Sarah Palin will pry your Klondike bar from your cold dead fingers.

calendar   Friday - May 04, 2012

iz it april first again?  nope. just folks still being crazy.


A 78 year old is to become the oldest person to have a sex change operation on the National Health Service.


Or to put it another way, an operation compliments of the taxpayer.
Wouldn’t you think that after 78 years he’d have learned to live with it?
And if he always ‘felt like a woman’ then he surely deceived the one he married and had children by.

Now to be known as Ruth, a granddad of four and who was once James, is going to have an operation at the Charing Cross Hospital in central London in Oct. of 2013 when he will be 80.

A spokesman for the hosp. trust says that they can not and would not want to discriminate on grounds of age.

Of course not. Cos that’d be another one of those ‘isms. Ageism. Can’t have that..

And as long as we’re on the subject of the very much odd. (I’m looking for a better word and weird won’t do.)

A gay rights group wants “Parties to Marriage” to be used in place of husband and wife.
No question about it, the world is a mad green onion.
They say that ‘husband and wife’ should be erased from the statute book as part of a bill to legalize same sex marriage. 


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calendar   Monday - February 27, 2012

does this qualify as gunporn? eye candy?  gunporn eyecandy? weird inventions then.

Have to be gone in about 40 minutes, just happen to see this and it’s a fun must post.
I haven’t a clue why anyone would want this. But I do. I just don’t know why yet.  I’ll wait for Drew and others to tell me. I know there’s a perfectly good reason. I just can’t think of one. Yet.

Take a look.

Wake up with a bang… with the battle-ready coffee mug you can add a laser sight to

Last updated at 5:24 PM on 27th February 2012

Staying awake during commando surveillance operations has never been easier – thanks to a mug that comes with three military-spec scope rails.

The Battle Mug, made by U.S firm OpticsPlanet, is clearly the meanest looking mug on the planet, especially when it’s carrying its full complement of hardware.

Made from a block of aluminium, the Battle Mug can hold over a pint of your favourite frothy beverage.


He attaches a night vision unit to it, three different laser dots, a bottle opener, two carry handles with night sights – and a bipod for standing it up on.

Each $250 (£160) mug is custom-engraved with its own unique serial number, includes a removable AR15 carry handle – and can be carried safely through customs, because it’s not actually capable of firing bullets.

MailOnline has contacted OpticsPlanet to find out if it can be converted to a gun.




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calendar   Monday - January 23, 2012

few sequins short of a tutu ….. read it all

I thought I’d heard the last (for awhile) on this topic.  But this morning’s column by one of my favorite people really woke me up.  I had not heard much about what she’s writing here.  Which btw I’ve edited. See full column at the link.
Anyway, I had not realized the extent of the thinking here and didn’t even know we had it in the USA as Miss Phillips describes.
I don’t understand how people come to believe these things. How do they come to these things?  Do they go out looking for it? Make things up as they go along? What?  How come they can not see how stupid it all is.
But ... I heard something on the radio late last night, after my computer crashed and I spent an hour with tech in India. Happily I got someone I understood, but it still took an hour.  By the time we were through I wanted nothing more to do with puters.  Too tired even to read, I turned on the radio.  The topic was not this story about the loon and her little boy/girl.  But while reading Phillips here, I immediately recalled the radio program. Let me share a bit of that and you’ll see a weird connection.

The program was about a newly emerging industry that deals with stag nights. Yeah, stag nights. Ah but with a difference.  Apparently, Krakow (Poland) is host to groups of Brit guys enjoying their last freedoms. Kind of.  There are actually companies that arrange tours, depending on what is paid determines how long your stag vacation is. Usually it’s a whole weekend. Yes, the guys do get pie eyed however, there isn’t the usual (we are told) stag films of old or sex for sale kind of thing. It’s supposed to simply be a group of friends enjoying the company of a guy about to become married. The groups are controlled quite expertly by a lady guide.  They are taken from one bar to another and visit various city attractions etc.  All very civilized we were informed. And here’s the part that you might say really woke me up.  It was to be quite honest, a bit embarrassing to listen to.

One of the guys on the program is a reporter who spent many months following this newest thing. The guided stag tour of Krakow. He interviewed the guys and drank with them, nothing sneaky because he wasn’t trying to uncover anything illegal. And then he came to this.

It was noticed how these guys have not acted in the expected macho traditional male on a bender (tho they were on quite a bender) way.  Here were guys he said, who were straight but not afraid to touch each other.  Not in a sexual way, but more or less we are informed, in the manner that women bond with their friends. They aren’t embarrassed or afraid to touch and show a softer side.  They were more touchy feely I suppose.  They were less the masculine stereotype.

I guess times have changed and apparently some men have too.  But I think it’s manufactured.  I just can not imagine guys having a girls night out.
Well, not if they’re straight anyway.  It just doesn’t seem natural. 

You’ve got to be a few sequins short of a tutu to raise your son as ‘gender neutral’


For more than three decades, Left-wing ideologues have been determinedly unravelling sexual and gender differences — on the grounds that the very idea that people are different amounts to a kind of prejudice.

Bizarre as it may seem, what started as a campaign for equal rights progressed into a movement to abolish altogether the differences between men and women.

This movement consisted of an alliance between, on the one hand, radical feminists who were consumed by hatred of men and, on the other, gay activists intent upon blurring the distinction between hetero-sexual and same-sex unions.

What arose from both was a push towards androgyny, based on the false belief that biology had little to do with gender differences — which were instead said to be artificially constructed by society.


Denying the biological facts of life in this way might be considered a form of lunacy. Indeed, scientists have shown there are many differences between male and female brains. And in general, men and women clearly have different approaches to their environment, relationships, children and so on.
Nevertheless, promotion of androgyny has become a kind of default position among progressive thinkers, writers and politicians.

It all started with the idea that men and women should have interchangeable roles both at home and in the work-place, and that fathers were no longer essential to the family unit at all.
Right from the beginning, however, there was a deeper agenda to redefine relations between men and women by nothing less than redefining men and women themselves.

Accordingly, radical feminists such as academics Judith Lorber and Susan Farrell wrote with a straight face that ‘being a woman and being a man change from one generation to the next’.

And the immensely influential psychologist Sandra Bem wrote that to free people from ‘culturally imposed’ definitions of masculinity and femininity people should become androgynous, adapting male or female behaviour according to their situation.

This would mean, she gleefully predicted, that distinctions between male and female would ‘blur into invisibility’.
Goodbye testosterone!

Astonishing as this may seem, this madness has now become mainstream. For example, the Council of Europe, no less, has drafted a definition of gender as an artificial social construct which has little to do with biology.

In the U.S., some therapists have demanded ‘genderless models of marriage and parenting’.

Recently, the California Teachers’ Association held a conference advocating ‘gender liberation’. It issued instructions on ‘gender etiquette’, which said it was polite to ask people with which sex they identified — and, accordingly, by which pronouns they preferred to be described. The instructions added helpfully: ‘Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong.’
And a few months ago on U.S. TV, a ‘gender coach’ was filmed indoctrinating children that they could choose whether to be a boy or a girl.


It all sounds too ludicrous to be true. In fact, it is deeply sinister. Our society is being brainwashed into pretending that the differences between male and female don’t exist — in order to reconstruct society into some unattainable utopia of sexual and gender identicality.

The dual goal is to marginalise men and to upend society’s fundamental moral codes. Having first been told they can behave sexually in whatever way they want, people are now being told they can be sexually whatever they want. And anyone who objects to this will be told they are a bigot.

The result will be an increasing tide of misery. Human identity is formed by the union of male and female. Sexual and gender differences lie at the very heart of what it is to be a human being.

Denying those differences to a child not only threatens that child’s own sense of identity and well-being, but also starts to unravel what it is to be a person.
Dressing a boy as a girl and pretending he can choose his gender is not merely bizarre and cruel. It is part of a wider agenda to re-order our society.
Far from ushering in a better world, this threatens to stamp out the individual right to know what we are, and to rob us of humanity itself.



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calendar   Thursday - December 01, 2011

Oops! Another Ray Stevens…song?


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calendar   Monday - October 31, 2011

englands’ scariest tree. happy ween bmews



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calendar   Monday - May 02, 2011

Nothing To Crow About

Hopewell Township is about 2 dozen miles south of us. It’s north of Trenton and west of Princeton. About 8 miles west of where Dr. House would work if he was real and not just a TV show.

Local Law: You Can Only Get Some 10 Days A Year

And You’d Better Not Make Noise About It

Well, that is if you’re a rooster

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP — Roosters looking to get a little action in local henhouses must first produce a clean bill of health under a newly adopted law regulating romantic interactions among chickens in backyard farms.

The so-called “chicken legislation” — the butt of jokes in news stories around the globe — was adopted unanimously by the township committee Monday night after nearly three hours of debate.

The measure not only limits the amount of time male chickens can spend with their female counterparts to 10 days each year, but also requires them to prove they’re disease-free before they’re allowed access to the hens.

See that? We don’t want no sick fuckers in New Jersey!

The male fowls are allowed limited time on the property “for purposes of fertilization” but must keep quiet during their stays. Any rooster caught crowing for a prolonged period of time will subject the property to a two-year moratorium on all rooster visits.

Mayor Jim Burd told The Times of Trenton the ordinance is a compromise between today’s lifestyle and the township’s agricultural history.

Yup, you read that right. Mayor Jim. Burd.


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calendar   Friday - April 15, 2011

This is only a test…

When I consider the amount of stuff my buddy in Afghanistan sends me, my mind boggles at what he’s NOT sending: the military intelligence stuff. But then I must consider how much pure crap he wades through every day from all of his sources. Some things pique his interest and I get a copy.

Like this one. Quote:

If all of the eight desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose (sorry, you can only pick one)! Trust me....this is very accurate.  Pick your dessert, and then look to see what psychiatrists think about you.  REMEMBER - No Cheating.  Make your choice before you check the meaning. Here are your choices:

· Angel Food Cake

· Brownies

· Lemon Meringue Pie

· Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Icing

· Strawberry Short Cake

· Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Icing

· Ice Cream

· Carrot Cake

No, you can’t change your mind once you scroll down, so think carefully about what your choice will be.

I’m still wondering why I should trust him on the accuracy of this test. I’d pick any of them except the carrot cake.

See More Below The Fold


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sailor discovers his own bermuda triangle off coast of devon,england

This has NOT been my best day. Yesterday wasn’t anything to brag about either.

Not posting a lot but a couple of things caught my notice and I want to share same.

Have spent two hours earlier with MSFT (Free) support because one of the Tuesday patches (17 in all) which I get on Wed., didn’t install.

Add to that I may have an infection, feel like hell and the sawbones have me on three (4?) pills and as Drew says ...

HORY CLAP!  Is that right Drew? 

Hey, I’m side tracking myself but you have to hear this. Ok, see it since you’re reading. This really is one time I wish I’d connected audio stuff cos it’s easier talking it then writing it.

I’ve had an annoying cough for a very long time.  Doc. constantly worried I’ll become addicted to cough med. So I told him that if he couldn’t cure me of that curse, then the least he could do was give me the only medication that helped me cope with the problem.
Well, more then a month ago (perhaps 2 but who’s counting) I had a couple of tests. One of em was a lung test that took a bit over two hours.  Nothing to see there but a mild case of Emphysema which I am assured won’t get worse unless I were to start smoking again. And it wasn’t the cause of the cough btw.

So then, the next test a couple weeks later was a swallow test where you drink a very small amount of this white chalky stuff that’s mixed with a small amount of lemon juice. Wasn’t really bad at all.  Took awhile for results and they’re now pretty sure they found the cause and so have me on a bunch of pills.
Apparently my stomach produces more then the normal amount of acid which I do not even feel. (no surprise is it? one would only have to read my ranting in bmews to figure I produce enuff acid for an army) Most ppl will feel what they call heartburn. But there’s a number of folks I am told, who feel nothing but other side effects, but no burning sensation. And that acid backs up and wants to enter the lungs, and that’s where the coughing begins.  So, I’m on some medication for two months to see how it works. If coughing continues then they go look inside.

Then there’s another issue and I can’t get to a doctor til next week unless the latest cause of pain clears up over the wkend.
Anyway ... it took almost two months before I got an appointment with a “consultant” doctor a few days ago who gave me some results and put me on these other news meds mentioned above.  I don’t know exactly how to explain this so it makes any sense, in fact. It won’t.

The doc (who btw wasn’t hard to look at and I get to see her again in two months) told me when I inquired as to how come I received a notice that I was being booked for a test that I’d had a month ago .... said as follows.

Reports are made and the notes etc. are then emailed to .... INDIA.  There, they are typed up and sent back to us here BUT, the language is a barrier and too often they have to translate back into acceptable lingrich (at this end) to be understood.  HUH?  Why?  It’s a cost saving thing. And it can take up to four weeks for a letter to come back printed.etc. Like the notice I got. Which said I was being booked for a barium swallow test. It originated on Feb. 18, typed on March 11th, and I got it on March 17.  See? Easy.  She said for example, she dictated a report on a patient who was falling asleep and she described it thus.
He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  It came back a month later as, “He falls asleep and drops his cat.”

Meanwhile, it’s damn difficult sitting in one place for too long and bending or leaning to my right is the cause of some acute pain.
And speaking of which .... now the following is a real pain in a manner of speaking.

Sailor rescued twice on same day in same spot: ‘It’s like Bermuda Triangle’


A hapless sailor who was rescued twice on the same day from exactly the same spot just outside the River Dart has spoken of his ‘Bermuda Triangle’ troubles.

The 50-year-old mechanical engineer (pictured) had to call out the lifeboat twice in less than six hours after the engine on his 26-foot Bayliner motor cruiser failed him.

Each time he was left drifting just a few hundreds yards from the treacherous

Mewstone rock in the mouth of the Dart.

Stuart Cleaver, who comes from Birmingham and has only owned the boat called Plan B for 18 months, has now vowed to steer clear of Dartmouth after he described it has his ‘Bermuda Triangle’.

He said: ‘‘I was very fed up at the time. We have had little problems with the boat but this was a complete mechanical breakdown.

‘‘I don’t know what will happen to it now. We still haven’t managed to get it back to Torquay.

‘‘That patch of water is just like the Bermuda triangle for me. The boat just does not like it.”

The Dart inshore lifeboat first rescued Clive and his 37-year-old partner Susan Earl at 1.30pm and towed the boat back into Dartmouth.

A 6.20pm they were called out again after the couple had managed to get to exactly the same spot before their engine cut out again.

The lifeboat crew also recognised the Plan B as the same boat they had taken in tow back in February when it had been on its way to Galmpton on the River Dart and had suffered engine failure… again just outside the River Dart.

Clive, who keeps Plan B moored at Torquay, admitted: “This is the only boat I own, and the first one I have bought — to be honest I think it’s going to be enough for me.

‘‘At least I’m saving on fuel costs as I am getting towed everywhere. Unfortunately it seems mostly to be back where I’ve just come from.”

Amateur sailor Stuart bought the boat 18 months ago for £20,000 as a hobby with Susan, but has been plagued with problems, including Tuesday’s rescue.

He added: ‘‘It’s like driving a car. I’m not going to give up just because of a breakdown.

‘‘Thankfully, Susan is quite a bubbly person so she just laughed it off the second time we got rescued — I’m sure she will come out with me again.”



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calendar   Saturday - December 04, 2010

someone sued man in Austria for yodeling ….. fake story? I don’t know but think so.

I think I may have to soon reinstall windows. Oh joy.

Late booting ... okay here. See what you people make of this.
I found the story a couple days ago, and held off posting it because frankly, I didn’t believe it. I’m still not certain. I used Snopes with no results and myth buster thing. I Googled it but still can’t verify if it’s true. I did not see it in any newspaper.

It just seem so convenient and so typical of the world but also seems too easy. So ....
If anyone out there in cyberspace knows of a way to verify one way or another, please let me know as well as where you went.

If it isn’t true, it’s still pretty funny in a way.  Under the heading of what can ppl think of next.  If it is true, it would be crazy and funny under the heading of, what can ppl think of next.
So here ...  what do you think?

Muslims sues man in Austria for yodeling
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A man in Austria was sued because he offended his Muslim neighbours. In the land of yodeling he was doing just that. He was yodeling while cutting grass when his muslim neighbours thought he was mocking them.

According to a local news paper the Muslims were in the middle of prayer hence the reason they thought he was mocking them. The Muslims are not Austrian citizens by birth, they are immigrants suing a Austrian man for doing something that Austria is known for.

The 63 year old man was fined by the court and had to pay up 800 Euros after judges ruled he mocked the Muslims.



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calendar   Tuesday - November 09, 2010

Homeland Insecurity

Sunset in LA: Mystery Missile Launch 35 miles out to Sea

It’s Not Ours says the Navy


A full size missile was fired off last night, west of LA and north of Catalina Island. A traffic helicopter caught the launch on videotape. This is clearly a guided flight: notice how the contrail goes up, then arcs over and continues to climb at angle. It is far too big to be from a model rocket, even the large scale kind. No launches were scheduled from nearby Vandenburg Air Force base, a site that launches satellites on a semi-regular basis. No FAA clearances were requested by anyone, so that rules out private space flight companies and law abiding model rocketeers.

And yet it happened. Just as bad, nobody seems to know where or if the thing came down. They aren’t even asking that question yet. Is anyone missing a small city?

Found: a massive ballistic missile streaking across the sky off the coast of California last night.

Anyone want to claim it? Because the U.S. military says it’s not theirs.

A news helicopter for CBS station KCBS captured stunning video of what appeared to be a missile launch 35 miles off the California coast, just north of Catalina Island. The video shows a giant streak across the sunset sky, leaving a column of white smoke in its wake.

For now, though, the missile’s origins and purpose are a mystery.

A Navy spokesman told CBS affiliate KFMB in San Diego that the missile did not belong to them and that there had been no Navy activity reported in the area.

Officials at The Pentagon also did not know any details about the launch and said that it could not have been a planned military action, NBC San Diego reported.

Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Ellsworth told the San Diego station that the missile was “not a Tomahawk” but could possibly have been a test firing from a submarine to serve as a demonstration of American military might to Asia.

The U.S. Military is scrambling to find out what was seen in skies over Los Angeles last night after a local CBS news helicopter captured video that appears to show a major missile or rocket launch from the Pacific Ocean just north of Santa Catalina Island.

The video shows an enormous contrail following a brightly lit object, similar to images seen during a space launch.

Col. Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters the video is so far “unexplained” by anyone in the U.S. Military.

The Missile Defense Agency told Fox News it did not launch any test missile last night that could explain the dramatic images. The Navy and the Air Force were also unable to offer an explanation.

“It does not appear that this was a regularly scheduled missile test”, Lapan said. Before a missile test the military sends notifications to mariners, airmen, and air traffic controllers to stay clear of the area, and according to Lapan it doesn’t appear those warnings were sent.

At this point the military is working only with video taken from the KCBS news camera, and there is no indication that military agencies responsible for monitoring outside threats to the homeland, such NORAD or Northern command, were able to detect the apparent rocket on their own.


Spokesmen for the Navy, Air Force, Defense Department and North American Aerospace Defense Command say they are looking into a video posted on the website of Southern California television station KFMB.

The video taken by the helicopter can be seen at all the above links.

So, either someone in government s really, really lying to us, or we just went through a trial run for the end of the world. Had that been a submarine launched ICBM MIRV fired by our enemies, we would be missing Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Raleigh, St. Louis, Buffalo, Washington DC, and Boston by now. From just one missile. And the DoD never even saw it coming. Had it been a real launch by real enemies, they wouldn’t have stopped at just one. Why not fire off the other 17 as well? In which case the entire nation would be crispy fried right now. And they got away clean too. At this point NORAD isn’t even saying that they were aware of the launch, or if they were even able to track it. Nor has the Navy, with its trans-oceanic undersea sonar listening net, made a statement that there was or was not a submarine or surface ship in the area.

So glad we spent trillions on this crap during the Cold War.

In the video linked to, some “expert” says it could have been a visual aide type of flight to impress the Chinese that we can do that kind of thing. I think he’s got the story on backwards. I think someone laid down a visual aide on us and caught everyone asleep at their posts.


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calendar   Sunday - October 31, 2010

was this the awful result of a night out drinking with the boys? oh, but it’s art.

Not one of my better days and seeing this doesn’t help any.  How can they do this kind of thing and keep a straight face.
And the public paid for it?

It’s the Royal Ontario Museum.

It looks like crap. And it is that. 

See kids?  This is what your brain on drugs produces.



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calendar   Sunday - September 19, 2010

I don’t believe there’s any truth to the headline. But I couldn’t resist the photo. See why ..

Carla Bruni’s rivalry with Michelle Obama has damaged US relations with France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife Carla Bruni’s alleged rivalry with Michelle Obama has strained relations between the French and US presidential couples.

by Our Foreign Staff

The author of “Carla: A Secret Life” - a biography chronicling her transformation from an allegedly tempestuous man-eater into an apparent model spouse - suggests Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has become something of a political liability for her husband.

Besma Lahouri says Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s image of distant, well-heeled perfection has kept her at arm’s length from the French people.

At a time when the conservative president’s popularity has plummeted, and he is being criticised for raising the retirement age and cracking down on Eastern European Gypsy immigrants, having a more accessible first lady might soften his image, she said.

“The French don’t know their first lady, and her worries seem to them very far removed from their own,”

Well heck, I couldn’t run this photo on it’s own. Could I?  Or maybe I could.  ? 
This new book on Carla Bruni has been written by someone who never spoke to her, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to find a bit of truth in most of it.
However .... here’s the one line in the article that induced me to post this, aside from the photo.  Which just had to be done here.

Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s obsessions have shifted away from rock stars to women she perceives as rivals.  Her husband’s second wife, and Mrs Obama, described in the book as “the only one in (Carla’s) eyes able to challenge her for the title of the world’s sexiest and most glamorous first lady.”



Now lets be fair guys .... Mrs O. though many may not like her, would have approved of her had she married and been herself a conservative.  I mean folks, she isn’t ugly just because some don’t approve of her. BUT .... holy cow.  If the person who wrote the book thinks that she is a challenge for a title nobody has to my knowledge been in competition for, what does that say about the book.  If Mrs.O. is All That, what does it say about whoever else may be a first lady in other countries?  Mrs. Obama, world’s sexiest? Most glamorous?  Whoa.  I for one do not think so. But that’s just me.  And a fair number here I know.


Call me silly if you must, that’s okay. But I really seriously doubt that the woman pictured above has much to worry about from Mrs. Obama in the looks dept.
In fact, she doesn’t have anything to worry about and I very much doubt that she gives it any thought.
But it sell newspapers. And books.


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calendar   Monday - March 15, 2010


Ok, this deserves a civilian moonbat crown maybe with skulls(?) as this woman is digging her own grave at some point.  This is GROSS.


Drew ... is there some way to embed just one of the bats on this photo?  I wanted to do that where I have the text on the pix. Jeesh.
This woman needs counseling pretty quick.
If she ever fell down, how would they get her upright short of a construction crane?  And we know who will end up picking up her medical tab.
What was it Texas Guinan said? Oh yeah. image image [what, like this? Drew]

The super-sized 602 lb. mother who is determined to become the world’s fattest woman

By Daily Mail Reporter

‘My favourite food is sushi, but unlike others I can sit and eat 70 big pieces of sushi in one go,’ she said.

‘I do love cakes and sweet things, doughnuts are my favourite.’

Donna, who wears XXXXXXXL dresses, eats mounds of junk food and tries to move as little as possible.

Ms Simpson already holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s fattest mother, when she gave birth in 2007 weighing 38stone.

She needed a team of 30 medics to deliver her daughter Jacqueline during a high-risk Caesarean birth.

Yet although she can only move 20ft before needing to sit down, she wants to be even bigger.

‘I’d love to be 1,000lb,’ she said.

‘It might be hard though. Running after my daughter keeps my weight down.’

Donna Simpson already weighs 43st, but she is determined to nearly double her size to become the world’s fattest woman.

The 42-year-old from New Jersey, U.S, is set on reaching the 1,000lb mark (71st) in just two years. Remarkably she insists she is healthy, despite now needing a mobility scooter when she goes shopping.



[or was this the pic you had in mind? - Drew]


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calendar   Sunday - March 07, 2010

Florida challenges Britain for most ‘Idiotic’

There’s a reason that has a ‘Florida’ tag for its submissions. Per capita there are more weird laws and stupid people in Florida than in Britain or California. This is based on my non-scientific, highly-biased, survey of the news. The only place that has a higher concentration of idiots is the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, and the Obama White House. But that last fact is well-known.

So, today’s story from Florida:

As authorities nationwide warn motorists of the dangers of driving while texting, Florida Keys law enforcement officers add a new caution: Don’t try to shave your privates, either.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers say a two-vehicle crash Tuesday at Mile Marker 21 on Cudjoe Key was caused by a 37-year-old woman driver who was shaving her bikini area while her ex-husband took the wheel from the passenger seat.

“She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit,” Trooper Gary Dunick said. “If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it. About 10 years ago I stopped a guy in the exact same spot ... who had three or four syringes sticking out of his arm. It was just surreal and I thought, ‘Nothing will ever beat this.’ Well, this takes it.”

Let’s recap: a 37-yr-old woman is driving to meet her boyfriend. While doing so she is shaving her muff, thereby removing any muffness, while her ex-husband drives from the passenger seat.

I’ve got a problem here, how many ex-husbands would consent to drive the ex-wife to meet her new boyfriend? Or does he get off watching her shave?

But, it gets better…

If that weren’t enough, Megan Mariah Barnes was not supposed to be driving and her 1995 Ford Thunderbird was not supposed to be on the road.

The day before the wreck, Barnes was convicted in an Upper Keys court of DUI with a prior and driving with a suspended license, said Monroe County Assistant State Attorney Colleen Dunne. Barnes was ordered to impound her car, and her driver’s license was revoked for five years, after which time she must have a Breathalyzer ignition interlock device on any vehicle she drives, Dunne said. Barnes also was sentenced to nine months’ probation.

Barnes and Charles Judy were southbound in her Thunderbird at 11 a.m. when they slammed into the back of a 2006 Chevrolet pickup driven by David Schoff of Palm Bay. His passengers were a man and two women; the latter were treated for minor injuries at Lower Keys Medical Center, FHP spokesman Alex Annunziato said.

Schoff had slowed to about 5 mph to make a turn when the Thunderbird hit him, traveling about 45 mph, which was within the speed limit, Dunick said.

Barnes allegedly drove another half-mile, then switched seats with Judy, who allegedly claimed to be driving, Annunziato said.

I’m doing something stupid. I’m putting myself in the ex-husbands shoes. If I were going to drive my ex-wife to meet with her new boyfriend, I would have insisted on driving while sitting in the driver’s seat. Just steering from the passenger side does NOT give me control over accelerator and brakes. Ex-wife could sit in the passenger seat and shave…whatever.

I don’t know why, but I suspect alcohol was involved… again!


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