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calendar   Friday - January 04, 2008

Amnesty Declared. No ‘Reparations’ Necessary

Reparations. The idea that whites owe blacks money because slavery once existed in the US. (Despite the fact that my ancestors didn’t show up until 1907, somehow I’m guilty of slavery and have to pay reparations to people who’ve never been a slave.) Well, have no fear, relief is here. Amnesty has been granted!

Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to All Persons of European Descent

Whereas, Europeans kept my forebears in bondage some three centuries toiling without pay,

Whereas, Europeans ignored the human rights pledges of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution,

Whereas, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments meant little more than empty words,

Therefore, Americans of European ancestry are guilty of great crimes against my ancestors and their progeny.

But, in the recognition Europeans themselves have been victims of various and sundry human rights violations to wit: the Norman Conquest, the Irish Potato Famine, Decline of the Hapsburg Dynasty, Napoleonic and Czarist adventurism, and gratuitous insults and speculations about the intelligence of Europeans of Polish descent,

I, Walter E. Williams, do declare full and general amnesty and pardon to all persons of European ancestry, for both their own grievances, and those of their forebears, against my people.

Therefore, from this day forward Americans of European ancestry can stand straight and proud knowing they are without guilt and thus obliged not to act like damn fools in their relationships with Americans of African ancestry.

Walter E. Williams, Gracious and Generous Grantor

You can print out your own copy here two_thumbs_up

emphasis added


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calendar   Monday - July 09, 2007

Katrina is like a Lynching

Indeed, that’s what NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) chairman, Julian Bond, thinks.  You see, nothing can happen to people of color without it being a concerted effort by the man to put them down.

Bond called present-day inequality and racial disparities cumulative and the result of racial advantages compounded over time.

“Many Americans maintain ... that racial discrimination has become an ancient artifact,” he said. “At the NAACP, we know none of this is true, and that’s why we are dedicated to an aggressive campaign of social justice, fighting racial discrimination.”

He noted that the Supreme Court, which includes two justices nominated by Bush, upheld rulings saying school systems could not voluntarily use race in assigning students to schools.

That’s right kids, the eeeeevvviiiiilll bushhitler supreme court (including that uncle tom Clarence Thomas) ruled that racial disparity cannot be fixed with more racial disparity.  Damn them.

“The Bush court removed black children from the law’s protection,” Bond said.

Do you mean to say, Mr. Bond, that children of color cannot compete on equal footing with other children?

And the possibility that New Orleans’ heavily black Lower Ninth Ward, ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, will never be rebuilt is comparable to a “lynching” because the work of generations was wiped out in a single day and black landholders are being dispossessed, Bond said.

It still amazes me how Bush can be both the stupidest chimp president in history and the evil mastermind, able to control the weather so that poor black folk can be put out.

You don’t think this Bond fellow has an anti-white agenda, do you?

Here’s another interesting thing I learned while researching this story.  I looked for other references to it in other papers and found the same quote above in most of them.  It was verbatim, which makes sense since this was an AP news feed.  Then I came upon this one:

Bond said the possibility that New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, will never be rebuilt is comparable to a “lynching.”

“It can be said that Katrina, like lynching, not only destroyed the work of generations in a single day, but is resulting in a deliberate effort to dispossess black landholders.”

It looks like this paper (Michigan Live) decided to re-write it a little, for impact don’t you know.  No agenda here. Move along.  We’re completely bias-free.


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calendar   Thursday - May 03, 2007

Quote Of The Day

“We intend to inject ourselves into the struggle for fair access to energy. Historically, we’ve not had that access.”

-- Jesse Jackson, May 1, 2007 in a press release to explain why he intends to make oil and energy companies his next shakedown victims


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calendar   Saturday - April 14, 2007

Nappy Headed Death Threats

Life lesson #1: everything you say and do has consequences of one kind or another. Dom Imus found that out last week. Now the backlash begins and others are finding out that rousing the rabble can be dangerous. Al Sharpton is just now learning that stirring his mob to hatred and anger also stirred another mob to anger. I can’t condone death threats but I definitely can say I’m not surprised at this turn of events. This whole sorry affair got way out of hand a long time ago. It’s probably going to get worse before it’s over. Much worse. With any luck, the Sharpton/Jackson blackmail machine is about to be put out of business.

What Imus did and said was wrong. He deserves to be punished. This whole matter could have been handled quietly with a personal apology to the girls, a monetary fine and a suspension without pay until things cool down. That wasn’t enough for the Race War Machine which had to go and get everyone all fired up and angry to the point where the networks and their advertisers were subjected to blackmail while Sharpton and Jackson splashed everything all over the media and fanned the flames of racial tension purely for personal aggrandizement.

I, for one, am really getting sick and tired of idiots with big mouths and small brains - on both sides of this affair ... and everywhere in the media nowadays. The really sad news is that there is an epidemic of this behavior lately with Rosie O’Donnell, Cindy Sheehan and many others running their mouths without any regard for the consequences. Whatever happened to civility and common sense in this country anyway? How did so many people become this mean spirited and angry? More importantly, how do we stop it?

Sharpton Security Increases Amid Death Threats
National Action Network Cites Numerous Calls, E-mails
(CBS) NEW YORK - April 14, 2007

imageimageThe National Action Network has increased the Rev. Al Sharpton’s security due to a number of death threats in the wake of the firing of radio host Don Imus by MSNBC and CBS Radio. There will also be added security at the National Action Network’s headquarters in Harlem.

“We have no way of knowing the seriousness of these threats, but they have intensified greatly in the last two days as Rev. Sharpton was figured prominently in the firing of Don Imus,” Attorney Charlie King said in a statement early Saturday morning.

“Since Rev. Sharpton survived a personal assassination attempt where he was stabbed, we take any and all threats, especially at this volume, very serious. Therefore, all may be comfortable that we will not take the safety of our staff or that of our President lightly.”

Sharpton was stabbed in the chest by Michael Riccardi on Jan. 12, 1991, as the Reverend was leading a protest in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. Sharpton later filed suit against the city accusing the NYPD of failing to protect him. The two sides eventually settled.

Sharpton took up the cause of the members of the Rutgers University women’s basketball team after Imus referred to them as “nappy-headed hos” on his radio show last week.

Sharpton told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer on Friday that just hours after he met with CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves on Thursday he got a call that Imus was getting fired. “I remember saying to Mr. Moonves, ‘if you said it, you’d be fired. Does he have more rights than you?’” Sharpton said.

Part of Sharpton’s power and visibility comes from his National Action Network—with its half a million supporters across the country, and his ability to mobilize both opinions and protesters.

Despite toning down his flamboyant and combative style over the years, many still think Sharpton hasn’t done enough to erase his controversial past. His most talked about misstep came two decades ago when he threw much-publicized support behind then-15-year-old Tawana Brawley. The black woman received national attention after claiming she was raped by half a dozen white men, including police officers, near Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

The alleged incident soon became a media sensation, with Sharpton pulling all the strings. However, a grand jury investigated and in October 1988 said there was a lack of evidence that she had been abducted, assaulted, raped or sodomized.

“He could be much more of a formidable force in this country, much more of a leader and respected across the board if he just said I apologize for my past. I did wrong. I’m sorry,” radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams told CBS 2 on Friday.

- More ...


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calendar   Thursday - April 12, 2007

The Final Blow

It’s now official - saying “nappy-headed ho’s” publicly will result in complete and utter destruction of one’s career and life. Imus has been fired from not only his TV show but his radio show as well after continued browbeating and pressure from Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson and Al “Duke Rapists” Sharpton. And it doesn’t stop there. In Pennsylvania, another radio DJ was also fired today ...

Gary Smith told WSBG-FM listeners to call and say “I’m a nappy-headed ho” for Tuesday’s “Phrase that Pays” contest, said Rick Musselman, executive vice president of station owner Nassau Broadcasting Partners L.P. Musselman said three of the listeners who called were awarded tickets to a NASCAR promotion at a local club. Station management reviewed a tape of the broadcast of the “Gary in the Morning” show and fired Smith, Musselman said.

This has to stop. Imus is still planning to meet with the Rutgers ladies basketball team and personally apologize but I think it’s time Sharpton and Jackson got a taste of their own medicine. I’m asking for your help in organizing a national protest and boycott of anything to do with these two race-baiting “reverends”. It is time to put a stop to these vicious bastards who take such pleasure in destroying people’s lives over invented “racism” while getting away with even worse themselves. I’m open for ideas and asking for your support ...

CBS Fires Don Imus Over Racial Slur
(CBS/AP) - April 12, 2007

imageimageCBS announced Thursday that it has fired Don Imus from his radio program, following a week of uproar over the radio host’s derogatory comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

“There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young women of color trying to make their way in this society,” CBS President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves said in announcing the decision. “That consideration has weighed most heavily on our minds as we made our decision.”

It’s a stunning fall for one of the nation’s most prominent broadcasters. Time Magazine once named the cantankerous broadcaster as one of the 25 Most Influential People in America, and he is a member of the National Broadcaster Hall of Fame.

But Imus found himself at the center of a storm after he called members of the Rutgers team “nappy-headed hos” last week. Protests ensued, and one by one, numerous sponsors pulled their ads from Imus’ show. On Wednesday, MSNBC dropped its simulcast of the program.

Losing Imus will be a financial hit to CBS Radio, which also suffered when shock jock Howard Stern departed for satellite radio early last year. The program is worth about $15 million in annual revenue to CBS, which owns Imus’ home radio station, WFAN-AM in New York, and manages Westwood One, the company that syndicates the show across the country. CBS Corp. is also the parent company of

The Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson met with Moonves to advocate Imus’ removal, promising a rally outside CBS headquarters Saturday and an effort to persuade more advertisers to abandon Imus.

- More ...



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“Off Color” -by- Cox & Forkum

Don’t you just love the fact that Al Sharpton is leading the Imus lynch squad? There’s a certain appropriateness of course in that Sharpton is America’s most successful racist, having personally incited the lynchings of eight people, not counting the half dozen whose lives were ruined by Tawana Brawley’s lies. All over the country white comedians like Lisa Lampanelli, whose entire show is based on ethnic insults, must be cowering in fear of losing their jobs if they stumble over the wrong joke.

There is clearly no bigger threat to free speech in this country than these racial vigilantes. The whole country is wondering to itself how it’s ok for black comedians to rag on nappy headed hos while Imus must be hung for it. Chris Rock I am sure, is not amused by this circus and I for one can’t wait to see how he deals with it in his next stand up. This is a spectacularly embarrassing moment for black Americans, one of many inflicted on them by Sharpton and Jackson and their misleadership of the so-called civil rights movement.

-- David Horowitz, “The Imus Lynching”


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calendar   Friday - March 02, 2007

Britain Is Too White

Here is a little something to make your day from our covert agent Peiper who is over in Britain spying on the Liberal government that seems to be intent on making fools of themselves at the expense of every Anglo-saxon in Britain. It seems Muslims and Blacks are protected species and a drive is underway to run all the white folks out of the country. No kidding ...

About 18 months or so ago, I told you about an article in The Telegraph about the closing of a national park because it was deemed that “too many white,middle age, middle class people” were using the hiking trails. As though anyone were keeping out minorities.

Then about eight months later I talked about the government’s decision with regard to anglers. Seems the govt. discovered that no Muslim women were to be found on England’s streams and rivers and no blacks either, with a fishing rod in hand.

Gasp. So they (the Liberal, pansy-assed government) decided something should be done about that. I have NO idea what they ended up doing and the story just died. Well, we now have this story. Enjoy.

Town loses prison jobs for being ‘too white’
(TELEGRAPH-UK) - 3:09am GMT 02/03/2007

imageimageScores of public sector workers are being relocated from a town because its residents are “too white and British”, it has been claimed.

The Prison Service has decided to move 80 administrative staff next month from the predominantly white Corby, Northants, to Leicester, a city with a more ethnically diverse workforce. The development is the most startling example of a renewed drive by the Government to employ more blacks and Asians.

Although positive discrimination to benefit one race over another is illegal under the Race Relations Act, public bodies can take “positive action” to meet recruitment targets.

There are now moves to take the policy further by introducing American-style “contract compliance”. This makes the award of public contracts conditional on companies setting goals and timetables for increasing ethnic employment.

The idea was recommended in a recent study commissioned by the Government and welcomed by Jim Murphy, the minister for employment and welfare reform. But employers fear that it is a back-door way of introducing positive discrimination. Martin Temple, the director-general of the Engineering Employers’ Federation, said: “It is a superficially interesting way of doing things, but it brings in all sorts of complexities that employers cannot manage without bringing disadvantages to others.”

Ann Beasley, a senior Home Office civil servant, said one of the reasons for moving the Prison Service staff to Leicester was “our ability to attract a more diverse workforce”. Leicester also had a far higher level of skills, she added.

Dominic Grieve, the Conservative diversity spokesman, said: “The Government should not be penalising people because of the ethnic make-up of where they live. It needs to explain just how widespread this policy is.” Jack Straw, leader of the Commons, told MPs that the move was triggered by the sale of the building in Corby because of a regeneration scheme.


Ordered to discriminate
(TELEGRAPH-UK) - 12:01am GMT 02/03/2007
Corby in Northamptonshire has become the first town in the country to be deemed too white for its own good.

imageimageThe Prison Service has decided to transfer one of its offices (and 80 jobs) from the town to nearby Leicester. One of the reasons for the move, according to a leaked letter from the Prison Service’s finance director, Ann Beasley, is that this will make it easier for the service to hit its target for employing ethnic-minority workers - or, in New Labour Orwell-speak, to “attract a more diverse workforce”.

With refreshing candour, Mrs Beasley points out that “93.7 per cent of the population of Corby are white British, compared to 59.6 per cent in Leicester”. How very remiss of Corby to be so insular.

Mrs Beasley deserves some sympathy. This is not some clumsy aberration by an over-zealous official. She is simply obeying orders. The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 - enacted in response to the Macpherson inquiry, which branded the Metropolitan Police “institutionally racist” - imposes a statutory obligation not only on the police but on all public bodies to take active steps to promote racial equality.

While it outlaws discrimination against people on grounds of race, it also encourages the public sector to take “positive action” to help meet ethnic targets. Mrs Beasley was just ticking this box.

The obvious question raised by the Corby case is just how commonplace such crass attempts at social engineering are. How many Mrs Beasleys are out there relocating jobs around the country to hit “diversity” quotas? The overall tone of her letter suggests that it is absolutely routine to regard the availability of ethnic workers as a “key influencing factor” when making such decisions. If she had not spelled out the statistical justification for the decision literally in black-and-white terms, it might never have been noticed.

The Prison Service’s retreat from Corby highlights once again the plight of that least valued sector of modern British society, the white working class. They appear to exercise precious little clout in New Labour’s brave new world of diversity, inclusion and ethnic targets. Such neglect fuels resentment, which the odious British National Party is expertly exploiting.

The supreme paradox in Corby’s case is that a large section of its excessively white population is actually of immigrant stock - descended from the thousands of Scots who moved there when the steel industry was developed in the 1930s. If it were not so depressing, it would be positively comic.


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calendar   Tuesday - February 13, 2007

Sticks And Stones

Contradiction: (1) I don’t use the word, (2) I believe banning its use is wrong. “How can you say that, Skipper?”, you ask. Easy. Any time you try to ban a word, certain reactions occur ... (1) the word is given more power by the very fact that people are trying to suppress it, and (2) even if you stop them from saying the word, racists and bigots will still think the word and their resentment only increases because they will think you are trying to control them.

How many words do you not use in polite company? Seven, as George Carlin said in his comedy routine? Less? Or more? The fact is that you know those words and no amount of legislation will ever wish them out of existence. Telling people they cannot use the “N-word” will only increase the racial divide, not diminish it.

I would recommend we all just ignore it. It’s just a word that started out in ancient Rome as the Latin “Niger”, meaning “black. It evolved into the Spanish word “negro”, the Italian “nero” and the French “noire”. People in this country took the Spanish word, mangled it into “nigra”, which eventually got mangled again into the subject of this post ... nigger.

If the truth be known, it’s not so much a hateful word as it is a stupid word. People who use it only show their ignorance and a limited vocabulary. Using the word says more about the speaker than the person they are referring to. My best advice is not to try to kill the word - just let it die a slow death. After all, there are even more hateful words that have been used to refer to black people (coon, jigaboo, darky) that have completely disappeared from the language. They merely went away as people gradually learned to ignore race, eschew prejudice and get on with life.

Which brings me to the “N-word” that really pisses me off. If I hear one more newscaster or reporter refer to the African country of Niger as “nee-jair” I am going to scream. For the last time, it is pronounced “nEYE-jur” - so all you reporters at CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC please keep your twisted, phony Frenchified version to yourself. Damn!

New York County Acts on `N’ Word
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) - February 13, 2007, 5:53 AM EST

imageimageThe Westchester County Legislature declared the “symbolic elimination” of a common racial slur, saying its use “remains damaging, divisive and derogatory.”

Referring to the slur only as “The `N’ word,” the resolution passed Monday in this county north of Manhattan says it “is used in an ignorant and derogatory fashion to demean a black person.”

Legislator Clinton Young, who is black and drafted the resolution, said in an interview, “I hear it just too much in my community and in other communities throughout America. No matter who uses it or how they use it, it’s demeaning.”

“If people knew the origin of the word, I believe they would stop using it,” he said. Asked if the resolution, which passed unanimously, impinged on free speech, he said, “We can exercise free speech by choosing not to use this hateful word.”

Actor Michael Richards’ heavily publicized use of the slur on stage last year prompted some black leaders to ask the public and the entertainment industry to stop using it.

Earlier this month, New York City Councilman Leroy Comrie introduced a similar resolution, which is yet to be voted on. In Washington, Rep. Charles Rangel, a Democrat, has been talking with Congressional Black Caucus members about taking some similar action in Congress, Rangel spokesman Emile Milne said.

On the Net:

Abolish the N Word:


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calendar   Thursday - January 25, 2007

Vigilante Justice

District Attorney Mike Nifong is being set up to take the fall for his unethical handling of the “Duke Lacrosse” rape case. There are however more than one guilty party in this sorry mess, including the media, the cops and most importantly ... the Duke professors who publicly vilified the lacrosse players long before they ever went to trial. These tenured leftist bigots pushed Nifong and convicted the boys more than a year ago. Now they refuse to back down even after their hasty assumptions and actions have proven to be false. For further enlightenment I suggest you read ”Dukes Tenured Vigilantes” by Charlotte Allen in the current issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD. Here is an excerpt ...

Mike Nifong’s handling of the case was clearly outrageous. But he would probably not have gone so far, indeed would not have dared to go so far, had he not been egged on by two other groups that rushed just as quickly to judge the three accused young men guilty of gross and racially motivated carnal violence. Despite the repeated attempts by the three to clear themselves, a substantial and vocal percentage--about one-fifth--of the Duke University arts and sciences faculty and nearly all of the mainstream print media in America quickly organized themselves into a hanging party. Throughout the spring of 2006 and indeed well into the late summer, Nifong had the nearly unanimous backing of this country’s (and especially Duke’s) intellectual elite as he explored his lurid theories of sexual predation and racist stonewalling.

“They fed off each other,” said Steven Baldwin, a Duke chemistry professor who finally broke his faculty colleagues’ own wall of silence on October 24, publishing a letter in the Duke student newspaper, the Chronicle, denouncing his fellow professors for what he called their “shameful” treatment of Seligmann and Finnerty and rebuking the Duke administration for having “disowned its lacrosse-playing student athletes.” In April, Duke president and English professor Richard Brodhead had abruptly suspended not only Seligmann and Finnerty but also the remainder of the Duke lacrosse season, plus a third player, Ryan McFadyen (also recently reinstated), who had nothing to do with the alleged assault but had made the mistake of sending an email to his teammates on the early morning of March 14 describing a plan to “kill” and “skin” some “strippers” in his dorm room (like the “cotton shirt” remark, this was another tasteless joke, parodying Bret Easton Ellis’s novel American Psycho). That same day, April 5, Brodhead told the lacrosse team’s coach, Michael Pressler, that he had until the end of the day to leave campus for good.

There was a fascinating irony in this. Postmodern theorists pride themselves in discerning what they call “metanarratives.” They argue that such concepts as, say, Christianity or patriotism or the American legal system are no more than socially constructed tall tales that the postmodernists can then “deconstruct” to unmask the real purpose behind them, which is (say the postmodernists) to prop up societal structures of--yes, you guessed it--race, gender, class, and white male privilege. Nonetheless, in the Duke lacrosse case the theorists manufactured a metanarrative of their own, based upon the fact that Durham, North Carolina, is in the South, and the alleged assailants happened to be white males from families wealthy enough to afford Duke’s tuition, while their alleged victim was an impoverished black woman who, as she told the Raleigh News and Observer in a credulous profile of her published on March 25, was stripping only to support her two children and to pay her tuition as a student at North Carolina Central University, a historically black state college in Durham that is considerably less prestigious than Duke. All the symbolic elements of a juicy race/gender/class/white-male-privilege yarn were present. The theorists went to town.

The metanarrative they came up with was three parts Mandingo and one part Josephine Baker: rich white plantation owners and their scions lusting after tawny-skinned beauties and concocting fantasies of their outsize sexual appetites so as to rape, abuse, and prostitute them with impunity. It mattered little that all three accused lacrosse players hailed from the Northeast, or that there have been few, if any, actual incidents of gang rapes of black women by wealthy white men during the last 40 years. Karla Holloway’s online essay was replete with imagery derived from this lurid antebellum template. She described the accuser and her fellow stripper as “kneeling” in “service to” white male “presumption of privilege,” and as “bodies available for taunt and tirade, whim and whisper” in “the subaltern spaces of university life and culture.” On April 13, Wahneema Lubiano, a Duke literature professor, wrote in another online article, “I understand the impulse of those outraged and who see the alleged offenders as the exemplars of the upper end of the class hierarchy, the politically dominant race and ethnicity, the dominant gender, the dominant sexuality, and the dominant social group on campus.”

John Cole - The Scranton Penn. Times

Nifong Faces Additional Charges
N.C. State Bar augments ethics complaint against Duke lacrosse prosecutor
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - January 24, 2007, 3:28 PM EST

The state bar lodged new and more serious ethics charges Wednesday against the district attorney in the Duke lacrosse case, accusing him of withholding evidence from the defense and lying to both to the court and bar investigators.

Mike Nifong—who withdrew from the case earlier this month—could be disbarred if convicted by a disciplinary board. The bar previously charged Nifong with making misleading and prejudicial comments about the athletes under suspicion.

The new charges are tied to Nifong’s decision to use a private lab for DNA testing as his office investigated allegations three men raped a 28-year-old stripper at a team party last March.

Those tests uncovered genetic material from several men on the woman’s underwear and body, but none from any lacrosse player. The bar complaint alleges that those results were not released to the defense and that Nifong repeatedly said in court he had turned over all evidence that could benefit the defense.

The new charges “have significantly increased the chances for a serious sanction, possibly including suspension or disbarment,” said Thomas Metzloff, a Duke law professor and member of the bar’s ethics committee, which is not involved in prosecuting the case against Nifong.

Nifong’s trial on the ethics charges is set for May, though bar officials said Wednesday they expect it to be delayed until June. He declined to comment Wednesday.

“I’d say any time any charges are filed with the state bar, they’re all serious, and we want to make sure we handle them all properly,” said his attorney David Freedman.


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calendar   Saturday - January 13, 2007

Disorder In The Court

It’s about time for this case to just go away. District Attorney Mike Nifong needs to do the same. In fact he needs to be frog-marched out of his office and into jail himself. Now he’s trying to slip away in the dark of night while no one is looking. The case is falling apart and his conduct in prosecuting it has been abominable, if not criminal.

As hard as it has been for me to work up sympathy for a bunch of rich, white jocks who were stupid enough to thow a drunken frat party and hire a stripper, I have to admit these boys have been screwed by a system of justice that is often prosecuted in the media and all too often shows a racist bias from the git-go.

What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? How can a DA get away with suppressing evidence? Why does every case involving whites and blacks have to devolve instantly into charges of racism? Too many questions ... not enough answers ...

Nifong Asks To Be Replaced
D.A. seeks special prosecutor to take over Duke lacrosse case; delay likely

imageimageDistrict Attorney Mike Nifong asked to withdraw from the Duke lacrosse case Friday after hiring a lawyer to defend him against misconduct charges and meeting with the woman who had accused three players of raping her.

Nifong asked N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper to assign a special prosecutor, a spokeswoman for Cooper said late Friday. David Freedman, the Winston-Salem lawyer representing Nifong, said the request did not come easily.

“He deeply regrets having to get out of this case,” said Freedman. “He felt his presence would only take away from the story the prosecuting witness has to tell.” If Cooper accepts, it could be weeks before his office decides whether to proceed or drop charges against David Evans, 23, Collin Finnerty, 20, and Reade Seligmann, 20.

“From day one we’ve wanted a prosecutor who would follow the evidence and then make his decision, instead of letting his decision direct the evidence,” said Brad Bannon, defense attorney for Evans. “We are absolutely confident in the ability of the Special Prosecution office to review the evidence objectively and competently.” Efforts to reach Cooper were unsuccessful.

The three former players face charges of kidnapping and first-degree sexual offense after a 28-year-old student at N.C. Central University—hired to perform as a stripper—said she was gang-raped and beaten at a March 13 party thrown by Duke’s lacrosse team. The players say the accusations are lies.

The case has gained nationwide attention and created a maelstrom of anger in Durham and across the nation. First, it was directed against the players, who were seen as emblems of privilege in a working-class city. Then, it was directed against Nifong and the accuser.Nifong began the case in spring with a flurry of interviews during which he insisted that three lacrosse players committed a racially motivated gang-rape of the woman. The accuser is black; the players white.

On Friday, Nifong brushed off reporters’ questions. “I’m not sure where y’all are getting this stuff,” Nifong said in a curt telephone interview after the news broke. “I’m not commenting.”

There are several clues to Nifong’s timing: He recently hired Freedman, the defense lawyer, and the accuser visited his office Thursday, where she received a subpoena to testify at a Feb. 5 hearing.

Though Nifong hopes to be relieved as prosecutor in the case, it likely will dog him. He faces a hearing before the N.C. State Bar. The families of the accused have indicated they plan to sue him in civil court.

- More ...

Our gal Ann Coulter takes it one step further and wants to know why the liberal professors at Duke were so quick to rush to judgement ...

Stripper Lied ... White Boys Fried
-- by Ann Coulter

imageimageAbout a month after members of the Duke lacrosse team were falsely accused of raping a stripper last year, 88 members of the Duke faculty fanned the flames of hysteria by signing a letter announcing that they were “listening” to students “who know themselves to be objects of racism and sexism.”

Maybe they should have been listening to the accused, several of whom had iron-clad alibis. Now the professors are going to need a new example of “racism and sexism” at Duke since their case in chief has turned out to be a fraud.

In lieu of a gang rape perpetrated by high-stepping white male athletes against a poor black woman, the Duke lacrosse case has turned out to be another in a long string of hoax hate crimes in which whites are falsely accused. The lacrosse players denied that any rape had occurred and immediately submitted their DNA to the state, confident that the DNA would prove them innocent. It did: Not a trace of DNA from any of the lacrosse players was found on the accuser, though this girl had more DNA in her than a refrigerator at a fertility clinic.

She had DNA from five other men, which ought to have raised suspicions about her story that she had not had sex with anyone for the week before the alleged gang rape. Well, that was one of the several versions of events the accuser has offered police to date, although my personal favorite was the one in which Elvis came back from the dead and sexually assaulted her. (I think that was version No. 3—I’d have to check my notes.)

This is the second time this woman has accused a group of men of gang-raping her. One more time and it’s officially considered a hobby. And yet despite the vast privilege, untold wealth and bright shiny whiteness of the defendants, they are still under criminal indictment in this case. Three of the players face up to 30 years in prison for a crime every sane person knows they did not commit. Ah, the life of the privileged!

Duke English professor Cathy N. Davidson recently wrote an opinion piece defending her signing of the “listening” letter, noting that it was “not addressed to the police investigation,” but rather “focused on racial and gender attitudes all too evident” after the alleged rape. She explained that the letter had merely “decried prejudice and inequality in the society at large.”

This would be like defending a letter written during the Dreyfus affair on the grounds that the letter did not explicitly accuse Alfred Dreyfus of treason against France, but simply took the occasion of his arrest to decry the treasonable attitudes of the Jews in society at large. If poor black women are constantly being raped by rich white men, then how about they produce one case?

Professor Davidson’s column—written when it was clear to everyone except Nancy Grace that three innocent men were facing 30 years in prison for a rape they did not commit—notes that she remains “dismayed by the glaring social disparities implicit in what we know happened on March 13” and says the incident “underscores the appalling power dynamics of the situation.”

OK, this one they made up, but the case still illustrates a larger truth! If anything, our awareness of the “power dynamics of the situation” is too high. What we need is a little of that skepticism liberals bring to every single criminal case that is not a white-on-black crime or a rape case involving Bill Clinton.

The truth, as opposed to the larger truth, is that the allegedly powerful white males are at risk of losing their freedom at the hands of a lunatic accuser and a power-mad prosecutor. Meanwhile the allegedly powerless poor black woman has destroyed people’s lives with her false accusations, for which she will walk away scot-free.

Don’t liberals ever have to pony up at least one example of a powerful privileged white male trampling on the rights of a powerless black woman in order to keep droning on about powerful privileged white males? Every real-life example invariably turns out to be a hoax, among the most spectacular the Tawana Brawley case and now the Duke lacrosse case.

According to the Los Angeles Times—in an article about another hoax “hate crime” on a college campus—false reports of racist hate crimes on college campuses have averaged about one a year for 20 years.

Liberal professors believe that crying wolf is valuable for calling attention to the societal problem of wolves, even though there’s never a wolf in any particular case. Evidently, awareness of an alleged societal ill—of which we have no actual examples—is worth ruining the lives of three innocent people. After all, they’re just powerful white men.

At the next White Males of Privilege meeting, someone ought to bring up how they can use their vast power to win the right not to be put on trial for crimes they didn’t commit.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 20, 2006


Even though she’s gone from Congress, Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) and her supporters are the gift that just keeps on giving ....

“Where I come from, we don’t name roads for people like Cynthia McKinney.”

-- Georgia Republican State Rep. Len Walker, who offered a resolution to strip Cynthia McKinney’s name off a highway in DeKalb County

“He must be talking about white folks or uppity black folks.”

-- John Evans, McKinney’s campaign manager

- (YAHOO NEWS) - December 19, 2006


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calendar   Tuesday - December 05, 2006

Is This The Dream?

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today.

-- Reverend Martin Luther King, August 28, 1963

WASHINGTON (NY TIMES) - December 5, 2006 - By the time the Supreme Court finished hearing arguments on Monday on the student-assignment plans that two urban school systems use to maintain racial integration, the only question was how far the court would go in ruling such plans unconstitutional.

There seemed little prospect that either the Louisville, Ky., or Seattle plans would survive the hostile scrutiny of the court’s new majority. In each system, students are offered a choice of schools but can be denied admission based on their race if enrolling at a particular school would upset the racial balance.

At its most profound, the debate among the justices was over whether measures designed to maintain or achieve integration should be subjected to the same harsh scrutiny to which Brown v. Board of Education subjected the regime of official segregation. In the view of the conservative majority, the answer was yes.

While there is no reliable data on how common these plans are, they are thought to be widespread among school districts where residential patterns would otherwise produce neighborhood schools of one race or nearly so. Depending on how broadly the court rules, possibly hundreds of districts would need to modify or scrap voluntary integration plans.

Before the arguments on Monday, the challenge for the school board lawyers defending the plans, along with their allies in the civil rights community, had appeared to be to persuade the justices that the appropriate analogy was not to affirmative action, a freighted subject for the court in which benefits are bestowed on one group and withheld from another, but rather to integration, in which the goal is to educate everyone as equally as possible.

But by the end of the tense two hours of argument, that effort had not so much failed as it had become irrelevant. Lawyers for the school systems found themselves struggling, under the justices’ questioning, to meet the even more basic challenge of explaining why the plans should be seen as something different from the intentional segregation that the court struck down in Brown v. Board of Education.

For example, Michael F. Madden, the Seattle district’s lawyer, tried to argue that because the Seattle high schools were “basically comparable,” and “everyone gets a seat,” the court should not view the plan as “a selective or merit-based system where we adjudge one student to be better than the other.”

It was, Mr. Madden said, “a distributive system” that was “quite wholly dissimilar to a merit or selective-based system.”

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. countered, “Saying that this doesn’t involve individualized determinations simply highlights the fact that the decision to distribute, as you put it, was based on skin color and not any other factor.”

He added: “I mean, everyone got a seat in Brown as well. But because they were assigned to those seats on the basis of race, it violated equal protection. How is your argument that there’s no problem here because everybody gets a seat distinguishable?”

“Because segregation is harmful,” Mr. Madden replied.

“It’s an assignment on the basis of race, correct?” the chief justice persisted.

-- NEW YORK TIMES, “Court Reviews Race as Factor in School Plans”, December 5, 2006

imageimageI was 14 years old and just about to enter high school in the 9th grade when Dr. King gave this speech that summer of ‘63. I remember my father saying to my mother that it was going to stir up even more trouble back home. Fortunately for us, “back home” was over 10,000 miles away to the East across the Pacific Ocean.

At that time, my father was a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force and had been assigned to Taipei, Taiwan as a military adviser to the Republic Of China. We had just arrived in Taiwan and were trying to get used to the fact that white folks like us were definitely in the minority in this strange place where very few people spoke English ... choosing instead to jabber away at each other in some weird foreign tongue.

It was an eye-opening and enlightening experience for me and I would spend two years gradually learning Chinese and integrating myself into this strange new culture - even to the point of enjoying Chinese opera on the one TV channel ... definitely an acquired taste, let me tell you.

In school that Fall, I found myself surrounded by the United Nations ... literally. Children of upper-class Chinese, military brats like myself and more importantly all the kids of diplomats from the various embassies in Taipei. I would give everything I own if every child in America today could go through two years of high school like that. That is my dream.

You see, my parents had prepared me well for that culture shock. They themselves had already starting adjusting to the new world long before I came along. Mom and Dad were both children of the depression, born into poor sharecroppers families in the 1920’s in south Alabama. Back in those days, society in Alabama was sharply divided still.

More than sixty years after the Civil War, there were no black politicians or office holders and the black population of my parents home town had a strictly isolated section known as “darky town” with its own school. The blacks worked as hired hands and day laborers on the farms of the region - sort of an earlier version of the Mexican fruit pickers of today. None of their children went to college. They graduated from “their” school and went to work in the fields for pennies a day.

In that little section of Alabama, there was no Klan presence. None was needed. Everyone knew their place and everyone kept to his or her own. When the depression hit, it hit everyone equally. Whites and blacks both were scraping by, just barely surviving. That is the world my parents were born into. They left me an entirely different world. A better one, by far.

When war came to America in 1941, my father and all the young men in that region volunteered and went off to Europe and the Pacific to face the horror of all-out warfare in strange lands against a determined foe. A lot of the young black men volunteered also. The military was not integrated at that time so most of them served as cooks and motor pool mechanics behind the lines - but not all. The country was already beginning to change even then.

After that war, the men came home and my father married my mother. He also decided to stay in the Army as an aircraft mechanic. The pay was good and the GI Bill was there to give him a college education if he wanted it. Unfortunately, mom and dad had dropped out of school after the sixth grade, like most children of that era. Their presence was needed on the farms, not in school getting “fancy book learning” that would not be needed. At least that is what grandpappy told them.

Then on July 26, 1948 President Truman issued Presidential Order 9981 which officially ended segregation in the US Military. I was already on my way into the world at that point and seven months later mom and the docs would cut the umbilical cord and drag me kicking and screaming out of the womb and into this mess.

As a military brat, I was in an integrated world a full fifteen years before Dr. King made his speech and George Wallace made an ass out of himself. The kids I went to school with on military bases around the world were white, black, red and yellow - and we thought nothing of it. We just wanted to get a passing grade so we could all go play.

The “real world” only intruded when dad took leave and we visited relatives back home in Alabama. Things hadn’t changed much since the 1920’s down there and you could still hear the occasional “nigger joke” from some of the older kinfolk. Dad told me if I ever repeated any of them I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a month. Back then discipline came in the form of a khaki belt applied liberally to my tender backside so I took dad at his word.

So you see, I started living Dr. King’s dream long before the rest of you did and even before he spoke of that dream. That is why I am so angry today. For over fifty years now, I’ve watched the rest of the country catching up to the dream that my parents and the US military gave me back then. Desegregation of the schools, removal of all the “whites only” signs, black leaders elected to public office, black businessmen succeeding in the workplace and the general attitude shift in this country since my youth have been fun to watch.

You think nothing of seeing a black politician spouting off on TV about tax cuts or black actors receiving the Academy Award or even a black woman as Secretary Of State of the US, do you? They’re just people ... like you and me, aren’t they? That attitude shift has been the biggest sign of progress in the struggle to end racial segregation in this country in the last fifty years.

This is also why I am shocked and angered that today there are school systems that still feel the need to parcel out seats to children based on race. The Supreme Court is hearing arguments in two cases this week about the legitimacy of forced integration and racial quotas. Isn’t it time to put it all behind us and recognize the fact that Dr. King’s dream (and mine) has achieved the major goal of “changing the hearts and minds” of the populace?

It’s all downhill from here, people. The hard part is over. Why keep agitating for more “equality” and strictly enforced quotas. That is what got us into this mess to begin with. Let it be. Racism against blacks in America is a dead issue. Let it die. We have more important racial issues to confront in the 21st century ... namely what to do with 11 million Hispanics and an influx of Muslims from the Middle East.

It’s time to turn our hearts and minds to the problems of the future that our children will face. How do we go about integrating into our society people who don’t even speak English or whose religion is radically different from most of us? Our parents brought us this far. It is up to us to take the next step. Let’s make “race” a word that refers to fast runners ... not slow learners.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 31, 2006

Discrimination In Michigan

If you think the folks here in Missouri are having a tough time with Amendment 2: Stem Cell Initiative on the ballot next week, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In Michigan, they’re having an even tougher time with Proposition 2, which basically says stop using race or sex to give preferences in jobs and education to minorities and women.

I don’t live in Michigan but if I did I’d have to vote “YES” on this proposition. This may have been a good idea back in the 60’s and 70’s when blacks and women were trying to catch up after decades of wrongful discrimination but it is now forty years later and I just don’t feel it is necessary any more. Attitudes have changed and women and blacks have thoroughly integrated themselves into the college classrooms and business management.

To continue this preferential treatment based solely on sex or race would be to admit that women and blacks are inferior and still need help. If I were black or female I’d consider that an insult. It’s time to put the past behind us and get over it. The best person for a job is the best person for a job, not the one whose skin color is “correct” or who wears a dress.

This does a disservice to all of us. Whites and males are discouraged because they see this as unfair discrimination and females and minorities know they are getting preferential treatment, making them feel less like they have accomplished something on a level playing field and more like they don’t deserve their successes. It’s a lose-lose situation for all of us.

We are losing our technological edge in the world markets because the best and brightest are being shut out by programs like this. It’s time to put affirmative action to bed and go back to competitive recognition of character, skills, drive and intelligence ... instead of skin color or gender. Unless the people of Michigan are ready to apply affirmative action fairly - in which case the Detroit Pistons need to hire more whites and females as players. Discrimination is bad ... no matter who is doing it.

Campaign to End Race Preferences Splits Michigan
ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. 25 (NY TIMES)

imageimageThree years after the Supreme Court heard Jennifer Gratz’s challenge to the University of Michigan’s affirmative action policy, she is still fighting racial preferences, this time in a Michigan ballot initiative. Leaflets at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor urging voters to oppose the ballot initiative.

“We have a horrible history when it comes to race in this country,” said Ms. Gratz, 29, a white applicant who was wait-listed 11 years ago at the state’s flagship campus here. “But that doesn’t make it right to give preference to the son of a black doctor at the expense of a poor student whose parents didn’t go to college.”

The ballot initiative, Proposition 2, which would amend Michigan’s Constitution to bar public institutions from considering race or sex in public education, employment or contracting, has drawn wide opposition from the state’s civic establishment, including business and labor, the Democratic governor and her Republican challenger. But polls show voters are split, with significant numbers undecided or refusing to say where they stand.

Passage would probably reinvigorate challenges to a variety of affirmative action programs in other states. In California, where a similar proposition passed in 1996, the number of black students at the elite public universities has dropped. This fall, 96 of 4,800 freshmen at the University of California, Los Angeles — 2 percent — are black, a 30-year low.

For the University of Michigan, the proposition would require broader changes than the Supreme Court did; it ruled in Ms. Gratz’s case and a companion case that while the consideration of race as part of the law school’s admissions policy was constitutional, a formula giving extra points to minority undergraduate applicants was not.

The president of the university, Mary Sue Coleman, an opponent of the proposition, said its reach could extend into K to 12 education. “It would make it illegal to have our program targeting girls in junior high school, and having them come to campus to learn about science and engineering,” Ms. Coleman said. “I’m a woman scientist, and I know how fragile our gains are.” Such arguments have resonance in Ann Arbor, where the Democratic headquarters is doing a brisk business in “No on 2” yard signs.

“We need to keep affirmative action because it’s still not a level playing field for women or minorities,” said Gena Morris, who is black, an event planner who volunteers at Democratic headquarters.

Susan Greenberg, a widow whose husband was a University of Michigan professor, took home a yard sign recently, saying, “It’s probably the most important thing on the ballot.” Just 20 miles north of the liberal university enclave, in Brighton, there is less familiarity with the proposition but more opposition to affirmative action.

- More on the story here ...


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calendar   Sunday - October 01, 2006

Death Of A Nation

I can’t say I’m going to miss Louis Farrakhan. Nor will I miss the “Nation Of Islam” if it falls apart. This shadow group is a nefarious, racist band of idiots who need to quietly disappear. It has always amazed me that Farrakhan could get away with his anti-semitic public statements, sleazy financing and hired thugs keeping the rabble away from His Lowness.

The government should have broken this bunch up a long time ago. Our society has become way too tolerant of idjits like Farrakhan and others of his ilk. A little housecleaning is in order. The Nation Of Islam is a good place to start sweeping out the trash. Where is Elliot Ness when we need him ... ?

imageimageNation of Islam Future Questioned
October 1, 2006, 1:23 PM EDT - (AP)

Minister Louis Farrakhan, ailing and in seclusion at his Michigan home, has ceded leadership of the Nation of Islam to an executive board while he recovers, saying the movement must prove that it “is more than the charisma, eloquence and personality” of one person.

But those who have watched the Nation evolve over decades believe that the organization—known as much for the dark suits and bow ties of its followers as for its doctrine of black supremacy—will falter without a dynamic figure like the minister in charge.

“When Farrakhan dies, my prediction is the movement will split,” said Lawrence Mamiya, a Vassar College professor and an expert on African-American religion. “I don’t think this movement can be governed by a board. It runs off the charismatic energy of one person.” The 73-year-old Farrakhan wrote in a Sept. 11 letter to followers that he was anemic and 20 pounds lighter because of complications from an ulcer in the anal area. He had surgery in 2000 for prostate cancer.

“In this period of testing, you can prove to the world that the Nation of Islam is more than the charisma, eloquence and personality of Louis Farrakhan,” he wrote. “You can prove that the Nation of Islam ... is more than the physical presence of any individual, and that it will live long after I and we have gone.”

Conrad Worrill, of the Inner Cities Studies program at Northeastern Illinois University, traveled with Farrakhan to Cuba, where he was initially diagnosed this year. “It’s serious, he needs to recover, but he’s not on his deathbed,” he said. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who spoke with Farrakhan by phone Sept. 24, said the minister had given up oversight “because he wants to devote his time exclusively to physical restitution.”

Still, it’s clear from Farrakhan’s letter that he is concerned about who will succeed him. He has firsthand experience with a messy transition at the top. He had to rebuild the Nation in the late 1970s, after W.D. Mohammed, the son of the late Nation leader Elijah Muhammad, broke away and moved his followers toward mainstream Islam.

While the Nation has obviously survived, no one can say how successful the revival has been. A longtime target of federal surveillance, the movement is highly secretive and suspicious of outsiders. At Mosque Maryam in Chicago, the Nation’s headquarters, security guards stand watch behind brass-plated doors. Even researchers who follow the group closely do not know for sure how many members or mosques it has, how much money it takes in or whether it is shrinking or growing.

Yet Farrakhan’s popularity among many blacks is clear. The hundreds of thousands of black men he drew to the 1995 Million Man March in Washington are only one example. He is popular with hip-hop artists, who praise the Nation in their music, and a trusted mediator in gang conflict. This support is baffling to many outsiders, who remember Farrakhan only for his most provocative comments, including calling Judaism a “gutter religion” and saying Hitler was “wickedly great.”

“The Nation of Islam has always been a symbolically important organization as a cultural symbol of defiance against the American state,” said Melissa Harris-Lacewell, professor of politics and African-American studies at Princeton University. “At the Million Man March, most of those people were not members of the Nation of Islam. They were supporters of Farrakhan and his brand of critique of American politics.”

Farrakhan has haltingly tried to move the Nation toward traditional Islam, which considers the American movement heretical because of its view of Elijah Muhammad as a prophet—among other novel teachings. Orthodox Islam teaches that there has been no prophet after Muhammad in the seventh century.

He’s also played down some of the group’s more controversial beliefs. The Nation of Islam teaches that whites are descended from the devil and that blacks are the chosen people of Allah. Mamiya said leaders no longer preach that message, although it is still taught in some mosques.

- More on the downfall of the Nation here ...


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