any taste at all but it’ll all be safe.  Grumble!

From The TimesMay 19, 2009

Food industry opposes tougher salt-reduction targets

Valerie Elliott, Consumer Editor
Food companies are ready to challenge new salt reduction targets, claiming that consumers will not accept the taste of many products.

Industry figures say that salt levels set by the Food Standards Agency may also compromise food safety, especially for cheese and ham, which will shorten the shelf life of items in stores and create more food waste.

The agency is demanding a lower salt content for bread, pizza, ready meals and savoury snacks and wants to cut the salt in burgers and grill steaks by 25 per cent. It accepts that many of its targets may be impossible to meet. Thin and frozen burgers are lower in salt than thicker burgers, which require more sodium to bind the ingredients. It is continuing, however, with calls for new recipes and product formulation to try to make 6g of salt a day the maximum average daily intake for an adult.

Health chiefs estimate that 20,200 deaths from high blood pressure and heart disease would be prevented annually if the nation achieved the 6g-a-day average, down from the present average of 8.5g. About 75 per cent of all salt eaten by consumers is in ready-made or processed food.

I really do wish these people would make up their mind.  In another newspaper the quote on death from salt is 7,000.

The British Retail Consortium, which represents leading supermarkets, said that many of the new targets would be difficult to achieve. Stephen Robertson, its director-general, said: “In some cases we believe customers won’t accept the change in taste. It’s crucial we take customers with us as tastes don’t change overnight. Salt can also play an important part in preserving food. It would be perverse if we reduced salt to the extent that it reduced a product’s shelf life and increased food waste — compromising a key part of government food policy.”

Bread-makers are particularly concerned that they will not be able to meet the target. Gordon Polson, director of the Federation of Bakers, said: “It is technically impossible for the industry to go beyond the 2010 target of 430mg sodium per 100g to 400mg by 2012.”


Not an earth shattering story I’ll grant ya. It’s just one more small step for Big Brother, and I tend to get a bit annoyed about that.


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Leopards do not change their spots.  And once Red, well those spots don’t change much either.

OK this might not have much to do with Reds as in Communist. Exactly.
But the old attitudes and way of thinking seem to have changed little.  This is really bizarre.

If I read this correctly, the Russian state is saying that it will be against their new law to question the role of the USSR in parts of Europe after WW2.
Russia didn’t invade or occupy eastern Europe.  They object to the use of the word ‘occupy’ and will punish those who think in those terms.
Well, isn’t my business and I doubt it would have any impact on my personal life.  But the USSR DID in fact occupy Eastern Europe and the record is very clear.

The new law could also be used to bar Western historians who accuse the Red Army of carrying out atrocities during its advance on Berlin or point out that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were once allies under the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

But here. Read this for yourself. If nothing else it’s good for a chuckle.  I guess this makes me persona non grada too.

Russia threatens to bar Europeans who deny Red Army ‘liberated’ them.

Eastern Europeans who believe their countries were occupied by the Soviet Union after the Second World War could soon be barred from Russia under new proposals given official weight by the Kremlin.

By Adrian Blomfield in Moscow
Published: 4:29PM BST 19 May 2009

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, created a commission of 28 legislators and senior intelligence officers which will identify foreign “revisionists” who “disparage the international prestige of the Russian Federation”.

The move, condemned as “Orwellian” by its critics, comes shortly before the Russian parliament is expected to pass controversial legislation outlawing the “rehabilitation of Nazism”.

The bill has attracted criticism because of its definition of Nazi rehabilitation, with those who “belittle” the Soviet Union’s role in the war or criticise it in any way being regarded as equally culpable as those who glorify Hitler.

Those found to contravene the new law, which Russia insists is little different from Germany’s Holocaust-denial legislation, face up to five years in prison.

Foreign countries whose officials who the commission rules to be guilty of the new crimes will face sanction as well. The bill gives Russia the authority to expel ambassadors or sever diplomatic relations with offending nations and to impose full transport and communications blockades on them.

The legislation is thought to be primarily aimed at states like Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which maintain they were occupied rather than liberated by the Soviet Union. Sergei Shoigu, a senior cabinet minister who initiated the legislation, has already said it could be used to ban senior Estonian officials.

A Russian MP yesterday said that the Baltic states deserved “to suffer punishment” for holding such views.

The new law could also be used to bar Western historians who accuse the Red Army of carrying out atrocities during its advance on Berlin or point out that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were once allies under the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

Seen as a way of teaching recalcitrant former Soviet states respect, the legislation has won almost universal backing in the Russian parliament.

But opposition politicians, who have no representation in parliament, have attacked the bill, saying it effectively reintroduces state ideology for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union.

“The creation of this commission allows the state to impose its own idea of political will and ideology,” said Vladimir Ryzhkov, a former Duma deputy who was forced out of parliament in 2007 by a law banning independent MPs.

“The former KGB will once again decide what is anti-Soviet and what is not.”

Mr Ryzhkov said that the new legislation was also part of a continuing rehabilitation of Stalin as it will effectively outlaw criticism of many of the former Soviet dictator’s policies.

An officially sanctioned history text book, introduced into schools two years ago, presented Stalin as a great leader while glossing over his repression of millions of Soviet citizens.



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I guess I can file this under humor even tho it wasn’t planned that way.  Surely it falls under stupid people. 

I thought this bit of out loose lunatic asylum story fit in rather well with gun stuff here at BMEWS.


This isn’t airport security, it’s triple-shotted stupidity

The mad dictatorship of the ‘security’ industry reached new depths of lunacy when a Japan-bound traveller was stopped at Heathrow for carrying a paperback thriller with a picture of a gun on the cover. 

When Carolyn Burgess placed her Robert B. Parker novel, A Triple Shot Of Spenser, on the security tray she had it snatched away because it ‘might upset passengers’ on the plane. It had the image of a handgun on the front.

Eventually, after three officials had consulted each other on this serious matter, Mrs Burgess, a 58-year-old bank worker, was told she could take the book on the plane – provided she kept it in her bag and didn’t read it.

A spokesman for BAA attempted to explain this loopy behaviour by saying: ‘In certain circumstances, a passenger carrying an item which features an image or slogan that could be perceived as aggressive may be asked to cover it up or remove it. Security officers are advised to use common sense when making these requests.’

At least the book wasn’t blown up in a controlled explosion.

By: PETER HITCHENS in The Daily Mail


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calendar   Monday - May 18, 2009

News From Down Under

BMEWS ... searching the entire world for interesting bits to write about. Today’s news from Oz seems ... rather gay sissy.

Top Stories In Tasmania Today!

Oy. Time for bed.


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News From The North

I’d charge them for littering

Norway to pony up 328 million Krone ($50.6 million) to hire contractor to remove wrecked Soviet battleship

The Norwegian government plans to allocate 328 million NOK to the removal of the wreck of the Russian cruiser “Murmansk”.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs will cover all expenses for removal of the wreck of the cruiser, which ended its days in the rocks outside Sørvær on the coast of Finnmark in December 1994, news paper Nordlys writes. The cruiser was being tugged southwards for scrapping when it tore away during a storm.

The Murmansk was a post-WWII heavy cruiser, about 700 feet long and armed with a dozen 6” guns and a crew of 1250. He (Russian ship, right?) was launched in 1955 and served through 1992. Sold to India as scrap metal in 1994, the ship broke his tow line and ran aground off the north coast of Norway on Christmas Eve 1994. The ship lies on the western edge of Soroya Island off of Norway’s northwest coast.

When the churchbells rang on Christmas Eve 1994, the population of Sørvær got a very special Christmas gift. The Russian cruiser “Murmansk” came straight towards the parish without any crew on board. The cruiser was on its way to India where it should be cut to pieces, but out of Senja it got loose from the tow. Then it sailed for four days through gales and storms without any crew, and was never captured by the coastguard or the naval defences. “Murmansk” ended its voyage as the next-door neighbour of the NATO-radar on Sørvær!

The half submerged ship, still armed!, has become a popular dive site. Many excellent and moving pictures can be found here, still more here.


Come on Russia, take out your own trash for a change.


In other news from the lands of ice and cold, Russian gas company Gazprom is planning on jacking the national consumer rates up 20% next year. Not too many people in Russia are happy with that.


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Does Less Black Equal Less Evil?

Does Less Black Equal Less Evil?

Oh yeah, this is a loaded question all right. You betcha!

Kevin over at Smallest Minority takes teh Enzyte Approach to telling us how to de-evil an AR, the safe, all natural way.

Caution: linked article has pictures that some people may find upsetting! I found them oddly exciting myself. Your mileage may vary.


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