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calendar   Thursday - June 11, 2020

Running The COVID Numbers Once Again

Are We There YET?


source. I added the red line.

PS - these numbers include the vastly increased testing. More than 10% of the NJ population has now been tested

Given an average recovery time of 6 weeks for all but the most severe cases, nearly all the people who tested positive before April 30 should be well by now. That’s 118,652 as of April 30. Total cases so far is 165,346, which implies 46,694 active cases, of which a bit more than 21% are in LTC and not out in public. Call it 30,000 net “public” cases, with 1512 of those in hospital. So 28,500 at large. State population is 8.9 million. Under a third of one percent, 1 in 300, and hopefully they’re staying mostly at home.

By the end of April we had about 608 cases in the county.  My point here is that nearly all of the patients identified on or before April 30 are either already recovered or dead. ( Second standard deviation (SD = 1.5 weeks; mean of 3.5+1.5+1.5 = 6.5) covers 95%, so call it 92% recovered as of now. )

1028 total according to today’s reports, with 383 in LTC. 37%. That leaves 420 cases since then. Running with the 37% LTC number leaves 63% in public, 265. April 30 was 6 weeks ago, so it’s fair to assume that at least half of those patients since then have already recovered. Down to 133. Which isn’t really that much, given the size of the county and the 125,000 population. So it’s time to ease up, right?

Small update: prison data shows 3141 cases, of which 2363 are inmates. So that takes the state “at large” number 28,500 down to 26,317 and drops the public cases total to 0.29%, 1 in 338.

Statewide, 34,799 cases of the 165,346 have been at LTC. 21%.  6,327 deaths at LTC of the total 12,337 deaths in the state. 51%.

My county of Hunterdon is seeing 0 to 3 new cases per day.

I finally found the state numbers for the prisons, including the women’s prison here in my Union Township, although COVID testing sites were destroyed by rioting.

UPDATE: Thank you nice numbers lady at the county
Inmates and residents at the state run institutions in the county count as part of the local COVID numbers. Staff only counts if they happen to live in the county.

This changes my numbers, but in a good way. There are 199 inmates and residents at the two facilities in our township. There have been 230 cases in our township since this all began. Which means just 31 “public” cases since February, from a population of 5500. 0.56%.  The next township over ... every single one of their cases is in “Boys Town”, aka Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility. Every. Single. One.

Governor Murphy’s One Size Fits All re-opening plan is faulty. Ok, it’s excessively cautious. Going county by county, or even town by town, would make things much better much faster for almost no risk. And Hunterdon County has been one of the least impacted counties in the state this whole time.


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calendar   Saturday - March 28, 2020

Our Rights Have Been Trashed (For Our Own Good)

Rhode Island Hunting New Yorkers

You no longer have the right to free movement. As if you hadn’t noticed this already.

Rhode Island plans to send the National Guard out to knock door-to-door in an attempt to hunt down anyone who has arrived in the tiny state from New York City during the coronavirus pandemic. State police, meanwhile, have begun pulling over cars with New York state plates.

Gov. Gina Raimondo said anyone traveling there from New York will be ordered to undergo a 14-day quarantine and could face fines or even jail time if they’re found to not comply.

“Right now we have a pinpointed risk,” Raimondo said at a news conference Friday. “That risk is called New York City.”

She isn’t wrong to be seriously concerned. She should also be hunting down Massachussets people, as Boston is another outbreak epicenter. Hey, let’s jail folks from New Hampshire, because Manchester.

How about the whole country walls off Rhode Island, all 10 square blocks of it, and leaves them to rot? Let the uppity fuckers die. No loss to the rest of us. How Dare They?™

I’m really getting chapped about this fascist power grab game of one-upmanship going on. Oh you did this in your state? Hold my beer. Watch us do something even more repressive.

Does any of this even help? Maybe it does, but these acts could be destroying the union that is the USA. Certainly giving it a beating.

Rhode Island, which had some 162 confirmed cases by late Friday compared to New York State’s total of more than 44,000, joined a host of other municipalities and states trying bar entry to New Yorkers living in the epicenter of the US’ coronavirus outbreak.

The Hamptons, counties north of the city [ Long Island,, east of NYC ], and governors in Florida, Maryland, Texas and South Carolina have all also ordered New Yorkers to keep out or undergo mandatory two-week quarantines.

Cuomo said he was opposed to such restrictions, at least within the state.

“I don’t like it socially or culturally,” Cuomo said during a radio appearance Friday on WAMC. “I don’t like what it says about us as one state, one family. Also, I don’t believe it’s medically justified.”

In Rhode Island, Raimondo maintained she’s within her emergency powers to impose the aggressive measures and said she had consulted with state lawyers.

“I know it’s unusual. I know it’s extreme and I know some people disagree with it,” she said.

“If you want to seek refuge in Rhode Island, you must be quarantined.”

If Cuomo is saying this isn’t justified, it probably is. He and DeBlasio have proven yet again what level of idiots they really are. But that’s almost beside the point.

Yeah yeah, the public good. Want to know who owns most of the homes in the Hamptons? People from New York City. So now it’s “illegal” for people to stay in their own houses if they have more than one?

This is so wrong. It screams Statist Opportunism. Is the only way to save America to destroy it? Are we My Lai village writ large? How much trampling can we take? And even more worrying, will it become the new normal when this shit is finally over? Will the jackboots stay on the feet because every sparrow that falls will be another emergency? When does government ever cede power except at gunpoint?


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calendar   Monday - March 02, 2020

CoVid-19 Strikes Iran’s Leader

Allah Says Hi

Iranian Leaders Sick And Dying From Wu Flu

A top adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei died of coronavirus on Monday.

Mohammad Mirmohammadi, 71, is among a growing number of government officials to contract the virus. He is the first to die.

Iran has logged more deaths than anywhere outside of China, with 54 confirmed fatalities and 978 infections.

A close adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has died of the coronavirus, as the country continues to record a higher death toll than anywhere outside of China.

Mohammad Mirmohammadi, 71, died in hospital in Tehran on Monday, The Associated Press (AP) reported, citing Iranian state radio. Mirmohammadi had been a member of Khamenei’s Expediency Council since 2017.

As of Monday morning, Iran had confirmed 978 infections and 54 deaths. China, which has reported more than 80,000 cases and 3,048 deaths, sent a delegation of experts to Iran to help fight the outbreak.

The situation in Iran is cause for concern, according to the AP, as more than half of the 1,150 cases confirmed across the Middle East can be traced back to the country.

On Tuesday, Iran’s deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi revealed he had contacted the virus. The day before he was seen sweating and looking unwell at a press conference.

On Thursday, it was reported that one of Iran’s vice presidents, Masoumeh Ebtekar, had contracted the virus. Ebtekar was in a meeting with Rouhani and the Iranian cabinet as recently as Wednesday.

I would not be at all surprised if the average Achmed in the bazaar sees this situation as a holy sign.


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calendar   Thursday - February 13, 2020

well no kidding

There are no people with kun flu in North Korea. No living ones at any rate.

North Korean official reportedly executed for breaking coronavirus quarantine

A North Korean official who returned from China has reportedly been executed for going to a public bath in violation of his quarantine – while experts express doubts about Pyongyang’s claim that the hermit kingdom doesn’t have a single case of the coronavirus.

The trade official, who had been placed in isolation after traveling to China, was arrested and immediately shot for risking the spread of the deadly disease, the Dong-a Ilbo news outlet in South Korea reported.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has vowed to “rule by military law” against anyone who leaves quarantine without permission.

There are probably no living North Koreans with pneumonia, flu, or the common cold either. Or not for long. 


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calendar   Sunday - December 22, 2019

Time For FISA To Go?

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) : Eliminate FISA Court

Secret tribunals are so Nazi. This is not truth, justice, and the American way.

Biggs described the FISA Court as contrary to American values of due process.

“It is a secret court that has virtually no oversight and no transparency,” said Biggs. “So if somebody wants to go in and get a warrant, basically nobody is really actively reviewing those warrants other than these FISA court judges, and I think that is star chamber-esque. That is really not the American way.”
Biggs reflected on Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report outlining “17 significant errors or omissions” in the FBI’s application to surveil Carter Page, which occurred during James Comey’s tenure as FBI director under then-President Barack Obama’s administration.

“What I see here is the corruption of the deep state that has been revealed in Michael Horowitz’s report and it is what we have seen all along,” stated Biggs, “Michael Horowitz was limiting his scope to primarily to Carter Page, and you have 17 major problems with just that affidavit to get that warrant.”

FBI misconduct identified in the bureau’s operation against President Donald Trump may be pervasive across federal law enforcement and intelligence institutions, estimated Biggs.

Biggs remarked, “When you start looking at that and start peeling that back and look at the other areas that he found, it’s a pattern that is gross and is serious, and what it does is it undermines the constitutional republic that we have.”

“I think the court needs to be eliminated,” determined Biggs.

Let’s eliminate the Patriot Act while we’re at it. And take back all those additional spy powers that were just granted to the President. By the Democrats. WTF?


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calendar   Saturday - July 30, 2016

Watch Clinton Cash

(Edit: Turtler has learned the art of Video Embedding, so you can now Watch It here!)

Oh boy, do I have something for you..... well, I and our friends over at Legal Insurrection.

Clinton Cash: The Documentary Film.

The book version of this has been out for quite some time, and has probably been familiar to several of you.


Well, the people behind it decided to put the story into a video format and release it ABSOLUTELY FREE. So now watch it. it clocks in at over an hour, but the knowledge is priceless.

And please check out the review over at Legal Insurrection; they’re where I saw the video first and they deserve the pings.

I don’t really have much I can say to add to this, beyond maybe some of my own input. Pencil out some time and watch this. Then link to this post and send the video (download it if you can, just in case it vanishes mysteriously). Send it to as many people as you can. Because this needs to get out. Because there are some people that Truth needs to reach out of its’ shell and bite in the rear to see what we see.

If you really want more of my input, click below the Fold after watching.

See More Below The Fold

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calendar   Friday - March 18, 2016

I spy, with my massive eye

“There’s a watchbird, watching you!”

Civilian Observation Drone Perfected


Soon you won’t even be allowed to spell freedom, much less have any.

Skye Aero is a project to build 10-foot helium-filled balloons, with small propellers attached to give better control than your average blimp. The benefits are a much bigger aircraft—useful when you want to advertise to people—and one that won’t crash the second it loses power, or bumps into anyone.

It’s not a totally new design—British band Muse have been using a fleet of similar drones on their most recent tour—but Swiss firm Aerotain’s design stands out, due to its soul-sucking practicality. The company thinks Aerotain will be a perfect, audience-engaging advertising platform, which is probably true, but a little too consumerist to get excited about.

Moving away from its role as a replacement for the Goodyear Blimp, lighter-than-air drones are an interesting and underutilized concept. Provided they’re not filled with hydrogen, they offer increased safety for flying over crowds, and a much greater payload than traditional quadcopters. Hopefully, someone will find a better application for them than giant floating billboards.

A giant floating eyeball with cameras and data link that works indoors or out? Crime Stoppers much? Or just looking for faces in a crowd. Or license plates in a parking lot. Or dissidents secretly meeting up to talk about guns or large V8 engines or Christianity. Enemies of the State. White guys.

No need to weaponize it. Just give it a high powered water pistol that shoots glowing goo. When SkyEye finds a bad person, it would give them a squirt, then turn red and start flashing with a siren. And all the zombie sheeple would know that it was time for their daily Two Minutes of Social Justice on the targeted one. Crime would come to a screeching halt everywhere. Hey, what could go wrong?


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calendar   Sunday - March 13, 2016

The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We’ve Been Waiting For

So I get up to check in and I see this latest bad news. And as soon as I saw the details I knew I wanted to expand a bit on Somnabulist’s post. But first if you havenot already, please read the post Drew put out explaining ths. and then come back.

What I wanted to say is that- as one of the local grumpy history nerds, what Bernie’s thugs did to Trump is EXACTLY THE KIND OF THING that the Brownshirts were used for. In a nutshell, this was the goal of the Brownshirts- or the Sturmabteilung/Storm Detachment as they were properly known (and “Stormtroopers” as they are popularly known)- during the time when they were most important.

In a nutshell, the average Brownshirt formation had three duties.

1: To intimidate and violently harass anybody the Party wanted intimidated or violently harassed.

2: To attack and forcibly break up any political rallies or meetings that the NSDAP did not want to happen.

3: To provide security/muscle protecting Nazi leadership from having 1 or 2 done to them by one of the numerous other paramilitaries in interwar Germany.

Keep in mind. The SA was the main body of the party’s active members. So THIS was the main thrust of the Nazi Party’s activities during its’ rise to power. Not getting out the vote.  Not buying guns. Not doing military drills. Not fund raising. THIS. What does that say?

I think it is pretty safe to say that this is an example of 2 par excellence. It is one thing to deal with hecklers or protesters, who might occasionally get nasty. They’re there, they come in all kinds of stripes, and they have always been there. But this is something different. This was a coordinated attack by a fairly broad number of groups against a rally by someone they did not like. They did not come to heckle, they did not come to protest, they did not come to try and shout the groups down, they did not come to try and embarrass their opponents, they came to completely deny them the right to have their own damn meeting.

I’d call it paramilitary if any of the groups involved seemed even vaguely military, but this seems to be plain old ununiformed thuggishness. But it’s still thuggishness. Just of a kind that I fear is different from what we’ve seen so far.
And that worries me.

But don’t believe me. Take a look at this, from the absolutely invaluable German propaganda Archive. And take a look around the rest of the site. See if anything Goebbels said seems applicable, or reminds you of the stuff that Weasel put up. I’ll quote just one part of it that stood out to me.

And the Pharus Hall? — that was the uncontested domain of the K.P.D. [the Communist Party of Germany]. They held their party congresses there. Almost every week they gathered their most loyal and active members there. Here one had heard only talk of world revolution and international class solidarity. Here of all places the NSDAP scheduled its next meeting.

It was an open declaration of war. We meant it that way and the opponent understood it that way. Our party members were jubilant. Everything was now at stake. The future of the Berlin movement would be risked boldly and bravely. It was win or lose!

This was an integral part of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party’s strategy, like it had been for Mussolini and other thugs before. It was part of the strategy he followed ever since he was released from prison after the Munich fiasco. On one hand the National Socialist German Workers’ Party would forswear attempts to launch a violent coup that would see them march on the Reichstag and other institutions of power and forcibuly remove the people in it and put Nazis in them in favor of actually trying to win power through the ballot box. But the other half of the equation was this. To obtain a monopoly of violence and force on the streets, to forcibly dominate the streets. Because the streets are the level where public life is lived. To dominate THEM was to dominate both public life and ultimately private life. So that when the people did go to the polls, they would be those that ha d already lived under Hitler’s rule for months, or years. People who had been exposed to the Party’s propaganda, to its’ ideals, and to its’ leaders and what they believed in on one hand, while being denied access to those of others. There’s also the fact that this meant that those were the Party knew it could “reach”.

You can imagine what effect this had. So can you imagine what would happen if the Bernieites try to do it again?

I don’t even particularly Like or Trust Trump* . But I like political terrorists even less, and unless these bastards are indicted or given a sound thrashing by anyone else they try to attack, they will likely try it again.

But if there is one advantage this does it gives Trump and everyone in that crowd the right to wear the Martyr’s Crown, and they SHOULD. Frequently, and PUBLICLY. Especially whenever Bernie tries to pad out his claims to be a “Democratic Socialist”, especially if he does not renounce these bastards and assist in apprehending them. And you can help. This is the first post of mine I feel obliged to say: SPREAD IT AROUND. Spread It Around. Because this kind of behavior should concern everyone who loves freedom. I honestly don’t care about the allegiance of people doing this, because ANYONE behaving like this has politics and ideology that is distinctly totalitarian. Distinctly antithetical to American ideals. And I’d encourage people to haul these people over the coals and to the police station even if they were militant Cruz supporters. Because if this kind of conduct becomes kosher, freedom in America will go to the operating table and risk dying.

I honestly do not know what to say, so I guess I’ll end by making a few notes. That..

1: Yes, this attack seems like a bunch of wild animals that got together and stampeded. Because it is. But if that makes you think that this might not be a problem or that it isn’t as much of one, look back at the Tharsus Hall link and realize that it describes the small nucleus of a group that would number over three million men and had its’ own motorized and-yes- medical corps. This Can Happen if people like this are not stopped, and when you have a horde of three million people- thousands in any given city or town against maybe a couple dozen or hundred cops, tops?- THEY WILL BECOME THE LAW.

2: To ANYBODY who even REMOTELY thinks that this isn’t a problem because they personally do not like Trump, so it’s not your problem.. OF COURSE it is your problem. It’s a problem for anyone who lives here and does not support this kind of stuff. It would be a problem if this was being done to Bernie supporters. For the sake of the Christ, Take that article I linked for example. The attack Goebbels spoke of was on the Communist Party of Germany who were Stalinists with their own groups of street fighting terrorists. But so what? It was still a crime, one committed not because the Nazis objected to the KPD’s attempts to institute a totalitarian regime by violence, but because they objected to *what kind* of totalitarian regime it would be. It was a crime these very people would go on to commit against countless others. Old Imperialist Stalheim, Weimar Constitutionalists and Republicans, members of the press, Austrian independentists, Poles, and innocent Jews (as Kristallnacht showed).

So whether or not you “approve” of these people being beaten up is already missing the plot. A group with this kind of power can threaten to use it on anyone it damn well pleases, and nobody’s precious opinion can outweigh that. First They Came sums it up well enough…

and finally, to my readers and any of the participants in this riot that might be reading this to see how the barbaric right wingers live and who has read this far down....

3: Between 1922 and 1934 the SA was by far the most powerful part of the Nazi party and largely catapulted them into power. But after that, it was utterly gutted in the Night of the Long Knives where ideological troubles led Hitler, the SS, and the old Imperial military establishment to slaughter the more troublesome members of it when they judged that they were getting too independent and forceful. So if these petty university brownshirts feel on top of the world today and believe that they are oh so important, they might want to think twice about how expendable they are to those on the top. Because in the end, a totalitarian beast devours its’ own children. Without exception.

*in fact, the previous bit of brutality I was reading about was the fact that someone in the Trump campaign manhandled a friendly reporter and that wound up with them getting bruised and the Trump campaign flatly denying everything and anything. So ironically the morons might have helped cover up some dirty laundry for him.... Great Job Chuckleheads, Ge-reaaaat Strategy there…

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calendar   Wednesday - April 08, 2015

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Wärmer Bruder

Are we dealing with Nazis of a different kind?

Steve Crowder wonders. 


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calendar   Thursday - September 18, 2014

Too Much Temptation For ISIS

Modest Is Hottest:

ISIS puts pants on goats to reduce the temptation


free and natural goats climbing trees to avoid unwanted advances from ISIS perverts

The northern Syrian city of Raqqa is at the centre of an intelligence gathering operation to find Jihadi John.

Dubbed the ‘heart of evil’ by Special Forces, it is effectively capital of the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Raqqa, on the north bank of the Euphrates, is the headquarters of IS and base to leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
In the months since IS militants imposed Sharia law, thieves have had their hands hacked off and opponents have been crucified or beheaded.

Music has been banned.

Smoking is now forbidden, women must wear the full veil and there have been reports of people being stoned to death.

Even goats have had their genitals covered.

It is said that if you are on the streets at prayer time, you risk your life.

One resident said: ‘They banned the sale of alcohol, they tried to close cafes where boys and girls sit together, they banned street theatre, cinema, bright colours and forced women to wear Islamic dress.

‘They are the new dictators, just like Bashar al-Assad, but dressed in black.’

No booze, no babes, no smokes, no tunes, no shows, no fashion. And now, no late night forbidden naughty naughty with the herd. What’s a poor jihadi to do?

image image image image image image 

to paraphrase the guy from the Six Flags theme park ads: “ISIS - more flags, less fun!”



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calendar   Friday - May 09, 2014

Sounds familiar

If Pat hadn’t mentioned the EU and Brussels I would swear he is describing the USA under the Obamarroid Regime.


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calendar   Friday - April 11, 2014

Obama’s Priorities?

Let’s not secure the borders and make America safe from hostile invaders. Let’s make the desert scrub safe for a tortoise while we persecute a family who has ranched here since the 1870s.



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calendar   Wednesday - February 26, 2014

A Good Day to Die?

Gonna get some of your jack-booted thugs killed doing this.



Posted by Christopher   United States  on 02/26/2014 at 02:18 PM   
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calendar   Tuesday - October 01, 2013

You Bastards

I missed this one. Sorry. That snide little twat in the Oval Office and his treasonous Secretary of State have sold us out. Impeach them. Please, somebody wake the hell up and impeach them.
Second Amendment folks always say “which part of ‘shall not be infringed’ don’t you understand”. Well ...

This part of “shall not be infringed”

Kerry Signs UN Small Arms Treaty


that grinning commie son of a bitch and his running dog traitor henchman

[9/25/13] Kerry signs UN arms treaty, senators threaten to block it

Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday signed a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation, riling U.S. lawmakers who vow the Senate will not ratify the agreement.  As he signed the document, Kerry called the treaty a “significant step” in addressing illegal gun sales, while claiming it would also protect gun rights.

“This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world’s worst crimes. This is about keeping Americans safe and keeping America strong,” he said. “This treaty will not diminish anyone’s freedom. In fact, the treaty recognizes the freedom of both individuals and states to obtain, possess, and use arms for legitimate purposes.”

U.S. lawmakers, though, have long claimed the treaty could lead to new gun control measures. They note the U.S. Senate has final say on whether to approve the agreement.  Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., in a letter to President Obama, urged his administration not to take any action to implement the treaty without the consent of the Senate.

He claimed the treaty raises “fundamental issues” concerning “individual rights protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

The National Rifle Association blasted the plan, claiming it would impose an “invasive registration scheme” by requiring importing countries to give exporting countries information on “end users.” “The Obama administration is once again demonstrating its contempt for our fundamental, individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, said in a statement. “These are blatant attacks on the constitutional rights and liberties of every law-abiding American. The NRA will continue to fight this assault on our fundamental freedom.”

“Riling”?? Riling? Pardon the pun, but every man-jack of them ought to be up in arms. The terrible thunder of their outraged voices ought to be shaking the very walls and causing birds to fall from the sky. This is an attack on our very foundations, a usurpation of the lowest kind, the worst kind of oath breaking, end-running, foul playing, inept, stupid, misrepresentative overreach I have ever seen. High crimes and misdemeanors? Oh, to hell with that. This is a hanging offense.

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., one of the most vocal opponents of the treaty, also sent a letter to Kerry declaring the treaty “dead in the water,” since a majority of senators has gone on record against the agreement.

“The administration is wasting precious time trying to sign away our laws to the global community and unelected U.N. bureaucrats,” he wrote.
Still, gun-rights supporters on Capitol Hill warn the treaty could be used as the basis for additional gun regulations inside the U.S. and have threatened not to ratify.

Over the summer, 130 members of Congress signed a letter to President Obama and Kerry urging them to reject the measure for this and other reasons.

The chance of adoption by the U.S. is slim. A two-thirds majority would be needed in the Senate to ratify.

Sorry, I refuse to accept that this is “merely” another one of Obama’s calculated insults against the American people. This is head and shoulders - on tall ladders! - above and beyond his standard daily douche-baggery. This is a crime against the Constitution, plain and simple. Whether it remains an empty gesture because of lack of ratification does not matter. And that lack ... is flexible. The United States of America has signed the Agreement. Period. That will ALWAYS be hanging over us. ALWAYS. Vote now to not ratify it. Vote next term to not ratify it. Vote again and again ... but someday, somehow, someone can vote to ratify it, and at that point the game is over. Your God given rights, signed away by traitors, as part of their One World commie plan to destroy the nation. Signed away without Legislative approval. Signed away without a national vote. Poof. Gone. And open the door to armies of   targets   Blue Helmets coming here from Turd World shitpits to search and enforce this Treaty and the adjunct dis-arming provisions that are guaranteed to follow. To leave the people powerless against tyranny. That’s what they have set in motion. That’s the stage THEY WANT.

And the GOP is merely “riled”? And they’re “threatening” to not ratify it? What a crock. Anything and everything is for sale in DC. You can’t trust a single one of those self-serving fuckwits to not trade his signature for   30 pieces of silver   a bit of special interest pork barrel earmark and some slush fund money in an offshore account. Not one of them. Not the Democrats certainly, and just as certainly not the Republicans. Like Juan Amnesty McLame. Or crybaby droopy Boehner. They will sell you out for their own personal gain and vote pandering. In a heartbeat, behind lies, smoke, and mirrors. But they’ll do it, and you know they will because they’ve done it countless times before.

Holy shit. If I had any hair left I’d tear it out. These filthy, dirty, rotten, underhanded, scrofulous sons of bitches.

Stake. Firewood. Kindling. Matches. Some assembly required.

There had better be a vote in Congress, and it had better be soon, and it had better say not just NO but HELL NO FOR THE NEXT 1500 YEARS and it had better carry both sides of the aisle in both houses in total unanimity. Because any Senator or Congressweasel who dares to dick about, who seems “open to new ideas”, who “is on the fence about this” is declaring themselves a traitor. Period. To even consider ratification is more than ample proof. And to actually vote Yes or Present ... there isn’t enough fire and brimstone in all of Hell.

No, I don’t care that you believe with all your heart in Constitutional Hegemony, that the Constitution shall always take precedence over any international agreement. So do I. But that view was made long ago (SCOTUS, Marcy, 1854) and the current “enlightened” leftist view is that things from back then don’t matter any more (unless it’s something they like) ... like last month’s sour milk, old inconvenient decisions seem to have a hidden “ignore by” date hiding in their penumbras ... so all it would take is a Supreme Court decision. Which could come down to one vote. Just like that other traitor did, Chief Justice Turnabout “Obamacare is a tax not a penalty” Roberts, and sold out the entire nation. Forever. “It is what it is” until they say it isn’t, and they can say that whenever the fluck they feel like it. And you can’t do a damn thing about it.

RCOB doesn’t begin to express my reaction to seeing this bit of news, even if I only found out about it a week later.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/01/2013 at 08:58 AM   
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