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calendar   Thursday - July 30, 2020

You Can’t Fix Stupid

Ya can’t fix stupid, although duct tape will muffle the sounds of it.

Michigan Inn Removes Norwegian Flag
Customers Were So Brilliant They Couldn’t Tell It From Confederate Flag, Got Triggered

image  image

Yup, like totally literally identical

A case of mistaken identity has caused the owners of a Michigan bed and breakfast to remove a Norwegian flag from the front of the inn after dozens of people confused the flag with a Confederate flag, a report said.

When Greg and Kjersten Offbecker moved into the historic mansion in St. Johns years ago and turned it into a bed and breakfast called Nordic Pineapple, they installed the flag as a decoration and hung an American flag next to it, WLIX reported.

However, dozens of guests and people driving by the inn have wrongly accused the couple of flying a Confederate flag.

“They are the same color, but there are no stars on the Norwegian flag, and the Confederate flag is a big ‘x’ and the Norwegian flag is part of the Nordic countries, they’re all crosses,” Kjersten Offbecker said.

Last week, the couple decided to remove the flag as part of a new marketing campaign, the report said.

“We started to have this concern that it was deterring people away from coming to our bed and breakfast,” Offbecker said. “That they would see it and make this judgment.”

Offbecker said the flag was hung as a way for her to represent her heritage, but with the confusion, she took it down because it was not worth the frustration, the television station reported. She said they have received cruel emails and phone calls over the confusion of the flag.

“What we’re getting is so much more negative now,” she said. “It’s not just, ‘hey you’re flying the Confederate flag.’ It’s, ‘you should be ashamed to fly the Confederate flag. You’re a bigot because you fly the Confederate flag.’”

Cancel culture at its finest.

St. Johns Michigan is about 20 miles north of Lansing, and about 80 miles northwest of Detroit. A city of under 8,000, it’s a 94% white farm community. They grow mint. Lots and lots of mint. Visit the mint museum!

Oh, but wait ... Norway is a historically white country. So flying this flag must be an indication of white supremacy!! Destroy them! Burn their B&B to the ground! 

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calendar   Wednesday - July 29, 2020

Today’s BLDMTB Story

Black lives don’t matter to blacks

Black Guy Kills Other Black Guy In NYC Staten Island Bodega

Startling police video shows the moment a man pulls out a gun and shoots a shopper inside a Staten Island, N.Y., deli — all while a different customer stands in the middle of the two.

The New York Police Department released the shocking video on Twitter late Tuesday, showing the gunman walking around the Holland Ave Deli around 9:30 p.m. on July 22 before turning toward his 25-year-old victim, police said.

As the gunman points the gun at his target, another person who stands between them ducks, barely missing the bullet as glass shatters, the video shows.

Police said the victim, identified as Kaseem Scott, was shot in the chest and rushed to an area hospital, but could not be saved.

Scott lived less than 600 feet from where he was gunned down, police said. His attacker is still on the loose.

Murders citywide are up 180 percent year-over-year, with 14 reported between July 20 and July 26, compared to the five murders reccorded during that same period in 2019, according to NYPD data.

Shooting incidents have also spiked by over 175 percent. From July 20 to July 26, there were 47 shootings with 53 victims, compared to the 17 shootings and 19 victims during that time in 2019.

The video is actually compiled from two CCTV feeds inside the store. And this reporting is somewhat misleading. It is hard to tell from the video if the guy in the red shirt was hunting the guy in the white shirt, or if he was working security there and keeping an eye on white shirt guy. ( assume this isn’t so, as news story would have said, right? ) White shirt spins around, whips it out, and pops one off at Red, and it appears that Red fired back at the same instant, his shot blowing out the glass freezer door in front of the shopper caught in the middle. Both men then leave the store, going off camera at the bottom of the screen.

I don’t think the muzzle blast of White’s gun would have shattered the glass down the aisle but done nothing to the glass next to him. You can clearly see that the window was breaking in a cloud of smoke coming from behind the shopper in the middle, a fraction of a second before White fired. Even though it appears that White was in the act of shooting, and he shot just once, Red got the drop on him but missed. And now he’s dead.

But please, Mayor De Blasio, keep defunding the police.

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Fire On The Lake

Train Crash Burns, Collapses 108 Year Old RR Bridge In Tempe AZ


The Salt River Union Pacific Rail Road Bridge was built in 1912 by the American Bridge Company of New York. It was built as a 7 section pin connected Pratt Through truss with wooden trestle extensions, but was later expanded to a 9 section Pratt. At some later point the bridge was significantly upgraded with massive H beam deck girders and rivet plates. This was a pretty tough bridge.

“A Scene From Hell”


A huge fire is burning on a train on a bridge over Tempe Town Lake. The fire was pumping thick black smoke into the air. That smoke plume was visible for miles.

Union Pacific said as many as 10 train cars derailed at about 6:15 a.m. The south side of the bridge then collapsed and caught fire. A spokesman said its crew was not hurt but one person at the park was treated for smoke inhalation.

Union Pacific spokesman Tim McMahan, who said the train was en route to Phoenix from Tucson, explained that two of the three tanker cars on the ground under the bridge contained cyclohexanone. The third contained a rubber material.

“None are reported leaking, and no tank cars were involved in the fire,” he said. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, cyclohexanone is a colorless oily liquid that is both flammable and an irritant. It’s mostly used for the production of nylon.

The cars that burned for hours were carrying lumber, some of which fell into the lake.


Camille Kimball was riding her bike under the bridge just a moment before it collapsed. She said the noise of the train became deafening, and as she came off the bridge, she saw people with their phone cameras trained behind her.

“I turned around to look and got the fright of my life,” she said. “Now there’s fire pouring into the lake from the middle of the bridge. ... It looks like a scene from hell, truly. A scene from hell. ... The flames are intense and the sky is filled with black smoke.” She described the experience as “surreal.”


It’s not clear what caused the derailment and subsequent bridge collapse and fire, but according to Union Pacific’s website, the bridges are visually inspected every 30 days. McMahan said the bridge’s annual inspection was on July 9. Arizona’s Family is working on getting that report.

While in ancient times the Salt River flowed year round, but with the coming of agriculture it became little more than an arroyo, but was subject to rather intense seasonal floods. So much so that the previous 3 bridges in the same spot washed away, some of them just a few years after being built. ABC did a better job with this iteration, a giant dam made lake Rooselvelt upstream in 1991 slowed the river flowol, and many years later when Tempe dammed the Salt River to create their Town Park Lake [1999] reservoir, floods were finally controlled. Mostly.

It may be a scene from Hell, but it’s also a blessed miracle. The fire is on the bridge over the lake, so there is no chance of it spreading to the city. And while the tanker cars of cyclcohexane fell in the collapse, they did not leak and they did not burn. That would have been a major catastrophe, certainly poisoning the lake, probably emitting all kinds of toxic fumes, but such a sudden eruptive conflagration would have probably destroyed the heavy freight RR bridge that is only yards away from this single track train bridge.

I don’t know if the bridge can be rescued and repaired. Probably not. It’s probably cheaper to replace it with some great chunk of concrete.

PS - somebody better call Rosie O’D. This is now the 2nd time in history that fire has melted steel.

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calendar   Tuesday - July 28, 2020

a worthy 15 minute read

The New Nation

A nation founded on the sanctity of these rights cannot exist beyond the invalidation of them, they are one and the same. A politician might seek a way around the right to bear arms and in so doing has undone his own authority. We are witnessing in Seattle and Portland the abdication of power by mayors and governors in those cities and states to the competing governmental entity: communism. While the official functions of the government might continue, they are without authority. We have seen this time and time again in the past generation. The passage of the Patriot Act was, in effect, the dissolution of the union in that it sought a wholesale violation of rights. a huge step toward accommodating the revolution we now see being prosecuted. While that union might continue under the new rules, they were not presented to the people for acceptance, they were simply voted on by representatives, who, in not seeking agreement by an overwhelming majority of the stakeholders (citizens) violated their oaths and invalidated not the citizen’s rights, but their own authority. Since then, and because this is true, the principle was seized upon by sanctuary cities as an example of individual political units acting outside the interests of the union and the citizens within.

All of that is in preparation for this statement: There is no United States of America, only the shadow cast in its image by the passivity of the people. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have delivered a great gift to the free people of America in demonstrating the degree to which the United States of America no longer exists. The casual citizen might inquire as to how such things as the takeover of a portion of a major city in America might occur; how history and monuments can be erased by hostile action. The truth is, it cannot take place in a nation that values what it is, but it has, because the United States of America no longer exists. It no longer has the will to defend its history, its sovereign territory, preserve truth or allow others to speak truth to those dedicated to its very destruction. No nation exists where that is true and where history and truth of one nation has been erased, the new nation can rise and rename the monuments and erect new ones for their heroes.

Also worth a gander at the same website:

In months past, I would have pegged this site as one of those “3 percenters” which are kind of outliers, a bit too close to extremism for my taste. But given the current, rapidly devolving situation, that kind of “extremism” seems more like common sense to me every day.

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Tuckered Out? Or Maybe He Just Missed A Temporal Anomoly Paradigm Reference

Just watched Tucker Carlson who went on about the White Coat doctor’s conference and the HCQ thing. Not bad.

Then he has on frequent medical guest Dr. Marc Siegel, who says how these White Coat doctors are kinda stuck in the past, because they’re reacting to “last week’s science” ... and according to Dr. Siegel, “this weeks science” is showing how HCQ is not terribly effective for COVID-19 patients in the hospital. And how you have to stay current, because the science changes so fast with this virus. And in truth, that’s what real science does in a developing situation. Rapid changes, new data, new ideas, new questions, new approaches. While that is frustrating to the rest of us who want instant and stable answers, this is how it’s supposed to be. With real science, the science is NEVER settled. ( but eventually it becomes a smoother ride )

And this is beyond annoying to me, as it smacks of hypocrisy. Dr. Siegel seems to be still using the paradigm of the FDA’s HCQ EUA, which was revoked by the FDA far more than a month ago. IOW, he’s repeating the “antique” mantra that this stuff doesn’t work, because it doesn’t work on the deathly ill in hospitals. When it has been known and shown for many months that this medicine, like all other medicines, works best when used earliest. Which means use it as a prophylactic, use it for the just infected, use it for the mildly effected, and you’ll see the most good. So Siegel is accusing these White Coat doctors of being stuck on last week’s science, while he himself is stuck on last month’s science.

Also Tucker did not immediately ask him to name his sources, nor did he ask the all important “Z” question. Is this referred to study, “this week’s science”, using Zinc? Is this referred to study using standard / safe dosages? Tucker has ranted at length in the past about exactly these points, and “formal trials” designed to fail. So where were those questions tonight?

Tuck, you let me down. I respect your trying to show both sides, but you let that old doc walk all over you. And that’s a disservice to all your viewers.

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Social Media Owns The Truth. And The World.

Hundreds of doctors who have been treating COVID patients got together to discuss what they’ve seen, what they’ve learned, and how media bias and censorship has mangled reality.

You Can’t Handle The Truth!! So TBTB Online Have Censored It For You.

BREAKING UPDATE: Total Censorship. Frontline Doctors Website Canceled. LINK:

Frontline doctors from across the US held a “White Coat Summit” on Monday in Washington DC to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding the coronavirus.

Day two of their summit is going to kickoff today in front of the US Supreme Court.

The doctors are very concerned with the disinformation campaign being played out in the far left American media today.


On Monday following their very popular event Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google censored the doctors after they promoted hydroxychloroquine as a life-saving medication in treating the coronavirus.


Tech giants are REFUSING to broadcast an effective treatment for coronavirus promoted by frontline doctors!

You are not allowed to even hear an alternate viewpoint. The First Amendment is almost completely dead.

update to the update: “A new hope”
The conference video and some write ups of what they were saying is in various lesser places online. Here are some links, some of which which have pages that have links to other pages and data sites like Bitchute.

And while these are not mainstream websites, at least they’re more common than my little hole in the wall blog. But that’s it in a nutshell; most people won’t ever even see the story about the story. And those few who do - preaching to the choir - probably won’t make the effort to track down alternate avenues. Suppression by laziness, TLDR, and/or lack of tech savvy is just as good as a digital book burning or witch hunt; visiting and believing fringe information sites put you on the fringe, therefore you wear a tinfoil hat, therefore you aren’t worth listening to. And TPTB win again.

OK, back to the original post now:

Breitbart livestreamed their conference and presentations. It was the most popular video event in the world. Facebook pulled the plug on them, quickly followed by YouTube, Twitter, and Google. Because all these highly respected doctors were sharing information that they’d learned in the actual trenches in the war against this virus. So of course they were banned. Who would want the actual truth? That’s merely anecdotal and defies the agenda. Cancel them!!


American life has fallen casualty to a massive disinformation campaign. We can speculate on how this has happened, and why it has continued, but the purpose of the inaugural White Coat Summit is to empower Americans to stop living in fear.

If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease. 

Facebook has removed a video posted by Breitbart News earlier today, which was the top-performing Facebook post in the world Monday afternoon, of a press conference in D.C. held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots. The press conference featured Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and frontline doctors sharing their views and opinions on coronavirus and the medical response to the pandemic. YouTube (which is owned by Google) and Twitter subsequently removed footage of the press conference as well.
Matt Perdie

The video accumulated over 17 million views during the eight hours it was hosted on Facebook, with over 185,000 concurrent viewers.

Because top men

“We’ve removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” a Facebook company spokesman, Andy Stone, told Breitbart News. The company did not specify what portion of the video it ruled to be “false information,” who it consulted to make that ruling, and on what basis it was made.

Because free speech, exchange of information, honest discussion, and respect for highly experienced medical personnel does not fit the agenda. Squash them.

Some of the video is available at the Frontline site, about 3 hours worth. And, OMG OMG OMG!! they support the proper use of HCQ, and have a couple white papers on their site.

But you know they won’t be popular, because they tell it straight up:

The safety of HCQ is irrefutable. The evidence supporting HCQ efficacy against Covid-19 is also overwhelming. All negative HCQ studies have used either: too much, used it alone (it needs Zinc), or used it late (it should be early.) The treatment dose is 200 mg HCQ twice a day for five days + Zinc 50 (elemental) daily. The prophylactic dose is 400 mg HCQ weekly + Zinc 50 (elemental) daily. (There are studies right now to see if HCQ 200 mg. weekly is sufficient.) This is very low dose. (The usual dose of HCQ in Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis is 400 mg. daily for years.) There are telemedicine physicians who are aware of the facts and if you are concerned about this, please see one. It is also over the counter in many places in the world including Indonesia and most of South America.

This is the culmination of months-long research from all sources. It explains how Americans have come to be in the grip of fear. All the myths and all the misconceptions about a safe, generic drug that has been FDA approved for 65 years, given to pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, the elderly and the immune-compromised for years and decades without complication, are finally put in the trash heap where they belong. You will have the indisputable proof that you have been massively lied to, often very intentionally. At first you will first be heartbroken. And then you will be furious. Good. Because then you will demand change.

There is a push going on to make HCQ OTC [ over the counter - no prescription needed ] in the USA, as it is in many other parts of the world. It’s not like we don’t have tens of millions of the pills sitting around, and being a simple to make generic drug, any pill factory could churn these things out by the millions more.

I have not found a transcript of their presentation, or a synopsis. So if you want to know a bit about what went on, you can catch the video at the Frontline web site. That’s it, so far.

[ small updates: Twitter suspended Donald Trump Jr’s account because he posted a link to the video. So even secondary references are getting censored.

And the cytokine storm of coordinated media condemnation and denial goes into hyperdrive.]

Meanwhile, take your B, C, D vitamins, and get your zinc levels nice and robust. Get some fresh air and sun, eat healthy, and try and ignore the news, because stress is bad for your immune system.


There are some sound problems with the video, but it’s mostly OK. The above screencap shows the 5 ways that HCQ + Zn fights the virus ... and the next presentation shows that most of this was known 15 years ago, including the proper dosages. Which means all these big studies were purposely flawed, either by massive, nearly fatal doses, or by deliberately ignoring the zinc aspect, or by not giving the medication at the early stages when it would do the most good. That’s undeniable. We’ve been played. 

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three cheers for global warming

Northwest Passage Open From Greenland East To Central Canada


Russian LNG Tankers Take The Short Route

The spike in shipping along the remote Russian Arctic shipping route comes as sea ice melting over the last weeks has reached unprecedented levels.

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, ice levels on the 15th of July stood at 7.51 million square kilometers, which is 330,000 square kilometers below the record for the time of year set in 2011.

A key reason for the major sea ice melting is the heat wave that in May and June moved across the Russian Arctic coast, leading to very low sea ice extent in the Laptev and Barents Seas, the researchers say.

Already in mid-July, the Northern Sea Route (NSR) was almost ice-free and by 20th July there was completely open waters across the vast seaway.

Ice maps from the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute show that also the Vilkitsky Strait and the East Siberian Sea, the most icy and difficult parts of the sea route, has easy passage for ships.
Many ships

More than 50 vessels are currently sailing on the route, figures from the Northern Sea Route Administration show. Several of them are tankers bringing petroleum products from Arctic fields to Asian markets.

The first LNG carriers made it across the route already in late May, the earliest voyages on the route ever.

Ships from Asia are going the other way too, up north past Japan, around Kamchatka, and then west across the Arctic Ocean to Irkutsk.

The Northwest Passage is fully open from southern Greenland, east to north of Iceland, east to well north of Norway and Finland, east across the Barents Sea north past the island of Novay Zemlya into the Kara Sea. A slight choke point of ice just west of Bolshevik Island slows things down, but the passage is not iced over there. Once into the Laptev Sea, it looks like clear sailing if ships keep close to the Siberian coast into the Chukchi Sea and then south past Alaska and into the Pacific. Or the more daring could brave the narrow but open corridor across the Northwest Territory of Canada about as far as the Amundsen Gulf. After that the ice takes over, east through the small islands up there way north of Hudson Bay to the west side of Greenland.

Sail quickly comrades; this won’t last.

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Well of course it was them

300 - 400 teens riot at Memphis mini-golf

Chim. Pout.

A Tennessee mini-golf center was the scene of mayhem on Saturday, after a reported 300 to 400 teenagers began destroying the establishment because management reportedly did not issue refunds.

According to a police report, parents had dropped off large groups of teens at the family play place without supervision, violating coronavirus orders banning mass gatherings.

Issues began at Golf and Games Family Park in Memphis, Tenn., Saturday evening when there were around 300 to 400 people at the business and an “unknown individual began throwing fireworks in the crowd causing a stampede.”

“When the stampede occurred complainant told patrons inside the business that they were closed and would not be issuing refunds,” according to the report.

The staff at the center was unable to offer refunds at the time, thus prompting all-out chaos, FOX 8 reported.

According to video shot at the center, teenagers, none of whom appear to be wearing masks, begin knocking items off counters and throwing items behind the counter. One of the girls involved is seen pulling the plastic screen, which is used as part of COVID-19 safety policy updates, from the counter and throwing it at staff.

In the same video, she picks up a metal stand and throws it. She also later spit on an employee, witnesses claimed.

Police were called to the scene. Witnesses reportedly told officers the girl seen in the video had become upset because staff would not issue her a refund when some of the machines ate her money. [ wanna bet she was lying? ]

The family park is working with authorities to identify those involved.

Due to the destructive incident, the center has updated its policy, banning all minors from visiting without parent supervision.

[ Editor’s correction: An earlier version of this story referenced faulty machines as the source for the refund demands. It has been updated to reflect the refunds were not given after the business was shut down due to a chaos occurring outside the establishment.

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calendar   Monday - July 27, 2020

Another Swarm Attack In Brooklynn

10 To 1 Beat-Down In Washington Heights

Victor Martinez Medina chased the America dream from Mexico to Manhattan, only to walk into a nightmare.

Medina, 40, was knocked out cold as he and his 22-year-old daughter were pounded and pelted with beer bottles by half a dozen people [ watch the video: it’s at least 10, not 6 ] in a savage Washington Heights bodega beatdown captured on security video, police said.

Mugshots of three of the suspects were released Thursday by police in the July 7 attack that left Medina with four loose teeth, black and blue gums and no memory of anything until he awoke inside Harlem Hospital.


The one-sided assault on Amsterdam Ave. near W. 164th St. was sparked by ongoing tensions between the daughter and another woman in the neighborhood, a police source said.

The video captured a chaotic scene, with the two women grabbing at each other as several men fired punches at Medina while backing the overwhelmed father against a store refrigerator.
Santo, 39, said she was outside the bodega when the attackers bolted past her to target Medina and his daughter. As they fled the scene, the assailants snatched her cell phone just after Santo dialed 911.

The daughter “was yelling ‘They killed my dad!‘” Santo recounted Friday. “I was in shock. I thought they had killed him. He was covered in blood. There was broken glass everywhere. Oh Lord, Holy Spirit, I was worried they were going to come back.”

Police said the daughter was also punched, kicked and struck in the head with beer bottles during the assault.

Cops identified three of the assailants as Devonte Phillips, 21, Tyquan Dupont, 22, and Tyrone Lawrence, 26, while releasing surveillance images of three other suspects. No arrests have been made.

All three identified suspects had prior arrests in the last 18 months, with Dupont busted for petit larceny, two counts of criminal possession of stolen property and grand larceny; Lawrence for drug possession and aggravated harassment; and Phillips on narcotics charges, cops said.

It was another ghetto swarm, instantly packing the tiny grocery store. This is the common method; an instant army of violent ferals. It was a miracle this family was not shot, knifed, or stomped to death. Over what? “tensions” between two young women. Fighting over some brudda? Who knows? Time for the Medina family to move to Haverstraw, where at least they’ll have racial parity against the ferals up there.


For those from the rest of the country, New York City is a concept; several areas under one government, divided into five somewhat confusing boroughs, each of which has several distinct neighborhoods. The 5 are Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Confusing, because Brooklyn and Queens are actually on Long Island, and Staten Island is actually across the Hudson River in New Jersey, although New York has owned it since forever. Manhattan is a narrow island, itself divided into many neighborhoods. Near the north end is Harlem, and north of that at the very top of the island, split by the highway that is the east end of the George Washington Bridge, is Washington Heights North and South, which is west of The Bronx. The Bronx is not on Manhattan Island. This story took place in Washington Heights South, 6 blocks - half a mile - north of Harlem.

Yonkers is not part of New York City, although it may as well be. It is in Westchester County, just north of The Bronx. People who live in the nicer parts of Westchester - Rye, Tarrytown, White Plains, Sleepy Hollow, etc - pretend otherwise. 

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calendar   Thursday - July 23, 2020

another downpour

It’s raining again, unbelievably hard. And it’s almost time to leave for bowling. Of course!

Honestly, it’s hard to believe it’s raining this hard. I can hardly see across the backyard. Total deluge. There will be flooding. 

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Take your vitamins

Once more into the breech.

Boost your immune system, don’t catch the damn COVID in the first place.

So many of these patients with the comorbidities have very low levels of essential nutrients that keep your immune system working.

Eat lots of grapefruit. It stopped the Spanish Flu, it could stop the COVID.

Different doctors experimented with different methods of treatment, some more novel than others. One doctor in Chicago had under his care 600 patients treating with a mixture primarily comprising grapefruit. Every one survived save for his son, who, ironically, defied his father’s orders and came out of bed so as to tend to his burgeoning undertaking business.

Clearly, grapefruit — rich in vitamin C, a great antioxidant, along with its carotenoid and limonoid components, phytonutrients — boosted bodies and immune systems against the deadly flu of 1918-9.

Get outside in the fresh air and sunshine. This same “open air treatment” worked with the 1918 flu, and was the entire basis of the tuberculosis retreats. It worked for jaundice and rickets too. Sunshine on your skin causes your body to make vitamin D.

It also turns out that some of the UV you get exposed to stimulates the immune system. So much so, that for many years a form of blood irradiation with UV was used to great effect, only fading into obscurity once penicillin showed up. See The Cure That Time Forgot. While this sounds pretty scary, it’s an example of “hormesis”; a little of it does the most good. This is a fascinating long read if you find medicine interesting.

Strong levels of vitamins B1, C, D, zinc, and magnesium can help. Gargle and nasal rinse with hydrogen peroxide. And of course, wash your hands constantly, wear a mask, and keep up that social distancing. All of which worked in 1918.

Read more here on other treatments and preventatives that are highly effective but get no media coverage at all.


All of this explains why I haven’t been blogging much the last few days.

I’ve been reading, studying, and chasing down things online. And this is totally my brother’s fault, mentioning to me last weekend that a large number of people who died in the 1918 pandemic did so because of aspirin. Say what??

TRUE !! Aspirin was new then, and people took it by the handful. Aspirin leaches your body of vitamin C and the nearly fatal doses they took caused the worst effects of scurvy to quickly occur: they bled to death internally.

Even if you ate loads of citrus (vitamin C wasn’t even known about for the next 5 or so years) the extreme levels of aspirin shut down the effectiveness of your white blood cells; if anyone was able to measure your blood levels for C, it would be normal but you’d still get sicker. So don’t take too many aspirins either.

The above link is to a long, rather shocking article, but Dr. Karen Starko’s original paper is even moreso, but is much shorter to read.

In summary, just before the 1918 death spike, aspirin was recommended in regimens now known to be potentially toxic and to cause pulmonary edema and may therefore have contributed to overall pandemic mortality and several of its mysteries. Young adult mortality may be explained by willingness to use the new, recommended therapy and the presence of youth in regimented treatment settings (military).

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calendar   Wednesday - July 22, 2020

Birthday booze

So it’s Stephanie’s birthday today. Yay Steph. She’s 65. OMG. We’re going up there to visit and celebrate on Sunday, so I’ll do my weekend cleaning Saturday night. I’ve shifted my Thursday cleaning to Wednesday so I can do mini-summer bowling league. I think I like Wednesday better anyway.

It’s my brother’s birthday too, woo hoo. He’s younger than she is by a few. But we were up there this past weekend and did b-day then. Chocolate cake, ice cream, fresh sourdough bread.

I have no idea what to get her for a gift, but I think it’s high time her birthday got prominence. Everyone else’s does, except hers and mine. We always go over there to visit, and she cooks, serves, and cleans up. I know she likes to do that, and she’s a really good cook, but I’d like to give her a bit of celebratory respite, nome sane?

I suggested we get take out lobster, as you still can’t sit down to eat in a restaurant in their state or in mine. Such BS. And late July is THE time to get Maine lobsters. A nice 2 - 2 1/4 pounder would be perfect. With a few dozen steamers, some corn on the cob, blueberry pie and some blueberry muffins. Lots of melted butter. A real Maine clambake, hot coals and stones in a pit on the beach, layers of seaweed, and an old chunk of plywood over the hole. Rinse it down with Schlitz beer. Pure heaven. But no, he’s got gout these days, so no lobster for anyone. Crivens.

I remember that she used to like chocotinis. That was ages ago, easily 15 years. I know that booze is a bit impersonal, but other than new tennis or golf balls, what does she need? She gave up curling years ago, just after I found out where to get the big stone things they use. And I don’t think she does the off road bicycle thing anymore. I don’t think they go fly fishing anymore either. And Frank has a closet full of his fancy scotches, but what’s in there for her? So I’m thinking a broad spectrum chocotini kit just for her. Quality chocolate chips, a bar of high end dark chocolate, some Godiva liqueur, some Baily’s, a decent Triple Sec, a good vodka, Kahlua, white or dark creme de cacoa. Chocolate or vanilla vodka, or is that overkill? Because it turns out that there are as many recipes for chocotinis as there are for chicken. Infinite. So cover the bases? Who makes a chocolate shaver?

Guess I’ll have to find some beer and make pretzels. It’s expected that I show up with some kind of bread product. But I’m getting tired of making my 4 flour sourdough. And I’m not sure if an Entemann’s knock-off is the right thing. I haven’t made one yet, even though I have what looks to be a great recipe, and I don’t want to bring a first time bake anywhere, just in case. The pretzels I could make in my sleep, I’ve done them so many times. And they are world class good, but you have to eat them within a few hours of baking. Don’t know if the “newlyweds” are coming or not. They’re both retired now, so they can’t use the “we have to go down the shore every weekend to our beach shack” excuse anymore. 

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/22/2020 at 10:49 PM    avatar
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Anarcho Tyranny

I’ve been waiting for this essay.

After several decades of speaking out against leftism, media bias, PC, thought control, cancel culture, educational indoctrination, and all the other forms and instances of radical leftism, Michelle Malkin appears to have reached her limit.

In case you didn’t know, the other day she and several other speakers were assaulted by BLM/Antifa while trying to speak at a pro-police rally in Denver. The event obviously had plenty of cops in the audience, and plenty more on duty to provide security. Yet when the crazed loonies attacked, they stood around and did nothing.

“To protect and serve” ... their masters, the ones signing their paychecks.

I think Michelle has reached her limit. I know I have.

The America you grew up in is not the America we live in now. One nation under God? Ha.  Land of the free? Ha.  Domestic tranquility? Ha.

Equal protection under the law? Ha.  The right to bear arms? Ha.  Freedom of speech? Association? Peaceable assembly? Ha. Ha. Ha.

It’s not “socialism” or “communism” under which we suffer. Our dangerously chaotic, selectively oppressive predicament is more accurately described as “anarcho-tyranny.”

The toxic combination of “pandemic panic” and “George Floyd derangement syndrome” has thoroughly destroyed the home of the brave. It is a paradise for the depraved and dictatorial.
Where do the police stand in this regime? It pains me to say it, but those of us who have backed the blue so loyally and vocally can no longer do so under the assumption that the blue will back us.

It’s rank-and-file cops who are issuing citations to citizens who want to breathe freely. It’s rank-and-file cops who are standing by while our monuments and courthouses and landmarks are burned and obliterated.

It was rank-and-file cops in Denver who watched as my patriotic friends and I tried to hold a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day this past Sunday and were besieged by Black Lives Matter and antifa thugs who had declared that their sole intent in invading our permitted celebration was to “shut us down.” I livestreamed the chaos as pro-police attendees were beaten, including the organizer Ron MacLachlan, who was bloodied in the face and head just a few feet from me by black-masked animals. One antifa actor wielded her collapsible baton just inches from me.
No cops intervened.

… the message is loud and clear. When push comes to bloody shove in end-stage America, under the rule of the anarcho-tyrants, we, the law-abiding, are the enemy.
Those in uniform sworn to protect and serve will turn their backs on us because their bosses don’t answer to the public. They protect and serve the mob.


They used to say that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. Malkin is no liberal in the modern sense of the word, never has been. But I think she’s been a believer up until now. And tomorrow?

None of this is anything new. We’ve seen it coming for more than 25 years, even if the term itself isn’t quite that old ...

[ 2004 ] We see the drift in this country, with the Patriot Act and its spawn at airports and in random searches of law-abiding citizens—all because our own overclass will not enforce standing laws against illegal immigration and does nothing to halt the transformation of American society by millions of aliens.

Unwilling to control immigration and the cultural disintegration it causes, the authorities instead control the law-abiding.

This is precisely the bizarre system of misrule I have elsewhere described as “anarcho-tyranny"—we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).

Because that’s easy. Example: Gun control for the law abiding, but do nothing to disarm the criminal class. I’m an elected politician, so I have to be seen doing something, so let’s pick the low hanging fruit (and hope nobody sees the backroom deals going on that are making me rich.) Nobody is really watching anyway.

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calendar   Tuesday - July 21, 2020

you don’t even have to ask

Chicago: 14 shot at funeral for a murder victim by driveby shooters
Funeral goers fired back, drove off the shooters, who crashed and are arrested

Crowd then went out for chicken and waffles and the all-night buffet at Golden Corral. [ just kidding ]

At least 14 people were shot at a funeral on Chicago’s south side on Tuesday.
The shooting came from a vehicle that drove by the funeral.
Attendees at the funeral returned fire.

Cops recovered more than 60 shell casings from the scene.

I absolutely guarantee you that the funeral was being held for a black guy with gang connections who lived a life of crime. It’s a no brainer. And the shooters were black members of some other rival gang.

Because Black Lives Matter.

To white people maybe, but not to black people at all.

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/21/2020 at 09:01 PM    avatar
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For Better AND Worse

At This Point, I’m Just Throwing Up My Hands (Don’t Shoot!!), SMH, And Walking Away

News article: COVID Tests Gives 30% False Positive, 20% False Negative.

This means nearly 12 million Americans could have the COVID, not the 3.8 million the CDC is reporting today.

The current CDC nucleic acid test kits for SARS-CoV-2 generate 30% false-positive and 20% false-negative results in the best state public health laboratory, Dr. Sin Hang Lee reported in a peer-reviewed article published in the International Journal of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation, an online journal based in Japan, on July 17, 2020.

Sin Hang Lee, MD, director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, the author of the article, re-tested 20 reference samples provided by the Connecticut State Department of Public Health Microbiology Laboratory Division to arrive at this conclusion, according to the published article. These reference samples were tested by the State Microbiology Laboratory with the CDC test kit and used as the standard reference to guide local laboratories to develop their own tests for SARS-CoV-2 in clinical specimens from suspected COVID-19 patients, according to the published article titled “Testing for SARS-CoV-2 in cellular components by routine nested RT-PCR followed by DNA sequencing.”

Dr. Lee is the first scientist developing a protocol to test the cellular components, instead of the cell-free fluid sample of a swab rinse, for SARS-CoV-2 genomic RNA.

1. Is Dr. Lee trashing the “gold standard” test used around the world in order to corner the market for his own upcoming cellular test so he can make billions? 


2. Is the “gold standard” test just rough crap, and has been since the beginning? WTH, it was designed by the CDC, who can’t seem to do much of anything properly. We’ve already seen that the antibody tests aren’t useful for much of anything at this point. We did see several random bulk public uses of them that implied the infection rate was a helluva lot larger than was thought though.


3. His testing sample is stupidly small. Run your research with 1,000 or 100,000 or 10,000,000 samples and we’ll listen harder. With just 20 samples, you fall in the “merely anecdotal” category.

While some may think that a 30% false positive rate is awesome, because it shows that the number of actual positives is far lower than reported, you can’t ignore the false negatives.

And if the overall testing effort is returning anything less than a 40% positive test rate, this mean that the adjusted number of cases is more than you thought it was.

When the percentage of positive results is fairly low, then using a test with a “30/20” error factor gives you a TON more actual cases.


1000 people are tested
100 tests come back positive ... therefore ...
900 tests come back negative

If the test has a 30% positive error rate, then take away 30% of those 100 positives. This leaves you with 70. Awesome!!
If the test has a 20% negative error rate, then 20% of those people are actually infected. So add in 20% of those 900. That’s 180.

Now add 70 and 180, and you get 250. That’s 2.5X as bad as you thought it was. Ruh Roh!!

As the rate of positive results goes down, the overall multiplier goes up. Inverse proportional.
At 8% positive testing, the error rate is 3X. At 9% it’s 2.7X. At 13.34% it’s 2X.

According to the CDC today, the USA is currently showing a 7.867% positive test rate, giving us 3,819,139 cases. If the PCR test does have that 30/20 issue, then 7.867% has an net error rate of 3.04X, which means the actual number of infected people is 11.6 million, not 3.8 million.

On the other hand, the number of people hospitalized, in ICU, intubated and dead (regardless of how you count the dead) has not changed. Shitloads more cases, same number of dead. This means the virus is not even a third as fatal as we’ve been told.

Whether this report is valid or not, I can’t say. I have read before that doctors are throwing around a “70% accurate” concept for this PCR test, which is kind of the same thing, so maybe it is valid. Whether this is by design or by hurried development, I can’t say.


RELATED: CDC says infection rate much higher than realized

< a href=""Far more people were infected with the novel coronavirus than previously reported in several corners of the U.S., according to data released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The agency conducted a survey looking at antibodies to the virus in 10 U.S. regions. It found prevalence was highly variable from one region to the next, but far higher than the reported number of cases across the board. The presence of antibodies in the blood is evidence that a person’s body had mounted an immune response to the coronavirus.

Yeah, but only recent immune response. Antibodies don’t stick around, but the cells in your body somehow remember, and can create new antibodies if the infectious agent shows up again. With several million things to get sick from out there, if all the antibodies stuck around forever, your blood would be thicker than asphalt.

And this from the CDC is based on the antibody test, which is only known to be ... not precise enough.

Bottom line: nobody really knows a damn thing about how many people actually have or have had this crap. And none of us on the outside can trust the death numbers. And nobody anywhere can really trust any of the tests. But wear your worthless mask and keep your business shuttered, because THAT helps.


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calendar   Monday - July 20, 2020

sap be gone

sometimes the internet is right about things.  I had a bunch of sap drips on my car from parking under the pines. Rubbing alcohol took them off instantly. I used a clean microfiber towel, wet the end, and just rubbed them lightly. 99% gone. I’ve also read that a steam gun can do the job, but I haven’t tried that yet. And “claying” will get anything left. I don’t clay, so that’s out.

But the alcohol thing works pretty great, and it’s cheap. After I was done I went straight to the car wash around the corner, just in case alcohol wasn’t good to leave on the clearcoat for long.

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/20/2020 at 10:49 AM    avatar
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