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This bit of sleaze and greed won’t go away too soon. Be interesting to see what turns up tomorrow.  This has become a very major story over here, and with good reason.

Oh, and this is rich. HaHa.
The MINISTER for TOURISM, Barbara Follett, yes. That Follett. She’s the wife of author Ken Follett.
Anyway ... The minister of Tourism has claimed almost $50,000.00 for Security because, get ready folks;


Does that say something about the state of order dis-order here?


By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor
Last Updated: 8:15AM BST 10 May 2009

What are the rules?
In claiming taxpayer-funded expenses, MPs must abide by a parliamentary document known as the Green Book, which says that their claims should be “above reproach” and that there should be “no grounds for a suggestion of misuse of public money”.

Among the expenses MPs can claim is Additional Costs Allowance (ACA), for second-home expenditure including mortgage interest payments, utility bills as well as furniture, electrical goods, refurbishments and food.

The rules say the spending must have been “wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred for the performance of a Member’s parliamentary duties”. For 2008/9, MPs with seats outside inner London could claim up to £24,006 in ACA.

Are the rules being broken?

The vast majority of MPs are not breaking the letter of the rules – although some are.

However, MPs use a variety of questionable techniques to “milk” the system – including “flipping” the designation of which of two properties is their “second home”, buying goods for the “wrong” home, charging for stamp duty, avoiding capital gains tax, renting out a second home, moving up the property ladder by selling second homes, charging for trivial items, overspending on food or renovations, and doing up properties just before standing down from parliament.

Why is this scandal happening now?

A year ago the High Court backed an earlier ruling by the Information Tribunal that full details of MPs’ expenses, including receipts, should be made public.

Since then MPs have been accused of dragging their feet and playing for time. Full details are slated to be published in July but with some crucial details – such as addresses of second homes – blacked out. An investigation by the Telegraph has uncovered the full files.

What happens now?

MPs face pressure to release the full details earlier than planned – a move called for by Alastair Campbell, the former director of communications at Downing Street, and Charles Clarke, the former home secretary.

The revelations have unleashed a tidal wave of public anger against MPs who play the system. Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, will face further calls to liaise with other party leaders and introduce urgent changes to the system, particularly regarding the ACA.


Now get this one. 

MPs’ expenses: Sinn Fein claimed £500,000 for second homes
The scandal of how absent Sinn Fein MPs have milked the Parliamentary second-home expenses system for nearly £500,000 can be revealed.

By Andrew Alderson, David Barrett and Alastair Jamieson
Last Updated: 12:07PM BST 10 May 2009
The five MPs, who represent the political wing of the IRA, have not even taken up their Parliamentary seats and yet they have rented three London properties from the same family at rates well above the market norm.

The party’s two best-known figures, Gerry Adams, the party leader, and Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister, jointly claimed expenses of £3,600 a month to rent a shared two-bedroom flat in north London. A local estate agent, who knows the properties, said a fair monthly rent for the flat would be £1,400.



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It’s very doubtful if any American reading this will care a hoot about the ppl in power here and what they are up to.
But I have a personal stake, in a manner of speaking, in the financial side of things as after all, I live here.

Humor me on this people, ok?  Go on and read the article I copied from this morning’s paper.  If you read it slow like, even if not familiar with Brit doings, you’ll catch on to what’s going on and this is just one person. There are a 100 others.

Very soon, in fact by the end of July, the wife and I must come up with a ton of money for the inheritance tax on the house left to wife by her late mother. 
We have to pay the Inland Revenue (IRS in American terms) a sum of almost but not quite, $20,000.00 by July. 

There isn’t any loophole to crawl through, as you guys know at home, when dealing with income tax etc. There are just some things that can not be fought and won.  There are things that make us grit our teeth but we must simply move on. We can not make our own rules.
But seeing how govts. spend our money is always going to be a bit ulcer producing.  And what really frosts us is the current scandal exposed by The Telegraph in an exclusive brought about by leaked papers. And this thing is BIG.  As in HUGE.

Starting yesterday they have been publishing and have continued today, how the politicians here are claiming for expenses. And the sums are truly staggering.  In many cases the expenses are not necessarily illegal at all. 




Here are a few translations from Brit to American usage.
Flat:  an apartment
MP:  Member of Parliament
MEP:  Member European Parliament
Inland Revenue :  IRS
Commons (House of): 
Actually, the House of Commons would be equivalent to the US House of Representatives, while the House of Lords’ counterpart would be the US Senate.  H/T with thanks to Macker for correcting me re. Commons.

CGT:  Capital Gains Tax

Politician: both countries. = lying, thieving,sneaky, conniving individuals working for themselves. Mostly. Might be exceptions but the sightings are rare indeed. Usually to be found in bloated condition after visit to public funds. Which is often.


The Communities Secretary, facing fresh questions over flat sale in row over MPs’ expenses
Hazel Blears is facing fresh questions over the tax arrangements surrounding the sale of a flat in South London she had designated as a “second

By Patrick Hennessy and Melissa Kite
Last Updated: 9:35AM BST 10 May 2009

Miss Blears sold the property in Kennington, south London, in August 2004 for £200,000, making a profit of £45,000. She admitted last night that she did not pay capital gains tax (CGT) on the profit from the sale because “no liability” had arisen.

The admission suggested that Miss Blears declared the flat as her primary residence for tax purposes while at the same time telling the Commons authorities that it was her second home, a designation that enabled her to claim hundreds of pounds in parliamentary expenses.

See guys and ladies, here’s the trick.  It’s perfectly legal under the rules THEY WRITE, to say one thing to the Commons and another to the tax ppl.

CGT is liable to be paid on the profit from the sale of any property that is not classified with HM Revenue & Customs as a “main residence”. At the time of the sale Miss Blears had informed the Commons authorities that the Kennington flat was her second home, enabling her to claim mortgage interest payments on it at £850 a month. The Telegraph’s investigation into MPs’ expenses established that Miss Blears had claimed for three properties in a single year at taxpayers’ expense.

In March 2004 she stated to the Commons that her second home was a property in her Salford constituency, which she has owned with her husband since June 1997. During March 2004 she bought an £850 television and video recorder and a £651 mattress for this home.

In April 2004 she redesignated the Kennington flat as her second home with the Commons. After selling it four months later she spent taxpayer-funded nights in hotels in London, including the Zetter in Clerkenwell, where rooms cost £211 a night.

In December 2004 she bought another London flat with a mortgage of more than £1,000 a month and claimed it as her second home. Over the next four months, she claimed for groceries, furniture worth £4,874, a bed at £899 and £913 for a new TV.

Miss Blears’s spokesman said last night: “Hazel has complied with the rules of the House authorities and the Inland Revenue. No liability for CGT arose on the sale of her flat in Kennington.”

Tax experts said it was possible for Miss Blears to have designated the flat differently for the Commons and for HM Revenue & Customs.

Mike Warburton, a tax accountant at Grant Thornton, said: “The Inland Revenue rules work entirely independently of the parliamentary arrangements. It is open to anybody to elect which of their homes is their principal residence for capital gains tax. They will then not pay tax on the profit.”



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Back On The Shelf, For Now

California Ammo Rationing & Taxing Bill Pulled From Consideration

This is a bill that got yanked from committee. It never made it to the California legislature for a vote. But it is frightening for two reasons nonetheless. First, because the bill has only been tabled; it can come up again, although likely that will not happen this year. Second, because it shows the rabid mindset of the anti-gun crowd. They will explore every channel, every last nook and cranny, to find some way to deny you the Right To Keep And Bear Arms. And any bill not killed will rise up again, like a vampire.

This latest 2A end-run sought to ration how much ammo you could have, and to tax the daylights out of it as well. Good riddance, but only for the time being.

Horrific ammo bill put in ‘suspense file’ by state Assembly

One of the worst pieces of anti-gun owner legislation in a number of years effectively has been tabled by the California legislature when Los Angeles Democratic Assemblyman Kevin De Leon’s AB962 was put in the Suspense File by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday this week.

While the bill can be revived, it is likely dead for this year.

The bill would have stopped the private transfer of more than 50 rounds of ammunition per month between individuals or by stores to individuals. It would have licensed and taxed anyone selling ammunition commercially and forced these stores to get background checks on anyone selling ammunition. It would have required a thumbprint from anyone buying handgun ammunition (and a costly bureaucracy to manage those thumbprints) and it would have banned all mail-order ammunition sales.

The stated intent of the bill was to stop felons and gang members from getting ammunition. If you can figure out how those provisions would have somehow stopped that, give me a call and explain that to me.

Since the so-called intended targets of the legislation would have easily avoided its requirements, it became clear the legislation was all about harassing, taxing and discriminating against legal gun owners and those in the business of selling ammunition.

Also in that article is news about a new lawsuit that challenges California’s Handgun Roster. California has a list of special guns that it has declared legal for sale in their state. In theory it’s because those guns have been tested and proven safe. In practice, nearly any well made pistol can get on the list if the manufacturer is willing to pay California a big fat annual fee. CA enhances the level of this graft by demanding that each and every submodel of a given pistol gets its own listing, even if the only difference between the models is the color of the finish. Or the cartridge that it’s chambered for. Or whether it’s got wood grips or rubber ones. You catch my drift. It’s another way to keep guns off the market in that state, and now that bit of harassment is being challenged in court. And it will lose.

Idea for Increased National Bi-Partisan Harmony: Democrats: lay off the gun thing. Republicans: lay off the abortion thing. 


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After 400 years, health and safety bans stepladders from historic Oxford library…




After 400 years, health and safety bans stepladders from historic Oxford library… but nobody can reach the books

By Lizzie Smith
Last updated at 7:00 PM on 08th May 2009

Stepladders have been banned from part of Oxford University’s historic Bodleian library - because of health and safety fears.

The ruling by officials means that students cannot use items on the higher shelves of the Duke Humfrey reading room.

However, the university is standing its ground and refusing to move the books from their ‘original historic location’ on the room’s balcony.

As a result of the stalemate, students have to travel to libraries as far away as London to view other copies.

Art History student Kelsey Williams, 21, had to travel 80 miles to London to view a copy of Arthur Johnston’s 1637 work Delitiae Poetarum Scotorum after librarians refused to get it down for her. She said: ‘Access to these books is necessary for my research and I wasted a day travelling to London and looking at the one in the British Library.

‘It’s madness because I can practically see the Bodleian’s copy every time I walk into Duke Humfrey’s.’

Stepladders have been used by scholars to reach books since the library was built more than 400 years ago.

But the University’s Health and Safety officer put his foot down last year and they were removed two weeks ago.

A notice given to students requesting the books reads: ‘Unable to fetch, book kept on top shelf in gallery. Due to new health and safety measures, stepladders can no longer be used.’

Laurence Benson, the library’s director of administration and finance, said: ‘The balcony has a low rail and we have been instructed by the health and safety office that this increases the risk.

‘As part of the process the restriction on the use of ladders on the balcony have been introduced.

‘The library would prefer to keep the books in their original historic location - where they have been safely consulted for 400 years prior to the instructions from the Health and Safety office.’



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Mallet-wielding mugging gang jailed over five-month crime spree that claimed 56 victims. Just Yoots.

Just another group of fun loving Negroes out on the town.

Something very wrong here when at age 18 and 19 they can get sent to a “Young Offenders” institution. And as for the younger ones, I think the whole gang should be given a very slow death or at the very least, do to them what they did to their victims. And then bragged about.

But no.  Short terms as ‘young offender’ and they’ll be out looking for the next UNARMED victim.
Oh mustn’t be overly critical of em or that’d be racist.  Never mind what they’ve done to earn the hatred. And boy, have they ever earned it. Probably the only thing they ever did earn and chances are good they won’t earn anything else as they get older.

Read what one of the vermin did but can’t be named because of his tender age.  He’s 17.  There were youngsters who lied about their age and joined the military once upon a time.  And fought as well.  But today you can’t name the creep unless the crime is exceptionally heinous.  Far as I’m concerned, any crime like the ones committed by this group are heinous.

Read what these bastards were up to.

Mallet-wielding ‘G-Block’ mugging gang jailed over five-month crime spree that claimed 56 victims

By Beth Hale
Last updated at 4:38 PM on 08th May 2009

A gang of teenage street robbers who targeted young professionals in a chilling five-month crime spree have been jailed for a total of 32 years.

Calling themselves G-Block - after the street in which several of them lived - the gang of eight young thugs hunted for victims like a ‘pack of dogs.

They single-handedly sent the crime rate in a small area of south-west London soaring and are thought to have been responsible for more than 100 vicious muggings.

Brandishing mallets, knives and metal rods the violent teenagers, one just 13 at the time of the attacks, wore scarves and balaclavas to cover their faces, pouncing on their unsuspecting victims under cover of darkness.

Gang members posed for photographs in their robbery attire and used street slang to brag about their attacks on the internet.

Chilling: G-Block gang members Jordan Rattray and Abdi Nur stare down the camera by the sign of their street, Gearing Close in Tooting, in a photo they posted on the internet

They called their crimes ‘eats’ and dubbed Hallowe’en, when some members donned masks from horror film Scream as disguises, ‘suckin’ (robbery) season.

Selecting a victim, often returning home after work or a night out, they would split up to surround their target before attacking with ‘extreme
violence’ - sometimes for nothing more than a mobile phone.

One woman feared she would die after she was pushed to the ground and the then 17-year-old ringleader, who cannot be named for legal reasons. stamped his foot on her neck and chest before making off with her bag.

Another woman was hit 30 times in the face with a mallet and another victim was left with a bruise in the shape of a footprint on her face.

Sentencing the gang members at Kingston Crown Court yesterday Judge Nicholas Price QC said they had ‘gloried in notoriety’, adding: ‘You all hunted like a pack of wild dogs intent on seeking out your prey and treating them without mercy.

(right judge. like that’ll make em feel something. PROUD.  they are not human and so feel nothing that real humans do. they aren’t even animals. they haven’t gotten that high on the evolutionary scale. most unfortunately though, they breed more of their kind. like the insects they are.)

‘A very disturbing factor is that as time went by, the attacks grew even more vicious. It appeared you derived more pleasure from gratuitous violence than from the robberies themselves.

One detective involved in the case said the gang had operate like something out of Lord of The Flies, egging each other on and getting kicks out of violence.

‘It started off with one person recruiting people he knew who lived nearby,’ he said. ‘Their initial attraction was the easy cash - iPods, mobile phones and things they couldn’t readily afford themselves.

‘Very quickly it turned into a power trip where they liked controlling adults and beating them up. The vast majority of the victims were professional victims in their 30s. ‘

Police believe the gang was responsible for at least 113 robberies, starting in the summer of 2007.

In the first attack, on July 18, 2007, Carolyn Doughty and Quinton Newell were confronted by the gang as they walked home from a night out.

The pair were separated from each other before the ringleader attacked Miss Doughty, who was unable to breath as he stamped on her neck.

After one particularly brutal attack which left a woman student needing hospital treatment, the ringleader boasted on internet messaging service MSN ‘almost killd da woman 4 nothing.’

He went on: ‘I stamped her face out an bust her head open coz she was getting me mad.’

Describing how she resisted he added: ‘She said why, so boi she had it comin 2 her...blud she got me so vex I wernt showin any mercy.’

Chillingly, just three days before they were arrested in an exchange about concerns the police would catch them soon the teenager said: ‘*** it im still gonna eats (rob) its jus now im gonna *** the person up so dey cnt even describe wat we look like or even know der location.’

As police came closer to cracking why street crime had soared in the area, the gang revelled in being told that robbery was up 15 per cent.

They were finally caught after targeting Alex and Caroline De Groote on Wandsworth Common. After robbing the couple one gang member turned, made a gun shape with his fingers and said ‘bang, bang’.

But the couple called police and were able to point out some of their attackers, still in the area.

When police arrested the thugs they found an array of stolen property in their homes. Text message, SN messages and postings on social networking sites were all used as evidence, along with photographs gang members had taken.



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CA CCW Lawsuit

Arbitrary and Capricious!

Second Amendment Foundation Files Suit Against California

Over Inequality in “May Issue” CCW laws

A good tactic? May be. It’s pretty tough to have equal protection under the law when the exercise of that law is at the whim of some government official.

The Second Amendment Foundation, The Calguns Foundation and three California residents today filed a lawsuit seeking to vindicate the right to bear arms against arbitrary state infringement.

Nearly all states allow qualified law-abiding citizens to carry guns for self-defense, but a few states allow local officials to arbitrarily decide who may exercise this core Second Amendment right. In the action filed today, Plaintiffs challenge the policies of two California Sheriffs, in Sacramento and Yolo counties, who reject the basic human right of self defense by refusing to issue ordinary people gun carry permits. Of course, violent criminals in the impacted counties continue to carry guns without police permission.

“The California carry licensing system is being abused by some officials who are hostile to self-defense rights. The police can regulate the carrying of guns, and that includes preventing dangerous people from being armed. Complete deprivation of the right to bear arms, however, is not an option under our Constitution.”

“The Supreme Court’s decision last year in the Heller case shows that there is both a right to keep arms and a right to bear arms,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb. “In most states, authorities do not deny a license to carry an operable firearm to any law-abiding applicant that completes training and a background check. This is also the practice throughout much of California. These two Sheriffs must respect the constitutional rights of their citizens to bear arms.”

Dear SAF:

Please win this. Then bring your lawyers to New Jersey and New York, and do it all over again.



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Sneaky Bastards In New England


Maine’s governor signed a freshly passed bill Wednesday approving gay marriage, making it the fifth state to approve the practice and moving New England closer to allowing it throughout the region.

New Hampshire legislators were also poised to send a gay marriage bill to their governor, who hasn’t indicated whether he’ll sign it. If he does, Rhode Island would be the region’s sole holdout.

Maine Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat who hadn’t indicated how he would handle his state’s bill, quickly signed it.

“In the past, I opposed gay marriage while supporting the idea of civil unions,” Baldacci said in a statement read in his office. “I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law, and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage.”

The vote by the Maine Senate was 21-13, with one lawmaker absent. The bill authorizes marriage between any two people rather than between one man and one woman, as state law currently allows. The House had passed the bill Tuesday.


Couples anxious to wed under Maine’s new gay marriage law may have a long wait. A formal challenge to it has been filed, setting into motion plans for a possible public vote that could be months or more than a year away.

“We’re very disappointed,” said Steve Ryan of Buxton, who was looking forward to the new law with his partner, Jim Bishop. “We plan to get married as soon as we can. This is going to put our whole life on hold.”

Activists on both sides Thursday started working up strategies for campaigns leading up to a possible November referendum under a state constitutional provision known as the people’s veto.

“The wheels are turning,” Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, Maine’s chief election official, said after opponents filed an application that sets the stage for the challenge process ahead.

The deadline for opponents to collect at least 55,087 signatures will probably fall in mid-September, about the time the gay marriage law is due to take effect.

However, the law would be stayed as soon as the signatures are submitted for review by election officials. And the timing of when petitions are turned in will determine whether the referendum can be scheduled for this November or June 2010.

Marc Mutty of the Roman Catholic Diocese said challengers expect to get the go-ahead by May 21 to begin collecting signatures to get a referendum on the bill, which was signed Wednesday by Gov. John Baldacci.

Baldacci’s action preceded by only hours a vote by the New Hampshire Legislature that sanctioned gay marriage in that neighboring state, but Gov. John Lynch has not decided whether he’ll sign the bill.

The phone in Lynch’s reception room rang constantly Thursday with callers either pleading for him to sign the bill or veto it.

I almost never blog on any aspect of Teh Gay Agenda, but I am not in favor of gay marriage. If they want to form a binding legal contract, fine. And I’ll even accept calling that contract a “civil union”. But don’t steal the word “marriage” like you stole the word “gay”. And don’t give me any BS about “equal rights”. You already have “equal rights”: you have the exact same right to marry a person of the opposite gender as does any heterosexual citizen. EQUAL RIGHTS DOES NOT MEAN EQUAL OUTCOME.

Marriage has been a binding act between a man and a woman since ... forever. Probably even before that. And the local religion is almost always involved, no matter what it is. There have been cultures that allowed a man to have several wives. There have even been a couple of cultures that allowed women to have multiple husbands. But as far as I know, no culture has EVER allowed the definition of marriage to encompass man-man, woman-woman, or groups. Or livestock. Or inanimate objects. Even Islam generally ... generally, Ok Aisha? ... generally even keeps the consummation of marriage between two people who have at least reached puberty. So arranged marriages between children, while being very very old school, don’t get down to the nitty-gritty until both parties are old enough. Marriage. It’s a hetero thing; you wouldn’t understand. We’re Straight, It’s Great, Get Used To It.

This is just one more ultra-liberal act of breaking down the brick wall of our culture. Straight out of the Marxist playbook too. I’m having a Vizzini moment: such a thing is inconceivable to me.

I’m very glad that the citizen’s of Maine are throwing a hissy fit, challenging this law, and demanding a referendum. NOTE TO STATE AND FEDERAL LEGISLATORS: Don’t take it upon yourselves to pass culture changing legislation. Some things DEMAND the people to make a choice on. And once that choice is made, you stick with what the people say. For at least a decade.

If given a choice, will the voters in Maine [ and in New Hampshire next ] vote for gay marriage? I don’t know. But let’s give them that choice, and let’s make an effort to get them educated on the topic first, and what the ramifications are, including the impact on health care costs if there are any, and whatever else.


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Outlinking Zonation

Cm put it up first, and it’s a good one, so go over to his blog and watch the latest ZoNation video. Buh-bye Specter!


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Quite recently after another rant of mine on the subject, it was suggested that I read up a bit on the vermin. I’m not clear exactly why since I see the evidence of their behavior here in the UK, and am aware of their behavior elsewhere as well.  But no matter.  I did do a bit more reading and while I may have found some bits of interesting history, nothing changes the one absolute fact written in stone.  Which is that these folks will get away with whatever they’re doing because nobody is willing to take up arms, legal or otherwise, to stop them.  So I guess I shouldn’t complain now that I think about it.  Isn’t my country.  If the Brits are willing to allow the so called Travelers to do what the Germans failed at, invasion, then hey. It’s their country.
But it still rankles.  So then ... here’s a few items I collected in my reading. Of course there’s tons more but there’s a limit on space and you can research the topic as well as anyone else.


Misunderstandings of Gypsy culture created suspicions and fears, which in turn led to rampant speculations, stereotypes, and biased stories. Unfortunately, too many of these stereotypes and stories are still readily believed today.

Right. As an example.  Teaching thievery to their children.  That’s just a myth made up by “racists.”
Well, sorry Charlie.  60 Minutes devoted a bit of time to that “myth” and we were all given a view via hidden camera of their sweet little tykes in action.  Expert pickpockets by age 10.  But hey ... cameras lie all the time and maybe 60 Minutes had it in for this group.

Attempts to assimilate the Gypsies involved stealing their children and placing them with other families; giving them cattle and feed, expecting them to become farmers; outlawing their customs, language, and clothing as well as forcing them to attend school and church.

Ah .. right.  “Stealing children.” That could be true and I’d have no way of verifying. But it sounds right. By that I mean, it would appear to be true.  Speaking of which ...
My own grandmother was kidnapped by Roma Gypsies as a toddler and was rescued by her brothers.  One of those family stories that get passed down.

Alfred Dillmann establishes the Central Office for Fighting the Gypsy Nuisance in Munich. This office collected information and fingerprints of Gypsies. The year was 1899.

Interesting. Someone knew that early, recognized the “nuisance” (probably more like menace) and started the process of PROFILING.  Gasp!
There is a timeline of the persecution of Gypsies and especially their treatment by the Nazis.  The confusing thing about the entry for me is, all the people giving witness to what they experienced, are Jewish people.  ??  Not a group exactly known for traveler/gypsy behavior.  But it looked like the person who put it all together had a personal agenda and couldn’t find any of that group who left any record. Although I sure some must have spoken of it.

In Bavaria, the Law for the Combating the Gypsies, Travelers, and Work-Shy sent Gypsies over 16 to workhouses for two years if they could not prove regular employment.

Well now.  I have been told in the past that there is a difference between the two but not exactly what that difference is.  I guess I will have to look it up and spend some time with research.  Now all I have to do is try and find the extra time.  Bottom line of course is ….
These people cause problems wherever they go.  ID’d as a nuisance over a hundred years ago. Difference between another age and ours is, that other generation knew how to face the problem. And dealt with it. 


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Travellers invade pitch just before Cricket season begins. Here we go again! killin’ is the answer.

As I have said on an occasion or two or three.  And of course quoting Al Capone.

You will get more done with a kind word and a gun, then you will with a kind word alone.
And I really do believe that to be true. Especially where these vermin are concerned. 

Hit em hard, hit em for keeps.
Pile up their bodies in heaps and heaps!

Once that’s done, this particular problem will go away.
In fact, any remaining should be deported.  If no other country will take them, then camps in some desert will do until there aren’t any more of their kind left.

Village cricket club in shock as travellers invade pitch just before season begins

By Beth Hale
Last updated at 1:59 PM on 08th May 2009

The pitch had been carefully tended, the wicket was in fine form and all was set for Roborough Cricket Club’s first home game of the season.

But that game was in jeopardy last night after some unwelcome pitch invaders took up residence near the boundary line.

Travellers arrived at the sports field, in Roborough, Devon, on Monday and set about making themselves at home.


This morning ten caravans were illegally parked up in a corner of the field - with perfect views for watching the game against a team from nearby Honiton, but not so perfect for players, who fear the match may have to be postponed.

Cricket club officials say the group of travellers have ruined the wicket, by driving up and down on quad bikes, leaving a trail of tyre marks.

Mike Gaylard, treasurer and groundsman for the club, discovered six caravans on the site at the beginning of the week, and with growing dismay watched as one by one more vans arrived.

Contemplating the damage to the all-important wicket yesterday during a urgent pre-game inspection he said: ‘It’s got even worse now, there are tyre marks over the wicket where they have obviously gone round in circles.’

He said he had seen children riding quad bikes up and down the pitch, while he said travellers happily drove their vans across the field.

‘I’m going to have to get the roller out now and see what can be done. It is all cost and expense to the club.’

He said he was concerned over the time it will take to evict the travellers.

‘We are law-abiding people who pay our taxes and we cannot do anything about it.’

(oh yes you could. see my solution above.)

It is not the first time there has been a pitch invasion, travellers have moved in several times in recent years, with field owners having to resort to a writ to evict them.

Mr Gaylard, who says the gates to the ground had been padlocked prior to the group’s arrival, was unimpressed with assurances that they only planned to stay until the weekend.

‘They just think they’ve got a God given right to be there,’ he said.

There was, however, one glimmer of hope. Mr Gaylard was hoping the police might take action because there had been damage to the wicket.

One of the travellers, Jane Lee, said they tried not to damage anything when they stayed somewhere.

She said: ‘We’re just passing through; it’s our way of life. It’s the only way you know when you’ve been brought up with it.’

Miss Lee, who said she’d lived in a caravan all her life, added that they would not get in the way of a cricket match.

The playing fields are owned by Bickleigh Parish Council.

Chairman Bill Hitchens said: ‘Quite understandably the cricket club are upset and I’m supporting them, but I can only move as fast as the law allows. We’ve taken it to the police but they are unwilling to take action.’


“ it’s our way of life. “
Don’t ya just love that?  So the rest of the world has to put up with her and her kind just pulling up and staying for awhile. Sometimes for a VERY LONG WHILE!


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/08/2009 at 09:33 AM   
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Liberalism emphasizes individual rights and equality of opportunity.

Opened email today and found this from BMEWS contributer Chris Edwards.  I couldn’t ignore it as the term liberal to so many of us has become ‘libtard.’
Unfairly perhaps because the folks on the left have, in my opinion, made it that way. 

Sink the commie/socialist/fascist bastards that have stolen what should be a good political deal.

Hi, I have been wondering about the Liberal support, I have many friends who
fervently support the libs and are also level headed and even smart so there
has to be a deception there. Looking it up the definition of liberal is :-

Liberalism emphasizes individual rights and equality of opportunity. Within
liberalism, there are various streams of thought which compete over the use
of the term “liberal” and may propose very different policies, but they are
generally united by their support for constitutional liberalism, which
encompasses support for: freedom of thought and speech, limitations on the
power of governments, the rule of law, an individual’s right to private
property, and a transparent system of government.

All liberals, as well as some adherents of other political ideologies, support some
variant of the form of government known as liberal democracy, with open and
fair elections, where all citizens have equal rights by law. 

Just where are the democrats in this definition? I wonder if we should all
push for real Liberals, it should sink the commie/socialist/fascist bastards
that have stolen what should be a good political deal.

Chris Edwards


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/08/2009 at 03:03 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - May 07, 2009

On a (Right) Wing and a

National Day of Prayer, eh? Funny, it’s not marked on any of my calendars. And I didn’t hear a word about it on the news. Or did I? Something about Oheathen not attending some Catholic Breakfast? You don’t think TPTB could be trying to bury such a day, do you?


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 05/07/2009 at 08:13 PM   
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run away, run away!

Head For High Ground! Flooding In Brazil

Brings out all the creepy crawlies

CORIMATA DA CIMA, Brazil – The dirt road that runs in front of her house is a river. Her fields of rice and manioc lie ruined underwater. And with water seeping into her mud-brick, thatched-roof home, Maria do Remedio Santos knows it’s time to join her neighbors.

Like 218,000 others across a swath of northern Brazil three times the size of Alaska, the neighbors have fled the worst rainfall and flooding in decades, braving newly formed rivers teeming with anacondas, alligators and legless reptiles known as “worm lizards” whose bite is excruciating.

Downriver from Santos’ home in the town of Sao Miguel de Rosario, adults waded through waist-deep, muddy water covering the main road — though they kept children in boats to protect them from rattlesnakes and anacondas swimming nearby.

Also driven from their burrows and swimming through the water were rodent-eating reptiles known as a “worm lizards” that look like giant white earthworms.

“So far no one has been bitten here. The main thing you tell the kids is to stay out of the water,” Palmeiro da Costa said from a canoe. [ de Costa is no fool! ]

Alligators swam through the city of Santarem, civil defense official Walkiria Coelho said. Scorpions congregated on the same high ground as people escaping the rising water. No injuries were reported.


For all you nascent herpetologists out there, and I know there are some, the white worm lizard of Brazil is an odd critter. It’s a snake. It’s a lizard. Without legs. It’s a lizard. It’s a worm. It’s nearly 2 feet (720mm) long. It’s big enough to eat mice but gets buy mainly on termites and beetles, it only has 3 teeth, and it looks like some kind of satanic sex toy. No, really:


The white worm lizard - and c’mon, that’s a naughty name right there - further lives up to it’s viviphallus association, because when caught out in the open, it becomes erect on both ends at the same time to confuse predators. Seriously:


also known as the Bachac Snake

The locals call the thing “cobra de duas cabeças”, which sounds really cool but means Snake With Two Heads.  And if that wasn’t kinky enough, the worm lizard is scientifically classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Reptilia, order Squamata, family Amphisbaenidae. You can’t argue with Science, who has lumped this particular squamata in with the regular snakes, even though I’ve read that the little pervert is actually hot blooded. At least warm blooded, but this is Brazil after all. And you know what “amphisbaenian” means, right? Me neither, so I looked it up. It means “goes both ways”. Crivens! It’s the doubled ended dildo snake. If I lived in this part of Brazil I’d be up the tallest tree so damn fast you wouldn’t even see me move. You’d just feel the woosh! as I zoomed right by you.

Hey Steamy - I think I’ve found the natural prey for those [ahem] intergalactic aliens [ahem] you’re always going on about. I bet they hunt this little horror in pairs!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 05/07/2009 at 05:58 PM   
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Police constable refuses to mount a bike due to possible health and safety. And it gets funnier.


I’m not 100% certain the guy was serious. On the other hand, even if he was, in today’s climate he just may have a point.  And apparently there really is a proficiency test lasting two whole days on ....  RIDING A FREEKIN BIKE.  So maybe he was really complying with moonbat regs.

Oh dear,oh dear.  Look what the empire has come to.

PC refused to sit on bike for photo without proficiency test

Police officer Tony Cobban refused to pose on a stationary bicycle for a publicity photograph because he had not passed his cycling proficiency test.

By Daily Telegraph Reporter

The officer said he feared he could get into trouble without first having a risk-assessment conducted.

The community officer was following guidelines from his superiors at Lancashire Constabulary, which state that staff who have not taken the exam, a course taken by thousands of schoolchildren every year, are banned from using a bike.

Pc Cobban refused to even sit on the saddle during the photo shoot at Halfords, where two new bikes were donated to the police.

“It was basically a health and safety thing. I was just being cautious as I haven’t passed the cycling proficiency test,” he said.

“My personal view would be concern if anything happens to me while on the bike and it hasn’t been risk assessed or insured – in this day and age you have to cover all bases. It’s the way of the world.

“I could get on the bike but I’m not massively proficient.”

Inspector Nick Emmet, from Lancashire Constabulary, said Pc Cobban was right to be cautious.

“Our officers are required to be appropriately trained and assessed prior to using bikes for patrolling in order to comply with insurance and for the safety of themselves and the public.

“An increasing number of our neighbourhood officers do patrol their wards on bikes and their communities have welcomed this due to their increased effectiveness and visibility,” he said.

Fortunately, Pc Cobban’s colleague, PCSO Emma Nixon, had passed the test and was on hand to pose for a picture sat on one of the bikes.

But his actions have been ridiculed, even by the Lancashire Police Authority, the body responsible for the organisation of Lancashire Constabulary.

“I think it’s one of these PC gone mad things over PCs on bikes – I think having coppers on bikes is great,” said Cllr David Whipp, a member of the authority.

“I think the balance on health and safety is probably right but there may be one or two occasions where you raise your eyebrows.”

Councillor Geoff Driver, Conservative group leader for Lancashire County Council, also criticised the

“The mind boggles when a grown man can’t go on a bike for a photograph,” he said.

“When I hear stories like this I just think what on earth is going on.”

Mountain bikes are often used by beat officers to chase suspects down footpaths or passages that would be too narrow for a car.

Several forces have banned officers from riding bikes until they have passed a two-day proficiency test.

The decision followed the death of PCSO Christopher Maclure, 21, who was hit by a lorry in Wigan while on a mountain bike patrol in 2007.

A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said the cycling proficiency exam they use is a modified version of tests taken by children learning to ride bikes but is “police specific”, using in-house instructors issuing extra guidance such as how to use police radios while cycling.




Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/07/2009 at 10:24 AM   
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