Sarah Palin's presence in the lower 48 means the Arctic ice cap can finally return.

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Can you just imagine if any group tried this out on islam?  Look what happened over a cartoon. Personall, I believe some of their supposed anger is false.
They use it as a cover simply to do what pimple heads do.  Which doesn’t make em any less dangerous.

To put things in a better way, I am stealing one of the comments from Vilmar’s blog which hits the target dead center. And I’m sure you’ve thought of this yourself as well.

Author : Forq

Scrufty, the ignorant peasant with a bomb strapped on is scary as hell. 

BUT the guy with an MBA who speaks fluent English ... then suddenly grows a beard and changes his name to Mohamed.  He’s much more dangerous—especially when he shaves the beard and enrolls in pilot school.

And I hate to inform you guys but I think you too may have read it.  Al-Q.  is trying (according to the papers) to recruit just exactly that sort of person.
Now that is scary. Truth to tell and I must with apologies to Brits and sincerely meant, I think there is still (at the moment) more chance of me being attacked on the streets here in broad daylight by a drunk female teen and her friends, then there is being done in by Al-Q.  And that’s a very sad state of affairs. It wasn’t always so and I know it from experience.

H/T Newstrack India for this one.

UK Muslim hate group launches ‘poster campaign’ terming Christmas “evil”



Thu, 23 Dec 2010:

London, Dec 23 (ANI): Fanatics from a banned Islamic hate group have reportedly launched a nationwide ‘poster campaign’ in Britain describing Christmas as an “evil” festival that is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia.

According to the Daily Mail, IslamK group launched the campaign with an intention to convert Christians to Islam in the UK.

The placards, which have already appeared in parts of London, feature an apparently festive scene with an image of the Star of Bethlehem over a Christmas tree. They also include lines announcing the festive season as ‘the evils of Christmas’ and also feature a message mocking the song the 12 Days of Christmas.

The bottom of the poster declares: “In Islam we are protected from all of these evils. We have marriage, family, honour, dignity, security, rights for man, woman and child.”

Twenty-seven-year-old Abu Rumaysah, the campaign’s organiser who once called for Sharia Law in Britain, has said that Christmas is a lie and as Muslims it is “our duty to attack it.”

Earlier this year, Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson had banned Islam4UK group making it a criminal offence to be a member, after it threatened to protest at Wootton Bassett, the town where Britain honours its war dead soldiers.

However the campaign was criticised by a number of Britons, including politicians.

Labour MP and anti racist campaigner Jim Fitzpatrick branded the posters ‘extremely offensive’ and demanded that they should be immediately taken off.

Sister Christine Frost, founder of the East London Neighbours in Poplar charity, said she was extreme angry after seeing the posters.

“Someone is stirring hatred which leaves the road open to revenge attacks or petrol bombs through letter-boxes. I told the Mayor we are all scared. If we said such things about Muslims, we’d all be hanging from lamp-posts,” she added. (ANI)



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Harry Potter actress threatened with honor killing for dating a non-muslim. rop. uh huh. right.

Why do these medieval creeps insist on immigrating to a western country that does not abide by their backward , controlling religion.
She’s too frightened to go to court and so the slimy scum will simply get away with their abuse. Figures.

These folks will NEVER change. Ever. That’s ok except, they’ll keep coming here bringing their twisted thinking with them.

Harry Potter actress was ‘beaten and branded a prostitute by her family after dating man who was not a Muslim’

By Daily Mail Reporter

A Harry Potter actress was beaten, called a ‘slag’ and threatened with death by members of her family after she met a young man who was not a Muslim, a court heard today.
Victim Afshan Azad, 22, played Padma Patil, a classmate of the teenage wizard, in the blockbuster Hollywood films based on the children’s books by JK Rowling.

She was assaulted and branded a ‘prostitute’ after meeting a young Hindu man, a relationship which brought anger from her father, Abul Azad, 53, and brother, Ashraf, 28, Manchester Crown Court heard.

The frightened star, who has featured in four of the popular films, later fled through her bedroom window after threats were made to kill her.
But despite attempts to get her to come to court for the trial of her father and brother, Miss Azad, who is believed to be living with friends in London, would not attend voluntarily, the court was told.

‘The father, having been awoken from his slumbers, with his son shouting: “Sort out your daughter! She’s a slag!”
He continued to further assault her, in disputed Bengali, shouting, “Just kill her!”

‘The assault continued. There was a discussion where she was being called a prostitute.’
The threats to kill her apparently continued, the witness told police in a statement.

Reading from the victim’s statement, Mr Vardon added: ‘My father began saying he would do it, a reference to kill her, as he did not want his sons to have her blood on their hands and he would do time for it.
‘Then she began to feel very scared.

more plus photos


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slow but sure, the french are waking up and don’t like what is happening in their country

Let me count the ways I HATE the left. I’ve got to a point I don’t think I even like my left hand except I need the damn thing for typing.
Yes, it’s the season of good will towards men and all that.  Well ... not from me it isn’t.  I am not that civilized and not sorry about that either.
In fact, I despise the left in all seasons. 

So here we have a group of people who recognize the menace presented by militant islam. But the left objects to them even having an opinion much less a conference on the subject. 
I do not wish them well and do not have good will towards anyone who is even blushing left.

Paris conference targets ‘Islamization’ of Europe

PARIS (AP) — About 150 people protested Saturday outside the site of a conference in Paris organized to criticize the “Islamization” of Europe.

Protesters held banners reading “United Against Islamophobia” and “Fascists, get out of our neighborhoods.” Socialist Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe had asked police to ban the conference, but police allowed it to go forward under surveillance.

The conference was organized by several French groups, including nationalist political group Bloc Identitaire, that frequently complain about what they see as Islam’s growing influence over traditional French values. France has Western Europe’s largest Muslim population.

Several hundred people attended the conference, which also was broadcast over the Internet.

“Resistance against Islamization is alive. Nothing can stop it!” Bloc Identitaire wrote in a statement about the conference on its website.

Several speakers came from outside France. Oskar Freysinger, a lawmaker with the nationalist Swiss People’s Party, arrived wearing a bulletproof vest and accompanied by bodyguards. Freysinger had campaigned last year to ban the construction of minarets in Switzerland — a law that drew international condemnation when voters approved it in defiance of a government recommendation.

At the lunch break, organizers served wine and pork sausage — typical products of France that are shunned by many Muslims. Alcohol and pork are forbidden by Islam.


Well at least some French are waking up and have noticed something smells quite bad. A few million unwashed muzzies. GAK!


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muzzie prayers on the streets of poor le belle france, and pat condell on america. worrisome

I thought I was oughtta here an hour ago but ..... funny thing happened on the way to bed and book.  I got sidetracked and read this site,

Sharia Isn’t Creeping Anymore. It’s Galloping!

Eurabia Watch Special Report and saw a video there > muslims at prayer in Paris street which is 4 and a half minutes long.  Not too much happening, a bit boring and the video a little jerky in places.  So why am I leaving a link to it here?

Because in spite of the few flaws I mentioned, it isn’t intended as entertainment. But it is damned well instructive.

I mentioned this lady the other day and posted .... but you might want to read some more.

H/T Family Security Matters

Sharia Isn’t Creeping Anymore. It’s Galloping!

Eurabia Watch Special Report
Paris, 14 December 2010

Muslim Street Prayers in France: From Secret to Sacred

How did Muslim prayer in French streets go from a well-kept secret to a cause célèbre in less than a week? Maxime Lepante has posted some 40 videos of outdoor Muslim prayers in France. Streets are blocked, often with the help of law enforcement, prayer rugs are stretched out, and the prostration begins.

Lepante traces the swift expansion of these open air mosques that encroach on the rights of citizens to walk or drive down a public street, enter and leave their buildings, hear themselves think in their own homes or, we might add, feel like they are living in Paris, France!

On the latest video, posted on the 11th of December, we learn that loudspeakers have been added … the better to broadcast the call. After tallying 28,000 hits in 55 hours, the YouTube video was branded “hate speech” and removed.

With one rare exception, mainstream French media never even mentioned these weekly illegal prayer meetings in the streets of French towns and cities. Suddenly (“A vous de juger,” France 2, December 9) Marine Le Pen--daughter and hopeful heir apparent to the leader of the Front National—broke the sound barrier. The snarling Jean-Marie Le Pen somehow fathered an intelligent, personable young daughter who apparently hopes to lead the crotchety old “far right” down the reformist path followed by similar movements in other European countries. Is she sincere?

Concluding a rundown of her program for a new improved Front National—withdrawal from the European Union, the eurozone, and the global economy—Marine Le Pen called for résistance against the Islamization of France. Stockholm’s Christmas shahid didn’t ignite one tenth of the indignation provoked by Marine Le Pen’s analysis of creeping sharia, encroaching niqab, and in-your- face prayers in French streets. Political figures big and small, right and left, lined up to take a shot at her. Quoi? She likened the street prayers to an “Occupation”! Aha! She’s a branch from the father’s rotten tree.

We had the veil, more and more veils; then the burqa, and now prayers in the street. “Of course they didn’t come with tanks and soldiers, but it’s still an Occupation

The link at the top will take you to the site and the video. Meant for a French audience, there is even a Pat Condell video with French subtitles.
Here’s the YT version minus the sub titles and I don’t think I posted this before.  At first I thought it looked familiar. But as it played, I wasn’t so certain.
About half way through or maybe less, he addresses his remarks towards America and oh boy.
If you haven’t seen this one yet .... pay attention to his warnings for us.


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Disturbing footage showing a woman being flogged repeatedly. And many of this ilk, are here.

I am lost for words and won’t try.
The video at the link is sickening.  Yeah. Lets give more foreign aid to these wankers so they can buy more nice and new well pressed uniforms. They aren’t even on the level of development that your pet is. Even if your pet is a goldfish.

Screaming woman publicly flogged by laughing policemen in shocking video from Sudan

By Daily Mail Reporter

Disturbing footage showing a woman being flogged repeatedly by a laughing policemen has sparked outrage after it was posted on the internet.

The YouTube video from Sudan shows an unidentified woman in a long black dress and headscarf being ordered to sit down before a uniformed police officer starts whipping her.

Howling in pain she screams ‘Enough, enough’ and ‘I want my mum’.

A second officer - who laughs when he realises he is being filmed - later joins in with the cruel punishment.

The woman’s alleged crime is not known but there are suggestions circulating on the web that it could be for wearing trousers.

Despite being surrounded by police officers and dozens of bystanders, no-one intervenes and the violence lasts a minute and a half.

During her ordeal one of the policeman can be heard telling the woman she will be jailed for two years if she does not accept the 53 lashings.

The woman cries out repeatedly for her mother and even tries to grab one of the whips to stop the persistent beating.

Flogging is fairly common in northern Sudan but the violence in this particular video has sparked outrage and Sudan’s judiciary has now launched an investigation into the incident.

The video led to 50 women sitting down outside the justice ministry in Sudan today in protest at laws which they say humiliate women. Dozens were arrested. The women held banners before being surrounded by riot police telling them to move.
In 2009 Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese journalist, was sentenced to 40 lashes for appearing in public wearing trousers. Under a storm of international criticism, she was released with a fine

In 2009 Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese journalist, was sentenced to 40 lashes for appearing in public wearing trousers. Under a storm of international criticism, she was released with a fine

Three plain-clothed security men threw the BBC correspondent to the ground, confiscating his equipment.

All the women were arrested and taken to a nearby police station. Their lawyers were prevented from entering, but senior opposition politicians were allowed to go inside.



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Britain is being Islamiscised, the establishment appears paralysed like a deer caught in headlights.

I am hoping perhaps naively that when you have read this, you’ll share it with others.  I’m not copying it here as proof that the sky is falling or to say look how bad things have gotten here. I’m posting most of today’s column by Melanie Phillips as a another warning to America.  Maybe back home there are more safeguards in place against the islamification of the USA.  There may be. I hope so.

I have been reading this lady for some time now. I hear her on radio most Wednesday nights. She has a great voice for the medium, you might say made for it.
She knows what she’s talking about, is nobody’s fool and has a solid understanding of her subjects whether religion (and she is quite religious without being evangelical) she is very conservative with a capital ‘C’ but not a loony tune one.  I wish she were an American so she could run for high office. She’s brilliant, she really is. Now the question is ... will anyone sit up and pay attention.  Well, we can hope but the prognoses isn’t a great one.  Maybe it’s only me that gets a bit discouraged seeing the state of things and thinking the folks that actually are supposed to be in charge, are fast asleep. 

The other day, a would be suicide bomber injured a couple of people and killed himself, when one of his several explosives malfunctioned and went boom.
His car, in which he was driving and looking for a crowded place full of Christmas shoppers, caught fire.  He got out of his car and ran but couldn’t get too far and pulled the plug on himself.  Authorities say he wasn’t working alone, someone else planned his mission.
He was so over the top that even a mosque here in the UK booted him out for being, “Too Extreme.” Can you believe that?  But it’s true.

To look at the creep when he was a bit younger, you would not in a lifetime think he was a muslim or for that matter, even of middle east origin or anywhere else in that region.  But he was it’s suggested, radicalized in the UK, in the town of Luton, a hotbed of muzzie activity.
His parents issued a statement claiming the fault in him becoming a radical and a bomber at the end, is the fault of ....
Well of course it is.  It was England that allowed his parents here and gave them the opportunity to prosper. And they apparently did.  It was England that allowed him a good education and exposure to a free culture, jaded perhaps and not without fault heaven knows, but a culture that encourages fair play and the rule of law. Which granted doesn’t always work out too well. But he wasn’t held back due to race or religion and went on to higher studies and yet still managed to become radicalized.  So it’s England’s fault.

I know I shouldn’t make comments as it isn’t my country but ... damn I am sick to tears of the traitors and the mealy mouthed apologists hiding behind human rights etc.  I’ve gone on too long. Blame it on extreme frustration with this subject.
Here ... please read this and share it.  Don’t think America is too big a target for these rotten, filthy, creepy, unwashed bastards. They slither and crawl and smile but I’d sooner trust a rat to the human form of one.

How I was reviled for warning that Britain is a hotbed of Islamic terrorism
By Melanie Phillips

Some four-and-a-half years ago, a book of mine was published that caused something of a sensation.


It was called Londonistan, and it was about the way in which - astoundingly - Britain had become the most important centre, outside the Islamic world itself, for the production and export of Islamic terrorism.
Worse yet, I wrote, even after the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 London Tube and bus bombings, the British political, legal and security establishments were still refusing to get to grips with the threat posed to Britain by militant Muslims who wanted to conquer it for Islam.

For my pains, I was called ‘mad’ by the Guardian, ‘bonkers’, ‘alarmist’, ‘hysterical’ and, of course, ‘Islamophobic’.
Indeed, I had a hard time getting the book published at all. It was turned down by every mainstream London publisher because they regarded my views as dangerous extremism. One even remarked: ‘I’d rather take the poison ricin than publish this.’ Nice!

For a while it looked as if it would be published only in the U.S. - but a few weeks before publication in America, a tiny British publishing house bravely volunteered to publish it here.
Given the terrifying nature of what I wrote in that book, it really does give me no comfort to say this - but the fact is that, ever since it was published, a steady stream of revelations has proved that I was absolutely right.

This week, we learned that Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly, who blew himself up in a terrorist attack in Stockholm, was yet another radicalised British Muslim university graduate. He was but the latest in an unremitting procession of British Muslims who have committed terrorist attacks in other countries. And many have been educated to a high level in Britain.

Over the past decade, around 30 Muslim graduates or students at British universities have been involved in Islamic-inspired terrorism, including former University College London student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who has been charged with trying to blow up a U.S. airliner with explosives hidden in his underpants.

As for Luton - where Abdulwahab lived and attended university - this has long been regarded as a hot-bed of Islamic extremism.
So why is it that, with the Security Service periodically issuing chilling warnings that it’s monitoring more than 2,000 dangerous Muslim fanatics and dozens of terrorist plots, Britain is still failing so dismally to curb its home-grown industry of Islamic terrorism and extremism?

As I pointed out in my book, most of the British establishment is in denial about what it is up against. Our leaders know there is a major threat of terrorism.
But they remain wilfully blind to the fact that the terrorists’ ultimate aim, the Islamisation of Britain and the West, is being pursued by Islamic groups that are not violent, as well as those that are.

The establishment is so heavily imbued by a deadly cocktail of political correctness, multiculturalism and ‘human rights’ law that, far from curbing Islamic extremism, it has actually fanned the flames.
Over the past decade and more, the judges have made it all but impossible to police Britain’s borders against undesirables or throw extremists out of the country.

Universities have shamefully refused to crack down on extremists on campus, even though countless Muslim students are being radicalised there by Islamist speakers - with no fewer than four university Islamic Society presidents having been involved in major acts of terrorism.

Idiotically, politicians cravenly attempting to defuse Islamic rage by appeasing the Muslim community have funded organisations that have turned out to be extreme.

Even more extraordinarily, to this day the Government is employing radical Islamists in Whitehall - as political advisers on curbing Islamic extremism.
The core reason for this supine approach is that the establishment refuses to acknowledge that Islamic terrorism is rooted in religious fanaticism - an extreme interpretation of the religion that dictates Muslims must impose Islamic law throughout the world.

The threat of violence makes it more likely they will succeed in infiltrating British institutions. And that in turn makes it ever harder to curb radicalisation. It also galvanises the extremists, who perceive correctly that the society they have in their sights has no stomach for the fight.

This is precisely what is happening in Britain. Because our political and security establishment has defined extremism as involving violence, it is blind to the steady process of Islamisation that is taking place.

Astonishingly, it is tolerating - and even encouraging - the relentless incursion of Islamic religious law. Yet this is inimical to British values.

Four years ago in my book, I ­delivered a warning. A country that can’t even bring itself to name the nature of the enemy it faces will be defeated by that enemy.

The Stockholm bomber is but the latest export from Londonistan - and unless the ­Government gets up off its knees and changes its disastrous strategy, I very much fear he will not be the last.



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calendar   Monday - December 13, 2010

lets have more of the same kind of immigration so the whole country turns into rat’s nest.

And speaking of vermin …. Have any of you seen what she’s referring to?
I once posted the video here at BMEWS.  Crowding the sidewalks and parts of the road with backsides raised to the heavens, which also looks so damn stupid. Why don’t they realize that?  Anyway … they crowd ppl off the walkway and during prayer times some folks who live in the area who aren’t vermin, can’t get in or out till the vermin slither away at prayer’s end. You’ll ask, why don’t they move?  Well, some just can’t afford to. Others are pissed saying asking why they should move. They were there first and anyway, are native to France.  Oh but the grimy left can’t tolerate that.  As for her socialist opponents, they’re happy to give away their country to a foreign occupying group of venomous vermin.  When the crunch comes some day in the future, and at this rate you can bank on it, I sure hope the socialists there don’t call on us in the name of Lafayette.  Let em stew in the muck they make for themselves. All in the name of multi-culture, diversity and the third leg of their policy, appeasement. 


Marine Le Pen: Muslims in France ‘like Nazi occupation’

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far-Right, drew heavy criticism after she said Muslims praying outside were like Nazi occupiers.

The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the outgoing leader of the National Front, told a rally that ten to fifteen places in France where Muslims worshipped in the streets were occupied territory.

“For those who want to talk a lot about World War II, if it’s about occupation, then we could also talk about it (Muslim prayers in the streets), because that is occupation of territory,” she said at the gathering in Lyon.

“It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of districts in which religious laws apply. It’s an occupation,” she said at the rally that was part of her bid to take the party leadership when her father steps down in January.

“There are of course no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is nevertheless an occupation and it weighs heavily on local residents,” the 42-year-old noted.
The comments sparked condemnation from politicians from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party and from the opposition Socialists and the Greens.
“This is the true face of the far right which has not changed in the slightest, and Marine Le Pen is just as dangerous as Jean-Marie Le Pen,” said Socialist Party spokesman Benoit Hamon.


PS: I have heard Brits say they no longer recognize their own country. I have had some tell me that trips to London felt like a voyage to another totally foreign country.  And things are not getting any better.


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akbar snackbar again …. will the world ever be rid of the vermin?

Why are they always referred to as “extremists?” They aren’t actually extreme are they?  I kinda thought they were mainstream. In any event, they’re criminals.
Of course, they’re also a protected minority so we must be careful how we phrase things. You know, hurt feelings and all that. Although come to think of it, would not one have to be human to have feeling to be hurt in the first place?

Anyway, just posted this so you could see more evidence of the rop in action. 

Muslim extremists attacked jail warder

Four young British Muslim extremists chanted religious slogans as they battered a prison officer. The gang chanted “death to the Kuffar” (non-believer) and “Allah Akbar” (God is Great) as they laid into the warder - who is in his 40s - after prayers.

It is believed they were trying to steal his keys to let other inmates out and start a riot at the notorious Feltham Young Offenders’ Institute in Middlex.

A fellow officer came to his rescue as he hid under a pool table and used his baton to drive them back.

A source said: “It was a frightening and violent assault. The guard was lucky to escape with his life.”

the usual from the ROP


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another day, another suicide bomber. I wonder what religion he belonged to?????

Welcome to Monday .... and .... no surprise that early this morning was news of yet another scumball muslim bomber.  This time in Sweden. Well of course and why the heck not?  Sweden, another tolerant and generally liberal and open society that with open arms welcomes the lice we refer to as muslims and even thinks they may be human.  OK, a few are. Really. There are 2 or 3 running about someplace.

Also in the news is Terry Jones. You may recall he is the pastor from Florida who wanted to burn the koran on the anniv. of 9/11.  You may also recall the liberal world’s outrage which seemed to match the act of 9/11 itself.  You’d think he intended to fly a plane into a mosque.
Well, Pastor Jones has been invited to address the English Defense League, and may not be allowed in the country.
I can understand the govt. if they do deny his visa, thinking they have enough home grown trouble and riots and don’t need to import any new from the USA.
But what really gets my dander up are the fatuous hypocrites on the left, the loud mouths who demonstrate they say against Fascism. Fascism as defined by them, is anyone with an opinion contrary to what they want to hear. These freedom loving twits allow freedom to anyone holding their world view.  They haven’t the capacity to debate a point, or the brains to make one.  So in lieu of a coherent argument, they pelt the opposition with stones and eggs and do all they can to muzzle that which they can not abide. Which is of course, free speech. And criticism of anything the left holds dear, or pretends to hold so.

With regard to the pastor, muslims have warned that his visit to these shores will bring violence with it. That is, muslim leaders have predicted that there will be violence if he attends the EDL rally in February. Not that he intends to advocate violence against them. But Pastor Jones is outspoken in his belief that that islam itself is destructive and is in his view, an evil.  Well, I suppose were he to preach those views about Judaism or as an imam about Christianity, people would be up in arms and no doubt many Christians and Jews would also oppose his visa.  Poses an interesting problem.  Although there aren’t many if any in either of the last mentioned who condone or preach jihad or fly planes into buildings, use suicide bombers in a subway, or commit honor killings.

One has to wonder who the muslims are who think they should have a say in who does or doesn’t enter the UK. Most of them aren’t even native to these shores to begin with. Most aren’t and do not intend to be assimilated into western society. Ok for them of course to hold signs calling British soldiers killers and murderers and death to them and democracy. Oh, that’s all ok.  But lets not have another foreigner (who btw is NOT collecting benefits from this state) to join a rally of like minded Brits.  What can this man possibly say that hasn’t been said already?  What can he possibly say that many, many Brits already believe anyway? And not just Brits who are racist or belong to either the BNP or the EDL.  There is in fact a mistrust, a nervousness and an outright dislike of militant islam as a menace and obstacle to world peace. 

There was a would be suicide bomber killed when his bomb went off prematurely.  He once lived in the UK, and was educated here. There are many more like him still here and unaccounted for so far.  Pastor Jones isn’t hiding from anyone btw. Just thought I should mention that.
But here reader .... lay your eyes on this bit of info.  Especially the line alluding to the fact that they (muslims) are among us. Yes they are and it’s a chilliung thought. Read on.

Sweden suicide bombings: warning audio message

Following is an abridged text of an audio message attached to an email sent to Swedish news agency TT shortly before two explosions in Stockholm on Saturday.
“In the name of God the merciful. Prayers and peace to the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him.
“Thanks to Lars Vilks and his paintings of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, and your soldiers in Afghanistan and your silence on all this so shall your children, daughters, brothers and sisters die in the same way as our brothers and sisters and children die.
“Now the Islamic states have fulfilled what they promised you. We are here in Europe and in Sweden, we are a reality, not an invention, I will not say more about this.
“Our actions will speak for themselves, as long as you do not end your war against Islam and humiliation of the prophet and your stupid support for the pig Vilks.
“To all Muslims in Sweden I say: stop fawning and humiliating yourselves for a life of humiliation is far from Islam. Help your brothers and sisters and do not fear anything or anyone, only the God you worship.
“To my family, try to forgive me. I could not sit and watch while all the injustice happens against Islam and the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, when the pig Vilks did what he did.
“Forgive me for my lies. I never went to the Middle East to work or earn money, I went there for jihad. I hope that you can understand me some time. I could never have told you all this or to anyone.”

See this source which will also lead you to the full text if interested.

ROP bomber

Of additional interest ....

Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace
“He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah’s cause”
Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2010.12.12 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - A 67-year-old woman and her son-in-law are shot to death by Muslim militants.
2010.12.12 (Ramadi, Iraq) - A Shahid suicide bomber sends thirteen Iraqs straight to Allah.
2010.12.12 (Baqubah, Iraq) - Two Shia pilgrims are taken down by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.12.12 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) - Six U.S. soldiers are killed by a suicide bomber at their base.
2010.12.11 (Stockholm, Sweden) - A car bomb and suicide attack on a shopping center leaves two injured.
2010.12.11 (Peshawar, Pakistan) - Islamists open fire on a police squad, killing two members.

Islam in Europe has become a bloody mess. is an excellent site.


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calendar   Thursday - December 09, 2010

one hell of a sad/bad day as German Schools Embrace Islam.

This is some of the worst possible news I could have read today.  The other being the vote in the US on immigration. That wasn’t too encouraging either.

Gee, with so much to be thankful for, and honest, I really am, why am I feeling like the world is coming to an end?
What am I saying?  The world I grew up in sure wasn’t perfect. Far from it.  But it wasn’t politically correct and I hate that term btw. And I hate the people who somehow have gained the power to enforce it. Anyway, the world I grew up in is certainly over. I’m happy about losing the bad parts, but did we also have to toss away the good?

Anyway ... here tonight’s horror story and I’m not trying to be funny.  The fellow who wrote this sure does have it all right.  I hope you will read every line of this editorial.

German Schools Embrace Islam

By Herbert London

There is little doubt west European governments are engaged in a form of social suicide. Rather than increased efforts to integrate Muslims into German society, to cite one example, German students will be taught about Islam. In a sense German educators will be engaged in proselytizing for Islam.

The German state of Lower Saxony will start including Islam in its schools’ core curriculum as part of an initiative to counter growing anti-Islam sentiment in Europe. Dr. Bernd Althusmann, Minister of Education in Lower Saxony, announced that schools in the state will start including Islamic education in their main curriculum. “I think we will be able to start implementation by the academic year after the next,” Althusmann said during a visit to an elementary school in the city of Hanover which offers an Islamic education class.

Justifying this approach, Juergen Zoeliner, Berlin Minister for Education, Science and Research, notes, “For years, society and schools have been faced with a variety of new duties and challenges. One of these big challenges is to have people from different traditions, cultural and religion affiliations living together peacefully and respectfully.”

Of course, whether the program in question leads ultimately to a peaceful result is questionable. One might well ask why did the armies of Europe turn back the Turks at the gates of Vienna 500 years ago when programs, like those instituted in Germany, are handing Islam the keys to the future.

German shame over Nazi atrocities has made Hitler’s heritage the end of German history and identity. But should this shame be replaced by preemptive capitulation to a religion with a relentless imperial impulse?

To be sure the Salafists, with Saudi funding, will follow up on their efforts in the schools. But will the full story of Islam be told including the stoning of adulterers, the execution of homosexuals, polygamy, apostasy as a capital offense and the belief that Jews are the offspring of apes and pigs?

It is instructive that “diversity education” is predicated on the belief that we in the West have on obligation to understand Islam. However, the reverse doesn’t follow. One might presume that Muslims in the West should come to know and appreciate Western Civilization. Moreover, students who are not versed in the history and customs of the polity they find themselves in will be handicapped. Yet curiously integration, that was once the overarching strategy for dealing with immigrants, has been replaced by cultural pluralism, “from the one, many” instead of “from the many, one.”

In Germany and throughout western Europe there is an effort to bend over backwards to accommodate the Islamic population.

In the process, this effort produces results that counter good intentions. First, the Islamic population believes, with considerable confirmation, that Europeans do not possess the will to assert the importance of their own culture and traditions. Second, the insertion of Islam into German schools suggests tacitly that Islam is on the rise and cannot be denied even in non-Islamic nations.

Preemptive capitulation is nothing more than an attenuated form of defeat. It is noteworthy that Islamic leaders recognize it in this way. The aggressive stance taken by Islamic leaders in Europe is based to an extraordinary degree on the flexibility and weakness of those who might defend the West.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/09/2010 at 12:09 PM   
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Islamists raise fears of violent ‘clash of cultures’ in Europe.

‘Crazies’ flock to ‘Londonistan’
In the 1990s, the city became so popular for Islamists fleeing authorities in Muslim countries that some commentators dubbed it “Londonistan.”

Citing the WikiLeaks cables, the Guardian newspaper last week reported that the future U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron told an American official in April 2009 that the former Labour government had “let in a lot of crazies and did not wake up early enough” to the danger posed by Muslim extremists.

This America, is what this side of the Atlantic is living with.  Only weak kneed politically correct, multi-culture morons who think trees and diversity is a religion, welcome muslims with open arms.  Mustn’t be critical because after all, islam is a religion of peace. Didn’t our own president tell us so on 9/11?
Whatever .... the bottom line is that the USA must remain Awake!  Too many Europeans would rather snooze, but there are many who know the threat of these sub-human life forms.  They are I’m sure being watched. Or at least those that the authorities know about. Watched?  Why not deported or shot? Cos they have rights. And they laugh as they cash their benefit checks, courtesy of the txpayers they plan to kill.

It was disheartening to read last week about a mosque being built in Temecula, Ca. Just like rats and poisonous spiders, they are everywhere. And where ever they are, whatever neighborhood they occupy, they are future trouble of major proportions. In fact, possibly deadly. 

I was surprised that this came from MSNBC via Europe News.  Which means many of you may have seen this before I did. ??

By Ian Johnston

LONDON — It is a Sunday night in London’s East End and the self-styled “most hated man in Britain” is holding court, reveling in his vision of a Taliban victory over America and a world under Islamic Shariah law.

The crowd of about 250 listens intently as Anjem Choudary issues a call to arms in the pristine surroundings of the newly refurbished art deco conference center, built to host weddings and business meetings.

“There are many battlefields,” he says calmly into a microphone. “There’s a battlefield outside 10 Downing Street [home to Britain’s prime minister] and in the mountains of the Tora Bora [in Afghanistan].”

Any man who fails to fight, he warns, will face difficulty when the “angel of death” arrives and he is forced to explain to Allah why he did not raise his hand “against the oppressor” out of fear. “Allah will say to him, ‘Am I not more worthy to be feared than them?’” Choudary says.

“Allahu Akbar!” the men shout out in unison, as if a war cry, during his speech. “Allahu Akbar.” God is great.

A group of women, all heavily veiled and sitting in a screened-off area, remain quiet throughout.

As former leader of the banned Islamist organizations al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK, Choudary was kept off the bill and appeared as the surprise star speaker at the rally.

His groups may be outlawed but, unlike his female followers, Choudary will not be silenced.

His message is one that echoes across Europe, which experts say is home to thousands of people who would wholeheartedly support Choudary’s “ultimate objective” — the “domination of the world by Islam.”

The majority of Muslims are not Islamists, who believe in a society based on Islamic law, and not all of the latter are seeking world domination or are willing to use violence.

But fear of another Islamist-inspired atrocity after Madrid in 2004 — 191 dead — and London in 2005 — 53 dead — remains high.
Image: Scene of suicide bombing in London on July 7, 2005
Sang Tan / AP file
Suicide bombers targeting London’s public transit system killed 53 people on July 7, 2005. Four men detonated devices hidden in knapsacks aboard three subway trains and a double-decker bus, seen here.

Rightly so, according to Dr. John J. Le Beau, a former CIA officer and now professor of strategy and security studies at Germany’s George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.

“It’s a mathematical certainty there will be a successful attack in Europe at some point,” he told “The amount of attempted plots we see is not decreasing. I think what we have seen is a ... strengthening of attempted attacks that in some cases have come pretty close.”

A backlash is growing. Support for the far-right in normally liberal countries like Sweden and the Netherlands is on the rise. French lawmakers voted for a ban on full face veils. Protest groups, such as the English Defense League which has been linked to soccer hooligans, have made headlines.

Le Beau warned of “an incipient clash of cultures.” The consequences of another terrorist spectacular — intelligence reports recently warned an al-Qaida-linked group was planning to hit Western Europe with a commando-style raid like that on Mumbai, India — could be profound, he suggested.

“I could see that leading to a spontaneous violent reaction on the part of others. Could this spin out of control? Sure,” he said. “I think that would be very dangerous because ... it runs the risk of sectarianizing or ‘Balkanizing’ Western Europe.”



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/09/2010 at 11:22 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - December 08, 2010

Christianity doomed and a fraud?  Well now, if a bright intellect like this guy says so …

Last year in November, Col Gaddafi invited hundreds of Italian ‘hostesses’ to a villa in Rome for an evening at which, according to Italian reports, he urged them to convert to Islam and told them Christianity was based on a fraud

That’s right boy and girls and you heard it here and prolly not the first time.
and it must be true cos this man says so.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/08/2010 at 09:03 PM   
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calendar   Monday - December 06, 2010

watch this - watch this and share it.

and special H/T to TheRealNCal
who posted this extraordinary link. 

There are subtitles of course but listen to it as well because you get a true feeling of how very sick and damn tired some are of islam and multiculture.
More importantly ... I can’t think of one single politician in the USA or the UK, who would open up and say what voters are thinking and saying, and doing it with such honest passion. 

You’ll want to share this.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/06/2010 at 03:24 PM   
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Another muslim in the news and this one, a white American convert to Islam

Don’t understand how this is possible to go on. As well, I don’t understand why this traitorous bastard can’t be taken out.  Why is it that all our ppl on both side of the Atlantic can only, “monitor?” What’s with that?  Surly there must be lots of folks who would gladly volunteer to take this creep out. Gosh, there just has to be branches of our secret services that do wet work.  Is that term still in use? 

If for whatever reason both USA and UK don’t have the heart for killing dangerous scum who have already said out loud that we’re all a target, then I’d like to suggest we develop a closer working relationship with the Russians, who have no qualms about it. And they are pros we’ve read here. Maybe even the Chinese.  It could be cheaper to pay those folks or work some kind of mutually beneficial deal, to rid us of the sub-humans like the subject of this article.
And then move on to WikiLeaks, the aclu, southern poverty law center, amnesty intl., the aclu again in case someone was missed on the first go round. Heck, there’s tons of left wing radical/muzzie loving civil rights groups that could be made ... neutral. Forever.  Oh if only.


Islamic website tied to MP’s stabbing resurfaces under new name

A radical US-based Islamic website shut down last month after allegedly helping to inspire the stabbing of a Labour MP has resurfaced with a new name.

By Philip Sherwell in New York and Jason Lewis

Younus Abdullah Muhammad, a founder of both sites, told The Daily Telegraph that was the direct successor to which was closed amid the furore over its role in the attack on Stephen Timms.

“IslamPolicy will continue with the work of RevolutionMuslim,” Mr Muhammad, a white American convert to Islam, said during an interview in which he called the Sept 11 terror attacks “justified violence”.

He continued: “If loving Muslims that fight and die to defend themselves from Western imperialism make the UK and US governments associate me or IslamPolicy with terrorists, then I am honoured to be so associated.”

counter-terrorism officials say that at least a third of the more than 50 domestic terror suspects arrested in America in the last year had ties to RevolutionMuslim, an English-language site aimed at Muslims in the West.

They trace its roots to a network of sites run by the now banned al-Muhajiroun group in Britain. “It is playing an important role in the export to the US of the British disease of home-grown terror by radicalised young Muslims,” a US official said.

Aaron Zelin, a US academic who follows pro-jihadi websites, says that the US-based RevolutionMuslim was being increasingly used by British extremists to skirt hate speech and incitement laws in the UK and promote groups with al-Muhajiroun links.

The site, which was hosted on an American Google server, was closed down last month after intense pressure from British and American security officials. But Mr Muhammad has now established IslamPolicy on a blogging site also operated by Google, calling it the new home for the closed site.

He has said that IslamPolicy will focus on ideology and education, but British and American counterterror experts are monitoring it closely for the sort of radical content that was a fixture of its predecessor.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/06/2010 at 02:44 PM   
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